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Update: United We Blog at is up and running. Please click here to go the page or at the headlines on the right to go to individual pages. Plus, click here for Blogmandu’s new address. Original post……………… currently redirects here. That domain is currently being maintained because we are changing the host. WeContinue reading “ redirects here”

I Blog, Do You? BTW, Happy Birthday UWB!

Yes, Democracy Rocks! Pic by Shailendra Kharel As Nepal’s pioneering blog site becomes two-year-young today, a blogger writes about the impact of her introduction with the word blog By Darshan Karki (inside Ujjwal Acharya shares his experience) I came across this ‘blog artifact’ a week ago. Dated Oct 23, 2005, its four papers torn fromContinue reading “I Blog, Do You? BTW, Happy Birthday UWB!”

UWB in USA: Mr. Blogger Goes to Washington

[Update: Read Dinesh Wagle’s American Journey here.] UWB Note: Nepali blogging in UCLA. See this page. After being invited by the U.S. government, UWB blogger Dinesh Wagle will go to America tomorrow in a three-week-long sponsored trip By Dinesh Wagle “Dear Mr. Wagle,” reads the letter signed by James F. Moriarty, the American ambassador inContinue reading “UWB in USA: Mr. Blogger Goes to Washington”