TWTWTW: Yes, Paras Left for Singapore, If You Must Know

Paras at Airport in Kathmandu. Pic by Narendra Shrestha via Kantipur

Former crown prince Paras flew to Singapore yesterday amid speculation that he plans to quit the country following abolition of the monarchy ,or arrange schooling abroad for his three kids- Hridayendra, Purnika and Kritika. He reached Tribhuvan International Airport flanked by personal security officials (PSO) and close relatives. Airport security officials said that he boarded a direct Silk Air flight to Singapore at around 1 pm. Paras’s late uncle Dhirendra’s son-in-law and close aide of the former monarch, Dr Rajiv Shahi, who survived in the 2001 royal massacre, saw Paras off at the airport. Paras was accompanied to Singapore by his brother-in-law Raj Bahadur Singh and Adarsh Bikram Rana.

Before he headed towards the airport, journalists asked him if he planned to return, but he only smiled. Paras, who went through the VIP lounge, traveled on an ordinary passport as a common citizen, airport security said. “For security purposes, he used the VIP lounge, but no special security was arranged for him,” Senior Superintendent of Police Dhak Bahadur Karki, chief of Airport security, said, adding that Paras traveled as a commoner. Sources at Silk Air confirmed that he had booked three business class seats on the plane. Reports have it that Paras has left for Singapore to set up a permanent base there and he has called for his wife and children to join him after a few days. Some newspapers, on the other hand, speculated that he was heading for Singapore to find a school and a home for his family, but he would not stay there permanently.

After the withdrawal of all royal privileges enjoyed by the 240 year-old monarchy, Paras was concerned for the safety of his family. Paras’ father Gyanendra became the last king of the Shah dynasty on May 28 when the Constituent Assembly elected the previous month declared the country a republic.







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  1. Sush Avatar

    Doesn’t surprised me. His father says he doesn’t have any secret wealth stashed away and asked the government to provide a place for him. May be the government should make him pay the rent as he is common citizen now. If the report is true that Paras (who never hold any job in his life) is planning to move to overseas then the big question every Nepali should asked is where did he get all the wealth to live in overseas by travelling in bussiness class and schooling his kids and all thses lurks and perks. There many loop holes which the present government should examined seriously. But since the CA election all the major parties are still fighting and are laughing stock of whole world. When can you delivery justice to all long suffering Nepalese. The so called elite members are still living in great luxury in expence of all hard working Neplaese.

  2. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    Dear Sush, You are right they should check the income of Paras. Do not forget they own share in Soaltee and sipradi and many other enterprises and beside they have gotten the inheritated wealth as well but still it can be investigated but at the same time you should also ask for investigation of corrupt politicians as well as new comred dear Maoists wealth. Where they get. I belive that these corrupt politician has managed to garner ten times wealth in few decade or in some case terrorist maoist in few year than entire 240 year of so called shah rein. Problem with us stupid Nepali is that we belive in all the bullshits these gaddar and desdrohi and indian dalal dishes out and look out what we got. Stinking garbage in street and more stinking politician in so called CA. SHAME ON US NEPALI but at the same time I belive we deserve all this as we are supposed to have elected these terrorists and gaddars to power.

  3. ignorance Avatar

    good question sush. But naive to think that they dont have money. Their wealth in Nepal will suffice to pay for all this. And foreign currency is easy to come by unofficially these days. All party leaders also have their stashes abroad so they don’t care if others do.

  4. sucks Avatar

    Ok, what are you writing next …. when he does his laundry?

  5. pritam Avatar

    After long time UWB woke up got the topic….

  6. sunil Avatar

    Paras has left the country. it has its own significance history but not only for his settelment and his children school he went there , he could contact the international don and make a conspiracy against the nation most powerful leader. we must be aware about this. not only the appearence we saw might not be the actual case but essence could be different.

  7. Vic Avatar

    Impunity over his heinous crimes has come to an end, the best option is desertion. For sure, Nepalis would have loved to see him go on trial but he seemed to have escaped due to political impotency. Wasn’t there enough grounds to impose travel restrictions?

  8. ignorance Avatar


    tunnel vision, paras trial and then who next – Prachanda, GPK, MK, the list is endless…

  9. ignorance Avatar


    let’s lock up paras for killing someone while under the influence of alcohol with his jeep – 10 yrs. Then lets lock up Prachanda for the categoric mass murder of bombing a bus in Magdi, which he has already admitted to – life sentence one thinks. We’ll have all the leaders in prison for atleast 50 years.

  10. Lisa Avatar

    Why don’t we make a Rajesh Hamal as a president of Nepal. Maybe he will bring MELEMCHI WATER PROJECT for poor Nepali People.

  11. HareHamiNepali Avatar

    Kunai bela desh ko crown prince bhai khako manche le aile Silk Air ko business class ko ticket kinda sampati ko kura garne manche hami nepali aile ayera kati “daridra” bhayechau herda sarai naramailo lagyo!!!

    Aile Nepal ka thula bada ka chora chori bahira bata school ko chutti ma ghar farkada ta business class chadera auchan bhane paile ko raja ko chora le nachados ta!!! Kati samma dadh garna sakeko hola. Niklera gaihale sabai lai ramailo bhaihalyo aba yo bhanda kehi garna sakne pani haina. Ke yo eutai kura ma aljhera basna sakeko hola!!!!

  12. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    Who is gonna charge Paras for killing innocent people? why should we protect him? protect from whom? isn’t it true that law is equal and applies the same to all people? or is it different when it comes to Gyane and Paras? if that is the case then – why should other people get charged? they should be freed just like Paras.

    Look at him how freely he moves after sucking revenue of nepal. if he want to stay in nepal he Must spend the money which he received from Nepal, in Nepali school- in Nepal. if he thinks Nepali Schools aren’t good enough for his children – in Nepal then why he bothers living in Nepal?

    I can’t stand Sujata Koirala, known as the ‘Looser’ is in USA, indulging party thrown from ambassador in DC, taking big about nepali politics – how shame she thinks her father ‘Girija’ should be the President of nepal. She reckons – president should be internationally recognized. if that is the case why don’t we choose nepali people working or worked with UN – they are internationally recognised ………don’t you think so?

  13. lol Avatar


    your out of touch – clearly.

    we have moved way beyond paras and sujata. here we are in a real crisis with far more greater issues at stake.

  14. Vic Avatar


    Have we really moved far and beyond? May be we! but not
    them , they are still playing the same old game man.

  15. lol Avatar


    who are them? definitely not paras or sujata for that matter. And the games have moved way beyond chair grabbing and into dangerous territority which has far reaching repurcussions.

  16. akoo Avatar

    hahah.. that fat blop with the cheap suit and hippy hair cut is your prince??? muuaahahaha.. I guess you can’t expect Nepalese to have any dignity when even their royalty doesn’t seem to have any class or taste for that matter.

  17. Naresh Avatar

    As you know, every royal families invested and they had not to pay any taxes and whatever they imported were tax free, I think.

    Without any wealth and income, how can paras migrate to Singapore? How will he survive with any wealth, what is his financial background, what is the status, or how much he has stacked without the nepalese knowing.

    Life at Singapore is cheap and they have to pay whatever they do. Here they might have gotten for free, tax free etc.

  18. PR Avatar

    wat a gossip….and our NEPALI views…why are we all so bothered about wat Paras has got ?dnt people have brains?they were rulers.if u see some ordinary nepali will have their ancestorial property Paras is from royal.They do have their own private too.we are bothred about unnecessary thing here.Why cant we rather find those who do money laundring in nepal..they have all tax free wealth moving round and they are keeping up low profile..that kind of people are called deshmara and bhai any of u bother about that? infact you are letting them sit back relax and do more..good motivation …SCOTLAND..nex is u.R u working for UN or trying tobe smart from scotland??say u r working for UN does dat mean u know inside out of Nepal…?do u know wat topic we r on at mo?sorry mate..u stepping on da wrong door.Nepal doesnt need NRN or ousiders to have unvalueable ideas…betta go to highland and think…or jump to lockness ge ur drained brain hydrated.

  19. Joti - Scotland Avatar
    Joti – Scotland

    PR …? whoever u r , u r stupid and u have no brain. I can certainly tell that you worth nothing but narrow minded bs…t. i don’t even bother to justify you for my saying instead people like you never understand these things…?

    Go and get a brain first and come and debate but of course with some respect and with some knowledge !!! and be angry with Sujata koirala ….not …me dm..d.
    cos she is the person who has this ideas.

    Keep in mind …U.. foolish and stubborn! Royals are never private matters because they lived from Nepali people’s money …other word tax payers money.

  20. Uday Lama Avatar
    Uday Lama

    Can anyone explain it to me why the now-deposed royalty always wear dark glasses – including ex-Prince Paras – whenever they are in the public eye. Is it that they are always afraid of showing their true eye color, or is it that their eyes are always affected by drugs and alcohols they consume during the evening party.


  21. Patriot Avatar

    he’s key to what happened on that fateful night at the palace, he cannot be just let go. other hand, good riddance.

  22. danil Avatar

    i likes this guy. and his country. and if i were to ever go there i’d wash my feet before i moved my seat.

  23. prasanna kansakar Avatar
    prasanna kansakar

    thank you

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