Nepalis' Nightmare in the Gulf

Kicked out by Qatar, Nepalis greeted with animal treatment in Bahrain. A firsthand experience of a young Nepali student returning from America

By Tulsi Bhandari

Last month, Nepal’s newspapers were awash with reports of hundreds of Nepali workers in Qatar being driven from the country for demanding better pay from their employers. When I was on my way home from the United States, I was a witness to a harsh reality: the Gulf Airlines staffers treating their customers – the deported Nepalis – like animals in a dingy hell called Bahrain, where I had my stopover before flying to Kathmandu.

When I arrived at the Bahrain International Airport after about 14 hours of flight from New York, I was told that the flight to Kathmandu had been delayed for about six hours. I was taking rest in a tiny room, while, at the same time, observing peoples outside.

The desperate situation of the passengers waiting for their flights was pathetic. I talked with a few people, and listening to their stories wasn’t easy. Some had been stranded there for more than three days. I was quite keen to meet a few Nepalis, but listening to their stories made me furious.

There were hordes of poor Nepalis waiting for their flight to return home. Obviously, they had to sell their properties and take loans to get to the Gulf. They told me that they came through a manpower agency called Agni. But only after they got to their destination, they knew that they had been deceived as they were going to be paid only half of what they were promised back in Kathmandu. When they raised their voice, the employer, with the help of the police, put them (around 300) behind bars and later deported some while others still languish in the jail.

Owing to the flight delay, the passengers were provided with lunch coupons by the airline. The restaurant got overly crowded beyond its capacity. Passengers were in a queue for about an hour to get their turn to eat. The restaurant staff treated them in a way as if they were the beggars. It looked as if they were criminals, pushed by the restaurant staff to line up.

By the time we got the turn to enter the restaurant, there was an announcement for boarding the plane to Kathmandu. Soon, everyone was seen rushing to get into the plane. The airline staff looked angry, used awfully rude language and pushed them.

I was really upset and angry about the whole situation. I couldn’t really tolerate such behavior towards my Nepali brothers especially, who already had gone through enough suffering. I told the Gulf Air staff my disappointment. “I am really upset how you treat your customers,” I said to him. “They are not animals; you should give some respect to them.”

The staff freaked out, yelled at me and pulled me out from the line. He said he won’t let me in to the plane. I tried to calm him down, but he didn’t budge. He called the police and I was asked with two questions – if I was an American citizen, and whether I was holding an American passport. After my answer the way they treated me I wonder if being a Nepali was a sin. Since I was studying in the United States, the police told me that he would let me go if I made an apology to the Gulf Air staff. I refused, only to let my ordeal worsen.

I was then taken to a tiny stinky room, full of smoke. It had already been 24 hours of travel. I didn’t know what they – all speaking Arabic – were doing and going to do with me. One policeman who could speak little English just told me that they could even take me to the jail. “It’s a Muslim country and we have very strict laws,” he said. They had already seized my passport and boarding pass. I was going home after two years. I hoped my 79-year-old father wasn’t waiting for me in Katmandu airport, after hours of walk and another ten hours of bus from his village.

After about two hours, clueless, I was handed over to two big guys in civil dress. One guy with beard was dressed in typical Arabic style with white gown and another looked like a big wrestler. They loaded me inside a car, were speaking loud in Arabic, and laughing. I asked the second guy if he was a cop but he said he wasn’t. It was extremely hot and they drove towards the inner city. Clueless about where I was taken, I got really worried and scared when they passed the city and drove towards a desert. All thoughts started haunting me- are they going to kill me? I looked around the car to find out if they were armed, but didn’t see anything as such.

It was a great relief after the car entered into a hospital. I went through an alcohol test. They looked upset after the result came clean. I was drove back to the airport and one police officer said that they were going to release me and put me in the next plane to Kathmandu. They put me inside the same tiny room for next two hours. Then the same Arabic-dressed guy drove me to a police station and handed me back to the police. I thought I might have to see the officer there and explain the situation. But I was asked to take out all of my belongings, wallet, money. They counted the money, made a list and asked me to sign. Later, they locked me inside the tiny room with three other people, who were from Sri Lanka.

The trio was arrested three months ago after being cheated by a manpower company that issued them fake visa. I didn’t know what was going on. We were given some bread and lentil soup. Even though I was starving, I didn’t feel like eating. Everybody started snoring, I couldn’t sleep all night. In the morning, I was called by the senior officer at the station. I told him my story, he looked little sympathetic. They made my report and I was taken to the court. I was put inside a room and locked up with 12 other people who were also waiting to see the judge. After about two hours, I was called by the judge, to whom I narrated my story. He said I would be fined and started doing my paperwork. Later, I was fined 50 Dinar (about 130 US dollars).

Had I refused to pay the fine, I would have been jailed for a week. Being left with no choice, I paid the fine. I was taken to the airport but there wasn’t a flight for Kathmandu till next morning. I was handed over to the immigration staff. They took my passport and I was put inside another tiny detention center with six other people, one of whom had been there for almost a month. Here the police guard seemed quite sympathetic who let us go to the restroom, asked if we need to eat. It was again a very difficult night to spend. Finally, in the morning I was escorted by the police to the plane and after about six hours of flight landed in Kathmandu.

The experience that I have gone through made me think hard if an educated person like me had to go through such a terrible treatment what the other poor Nepalis who are forced to leave the country might be going through. I don’t know what the Nepalese consulates can do when we are treated like animals.

UWB (July 28): This article appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post and its Nepali version will appear in tomorrow’s Kantipur

UWB request: While we welcome healthy comments and criticism of the perpetrators detailed in the story, we don’t endorse some of the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim comments posted by some commentators below. We request commentators to avoid posting negative comments about any particular religion and people in general as we all know ours is the tradition of harmony among religions in Nepal.







48 responses to “Nepalis' Nightmare in the Gulf”

  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Tulsi Bhandari:
    Thank you so much for your story! You are absolutly right – if educated and well to do people like yourself are treated in this manner just imagine what other poor Nepalese workers have to endure. This is just outrageous. The working conditions in the Gulf countries are totally unacceptable and the Arabs on the whole treat the workers with utter disrespect. They are still caught up with this slavery mentality. What is even more shameful is how our own people (manpower) agencies cheat and decieve their fellow Nepalese. I agree with you something needs to be done. I am not sure if we have a consulate in Bahrain but the embassies around the Middle East need to start doing their jobs. These fcuking ambassadors just know how to enjoy government previllages and ride luxuary cars.

    Well I hope you will publize your story more. This is an issue that needs alot more attention!

  2. Guantanamo Bay Avatar
    Guantanamo Bay

    Everything’s related to being Nepali. Suckers are sucking nepal in all the means they can, and we all are paying price. Sad but true, there is little dignity left to be a Nepali.

  3. Baje Avatar

    This personal account is infuriating! No one deserves to be treated like this.

    Just goes to show that outside of Nepal, one can forget about burning tires and shouting slogans. A mere retort will result in prosectuion to the full extent possible.

    Outside of Nepal, each and every Nepali is subject to the same level of humiliation our continued decline in national status brings upon us.

    Where does this humiliation end? It ends where it begins… right back in the heart of Nepal.

  4. P Avatar

    This type of ill-treatment to Nepalese will continue to happen when there is weak government headed by son of prostitute like GPK whose daughter Sujata jost Koirala is earning millions through commissions.

  5. XYZ Avatar

    I am really struggling to find words to express my deep sympathy to Tulsi Bhandari. The people of Nepal should organize Nepal Bandha to protest against such inhuman treatment to Nepalese in Bahrain.

  6. Peace Avatar

    Dear Mr Bhandari,
    Now that you are in Nepal (or States), at least you got to write a complain to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country.

    I really wonder if there was an alternate place for Transit rather than these islamic countries. Even at their best, they dont seem to have any manners, and you got their worst treatment. I am really sorry to hear this.

  7. Kishan Avatar

    What can we expect as Nepalese outside when our own home and country are in filth. These leaders and rulers have been smart enough to keep enjoying at the cost of the rest of Nepalese. It is not their fault if we fools choose to remain fool and timid. We desrve this, why complain? The story writer tried to play a hero being a naive. Do something credible to earn credibility and respect, instead of blaming others. Why do you expect others to be nice with you specially when we do not prove up to it. We sell Gorkhalis to fight for others. We seek work and education in others’ countries. We salute the un-deserving leaders and we relect them again and again. We sell our women to brothels and circus. We prefer to beg than earn asking for donations and aids. We cannot even produce enough electricity for ourselves despite being the second richest in hydropower potential in the world. Deserve an honour, very doubtful? Let us be rational.

  8. Kishan Avatar

    On more thing! Have your ever watched how the young Nepalese queuing at the Tribhuvan airport to go aboad to work and send back the vital remittance are treated by the TIA Nepalese staff. Please make it a point when you are flying out from Nepal to do so.

  9. Patriot Avatar

    This is one of the several stories I have heard of how Nepalese are treated abroad. It is shameful and inhuman. And from one story my relative told me the embassy staff at Kuala Lumpur were busy discussing where they can buy cheap computers there and sell it at a premium in Nepal while several abused workers waited there to file their complaint. It seemed like noone was bothered.

    On one hand our politicians selling our self respect in the international arena and the other corrupt/unempathic officials making it worse, it’s indeed true as someone here pointed that theres little dignity in being a Nepali.

  10. schizo Avatar

    mr. xyz,
    you suggest to organize a nepal bandh for this incident?? who is going to get hurt in return. no person from middle east is going to come to see if nepal is bandh or open. would you know how much nepal would be losing if it is closed for one day. no one cares about that but just everyone wants a nepal bandh for every small reason. have u ever heard of another country bandh. have u ever heard of india bandh or china bandh? people abroad really find it amusing when u say the country is one cares what u do in nepal instead a very strict laws should be made for manpower companies.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    If Nepalese workers had economic opportunites in Nepal they would never go to the gulf to be exploited in the first place. I remember talking to Nepalese workers in India once. All of them were wishing they could find jobs in Nepal so they wouldn’t have to come to India. Hell I have even come across so many Nepalese workers in the US that wish they have economic opportunities back home. Thanks alot Prachanda. In addition to 13000 people killed, the thousands more displaced, the generation of young kids who were exposed to violence, you need to add another group of poor Nepalese who are bearing the brunt of the Maoist phenomenon.

  12. sad&depressed Avatar

    lamentable really lamentable, i really feel sad for all the people unfortunate enough to go through experiences like those. leaves a scar for life these terrible moments. but dear tulsi Jii all the nepalese who go to gulf are not uneducated, lot of them have proper diplomas and are literate. its just that they are unable to pay to go to US. what we need is compasion not pity. the last paragraph really left me with bad taste.

  13. suraj Avatar

    sorry to hear your tragic story.people from nepal treat like worse than animal abord. well all feel that.but our stupid leaders they just want to ride pajero and go to the five star hotel for drink.they never realize that how we are suffering .before democracy they used to talk that we will devlop this country and every one will be treated as they got power and where is that words? leaders listen if any one of u read this comment you must listen people’s voice.we are the people who take you to the power and we will let you down.

  14. replytoall Avatar

    Raja ko sadyantra ho ailey ko government lai badnam garaunu. Mr. Tulsi must be a royalist and he was paid by the palace to write such an article to show that how this governement is?

    Maobadi bhako governement badnam garuna khojney sadyantra ho…aru kei hoina?

    Ki kaso ho….

  15. Arun Avatar


    Sorry to know such happenings. You should publicize this, and make others know. I had also some sort of arguing with Quatar Airways people, thanks God, it was not in Doha, it was in London. I had undergone 12 hours delay with airport change (from Gatwick to Heathrow). Though mistake was theirs and I had to pay additional charges and saw their indifferent behaviour to us. Now, no more travelling using any Gulf country airlines…

  16. What? Avatar


    Tomorrow, if your wife or sister gets impregnated, then you will definitely say it is rajako sadyantra. I do not mean to say pataki Gyane is a good person. You are like pataki Prachande. How many times do you lick Prachande’s asshole to please him? You should go to hell because you do not deserve to live on this planet. You must be a YCL thug who were born in the maoist camp as a result of the female maoist cadre who were forced to sleep with many maoist thugs.

  17. Vision Avatar

    It is useless to expect peace, CA election or anything good to happen in the country unless we hang both fascist Puspa kamal Dahal and autocrat Gyanendra shah in the same pole at Tundikhel. There are lots of similarities between these two murderers. While Gyane grabbed power by wiping out his brother and his family, fascist Prachanda grabbed power by killing more than 13,000 innocent people. Both of them do not believe in competitive politics. Prachande is terrorizing people through his YCL goons, while Gyane is creating disturbances in the country through hiring people like Jwala singh and Goit.

  18. bijay lama Avatar
    bijay lama

    Mr Tulsi,

    I feel sorry for you and for the fellow nepalese who had the same fate. But in my case I have a different story.

    On my way from Burundi, I had 10 hrs of transit at Abu Dhabi. I was provided hotel and things were fine. On the time about to board the plane, I was on a queue and my hand bag was lying on the floor next to me. One of the loader of the airport came close to me and kicked my bag and asked who left the bag unattendent. The bag was just half a meter away from me and I was just next to it. I then grabbed the color of the loader and scolded him and asked him how dare you do this as I am standing just next to it. I guess he thought I am just a general nepali and can treat me like animals.

    After that he raised his voice against me. Then I called the baggage inspector and told him the scenario. Actually, I am an army officer from Nepalese Army and at that time I was working on UN mission in Burundi. I made a formal complaint against that behaviour of the loader.

    Then two policemen came and arrested the loader. Later, I was given a good treatment and was told that loader will be charged against behavioural charges and will be sent to jail for three months.

    I know that I was treated differently because of my position and my appointment. I can feel the pain of fellow nepalese travellers who do not understand arabic and english well.

    Well, what can be done further? I did my best to highlight the issue and made the loader to stay inside bars.

  19. hope Avatar

    Tulasi Bhandari went through appalling situation indeed ,it need to be exposed and all the concerned agencies esp MOFA must be informed(though very little expected).

    The incident is not common amongst nepalese though, it starts from TIA kathmandu, they treat people who go to Gulf states for employment as animals by their fellow country officers. Innocent as they are , the would be workers are tormented by these Labour Minstry official(they have a table at the corner where we go through the immigration in second floor), they try to harras them by unreasonable questions and the workers are visibly intimidated. So the ordeal starts right from our own native land. As they land in respective Arab countries,the situation worsens. The Tulasi Bhandari story is just a tip of the iceberg.

    I had different experience though, I was in Dubai last month and they have lot better airport and immigration than rest of the Arab states, people having valid documents are not even asked any questions. But those who try to speak Hindi(even some Nepalese) were questioned little longer.All in all Dubai gave me good impression and I didnot felt any discrimination due to my origin. Though the working condition for many Nepalese was hazardous still they don’t treat you differently just because you are Nepali as all the foreigners are treated in the same way,which is lower than the native citizens. And it seems that is acceptable there!!

    And even more surprisingly, when I went to Brunei for three days, they were very friendly towards Nepalese, even immigration officers looked helpful and cooperative. And I met some Nepali population there ,mostly Gurkha Army, they all were well treated and well paid. Many of them are driving their own cars, picnicing at the beaches. When I asked some ordinary Bruneians about the image Nepal and Nepalese have there, “Good, honest” was the answer.

  20. Bhayankar Avatar

    I fully agree with Kishan. Nepal is a jungle and we are all animals. Only the most cunning, powerful and strong survives here. As for the case of Bijay Lama, I think that he got a different treatment not only because he was an army man but also that the guy who kicked his bag was a loader and not a higher level airport official. I am sorry to hear Tulsi’s account.

  21. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Here is an idea for you:
    1. Write a letter detailing your account to Gulf Airlines.
    2. Write a letter to the Ministry of Tourism Baharain (it can be the same letter).

    See what response you get and let us know if you can.

  22. yyac Avatar


    I agree with Bhudai. You need to publicize this completely ignored mistreatment of all Nepalese. Do write letters to Gulf Airlines and ministry of Tourism. I don’t know if our spineless Govt. can or will do anything about this but do write a letter to Ministry of labor and tourism in Nepal too. Just imagine what US and its media would have done if you were a US citizen.

    For our part, we need to boycott Gulf Airlines…

    And, last but not the least, change begins at home. When the officials (govt., police, airport staff, et. etc. ) treat the citizens who pay their salaries like dirt; we tend to take however we are treated with a grain of salt. Voices need to be raised against any abuse- home or elsewhere…

  23. Nick Avatar

    You people of Nepal looking for this kind of situation. In your country Nepali are always in strike, demonstration, many demands and all the time complaining.
    the result: the business close, the economy going down, etc.
    This one of the worst country in the world.

  24. Kalbal Avatar

    That’s right, these Nepali are always complaining. Someone gets run over by a car or bus and they are destroying all the vehicules of the area and blocking the road.
    One driver get killed by a bandit and all of them go in strike for days and want comensation from the government.
    People over there think only about theyselves and the others.
    There is only anarchy and everything is falling apart.
    Nepali: wake up! Change of atitude!

  25. sagarmatha Avatar

    Till the government is happy to send the people of Nepal to abroad to make them slaves of other countries and enjoy the remittance of their hard earned money, Nepalese young generation cannot expect more than this humilation. Even the politicians of so-called New Nepal is doing nothing except cooking their own food and enjoying; the example is Ms. Sujata (busy in purchasing high quality products in Europe without legal source of income). Our women are being raped by their bosses in the gulf countries. They can do nothing except keep silent because of the poverty and lack of opportunity of employment in Nepal.

  26. oasis Avatar

    hey ur damn rite..i’m studyin in india rite now…n some ppl r ditto like tat..they keep makin fun..we feel like banging them up but.its not we can’t do nething..sumtime it reallly hurts wen tat hpns…

    coule o months bak junior bro of ours was insulted wen he was waiting outside a restuarant..tat fuckin lady said tat how come he changed his proff from housekkeeper to guard..tat bro was relly sad tat day.

  27. Deadonarrival Avatar

    When we fail to find self respect in our own land, how can you expect any better in foreign land. This all boils down to what gang of 8 have achieved so far. We were famous for Everest and land of the brave but now we are known all over as Land of Maoist and spineless and clueless gang of 8. Just like in any other community or household- they always look down upon people who are in self destruct mode or plain stupid. Yea, the days of self respect, pride, and dignity has flown- will it ever return is million dollar question.

  28. ck2 Avatar

    We Nepalis do not treat each other with respect so what do we expect from others. TIA staff treat our foreign bound workers like sh1t.

    On the other hand our behaviour in foreign lands also should be considered. We cananot go around doing as we please as we do here. Other countries have their laws as well. It is unfortunate to hear that the workers were deported for raising a ruccous about the pay, but has anyone wondered whether it was the fault of the employers there or was it the fault of our own home grown manpower agents here? Maybe the pay was as they said and the manpower people here lied about it. So who is at fault?

    As for Mr. Bhandari’s experience it is deplorable that he was treated as such. However, airlines staff are human as well and will lose their top under circumstances where they are under pressure as well, maybe we have to approach this with less loaded emotion. Bahrain is an autocratic muslim nation, everyone has to watch out how you talk to their people, their concepts and ours are very different. Noone would want to work there anyways if it was’nt neccessary, but then if we choose this we have to expect a nation that treats it’s own citizens with a strong hand to treat foreigners the same or worse as well. Then again, people are treated deplorably here in our own country, so why the all the surprise out there in strange autocratic lands? Just another bad experience, we have plenty right here at home.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hey Oasis: I am sorry but I didn’t fully comprehend your post. As I understand you said that you were a student studying in India. You say you guys are frequently insulted? What are you guys insulted about and who insults you?
    If you are insulted about being a “badhur” or a security guard here is what I would say to you. Just think for a moment (and you can also point this out to our Indian brothers) why it is that most Indian homes have Nepalese security guards in the first place. It’s because they think their own people are slimy ‘chors’ who can’t be trusted. That’s why they come running to us!

    Dead: Yes those days will return!!! What goes around comes around and no one including the Maoists can escape this law.

  30. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Wagle you wanker moderate my comment damit.

  31. bengali_friend Avatar

    100 years ago, Arabs were nothing but backward dessert nomads. 100 years from now, once the oil money is gone, they’ll be the same. And then we’ll see who’s working for who!

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  33. sad&depressed Avatar

    everythings i agree what is said about, but has everyone failed to notice with what superiour tone the writer writes the article. here lies the true problem of nepal. citizens feeling superior to other nepali. on the other hand its the feeling of superiority that got the author into trouble in the first place as CK pointed out. so bhandari if you r really educated behave like one.

  34. pg Avatar

    Seriously, we complain about foreigners treating us badly, when our own authorities don’t treat our citizens with respect. I think the author should follow a universal rule wherever in the world – mind your own business. How does he know why the staff were rude, maybe the airline staff was treated badly by the customers before our hero came into the scene. Whatever, it does not matter, mind your own business and refrain from making everything a circus. You can always complain to the airlines and authorities later. I am sure it was’nt a case of life and death, there are rude buggers everywhere as there are helpful people as well. People should mind their own business instead of having this attitude of “burning tyres and throwing bricks” wherever we are everytime their sense of right and wrong is scratched without thought for the rights and laws of others.

  35. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hey Tulasi:
    Please ignore the comment of this moron (pg) above. I think you did a very brave and couragous thing by standing up for the helpless workers who are treated with utter disrespect at home and in the gulf states.
    I have a sneeking suspicion that pg has never been to or even passed through the Gulf countries. But that’s okay pg you can continue to be the selfish cu*nt that you are and watch our fellow Nepalese brothers being humiliated. I sincerly hope that the majority of the Nepalese people will help and stand up for their fellow Nepalese when they can in an appropriate manner like Tulasi did.

  36. matribhumi Avatar

    Remember that none of the nepalis want to go and work in the Gulf, they are there becaseu they have to be. They are there becasue of “bandhs” they are there bc of corrupt politicians, they are there becasue of how our country is.

  37. Kirat Avatar

    Wow-seems like a real bad experience. I understand that a lot of poor Nepali brothers have been through worse. It’s really sad how the poor Nepali labourers have been treated and how little the govt. bureaucrats, politicians and elite care for their lot. Especially considering the fact that it has been their remittances that has been keeping this country’s economy afloat. Even in countries like Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. there are recourses to the injustices our Nepali labourers face if only we had proper embassies there and competent staff to carry out their duties. Look at how thieving these so called manpower agencies in Nepal are. But our ‘meritocratic’ ambassadors, diplomatic staff, politicians and bureacrats give a bull. That’s the most frustrating part about all this.

  38. Kirat Avatar

    Ofcourse I have never heard the Maoists complaining about the cheating Manpower agencies in Nepal-must be receiving large contributions from them in exchange for the misery of Nepalis.

  39. peace Avatar

    Its really a brave job and is appreciated. well, for Mr.PG i think he doesn’t deserved a word. and Mr.Bhudai pandit, u gonna rock man. Well, Katuwa(muslim assholes) are like that only. the fuckers doesn’t know how to treat even thier mothers and its really a waste of time to expext the good hospitality from these assholes. well Big cheers to Tulsi. and bhudai pandit, come over here in lainchaur ko bhatti pasal. lets have a drink. Our combinataion will be good.

    Spread Peace…

  40. sanjiv Avatar

    hey dude i feel for u. sorry to hear about your experience.. I guess maybe specially that part of the world they have bad impression of nepalis. but u definately shud not be jailed and fined for something as minor like that.. Email and send letter to the Gulf Air and call them and ask for compensation for your troubles. its a good thing u are in US as u can find a lawyer and maybe even sue them. many lawyers will work for small percentage of the winning amount so u might not even have to pay anything.

  41. Ryan Avatar

    I think this is the best way one should be treated when comparing the harsh punishment and beating of Tibetan people which I see in the news everyday. Nepal, I thought was a democratic country but the police staff seems shady and corrupted with lack of education and inhumane activities. When though Tibetan protestors were staging rallies on a daily basis, those police staff should show litlle sympathy when using force. What if Nepalese were protesting abroad and were beaten?How would you guys feel.The same thing goes around comes around guys. I know the topic which I discuss is totally irrelevant but still NEPAL NEEDS TO GO SERIOUS SOCIAL CHANGES WHEN THOUGH THE POLITICAL SITUATION IS HEATED AT THE MOMENT.

  42. freedom_writer Avatar

    Wake up Nepalese; look at your own home first. Think about your brothers and sisters behaviors towards you before complaining about how others treat you. Try to give and get respect in your own country first. Change yourself before marching to change the world. Treat others the way you want to be treated; learn to respect others if you want the same in return. Stop blaming the world for your poor condition and just once try to find out the deficiencies in you. And just for once, try and overcome those deficiencies and see how the world will treat you differently.

    And please, stop being emotional and stop vandalizing the national property in the name of others (remember the vandalism in the name of Hrithik kanda). We do not need violent emotion right now. All we need is some rational thinking. Is it so hard to think rationally?

  43. David Avatar

    Hey, I totally agree with Ryan! Nepal lives under the monetary value that comes out of the Chinese pockets! Shame on Nepal! I visited this march, 2008 and was surprised to see the violent attacks on Tibetan protestors. The difficulties faced by Nepalese abroad is nothing in comparison to the treatment of Tibetan refugees. Nepal is only a demcractic country in words not in reality. Instead of providing asylum and safe haven to the Tibetans the corrupted govt deports them back and brings more cash!!!! Disgusting nepal! Poor citizens who doesnt know the history of Tibet and zero sympathy to those Nepalese who suffered! More tortures should be implemented!

  44. scoop Avatar

    Well David,

    Welcome to mao land.

  45. Jassim Avatar

    As a Qatari myself, I have to say there is a lot of confusion in your story my dear friend.

    First of all, you need to get the story of the 300 rebellion Nepalis right before screaming out for justest. What do you expect the police to do when they face 300 angry workers, armed with sticks and all, burning and wrecking everything in front of them? Haven’t you asked your self “Why are they all Nepalis? And how come we never saw things like that happen to Indians or Pakistanis?” before actually believing what they told you in the airport!

    Yes there is violation to the human rights of South Asian ex-patriots. But don’t be to broad and start saying that all Arabs treat them that way. I’m actually writing a whole research paper on this case, and that’s how I came up here in the first place.

    Although I have to say, the Qatari government had all the right to repatriate those Nepali’s. It isn’t our problem that your fellow brothers don’t know how to negotiate and talk in a respective matter. And we will not hesitate in kicking out any person who risks the safety of this nation. You should blame the Nepali workforce agency for tricking them anyway.

    On the other hand, we are Muslims at the end. For that, hurting or treating any person disrespectfully, no matter where he’s from or what he believes in, is defiantly unacceptable. And I agree that what happened to you in the airport is simply unfair

    Thank you.

  46. Benjamin Avatar

    I read some articles, Saudis, Arabs discriminated in US airports, it’s just the turn around scenario, I understood this Arabs’ feelings of humiliation in some US airports, because I felt the same drama in Saudi airports. We poor Asians are vulnerable to these treatments in middle east. All I knew GOD is watching all the time. Alhamdulillah, I’m a survivor of these eye soaring events. I am a Muslim, believing in Mohammad’s hadiths, He said ” Give the wages of the workers before their sweat dries up.” He is a man of honor, respecting all human races, he sent his followers to Abbysinnia to escape from powerful Kuraish ruler of Macca and meeting a Christian King. More nice stories but what I observed the present middle east generation, I don’t see Mohammad’s (PBUH) legacy.

  47. Indian Avatar

    Jassim – the bastard is only referring to Nepali workers who had an issue … What about Tulsi… the inhuman treatment he got in Bahrain ….. this oil money would not last long Arabs beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. listener.. Avatar

    Guys.. who is responsible when nepalese are treated differently than others..?? They see this .. where the person is from not who the person is. and this perception is set by our great leaders. This is something to be discussed and resolved politically, but can we expect our f**king politicians to raise this issue who are not even able to do anything to solve our domestic problems??
    i understand what tulis ji went through was injustice , but i don’t see our country will do anything about it….

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