News from India: BJP Welcomes Change in Nepal

King Gyanendra’s asylum to India a “hypothetical issue”: Amid speculation that Nepal King Gyanendra could seek political asylum in India, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee was evasive on the issue, describing it as hypothetical, reports Press Trust of India. “I do not know whether anybody has sought any asylum. It is a hypothetical question,” Mukherjee said when asked by a reporter about the speculation that the monarch could take shelter in India as Maoists have emerged victorious in Nepal Constituent Assembly polls. Reports have suggested that Gyanendra could come to India using his family connections in India, says The Hindu.

BJP does U-turn: Breaking its silence on the recent developments in Nepal, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday (18 April) hoped that the new “secular” Nepal “will not be anti-Hindu and anti-India”, reports The Hindu. At an expanded meeting of the party’s central office-bearers, a political resolution, covering inflation, the Nepal developments and the Tibetan protests, was adopted. The resolution said: “Till recently, Nepal was a Hindu nation and because it was a Hindu nation, it dealt equitably with its citizens belonging to other faiths. Now, Nepal is being declared a secular State. We hope that under the new dispensation, Nepal will not become anti-Hindu and anti-India.”

At the same time, the party “welcomed” the change from monarchy to democracy. The BJP said it hoped Nepal’s new democracy would mean true freedom where people would be able to express different points of view, and that “it will not be a copy of the democratic model seen in North Korea or under the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.” The BJP’s view was that India should keep a watch on the developments in Nepal; it should make renewed efforts to strengthen bilateral ties; and take constructive and timely steps.

“Nepal situation not misread”: Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee claimed on Friday (18 April) that India had not misread the situation in Nepal, where the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has emerged victorious in the recent elections to the Constituent Assembly. “No question of misreading,” Mr. Mukherjee said, according to The Hindu, pointing out that India had contributed to the Maoists giving up arms and joining the political mainstream. “We requested the Maoists to join the multi-party democratic political system in Nepal and join the mainstream by giving up violence. They have done so,” he said at a seminar in New Delhi.


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  1. Committed Avatar

    I feel pity over this southern political power called ‘BJP’ who sells religion to buy politics..this is the same party that backed up a ridiculous idea of declaring gyanendra, “king of the hindus”.

    its is good for everyone to act positively towards changing political scenario in nepal..and not always look for selfish interests…

  2. aAkaR Avatar

    They must welcome,and other’s also must welcome.Because it’s our issue and we are ready for change…

  3. hindu Avatar

    Why BJP took U-turn?
    Do they think that nepali people are supporting terriorist Maoists to exile the king? WRONG!
    People voted them because they didn’t knew what will be the impact in future. I have many friends who voted maoists unconciously. Though maoists have accepted capitalism, it is their crocodile’s tear to survive with the external world and world bank.
    The southern power shouldn’t help maoist terrorist at any cost. They are anti-hindu. They are killer. They are the gangs of robbing youth.

  4. Samrat frm. Lele Avatar
    Samrat frm. Lele

    Now, BJP has learnt the good lesson. They should be changed because it is the public Nepali who support maoists and want to exile king respectfully. So, BJP now supporting good. I appreciate your saying

  5. NepaleseLaw Avatar

    So, why so much fuss about this news? Do we have to really care what BJP says? or say CPI (Marxist) says?

    Nepalese Papers are giving unnecessary coverage to small and petty News. At maximum, it does matter what Indian Government says and not what 1ooo of political parties of India say about change. Let’s concentrate on what Nepalese people say about future of Nepal.

  6. nastikji Avatar

    hilarious ! what a funny interpretation by “pandits” after so long “tapasya”.they really said true but they forgot or refuse to remember that nepal and nepalese people were never anti any religion or anti indian.they have always spitted at their wrong way to deal with nepal, their wrong way of thinking.n i spit on BJP.i m sorry….i m obliged.

  7. nish Avatar

    these southern neighbors thought that everything they speculate, calculate and facilitate only happens in nepal…its is evident that they never expected maoists to win so overwhelmingly in the polls..n they always backed congress and its allies to gain a continuous grip over nepali politics..i feel india’s days as an active player in nepali political scenario are numbered as the maoists take over kathmandu but i also have a gut feeing that india will back and stimulate the madeshi parties from the south to mark its presence in nepali politics..
    n already the madeshi parties have bought the ridiculous idea of ‘one madesh ane pradesh” that will lead nepal only to disintregation!!! this is also one of the indian symphony that the madeshi parties are orchestrating.

  8. Bhumiputra Avatar

    It is the answer to the person named Hindu who ever you are. Nepali people are not stupid as you think they are. Nor they are unaware of the future as your narrow mind thinks. Look at the most of the politician of other parties NC or other parties and heir activities in 12 years of their reign. You will clealy find gangsters, curruption, uneducated politicians ammong them. Now the Maoist have been given a clear and concise mandate by land slide votes, by the people of Nepal and they deserve respect. If you call them terroist, then the NC was a terroist orgnisation once in the past. If Maoist are the terrorist in your view, then whole of the Nepalies are terrorist and that includes you as well. As of the Maoists like or dislike of Hindus, as long hindus do not become extremist then peace and harmny will always be there.

  9. madhavregmy Avatar

    Well, I am a Hindu. But I don’t see anywayz why Nepal should be called a Hindu nation.

    The only reason behind the religious radicalist groups like Shiva Sena, BJP or anything else is to let Gyanendra remain the king of Nepal. Whyz dat? It’s because, if he remains as the king of Nepal then he also continues as the king of Hinduz and the radicalists group can claim supremacy over all religions.

    All the same, we people hereat Nepal just want peace more than anything else. We just want to be involved in our religion without provoking followers of any other religion. And we understand that it’s totally ridiculous to say Nepal is a Hindu nation because there are people of all kinds here.

    Now, BJP please mind ur own business….

  10. Harke Avatar

    this is for madhavregmy,,,

    Why should Nepal be called a Hindu country?

    1. Because 80%+ extensive Nepalese people are Hindus.
    2. Being called a Hindu country has never offended people of any religion in the past. And there has never been religious violence in Nepal when it was a Hindu country.
    3. There are more prospects of religious tourism if called a Hindu country.
    4. Every place we go in Nepal, every temple we visit, every “galli”, the food we eat, everything in Nepal is Hindu.

    All you ant-country people posting here would be happy if my county Nepal becomes am Indian state and you all motherland-fuckers become Indians.

    There is something called national identity. NATIONAL IDENTITY. Without the pride there is no reason to call yourself a Nepali.

    Jai Nepal!

  11. wooSmith Avatar

    Now, this one is for Harke.

    It’s good u r proud to be a Nepali. Not to forget that there are many religions in Nepal. Every community like Gurung, Magar, Newar, Kirat, Rai, Limbu etc have their own way of celebrating different festivals. At most times we see that even those who belong to other religions (buddhist, islams, Christians), love to be part of our Dashain, Holi and Shiva Ratri. Typical Buddhist Newars too celebrate our Dashain and Tihar in their own unique ways.

    However, we have never had holidays for Christmas Days, Id etc. Radicalists. I agree that all 365 days of a year needs to be declared holidays if we have to respect all religions. However, secular nation means respecting all religions. By doing that we are in no way cutting the religious freedom of Hindus but in fact including everyone in our country to the religion of nationality.

    And my dear BJP, u have a different country at India. If u think that way, u better demand that India be called a Hindu Country.

    I am more than happy when Nepal’s called a secular nation.
    I agree with Mr. Madhav Regmy.

  12. geordie Avatar

    how do i post a message,do i need to sign in

  13. hope Avatar

    This one for Harke too,

    ” Being called a Hindu country has never offended people of any religion in the past. ”

    Ask any non Hindu before making any stupid comment. It did make offence to many, it did make trouble to many. How can it be a country of an ‘imported’ religion when the country has it’s own home grown religion?? Why other religions have to concede to the tyranny of majority when it comes to their own belief and faith?? While non-hindus has shown patience and benovelance towards hinduism accepting it’s influence over their own faith, why on earth you hindus do not have courage to reciprocate?? And,look at the generosity of non-hindus, they have not demanded a BUDDHISTS STATE or MUSLIM STATE or CHRISTIAN STATE for that matter. The country just declared itself as Secular, and all religions including Hinduism are equally and evenly respected and protected. So what’s difference that made to a hindu??Why a ‘great’ religion like hinduism has to be afraid when you claim more than 80% population belongs to you?? Or hinduism is so fragile and weak that it needs a Hindu state to protect it??

    And I feel you donot need holidays to celebrate every festivals of every religions. Make as less holidays possible. If there is festive holiday coming, make Saturdays and Sundays a working day for that particular week

    As far as BJP and India is concern, they are ethically far behind us, look at Gujarat, Hindus kill, burn, thrash, evacuate, intimidate all other religions and yet wins landslide in the elections. Does anyone really cares what BJP says and thinks in the modern world ??Do they have any credibility outside(even inside) the poor country called India??

    And Yes, National Identity, how stupid you are to relate it with religion?? Can other Nepalese feel the same pride if s/he is non hindu?? Is only being Hindu makes you Nepali ? Shame on you!!

  14. scoop Avatar

    Hindu country? Other religions? What a laugh. Don;t you people know that “religion is the opium of the people”.

    1. Cathleen Avatar

      I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apphsacreo!

  15. CafeDeNepal Avatar

    Please dont create riot in the name of releigio nlike India. Whether Secular or not thats not the problem

  16. Dilliwala Avatar

    This one is for all of you,

    Hope,(whoever you are),
    Please dont call India as a poor country, today whatever developments that have been taking place in Nepal (which no doubt, obviously you are enjoying) have been majorly aided by India.

    And talk about credibility, BJP is an Indian party -which partly speaks for itself. The words “Indian Party” majorly signifies vote-bank politics & dreadful coalition parties, which is the most vile form in any democracy (esp. in so called secular countries). Today the congress and the CPI are at loggerheads, and BJP has taken this golden opportunity to become very pally with the communists.

    Believe me, all these evils creep in with the word secularism -as now the minorities can rebel stating the constitution. and in a decade you all will be sick living in a “pseudo-secular” state.

    Jai Hind.

    (P.S.. The only advantage is that we get more days off work)

  17. Brahmastra Avatar

    India is in a very critical situation at is under attack from vaiours fronts. The Chinese are slowly but surely increasing their dominance of the eastern neighbours of India while helping the always enthusiastic Pakistan to spread chaos in India. It is said that the Chinese are organising massive cyber attacks on Indian information systems on a daily basis to prepare an offensive protocol for a future confrontation.

    Eastern India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Bhutan, Taiwan..all these countries are slowly getting victimised by the communist virus. And this communism is not for the benefit of the is just a narrowed down form of capitalism that is meant to benefit only a few at the top while making the rest of the populace work like ants as is visible in China.

    While India is being openly attacked on several fronts, the Indian people are increasingly growing self-indulgent in a daze of Bollywood/Hollywood and material modernisation. And to make matters worse, there is a wave of pseudo-secularism that is taking over many western-wannabes who talk a lot of philosophy and promote half-baked ideas of equality.

    The fact is India owes it to itself and to the world to revive Hinduism in its full form and glory because this is the only true religion of equality which can bring the world together. This is already happening as people in the west and all over are flocking to the Vedic fountain of wisdom to refresh their souls. Indians need to start waking up to their greatness and stop chasing illusionary material crap that is being sold to them in various ways.

    The first towards this is to get the Congress and Communists out of power, and get the BJP elected..more and more NRIs are also promoting this as they feel that the BJP is the more sophisticated option..can you imagine what would happen if some corrupt buffoon like Mayawati came to power? We think that this happens only in smaller countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan..but the corrupt, primitive, illiterate leaders from the Congress, BSP, etc. are slowly but surely destroying India while the italian waitress Sonia is cashing in on her luck.

    So wake up and get the BJP and someone like Modi elected for a better and secure future for your kids, else get ready to do namaz in Chinese.


  18. geyamala Avatar

    what is wrong if nepal is declared as a secular state?the bjp’s president rajnath singh stated that nepal as a secular state a negative development. if this fascist party does not tolerate another country becoming secular, then we can imagine if they get absolute majority, they would make india a theocratic country.

  19. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    I endorse with the BJP’s April 18 resolution that new “secular” Nepal “will not be anti-Hindu and anti-India”. At last BJP has understood the ground reality. And I really appreciate it.

    Of course if BJP want ‘hindu state’ they should focus more to make India a ‘Hindu’ state because India is the largest nation with hindu religion people. As we know India cannot become ‘ Hindu state’ because its constitution does not allow it and secularism is a way of life there. So it would be illogical as well as interfering in Nepal’s internal matters if BJP goes on harping on ‘Hindu Nepal’.

    There is no chance Nepal will become Anti-Hindu, but if India keeps on interfering and dictating on Nepal’s affairs, Nepal can become Anti-Indian to the extent and for the time India keeps on interfering on Nepalese politics. Anyway, Nepal has deep cultural ties with India, so Nepal will remain a close friend and partner and India will remain as a source of great support to Nepal economically, if India understands Nepal’s aspiration for peace, economic progress and love for Republicanism.

    India Hinduism and Nepalese Hinduism has some differences. Whether Nepalese Hinduism has this notion of Tantrik tradition, apart from Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Purva Mimamsa and Vedanta. The problem with Hinduism is Manusmriti, which says the society is divided in castes, and a Brahmin is Brahmin by birth and remains high caste enjoying highest social status, despite of anything. This notion is against humanism and equality. This brings social tension and revolutions. One of the reasons of Maoist’s rise in Nepal is this, and we can predict similar revolution will happen in India, if Hindu fundamentalist cling of this caste concept.

    Nepal’s Hinduism is not as fundamental as in India. It also has Buddhism which negates caste concept. We have other animistic religions which is practiced by ethnic people of Nepal, along with either Hinduism or Buddhism. The element of Tantra is the thread uniting Hinduism and Buddhism of Nepal, because both the religion practice tantra in some form or other.

    Therefore, Nepal can never become anti-hindu. Nepal can be anti-Indian as response to behavior of India against Nepalese interests.

  20. Avishek Gyawali Avatar

    In politics, it is said “No one is permanent enemy or friend“. In our case, #Nepal and #India could neither remain a friend nor an enemy, emerging Nepal-India relation into a special relationship.
    Also read and suggest :

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