Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks

Gyanendra, sidelined by people, is planning to organize a lavish party and a procession to mark his birthday that the nation celebrates no more in the next few days (23rd of Ashad) in Soaltee Hotel and in Narayanhitti Palace. No EPA leaders and any sensible person should attend that cursed party and procession.

By Prakash Bom

It would be utter humiliation of EPA leaderships if they even think to attend this diamond jubilee of a king who had freshly attempted to murder the democracy to become an absolute monarchy against the aspiration of people of Nepal. It would be disgraceful if an individual of the organization such as civil society’s or human rights’ or journalists’ or lawyers’ or teachers’ or workers’ or students’ who played active rule in people’s movement II participate in this jubilee that is nothing but the part of the grand design gimmicks. The gimmicks are intended to down play the democratic achievements of people’s movement II. Those political leaderships and professionals who will attend this jubilee their intellectual and political integrity for democracy will be shattered.

We have to understand a monarchy is an institution not an individual. But the feudal monarchy of Nepal has deliberately exercised the personality cult as easy gimmicks to subdue the people of Nepal. Monarchy’s practice of personality cult began most dominantly since the autocratic Panchayat regime. The oligarchic rule of Ranas did not make any fuss about the king’s birthday jubilees. Rather kings were confined in the palace. On the contrary, the palace was inspired by the communist dictatorship era to exercise personality cult to induce the people of Nepal with the politics of fear of the almighty king. As a matter of fact, people were frightened to death to speak against the king until just before the people’s movement I (1990). As a result, people’s movement II has been successful to transcend people of Nepal from this personality-cult-fear of the almighty king.

At this juncture where we have reach the pick with the mandate of people’s movement II to terminate the personality cult from our political culture, we can no more afford to get excited with this jubilee. Any personal trill to attempt this party will be disaster of the individual integrity of a person who is committed to the democracy that needs arduous journey to accomplish for creating a new democratic Nepal.

As a matter of fact, people were frightened to death to speak against the king until just before the people’s movement I (1990). As a result, people’s movement II has been successful to transcend people of Nepal from this personality-cult-fear of the almighty king.

Let those who are in the black list of the CA elections indulge the jubilee. Let those who are corrupt pamper the king. Let those who are hostile to the people of Nepal mollycoddle the king. Let those who despise the democracy treat the king with the gifts of antagonism. Let those who fear Republic bestow lavish care on the king. But the rest of us who have faith in creating a new democratic Nepal with Republic setups and federal structures of governance must refrain from this gimmick. Rather we should at this moment be in retrospect giving our condolence to the martyrs whose lives were callously trashed with this king’s atrocities committed during people’s movement II.

We have to be able to remember that it is the diamond jubilee of a king who justified his attempt to murder the democracy. It has been always a painful insult to people of Nepal on the face of the earth to have an extravagant rather wasteful king in our nation of one of the poorest countries of the world. This fact has been deliberately ignored by the ruling elites of Nepal from the government high-ranking positions to the diplomats. We know how poorly crude is our self-interest. It is shame how quickly we give in to the temptation of power and position. But this is the time for us to stand firm with our commitments to democracy and guard our individual integrity not getting swept by the temptation of diamond jubilee.

Political leadership, headships of civil society, advocates of democracy and human rights, professionals, and media leaderships have greater responsibility before them to create a new democratic Nepal that is republic and that has federal structures for people to participate in nation building process than get mesmerized by this diamond jubilee. The principle of political reconciliation applies to all except for those who had deliberately took part in the kings maneuver to suppress people’s movement II with ruthless atrocities. Those individuals that are listed in the report of the Rayamajhi commission must have been brought to justice by now. Had the interim government made such attempts, would palace throw diamond jubilee party? It is a thing to think over carefully that we might be sliding down to the hill with the status quo of feudal oligarchic establishments. We might be reconciling with the forbidden fruit that will for sure kill the people’s aspiration for democracy that is aspired by Republic setups and the Federal governance structures.

Let those who are in the black list of the CA elections indulge the jubilee. Let those who are corrupt pamper the king. …. Rest of us who have faith in creating a new democratic Nepal with Republic setups and federal structures of governance must refrain from this gimmick.

This is an appeal to all advocates of democracy and human rights, to all professionals and ruling elites who believe in electoral (competitive) democracy, to all socialists who honestly fight for the equal rights of people, and to all federalists who advocate people participation in nation building process, to refrain from this diamond jubilee for sake of our nation. We all know the monarchy has been a wasteful institution since last five decades particularly. It has rampantly inflated its expenditures with no consideration of the conditions of people who have been living under the poverty. Unless we want to continue with the same inconsiderate state of minds as responsible figures of the nation for the same extravagant indulgence then this appeal is inappropriate to the Excellencies of Nepal.

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152 thoughts on “Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks

  1. sl:
    this is far beyond the point but just to humor you I shall continue. you say King Birendra was modest. Tell me tell you for a fact that King Birendra had bought a little Island in the Seychelles. I don’t see anything modest about that.
    In any case let’s leave this topic.

  2. Modest K Birendra with his modest achievements for the country and it’s people. Not much to crow about. In the end rulers have to be judged for their achievements.

  3. Bhudhai,

    I take that comment as strictly humour, a comedy infact. So yes, let’s leave it at that.

  4. Y’know what- I am quite fed up. At one hand Kantipur goes on humilating Monarchy and on other they report under pressure from Indian government a staff at Nepal Investigation Department was transferred within a day, suspecting him being on Pakistani side. This goes to prove all the back biting and name calling amongst us is nothing but a cheap thrill. We will be Tibetanized by Indian within 10 years time. Check the citizenship bill, land emcrouchment, and dam being built without total disrespect to Nepali sovereignty.

    And all you bloggers side stepping to avoid head-on collision on the matter of national interest. Just keep on with Loktrantra, Republic, Kiratwan, Tharuwan, Maoism and at the end of day without any clue we are under Indians- the master we would create by fighting amongst ourselves. legacy of colony is still alive in India and they are playing to the hilt- divide and rule.

  5. Wagle: Don’t try to block this post just because your view and mine don’t match!!

    Bhudai Pundit: For once I started to like your comments but you blew it all. I’ve been a daily visitor of this site for more than a year now. Whenever you try to prove your notion, you just overdo it most of the times. Your views in the past and your views now, don’t even corroborate! I don’t want a full blown blog war with you. You seem to know a lot about what’s going on more than I do for sure.

    In one of your last posts you said and I quote “I have news for you. King Birendra and especially Queen Ash were as currupt as they come. To the point that your Queen Ash stole money from the Pasupathi trust fund.” If you could give me one good reason why I should believe you in this one, I will truly be a good fan of your views. Personally, I believe Queen Aishworya was very instrumental in establishing the Pashupati Area Development Trust because she had great visions for Pashupatinath and was a firm believer. Before, the trust came into play most of its monetary asset was in the hands of the ‘Mul Bhatta’ who’s from India and for which she strongly opposed. But before all that could take a shape, there was too much influence from the so called political parties.

    Don’t just say things for the sake of proving your points. Who isn’t corrupt in this country, aren’t you? “mai khau mai lau, shukha sayala ya moj mai garu”, that’s our motto. We can’t see someone else’s good. We want to be rich in as small duration as possible. And for others who don’t think king should be using a mont blanc pen they can kiss my ass. Trying to be on the same level as the king is impossible. Us nepalese are pakka ‘bhedas’ they read ‘rakta kunda’ and believe what’s in it is true. They don’t wanna know who wrote it why they did.

    We are definitely going to the bottomless abyss. None of our views count. There is no such thing as government and security. Democracy my ass. Hami nepali lai ta sakke samma kada bhanda kada niyam ma basne bani basalnu parcha. There is no such thing as discipline, law and order!!! Yestari pani desh chalcha?? As far as we’re concerned, we need ‘Chada tantra’ like YCL clowns not prajatanta opps………….dhotitantra urf loktantra. If you aren’t in the SPA-M alliance, you are nothing……..hell, I am nothing. Pashupatinath le hamro rakchya garun.

    Live and let others live
    Jai Nepal

  6. MeroPyaroDeshNepal:
    Thank you for your comments. I consider myself a moderate. I am not pro-republican nor do I think or go around glorifying the successive Shahs that have done a piss poor job of developing this nation. To make a long story short all rulers that have ruled Nepal (including the political leaders) have looked out for their own selfish interest and nothing else. Some people accuse me of sitting on the fence and thus think my comments are incoherent because one moment I criticize the King and the next moment I criticize the political leaders. They both stink – so what am I to do you tell me? I don’t subscribe to Mr. Bush’s “you are with us or against us” doctrine.

    I am not saying that Queen Ash was corrupt just to prove a point. Anyone remotely familiar with this issue can corroborate this fact. She took huge kickbacks and embezzled sums of money from the fund – it was well known among most circles. Let me see what I can do to prove this further to you. Let me also say that this statement of mine was in response to sl, who was making some ridiculous comments.

    In conclusion I do agree with your statement that us Nepalese are pekka bedahs. The way things are going now it seems Nepal itself will cease to exist in the future. Hence all our comments are futile.

  7. Still no proves from Bhudey. He barks a lot…always, all the time. Just like his SP8Mmer fathers.


  9. Mr. Pundit,

    I get amazed how when I am talking with reference to one individual you bring in several others as your reference (which has nothing to do with the comments on the individual I was referring to) and then say my comments are ridiculous. I’m afraid you are ridiculous. And you have this great urge and tendency to go off in tangents to prove points that lack evidence. I only suggest that the next time someone discusses say someone like BP Koirala you refrain from getting confused and bring in GP Koirala or Sujata Koirala into the topic – this would then have some credibility to your argument. Otherwise I’m afraid you talk like someone who cannot distinguish his arse from the moon.

  10. Mr. Sl:
    I am sorry I called your comments ridciulous. Please don’t cry. Just change your diper, drink a cold glass of water and go back and read all the sh*t you wrote. You’ll know what I am taking about in no time.

  11. Sl. Let me help you. focus on these particular points:

    1. King Birendra was modest.
    2. He traveled economy class. You accuse Prachanda of not wanting to travel economy class. First how many foregin trips has Prachanda even been on? As I remember it Birendra used to take an entire RNAC plane with him costing the RNAC millions of dollars in current cost plus opportunity cost.
    3. He used to drive a renault? Really? What about the Jaguars and the assortment of luxury cars in the Royal Palace?
    4. I can confim for a fact that Birendra had an small Island in the Scheylles. What about that?

    Frankly speaking I would prefer Birendra over Prachanda any day of the week. I am just arguing against your ridiculous assertions. You need to learn to call a spade a spade.

  12. We all got to get off from the fence. What we have is failure to comprehend the basic issue and that is if SPAM is wrong then just work at it to defeat it not go off the rail and talk about non issues. We cannot do and afford at this time. The tendency to label on the basis of comments as royalist or commie is an deadend. What is confronting us is pretty clear- accept SPAm rule or not accept it in totality-this brings focus in arguments and actions and that is the only way we can make a change. Unless we grasp this- we will forever gripe, like Kirat does, of issues that has no bearing with the ground reality.

  13. Mr. Pundit,

    I could’nt care less for your infantile humour and your constant whining and confusion – you are the very shadow of fickleness .

    And again on the topic of Burendra, again I repeat he did not pretend to be anything but a King and did not need to be modest or more importantly he did not even pretend to be modest he just simply was modest. So all this rattle about him travelling on entire planes on official visits no less (of course you missed all the government officials who accompany him) has nothing to do with modesty, it has more to do with (again) official visits and security.

    And yes he used to drive a Renault, I think you are confusing (once again) the Jaguar Gyanendra drives with what Birendra use to drive. The other vehicles you refer to belong to the govt. of Nepal – official use Pundit just like the mercedes the PM drives.

    And please go ahead and “confirm” that King Birendra has an island in Seychelles, BUT until you can show evidence pertaining to the garbage that comes from your mouth I have a little advice for you – SHUT UP!

    As for your liking of Birendra over Prachanda – weeeeeelll I bet you’ll kiss Prachanda’s arse if you had the chance.

  14. Sl:
    The one good thing about these “democratic” days (despite all the chaos) is freedom of speech. Unlike Panchayt days people can speak their minds freely. Hence you can’t really tell me to shut up. Either you need to deal with my comments or just ignore them.
    Well take by word for it sl that your beloved Birendra had an Island Seychelles. How do I know this? Well on an official trip to the Seychelles my father happen to meet the vice president of the Bank of Seychelles. He was trilled to know he was a Nepali because he was Raja Birendra classmate at Eton and he had recently help him acquire a small Island in his beautiful country. In fact it was even point out to him. Now I concede he could be lying – although I am unsure what this fabrication would help him accomplish. Or it is possible that my dad ran out of exciting bed time stories and made this fairy tale to help me fall asleep. I don’t know. But that’s my proof. Don’t believe it? Fine by me. But you aren’t going to convince anyone expect a few lunatics like noname that Birendra was modest. Your whole premise seems to be: he pretended to be nothing more than a king. Say that out aloud and see if it doesn’t sound a tad ridiculous.

    May I suggest that you get off this topic before you embarrass yourself further? It’s highly irrelevant at this point. I would rather kiss Prachanda’s behind? Oh and come on that’s the oldest trick in the book for people who have run out of ideas – to accuse me of being a Maoist. You should know better.

  15. Bhudai-I know you personally favour a ceremonial monarchy (and I really appreciate your objectivity here in your discussions with Sl). But given the history of monarchy in Nepal do you really think these guys can stay ceremonial? Also if we did away with Monarchy we could all focus then on getting rid of the Maoists, right now the issue of Monarchy is really wastefully diverting our attention. After all a ceremonial monarchy, by definition, is of very little use. It has in my opinion outlived it’s usefulness.

  16. Pundit,

    The irony is yes I can tell you to shut up and yes that’s the great thing about freedom of speech. Another good thing about these days is that until people get evidence of certain accusations they are considered baffoons, well maybe not in this country with democracy minus law and order and complete disregard for the other persons rights but in the rest of the civilised world this is the norm – however I can understand people like yourself thrive in the sort of “democracy” practiced here.

    I would galdly ignore your comments (believe me that would be such a joy) but I reply to baffoons like yourself who are “know it alls” because I can, so that you can’t feel smug about your nitwitted comments.

    As for your word, I think I will pass on taking it. I operate in the real and practical context and don’t get swayed by la la land ideas coming out of people like yourself. It also seems clear from your father’s tale that the fault is not your own and you can if you want blame it on genetics.

    Unfortunately for you Budhai I am not accusing you of being a maoist, oh no that is far too good for your type, but yes given the opportunity people like yourself will kiss Prachanda’s butt as you yourself have admitted.

    And finally, why do you keep on going about me embarrassing myself, I feel fine with what I am saying, but maybe you’re feeling the embarrasment after getting into something that you should not have got into in the first place. And oh yes I don’t do tricks that I leave to experts like you.

  17. Kirat,

    As of today we donot need monarchy. It’s too late in the day to be of any use. The nation is already falling apart thanks to the maoists so the idea of monarchy being a uniter is no more valid. It could have been used a few years back in those lines if better heads prevailed but no more.

    The other argument to retain monarchy is say a trump against the maoists – you know the argument if monarchy goes then maoists will have it real easy. Well I agree to this but the whole SPAM machine and Gyanendra has made the monarchy so disliked that if it stays maybe it will give the maoists many excuses to carry on as they are. If it goes given it will be a cake walk for the maoists but then for how long?? Maybe we all have to bite the bullet – get rid of the monarchy and let the maoists in and then we’ll see from there. As it is we have to deal with not only the maoists today but the madhes issue as well. Nepal could split if not geographically definitely politcally and ethnically in some sense. Who really knows?

  18. catch22-I don’t go with that theory that the monarchy is preventing a complete Maoist takeover. I think that’s bull. Don’t forget that there is a standing govt. army of above 60,000 soldiers. The foreign powers that be…i.e. India, US, Europe. The SPA have proved their resilence. There is the people too whom I think the Maoist have not really won over. Ofcourse it should be upto to the elected CA to decide the fate of the monarchy. But really why do we all waste so much time debating the monarchy? It diverts our attention from the evil Maoists and the corrupt, inefficient SPA.

  19. Kirat,

    I thought you asked about the monarchy therefore my reply on the matter.

    I still hold that the standing government will hardly be a match for the maoists as for the 60000 strong army I think they wont do much anyway – they did’nt do much when fighting the maoists so they wont do much when maoists are in power. International community – what can they do? They applied pressure on Gyanendra but the pressure only worked because aid mattered and there was people on the ground supporting the anti line as well as seen in the janandolan. Maoists don’t care about aid and noone will come to the streets in masses except maybe in the Terai which is a lost cause already, but none from the highlands. Besides I’m not too sure about the international community – except the Americans, the others especially the Europeans seem to be cosying upto them, as for India I doubt the care as long as they can do business with whoever is in power. I guess the Europeans cosy up thinking that they can somehow make maoists into socialists, but they are wrong, it will be an experiment with grave consequences for people here.
    I agree we should not waste time on discussing the monarchy and diverting attention, but it is the SPAM who always take our attention to this topic to do exactly that – divert attention.

  20. Kirat:
    “But given the history of monarchy in Nepal do you really think these guys can stay ceremonial?”

    I agree the Shahs have a poor tack record on this. However, we should also not forget that they are able to be meddlesome because there is such a weak democratic political structure. For example when Gyanendra took over do you remember the reaction on the streets? It would best be characterized by apathy. It seem to indicated that democracy meant nothing to the average person.

    I don’t have a problem with getting rid of the Monarchy provided it’s done systematically. In the event that the CA elections are held and people are able to vote free and fairly and it is decided that the Monarchy must go then it must go. I am against removing Monarchy because Prachanda is impatient or Prachanda needs to show off to his cadres that he is still a hard a*ss. The issue can only be decided by the CA elections. I am totally uncomfortable with the idea that we are willing to change the structure of your nation because of a lunatic terrorist said so. Furthermore, Kirat, just think for a moment what would happen if the Maoists got their way here. Imagine how bold they will become.

    “It also seems clear from your father’s tale that the fault is not your own and you can if you want blame it on genetics.”

    I have absolutely no idea what you mean here. I’ll have you know that my father is politically very apathetic. I see no reason why he would fabricate this lie to defame your beloved Shah. Furthermore would you care to tell me why you think the vice president of the Bank of Sychelles would make it up? It’s first hand information you know.

    SL you are basically unable to come up with a rational debate. I understand. After all the panchyat years where you just had to drop the name of some member of the Royal family you could get your way. There was no point debating and discussing for you was there? You debating skills have remained dormant for too long. They need some honing – I take it that’s why you have become desperate and have resorted to saying that I would kiss Prachanda’s butt. By the way where is your proof of that?

    I, for one, am done debating with you. Your whole premise basically boils down to: “Birendra is modest because he drove a Renault”. I can’t believe I actually wasted my time even conversing with you. Actually if you think about it you won. You managed to draw my attention and waste my time! Good job.

  21. catch 22-the army was held back against the Maoists by the Monarchy. An outright military gain was not in favour of the active Monarchy. Also the nepotism that the Monarchy indulged in debilated it. If the Army under the leadership of the SPA (with it’s superior democratic credentials) was to wage war against the Maoist guerillas, with a grass roots political campaign against them and with the military support of the US, India and UK, I think the Maoists could be militarily crippled. They are already finished in the Terai, so the geographical areas where the Maoists could actively operate from has also shrunk significantly, making the taks easier. This is all theoretical ofcourse. But hey the other alternative could be a Maoist takeover-which would be the ultimate nightmare. In the present scenario I am afraid we will have to throw our weight behind the SPA-though they are such a corrupt bunch.

    I am afraid wit

  22. How did that last sentence come incomplete?
    Anyway though I detest the SPA they are the lesser amongst the other evils, so until another alternate comes along we will have to throw our weight behind them.

  23. Kirat,

    “Anyway though I detest the SPA they are the lesser amongst the other evils, so until another alternate comes along we will have to throw our weight behind them.”

    Your calculations or thinking is totally wrong, the spa are the one who brought undefined democracy in Nepal at present. Before, they had the power, they had the parliament and they had their own prime minister but they destroyed not only themselves but brought war with maoist in Nepal. They should be blamed for everything what we are suffering right now. They mismanged the democracy with the lust of power and money.

  24. So Mr. Sagarmatha given a choice between the SPA, Maoists and Monarchist who would you choose? Come on, out with it.

  25. From what I have read, especially Kirats’ comment- no wonder we have harebrained dancing to the tune of SPAM without knowing that they are. I stand by the previous comment I have made- we have lost focus of the real issues but bickering on he said, she said and did. No wonder we are in this shape but we never fail to sermon as if we have better understanding and vision of what and how the things shoud be, given circumstances it won’t stick and make a dent or even move a leaf- in fact its will be a pure masturbation of egos that will lay wasted from the people who cannot get involved but discourse as if from the pulpit of high heavens to the people in hell. Don’t you know you are in hell. already?

  26. Pundit,

    You can say you’re done debating with me but you come back for more again and again and again.

    I’m afraid your “first hand knowledge” really does not get a thunbs up from me. As I am sure you understand cleary what I meant by blame it on genetics. I’m afraid it does not qualify as evidence.

    As for why I don’t believe the head of the Bank of Secheylles told what he said – well it’s because it’s your story and comes from your mouth not mine. You came up with the island business so it is’nt my job to prove anything it’s yours. If I told you tomorrow that my father told me that the President of the reserve bank of India says that GPK or some other goon has billions of rupees in land and bank holdings would you believe it? Again, it’s a tale told by you with no evidence just your tale under a blog name of Pundit. And you think I am being irrational.

    As for the panchayat blah blah – you are really something and don’t practice what you preach (another reason not to believe an ounce of what you say) – you accused me of labelling you a maoist when I was’nt and now you are trying to label me a panche? – Well, what was it you said – “Oh and come on that’s the oldest trick in the book for people who have run out of ideas – to accuse me of being a Maoist. You should know better.” I guess you have run out of ideas then. Again I repeat I don’t do tricks I leave it to experts like you as you have proven again and again.

  27. Kirat,

    That all sounds good in a two minute paragraph on the blog, but come on the reality is n there are too many assumptions and things that have to fall in place. I even doubt all the international community is behind the SPA. I also don’t buy blaming the monarchy only for not mobilising the army. Please fell free to find out, – if the Prime Minister needed to mobilise the army the process then was to get it passed by 2/3 majority in parliament and seek the stamp of the King, if the King refused and sent it back to parliament, again the PM could resend it back to the King in which case he will have to stamp it just like the President’s job in India. GPK tried it the first time without getting the 2/3 majority in parliament therefore in this case the King cannot approve it – so either you can blame it on GPK or the parliamentarians for not approving it.

  28. Kirat,

    I am not a bias, I choose all three if they commit peace and democracy in true sense. This is Nepal, each and everyone should be in seen not the single or two. The monarchy seems important to Nepal looking at 15 months mis-rule of spaM and country in the edge of collapse due to ethnic war and endanger of sovereignity. But I am not talking about active monarch.

  29. sl:
    I am accusing you of being a Panche because of your outrageous statements which praises Birendra Shah to make it seem as he was one of the greatest leaders in Nepal. Why should you believe me? Well first off I don’t have an agenda against the Monarchy. Frankly I would prefer Nepal to have a ceremonial monarchy. If you saw my other comments in other threads you would see for yourself. Hence why would I make up a story to defeat my own convictions? Idiot. Furthermore, I think Birendra was a far better King then Raja G and I have repeated this point again and again. Why would I then go out of my way and defame him and cut my own point? My problem comes in at your fcuked up statements that you pulled out of your as*s about Birendra being modest. No he wasn’t modest and he was currupt. Period. But he was still a good king – much better then anything we have now. But a spade is a spade.
    If I saw from your posts that you have an anti congress/ anti girija agenda and you said I know GPK has millions in the bank then no I wouldn’t believe you. However, if you seemed objective enough and you made such a statement I would believe there is some truth to it.

    “As I am sure you understand cleary what I meant by blame it on genetics.”

    No actually you have done a piss poor job of articulating yourself. I have no clue what the hell it is you are trying to say. Please be more clear.

    Okay we need to get off this topic. It’s a very irrelevant topic at this point. We are sitting here debating wheater the LATE Birendra was modest and meanwhile Prachanda and his YCL goons are taking over Nepal.

  30. catch 22- why should it look good only in a couple of paragraphs? Say for example in your constituency you have the choice for voting for a Maoist, Monarchist, SPA or an Independent. Most people will vote along party lines because uncle is a Kangressi, Amale, RPP etc. and if one of them win there will be favours to curry. Right? Most people I meet are for one of these parties or another, most people vote for selfish reasons rather than for the good of others. That’s why we kept on voting the Govinda Raj Joshis, Chiranjeevi Wagles’ Makunes, Bamdevs etc. Most of us vote hoping we get something back not for the welfare of the country. So we get the leaders we deserve and we bitch and moan. Now we got the Maoists who promise help as well. Well perhaps this time we should vote for people who think who will be best for this country and the people and not for ourselves. Maybe we should tell our family and friends to do the same thing too.

    That independent candidate seems like a nice guy but you know that even if he wins he will struggle to upgrade the roads/airport in your district-he doesn’t belong to any of the major parties. So you vote for a guy like Bal Bdr KC who belongs to a large party and who has promised to upgrade the airport in your district and have RNAC do more flights and provide jobs for the village folk. You know he is corrupt as hell but hey at least you will get somthing out of him too. So with your vote and others he wins and becomes the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation etc. Yeah he upgrades the aiport so that it is more serviceable and for the first three months RNAC flies more regularly than before. A number of boys, including your nephew, from the district are also provided jobs at the different airlines and travel agencies in the capital. Ofcourse there is talk that Minister KC has made crores in bribes from these airlines (especially Qatar) and travel agents. He has twistied the policies so that only a few benefit and cripple the rest. You hear that he has robbed RNAC so blind that they are financially on their knees and don’t have money to maintain their aircraft. Ofcourse the flights have stopped now. But what do you care, you got what some of what you bargained for.

    Now that Independent guy, what would he have done? Good guy with good intentions but what would he have given you in return for your votes? Huh? You know who yain!ou will vote for next round…it’s Bal Bdr again!

  31. Pundit,

    Slow down, your getting a little too carried away, I have never said Birendra was the greatest leader, all I said was he was modest especially for a King. Your attempts at putting things into my argument that are cleary not there to begin with have failed – to put it simply. Besides I thought you were not going to bother with me anymore, so take a chill pill and dissappear. Let’s just leave it at that as your arguments do nothing to convince me otherwise.

    And frankly Pundit you moron how can you call someone who you believe to be corrupt good !!!!!! This shows your standards and definitely strengthens my belief that your word definitely does not count for $hit.

    As for the genetics part to put it crystal to you I meant you must have inherited the art of bull$hitting from your dad. I’m sure that’s clear enough.

  32. Look at JTMM (Jwala Singh) terrorist group has threatened people of Pahadi origin to leave terai within a week. In order to counter his threat, the people of Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal should threaten the people of madeshi origin to leave Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal within a week as retaliation.
    I think that is the only way to contain this terrorist group. Every time one people from pahadi origin is killed in terai, we should kill one people from terai origin in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. This idea may sound silly, but that is the only way to stop killings of people of pahadi origin in terai from the terroist group of Jwala singh hired by murderer Gyanendra.

  33. Sl: all leaders are currupt. The question really is despite being currupt have they done something worthwhile. Birendra was currupt but he wasn’t destructive to the nation has SPAM have proven to be. That is my point. I understand it is rather a difficult concept for a slow witted man/women/sheman or whatever you are to understand. But please try at least.

    I never said you said Birendra was great. I said you “implied” “make it seem like” Birendra was great – which it is quiet clear. Unfortunetly no one buys that crap. Furthermore, your assertion that Birendra was modest is totally unsubstantiated. Why was he modest. So far I have heard nothing except he drove a renault. Oh so now you are crossing the lines and insulting my father. Wow isn’t that just mature? I didn’t expect anything less. Maybe you want to google some “yo mama” jokes and paste it here as well.

    Finally on a side note, since now we are just arguing for the sake of arguing, please back up these statement you made eariler (except the part about Prachanda needing a 4WD – that is public information):

    “Far cry from the so called communist leader Prachanda who needs 4WD, security enmasse, gold watch, mont blanc pen and travel by first class to foreing lands.”

    First off how many foregin lands (except India) has Prachanda been to since the Maoists joined mainstream? If so did he really travel first class?
    How did you find out if he writes with a Mont Blanc? Why wouldn’t he need security.

    I am not asking these questions to be antogonistic. I just want to know for the sake of knowing.

  34. Frustration:
    That idea doesn’t sound silly – it sounds insane!!

  35. Bhudai Pundit:

    It looks like you do not have anything to do in this world besides spending many many hours writing on this blog. Are you an unemployed person hired by Killer gyanendra? I think you are

  36. Frustration: why maoists can threaten people and even police to leave their bases and still enjoy the ministeries and why this new singh cannot do that for the sake of some liverage?? Why people like you think to evacuate Pahadis from Terai is terrorism and evacuate Pahadis from Pahad is not??

  37. The survey of Nepal Times

    What does the continued oil shortage tell us about this 100-day government?

    a. Superb job – 8%
    b. Doing a lousy job – 26%
    c. Doing nothing – 66%

  38. Pundit,

    It seems you’re getitng really shaken with my response to you.
    As for your very shaky arguments neither did I say or IMPLY Birendra was great. There is no question of clarity or unclarity in this matter – I just have’nt said or implied or been anywhere near that argument. I said he was modest. If you think modesty is the only required quality for greatness then again your standards are very low indeed, just as calling people you perceive corrupt as good. You have these urge to add things that have nothing to do with what I said – maybe you should face a mirror and argue with yourself.

    As for the other queries you have Pundit I think I will pass because I don’t have the time nor the desire to get into these arguments with you – please find out for yourself (a good start would be to follow the media – as a side note the month blanc pen was seen on national TV on signing the peace agreement, gold watch is on his wrist, and security enmasse has also been seen in the media, infact his personal security is being discussed by the govt. as I write, and you have already agreed to the 4WD so what else is wrong with what I said – clearly you don’t live in Nepal) .
    Finally, as you clearly have stated you would like to end this rally – so keep to your word and do it – otherwise it just adds another nail in your coffin as far as your word is concerned.

  39. Sl and Bhudai-it’s getting really embarassing that way you two are going on. Get yourselves a room!

  40. Well said Kirat- stick with issue at hand not go on jamboree of innuendo, hearsay, and heretical bandwagon. The problem with silent majority is this- they know too much to act and save their skin. It is so unbecoming and defeatist.

  41. Kirat and DOA,

    I agree with you both and will refrain from continuing this any further.

  42. sl,

    Thanks for the consideration, I think we got all your points. Just a note though I was reading the NewsFront magazine today (Yubaraj Ghimire’s magazine) and it had a piece on Minister Matrika Yadav – it said he refused to travel business class on Thai and opted for Economy, even though he is entitled this facility, for the purpose of medical treatment. It further referred this as a stark contrast to the luxury of the travel of his leaders Prachanda and Baburam during their repective trips to Norway and Switzerland. Hats off to Minister Yadav, although I would like to mention that seeking medical treatment in Bangkok is itself a luxury for most Nepalis. Nevertheless he has shown some correct measures that all leaders of this nation should follow.

  43. I too shall stop this insanity. Don’t know why I got into in the first place.

  44. Guys I really wonder what it would take to make Nepali politics attractive to ‘good’ people. I mean right no good, honest, well-educated, well-intentioned person would want to go into politics, would they? It’s full of scum…though there a few good people but far too few as we all know. The one disadvantage in my opinion that Third World countries have a vis-a-vis Developed Nations is that latter seems to be able to attract relatively good people eg. Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Sarkozy, Angela Merkel etc Not that these guys are saints (politics is no place for saints) but you get my drift. Third world countries seem to really only attract scum…the tin pot dictators in Africa, the Marcos'(Philipines), Suhartos(Indonesia), Shinawatras, closer home the cleptos that ruled Pakistan, Bangladesh and the various states in India who have become multi-millionaires after they joined politics. When a good leader emerges in the third world countries it’s an extremely rare phenomenom but it’s business in usual in the developed world. Nepal has not had one good leaders for as long as I can remember.

    It must be the societys we create, preserve and live in. Look at how fake and negative our society is. What good could emerge from something so rotten?

  45. Actually Kirat even in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh the top poltical leadership are very competant and well educated. Forget about India and let’s try to even campare ourslves with Bangladesh. The prime ministers (Kaleda Zia and Seikh Hasina are obviously not educated) but the rest of the cabinate ministers are all have degrees from some of the most prestigious educational institutions. The same is true in Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well. I am afraid it is only in Nepal where the scum of the earth can hold a cabinate position. Just imagine what impressions other countries must get of Nepal during government meetings.

  46. Bhudai-that’s really sad for us isn’t it? Why do you think that’s the case in Nepal. I tend to think it’s a relflection of our society and it’s values.

  47. It’s tough to say Kirat. As far as I know it wasn’t this bad during Panchayat days. Cabinate ministers were fairly well educated. At least there was a systematic method of being promoted. The same applied to ambassadors as well. They were either career diplomats and back in those days you had to be fairly competant to move forward. Otherwise they were very well connected with the Royal family. So they may not have been very well educated but at least they had a sense of decency. Today (after the 1990 boudal) the situation is completly different. It was all about one party trying to put as many of its people into cabinate positions or ambssadors irrespective of wheateher they were competant or even were suited for the job. I have come across so many ambassadors who are morons, idiots and lack an ounce of diplomatic skills. Just like cabinate ministers – all you had to be was loyal to the party for longest time and you could eventually land some ministerial position (which would be a great opportunity to enrich yourself).

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