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Ex-Prince Paras on Nepali Royal Massacre

Eight years after the royal massacre, ex-Crown Prince Paras Bikram Shah talks to the New Paper of Singapore. Why?

UWB Note: The exclusive interview has been translated and reproduced by many Nepali media including top selling and most influential newspaeprs in Nepal. That is one of the most read items in newspapers in Nepal today and yesterday.


By Clement Mesenas and S Murali
Original source of the story: The New Paper

‘THE Nepali people need to know the truth,’ said Prince Paras, eight years after seeing 10 members of his royal family gunned down ruthlessly. The persistent, painful nightmares stopped after four years.

What haven’t stopped, however, are the ugly rumours of his involvement in the incident on 1 Jun2001.

But enough is enough, says Crown Prince Paras.

He now wants to clear his name.

Reacting to recent reports that the current Nepali government might reopen the investigation into the massacre, he decided to speak to senior Singapore media men.

Three Reasons for the Massacre

FORBIDDEN love is the oft-heard reason behind Nepal’s palace massacre when Dipendra Bikram Shah, then crown prince, ran amok.

But there’s more to this Shakespearean tragedy than meets the eye, said the last crown prince of the Himalayan kingdom, a cousin of the killer prince.

Opening up for the first time since the 2001 bloodbath that took place before his eyes, Prince Paras Bikram Shah, 37, said there was a web of deep-seated reasons that sparked the killing. Continue reading Ex-Prince Paras on Nepali Royal Massacre

TWTWTW: Yes, Paras Left for Singapore, If You Must Know

Paras at Airport in Kathmandu. Pic by Narendra Shrestha via Kantipur

Former crown prince Paras flew to Singapore yesterday amid speculation that he plans to quit the country following abolition of the monarchy ,or arrange schooling abroad for his three kids- Hridayendra, Purnika and Kritika. He reached Tribhuvan International Airport flanked by personal security officials (PSO) and close relatives. Airport security officials said that he boarded a direct Silk Air flight to Singapore at around 1 pm. Paras’s late uncle Dhirendra’s son-in-law and close aide of the former monarch, Dr Rajiv Shahi, who survived in the 2001 royal massacre, saw Paras off at the airport. Paras was accompanied to Singapore by his brother-in-law Raj Bahadur Singh and Adarsh Bikram Rana. Continue reading TWTWTW: Yes, Paras Left for Singapore, If You Must Know