Maoists Quit Nepal Government, Political Crisis in the Country

Constituent Assembly Election Is Uncertain, Country Faces Further Chaos On The Streets Though the Maoists Have Said They Wouldn’t Go Against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Maoist cadres and supporters participate in a rally in Jorpati demanding declaration of republic. Many rallies like this one came together in Tundikhel and turned into a mass meeting that was addressed by top leaders of the Maoists. Chairman Prachanda was absent. Pic by Sita

Five months and 17 days after they enthusiastically joined the government giving Nepalis hope of peaceful future, the Maoist party has called it a day as the ministers representing former rebel organization in the cabinet tendered their resignations to the Prime Minister this afternoon. The resignations come after their party’s talks with other collation partners couldn’t produce a solid conclusion today in Baluwataar, the official residence of the PM. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, Maoist chairman Prachanda and NC-Democratic President Sher Bahadur Deuba. Also present was CPN Unity Center General Secretary Prakash who has been working as a facilitator in the talks on the 22-pint demands of the Maoist party.

Update 1: There is still some place for hope though. The resignations haven’t been accepted yet and Maoists haven’t severed their ties with the Eight Party Alliance. Prakash, a mediator in the crisis, said that he was still hopeful as the EPA has called a meeting tomorrow.

Update 2: Meanwhile, the Maoists have started organizing rallies in various parts of the country. Kantipur FM is reporting that Maoist supporters organized a mute rally in Chitwan and guerillas in Shakitkhor cantonment also organized a protest.

Maoist protest programmes: door-to-door campaign – September 19 to 22, mass meetings in each VDC and municipality- September 22- 29, gherao all election offices September 30 (the day for filing the candidacy for CA elections), ‘expose’ the persons indicted by Rayamajhi Commission from September 29 to October 2, and organize a nationwide political strike from October 4 to 6. (read a report from the Maoist mass meeting on THT)

With their quitting the government, the election of the Constituent Assembly is now effectively under uncertainty. The Election Commission has implemented its Code of Conduct from today.

The Maoists are expected to formally announce their withdrawal from the government and kick start their ‘peaceful’ agitation from today in a mass meeting that’s being organized in downtown Kathmandu at the time of writing this report. Prachanda will not be present in the Maoist mass meeting in Tundikhel today because of “health” reason, Krishna Bahadur Mahara told reporters.

22-points demands are, according to the Maoists, pre-requisites for the CA elections slated for November 22. Two of the 22-point demands include declaring Nepal republic in parliament and opting for proportional representation voting system in the election. The interim constitution has the provision that the first meeting of the CA will decide the fate of monarchy where as the eight parties, including the Maoists, had earlier agreed to go for mixed proportional voting system.

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99 responses to “Maoists Quit Nepal Government, Political Crisis in the Country”

  1. sojho kura Avatar
    sojho kura

    good job maoists.

    now you have license to extort money, torture and terrorize people.

    Earlier it was not as legal as you were in government.

  2. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    This is only a bluff by the Maoist murderers. They will not leave the government, it’s too lucrative for them to do so.

    They will come up with some feeble jana-excuse to take back their resignation letter, just watch! They have not future without coming into mainstream politics.

  3. bridohi Avatar


    I disagree… Yes it may the “Great White Fathers” who started the internet/blogging, but, behind them are our Bharati/Chiniya bhais who actually do the real work. They are just front men who can do PR & BS way through media due to language & cultural issues. Not to mention how much money the IT companies are minting off the brain drain.

    And to Introvert:
    Ah! now all of suddent now you are differentiating between the American government & the American people. Remember, in a democracy, the government represents the people. That may be a foreign concept for you Moabadis. You were in the government for yourselves only. What do u know..Whether American people like it or not, they did elect this government in a free & fair manner. Not until the next election in 2008, they can change the mandate. Do u know what elections are?

    Before your rallying cry was against American Imperialists/Capitalists & you were chanting anti-American slogans all over Nepal. I didn’t notice any pro-American people sloganeering. What you say is pure opportunistic rhetoric.

    I am no racist by pointing out Mr Horning’s love affair with fringe left wing movements. I think it is mere hypocrisy for someone to enjoy the benefits of liberal democracy in the West, yet, champion the causes of Nepali Maos who do not understand the power comes from the poeple, not guns. Mr Horning should feel fortunate that he lives in the West and has freedom of speech, movement & rule of law. I am sure there are thousands of Nepalis who would willingly switch places with Mr Horning. Any takers?

  4. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Kirat I completely agree with you (after a long time) – the Maoists are really interested in one thing: POWER. In fact they have always been interested in nothing but power!
    Contrary to what Mr. Horning claims the Maoists have taken a huge gamble here – a very foolish gamble which will drag the country into more chaos.

    They have squandered their support base and if they faced free and fair elections they would fair miserably. The last and only thing they had up their sleeve is their ability to bring about major street agitation and they seemed to have played that card early into the game.

    PS: briodhi, why do you waste your time on people like introvert?

  5. bridohi Avatar

    On a serious note now:

    There is a huge political crisis created by the Maoists withdrawing from the government and threatening to pick up arms. We are back to square one.

    One of their top leaders Mr Dina Nath Sharma has clearly stated that CA elections will not happen. Maoists don’t want it to happen for it is not in their interests. Maoists have felt the pulse of the nation & they are not going to win the majority in the CA elections so that is why they quit.

    Nor does the monarchy want elections. It seems only the people want the elections. Yet, the Maos speak on behalf of the people…What a farce.

    Maoists do not speak on behalf the people. It is mere sloganeering. They are not even a nationalist party like the Vietnamese Communists. They are not even a liberating Communists like Cubans. They are mere opportunists & revisionists guided by self-interest. They could not be statesmen like. They are still a mere rag tag revolutionary party, not even a mature political party.

    Maoists internal struggle has just as much to do with their withdrawl from the government as would have the results of a free and fair CA elections. The radicals in the party like Pam Bahadur, Baidya, Ananta have taken over the agenda. The military wing of the Maoist leadership is exerting lots of influence which is a sign of weakness in any communist movement. In any communist movement, the political commissars are always in charge. Amongst the Nepali Maos that is beginning to get hazy. This is a clear signal that the Maoist leadership does not have clear control over its organization & cadres. If any communist party is good at is, discipline. In order to avoid the break up the Maoists, they have abandoned the government due to sheer self-interest.

    Where do they speak on behalf of the people? They are merely using the people for their own self-interest.

  6. hope Avatar

    SPA has an obligation now to hold the election in any circumstances, Maoist/Royalists were never in favor of this democratic practice anyway. So the onus lies solely on their shoulders, they need lift people out from this mess.

    As a matter of fact, majority of population are in favor of Election but they unable to publicise that reality. They must mobilise general public against the Maoist conspiracy and make absolutely clear that election is the only way out in the mean time approaching the intl community to support it’s cause. Which in one hand would isolate maoists and in the other will give them enough legitimacy to continue and make everything sure that after CA election monarchy would go.

    There is no point giving in to demands by criminal mentalities as there is no certainty that they won’t put another demand even after this one is fulfilled. Maoists have shown how fake, they are how unreliable they are and how untrustworthy they are. Their actions have helped the king directly and made him a force to reckon with again, which may be well planned but ultimately that will help SPA’s political image. They become only group who actually believe in people’s verdict and in term trusting people. With this one action maoists has purified all the bad deeds of SPA. As maoists said they will foil the election if govt try to hold it govt must highlight the point and try to compare with their earlier commitments. The let people decide, a movement without people’s support would be just a party conference will never get it’s goal.

  7. sanzle Avatar

    What the hell prachanda thinks of himself!
    should every one agree with ever he says?
    This is democratic country and every one has the right to have his views.
    But this step of quitting the government has shown their reality.
    They never wanted peaceful nepal.
    “Dhankyayera ra llutera khana paincha vane kina sangharsh garnu paryo”
    i am sure all their steps upto today were fake..
    We will never forgive maoist..
    Even if the election is held it’s sure that they wont’t be able to get more than 10 seats .
    Every nepali must think now should maoist be tolerated again????

  8. sagarmatha Avatar

    Even after declaration of repbublic, the maoist won’t go to CA election.

  9. mozzas Avatar

    prachanda …must act villian role in Nepali film…super hit huncha hola….oops nah feri cinema hall ma manche nai jana daraune hola…kasto hola prachanda ra kaal ustai ustai…

  10. Patriot Avatar

    Kirat – I agree with all you’ve said and I too believe that Maoists are interested in nothing but power, but where we part is – your unwillingness to engage them any further and my contention that they must be engaged aggressively. You see the NC has never had it so good, much more that they ever expected, that they feel its unnecessary to make any compromises with Maoists. And that public mood against them is enough to bring them to their knees. How can you expect a long lasting solution this way. This is a game of brinkmanship, not real political compromise, which is the need of the hour.

    Point is – we’ve been so busy pointing out Maoists mistakes that we’ve been totally blind to what NC is upto. And in the process we missed out the big picture completely. Such impulsive citizenry behaviour does not bode well for Nepal and her future.

    And we use military against the Maoists only if they go to elections and refuse to accept the results.

    Kirat – I think you have more tea-smelling to do than me.

  11. B Avatar

    Yeah rite! The marriage of SPAM was flawed in its conception and most people knew that it would come to this. To be fair, i think the maoists have been very patient to not go beserk long time ago. SPAM got together on India’s behest and that is why it was bound to fail. I dont know if we should give maoists, SPA, King and army more chances but what i am worried about is, who is going to run this forsaken country? How do we get outta this mess? It is irrelevant who we blame as it does not really matter now. We should now concentrate on how we save our country and our identity.

  12. Kirat Avatar

    Patriot- engage the Maoists agressively in what? They want power not democracy or PR.

  13. sagarmatha Avatar

    These are dramas to show the importance of spam.

  14. mahila sahu Avatar
    mahila sahu

    I agree with Bridohi, White skin like Neil should not preach here in Nepal their outdated and failed thinking munching Mc Donald Hamburger and guzzling coke sitting comfortably in air-conditioned house. They are taking advantage of their western liberal democracy to advocate mayham and terrorist idea and experiment in poor country like Nepal. Let Nepal decide what they want. Basically Nepalese lot are very tolerant and accomodating people. Now this Maoist terrorist and stupid SPA is trying to destroy this harmony for their pitiful personal gain. Nepal do not need dead Idea. Lets have a showdown and wipe the Maoist terrorist out as everybody knows that they are running out of CA as they do not belive in people power.
    The logic neil horny gave that Maoist is doing what they are doing is stratgically correct but this never factor in Nepali Janata’s voice. This is confirmation that Maoist and their desi advise never give a shit to Nepali Janata. Only option for Janata is to fight for its right and wipe out Maoist terrorist. Jai Naya Nepal

  15. Patriot Avatar

    Kirat – common who wants democracy or PR or welfare of the people anyway, monarchy? NC/NC-D/UML? India/USA?

    The point is, Maoists fought for 10 yrs, snatched power from king and handed to NC/NC-D/UML. Today their balance sheet is – they are the biggest losers (of course mostly due to their own stupidity). Arrogant SOBs that they are, why would they walk to their own gallows?

    Aggressively engaging means – major parties like NC to leave room for compromise and not push Maoists to a corner when the going is good. It bodes well for none.

  16. Baje Avatar

    People, rest assured. There is no crisis. GPK under pressure from UNMIN and the civil society will ultimately bow down to the Maoist demands. It is just a matter of a week or two by which time the Maoists will have completely overwhelmed the political system.

  17. revolution Avatar

    feeling very bad to read the comments!
    is there anyone to know the nepalese politics in deapth?
    what the hells did ? u know ?
    and still they were going to do the same making the maiost also similar to them so that they always able to make the people empty ! And now at least Maiost tried to get over !
    thats good news for us !
    have you been concentrated on that fact that how much we are down to the world standard in all aspects? so we need to get it over very fast!
    But these YATHASTITHIBADI haru never get achieved it!
    so please its our chance to go with maisot now to finish the monarchy and its all residuals…
    what do you think Mr. wagle ??

  18. ripvanwinkle Avatar

    i think it was very smart of the maoist to distance them selves from the govt. like this they can distance themselves from the faliures of the govt, and effectively this move combined with mass protests (not using voilence) will boost their support and give them a fair chance in CA. its a well planned move and comes in a point where maoist if they had continued would have fared very badly in the CA. this move is more to save face then to really go aginst the CA. as a matter of fact maoist have never been closer to ruling the nation then in the past months. and i do not believe that they want to give up all that and go back to jungle. because even if it was not comming out in the news maoist were suffering loss from the hands of RNA and there were growing division between factions inside the gurilla army. but that does not mean that they have completly fallen apart. they are still a great threat to the nation and could provoke another decade long conflict where killing your fellow country men is the theme. right now if they want to be where they are then the maoist need to come out more as a political force then a gurilla force. and this move makes them more authentic as a political party. untill recently they wanted election only they wanted to delay it more so that the security can improve. the delay was to improve their image but since that is not possible this move is the only way. so in a way thier marching out of the govt was forseen.

  19. matribhumi Avatar

    This is the way I see it:

    The country and the word “Nepal” came into being after the Shah dynasty united smaller kingdoms into one large nation, so if the Shah dynasty is being dismantled then how can you expect the nation to remain together ? Why should they remain together ? What is happening is only expected.

    No matter what Maoists do (even if they win the CA elections) they will NEVER be able to have a united Nepal to rule, there will be opposition to their dictatorships for all fronts. The Nepali Army will never want to be under the Maoist command, the small fronts in Terai will never want to be under Maoist command, so there will always be communal war and guerilla warfare in some parts of the country. It is a fact with the Maoist in the government there will never be harmony or peace.

  20. ripvanwinkle Avatar

    well word nepal is derived from the word nepa. which was the country of the newars (who of course are a minority in their own nation right now). the shah dynasty who have roots dated back to the muslim mugals of india united the states of nepal. they can be credited for amplying the area of nepal not the founders of nepal. in fact during the shah dynasty rule there has not been any significant progress in the feild of art and culture. only in the feild of killing other humans. we are now one of the world best mercenaries. for me i think its time for the shahs and their followers (people who talk parwate `nepali` language ie. bahuns and chettris) to be marginalized and the country returned to their right ful owners. because the ruling muslim converts and thier nautanki bandwagon have done nothing but widen the division between the minority and drive the nation backwards.
    so matribhumi the shah dynasty is not so great as you think. they just put the pieces together and im grateful for it but they did not create anything new. and they also came to power with the power of the sword and attacking drunk people when they were celebrating.

    ironic its his own ppl who are responsible of bringing the shah dynasty down.

  21. matribhumi Avatar

    As far as I am concerned, I want my own state, I don’t want to live where newar was living and I don’t want newar to live where I belong, it is that simple. My point was that, why should we even live together as Nepali ?

    The nation should fall apart so that it can be returned to people like YOU. Remember that YOU (whether you are newar or of the mongolian race) have a piece of the country not all of it and we too have our own piece. Screw the Shah dynasty boy, the war is now between YOU and ME, and we both want OUR OWN nation.

  22. B Avatar

    Get rid of the king, now. Why do we need him anyway? The interim constitution empowers the parliament to do so, then why not? What is the hesitation in kicking out an autocrat like Gyane if it solves all the nations problem? Why are most of the republicans, hiding behind CA elections to announce a republic nepal? If all eight parties are opting for a republic why not get there already?

  23. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


    Buddy you seem to be loosing it! I don’t know if you have been spending too much time on Neil Horning’s blog but your arguments have now turned very murky with hints of desperation (unusual for an otherwise smart and sensible guy).

    Ohhh the poor Maoists have been cornered? What do you suggest? Let’s again hold their hands, compromise and skip around Tudikel? Give me a freaking break!
    Even during all this time the Maoists have openly flaunted the peace accord. The YCL has continued to cause havoc, they are openly running a parallel government, their cadres continue to attack and intimidate other political activists, forced donations haven’t ceased, property continues to be forcefully confiscated etc. Yet they have been accepted as a legitimate political party. What fcuking compromise are you talking about? Now at the prospect of elections they realize they are going to be embarrassed and so they have intentionally orchestrated this latest drama which is going to drag the country into more chaos and turmoil. It’s clear they don’t want CA elections so what’s the long term justification of trying to compromise with the Maoists? It seems nothing except majority power will satisfy them.

    Actually what am I saying? Scratch everything I just said. I forgot the poor Maoists fought the tyrannical shah. I guess we Nepalese OWE them one. Maybe we should all just bite the bullet and give them the benefit of the doubt again.

  24. waiba Avatar


    I didn’t know that internet was invented and engineered by Indians and people like you. I bet those under appreciated and exploited bunch are also behind the most recognized brand name like Microsoft, Coco Cola, and Hollywood. Oh, yes, American does not have brains, they use other people’s brain, they are brain draining the world, including Nepal. You seems to be a brainy guy, why is that brainy guys like you don’t join politics and help change Nepal for better?

    Sir Winston Churchill said, “.. democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

    Its time to do away with the Maoist, they will not be able to manage the country of 23+ million people even if they were to completely take over tomorrow. Nepal can not afford another 10 years turmoil and violence.

  25. DOA Avatar

    Oh! all those Wagle’s “HISTORICAL” seem to give away right underneath his feet. All this hoopla is nothing but a charade- Maoist want to secure 60% of the seats-“before election” with mutual agreement and SPA will do the honor and the Nautanki election will take place. Its nothing but a Nautanki, all I can say. Do not despair we will have a facist government by next year.

  26. sagarmatha Avatar

    There will be never peace in Nepal for another 40 years…..

  27. Patriot Avatar

    Bhudai – I couldnt have expected more from you. Sorry bro, but you forget one very important thing – that your dreams of elections and a happy ever after Nepal will not be possible unless Maoists are taken onboard.

    All you do is complain complain complain. bash bash bash. Maoists did this and maoists did that. I dont hear you saying monarchy did this and NC did that. I’m not saying keep compromising with Moaists till the cows come home but dont shut out the door completely. I’m not pro Moaist nor am I influenced by Neil’s views and you should know that by now, but surely your views seem more and more rightist or kangressi. Try use a little common sense. You cant take Moaists to elections feeling like losers, period. Its as simple as that. Wake up, I hope you’re still not too old to learn a few new tricks.

    This argument is not about Moaists. Its about the future of Nepal. I know you have a soft corner for monarchy but I dont understand why you think I’m “losing it” when my bottomline argument is taking Maoist onboard by agreeing on their PR demand. This way we have elections and we give a meaning to 10 yr suffering of the people, usher in inclusiveness and save the country from disintegration.

    Does this sound “murky” or “desperation” to you? Only a die-hard bahunist would say so. Are you one?

    And for God’s sake Bhudai – quit getting fixated on Maoists for a second and try to look at the big picture. If we go to elections without Maoists, we are back to status quo – king still around, bahunist still ruling, ethnic separatist groups and Maoists still all warring.

    And please dont come back to me with a ‘tuppo na fede ko’ counter. If you stop getting fixated on Maoists for a moment then you might realise what I’m saying.

  28. Patriot Avatar

    The problem with you Bhudai is you are so fixated on Maoist-bashing that you’ve completely lost all sense of unbiased reasoning and in the process you’ve lost out the big picture completely. You’d rather be happy to see Maoists incarcerated, while missing out on what further chaos, uncertainty, war and lawlessness are likely follow.

    Wake up from your slumber.

  29. Patriot Avatar

    And try to remember this is not about Maoists, but rather the future of this country. Can you take an unbiased approach for once and tell me what you think?

  30. Kirat Avatar

    Patriot-you assume that the Maoists will be happy with PR. I think your assumption is wrong. They want a certain no. of seats in the CA guaranteed for them. The question is do we allow them that or not?

  31. Patriot Avatar

    Kirat – again, I’m not sure if PR is enough to get them onboard for elections, of course they’d want 100% seats – who wudnt? but the point is instead of shutting them out completely, PR must be used as a strategic option which must be left open. Rest – if God (rather Girija) willing, I’m pretty certain they can be coaxed. Right now they have nothing, why would they walk to their demise?

    I’m pissed with Girija coz right now hes indulging in political scoring and hogging everything when the going is good. How can you expect any solution this way.

    And though monarchy may be a contentious issue, why is PR also non negotiable? Wouldnt it save the country and vindicate a decade of misery?

  32. Kirat Avatar

    Patriot-Why would Girija, Madav Nepal, and for that matter Prachanda and Baburam want PR? PR is a good idea but I can’t see these guys wanting it. How come Prachanda and Baburam never make this an issue when they joined hands with the SPA in April 2006. I understand the Maoists have to be coaxed into behaving in a certain way. But it is foolish of you to think that PR is what Baburam and Prachanda really want. They don’t want it at all.

  33. Patriot Avatar

    Kirat – you dont seem to get my point at all. I get that nobody wants PR but sometimes good things happen out of desperation. And frankly PR would stand Maoists in better form than republicanism, but they’re still bent on repub coz they are more interested in power and king is the biggest obstacle … I GET it Kirat.

    But out of desperation Maoists have made it a condition, which is good and since republicanism is a far tougher nut to crack, PR is the best way out. None of these sucker leaders want it, but somehow its found its way on the negotiation table. And we must grab it for the sake of elections and a better future.

  34. Patriot Avatar

    Finally there seems to be a way out for this country, lets not throw it away. And if you disagree, I’d love to hear an alternative rather than just blindly sweeping everything under the rug.

  35. Kirat Avatar

    Patriot-I’m not against PR. If these suckers deliver it unwittingly fine. That’s good for all of us and the country. But I doubt that will happen. Most probably the Maoists will be promised a certain no. of seats in the CA. It’s not in their DNA to do anything fair and just. Ethics is something that their DNA does not contain.

  36. Patriot Avatar

    Now thats a point I can agree to. But not so sure if seats is something you just give away like personal property. Rather I think that will lead to a legitimacy issue and prove counter-productive for Maoists. Its more in their interest to pressure for PR and get some real people support.

    1. Margie Avatar

      You mean I don\’t have to pay for expert adcvie like this anymore?!

  37. hope Avatar

    Patriot: I am too unaware of the fact how PR would help maoist in particular and I doubt they will hardly satisfy with that only. Why maoists jumped to this PR issue now( it was their demand initially but they abandoned it for the luxury of govt) because that was the main demand of Madhesi movement where maoists are in negligible existance. This huge outcry is nothing more than a begging towards Madhesis to let them in into Terai and try to get some vote.

    And I am sure Monarchy is definitely not their main issue , the issue is their mere survival, they just wanted to prolong the status quo so that there would be ample time for them to examine the pulse of public and may be make some drastic change in their policies which might get some popularity. Had republic been their main agenada why on earth would they threaten to thwart the elections which ensures the abdication of the monarchy from Nepal once and for all.

    So, the main point is, CA would be held on time IF SPA would give a handsome number of seats uncontested to the Maoists, in other words similar to the number of seats they hold in “interim’ parliment. If SPA make sure that maoists number in the parliment won’t decrease in CA , the deadlock would be resolved instantly. Maoists are in for another face saving/ safe landing juncture, it may be good strategy for them and even for SPA but a betrayal for Nepali people and betrayal for democracy for sure. They never learned to think about winning hearts and minds of people, they always resorted on these bullying tactics and once again people have to give in for the sake of peace and for the sake of being Nepali. But people will be the ultimate winners, they will prevail, these glitches on the process though unfotunate but has to be overcome.

    Yes, NC must be blamed for all these chaos too, and the negligence and dillydallying tactics by GPK has alwasys worked against the nation and it’s people. But it’s the election ,only where WE can have our say and WE decide , and to practice that right WE have to make some sacrifice too!!

  38. Patriot Avatar

    hope -you could be right in all that you just said, but could you elaborate on this ‘sacrifice’ we have to make?

  39. hope Avatar

    Just go on accepting Maoists’ demands until the elections!!

  40. Patriot Avatar

    Not really – but this PR only, then its fair to all and we can hope for a peaceful outlet.

  41. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


    “Sorry bro, but you forget one very important thing – that your dreams of elections and a happy ever after Nepal will not be possible unless Maoists are taken onboard.”

    Am I missing something here? Weren’t the Maoists onboard until just recently and aren’t the Maoists the ones trying to deliberately disrupt the elections?

    “All you do is complain complain complain. bash bash bash. Maoists did this and maoists did that. I dont hear you saying monarchy did this and NC did that. I’m not saying keep compromising with Moaists till the cows come home but dont shut out the door completely.”

    Well maybe the Maoists HAVE done this and that! Did you ever of think of that my wise friend. Sure I am dissatisfied with the Monarchy, NC, UML and the rest of the other monkeys. But there is a difference. Unlike the Maoists, these other buffoons haven’t intentionally and systematically created a culture of violence and gunda giri. Unlike the Maoists these folks don’t run parallel governments and exhort money. And despite all their flaws the Monarchists and the NC activists don’t attack and intimidate other political cadres. You see the difference? Whose shutting the doors to the Maoists? We all gave them the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. Heck even after they joined the mainstream government but their cadres were still causing havoc, their MPs were carrying firearms into parliament and they were making a mockery of the peace agreement the doors were still wide open. How much more do you want? You say not to compromise till the cows come home but your comments seem to imply that we (the Nepalese people) should basically pull our pants down and bend over for Mr. Dahal & Co.

    “You can’t take Moaists to elections feeling like losers, period.”

    And just what does this statement mean? 80% of their 22 pt demand has been accepted. What more should we do? You tell me man! Maybe put a crown on Prachanda’s head and parade him around Hanuman Dhoka… yea that’ll definitely make him feel like a winner. Isn’t the whole point of the elections for the Maoists to win a majority and go about implementing their agenda? Who goes into an election feeling like a winner… the point of the election is to determine that very thing.

    “I know you have a soft corner for monarchy”

    Fcuk that! I don’t have a soft corner for anyone except Nepal. My point with the Monarchy is that if it is to be abolished it has to be done systematically through CA elections. If the new CA decides to do away with the Monarchy believe me I am not going to shed a tear for the Shah.

    “And for God’s sake Bhudai – quit getting fixated on Maoists for a second and try to look at the big picture. If we go to elections without Maoists, we are back to status quo – king still around, bahunist still ruling, ethnic separatist groups and Maoists still all warring.”
    What BIG picture are you talking about? The biggest thing for Nepal right now is to have an election! Who is the primary obstacle for the elections? YEP you guess it – the Maoists! So why shouldn’t I be fixated on that?
    Ohhhh yes please I should have expected… throw in the Bhunist term in there to legitimize your rant. Have you noticed that the Maoist leadership is entirely compromised of Bhuns? You can just change the socio-political structure of a country overnight. The only way you are ever going to have a more equitable society is when there is stability and economic growth. Before that we need political stability. Right now no one in Nepal has any legitimacy or political capital to make reforms. The first step to remedy that is to hold elections…. and right now who is disrupting that? The NC? No, the Monarchy? – no! The UML? – no! The Maoists – hmmmmm…..YES!!

  42. Patriot Avatar

    Well Bhudai – now that you’re done with your little peacock dance, pray tell me how we should proceed from here. I dont deny your hard feelings, I believe and accept them all, you’re right about all that you said. But please tell me what is the alternative to move forward?

    Your rant is fine, but your lack of a viable alternative doesnt make you any different from one of those behind-the-fence faces crying the loudest foul but with no opinion/vision of his own to offer.

    Point is – we both agree we’ve given way too much leeway to Maoists and we both despise them for their arrogance and putting this whole CA thing into jeopardy. We hate these SOBs and their methods, their violence, exhortions, gunda giri blah blah, but where we part is – you are too prejudiced to see the current situation in isolation, you forget what a boon PR can be to this country and how fortunate it is to have found itself on the negotiation table. Other hand I prefer to take it one at a time without letting my judgement of the situation be clouded by anything else.

    Again I ask you, can you look at the situation without being prejudiced for a moment? Because I find your ranting and raving doesnt really offer any clue as to what could be a pragmatic outlet for this never-ending crisis our country faces.

  43. Deadonarrival Avatar

    can anyone deny the fact we are under Facist rule as of now? Stop believing that your little crappy comments which is basically insult to intellegence make any dent- so come down from the cloud of megalomania that is abundant and drifting aimlessly promoting discourse that devides rather than unite.

  44. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Dead on arrival: why are you all of a sudden the UWB gustapo? This is a fcuking blog …. where people can come and throw ideas, discuss and reshape their thinking. I might not agree with Patriot but I have considered his views and they have made me re-think many of my ideas. No one is putting a gun to your head to come here and read our “crappy” comments.

  45. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Again I ask you, can you look at the situation without being prejudiced for a moment?”

    Okay how am I being prejudiced? Because I am overly critical of the Maoists?

    How should we proceed? Well I think the SPA should band togeather and ask the Maoists to immediately come back to the government. If the Maoist refuse and continue to cause mayhem then they SPA should mobolize the army and arrest it’s leaders. They should then arrest and turn those PLA cantonments into prison. Why shouldn’t we do this you tell me? The country needs to move on man! That’s how the Shining Path movement ended in Peru. What other option do we have? Keep trying to appease the Maoists and let the country remain in this perpertual interm state which it rots?

  46. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    while it rots

  47. Patriot Avatar

    Thanks a lot Bhudai – forgive my passion but I respect your views equally, ppl like deadonarrival are more a part of problem than solution.

    If we had the option like you mentioned I’d be happiest coz these SOB politicians (Maoists, NC, NC-D, UML, all of them), they’ve really caught us by the hip and I as a citizen want nothing less than catch them by their balls if an opportunity so presents.

    My only concern is these SPA have already given legitimacy to the Maoists including India and they’ve also penetrated enough of the country’s political apparatus to be simply kicked around by the army.

    But many unexpected things have happened in this past few years. Who knows there might come a day we get back at these suckers. Hopefully real soon.

  48. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    No problem it’s always enjoyable having discusions with you.

    I don’t have an excat roadmap to the crisis either but I think without their leadership the Maoists are disorganized and will disintegrate. India I think is also fed up with the Maoists… while we shouldn’t be too eager for this “Rambo” option we must not also take it off the table. War in many instances has solved the problem: it stopped facism, it ended slavery and halted communism.

    I am sick of all this BS. When is the country going to start solving real problems? Look at all the countries around us – they are gradually over taking us in nearly all aspects. I still have my pride and I just cannot see Nepal keep sliding into being a sh*ithole because of a few people. This country has too much potential and it’s heartbreaking to see where we are.
    Enough is enough. If the Maoists don’t want to come onaboard then fcuk em I say!

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