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  • A Request to Indian Media: Read Nepali News

    India has produced some of the finest minds in the fields of science and technology, literature, and philosophy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about journalism in the world’s largest democracy. There have been countless criticism of Indian journalism by Indians themselves. Indian journalists peddling jingoism and misinformation while covering India’s relationship with Nepal has […]

  • Three Reasons Why India Sees a China Hand in Nepal’s New Map

    On 16 May 2020, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Naravane blamed that Nepal raised the “issue at the behest of [China]”. Speaking at a webinar in New Delhi, Naravane said: “There is reason to believe that they [Nepal] might have raised this issue at the behest of someone else [China] and that is very much […]

  • A Brief History of Lipulek Deals: India and China Agree, Nepal Protests

    The Indian projection of Nepal as a recipient of unflinching support from and an ardent ally of China is not just incorrect but also exposes India’s fear of China. This article shows Nepal has made it clear, whenever it could, to the Chinese that it does not agree with the Sino-Indian deals on Lipulek. A […]

  • The Map of Nepal: Events that led the Himalayan Republic to challenge Indian occupation of Kalapani (Part 1)

    In this first article of a three-part series, recent actions, decisions and reactions of the governments of India and Nepal that compelled the Himalayan republic to take the startling step of cartographic assertion are laid out in chronological order. The second part examines the so-called China Card through a series of decisions/agreements and responses of […]

  • India and Indians: Friends of Two Different Kinds

    By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal This article appeared in today’s Op-Ed of The Kathmandu Post. Here is PDF of the page Sometimes, I wonder why the official Nepal-India relationship doesn’t become as friendly and earthy as the down-to-earth friendship I enjoy with some Indians here in Delhi. Why doesn’t the bond between the two […]

  • News from India: BJP Welcomes Change in Nepal

    King Gyanendra’s asylum to India a “hypothetical issue”: Amid speculation that Nepal King Gyanendra could seek political asylum in India, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee was evasive on the issue, describing it as hypothetical, reports Press Trust of India. “I do not know whether anybody has sought any asylum. It is a hypothetical question,” Mukherjee […]