Ex-Prince Paras on Nepali Royal Massacre

Eight years after the royal massacre, ex-Crown Prince Paras Bikram Shah talks to the New Paper of Singapore. Why?

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By Clement Mesenas and S Murali
Original source of the story: The New Paper

‘THE Nepali people need to know the truth,’ said Prince Paras, eight years after seeing 10 members of his royal family gunned down ruthlessly. The persistent, painful nightmares stopped after four years.

What haven’t stopped, however, are the ugly rumours of his involvement in the incident on 1 Jun2001.

But enough is enough, says Crown Prince Paras.

He now wants to clear his name.

Reacting to recent reports that the current Nepali government might reopen the investigation into the massacre, he decided to speak to senior Singapore media men.

Three Reasons for the Massacre

FORBIDDEN love is the oft-heard reason behind Nepal’s palace massacre when Dipendra Bikram Shah, then crown prince, ran amok.

But there’s more to this Shakespearean tragedy than meets the eye, said the last crown prince of the Himalayan kingdom, a cousin of the killer prince.

Opening up for the first time since the 2001 bloodbath that took place before his eyes, Prince Paras Bikram Shah, 37, said there was a web of deep-seated reasons that sparked the killing.

But the trigger was a thwarted multi-million-dollar arms deal that was to have been Prince Dipendra’s golden parachute to freedom if palace politics turned nasty.

Now largely based in Singapore, Prince Paras painted a vivid picture of palace intrigues in an exclusive interview.

He has a reason for making these revelation now (see report at bottom left). He wants to tell the world how a gun deal helped destroy a long-running kingdom.

‘The Nepali army was looking for a new weapon to replace the Belgian SLR. Dipendra liked the German Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle, as opposed to the battle-tested Colt M16,’ said Prince Paras, who was close to the younger generation of royals.

‘But his father, His Majesty, did not agree. I know that they argued over it. Dipendra was frustrated. He wasn’t happy. He told me,’ said Prince Paras.

According to Frontline, an Indian magazine, the crown prince was known to have a fetish for guns and would often test out the latest weaponry that the Royal Army was planning to buy.

50,000 guns

The German assault rifle had been short-listed by the army, which was in the market for 50,000 new guns.

According to Prince Paras, his cousin’s advisers had been working on the deal, which could have brought the crown prince a windfall.

‘That, to me, was the real trigger. The deal would have probably been for about 50,000 rifles, which at US$300 ($454) apiece, would work out to about US$15 million.’

But why would the prince need the money? Wasn’t the family’s net worth estimated to be more than US$200 million?


‘Yes, but I think he was already making plans for the possibility that he would have to leave the country suddenly if things didn’t work out for him.

‘I think this was his back-up plan.’

The plan ultimately cost Prince Dipendra his life, when he shot himself after the massacre.

But what could be so bad as to lead a crown prince to plot such a bloody scheme?

The palace was a hotbed of contending interests, said Prince Paras.

‘Dipendra had his reasons (to kill the king),’ said Prince Paras, who left Nepal for Singapore last July after his country’s Maoist government abolished the monarchy.

Breaking his long silence on one of history’s bloodiest royal moments, Prince Paras told The New Paper that Prince Dipendra had not one but three reasons for wanting to kill his own father.

The first reason, according to Prince Paras, was there for everyone to see.

On 9 Nov 1990, King Birendra promulgated the new constitution and ended almost 30 years of absolute monarchy in which the palace had dominated every aspect of political life.

Said Prince Paras: ‘Dipendra was never the same after his father told him in 1990 about the plans to give up the monarchy.

‘He never agreed with that as he wanted to rule the country. I think he started planning his moves then.’

Prince Paras grew up with the crown prince as the two were just six months apart in age.

The second reason was his love for Devyani Rana. The royal family did not want Prince Dipendra to marry her as she was from a rival family.

Not drunk

Prince Paras dismissed the notion that his cousin had shot the family on impulse after drinking heavily that night.

‘He had talked to us (the younger generation of Nepali royalty) about it a year before it happened,’ revealed Prince Paras.

‘I remember it clearly. It was his birthday (in 2000) and he told all of us that he would bring down the ‘ivory tower’. But we didn’t take him seriously. How could we?

‘This was the crown prince talking. He was going to be our king. And who would believe that he would kill his own father?’

But Prince Paras said he sensed something amiss on the night of the murders when he went to Prince Dipendra’s house for one of the family’s regular Friday night parties.

‘Another cousin and I asked to be excused from the party because we wanted to go somewhere else. Usually he agreed, but this time Dipendra said no. He wanted us to be there.’

And once he got there, Prince Paras noticed that his cousin was behaving abnormally, acting as though he was drunk when he clearly was not.

‘I know him and I know when he had had too much to drink. He said he had been drinking since the afternoon but there was no smell of alcohol on him.

‘How can that be? If he had been drinking all the while, he should have been reeking. But there was no smell.’

When the crown prince’s father came into view and was about to make his entrance, the prince ‘collapsed’ on the floor, forcing Prince Paras and Prince Dipendra’s brother, Prince Niranjan, to help him up and take him back to his room.

But that was not the last they saw of Prince Dipendra.

In an act of extreme brutality, Prince Dipendra soon returned to slaughter his entire family.

Killer prince charged into room dressed in army camouflage and armed with four guns
‘The smell of burnt blood was horrible’
Original source of this story: The New Paper
In The New Paper on Sunday, Nepal’s former crown prince revealed events that he said led to his cousin to wipe out nearly all members of the royal family in 2001. Today, he describes what took place that night
By S Murali and Clement Mesenas. March 31, 2009

IT WAS the night that sounded the death knell for the monarchy of Nepal in more ways than one.

A fusillade of bullets wiped out 10 members of the royal family, including Birendra, the popular king.

The killing was brutal. A shot to the head ended the king’s life as he lay bleeding from shots fired earlier.

The finger on the trigger was that of his embittered 30-year-old son, Dipendra.

He had fired three bursts, twice from an automatic pistol. He then let fly with an M16 rifle.

The royal massacre happened on 1 Jun 2001. In two months’ time, the royal survivors will once again mark the anniversary of the tragedy.

Eight years after that horrific bloodbath, Nepal’s last crown prince, Paras Bikram Shah, nephew of Birendra, is breaking his silence.

He wants to clear ugly, persistent rumours of his involvement in the incident, though a commission has cleared him of any complicity.

Reacting to recent reports that the current Nepali government might reopen the investigation into the massacre, Prince Paras, who is now largely based in Singapore, decided to speak to senior Singapore media men.

‘The Nepali people need to know the truth,’ he said.

Prince Paras, 37, spoke exclusively to The New Paper over two days in the past fortnight, first at the Raffles Town Club and then at his River Valley condominium unit.

He still shivers as he recalls that night of terror.

‘It was utter pandemonium. The mortally wounded were groaning, blood was splattered on the walls and floor. The survivors, including my wife, whimpered as they crouched, some hiding behind a sofa, as bullets ricocheted everywhere.’

As he spoke, Prince Paras’ face glistened with sweat. His orange juice stayed untouched throughout the three hour-long interview.

In his desire to get the story out, the pack-a-day smoker didn’t even pause to light a cigarette.

He said: ‘For four years after that massacre, I was not able to sleep. Till today, the nightmare keeps coming back to haunt me.’

After the turmoil of the dreadful incident, Prince Paras and a host of other witnesses told a commission of inquiry what they saw.

Over the years, the prince has had time to think and re-think about the events of that fateful night.

Only now are some of the pieces falling clearly into place, in his mind at least, he said.

Yet nothing seemed amiss that night as family members and relatives gathered for a party in the billiards room in Dipendra’s residence on the palace grounds. This was the custom on Friday nights.

There was no sense that their life of wealth and ease was about to change, that their world was about to come tumbling down.

At 8pm, there was the first hint of trouble, Prince Paras recalled.

‘I got there a bit late, but Dipendra was staggering around in the room, as if he were drunk, as he usually was. But on this occasion, he did not reek of alcohol. An hour or so later, just as the king was about to enter the room, Dipendra collapsed.

‘Looking back, I now realise he was pretending. His brother, Niranjan, and I carried him to his bedroom upstairs.

‘We placed him on the bed and tried to remove the Glock pistol from the holster on his left hip so that he would be more comfortable. But he suddenly woke up and told us to leave it alone.

‘Then, I noticed that his Colt M16 rifle was on the dressing table, outside the cupboard where it was usually kept. I did not make too much of it as he kept six or seven guns in his room. I left the room and rejoined the party.’

The king was mingling with the older generation.

Prince Paras was with the younger relatives in an alcove where they could smoke, partly out of sight of the elders.

They put out their cigarettes when the king approached the bar near the alcove.

Then, it turned violent.

‘Suddenly, Dipendra charged into the room. He had changed into army camouflage. The M16 was slung on his shoulders, together with a shotgun.


‘His Glock pistol hung at his hip. He fired one burst into the ceiling with his Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun, then a burst at his father. His Majesty was hit by three bullets.

‘Dipendra then moved out of the room, presumably to protect the entrance.

‘ I watched in great shock. I was not able to move for at least 30 seconds. Then I pulled myself together. The king’s younger sister was cradling him, his head in her lap.’

Prince Paras paused as he reflected on the sequence of events. He recalled Prince Niranjan drawing his own pistol and laying it next to the king. He was the only other person in the room who was armed.

Runs after brother

Then Prince Niranjan ran after his brother, who was outside. Was Prince Niranjan offering the king his pistol to protect himself? Or did he want to confront his brother without further bloodshed?

Prince Paras continued: ‘Two to three minutes later, shots rang out. Niranjan was later found with a shot in the back and two in the head. I suspect he was shot when he refused to support Dipendra in his bid to seize power.’

The violence continued.

Dipendra walked back in, this time wielding the M16, said Prince Paras.

‘He walked up to his father and shot him in the head at point-blank range. There was no expression on his face as he kept his finger on the trigger.’

After that, Dipendra went ‘berserk’, said Prince Paras. ‘He shot at everybody in the room, anybody who moved. He must have let fly a total of 75 rounds.

‘My mother took two shots in the shoulder and fell to the ground. Two other people fell on top of her, which was probably what saved her life. One of the bullets is lodged in her lung till today. Doctors say it’s too risky to extract it as it is close to her heart.’

The king’s sister, Princess Shoba, who was cradling him in her lap, put up her hand to shield herself. She lost a few fingers and there were burn marks on her face. She toppled over but she survived.

‘The king’s younger brother was next to be gunned down.’

Where was Prince Paras at this time?

‘We were crouching in the alcove and were fortunate not to be in the line of fire,’ he said.

‘I pushed everybody, including my wife, my sister and my cousins, behind the sofas.’

Then, a tinkling sound of bells outside the room caught Dipendra’s attention.

It was his mother hurrying past, the sound coming from the anklets she wore.

She could have been going up to Dipendra’s bedroom to get a weapon, said Prince Paras.

‘This is what I presumed happened next. Dipendra caught up with his mother at the top of the stairs and shot her. Her blood flowed down the stairs like a waterfall – it was still there long after her body was removed.’

The silence after the frenzied gunshots was deafening. The floor of the billiards room was slippery, with blood everywhere.

Price Paras stared into the distance as he recalled the horrific scene of carnage.

‘The smell was horrible, that of burnt blood, the smell you get when people are shot at close range. Bodies were lying crumpled on the floor, people crying and asking for help.’

Where were the palace guards? Did they not hear the shots?

They probably did.

Were they afraid to intervene or did they think Dipendra was shooting for amusement, as he sometimes did, at flower pots, at lizards?

There were times when he and his father used to test guns in the palace before deciding which one to buy for the military. Whatever the reason, they did not intervene.

The silence was broken by one final single shot, followed by a grunting sound.

Prince Paras said he heard the sound coming from near the pond in the garden. It was the same grunt he heard later from Dipendra when he took him to the hospital.

‘That is why I believe he shot himself in the garden. The grunting sound was the same. It was like the groaning sound cats make at night.’

Dipendra was discovered later with a single bullet wound in the head.

But Prince Paras, who was still inside, said his priority was to tend to the people inside and get them of the palace.

‘I telephoned the security people, who rushed the 14 injured, including the king and queen, to hospital. They broke a glass door to move the injured out.

‘The royal couple were already dead.

‘I took Dipendra and five other persons to hospital in a Landcruiser. He kept on making that grunting sound as he lay in the vehicle.’

Dipendra lived for another three days, during which time he was proclaimed king.

Prince Paras’ father, Gyanendra, who was away in Pokhara at the time, returned to the capital only two days after the shooting. Poor weather prevented his earlier return.

He became king after Dipendra’s death but was forced to give up the throne when the monarchy was abolished by the Maoist government last May.

The palace is today a national museum. The billiards room has been demolished.

Like the Nepalese monarchy, it is a thing of the past.

Veteran journalist Clement Mesenas is now a public relations adviser with Bang PR.
S Murali is The New Paper’s associate editor.

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    Having said that, it is obvious that Paras is not only a thug, but has no perception of reality. Today Paras talked about how he wants to lead Nepal democratically while he is playing a guitar and entertaining his posse of thugs shows me that the Crown Prince is immature and stupid. How can Nepalis think that someone so infantile can commit regicide.

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  5. Comments here are worth reading compared to what I have read elsewhere. Some kartoots of Paras include:
    1. Killed two people in Kathmandu – Praveen Gurung and a taxi driver by a Maharjan surname at the Kamaladi-Putalisadak chowke.
    2. Crashed his car near Supreme Court at the middle of the night, while following Manisha Koirala from Hotel Soaltee.
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  6. It’s funny to read comments from you all; ignorant sods, I’d say.

    Let me start with xyz.

    * Autopsy report and people who’ve met Praveen Gurung, before he was killed in an accident says Praveen was not sober either. He was DRUNK. As for some Maharjan, have no idea. You should englighten us.

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    To Paras’ opinion on Crown Prince slaying the Royal Family, what proof do you have, nigger?

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    I do remember the dead prince shot himself through the head with his left hand while he was right handed ( from hospital worker nurse in Bir Hospital), I also recall prince going on business deal parties after all that is their job. So try see them as victims of greed and the arms industries.
    pray for past and future of our fascinating country. Of course roaylties are puppets on a string and try be real people. The good thing about movie stars is the movies not colour of the underwear or kissing in the beach. This is a bad c movie.
    I always suspected army involvement so arms industry I do believe we cannot say and then now is a good time to say. Long live blogs and journalists.

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    दीपेन्द्रले गोली चलाएका होइनन्, षड्यन्त्रपूर्वक वंश नै नाश गरेर दीपेन्द्रलाई दोषी बनाइएको हो भन्ने चर्चा जनमानसमा भए पनि घटनाका कुनै पनि प्रत्यक्षदर्शीले दीपेन्द्र हत्यारा होइनन् भनेर बयान दिएका थिएनन् । ‘दीपेन्द्रले होइन, नकाव लगाएर उनको जस्तै अनुहार बनाएको हतियारधारीले’ गोली चलाएको थियो भन्ने लम्तेरी घटनाको पहिलो ‘प्रत्यक्षदर्शी’ हुन् । उनका अनुसार नकावधारी तत्कालीन शाहजादा पारस शाहसँगै भित्र आएका थिए । ‘भोज चलिरहेको बेला पारस गाडीमा बाहिरए,’ लम्तेरीले भने, ‘केहीबरेपछि त्यही गाडीमा दीपेन्द्रको मुखुन्डोधारी भित्र आएको हो ।’ लम्तेरीले घटना हुँदा दीपेन्द्र आफ्नै खोपीमा रहेको पनि बताए । ‘मलाई नै थाहा छ- दीपेन्द्र सरकार नसा लागेर खोपीमा सुतेका थिए, नकावधारीले पहिलो गोली त्यहीँ चलाएका हुन्, त्यसपछि चारैतिरबाट गोली चल्यो, मचाहिँ केराघारीमा ल्यान्ड पोजिसनमा बसेर बचेँ ।’
    लम्तेरी मगरका अनुसार दीपेन्द्र आफ्नै खोपीमा मरेका हुन् । ‘दुईजना एडिसीले लास उठाएर सैनिक प्रहरीको गाडीमा छाउनी पुर्यातएका हुन् । दीपेन्द्र त्यतिबेलै मरिसकेका थिए,’ उनले भने । वीरेन्द्र र नीराजनको लास आफूले पनि उठाएको उनले बताए । ‘मैले पनि वीरेन्द्र र नीराजन सरकारको लास उठाएको हुँ,’ उनले भने, ‘वीरेन्द्र सरकारको लास लिएर सैनिक अस्पताल जानेमा म पनि थिएँ । सैनिक प्रहरीको गाडीमा म पछाडि बसेको थिएँ । बाटोमा वीरेन्द्रले सानो स्वरमा दुख्यो, दुख्यो भनेको मैले सुनेको हुँ । अस्पताल पुगेपछि के भयो थाहा छैन ।’
    गोलीको वषर्ात्पछि सन्नाटा छाएको घटनास्थलमा पारस खालीखुट्टामै आएको उनले बताए । ‘ल अब हस्पिटल लैजानुपर्योे भनेका थिए पारसले,’ लम्तेरीले भने, ‘पारस र उनका परिवारलाई केही पनि भएको थिएन ।’ खोपीमा सुतेका दीपेन्द्र त्यहीँ मारिएको देखेका लम्तेरीले पछि दीपेन्द्र नै हत्यारा हुन् भन्दै प्रतिवेदन आएपछि आश्चर्यमा परेको बताए । दीपेन्द्र निर्दोष हुन् भन्दै उनले दरबारमा बिन्तीपत्र पनि हालेका थिए । ‘घटनाको साता दिनभित्रै जेठ २५ गते मसहित लेसनायक नरेन्द्र थापामगर, हवल्दार शिव कुँवर, नायक गुणबहादुर पुन र एउटा सिपाही भएर दरबारको प्रमुख सचिवालयमा बिन्तीपत्र हाल्यौं,’ लम्तेरीले भने, ‘हामीले बेनामी बिन्तीपत्रमा दीपेन्द्रबाट घटना भएको होइन, यसको निष्पक्ष छानबिन होस् भन्यौं ।’ आफ्नो अभिभावकजस्तो मान्छे दीपेन्द्र मारिएपछि ‘त्यतिसम्मको दुस्साहस’ गरेको उनले बताए । तर ‘कतैबाट पोल खुलेपछि २९ जेठमै आफ्नै हाकिमहरूद्वारा समातिएको’ उनले बताए । ‘पहिले दरबारमा आतंक मच्चाएको भन्दै समातियो, पछि एउटा होटलमालिकलाई मारेको भन्ने झुटो केस चलाएर मुद्दा हालियो ।’
    आफू कलाकार पनि भएकोले दीपेन्द्रको प्यारो मान्छे भएको दाबी गर्दै उनले भने, ‘म सांगीतिक क्षेत्रको मान्छे, बाजा बजाउन, नाच्न, गाउन र खेल खेल्न सधैं अघि सर्थें, त्यसैले पनि दीपेन्द्र सरकारका लागि म निकै प्यारो मान्छे थिएँ ।’ उनले दीपेन्द्रलाई मुड भएको बेला खोपीमै गएर गीत गाउने गरेको पनि बताए । ‘गीत सुन्नुपर्योा भने त्यो डल्लुलाई बोलाऊ भन्ने हुकुम हुन्थ्यो । म खोपीमै जान्थें । गीत सुनाएर खुसी पार्थें,’ उनले भने । उनका अनुसार संगीतकार प्रवीण गुरुङलाई गाडीले किचेर मारेको आरोपमा तत्कालीन राजा वीरेन्द्रले पारसलाई कारबाही गर्न खोजेका थिए । ‘तर पारसको चुनौतीका कारण उनी (वीरेन्द्र) पछि हटे,’ उनले भने । लम्तेरी मगरका अनुसार प्रवीण गुरुङ मारिनुअघि श्रुतिले चलाएको कारको ठक्करले दरबारभित्रै तनहुँ घर भएका पुरानो गोरखगणका सिपाही मारिएका थिए । ‘ऊ ड्युटीमै उभिएको बेला गाडीको ठक्करले मर्यो् । पछि बाहिर तालिमका बेला एम्बुसमा परेर मारियो भनेर परिवारलाई क्षतिपूर्ति दिइयो ।’ पारसले आफूलाई भन्दा अघि श्रुतिलाई कारबाही गर्न वीरेन्द्रलाई चुनौती दिएपछि वीरेन्द्र मत्थर भएको लम्तेरीले बताए ।
    दरबार हत्याकान्ड दीपेन्द्रले नगराएको भन्ने बिन्तीपत्र लेखेको चार दिनमा पक्राउ गरिएका लालबहादुर सोह्रखुट्टेस्थित आरामदायी लजका मालिक उत्तमराज पाण्डेको हत्या अभियोगमा जेल परेका हुन् । उनी जन्मकैदको सजाय नख्खु जेलमा बसेर भोगिरहेका छन् । ‘म निर्दोष छु,’ उनले भने, ‘मलाई जेल हाल्ने कुनै आधार थिएन, तर म गरिबको छोरोलाई कानुनले पत्याएन ।’ उनको मुद्दा हेरेका अधिवक्ता भूमिनन्द चुँडालले पनि लम्तेरी निर्दोष रहेको जिकिर गरे । ‘लालबहादुरलाई जेल हाल्नुपर्ने कुनै आधार छैन,’ उनले नयाँ पत्रिकासँग भने, ‘उनलाई हत्याको अभियोग लगाइएको छ, तर त्यसको कुनै पनि प्रमाण छैन । ऊ सफाइ पाउनुपर्ने मान्छे हो ।’
    नख्खु कारागारका जेलर चन्द्रप्रसाद देवकोटाले लालबहादुर कर्तव्य ज्यान मुद्दामा जेलमा रहेको बताए । देवकोटाका अनुसार उनी २ भदौ २०५८ देखि जेल छन् । जेलको रेकर्डअनुसार लम्तेरी पुरानो गोरखगणका सैनिक हुन् । लालबहादुरले आफूलाई सैनिक प्रहरीबाट नक्कली कागजात बनाएर पुरानो गोरखगणमा सरुवा मात्र होइन, घटुवा गरेर जेलमा हालिएका बताए ।
    लम्तेरीको बयान
    म लालबहादुर लम्तेरी मगर, घर पाल्पाको ठिमुरे हो । २०४९ सालमा सेनामा भर्ती भएर दरबारको सैनिक प्रहरीमा काम गर्न थालेको हुँ । म खेलाडी पनि थिएँ, गीत-संगीतमा त च्याम्पियन । ‘रोयल फेमिली’सँग एकदमै नजिक । दीपेन्द्र सरकारले मलाई यति माया गर्ने कि म कसरी भनौं ! कतिसम्म भने मेरी श्रीमती डेलिभरी हुँदा दीपेन्द्रबाट १० हजार रुपैयाँ बक्सिस प्रदान भएको थियो ।
    दरबारमा काम गर्दा त मोजमस्ती थियो, खर्चको अभाव हुँदैनथ्यो । केही पर्योे भने पैसा पाइहाल्थें । दीपेन्द्र सरकारले त मलाई खोपीमै बोलाएर बाजा बजाउन लगाउने, पैसा दिने, बडो माया गर्ने । जागिर खाएको नौ वर्षमा मेरो जीवनमा ठूलो चोट पर्योा, मैले अनाहकमा दुःख पाएँ । महिनाको अन्तिम शुक्रबार शाही परिवारले जलपान गरेर ‘गुड प|mाइडे’ मनाउने चलन थियो । १९ जेठ २०५८ मा पनि जलपान आयोजना भयो दरबारमा । त्यो दिन म पनि बाहिरी ड्युटीमा थिएँ । दौरा, सुरुवाल, कोट र कालो टोपी लगाएर पेस्तोल भिरेर म ड्युटी गरिरहेको थिएँ । त्यतिबेला मलाई याद छ- नेपाल टेलिभिजनमा सन्तोष पन्तको ‘हिजो आजका कुरा’ कार्यक्रम आउँथ्यो ।
    अबेरसम्म जलपान भइरहेको थियो । त्यहीबीचमा पारस गाडीमा बाहिरिए । एकैछिनपछि उनको गाडीमा केही मान्छे भित्र छिरे, पारस पनि छिरे । यो दृश्य त्रिभुवन सदनमा गार्ड बस्ने अरू सैनिकले पनि देखेका छन् । त्यसपछि फायरिङको आवाज आयो । दीपेन्द्र सरकार नसाले लठ्ठ भएर आफ्नै खोपीमा सुतेको मलाई पनि थाहा छ । भित्र जान हामीलाई अनुमति थिएन । आदेशबिना दायाँबायाँ गर्न पनि नपाइने । दरबारको ड्युटी फेरि निकै कडा हुन्छ क्या ! मैले थाहा पाएँ, पहिलो फायर दीपेन्द्र सरकारको खोपीमा भयो । त्यहाँ सात फायर भएपछि त जलपान भएको ठाउँमा एकैचोटि गोली चल्यो । बाहिर पनि । दीपेन्द्रको मुखुन्डो लाएको हतियारधारीले गोली चलायो । वीरेन्द्रका परिवारलाई ताकी-ताकी हान्यो उसले । दीपेन्द्रलाई त ब्रस्ट फायर भयो । बाहिरसमेत गोली चलेपछि ज्यान जोगाउन मुस्किल भो । म त्रिभुवन सदनअगाडि बगैंचामा लुकें ।
    गोली रोकिएपछि पारस खालीखुट्टा आइपुगे, खुट्टामा जुत्ता, चप्पल केही थिएन । उनले आउनेबित्तिकै भने- ल भाइ हो, हस्पिटल लानुपर्छ । त्यसपछि घाइते र लास उठाउन थालियो । म पनि लास उठाउन गएको थिएँ । मैले वीरेन्द्र सरकार र नीराजनलाई उठाएँ । ऐश्वर्यको चिउँडो छेडेर गोली चलेको रहेछ । चिउँडो त पंखामा झुन्डिएको रहेछ । अस्पताल जाँदासम्म सास भएको अवस्थामा वीरेन्द्र सरकार र श्रुति थिए । धीरेन्द्रको बारेमा मलाई थाहा भएन । वीरेन्द्रको मृत्यु भइसकेको थिएन । वीरेन्द्रलाई हालिएको सैनिक प्रहरीको गाडीमा पछाडि बसेर म पनि छाउनी अस्पताल गएको थिएँ । म सम्झिन्छु, अस्पताल पुग्ने बेलासम्म वीरेन्द्र दुख्यो, दुख्यो भनेर सानो स्वरमा भनिरहेका थिए । सैनिक अस्पताल पुर्या्इए पनि वीरेन्द्र सरकारलाई तत्कालै उपचार गरिएन, ऐश्वर्यको मुख नभएकोले प्लास्टिक सर्जरी भयो । हामीले धेरै हेर्न पाएनौं । हामी त हाकिमको आदेशअनुसार अस्पतालबाट फक्र्यौं । त्यसपछि के गरियो थाहा भएन ।मैले आफैं देखेको, दीपेन्द्रको पहिले नै हत्या भइसकेको थियो । तर, दीपेन्द्रलाई दोषी बनाएपछि मेरो मन धेरै रोयो । म र साथीहरूले जेठ २५ गते १२ बजेतिर बिन्तीपत्र तयार गर्यौंो र ४ बजेतिर प्रमुख सचिवालयमा दर्ता गर्यौंप । सायद हाम्रो रेकर्ड सचिवालयमा होला अहिले पनि । बिन्तीपत्र हाल्नेमा म अगुवा थिएँ । बिन्तीपत्र दिनेमा लेसनायक नरेन्द्र थापामगर, हवल्दार शिव कुँवर, नायक गुणबहादुर पुन र अर्का एक सिपाही थियौं । हामीले बिन्तीपत्र दिएपछि त त्यहाँ हलचल भएछ । हामीले भनेका थियौं- दरबार हत्याकान्डमा युवराज दीपेन्द्र सरकार दोषी होइनन् । पहिलो फायर नै उनीमाथि भएको हो । त्यसकारण निष्पक्ष छानबिन होस् । बिन्तीपत्र हालेको चार दिनमा दरबारमा आतंक मच्चाएको भन्दै मलाई पक्राउ गरियो । २९ जेठमा ड्युटी सकेर खाना खाएर कोठामा पल्टिन लाग्दा निर्मल निवास (सदन- हाम्रो भाषामा) को फौज आएर मलाई समात्यो । मलाई आँखामा कालोपट्टी बाँधेर क्वार्टर गार्डमा (हिरासतमा) राखियो । जबकि मेरो दोष केही पनि थिएन । आँखामा पट्टी बाँधेर नेपाली कागजहरूमा ल्याप्चे लगाउन लगाइयो ।
    एक सातापछि मलाई हनुमानढोकामा लगेर बुझाइयो । त्यसपछि मलाई एक महिनाजति झुलाइयो । कहिले सैनिक हेडक्वार्टर, कहिले प्रहरी हेडक्वार्टर, कहिले कता लगेर एक महिना झुलाइयो । दरबारभित्रको सैनिक हिरासतमा रहँदा मलाई ल्याप्चे लगाउन लगाइयो । पछि थाहा भयो, मलाई पुरानो गोरखगणमा सरुवा गरेर सिपाहीमा घटुवा गरेको कागज बनाइएछ । र, सैनिक प्रहरीमा रहेको मेरो कागजात सबै खतम पारिएछ । एक महिनाअघि समातेर मलाई एक महिनापछि भएको घटनामा फसाइयो ।
    २ साउन २०५८ मा सोह्रखुट्टेको आरामदायी लजका मालिक उत्तमराज पाण्डेको हत्या भएको रहेछ । मैले जेलमा बसेपछि सुनेअनुसार दरबारका एक क्याप्टेनले पाण्डेलाई गोली ठोकेर मारेका रहेछन् । पाण्डे नवलपरासीका रहेछन् भन्ने मलाई फसाइएको नक्कली कागज हेरेर थाहा पाएँ । तर, कुन केसमा पाण्डेलाई किन मारियो भन्ने मलाई केही थाहा थिएन किनकि म त एक महिनाअघि नै पक्राउ परिसकेको थिएँ । मलाई ५ भदौ २०५८ मा पुर्पक्षका लागि भनेर जेल हालियो । जेलमा बसेर मुद्दा लडें । सुरुमा वकिल भूमिनन्द चुँडाल र पछि तारा खनालको सहयोग लिएँ । १३ फागुन २०६० मा काठमाडौं जिल्ला अदालतले मलाई दोषी ठहर गर्योस । र, म जेल परें ।
    म हिरासतमा बस्दा शाही रक्षक बाहिनीका बाहिनीपति सुदर्शन खड्का, पारसका हितैषी अनुप सिंह मलाई भेट्न आइरहन्थे । उनीहरू भन्थे- दरबार तिमीप्रति पोजिटिभ छ । हामी छुटाउन पहल गरिरहेका छौँ । तर, दरबारले मेरो जिन्दगी बर्बाद बनाइदियो । बिन्तीपत्र हाल्ने मेरा साथीहरूलाई पनि समातियो भन्ने थाहा पाएँ, तर उनीहरू अहिले मरे-बाँचेको मलाई थाहा छैन । यो पनि लेखिदिनुस्- दरबार हत्याकान्डमा सैनिकहरू पनि मारिएका छन् । मलाई यकिन विवरण त छैन, तर छानबिन गरे थाहा हुन्छ । मारिएका परिवारलाई अरू केही वहानामा क्षतिपूर्ति दिइएको हुन सक्छ, तर हत्याकान्डमा सैनिक मारिएका छन् । सत्यतथ्य खोजी गर्ने हो भने पारसलाई समातेर बयान लिनुपर्छ । सबै कुरा थाहा हुन्छ । सरकारले चाहने हो भने दरबार हत्याकान्डको बारेमा निष्पक्ष छानबिन गर्न अझै पनि सक्छ ।

  9. i think the above conspiracy can be considered if the person lal bahadur exist ………….. this story has got enough details ………. if the story would have been made up there would not have been all those details .. ………. the details are neither above nor under just reasonable ……………………………. …..
    ……………………….. the main thing that points this guy is lying is he is still alive …………….. …………………………… i did hear about the mask men …….. ……… thought it was a bhatti gossip but after reading details i wont call it nonsense …………………………… and we all know shahs are dhedas ………………… there are lots of hollywood movies where mask men commit crimes and i am sure paras and his friends are a big fan of such movies …………..
    ………………………………….. so i say nepal govt. need to reopen the book soon ………………………. if it is true then they must have got that mask from somewhere, or did they just printed paper mask …………………………
    ……….. who are those sudarshan khadka and anup

  10. paras , gyanendra behind Royal Massacre. no doubt………… similar kind of Royal Massacre had happened before also in nepal history.
    i will say this is also one kind of game played by royals to come to the power. but bad luck for them.

  11. It is absolutely senseless to even think that Paras is innocent in this bloody massacre. With his hypercriminal mind and hunger for power in Nepalese Royal history Paras Shah is responsible for this tragedy of Nepal. The question of innocence is not appropriate in his case, because his presence it self in the scene is suspicious in all of the Nepali mind. If he was innocent then where was he until today and why didn’t he go public and clear his so called name in the very beginning of this whole incident? It is unfortunate for the people of Nepal, that now from the comfort and safety of Singapore he is opening his mouth and still blaming dead Dipendra who is not here to defend himself. This low life Paras has no shame, no dignity, no honor, and no class. Thank God this parasite is gone forever from Nepal; I hope he makes the similar mistakes like he did in Nepal. This time Singapore may not tolerate his royal misdeeds that easily.

  12. i believe monarchies are businesses. in older nepal, the secluded nature of the kingdom and the dominance of religion (as well the fact that the king was regarded as a god) helped the king reap his wealth and power. now, he has to rely more on business deals etc because his dominance and power is sgnificantly lower than it was pre-1990. i feel that the reason given is pretty viable, however, we cannot necessarily draw conclusions.

  13. as i read the comments, it is quite interesting to hear that some still believe that Paras and his father, Gyanendra hitched a plan to kill the royal family. Far fetched. Whatever Birendra’s reasons, he killed his own family and history will remember him as that. As for Paras, he is no angel, but just because he has a bad boy reputation does not automatically make him guilty of the massacre.

  14. Nepalese reputation is excellent nepalese men are reputed to be non drinker, never bigamous and so on.
    With new government bad boys go to jail like in India.

  15. Former Crown Prince gives his side of version of the incident he was witness to- so give benefit of the doubt. We are champion at nitpicking when the picking is easy but no have qualms of 15000 or more who were killed in vain and the killers holds the high office.

  16. I agree completely with the above comment – “We are champion at nitpicking when the picking is easy but no have qualms of 15000 or more who were killed in vain and the killers holds the high office.”

    after all, paras was the eyewitness. and who are we, which i am assuming we did not witness the massacre, to say that Paras is lying? since when did non-eyewitnessnesses became more important in a case than eyewitnessesses themselves?

  17. who cares he lies or speaks his truth?
    The murdered King was beloved why?
    because he was good for Nepal and his mistake was he understood maobadi so he is still alive. All others that would go for military solutions to have prevented the previous and actual mess we consider inhuman. And they may have all the great names of the country and now call themselves friends of those who sacrificed themselves.
    He is too fat to sacrifice himself. pathetic the entire thing he looks a failed movie star.

  18. paras has no credibility becuase of the history of Shahs and Ranas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, paras has no credibility because of his lies he is telling to the paper like how he killed the musician gurung (it should be considered as ,i dont know, second or third degree murder, if there is one).
    ……………………………… even if he or his father may not be involved in the massacre, he or his father can be punished because they have involved in so many sins, crimes that they can be punished for anything …………. even the global warming, or genocite going on around the world

  19. don’t believe that dipendra killed …….. never believed……if i was very powerful person i would do something about …….. …….

  20. this prachanda has really ugly mouth ………………… where did he learn to say bahu , tero bahu, usko bahu ……………. does this guy gives blow job to some stray four legged or what ………………………… he talks like some drunk during mid night …………. now a days some are found during day too ……………………………. …….
    what makes people cheap …………. ……… is it that …….. they are cheap because they are cheap or because they are cheap so they are cheap …………………….. ………..
    this guy is one hell of an embarrassment …………….

  21. another tamasa in this country ……………. now schedule of national game is changed for some terrorist cause at the last minute they felt like participating in the game ………….. what next ……………….. why they want to participate …………. to get kicked ……………….. who they are gonna pressure now. ………. officials to give decisions on their favour ……….. thrate other participants to make forfeit ………………….. thrate others supporters ………………………………….. this event will backfire too …………………………………………… they will be humiliated, exposed …………………………………. they are so dumb ……………. to make a few thousand happy ……. they are making millions angry …………………… ……..they are digging grave for themselves ………. the grave is getting deepen and deepen with every incident/decision/idiocy …………………………………… this guy prachanda thinks he is pol pot and this govt. is his bahu’s birta ……… is it the right word. ……………….. …….. when he was saying tesko bahu’s birta, may be he is thinking about himself ………..

  22. Well, lets not go in for what happend in the past….. or whatever Paras said about the whole massarce thing, what matters much is how things will go on from now. I’d like to see Paras joinin’ the politics and doing some good deeds. I’d probably be the first to carry the flag of Paras’s party…….. no no dont get it negative………. see what other leaders have done……… Guy’s lets give Paras one chance.

  23. Lets be honest guys, Paras was never conditioned to lead. he is a very weak individual. its also true rest of our leaders are weak. maybe its time to look across the spectrum and support the real youth leaders out there with genuine potential.

  24. Figures, Paras was never contitioned to lead, nontheless he can lead the way, how can we say that he aint go no potential, he may come up wid some real good thoughts…….. u never know. But then I do agree to support the youth leaders having genuine potential, but even our youth leaders are crushed by the party leaders

  25. paras had been involved in so many crimes and still his title was never stripped ………. and there is another royal whose title was stripped “dhirendra” ………………..
    …………………………………………. so what did dhirendra so evil that his title was stripped and not paras’s ……………..
    was he involved in some kind of kidnap-rape-kill-burry crime ………………………………………. what is this shah family …. family of core criminals

  26. instead of sidelining/putting behind bars to corrupt, criminal politicians…………………………… why are some individuals talking about bringing/accepting another criminal “paras” in nepal’s politic ……………. have you gone crazy…. …………………………………….what will politician paras bring into nepal – street violence, drugs, chasing actress, gun firing in the air, casino ,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    remember nepalese had shown mercy to shahs, gave them a hand and they (tribhuvan,mahindra) took control of the army and ate whole body of nepalese. ……. ………………………………. ………

  27. I always thought Dipendra the nutcracker did it.
    Unfortunately for Paras, the dimwit and his spoilt behaviour has’nt helped him. But, then most Nepalis are bheda, bhakhra, chyangras and will believe anything from the people who say it the loudest (preferably with a gun). The majority welcomed the so called royal rule and as soon as the SPAM thugs with the help from India came back – the majority again hailed them. We welcome any change with open arms and then realise it’s all a bunch of crap. We have been living testimony to this. The maoists are here due to a “popular’ election and all we have is more dicord, disunity and lack of basic needs and no security. They are just a big mafia providing for their own party and their PLA – the rest of us can go to hell.
    Same with Birendra as well – a really nice-ish sort of fellow but completely useless for the nation and apparently a failure as a parent. Gyanendra – bad timing proudy and completely out of touch. But then let’s face it the age of kings and communists are so passe – when will we get a clue bheda, bhakra and chyangras?????

    As for Paras and his media jaunt – I doubt too many give a housefly’s left nut what he thinks.

  28. The bottom line is – Royal clan is over! it’s too late for an explanation, they had plenty of time for this, then. I think, we all deserve the truth but the truth will never come up from their mouth. They are making us fool, are we that daft to believe him?

    Maybe he is not the one to blame but guys, come on! we already know some truth of his ruthless behavior???



    Here is my verdict > He is a cynical manipulator animal!!!

  29. With due respect to all other opinions, I’d like to lay down some points……. Firstly, if some one wants to join politics and help nation then his thought needs consideration. Secondly, what we are seeing at the moment in our country is the so-called left parties are deeply rooted with the idea of getting into power by misusing the power of the youths(for eg: YCL, YF, or some youth fronts). I just wonder where are we heading? what the parties want to prove by using unemployed youths, who especailly join politics just to support the livelihood. What will happen to them after the wish of the parties get fulfilled? How can they manage their life in a better way? I dont think they are developing skills just by shouting slogans, vandalizing things, carrying masals or whatsoever….. I just feel sorry for youths, especially those who are involved in youth wings of parties…
    If someone sees all these genuinely and wants to give hand for the betterment…… why not give him a chance. TRUST…………..
    If he does good…… praise him……..If he mistakes the belief of people…… Crush HIM. Everyone deserves a chance……..

  30. let me say something regarding second chance ……..
    ……………………… suppose there is a great person who has never done anything wrong in his life …….. but. …. by accident, or due to bad luck or cause he lost his mind once which lead him to some kind of crime or some sin ………. ………………………….. than that person can be given second change or even third or fourth chance ………………………………………………….. BUT ……… if someone is a born criminal, who has been committing crime since young age can not be granted with second chance …………. ….. the only chance he should be given is help to release him from his life of misery …………………………… do not develop a habbit of repeating bad history

  31. happy new year 2066 to all …………………. make a resolution “not to repeat same mistake”

  32. Is it still worth digging in? I think it should re-open almost forgotton (healed/sealed) wound. Let it go and move forward for the sake of peace and prosperity of our beloved country Nepal.

  33. let go of the past and focus on the future, on new Nepal…. by young nepalese…

  34. The List: Five Governments That Deserve to Fail

    By Annie Lowrey


    A number of leaders around the world are on the ropes right now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    1. GEORGIA

    The leader: President Mikheil Saakashvili

    Why he’s got to go: Economic and foreign-policy incompetence. Russia might have
    started the war, and the global economy might be rocky, but Saakashvili’s policies
    haven’t helped.

    The story: Georgia has deposed every one of its leaders since it gained independence
    from the Soviet Union in 1991. Saakashvili, who came into power in the 2003 peaceful
    “Rose Revolution” and won an open election in January 2008, may be next.

    The Georgian economy grew rapidly between 2004 and 2007 — between the end of the
    country’s political strife and the beginning of the global economic crisis. But much
    of Georgia’s new wealth relied on foreign direct investment, which has dropped
    steeply, and little of it trickled down past the country’s elites.

    The August 2008 war — in which Russia sent troops deep into Georgia after Tbilisi
    tried to retake control of the separatist South Ossetia region — did not help
    matters. It destroyed already tense relations with one of Georgia’s largest trading
    partners and slashed direct foreign investment more than 50 percent. This left the
    country even more exposed to the continued and accelerated global downturn because
    Georgia requires more than $4 billion in support from foreign governments and
    organizations to stay afloat. Saakashvili himself called the current situation “a
    major existential struggle.”

    Saakashvili’s response to the latest crisis — the 20,000-person protests that have
    shut down Tbilisi for a week — has been to point the finger at the Kremlin. But,
    even if Russia is funding the protesters, Saakashvili should focus on addressing
    their core complaints: corruption, lack of accountability, and politically motivated
    prosecutions that have targeted some of Saakashvili’s opponents.

    His one saving grace? The opposition candidates don’t look much better.


    The leader: Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva

    Why he’s got to go: Politicking when he should be governing. Aiding the poor through
    the downturn should be a bigger priority than scrapping with rivals.

    The story: Thailand has been in a state of political turmoil since 2006, when a
    military coup ousted then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Ever since, Thaksin, a
    wealthy businessman with strongly populist tendencies, has continued to broadcast
    potent political messages to his supporters in the country.

    For the past month or so, up to 100,000 “red shirt” protesters who support Thaksin
    have rallied against Abhisit and periodically forced Bangkok to shut down. This
    month, protesters forced the government to call off a summit of leaders from the
    ASEAN trade bloc — a tremendous embarrassment for Abhisit — and provoked a
    military response that left two dead.

    In all likelihood, Thaksin’s Keynesian economic policies would benefit Thailand more
    than Abhisit’s. But regardless of which man seizes power, one thing is certain:
    Their perpetual infighting has severely harmed the country. An Asian Development
    Bank economist said political turmoil may cause the economy to contract 5 percent
    this year, revising his estimate from 2 percent. If neither of the two men can gain
    control and provide peace, at least they should find a way to protect the Thai
    economy instead of driving away foreign investment, tourism, and assistance.


    3. NEPAL

    The leader: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as Prachanda

    Why he’s got to go: For failing to bring political or economic stabilization

    The story: For the past three years, royalists and Maoists in Nepal have engaged in
    a peace process, following the ouster of the country’s 240-year-old monarchy after a
    long and bloody guerrilla war. With a coalition government and new populist
    policies, the country has faced an unprecedented political reconciliation challenge.
    The hardest part for Nepal has been integrating its nearly 23,000 Maoist fighters
    into the Army, once the strong arm of royal power, and creating a productive
    legislative body.

    The two rival sides have found it difficult to work together. The remaining
    royalists have balked at many of the populist proposals of the coalition
    government’s Maoist leader, Prachanda. And by moving to the center and making
    necessary political changes, Prachanda risks alienating his partisans. For instance,
    a rule about how minorities will be proportionally represented in Parliament caused
    a series of ethnic flare-ups. Far-left protests have started to occur in the
    countryside, threatening the tenuous political process.

    It doesn’t augur well for the country. Any political problems will necessarily compound its extraordinarily weak economic situation, just as economic problems may spur political dissent. According to one economist at the Asian Development Bank,
    “The country is already facing the grave challenge of sustaining the growth and the
    poverty-reduction gains of the past decade.” This means Prachanda must maintain
    political stability and avoid any violence at all costs — or Nepal risks


    4. RUSSIA

    The leader: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

    Why he’s got to go: Despite his popularity, he’s to blame for failing to enact economic policies that would have aided Russia through the financial crisis. And he
    isn’t helping now.

    The story: Russia benefited richly from the global rise in stock and commodity
    prices during Putin’s presidency. Between 2000 and 2007, the country’s GDP more than
    tripled. Putin became enormously popular, enacting some social reforms and setting
    up a rainy-day fund. He also used the economic good times to consolidate wealth in
    the hands of a small cadre of Russian elites. And economic growth justified Putin’s
    authoritarian control over the country and punishment of dissenters.

    But since kingmaker Putin ushered Dmitry Medvedev into the presidency in 2008, the
    political and economic situation has looked much bleaker. Putin used the growth
    period to bolster Russia’s oil, commodity, and gas companies to an all-important
    status, calling conglomerate Gazprom “one of the backbones of our economic growth”
    in 2004. But he did not encourage the diversification of Russia’s wealth base.
    Commodity prices rely on global demand, which has fallen precipitously during the
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    Indeed, the country is hard hit. Stock prices are down more than 50 percent, and
    debt delinquency has skyrocketed. Unemployment is up. Growth was scratch in 2008,
    and the economy will contract in 2009. The ruble’s in trouble. Yet Putin takes no
    blame and has retained a great degree of control. Without the accompanying
    prosperity, Putin’s case for maintaining tight control over the country’s “managed
    democracy” is much weaker.

    Medvedev seems more amenable to new policies and has a stronger background in
    economics. This should, ideally, mean the end of Putin.


    5. GERMANY

    The leader: Chancellor Angela Merkel

    Why she’s got to go: For naysaying other countries’ policies under the banner of
    economic responsibility

    The story: Throughout most of the 2000s, Germany’s export-based economy fared well.
    But with global demand weak, slowdowns in the industrial market, and woes in its
    banking sector, Germany succumbed to the Great Recession. Its economy is due to
    contract about 5 percent this year.

    Merkel’s administration — especially Merkel herself — has governed conservatively
    and prudently in domestic affairs. In foreign policy, she has been a mixed bag. Her
    government has pointed fingers and naysayed other countries’ economic policies,
    spurring a chilly response from leaders of the United States, Britain, France, and
    Japan, among others.

    In September, Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück accused the United States of
    precipitating the crisis, “spreading worldwide like a poisonous oil spill.” Merkel
    responded to the United States’ and Britain’s stimulus packages by saying she would
    not join a “pointless race” to spend, though she ultimately had to put forth a 50
    billion euro Keynesian package.

    In a New York Times interview, Merkel explained Germany’s hesitance to stimulus as
    stemming from a caution against inflation due to its aging population (Germany’s
    demographics mean it will have fewer workers to repay the funds down the road). The
    response met with a shrug from the international community; Germany could simply
    take in more immigrants, as the United States does.

    Ultimately, Merkel has been a federalist when the world needs internationalists.
    Taking a more proactive role in stimulating demand and buoying the G-20 economies
    would be worth it — for Germany, the euro area, and the world.

    Annie Lowrey is an assistant editor at Foreign Policy.

  35. The thing should be settled now. If anybody is really gulity in this case, then they should be punished. But looking at the present situation, maoist is using it as the tactics of blaming game only. Who are the barriers for them to re-open the case of royal massacre now ??? Sometimes, I doubt they know the reality but using it as a political weapon. But blaming anything to anybody without real investigation is more than a foolish and dumb that we should understand.

    People are expecting good things with New Nepal-chamatkar not the bad things.

  36. do u folks understand each other when you talk (write) in english? cuz i cant figure out what you’re saying. my only comment is – paras is ugly, no prince has the right to be so ugly. i think he would make a better frog. but even the frogs would think he’s too ugly. maybe a pig?

  37. Whoever killed, but Girija- the so called saviour of Democracy in Nepal, was the Prime minister and minister-in charge of palacel (narayanhiti) affair. Nobody seems to remember this. And Girija is posing grand Nepali by virtue of this short memory of nation.

    give nice thrashes on the buttock of Girija. He will ha ve ato tell the truth. He is equally guilty of the palace massacre as the killer .

  38. if the crown prince wants to join the politics and contribute to the development of the country, then what’s worng? it must be welcomed. and as far as the clarification is concerned, come on its his explanation to what he says he saw. how can we say that he is wrong.? he might be right. come on, i have seen CDOs’ and DSPs’ son becoming hooligaans, colonels’ son being the bad boys, then it is just simple for prince to be bit a bad boy kind. yes it wasn’t right, but really what mahabharat has he done? nothing…. as a teenager and a youth he did as eveyone does, he just misused the power…
    when i met his highness in singapore….he was really good. i believe he became a GOTI of some leaders and some.,…

  39. c’m’n guys ! let’s finish all this bullshit. Reinstall HM Gyanendra as the king of republican Nepal,. parliament should have the sole power of deciding about nation along with a directly elected primeminister, to enact the will of people through the parliament.
    HM’s republican and democratic Government of Nepal.)shree panchko ganataantrik aau prajataantrik sarkaar, nepal)

    I, think, this should be the preposition of new constitution.

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