Nepali Politics: Brahmin and Chhetri Everywhere

While for some this article might be yet-another-Bahun/Chhetri-bashing-crap and for others a voice that needs to be much more louder: When certain people willingly or unwillingly control too much share in a nation, it is very likely that that would bring long-term political instability and long run economic damages to the country. When 10% whites controlled the 90% of farm in Zimbabwe, we know what happened. Black market is exchanging 1 US dollar for up to 300,000 and economic pundits are predicting that the rate could well and truly reach up to a million by the end of this year. Less than 30% Brahmin and Chhetri enjoy more than 80% portfolios in: Bureaucracy, Scholarships, Business, Media, Army, Police, Customs, and Judiciaries etc.

By Krishna Giri in Australia

Few days back, a news item on nepalnews caught my eyes. It was a media release about writing the statute of the Nepalese American Journalist Association within six months and complete their legal registration process. President Girish Pokharel, vice president Sushil Neupane, general secretary Krishna Sharma, treasurer Gunraj Luitel and members Parl Regmi and Sharmila Upreti control this association. The list is not over yet. Manoj Acharya, Chandra Prasai, Hari Shiwakoti – and three advisors- Tara Baral, Krishna Kadel and Dr. Dharma Adhikari. Why I am telling these names? From the structure of this committee, I can see a topological view of Nepali politics and dominance of Brahmin and Chhetri in our society. (Even in the US, the Brahmin/Chhetri domination prevails!) Rules made and adopted by these people are Laws even today and they are not giving up yet.

Lets look at the most powerful interim ministers, who are responsible for making new Nepal, as described by them, where they exercise inclusive democracy- leaving behind no minority groups unheard: And the (Brahmin/Chhetri) list is:

• Giriaja Prasad Koirala – Prime Minister
• Ram Chandra Poudel – Peace and Reconstruction
• Krishna Bahadur Mahara – Information and Communication
• Pradeep Nepal – Education
• Ram Sharan Mahat – Finance
• Krishna Sitoula – Home
• Hisila Bhattarai (Yami)– Physical Planning
• Giriraj Mani Pokhrel– Health
• Ramesh Lekhak – Labour and Transport
• Gynendra Karki – Water Resource

The list is on and on. Why our society is so disable? Why it can’t move without the rules of Brahmin and Chhetri? GP Koirala, Puspa K Dahal, Sher B Deuba, MK Nepal, CP Mainali etc, signed the historic Eight Points agreement between SPA and Maoist, designed to form a New Nepal.

Take a look at the (Brahmin/Chhetris) standing committee of CPN-UML

• Madhav Kumar Nepal
• Amrit Kumar Bohara
• Bam Dev Gautam
• Bharat Mohan Adhikari
• Ishwar Pokhrel
• Jhala Nath Khanal
• K.P. Sharma Oli
• Keshav Badal
• Mod Nath Prashrit
• Mukunda Neupane
• Pradeep Nepal
• Sahana Pradhan
• Yuba Raj Gyawali

And have a look at the people whose analysis, thinking, and beliefs will decide our future: The Interim Constitution Draft Committee (very 1st one):

• Laxman Prasad Aryal, coordinator
• Harihar Dahal, member
• Shambhu Thapa, member
• Sindhu Nath Pyakurel, member
• Mahadev Yadav, member
• Khim Lal Devkota, member

The most revolutionary Nepali political party, who is responsible for the death of more than 15000 lives, is CPN Maoist. They have promised to overthrow the feudalistic society of Nepal and deliver a free and fair society where labours get a fare share. Ideologically they have lost the ground but still they are trying hard to prove that they are core follower of Shining Path and Pol Pot style socialist revolution. Ultimately, they are in the crossroad of modern capitalism and traditional nationalistic extremism. They are in dilemma, whether to choose economic reform approach, social reconstruction approach, diplomatic approach, patriotic approach, OR just keep following the rules of intimidations and torture. Time is ruthless. Their political forecast to win the Nepali hearts by activating YCL failed and they running around red-faced. The recent crises in Middle East, bloodbath between Fatah and Hamas factions, who share the Palestine Government, have shattered them.

Apparently, Maoist style leadership is the carbon copy of Hamas in Palestine, who are in the government and still shut down the nation, kill people, involve in kidnap, murder, extortion, armed attack etc. Maoists and its alliance often shut down sections of the country. Recent row between PM and Maoist supremo has triggered the uncertainty about the motives of the Maoist and the sincerity of the SPAM unity as a whole. Personally, I don’t believe in such a democracy where a political party enjoys national flag and also engaged in forceful abduction, extortion, kidnapping and murder. The country is still experiencing loads of extra judicial killings, disappearances, internal displacement, continuing seizure of private properties, and constant fear of torture/intimidation/physical punishment. Our poor country is in constant pressure to call a date of CA elections but we, the Nepali citizen, are yet to receive manifestoes from the SPAM and other minor parties.

There are various public propagandas about the Maoist vision in the future of Nepal. People are getting the first smell of their capability and their commitments to competitive multiparty democracy and enterprise-based economy. And yet again, Bramhan and Chhetri control the leadership of this red flag party, one among hundred Nepali Communist Party. Here is the list (Brahmin/Chhetri):

• Puspa Kamal Dahal
• Kiran Vaidhya
• Baburam Bhattarai
• CP Gajurel
• Dinanath Sharma
• Krishna Br Mahara
• Hishila Bhattarai (Yami)
• Pamfa Bhusal
• Top Br Rayamajhi
• Janardan Sharma
• Lokendra Bista
• Lekh Raj Bhatta
• Naraya Dahal
• Bamdev Chhetri
• Purna Subedi
• Amrita Thapa
• Satya Pahadi
• Sarala Regmi
• Khim Devkota

The list may go forever. They talk about autonomous regions and supremacy to their rule on their own region by their own people. Who belongs to where? Are we going back to 15th century to find out who ruled certain regions and who deserves what? Is this is the call of 21st century? Are we heading for a united nation or for a divided nation than ever before? Today’s call is not for divisions but for harmony and consolidation. We must dream for a nation where people from every race, religion, sex, and ethnicity come to the arena and be proud and humble for being a Nepali.

Autonomous regions or federal model of governance is understandable. But why a Tamang can’t be a Chief of Tharuwan Region? Why a Gauchan can’t be a Chief of Kirat region? OR why a Brahmin can’t be a Chief of Khumbhuwan Region? OR why a Chaudhary can’t be a Chief of a Chure Bhaware? A charismatic Magar leader born in Birgunj should go to Rolpa to engage in Politics? Where does he belong? Are you apprehending the democratic rights of movement and settlement within the nation?

Time need answers not promises. We belong to the same country vesting the same themes of nationality. We are covered and secured by the same constitution, then why there is such a division in the leadership style and models. Indigenous communities or the Nepali people as a whole are taking none of theses decisions. A bunch of tyrants, who mostly belong to aristocratic and suppressive family, design, develop, decide and implement these policies. If we believe in democracy, every major decisions of the country should be decided by the referendum, where people’s voices are heard rather than regulated.

Nepali congress carries the longest history as a democratic party and this party has ruled more than 90% period of Democratic Nepal. Who controls this party? Lets have look (Brahmin/Chhetri in the Central Working Committee):
• Girija P Koirala
• Sushil Koirala
• Sailaja Acharya
• Ram Chandra Poudel
• Govinda Raj Joshi
• Krishna Sitaula
• Ram Saran Mahat
• Chakra Bastola
• Khum Br Khadka
• Mahesh Acharya
• Gopal Pahadi
• Nara Hari Acharya
• Laxman Ghimire
• Dilendra Badu
• Shekahr Koirala

I can’t go any further. Simply there is no significance presence of other people. And they talk about new style of inclusive democracy. People need to be included in the first place. People are participating in these uprising for their rights, not for liberal grants from feudal leaders. Citizens’ rights can’t be dictated by these feudal mobs. It has to come by the will of people, but not by the will of tyrants. Today’s call is for equality, partiality, involvement and solidarity. These voices of people must be heard and all the time, as history has proven, and every time, these people’s voices can’t go as a credit to these autocrats, whose democracy is limited to their families and puppets. This time the democracy should be for people, not for leaders.

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Second youth wing of Nepali congress, Tarun Dal is lead by Bal Krishna Khad and he is there forever. I don’t think he is going to quit unless he is promoted to some top rank in the party. And Brahmans and Chhetris once again dictate the student wing, which is the hope for future and of course future of our leaders new Nepal. Recently, Pradeep Poudel elected President of NSU and his rivals were Bikash Koirala and Badri Pandey. Note their last names.

I am not just complaining about these tyrants who control Nepal. They dictate every Nepali society. Take a look at the people who control the Non Resident Nepal, the famous global Nepali Diaspora (Brahmin/Chhetri) assembly.
• Upendra Mahato
• Sharada Thapa
• Indira Ban
• Ram Thapa
• Sagar Nepal
• Chiranjibi Dhakal
• Dipak Khadka
• Naresh Koirala
• Harihar Aryal
• Kumar Basnet and so forth

And who is in my backyard (NRN Australia)?

• Mana KC
• Ranju Thapa
• Goba Katuwal
• Shyam KC
• Krishna Hamal
• Pradeep Dhakal
• Durga Bastola
• Pramod Khatiwada
• Bina Poudel
• Ashok Dhakal and so onwards.

These lists are simply hard to follow and it can be utterly awful when you compare with what you see and what you hear. By no means, I am saying that all the leadership should be passed to other races. We need transparency and fairness. I uniformly oppose the indigenous leaders who term ‘Ruling Class’ to Brahmin and Chhetri to achieve cheap fame and popularity. That should not be the case. We need a strong, united, committed, and forward thinking NEPAL.

When certain people willingly or unwillingly control too much share in a nation, it is very likely that that would bring long-term political instability and long run economic damages to the country. When 10% whites controlled the 90% of farm in Zimbabwe, we know what happened. Black market is exchanging 1 US dollar for up to 300,000 and economic pundits are predicting that the rate could well and truly reach up to a million by the end of this year. Less than 30% Brahmin and Chhetri enjoy more than 80% portfolios in: Bureaucracy, Scholarships, Business, Media, Army, Police, Customs, and Judiciaries etc. Lets start to stop this communal outrageous from today to give a better future for our glorious nation. It’s a matter of urgency to give people a reasonable share in all areas of the country. Let the new generation enjoy democracy rather than hearing about it all their lives.

Krishna Giri, a student of International Relations, MA in Sydney, is neither Brahmin/Chhetiri nor janajati. “I believe [Giris] think they are inclined towards Chetri but Brahmins accept them widely,” Krishna says. “Personally, I think they are Sanyashi and they deserve to be in Jungle :).”








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  1. reply to KHASi Avatar
    reply to KHASi

    The actions of Girija Koirala and his clan, PK Dahal and his ilk, Katuwal and Khadka of the NA is anti-national, just like the little Bahun twat who won’t do any work until he gets his bribe.

    1. Reply to mongol refugees in Nepal Avatar
      Reply to mongol refugees in Nepal

      Thukka bhote tero buddi tesai unnati nagarne bha chas soch herah, atleast british ko guu soreko chaina tiniharu leh euta adikrit level samma tah pug nepal ma job khana lai m not supporting those politicians here talai tero awkat dekhako gunda gardi garerah katin jel jiviko parjan garchas Nepal ko jail jah rah watch there timeru jasto prithivi ko bhar lai kasari Nepal sarkar leh paleko cha.pahilo kura china bhutan ko daman pata umkerah aais aasraya deko tauko tekis hai… criminal record hertah USA ko kaley ho timeru Nepal mah rah madesh Mexicans unlike Black.PaHILO KURAH TAH gwach @#$!haru lai padne buddi diyeko bhaye po hunthiyo bhagwan leh takdir mah hunu paryo ni timeruko hunatah demerits of pig meat pani ho(tApeworm) ..sabai syal batho hudaina rah ek choti Nepal ko bribery history paderah aaijo!!Jai Nepal

  2. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    Shahs are migration from Iran and Ranas are migrated from India so lets not debate who are the real nepalese people here!

    here the findings > Bramin and chettri go Kashi or Banaras!!! Leave Kathmadu valley alone for good!

    1. sulav Avatar

      khub pahila bas6u van60u tmaru pahila ta taal thyo re ktm tmru tya hille ma6a vayera basthyo jasto 6

  3. ro Avatar

    in democracy merit means number, rather say, majority.
    As far as indegeniousity if Nepalese is concerned, even in the time of pre mahabharata, it appears that the hinduism was prevalent in the name of sanatana dharma. Budhdhism is a philsophical offshoot of this same religion. people easily tend to forget the truth in the wave of excitement or for the deliberate intesrest.
    Those who blame for the gorkha king for hi nduisaation of kathmandu, they should read very well the earlier history.
    In a nutshell, no one is indegenious Nepali of Nepal, some have come earlier and some have come later.
    And those who claim, they are fools.

  4. yakthumba Avatar

    brother u r very right about democracy n merit based system. but where the hell is it in nepal, the term called nepotism has eaten it i guess exercising by few elites. n yes every hindu likes to believe that budhism n kirati or animist or shaminism falls under thier umbrella. there has been inter connection n hav inter mingled between these three in nepal but they r distinct from one another. n plz bro read the definition of indigenous, i believe most of the ethnicities qualified as indigenous r indeed indigenous of nepal as accepted by united nation too.

    1. Ashim Avatar

      Bro indegenious huna ko laagi nepal ma nose thepcho ra aafno jaat ko pachi tamang , rai , limbu , magar ra gurunh vayera janma da matra indegious huncha ho?


    Actually you so-called indegeneous nationalisities are only migrant who came here from Mongolia, Bhot, Thailand, Burma and India.
    The only indegeneous people of Nepal are NE-MUNI ka santan KHAS (BAHUN, CHETTRI, THAKURI , SANYASI).

  6. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    Keep your philosophy to yourself. Ne-Muni only exist in MahBahabharat which is not followed in Nepal. We didn’t know what Mahabharat was until it was shown in TV series.

    First I am Newari and then Nepali. Yes we have a history, people of Kathmandu valley and Tibet had a very good relationship both politcally and culturally. Even, we got to study that our Newari princess was married to Tibetian / chinese king.

    My request for you, Bramin/chhetri is> please, please at least leave Kathmandu valley, Kathmandu belongs to only Newari clan! you are turning our beautiful city into dirty political platform. Our kings had system and policy for its people where everyone living happy but you have taken our joys.

    Proud to be a Newari !

    1. sulav Avatar

      basthis kathmandu india lagera vada majna rakhisakthyo hola aile ani autyo hola chinese chung chang garera

  7. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Ha ha ha……… your KING—-??????? Don’t you know he was a KHAS—- Malla king. You are only talking about the history of around 200 years back.. why don’t you talk about the history of 1000 years —Khas samrajya. (which was from Kasmir to Assam—– obviously it includes kathmandu valley).. Be honest with yourself, ok.. Are you a race..????. actually NEWAR is just a hybrid of Aryan of the south and Mongolian of North..

  8. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Where is my last comment??????

    1. Hari Bahadur Avatar
      Hari Bahadur

      Nepal ko first kingdom kun thiyo?

  9. ro Avatar

    i am happy, that everyone’s comment is touching everyone though may not be pleasantly. This expression ( of hatred ?) and brainstromming at last will lead us to our destination ….make nepal belonging to all the nepalese. what’s done can’t be undone now. we have to think what can be done .

  10. Guest Avatar

    I think the point is not to tell people of certain communities to get out of Nepal but the fact that the pervading culture in Nepal for the last 20 years or so has been the Brahmin/Chettri culture. By culture I mean that relating to attitudes of politicians and bureaucrats and the attitudes towards work and the country and society. We can all see after the mess Nepal has been put through that this is the wrong culture. Let’s get rid of this, not the people.

  11. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    we asian are known suffering the silence, let’s not be so silent again because our children / next generation will have problem, try to welcome the expression of hatred! In western world, people welcome the comment, they think that comment brings outcomes and solves the problems! let’s have debate, allow people who were suppressed first by Rana, then Shah..King and now Koirala (Bramin/chhetri)!

    the only way forward for solving this problem is to dismantle inheritance of bramin/chettri’s politics!!! let’s give a chance to other castes ???

  12. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    above, should read “…as suffering in silence”

  13. ro Avatar

    You are right,joti. But you have ommitted some vital names in this list ….The Mallas, The Kirats,The Sens and all the feudal lords of 22 and 24 rajyas of Nepal before the formation of Modern Nepal. Deliberate or ignorance ……….???
    . In democracy there is no inheritance a, only election by majority. And if people elect koiralas, sherbahadur, prakashmansingh,prachanda, baburam, thesy deserve it. Unfortunately, in the history of Nepal every replacement is proving more corrupt and cruel. And people are accepting it with applaud. Our whole correction of political system is centered on throwing away each other since old time. That’s why so much insecurity and unaccountability are prevalent in National political system causing rampant corruption.
    Someone has already inherited someone, and somebody will inherit him tomorrow. All Nepalese are e aiming to inherit each other paving way for the stranger to have the final loaf.
    Don’t make your writing only the expression of lamenting and hatred in incomplete thinking and knowledge. Rather, let’s make this meeting point act as a real sambidhan sabha of Nepal. No offence meant, no hard feeling.

  14. ro Avatar

    please read ‘uninheriting’ in lieu of ‘inheriting.’

  15. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland


    I have not read you concerns because I get bored. History can lie, sided! …not necessarily means based on fact but we expect to be so!

    Maybe with that reason, I don’t dig history because the more I dig the more I find discrimination, lie, betrayed etc etc.

    Let come to the point (as i like short and sweet), So far Nepal’s Law is made by Bramin/Chettri those who were in power, and it is made for your Favor,…for your Benefit.

    Take a very simple example of the Great Martyrs, your law allowed a pardon for Tanka Prasad Acharya and Dharma Bhakta Mathema, simply they were Bramin and they should not get killed otherwise it’s a Sin, Right??? where as Ganga Lal Shrestha and Dharma Bhakta Mathema got killed, because your Law approved anyone except from Bramin, is that right???

    there are so many cases which I can present here but just take a look at another simple case, Your Brimin/Chettri Kings allowed only an f…king Indian or a Bramin/chettri Priest of Pasuptinath (who accomplished a degree in sanskrit…or) so does your Law!

    OMG, In our place where only Newari Priest used to be on the service!!! and your suddenly tookover and made a Law???
    Not only that but you Bramin/Chettri interfering on choosing a Kumari too which is nothing to do with you People.

    Do you think that fair??? so don’t talk about Education or text book history talk about the fact that happens or happening in Nepal right now?

    I really think that you should make another Pasupathi Nath’s Mandhir out side of Kathmandu and make your favourite educated degree holder priest either from India or your caste, I don’t care!!!

    you should start creating your own Bramin/chettri culture and let our Newari culture/place flourish…..!!!

    Same from me, No offense meant ….not hard feelings!!!

  16. Nirwan "Nepali" Avatar
    Nirwan “Nepali”

    Look joti, I am a newar myself. Bt I don’t being newar as the 1st priority.The most important thing is that I am a NEPALI. My wife is a tamang,my best freind is a brahmin n I am a newar. Yes brahmins n chettris have been in the ruling seat but aren’t the brahmins n chettris under the poverty line in nepal? Aren’t most of the doctors in Nepal brahmin and chettris? Aren’t most of the social workers n activists brahmins and chettris? Aren’t most of the teachers,lawyers brahmins n chettris?Aren’t most of the journalists brahmins n chettris? So are all brahmins n chettris evil? No race is superior,no race can be called evil,we are all the same people.Its alwaz true dat an advanced civilization will alwaz dominate. The Romans did,The Greeks did,The British did,so can u say dat all roman,greek and british are evil?

  17. khas Avatar


    Well said ‘nirwan nepali’..but ‘joti scotland’ u seem to be educated in a proper educational system by de way u write but ur writings stink..Again u seem to be very pissed up nd angry with khas people (brahmin, chhettri) for what they are doing..I’ll tell you one matter what u do in life there is a great struggle..for eg. u re a newari. so doing business comes naturally to ur people but it does not mean they can become overnight millionaire..absolutely no!! khas people work very hard for whatever they do..they never hate other communities and if another community does something gud they try to learn from them nd do something even better..they never envy their household they don’t bitch about other community as u do withith ur community as per ur writings..they have patience, persevarance, dedication, determination and discipline to the core..that’s why u see they re prominent among all de fields..You sud rather learn frm them then envy..

  18. aLOK Avatar

    Jyoti, You are biggest charlatan and worst newar – I’ve ever seen in my entire life. (RELAX, DON’T GET MAD OR ELSE VERY SOON U R GONNA GET bp PILLS)
    “Are you into fascist or something?”, what you showed here is nice combination of google and your laptop. You are lagging gal, that’s not enough. You must feel ashamed of being Nepali, and happy being scotish newari. If it was not for brahmins and chettris, we would right now have the tag in our forhead saying,”His majesty Queen elizabeth,” (Like mizoram and Nagaland were before) or “bharat sarkar” . we’ve seen: what happens when others leaders were given chance (Ranas- shrinked Nepal for their personal Issues POOR KHAS who spent thousands’ of lives for enhanching it , Raya- not wise enough..). I know you would love being British, Don’t u?..oops!!And oh, what are you proud of, what have your ancestors done; (Foremost, what have u done to your country apart boasting from abroad) sitting in the abyss for decade doesn’t make you owner of state (know you History mam). Patriotism dwells in our heart not on those who renounce his country for sake of good life and happiness. As old aphorism speaks,” Maha katne leh haat chatcha.” I can go on and on with kinda racist talks you are having here . BUt “NO” Plz, I have many newar frens and I love being with them, I have lot of respect for their cultures. Lastly, Be NEPALI by NEPALI. Yesari tapai haru jasto bujne manche leh sochyo bhane aaru leh jhan k sochan. Jai Nepal. United we stand.

  19. Anup Speak Avatar


  20. suresh Avatar

    why is such ego against bhramins and chhetri.they have not rule looting any others property nor knowledge.and they are not giving up till their abilites reach-up.u listen weak poor folk.u want that ruling place,show ur ability,your article dont gonna help u.u dumb ass get started

  21. sulav Avatar

    oi ki chettri van ki bramin van

  22. sulav Avatar

    bramin/chhetri po re

  23. Irais Avatar

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trpnlaarentsy clear now!

  24. Shristi Avatar

    Lots of Nepalease…bahun, chettri, rai, limbu, kirat, newar, … 4 warna 36 jaat. bhaeko desh ho hamro. politics ma transparency.. bahun chetrri.. lai ni chahincha… kina bahun , chetrri chai nepali janata ma pardainan ra??
    aja bahun chetrri le mathiko post khayo bhannus… bholi newar ra rai milera khayo bhannu… aafno palo na aaye samma bhannus, jasle bhane pani. aafno palo aayepachi ta kasle bhanla ra. aafno duno sojyaune ta ho. usa ra aru desh ko kuro bhinnai ho, hami ta eutai desh bhitra ladeerahechau…blog ko title herda padum padum lagera padeko. peace in nepal ko lagi bhanera lekheko mathi. content chai jatiya bhedbhav lai protsahan garnee khalko raicha. politics ma chitta nabuje …transparency maag garnee ani sampurna jaat jatee samaetni lekh lekhnus na. yasari jaile nii bahun ra chetrri ko ghau kottayera.. 4 warna 36 jaat ko phulbari lai kadaghari nabanau huna agaraha garchu. as a aam nepali.

  25. Anti bahun Avatar
    Anti bahun

    S.t.f.u bahun ka chhaura haru timiharu afai janne afai matra sabai kura ma hunu parchha bhanne lakhu hai muji haru

  26. Sikhar Regmi Avatar
    Sikhar Regmi

    Your article is so biased to the point I stopped reading it halfway. I understand there is a Brahmin and chhetri majority in Nepalese politics but you forgot to mention that the richest people of Nepal are Newars though. Also, the Brahmin and chhetri population of Nepal is 30% whereas other groups have significantly less percentage. Also, if you look at stats, you’ll find Brahmin and chhetri have a education focused family and the children are restricted to any other extracuricular activities and are forced to focus on their studies more than anything else thus, making them scholars and directors of the country. Also your article mentions the castes like yadav and jha who don’t fall under Nepali Brahmin and chhetri system who are touchables only. Stop your biased reporting.

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