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  • Pictures show how Nepal is coping with the inhumane blockade by India

    Pictures show how Nepal is coping with the inhumane blockade by India

    – by NepalForeignAffairs.com team The Indian blockade of Nepal (#IndiaBlockadesNepal) has been running for over three months now. Being landlocked, most of Nepal’s imports come via India. Although international laws provide landlocked countries the right to unrestricted passage to the sea, India has been unquestioned by the international community on the way it is putting […]

  • A controlled Indian blockade on Nepal (BBC report)

    A controlled Indian blockade on Nepal (BBC report)

    (Translation of a report by senior journalist Anil Yadav, first published in BBC Hindi. You can read the original report here. A Nepali translation of the report is available on the BBC Nepali website.) Translated by nepalforeignaffairs.com team. Indian government has been saying, even stressing continuously that it has not imposed any blockade on Nepal. […]

  • The Maoist Idea of National Productivity: More Cash for the Party

    King Mahendra reportedly said in the mid-1960s: “Communism does not travel in a car.” Some say he used the word ‘truck’, not ‘car’. Whatever. I think, communism does not but communists do. Communists travel in the most luxurious vehicles according to their availability. Nepal’s ruling UCPN (Maoist) is an example how controversial communists can become when they […]

  • Our Geography and Our Economy

    Does Mr. Prachanda also have the spirit and determination to lead the impoverished Nepal and be the helmsman of 27 million Nepalese? By Samyam Waglé While the debate about the probability of miraculous economic success in Nepal under Maoists leadership is going on, they have not still come up with such strong convincing economic policies […]