Maoists Quit Nepal Government, Political Crisis in the Country

Constituent Assembly Election Is Uncertain, Country Faces Further Chaos On The Streets Though the Maoists Have Said They Wouldn’t Go Against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Maoist cadres and supporters participate in a rally in Jorpati demanding declaration of republic. Many rallies like this one came together in Tundikhel and turned into a mass meeting that was addressed by top leaders of the Maoists. Chairman Prachanda was absent. Pic by Sita

Five months and 17 days after they enthusiastically joined the government giving Nepalis hope of peaceful future, the Maoist party has called it a day as the ministers representing former rebel organization in the cabinet tendered their resignations to the Prime Minister this afternoon. The resignations come after their party’s talks with other collation partners couldn’t produce a solid conclusion today in Baluwataar, the official residence of the PM. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, Maoist chairman Prachanda and NC-Democratic President Sher Bahadur Deuba. Also present was CPN Unity Center General Secretary Prakash who has been working as a facilitator in the talks on the 22-pint demands of the Maoist party.

Update 1: There is still some place for hope though. The resignations haven’t been accepted yet and Maoists haven’t severed their ties with the Eight Party Alliance. Prakash, a mediator in the crisis, said that he was still hopeful as the EPA has called a meeting tomorrow.

Update 2: Meanwhile, the Maoists have started organizing rallies in various parts of the country. Kantipur FM is reporting that Maoist supporters organized a mute rally in Chitwan and guerillas in Shakitkhor cantonment also organized a protest.

Maoist protest programmes: door-to-door campaign – September 19 to 22, mass meetings in each VDC and municipality- September 22- 29, gherao all election offices September 30 (the day for filing the candidacy for CA elections), ‘expose’ the persons indicted by Rayamajhi Commission from September 29 to October 2, and organize a nationwide political strike from October 4 to 6. (read a report from the Maoist mass meeting on THT)

With their quitting the government, the election of the Constituent Assembly is now effectively under uncertainty. The Election Commission has implemented its Code of Conduct from today.

The Maoists are expected to formally announce their withdrawal from the government and kick start their ‘peaceful’ agitation from today in a mass meeting that’s being organized in downtown Kathmandu at the time of writing this report. Prachanda will not be present in the Maoist mass meeting in Tundikhel today because of “health” reason, Krishna Bahadur Mahara told reporters.

22-points demands are, according to the Maoists, pre-requisites for the CA elections slated for November 22. Two of the 22-point demands include declaring Nepal republic in parliament and opting for proportional representation voting system in the election. The interim constitution has the provision that the first meeting of the CA will decide the fate of monarchy where as the eight parties, including the Maoists, had earlier agreed to go for mixed proportional voting system.

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99 thoughts on “Maoists Quit Nepal Government, Political Crisis in the Country

  1. A very sad day indeed. We, nepalis have gone through hell for the past decade. It seems that the worst days are still to come. God, how much of the protests can a poor country like ours endure? When can we attain real peace and dedicate ourselves in nation building? I have finally lost all my hopes.

  2. F—- our country is doomed for ever. There is no hope anymore. Are we going for another war now? No, I don’t even want to think that.

  3. This is really a sad day for the future of Nepal. It’s unfortunate. I am devastated. Not that I am a fan of the Maoist party but as a citizen of this country, I was really hopeful about the peace process. I still hope the Maoists will not go out of the peace process though their withdrawal of the government itself is against the spirit of the peace process. I prey that our leaders will be able to solve this crisis.

  4. I have been telling since long time, there won’t be any CA election in Nepal. Until and unless the leaders come up without vested interest, this country will be like this. I don’t blame everything to the maoist at this situation.

  5. This is a failure on the part of both Maoists and NC – more so NC. Girija and party dont want to share the goodies with anyone least the Maoists.

    Sure, monarchy is a contentious issue and could be left to CA to decide, but PR is legitimate and I dont understand why its a problem, I am more surprised why Maoists place abolition of monarchy before PR in their priority … perhaps out of fear of Madhesis.

    Everybody seems to get their priority wrong, I mean when has any got them right!

    Monarhcy seems to have become a divisive issue over the months, as opposed major opposition against it at the heights of andolan. Not so sure if its abolition will quite serve what Maoists seem to be pursuing so aggressively.

  6. Thank god !!! for that. Finally Maoist has been exposed for what they are. A bunch of power hungry terrorist who had killed and destroyed the country for petty power. Finally these motherfucking buthcer must have realized that it is easy to kill, maim and bomb and destroy than build, gain trust of people and co-operate with people who might have different thinking than your own.
    It is better to have another civil war than to prolong this pain our country is suffering, this new war should decide the looser and winner and our country can forge ahead. I know there are many people who will say our country is loser if war starts but if we do not resolve this problem we might not have country to fight for. So lets wipe out Maoist terrorist as now we know who is Maoist and what is thier agenda. It has made job much easier. We all Nepali must learn that appeasement just does not work as it did not work with HItler which Allied power tried but eventually they have to fight more terrible second world war to defeat hunger of Hitler so it is better to sacrfice more blood now than now than to face this modern day follower of Hitler later. I think Prachanda is most influneced by Mein Kampf Hitler wrote than their so called failed theory master Karl Marx. Jai Naya Nepal

  7. What are the comrades upto?

    A rallyist showed me and my friend– a girl– middle finger! A Maoist in the rally did that, dudes!

    Dont you believe? There is picture and video in my site.

    Btw, DW, make one correction– Maoist QUIT….!

  8. Yes patriot,

    No ones got their priority right. May be we should abolish monarchy and get on with it. After all, we do not really want see another war now, do we?

  9. telegraph nepal

    With the sudden resignation tendered by the Maoists Ministers en masse today, there are wild rumors that the ex-rebel leader Comrade Prachanda in Nepal has gone underground.

    Latest reports have it that the Maoists cadres from around the Kathmandu valley an in the districts close to Kathmandu have started pouring in the capital for attend a mass meet to be addressed by Maoists leaders.

    The Maoists leaders are expected to tell the public as to the reasons that forced them to quit the government.

    Unconfirmed reports say that the bargain is on with the government demanding immediate declaration of a republic, thirty secured seats for the CA polls and the complete proportional system for the CA polls. Reports to follow.

  10. Yes, Maoists quit the government. That was quite an error which we have corrected. We hope the Maoists will also correct their wrong decision to quit and come back in the cabinet (technically, they are still in the cabinet) with renewed commitment to hold the election of CA on November 22. Thanks to all for volunteering to proof read. After all, we are in the age of Web 2.0 where YOU are the key. 🙂

  11. Since the Maoists leaving government is over the 35 seats they wanted to have guarateed (there is truly no other reason), our Civil Society should put pressure on the Maoists to come back into the government. They were the ones who brought them in to begin with, now it’s up to them to bring them back.

    There is no political crisis in our country as suggested by the author. This is just a continuatio of a crisis that has always been here… just that people believe what they want to, when it is convenient for them.

  12. One more thing. Everyone here should re-read the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the agreement on arms and armies. Go through both line by line and decide for yourselves whether either agreement has been honoured or not. Time to reflect people.

  13. Now we have seen the true colour of the Maoist traitor. We should hang Prachanda, Baburam and the other Maoist leaders in Tundikhel right now.

  14. I think Nepal should be declared Republic through interim parliament. Forget CA election. One way or the other way some party will bring up excuses to postpone the election any way. What we need to do is to declare current interim legislative body as Constituent Assembly. This body should write the permanent Constitution of Nepal.

  15. Addicted to power by the barrel of the gun!

    What a tragic betrayal of the people.

    It seems as if the Maoists finally have joined a working-coalition with their most loved enemy-partner, the only one who also did not want the CA to happen, the one who has brought them to power, the still-king of Nepal.

    The selfish pride of authoritarian party rulers has won over the mindful wish of the masses. Maybe being just one party in a group of parties in a democracy was not enough for the Maoist leaders, they instead wanted to become the new kings and rule in the same authoritarean way as the kings did it for hundreds of years.

    The conclusion is: Too weak to convince with ideas, too stupid to compromise, too cowardish to face defeat, the Maoists decided to go back to the fascist path they have pretended to fight against.

    A really sad day for Nepal, a sad day for the peaceloving people of the world.

    AHIMSA says: Kings are history, Maoism is history too!

  16. its the right decision by maoists even its bit late.

    as i have been writting, they werenot supposed to participate in government since there was no influncial role in the government for them and

    girija run governmet as it was single party government and acted as another king….

    his move is run by furmula given by power centre and his mission is U turn ganendra. may be its not digestible for readers. know the suspense villian.

    maoists are the safeguards. they have responsibilities towards the nation and the people of nepal. for other parties its preveledge to be in government with the BAISAKHI of power centre whose existance was almost zero for last 10 years.

    first place they(maoist) were not supposed to be part of the parliament, should have gone differently, that dead parliament was dead anyway.

    its bitter truth, maoists are the leader of the changes

    my support to them to go to public and peaceful movement.

    thanks to them for not compromising in peoples demand. they cameback to right track. other parties tried their best to spoil peoples achievement.

    move on maoists, people are behind u. struggle will be continued till the child borns for peace with justice.

    peace with justice!!!!!!!!

  17. Agree with you there AHIMSA, both the Maoists and Royalists seem to be averse to democracy. A very strong bond. I am fed up with the Maoists. If they disturb the run up to the CA elections with street protest and threats of physical violence to the public then the SPA should not hesitate to use the Army and the Police against them. If it means WAR it is WAR then. Anti-democratic forces like the Maoists and the Royalists should not be tolerated.

  18. this is a royal conspiracy. the regressive forces made the Maoists quit the government. come on wagle get on this story…

  19. “Maoists will thwart the election’-now they have shown the true colour. As I said in the earlier post there must be some nexus between the King and the maoists. Otherwise will it be that coincidental that they are trying to protect him at any cost? When 95% population were ready for the election and decide the fate of the monarchy by CA why maoists say they will foil the election? The two parties who will lose everything if the CA elections happen, are not surprisingly, opposing the election, but the king is clever here by letting maoists to come out for all the blame. I guess Gyanendra is not as stupid as we all thought but maoists certainly are.

    I feel pity on those maoists cadres , unwillingly they have to follow the commands of their commanders. Once they realize enough is enough the leadership will be cut into pieces!!

    I think SPA should organize similar rally in the capital and make extremely sincere commitment that CA election will be held with or without maoists and royalists participation, and ask people to continue it’s preparation for the same!! They should highlight the fact that CA election means Republic Nepal, every other things are in support for the monarchy.

    Also a strong statement from the Govt and Army supporting the election and a stern warning for those who will try to foil it!! If whole SPA, the bureaucracy,”civil society”,all professional organization come out in support of CA election coinciding with maoists protest programmes , it would be hugely effective . It will not only force maoists to reconsider it’s decision but also will make CA election an obligation(which actually was) for the interim govt and will force to hold it in any circumstances!!

    It’s good that people can now judge themselves actually who are the real royalists and who are republicans!!

  20. good by maoists. Give credit to the maoist, they got their maths right. If they had taken part in the elections they would have been wiped out. Now they can bargain for guranteed safe 80 seat in CA polls.

  21. People call what you may – but I blame the NC for this deadlock more than Maoists. Think about it, the way Moaists see it is – all the years of struggle they not going to just throw it away by sheepishly being led to the gallows (the CA).

    Other hand look at how much other 3 bastards (NC, NC-D, UML) have gotten away with, when they were virtually rag-tags at the time of G’s absolute rule. Moaists feel they placed the specter of power in this trio’s hands and today didnt get anything back, instead death warrant. Why would Maoists accept it?

    If only Girija agreed to PR (which he wont coz hes afraid Maoists will steal the thunder in the polls), then we’d have CA + inclusiveness guaranteed which will save this country from disintegration.

    While I spite Maoists for their utter stupidity, I spite Girija for conspiring to hog power all for himself and bringing further uncertainty in this country. His campaign of making the CA a success is hollow, rather just a pressure tactic. If he truly wanted peace/prosperity in this country, he wouldnt act like an old pig like this.

    If anyone is Nepal’s No.1 enemy right now, its Girija. Wake up people and think how much they’ve gotten away with all this time while effectively deflecting people’s ire the Maoists way. Please dont be buoyed by NC/rightists propaganda. After all havent we seen their colors enough in the 14 yrs of democracy we had.

  22. From a strategic point of view this is the best move for them to make. If they didn’t have any of their demands met today and were not even given any facile promises, staying would leave them with even less credibility than they had before.

    Now they have a chance of being taken seriously. If these demands are met they will be remembered as the ones responsible for both proportional representation and the abolition of the Monarchy. This will put them in a much better position for the elections, provided they happen, the certain Medheshi’s will see the Maoists as the ones fighting for them, or atleast the ones who fought for them if proportional representation is won.

    Less importantly, the Maoists will probably regain credibility with the international movement, which was probably about to label them capitulationist/revisionist

  23. If fate of monarchy prior CA cant be negotiated, then PR proposal must be agreed to. Its the only way to save CA and bring a meaning to 10 yrs of sufferings the people of this country have faced. Else, the CA will be a sham and it wont be long before another war starts.

    A visionary leader would understand this, not Girija. So please be judicious in your criticism.

  24. wow it took a loser from the West like Neil to help us realise that it is all rosy for the terrorist from here on— the only thing that teacher turned terrorist again (TTT) Pushpa Kamal and CEREMONIAL Baburam will ever be remembered for will the murders tehy committed and a generation that lost an opportunity to progress. These communist terrorist had no credibility to lose and now, after being frustrated to figure out a no-brainer issue like in a democratic world, people don’t vote for communist terrorists have decided to take to the street and terrorise people again– old habits die hard. But the rest of Nepal need to unite against these communists and stop nepal from turning into a totalitarian autocratic communist People’s republic of Nepal.

  25. Patriot-the PR proposal by the Maoists is a good one, but you know and I know that it is not their main demand…it’s just a bone for people like you and me. All they really want is power and hide that ugly face behind slogans like Republic and PR. I agree with you that GPK is probably the biggest criminal in Nepal since 1991. But the Maoists did a deal with him. All the major political parties are scared of PR. But not to worry. The cat is now out of the bag. We probably won’t need the security of PR.

  26. And guyfromktm – your unilateral view on terrorists and communists isnt too enlightening either. Cant you come up with something better than just bash bash bash the already bashed up comrades. How about training your guns on NC for a change? They have hardly been a solution I think.

  27. Kirat – you havent told me anything I dont know, but right now I’m not thinkin whats Maoists real agenda and how evil they really are. Right now I’m thinking how to get this CA done. And we both know it wont happen if Maoists dont want it. And you cant just use military against them, they still havent done anything anti-govt like reject CA results (a future scenario). And what is so bad about agreeing on PR if it ensures the CA and saves the country.

  28. Patriot-you assume that the Maoists will be happy with PR. I don’t think so. I don’t think they care for it. If that was the case they should have never mixed it up with the Republic demand. We all know that the Republic demand is pointless as that was supposed to be decided by the the CA elections. Like I said the PR demand is just a bone for the what they think are barking dogs.

  29. Yeah – but the game so far seems everything is stuck on 2 points – republicanism and PR. I agree comrades dont care for PR, hell they dont care for anything and are just a wannabe. Point is PR has to be used as a bargain chip to get them onboard since monarchy seems so contentious to everybody. After all you cant convince Maoists to go to elections with nothing to offer. Its like going to the gallows.

  30. Patriot-the Maoists don’t give a damn for Republicanism or PR. All they want is power. Remember April 2006-they could have asked for PR and Republicanism then and would have got it-the SPA were so desperate. So why was PR not a part of the 12 point agreement? Why is it now an issue when in April 2006 the Royal regime was overthrown? That’s more than a year ago! Who would really benefit from PR? Nepal’s ethnicities who have been left out of the mainstream for centuries. Who wants that and who doesn’t? Draw a line, a line that does not need to lead to violence but enlightenment.

  31. Gore sahib Niel:

    You seem to have that White Man’s guilty conscience as described by Rudyard Kipling. Hey, why don’t you please go fight your white man’s war in Iraq with IUD & the Al-Qeida. Leave us Nepalis alone.

    Communism is dead. Period. It is just a mere idea. It does not work. We don’t need experimentation of failed idealogies. We do not want to become a human lab…

    You must be a left wing symphathazier who still need his french-pressed coffee in a cafe in the Left Bank, wear your chic Che beret & munch on a croissant. And oh not mention your plastic credit cards, Euros, Dollars etc…

    From the comfy of your suburbia living, you dare lecture us on the merits of Maoism. This is not your war man. Cummunism is a failed ideology–just look up North. You, white man, colonialism is dead. If you want to be a part of that neo-colonialists, then, keep on feeding the fire.

    I guess you will never be burnt, cause you can afford a fire proof suit. Lets not practise the “Ugly American.”

  32. Smart guys like guyfromkt, bridohi should watch their languages. Everyone should be welcome to express their views here Niel included. Niel have shared his views based on his understanding. You don’t have to call names and bring BS on Iraq w-man.. bla bla, bla. If it was not for white men, you would not be blogging on the net, you would probably be hurdling cows or goats in the hinterlands of Nepal, think of it man. Regardless of where we are from and what the colors of our skin is, we still belong to the human race.

  33. every one knows that killer maiost is not going to win the election.and they don;t want to see nepal is peaceful country.they love to kill inocent people rape and theretend people .now they are creating dramakill those basterd .then we will have peace

  34. Horning is correct, staying in govt. exposes them for being as incompetent as their partners. They can now do what they are good at – destroy infrastructure, physical action, intimidate and force people to join them.

    Of course all of the demands will put them in a much better position, but it will put all others in a worse position. This is’nt about making the maoists win and the SPA lose, this is about having an election. If that was the aim, might as well let them run the nation for a decade or so. Talk about thinking only about the maoists and power grabbing.

    However on the flip side they have also been exposed as to be undesirous of democratic practices and averse to having people decide for themselves.

    They may have gained credibility with international defunct communists movements but they will lose credibility with the other international lot – mainly the democratic lot.

    Unfortunately, strategic or not if this process is seen through we will be backstepping into the past and more likely chances of civil war.

    Announcing things before a CA is ridiculous – why have a CA, might as well get together and make a new Constitution then. But the people did not vote for it. Unless the vote is through nothing can be legal.

    I won’t discount a emergency army rule, if the maoists start leaving ther parliament and the cantonments as well. Then all hell will break loose.

    Let us not forget, these demands are all a farce, Prachanda has already said even if the SPA agree to them, he will then ask them if the maoists can run the govt., a demand which will again not be met. Anyway, the maoists want this.

    Also, it’s easy jumping the gun, but till it happens and after the results maybe the maoists wont want to be remembered for all their demands. Think of Lhendup Dorji.

    But they sure will be remembered for hell to come.

    Power grabbing that’s all it is. Democracy is a word these people do not understand and by these people I mean the whole bunch of them.

    If this nation folds to maoism I do have just one suggestion that
    Mr. Horning renounce his US citizenship and take a Nepali one. Then we’ll see how he likes it. He could also not wait and do it now. I’m sure his comrades will oblige.

  35. brodohi,

    dont show ur racist behaviour here. neil is welcome, ur brothers and sisters got equal rights in the usa and europe,

    he is not american government , bear in mind. do u know how many percentage american people want their trops pull out from iraq?

  36. bridohi,

    dont show ur racist behaviour here. neil is welcome, ur brothers and sisters got equal rights in the usa and europe,

    he is not american government , bear in mind. do u know how many percentage american people want their trops pull out from iraq?

  37. well,watever happens will happen for good.The Maoists have always been showing us the true colour.We know they dont want peace(actually there is no peace word i guess in their dictionary).well,do they actually have a well qualified leaders apart from Prachanda N Bhatta?I doubt..

    If i have to say anything about any other parties i will surely find good and bad points but for this ma-o-badi…I cant even say they are wise..coz such educated Prachanda gives a threat to nation and says i want the power.tyo ta baccha bela ma maile mero parents lai malai chocolate deu haina bhane padhdina bhaneko jasto…

    well….finally they r gone but wat they gonna bring bhagwan janos…

  38. ma -o -badi

    wen u look at this doesnt it look like its trying to say ,”SOMEONE AGAINTS THE MOTHER”.

  39. However good or bad the contributions of the maoists are, neither they would have won sizable seats in the CA elections nor will they ever win in any future elections. They cannot simply win the heart of Nepalis people ever, because they started the culture of violence in Nepal and Nepalis will never forgive them for their brutal killings of innocent civilians. Their support base is their guerillas and YCL cadres and their voters are simply themselves. No common Nepali without the fear of getting beaten up or killed is ever going to vote for Maoists.

    The best option of peaceful politics for them is to make an alliance with other lefts or hammer a deal for some guaranteed seats based on unanimous candidacy with the 7 party in the CA. Since this is very less likely to happen, I fear that all that Maoists will do is push the country into further bloodshed. Neither they will get the power on their own, nor will they give up their violent tactics. So comrade Prachanda have fun organizing the massacres of further thousands of Nepalis and die earning nothing but a black chapter for yourself in the history.

    BTW I always had the opinion that the maoists should be given a chance for peaceful politics. After today’s Maoists’ antics, I have started to believe that I was wrong. Stupid Gyanendra and the Mandalays around him must be laughing their ar*e off. Where is Prachanda? Is he playing a game of Poker with his best mate Gyanendra?

  40. GREATEST CRIMINAL in the history of nepal, Puspa kamal dahal is suffering from very High blood pressure. I sincerely hope his high blood pressure leading to his heart attack, stroke or kidney failure will wipe him out from this holy land very soon.

  41. Maoist is going against their own Agenda. They had demanded constitutional election, which 7 parties agreed. They had requested for Republic Nepal, which all 8 parties coliation including maoists had agreed to be disucssed once the election completes on the first constitutional assembly.

    Now suddenly they want REPUBLIC NEPAL to be declared before constituional Election. WHY ?

    Here are my thoughts;

    1. Even after joining the ministry group Maoist have not suceeded to do ANYTHING. Yes, NOTHING.
    Loadshedding problem still there, water and traffic situation same, talking about communication, expect increase of mobile subscribers nothing has been improved. Sports, except cricket nothing is new. So, all those ministries handled by maoist leaders failed miserably.

    2. Maoists have realised if they go through normal election procedure, they wont be winning on major places like KTM, PKR, Biratnagar where other parties have strong hold. If they go peacefully they wont be able to use their XTRA power and force. So, they wont win in major places. So Baburam told the SAME CONTITUTIONAL ELECTION which they were demanding before – NAUTANKI !

    more thoughts & poll @

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