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4 responses to “ redirects here”

  1. sagarmatha Avatar

    Redirect the small mentality of just praising the SPAM.

  2. Bideshi Avatar

    Sagarmatha, Fom your lofty height perhaps you cannot see that all manner on opinions are represented here. If you read my posts, for example, you will see nothing but dismay at the corruption and uselessness of the political parties. My mind may well be small, but it does not praise criminals.

  3. COMRADE ANAL Avatar

    Maoists had seized Devkota while he was returning to his village after the meeting only to be released with the help of policemen after an hour in Maoist custody. Maoist deputy district in-charge ‘ANAL’ however said Devkota was seized for disturbing peace in a drunken frenzy. ag Jan 28 08

  4. sagarmatha Avatar

    The war between SPAM vs. ETHNIC PARTIES are uprising. In today’s context, it shows that spaM is trying to suppress the ethnic voices of their rights to rule in Loktantra. If it is not well addressed their voices before CA election, the country is definately going to face civil war or division. This CA election without addressing the ethnic voices will be nothing like of recent Kenya election.

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