Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks

Gyanendra, sidelined by people, is planning to organize a lavish party and a procession to mark his birthday that the nation celebrates no more in the next few days (23rd of Ashad) in Soaltee Hotel and in Narayanhitti Palace. No EPA leaders and any sensible person should attend that cursed party and procession.

By Prakash Bom

It would be utter humiliation of EPA leaderships if they even think to attend this diamond jubilee of a king who had freshly attempted to murder the democracy to become an absolute monarchy against the aspiration of people of Nepal. It would be disgraceful if an individual of the organization such as civil society’s or human rights’ or journalists’ or lawyers’ or teachers’ or workers’ or students’ who played active rule in people’s movement II participate in this jubilee that is nothing but the part of the grand design gimmicks. The gimmicks are intended to down play the democratic achievements of people’s movement II. Those political leaderships and professionals who will attend this jubilee their intellectual and political integrity for democracy will be shattered.

We have to understand a monarchy is an institution not an individual. But the feudal monarchy of Nepal has deliberately exercised the personality cult as easy gimmicks to subdue the people of Nepal. Monarchy’s practice of personality cult began most dominantly since the autocratic Panchayat regime. The oligarchic rule of Ranas did not make any fuss about the king’s birthday jubilees. Rather kings were confined in the palace. On the contrary, the palace was inspired by the communist dictatorship era to exercise personality cult to induce the people of Nepal with the politics of fear of the almighty king. As a matter of fact, people were frightened to death to speak against the king until just before the people’s movement I (1990). As a result, people’s movement II has been successful to transcend people of Nepal from this personality-cult-fear of the almighty king.

At this juncture where we have reach the pick with the mandate of people’s movement II to terminate the personality cult from our political culture, we can no more afford to get excited with this jubilee. Any personal trill to attempt this party will be disaster of the individual integrity of a person who is committed to the democracy that needs arduous journey to accomplish for creating a new democratic Nepal.

As a matter of fact, people were frightened to death to speak against the king until just before the people’s movement I (1990). As a result, people’s movement II has been successful to transcend people of Nepal from this personality-cult-fear of the almighty king.

Let those who are in the black list of the CA elections indulge the jubilee. Let those who are corrupt pamper the king. Let those who are hostile to the people of Nepal mollycoddle the king. Let those who despise the democracy treat the king with the gifts of antagonism. Let those who fear Republic bestow lavish care on the king. But the rest of us who have faith in creating a new democratic Nepal with Republic setups and federal structures of governance must refrain from this gimmick. Rather we should at this moment be in retrospect giving our condolence to the martyrs whose lives were callously trashed with this king’s atrocities committed during people’s movement II.

We have to be able to remember that it is the diamond jubilee of a king who justified his attempt to murder the democracy. It has been always a painful insult to people of Nepal on the face of the earth to have an extravagant rather wasteful king in our nation of one of the poorest countries of the world. This fact has been deliberately ignored by the ruling elites of Nepal from the government high-ranking positions to the diplomats. We know how poorly crude is our self-interest. It is shame how quickly we give in to the temptation of power and position. But this is the time for us to stand firm with our commitments to democracy and guard our individual integrity not getting swept by the temptation of diamond jubilee.

Political leadership, headships of civil society, advocates of democracy and human rights, professionals, and media leaderships have greater responsibility before them to create a new democratic Nepal that is republic and that has federal structures for people to participate in nation building process than get mesmerized by this diamond jubilee. The principle of political reconciliation applies to all except for those who had deliberately took part in the kings maneuver to suppress people’s movement II with ruthless atrocities. Those individuals that are listed in the report of the Rayamajhi commission must have been brought to justice by now. Had the interim government made such attempts, would palace throw diamond jubilee party? It is a thing to think over carefully that we might be sliding down to the hill with the status quo of feudal oligarchic establishments. We might be reconciling with the forbidden fruit that will for sure kill the people’s aspiration for democracy that is aspired by Republic setups and the Federal governance structures.

Let those who are in the black list of the CA elections indulge the jubilee. Let those who are corrupt pamper the king. …. Rest of us who have faith in creating a new democratic Nepal with Republic setups and federal structures of governance must refrain from this gimmick.

This is an appeal to all advocates of democracy and human rights, to all professionals and ruling elites who believe in electoral (competitive) democracy, to all socialists who honestly fight for the equal rights of people, and to all federalists who advocate people participation in nation building process, to refrain from this diamond jubilee for sake of our nation. We all know the monarchy has been a wasteful institution since last five decades particularly. It has rampantly inflated its expenditures with no consideration of the conditions of people who have been living under the poverty. Unless we want to continue with the same inconsiderate state of minds as responsible figures of the nation for the same extravagant indulgence then this appeal is inappropriate to the Excellencies of Nepal.

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152 thoughts on “Diamond Jubilee Part of the Grand Design Gimmicks

  1. If there were two hundred the maoists would have succeeded in their blockade. I did’nt count but Durbar marg was packed, if that it two hundred scope you bitter bugger then fine. Atleast it was’nt two hundred forced at gunpoint and coerced to go. Again moaists without guns become pointless.

  2. scope,

    seems like you were there with yout thugs buddies counting. Could’bnt even stop 200 hundred without your guns huh?

  3. Let’s post a few pictures of the crowd wishing the King along with the Chinese Envoy and many other envoys who sent the bouquets.

    Pushpey and GPK want to be the King but they don’t know that they would be lynched by the people.

  4. We’re still debating about the King? This country and it’s ‘educated’ people are hopeless.

  5. SPAM agents are busy SPAMming..on Kantipur..
    Why is SPAM not doing anything constructive for Nepal ?? Why only SPAMming against G????

  6. “constructive for Nepal ?? Why only SPAMming against G????”
    Ho ho ho ho. Constructive monarch is doing constructive things by burning millions that he has looted from the people to celebrate his birthday!

  7. SP8M warlords and cadres are left sulking and licking and their wounds as the Nation celebrates the birthday.

  8. Hey, isn’t the king too old to celebrate his birthday? I’mean he’s over fifty now isn’t he? I stopped celebrating (out of embarassment) from my fifteenth!

  9. Yeah…probably let’s ask the HM King of Thailand too. And King Albert too. And Queen Elizabeth II too. And also ask…

    Kings don’t celebrate their birthdays for themselves…I think they do it for the masses…that’s the thing about Royalty.

  10. today is a huge blow to all the so called democratic force. 8 student union along with 8 other thugs had vowed to stop this procession. kantipur which is now the mouth piece of SPAM reported that there were about 200 people in the procession. associated press reported that there were at least 2,000 signatures in the guest book. well as far as i know, people waited for 3 hours just to get in the palace as the line was that long. it started from 9 in the morning and was still evident till the evening. the line at one time extended till the round about in the king’s way which is about 200-300 meters from the main gate of the palace.
    the palace officials have themselves said that there were at least 15,000 people today who went to greet HM on this auspicious day. i am sure the number would be much higher if these thugs hadn’t vowed to stop it by force. innocent citizens might have thought twice before going there as in the past these thugs had openly attacked other royalist in different places of the kingdom.(a really democratic move indeed)
    this is just the tip of the iceberg. there are thousand more who support the king, and the number is growing day by day due to the irresponsibility of the SPA and the hooligan like behavior of the Maoist led YCL.
    in this rate, till the CA poll, i wouldn’t be surprised if the nationalist parties win a landslide victory if it is really free and fair.
    besides the number of people attending today’s function did not consist of any government official including the security forces as they had been directed from the SPAM HQ i.e the baluwatar. so if they had been given the choice to go (democratic norm of freedom of choice) i am sure the number would be much much bigger than this.

  11. i was there in the palace to greet our great king…..and they were much much more than it was reprted by the bullshit ‘lokatantric’ media. n about the YCL and other political parties youth organisations ……..we were waitng for those bastards to foil the king’s b’ day and to fuck them up if they came near the palace…….but i guess the hired goons of those organisations dint have the guts to ‘FOIL THE(CONSPIRING) B’DAY CAREMONY’ ……..better luck nxt time to those bastards……..
    P.S–the support for the king will eventually grow………LONG LIVE OUR GREAT COUNTRY NEPAL! LONG LIVE OUR GREAT KING………..

  12. I did’nt go to wish the King, but I support a constitutional monarchy. The thing is no one was forcing me at gun point to attend, so I did’nt, same as no one was forcing the people who did attend by holding a gun at their head. Oh yes there were these goons trying to force people NOT TO ATTEND. But no guns, so who listens to thugs without guns these days huh???? What has the world come to – imagine daring not to listen to the dictates of the YCL goons – the world is not what it use to be.

  13. Couple of people were beaten up by the henchmen of gang of 8- it just goes to prove that in their eyes (loktrantric) there is no room for anyone except them- talk about Loktrantric.

    This is what I have been worried sick about- when not a single party practices democratic norms within themselves how can they speak and act democratic. So the gang of 8 is nothing but a syndicate who are hell bent on destroying the norms of democracy by chest beating democracy-see the irony. It is quite evident but so one seem to dare to challenge it. No wonder in their eyes we are Bheda.

    It sickens me and sometimes makes me wonder may be we deserve what we are getting.

  14. “It sickens me and sometimes makes me wonder may be we deserve what we are getting.”
    Thank Nepalese people for forgiving you. If you get what you deserve, you will find yourself someplace else.

  15. DOA-You reap what you sow I guess. King Mahendra had a great opportunity to modernize and empower the people of Nepal but instead chose to shackle them. Same with King Birendra and Gyanendra-now the bhedas are following another tune you guys are bleating yourselves sick. If King Mahendra, Birendra and Gyanendra had been good kings do you think the situation would come to such a pathetic mess as right now? The bhedas will also go after Prachanda and Baburam in due time but i think your kings will be first.

  16. well you puny little wanna be blogger, what do you know about Nepal’s history, socio-economic stability and international pressure.
    late king mahendra, was one of the most far sighted king ever to rule us. in his rule all the major step for modernization took place.
    industrial zone like birgunj and biratnagar were established, as well as scores of factories that still run over there, employing thousands of nepali citizens.
    half the major highways were built then, with the help of foreign donors as well as with Nepal’s own expenses. the mahendra highway, tribhuwan highway are some of the major highways built during his reign.
    Nepal was declared the zone of peace by numbers of countries world wide (except India) in his reign. diplomatic relations with almost all the countries that we see today was all thanks to king mahendra.
    he did ban multiparty democracy then and if i am not wrong, we all know why he did it. see the hooligans running around preaching democracy and practicing anarchy, well king mahendra must have banned the then democratic practices fearing these kinds of people.

    king birendra was one of the most modest kings in world history. if you dont know about this ask others who know. he didnt use the army until it was totally necessary in the 1990 uprising. the only reported army’s offense resulting on death then was when one of the anarchist was shot while trying to break the statue in king’s way. if he was hot tempered, trust me, army would have killed score of anarchist then.

    HM king gyanendra in comparision isnt as diplomatic as his father, nor as liberal as his brother, but he has guts. he faced 2 enemies in 2 different ways. the maoist(terrorists) and spa(anarchists). when the country was in a war with the rebels, our political parties were fighting amongst themselves for power. they were not at all for the people nor by the people. they were there for themselves.

    a hard proof of that is “privatisation” that they did in the 1990’s.
    sold half of the fleet of RNAC, basbari factory and so on. commission was their language and money their religion.

    thus HM gyanendra took the matter into his own hand and promised a new better nepal. but enemy’s enemy became friends and nepal was pushed into this ditch.
    so before blabbering just try to know the facts. instead of abusing the monarchy thank them for what they have done for the nation.

  17. yak, yak, yakkity, yak…proof’s in the pudding about how wise and far sighted your kings are is in the present day situation. it is a bitter pill to swallow isn’t it? but talking about bhedas I am amazed that there are still royalist bhedas like you around. the other side of the coin is the YCL. Different sort of bhedas but bhedas none the less!

  18. I just cant stop and help myself from wondering reading this blog once a week and the same ppl..same old mental orgasm by spitting out their anger and fraustration. Its unbeliveable how they can lie and be so ingnorant about everything in trying to prove the thing that everyone see is clearly outdated.Mr. Ardent Royalists Bite it….TRUTH IS BITTER and for you ppl truth might seem stragner then fiction…No Monarchy in Nepal.OMG…tht must be a heck of a punch in your face..but it is going to happen and although your age-old mind may not get it easily, try to adapt to it by looking at the truth.someone said chinese send the bouqet…well plz mr. know the fact tht china has already been looking ure most hated enemy-the maoist as their replacement for your king.The facts tell it.And look how desperately is GPK trying to save your king’s a** by saying him n paras to abdicate but your king is not the beliver of science but of astrology and do you know why he is celebrating with such barricades in his palace? (look in the naya patrika edition of 23 ashad) ..well cause astrologers…possily including trishul baba and kalibaba told him tht his times of trouble r over now…so he is celebrating…but science has its own way of predicting things…and just cause the oppressed ppl are asking for their demand doesnt mean the country is in trouble…its their right to ask for what the shahs n ranas and khas and the feudal class of this country took away from them.and please dont tell me tht ure king is the symbol of our national unity…f*ck tht theory…ure king cant even control ure his own son or his son-in-law…..ure kings who killed their own relatives…ure kings who always conspired….and so on and on…..just dont speak without any relevant thinking and proof and only cause u love to think so or want to think so…and some1 who said the king celebrated for the masses….what the crap is in ure mind…if it were for the masses he wouldn celebrate inside his barricaded palace or imported whiskeys and beers…..so just accept the truth cause TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE…..

  19. IN a true democracy, one can support in freedom, one can celebrate in freedom, one can speak and writre in freedom and not be punished by a group of gangs and terrorizers while the government forces are standing and watching.

    Screw the people who think Nepal or the terrorists are heading into a democracy, the fact is Maoists are not a democratic force. They will make you bend over and give you and your wive’s daughter’s the rear end with pleasure. They will give it with wider, longer and more forcefully than any monarch has ever given you. Enjoy the rectal pressure.

  20. maoist bahadurs,
    tum log kabhie nahin sudhroge, maobadi ko to hum madhesi nanga karke nachwuange. chun chun ke marenge harami ko, bahadur log sab chale jao pahad mein, hamari zameen hamari hai.
    Tum log kaum hote ho terai ko chalane waale, saale hum wohi karenge jaise tum ne kiya tha, woh bhi chupke se ladhenge aur ek ek ko marenge.
    Abhi to shuruwat hai dekh ab hum kya karte hain.
    Sitaula aur uski maa aur behen dono ka kya hasrat hum karte hain dekh. Saale sab Maobadi hai aur hamari khoon chuste hain.
    Yahan tum sab badbadate ho chal aakar dekh maidan mein dekhtehain kisne maa ka doodh piya hai.

  21. matribhumi,

    Government forces are not only watching, they are being involved in disobeying the law and order and keeping themselves far above in their interim-constitution. The eight parties are directly involved in supressing and killing the madheshi in their rule by sitting on the RED MAKHAMAL.

  22. >>>Most of the people who had the opportunity to exchange a few words >>>with the King told him that the country was gradually falling in the >>>mire of disintegration and chaos . (source Nepalnews Jul 08,07)

    It is about time, all wake up of to the above fact.. and this is all due to the SPAM. Those who think SPAM can salvage the country .. keep on dreaming ..
    you’are all in coma and will never wake up (not even rude one for you guys)..

  23. Kirat- you just cannot handle the truth. You are pansy and cry baby that will always blame someone other than youself. Just get checked in a clinic and you will come out no better than Baburam who see red when its dark. You sure seem off beat and off track to be so-called -CEO of a bank or is it a teller of a bank. Rightly said, you reap what you sow- you are so right not even from a hindsight.

  24. DOA get out of that box your mentality is trapped in. Just read a small piece about Nelson Mandela about how angry he felt with the white people of South Africa when he walked out of Robben Island where he had been imprisoned by them for 27 years. Then he realised that as long as he hung on to this anger against them he would forever be their prisoner. So he let go of this anger and it was then he realised that he was truly free.

    The kings had their chance…it’s too late for them now. Let it go. This whole monarchy issue is just strengthening the SPA/Maoists hand.

    I don’t remember saying I was a CEO of a bank!

  25. If kings celebrates his birthday why some of the poor mind individuals crying ? Some of the puppet doctrine indoctrinated one of our republican soul. On the name of loktantra we are striped naked among the people without our knowledge that culture and custom are our heritage and dignity.I am in GP koirala’s party but I have clearly seen saliva leaking from his mouth to take over power as Prime ministerial to Kingship from king.If PM has gut he must abandon stupid exercise on our cultural heritage.

    There is clear development of consolidation on king increasing. Likewise Patriot made the expression. Make sure Repubcans ! Its not China . Eventogh its slow poison of cultural revolution.

  26. “king birendra was one of the most modest kings in world history.”!
    -Yes, according to world history writen by Durga Pokharel!!

  27. As far as Kings are concerned Birendra was very very modest. Far cry from the so called communist leader Prachanda who needs 4WD, security enmasse, gold watch, mont blanc pen and travel by first class to foreing lands.

  28. before you guys start blabbering with your BS, try getting the facts straight about the royal family.

    try getting a copy of the speech given in Boao forum where all the world leaders present there praised HM king birendra’s life time work after he was killed.

    empty minds and their idiotic comments

  29. oh dear, here we go round and round again-royalist-maoist-spa, royalist-maoist-spa…ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

    and we are supposed to be an educated lot eh? perhaps ole George was right…we do seem to get the leaders/govt. we deserve.

    but then some of us can hear ole Bob as well…’emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.’ ah, but the chains that bind you lot!

  30. I was actually suprised by the fact that the Maoists were unable to really stop the King’s birthday from being celebrated. As far as I know the procession was able to go on and only a handful of people (maybe from either side) suffered minor injuries. Dman the Maoists are getting their behinds kicked in Terai and now this. I think their power and influence is dwindling pretty fast. The way I see the last thing want are CA elections.

  31. hey asheem: where can I find a copy of that famous speech? what was birendra’s life time work anyway in a nut shell? It’ll save me some reading.

    sl: you got to be kidding me with that comment.

  32. nice article by mr bom,

    dont mind these guys who wants to lick the boot of killer. just dont bother, i know where they come from and wot they are trying to do. let them cry their time is limited, sounds are brainless, hopeless and they are vomiting before they die.

    just continue

    wagle jee, dont get ur brain washed by these evil guys , they are working as well,dont let them win, i hope u are good auditor +editor.

  33. Kirat- just one thing for you, buddy. You seem to skim off from Biographies. Now what Mandela said- just take it to heart. I remember you railing off about your creed Kirats being wantonly marginalized by the rulers. Shine a light on you. You just seem too loose, everywhere, and spread thin to make a point that is contemporary and valid. No need to rebut back. Stick to an issue.

    As this nation slips and slides further into a abyss- just remember to place a blame where it is due. I say this because we seem to have a knack for misplaced priorities, misplaced trust, and misplaced angst.

  34. So I stated that the Kirats have been discriminated and marginalized as a community, so what? I did not call out for retribution for this. I called for a correction. Big difference to your normal posts slamming everything in sight except your kings.

    If blame is to placed for the nation sliding into an abyss than it must rest squarely on the Maoists/SPA/Royalist unholy trinity. But all you want to do is excuse the Royalists. That fact shackles you and makes you blind.

  35. One man’s birthday and so much of fuss?

    Kinda looks funny when the whole country is in mess and there is no urgency on part of the government and politicians to address these issues. And our people have all the time in the world to discuss this inconsequential issue like birthdays. May Pashupati save this country!!!

  36. As far as Kings are concerned Birendra was very very modest.
    –Yes, he learned modesty from Eton, Harvard and Tokyo and by shopping nowhere elese except Harrods.
    Far cry from the so called communist leader Prachanda who needs 4WD.
    –Oh, lavish Prachanda. Instead of plain Indian Bolero, he should show his modesty by being driven around in bullet proof Jaguars and Rolls. How very inconsiderate of him to live in a rented room. He should get a palace built for himself.
    security enmasse.
    –Yes, yes, he too should get Army Generals as ADC, a whole army to escort him and 5000 force on tax-payers’ money to protect his useless life like Mahila Sahu Gyane.
    gold watch, mont blanc pen.
    –Oh, how outlandish. He should be writing with a Star ballpoint pen and wear Dolma watch just as Mahila Sahu does.
    and travel by first class to foreing lands.
    –Travelling by First Class is very bad. Like Gyane on his African Safari, Prachanda should have taken Nepal Airlines jet for his travel and left paying passengers stranded.
    It’s so nice that royalists want Prachanda to live life like size like Gyane and Parase. He should do accordingly and face the same fate.

  37. see my point. it’s just a merry go round of maoist-royalist-spa bashing. They’re all crooks shouting ‘thief!’ to the other.

  38. ….try getting a copy of the speech given in Boao forum where all the world leaders present there praised HM king birendra’s life time work after he was killed…..
    …….hey, don’t you think they were just being nice? espcially when he’s been dispatched from his life of royal luxuries to whatever follows after life by his own brother?

    now, i’m not even sure this royal burden that we’ve nearly shrugged off our shoulders would even draw muttered words of pity when he’s burnt by some riverside in India (i’m sorry you’d have to go to india if you wanna witness his burial. the good part is ycl won’t be there)

  39. scope,

    Don’t mix up kings like your mixed up bosses.

    – King B even after education in all those places was very very modest, not like your boss Prachanda who is extravagent even after local education. King drove a Renault like the Standard 2000 in India. Officially he rode on vehicles given and owned by the government (not stolen vehicles).

    – Bolero? Oh does your boss man drive a bolero now after returning the stolen Pajero to the rightful owner?

    – rented room in Kathmandu a mansion in Noida and millions in the bank – not a bad way to fool your own people.

    – yes, yes YCL goons don’t get paid by Prachanda like tax paying ADC’s. the goons raise their salary by extorting common people so why do they need a salary opf Rs. 5000 for god’s sake when they can loot Rs. 500000? Tax payers money – what’s tax says your boss comrade of destroying billions of rupees worth of taxpayer paid infrastructure? Pretty modest huh?

    As for the rest you are supposed to be comparing the very modest King Birendra with your boss not Gyanendra,so don’t try and mislead you nutcracker.

    Besides a King does not pretend to be anything but a King, while your bossman Prachanda is supposed to be a COMMUNIST for goodness sake – don’t you get ashamed of all this out of the back end support?

  40. By the way scope,

    Has your comrade chairman heard of the economy class? You seem to go on about airlines, while I am talking about the class of travel you baffoon, incase your boss does not know yet since he’s never travelled anything but first class there is the economy class – this is where common people travel including not so common people like the Infosys billionaire? Just sound advice for the comrade chairman next time – advice called simplicity if he wants to continue fooling people all the time that is.

  41. bhudai: try checking this link. http://www.boaoforum.org/boao/main/index.htm
    search for 2002 annual conference.
    i bet you will get all the comment you want over there

    scope: don’t tell me that you were with his late majesty in all his shopping trips.
    try getting the interview that BBC conducted after the royal massacre. you will surely get it in youtube.com . see what others told about HM birendra and his life style. you are talking about the 5000 army in the royal palace and all the fuss. well there are 2 battalions (infantry) 2 companies (signal and air defense), squad of cavalary, ADC’s not exceeding 30 in total for all the royal relatives, medical squad, and brigade HQ. military police=

  42. Its not amazing why this case will never come to rest as one can plainly see from this thread that many bloggers would rather subscribe to a particular side (SPA/M/Royals) than take an agnostic view of things.

    Taking sides is fine, its democracy but lets not be blinded as if our turf depended on it. But hey, why else would anyone so desperately align themselves if there was no stake.

  43. scope,

    Too much to handle so I’ve lost my rational faculties huh while you have been oh soooo rational all along. Take a loser break buddy. Tell your comrade boss to also slow down and take a deep breath and step into line with democracy and not get carried away with hot air and dreams of totalitarian rule. Rational – my ar$e!

  44. These cunning EPA is just diverting the attention of the people. So many dangerious issues like sovereignity and ethnic struggles are going on.But being failure to address all the historical issues, these thug leaders are after individual birthday party. They are trying safeguard themselves by diverting the major issues, nothing else….

  45. contd…..
    (signal and air defense), squad of cavalry, ADC’s not exceeding 30 in total for all the royal relatives, medical squad, and brigade HQ. military police
    2 batts= 800*2
    2 coys= 120*2
    cavalry including their horses would be a 100 max
    30 or so ADC’s
    medical squad 10 or so
    bdr hq= less than 200
    royal MP’s= 200+
    don’t tell me that you cant even total it up yourself.

    do you even know the meaning of a state visit???
    it is where HM is accompanied by minister(s), bureaucrats, diplomats, media, businessmen and entrepreneurs, advisers, guards, medical doctors, and so on. so what do you expect?? cramp them up in a twin otter, or book tickets for all of them??

    about stranded passengers!!! well they are in deeper sh..t now then ever. if you think just because of the king, RNAC was not flying in time, what do you make of the constant delay and cancellations these days?

    well mister bush, if it was just a good will gesture to say a couple of good words after the demise of our beloved king in an international forum, for say diplomacy or what ever, (even though people like you think he did nothing but cause trouble), answer this then; why didn’t anyone from the prominent block, say anything when Saddam was caught, bias tried and executed? why didn’t anyone say anything when milosevic was caught and tried??
    why didn’t people try praising pol pot, who’s footstep can be seen in Nepal right now?
    yahya khan nor Ceausescu were praised after their fall.

    so your point on being nice doesn’t imply here. not at all.

  46. sl bro:

    believe me when I tell you there is nothing more I loath than Prachanda and his YCL goons. However you are ruining the entire argument by saying that King Birendra wasn’t currupt and implying that he was some sort mahatma.

    I agree King Birendra was a decent enough guy – at least alot better and smarter than his idiot younger brother. But please don’t make this lunatic Scope seem reasonable by saying KB wasn’t currupt and he was modest etc.
    I have news for you. King Birendra and especially Queen Ash were as currupt as they come. To the point that your Queen Ash stole money from the Pasupathi trust fund. Don’t forget that in 1990 the Bhoudal came about for a reason. People were fed up with the Royals and those around them who took advantage of being close to the Royal family. I can detail more atrocities and examples of currupt practices but that would be beyond the point and irrelevant at this stage. Let’s focus on how to curb the YCL and their Prachanda.

  47. Bhudai,

    I’m afraid I have no idea whether King Birendra was corrupt or not. Here we are discussing the simplicity and modesty of the individual. Further I have made it clear that King Birendra did not pretend to be anything but a King – I have not mentioned that he claimed to be a mahatma and neither do I claim it. So yes I still claim he was a modest King. As for Ashwairya, neither have I brought her up or tried to say she is modest so let’s not even go there.

    And yes Prachanda needs to fall and fall hard, but that’s nothing to do with King Birendra’s modesty and neither has he any modesty compared to even such a King.

  48. well now we have a common agenda where we all seem to agree. in comparison, king birendra was much better than all the leaders present today, anyone in or out of the SPAM.
    i was never fond myself of the late queen, but as for the king, he was modest and a simple person.

    the topic that we should be discussing and working on is how we can stop the turmoil going on in Nepal, what if feasible in the near future and how we can make it better.

    instead of sharing our shallow views, racist comments and idiotic comments, lets try something new. something to help other understand the ground reality and how it can be changed.

    by saying so, i am sure there will be people here who will blog calling for idiotic changes which will never happen. so why not just talk about things that can be done. killing all the maoists, shooting the corrupt, exiling the king, are nothing but words that people blabber. as far as i know, and surely people out there agree with it, it will not and can not be done. but there are things that we can do. awareness is certainly one of them

    well bloggers over here mostly give really good point of views, sl, bhudai, patriot, doa along with other are some of them. so lets try out best to keep it up that way and try help OUR country pull herself out of this sh..t hole.

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