Nepali Politics: Brahmin and Chhetri Everywhere

While for some this article might be yet-another-Bahun/Chhetri-bashing-crap and for others a voice that needs to be much more louder: When certain people willingly or unwillingly control too much share in a nation, it is very likely that that would bring long-term political instability and long run economic damages to the country. When 10% whites controlled the 90% of farm in Zimbabwe, we know what happened. Black market is exchanging 1 US dollar for up to 300,000 and economic pundits are predicting that the rate could well and truly reach up to a million by the end of this year. Less than 30% Brahmin and Chhetri enjoy more than 80% portfolios in: Bureaucracy, Scholarships, Business, Media, Army, Police, Customs, and Judiciaries etc.

By Krishna Giri in Australia

Few days back, a news item on nepalnews caught my eyes. It was a media release about writing the statute of the Nepalese American Journalist Association within six months and complete their legal registration process. President Girish Pokharel, vice president Sushil Neupane, general secretary Krishna Sharma, treasurer Gunraj Luitel and members Parl Regmi and Sharmila Upreti control this association. The list is not over yet. Manoj Acharya, Chandra Prasai, Hari Shiwakoti – and three advisors- Tara Baral, Krishna Kadel and Dr. Dharma Adhikari. Why I am telling these names? From the structure of this committee, I can see a topological view of Nepali politics and dominance of Brahmin and Chhetri in our society. (Even in the US, the Brahmin/Chhetri domination prevails!) Rules made and adopted by these people are Laws even today and they are not giving up yet.

Lets look at the most powerful interim ministers, who are responsible for making new Nepal, as described by them, where they exercise inclusive democracy- leaving behind no minority groups unheard: And the (Brahmin/Chhetri) list is:

• Giriaja Prasad Koirala – Prime Minister
• Ram Chandra Poudel – Peace and Reconstruction
• Krishna Bahadur Mahara – Information and Communication
• Pradeep Nepal – Education
• Ram Sharan Mahat – Finance
• Krishna Sitoula – Home
• Hisila Bhattarai (Yami)– Physical Planning
• Giriraj Mani Pokhrel– Health
• Ramesh Lekhak – Labour and Transport
• Gynendra Karki – Water Resource

The list is on and on. Why our society is so disable? Why it can’t move without the rules of Brahmin and Chhetri? GP Koirala, Puspa K Dahal, Sher B Deuba, MK Nepal, CP Mainali etc, signed the historic Eight Points agreement between SPA and Maoist, designed to form a New Nepal.

Take a look at the (Brahmin/Chhetris) standing committee of CPN-UML

• Madhav Kumar Nepal
• Amrit Kumar Bohara
• Bam Dev Gautam
• Bharat Mohan Adhikari
• Ishwar Pokhrel
• Jhala Nath Khanal
• K.P. Sharma Oli
• Keshav Badal
• Mod Nath Prashrit
• Mukunda Neupane
• Pradeep Nepal
• Sahana Pradhan
• Yuba Raj Gyawali

And have a look at the people whose analysis, thinking, and beliefs will decide our future: The Interim Constitution Draft Committee (very 1st one):

• Laxman Prasad Aryal, coordinator
• Harihar Dahal, member
• Shambhu Thapa, member
• Sindhu Nath Pyakurel, member
• Mahadev Yadav, member
• Khim Lal Devkota, member

The most revolutionary Nepali political party, who is responsible for the death of more than 15000 lives, is CPN Maoist. They have promised to overthrow the feudalistic society of Nepal and deliver a free and fair society where labours get a fare share. Ideologically they have lost the ground but still they are trying hard to prove that they are core follower of Shining Path and Pol Pot style socialist revolution. Ultimately, they are in the crossroad of modern capitalism and traditional nationalistic extremism. They are in dilemma, whether to choose economic reform approach, social reconstruction approach, diplomatic approach, patriotic approach, OR just keep following the rules of intimidations and torture. Time is ruthless. Their political forecast to win the Nepali hearts by activating YCL failed and they running around red-faced. The recent crises in Middle East, bloodbath between Fatah and Hamas factions, who share the Palestine Government, have shattered them.

Apparently, Maoist style leadership is the carbon copy of Hamas in Palestine, who are in the government and still shut down the nation, kill people, involve in kidnap, murder, extortion, armed attack etc. Maoists and its alliance often shut down sections of the country. Recent row between PM and Maoist supremo has triggered the uncertainty about the motives of the Maoist and the sincerity of the SPAM unity as a whole. Personally, I don’t believe in such a democracy where a political party enjoys national flag and also engaged in forceful abduction, extortion, kidnapping and murder. The country is still experiencing loads of extra judicial killings, disappearances, internal displacement, continuing seizure of private properties, and constant fear of torture/intimidation/physical punishment. Our poor country is in constant pressure to call a date of CA elections but we, the Nepali citizen, are yet to receive manifestoes from the SPAM and other minor parties.

There are various public propagandas about the Maoist vision in the future of Nepal. People are getting the first smell of their capability and their commitments to competitive multiparty democracy and enterprise-based economy. And yet again, Bramhan and Chhetri control the leadership of this red flag party, one among hundred Nepali Communist Party. Here is the list (Brahmin/Chhetri):

• Puspa Kamal Dahal
• Kiran Vaidhya
• Baburam Bhattarai
• CP Gajurel
• Dinanath Sharma
• Krishna Br Mahara
• Hishila Bhattarai (Yami)
• Pamfa Bhusal
• Top Br Rayamajhi
• Janardan Sharma
• Lokendra Bista
• Lekh Raj Bhatta
• Naraya Dahal
• Bamdev Chhetri
• Purna Subedi
• Amrita Thapa
• Satya Pahadi
• Sarala Regmi
• Khim Devkota

The list may go forever. They talk about autonomous regions and supremacy to their rule on their own region by their own people. Who belongs to where? Are we going back to 15th century to find out who ruled certain regions and who deserves what? Is this is the call of 21st century? Are we heading for a united nation or for a divided nation than ever before? Today’s call is not for divisions but for harmony and consolidation. We must dream for a nation where people from every race, religion, sex, and ethnicity come to the arena and be proud and humble for being a Nepali.

Autonomous regions or federal model of governance is understandable. But why a Tamang can’t be a Chief of Tharuwan Region? Why a Gauchan can’t be a Chief of Kirat region? OR why a Brahmin can’t be a Chief of Khumbhuwan Region? OR why a Chaudhary can’t be a Chief of a Chure Bhaware? A charismatic Magar leader born in Birgunj should go to Rolpa to engage in Politics? Where does he belong? Are you apprehending the democratic rights of movement and settlement within the nation?

Time need answers not promises. We belong to the same country vesting the same themes of nationality. We are covered and secured by the same constitution, then why there is such a division in the leadership style and models. Indigenous communities or the Nepali people as a whole are taking none of theses decisions. A bunch of tyrants, who mostly belong to aristocratic and suppressive family, design, develop, decide and implement these policies. If we believe in democracy, every major decisions of the country should be decided by the referendum, where people’s voices are heard rather than regulated.

Nepali congress carries the longest history as a democratic party and this party has ruled more than 90% period of Democratic Nepal. Who controls this party? Lets have look (Brahmin/Chhetri in the Central Working Committee):
• Girija P Koirala
• Sushil Koirala
• Sailaja Acharya
• Ram Chandra Poudel
• Govinda Raj Joshi
• Krishna Sitaula
• Ram Saran Mahat
• Chakra Bastola
• Khum Br Khadka
• Mahesh Acharya
• Gopal Pahadi
• Nara Hari Acharya
• Laxman Ghimire
• Dilendra Badu
• Shekahr Koirala

I can’t go any further. Simply there is no significance presence of other people. And they talk about new style of inclusive democracy. People need to be included in the first place. People are participating in these uprising for their rights, not for liberal grants from feudal leaders. Citizens’ rights can’t be dictated by these feudal mobs. It has to come by the will of people, but not by the will of tyrants. Today’s call is for equality, partiality, involvement and solidarity. These voices of people must be heard and all the time, as history has proven, and every time, these people’s voices can’t go as a credit to these autocrats, whose democracy is limited to their families and puppets. This time the democracy should be for people, not for leaders.

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Second youth wing of Nepali congress, Tarun Dal is lead by Bal Krishna Khad and he is there forever. I don’t think he is going to quit unless he is promoted to some top rank in the party. And Brahmans and Chhetris once again dictate the student wing, which is the hope for future and of course future of our leaders new Nepal. Recently, Pradeep Poudel elected President of NSU and his rivals were Bikash Koirala and Badri Pandey. Note their last names.

I am not just complaining about these tyrants who control Nepal. They dictate every Nepali society. Take a look at the people who control the Non Resident Nepal, the famous global Nepali Diaspora (Brahmin/Chhetri) assembly.
• Upendra Mahato
• Sharada Thapa
• Indira Ban
• Ram Thapa
• Sagar Nepal
• Chiranjibi Dhakal
• Dipak Khadka
• Naresh Koirala
• Harihar Aryal
• Kumar Basnet and so forth

And who is in my backyard (NRN Australia)?

• Mana KC
• Ranju Thapa
• Goba Katuwal
• Shyam KC
• Krishna Hamal
• Pradeep Dhakal
• Durga Bastola
• Pramod Khatiwada
• Bina Poudel
• Ashok Dhakal and so onwards.

These lists are simply hard to follow and it can be utterly awful when you compare with what you see and what you hear. By no means, I am saying that all the leadership should be passed to other races. We need transparency and fairness. I uniformly oppose the indigenous leaders who term ‘Ruling Class’ to Brahmin and Chhetri to achieve cheap fame and popularity. That should not be the case. We need a strong, united, committed, and forward thinking NEPAL.

When certain people willingly or unwillingly control too much share in a nation, it is very likely that that would bring long-term political instability and long run economic damages to the country. When 10% whites controlled the 90% of farm in Zimbabwe, we know what happened. Black market is exchanging 1 US dollar for up to 300,000 and economic pundits are predicting that the rate could well and truly reach up to a million by the end of this year. Less than 30% Brahmin and Chhetri enjoy more than 80% portfolios in: Bureaucracy, Scholarships, Business, Media, Army, Police, Customs, and Judiciaries etc. Lets start to stop this communal outrageous from today to give a better future for our glorious nation. It’s a matter of urgency to give people a reasonable share in all areas of the country. Let the new generation enjoy democracy rather than hearing about it all their lives.

Krishna Giri, a student of International Relations, MA in Sydney, is neither Brahmin/Chhetiri nor janajati. “I believe [Giris] think they are inclined towards Chetri but Brahmins accept them widely,” Krishna says. “Personally, I think they are Sanyashi and they deserve to be in Jungle :).”








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  1. NepalBlood Avatar

    Whoever’s using the name “Nepali Blood” – note that it is too close to my name. Too close for comfort, especially since our ideologies differ so much. And Chettris are NOT going extinct anytime soon. We are still the largest single ethnic group. If we decide to unite and revolt, you and your like won’t find a hole to hide in.

  2. Shaman Avatar


    Realizing, whether late or early, does not make any difference. It is simply because we, as Nepalese, are no longer united and we are drive by our caste and creed considerations. Unfortunately, we also do not want to see beyond that consideration. In such a case, it is natural for the Indians to dictate the terms. It had done in the past, it is doing at present and it will do in the future. Whether it is a ‘grand’ or ‘super grand’ design is unquantifiable but only truth is that Nepal will be dictated by India and sadly we can do absolutely nothing about it. Like in economics, it is endogeneous variable – something which comes as given and predetermined variable and cannot be changed.

  3. Kirat Avatar

    The more things change the more they remain the same, huh?

    Strange thing about bahuns
    -the ones employed in the private sector- banks, travel agencies, airlines, trading agencies, media etc seem hard working and smart (most of them). Their bosses are usually non-bahuns.
    -the ones employed in government and semi govt. organisations all seem lazy, dumb(at their actual work) and corrupt to the core (almost all of them). Their bosses are almost always fellow bahuns.

    Also has there ever been a survey of the private sector to see (in terms of ethnicity) who are the owners of, say the top 100 Nepali companies and the ethnicity of the different category of employees in these organisations? That would be interesting. I am sure it will be a much more representative mix then in the government organisations.

  4. noname Avatar

    The Newars are for the King. The Chteris are for the King. The Brahmins want the King. The Tharus rever the King. The Madhesis won’t let the King go. The Marwaris need him every bit. And then Gurungs, Kirats, etc. all have strong support base for the King.

    Ummm so well, SP8M warlords…where does your support come from?

  5. goodman Avatar

    Lets unite countrymen. its time for unity. lets realize the truth. its never too late if we realize the truth. lets work together for better future. what mr giri exposed is a historic truth and we must correct this from now on to move ahead.
    Justice for ALL

  6. Purebahun Avatar

    You make good comment as always. I appreciate those. Don’t fear about my blogname it’s just to irritate others. It seems most bloggers having bahun phobia.

    You pointed out that mostly in Gov. offices working class is bahun, it’s not 100% true. Those are corrup because the salary doesn’t feed them. Private sector, people work hard and get good money, they work hard otherwise they will be kickedout, whereas gov. sector, you can not kickout anyone if they are permanent. The system is crap not all the people.

    I agree with you that in private sector; mostly it’s occupied by other caste then where is discremination? I have seen even in gov. offices Matwalis are in higher post and equally respected. But I have seen this caste and clan system is heavily locked into everyones brain. If you look at Private office run by Newar, then the subordinates are mostly Newars, if Gurung, you will see all newars. Look at Bhatbhateni Supermaket, it has over 500 employee and 98% are Gurungs but if you look at any company run by Bahun, there hardly any bahun or chhetri. Could you tell me who is discriminating more

    Likewise, Go to Namche, No any bahun chhetri having hotel there, Why???

    Gov sector: There were few rights for higher offers to appoint very lower position in the past where as most of the employee come from Lok SEwa examination? Then who did bahunbad there. Who ever studied hard they passed and become officers, why this is headache for others. Go to school, get education pass Lok Sewa then who can block you to be a Gov. officer??? This is totally wrong to say bahunbad.

    Sectarianism: Bahun never fear to build house in any part of country and live life freely whereas if you see just a Kathmandu settlement; Gurung only makes house in Gurung community, Sherpa only Makes house in Sherpa comunity, can give many example and can prove them

    Thus conclusion is: education, if you are educated then your brain become broader and your thinking will be broad and never having any discrimination and always think about fraternity. This all gossip is just because of tiny brain.

  7. sl Avatar

    Both Kirat and purebahun have raised important observations.

    Kirat, I have noticed that the private sector is much more representative then the government sector. This is more so because the private sector seeks out the best people for the job, although we still have cases like Bhatbhatini where as purebahun pointed out there are mostly Gurungs. However, Bhatbhatini can hardly be termed a professional outfit, it is one of those entrepreneurial brilliance brought about by one person and his family. He probably has the same reservations against say hiring too many brahmins as most non-brahmins do – namely trust.

    However, purebahun is correct to point out that the private sector pay is better than the government, and the government sector staff cannot get fired. This is albeit very important as far as the incompetence level in the government is concerned. The way things are going with intensive unionisation it won’t be long before even private sector employees can’t get fired for incompetence.

    As far as the lok sewa exams are concerned I’m afraid I have to disagree with purebahun – this is a heavily sanskritised examinatioin which naturally favours bahuns. Let’s face it 90% of us Nepalese really do not understand or speak that sort of Nepali. I think a choice should be given for candidates to take the exams in the highly sanskritised form as is today, or a simplified Nepali form or better still in English. Then we will see who has the competence and level of understanding required to function in this global age. Purebahun, you are making a similar sort of argument as me telling all the present government employees to resit their exams in English the only universal language. How many do you think would pass? I bet most would fail – and would I then say that they should then go and get the appropriate education to pass the exams – or do I give them a choice to sit for the exams in the choices I have outlined earlier?
    As for bahuns living where they want and others coming together, well again it is natural that the dominant group chose to fearlessly wander where they want and the supressed stick together. I wonder what the bahuns will chose to do in the future when all the people of Nepal have equal representation and the power is distributed amongst all groups – would pahadi brahmins then comfortably live in the Terai under madhesi autonomous rule?
    Education is a must, but with it has to come sense and sensibility. A brilliant mind is a wonderful thing as they say but if you don’t have the heart it is pointless.

  8. waiba Avatar

    The only industry that I know that Bahuns have not been able to dominate is the operation of trekking and mountaineering, but even there, they are in control of making policies and rules. Just look at the composition of the immigration officers at the airport and tourism ministry. Pay and rewards far exceeds the private sectors with ghus and kickbacks in the government. That’s why bahuns gravitate to those jobs.

  9. Hari Naam Avatar
    Hari Naam

    “When 10% whites controlled the 90% of farm in Zimbabwe, we know what happened. Black market is exchanging 1 US dollar for up to 300,000 and economic pundits are predicting that the rate could well and truly reach up to a million by the end of this year.”

    Zimambwe collapsed entirely after the white zamindar’s were kicked out by Mugabe.

  10. bhuchchad Avatar

    I really appreciate your article.
    “Chor ko khutta kaat” bhanda yadi chorharule khutta uchalchhan bhane yasama tapainko kunai dosh chhaina.
    But its truth that “Thieves are thieves whether they stealing property or political shares of innocent Nepalese, and one day they will definitely be caught by society,
    Sooner or later, we will see our Nepali people cutting their legs,and leaving them even without walking sticks.
    Just wait and watch.
    Who can guarantee the stability without social and political justice in the country. May be Asheem can but not others.

  11. Shaman Avatar

    I did not that private sector is efficient because there are not too many brahmins there.
    It is also new to me that hard work is perogative of other communities, except brahmins.
    My understanding was that merit, education and accountability had larger role to play in private sector.

    All thanks to Kirat and his wisdom, my eyes are opened and I realized that efficiency is community and creed specific.

  12. Kirat Avatar

    Shaman-it really helps if you read my post carefully before replying to it. Where have I stated or inferred that efficiency is community and creed specific?

  13. sagarmatha Avatar


    Privatizing the NOC and expecting low price to consumer will be the day-dream for Nepali people. Privatizing the NOC will bring more problems in future. One can easily politicise the issue of price-hike and can damage the private sector investment.

    This is Nepal, and politics is the only charm for the people where power, money and society exist. Look at the maoist leaders, although they talk bla..bla..bla to the poor people, but they are living in high society and even heard that substantial fund has been transfered to Swiss Bank. And also look at other politicians like Sujata, the daughter of loktantric PM, who is buying surprise gift of 20 lacs and hand bag costing around 2 lacs. Why to do business by putting all property in riks where politicians can earn easy money and enjoy power and where no single businessman can even imagine giving that amount of surprise gift to their children. The loktantra is only for politicians not for any single individual in Nepal. Most of the decisions are made in Nepal with the vested interest not looking at the future prospects.

  14. Newa-KTM Avatar

    Shah aayo Newar maryo
    Shah Dynasty kills Newar

    Rana aayo Newar chelibeti lutyo
    Rana rules Newar females raped

    Panchayat aayo Newar community futyo
    Panchayat came and destroy within Newar community

    Hindu aayo Newar samaj ma bhedbab jagyo
    Hindu religion arised discrimination within Newar society

    Raja aayo Newar ko sampati ma aakha laagyo
    King came Newar property confiscated

    Somesome do translate this as follows:
    Balla prajatantra aayo, Nepali Janta ko todfod chalyo
    Nirbachan aayo Bahun Chetri ko sosan suru bhayo
    Antya ma nepal ko naya itihas suru bho
    Tyo ho, Pidit janta bhokai marna Badya bho

    I really appreciate with the comments raised by Kirat,sherpa, sl , etc.

    Mr. Giri,
    what is in your mind to solve this core problems? Bahun/chetris kickout? Almost all of them settle down in the foreign lands. so what next ?

  15. Newa-KTM Avatar

    Shah aayo Newar maryo
    Shah Dynasty kills Newar

    Rana aayo Newar chelibeti lutyo
    Rana rules Newar females raped

    Panchayat aayo Newar community futyo
    Panchayat came and destroy within Newar community

    Hindu aayo Newar samaj ma bhedbab jagyo
    Hindu religion arised discrimination within Newar society

    Raja aayo Newar ko sampati ma aakha laagyo
    King came Newar property confiscated

    Somesome do translate this as follows:
    Balla prajatantra aayo, Nepali Janta ko todfod chalyo
    Nirbachan aayo Bahun Chetri ko sosan suru bhayo
    Antya ma nepal ko naya itihas suru bho
    Tyo ho, Pidit janta bhokai marna Badya bho

    I really appreciate with the comments raised by Kirat,sherpa, sl , etc.

    Mr. Giri,
    what is in your mind to solve this core problems? Bahun/chetris kickout from Nepal? Almost all of them settle down in the foreign lands. so what is next ?

  16. hope Avatar

    Well, nothing new in this article except some wrong facts regarding Zimbabwe, when 10 % whites controlled 90% of farm there, the country was doing good and when they turn around and captured the farmlands by blacks, particularly by the supporters of Robert Mugabe, the country plundered into chaos. It was only then Zimbabwe became one of the worst economy in Africa even surpassing some of the conflict torn Blood Diamond economies. I wonder why the writer in Australia wants to mislead the readers allover the world about the well known fact.

    Having said that I agree with him in his thoughts regarding the bahuns and chettris capturing all the important posts. But what is the solution?? do you think we should revolt like Zimbabwe or like Iraq where they dismissed all the ruling Baathist and recruited new Shia minority?? While there should be no doubt that the situation must change and all other nationalities should be given fair oppotunity to represent the people in their respective posts but is that possible in the current socio-political system we have?? Where there is no transparency and no accountability at all how would you even take your first step to give a chance to a minority?? When the country’s Governor of the National Treasury (Bahun again) is charged with misappropriation of funds, who would you think will make amendments curtailing their own power and “reservation”??

    As it is easy to point out the problems as scores of people have done so in the past , it’s high time to think of a solution, a wayout,a reconciliation and most importantly a compromise. We cannot get rid of these people in one go and I guess it is not necessary too, there should be equal representation and the utmost transparency, where people will achieve what they deserve irrespective of their caste and religion!! The last thing we need in our ‘blessed” country is the ethnic conflict, which will ensure the undeniable need for our southern neighbor to act in the name of defusing the tension in it’s vicinity!!

  17. Abhinav Avatar

    this article makes no sense at what nepal requires is not the division among the different castes but proper education and the equal oppurtunity. let every community get the equal opportunity and let only the skill be the major point to be take care of while giving anyone any dignified posts . It may mean there might be all baahuns or all achhetris or all madhesis or all newars. reservations and these kind of concepts just deteriorates and divides our country. please don’t do this , let us all be given the same platform whereby only the best get to run the country whether from any cast or religion.

  18. sense Avatar

    why people are not understanding the example of Zimbabwe? when things are not controlled, then Mugabe regime comes and destroys the nation. 10% whites shouldn’t have owned that much of land in the first place. Today’s generations are paying the price.

    makes sense?

  19. Chhetri UK Avatar
    Chhetri UK

    HI Giri,
    I appreciate you for putting the reality in words. But you have made an error understanding Chhetri. Being member of Chhetri Club Uk I refuse to be associated with the Bahun. The term ‘Chhetri Bahun’ has always benifited Bahun as you seem to understand the same too, Chhettri is the largest ethinic group in nepal, if we talk about the equality chhetri should have fair share in the politis, government, schoolersship and so on, but we don’t,
    bahun are taking all the share of the chhetri in the name of Chhetri Bahun, these days even Janajati, dalit, madeshi are allocated quotas, dispite being biggest ethinic group in nepal we have been rubbed by the system.

    Lets not forget the history, Bbhakti Thapa, Balbhadra Kuwar
    Chhetri warrior who united and made the Nepal you are being previlage to be called one. Chhetri are now being cornered, report shows Chhetri are the porest ethinic group in Nepal while Janajati are enjoying British Gurkha army, high salary, good pension and happly converting into british citizen.

    Chhetri will not accept bahun pandit anymore and request all chhetri to do so aswell, a chhetri who is pure in hart and knws the Shastra will be our pandit.

    Chhetri unity has begun, request all chhetri to network in your own village, district and zones. we will accept no less than our proportional share.

  20. sanjeev Avatar

    well, sir i think u know lot bout nepalese politics and stuffs. the thing that u are saying is very true that nepalese politics is dominated by brahmins and chhetris. but the thing you r saying promotes racism and these sort of things will surely result to racial war which i think has already started. these people u r talking about do not belong to any caste or race. they have never favoured their caste but their own selves. the situation of brahmins and chhetris is also miserable. don’t base your understanding just on the big cities of nepal.
    i think that these leaders fooled the whole nation. now the new government form should give space for every one according to the qualification. we should think of a nation as a whole and not only about the caste. first, we are nepalese, then we are brahmins, then we are dalits, then we are chhetris and then we are janajatis.
    i am a very young guy who is concerned about the future of nepal and not of myself, my family or my caste. nation and nationality is above everything-family, relatives and race.
    if i am speaking something wrong, please correct me.

  21. Junj Bahadur Avatar
    Junj Bahadur

    U might be forget that U also from the branch of Brahmins Category.
    Because,U peope are named as KHASAY ko zath from Bhaun.
    U think that u r out of it.Thats your big sense.
    Dude , be in Nepal then u try to start saything these things, not out of NP.

  22. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Because Brahmins have brain and they know how to use it therefore they are everywhere…….

  23. bdr chhetri Avatar
    bdr chhetri

    Thanks 4 review about 18 century but still u have enough time to learn about 21st century.

  24. Krishna Avatar

    Dear Bullshit Friend…
    Better stop criticizing each other within the community..After all Nepal in belong to Nepali….If you go on descussion this topic nextday Nepal will be divided and there won’t be anymore Nepal…
    You all are bulshit…

  25. Mixed from Bhutan Avatar
    Mixed from Bhutan

    Dear Mr. Giri….
    Don’t try to be in Kirat family..You know your parents are came from Chhetri’s Womb…
    These day Rai nad Limbu have a different Dharma called “Kirat Dharma” And I have read all most all the Books written all about their Dharma.. It is all critisizing to Chhetri and Bhanun. They are trying to groug in one and fight for the Separate nation in Nepal through this Dharma.. And in the same manner you are encouraging the people to separate from One Nepali to many castes..
    You are saying so many things to Bhahun and Chhetri which and where you are belongs to…
    Mr. Giri.. You know what are you doing? Participating in Kirat Dharma and pointing yor Finger towards you only…

  26. Nepali First Avatar
    Nepali First

    Kamm kehi chaina Nepal ma…. Life pathetic cha…economy nil… sabai daridra chan…. ani tyo ali less daridra, ra ma dherai daridra chu bhanera jhagada garchan… Bidhesi le dekhda kya hascha hola…

  27. baalmatlab Avatar

    Sometimes it makes me bang my head against a all when time and again i get to see bloggers harp about hydro potential of the country.

    We don’t have neither finances nor resources to do that, they take up a huge amount of money and concrete govt policy towards a project.
    The only thing that can bring about economic prosperity is tourism and agriculture(Floriculture).

    But i have put my foot in my mouth friends, for all this to happen u need a govt( a stable one) atleast and that seems unlikely in near future.

  28. Guest Avatar

    Wonder what would happen if we banned Bahuns and Chettris from entering into politics? Would there be less greed, corruption, selfishness and inefficiency and more ethics and nation building instead of the individual building seen now?

  29. parasite Avatar

    What’s the problem? Nepal is doing just fine with these wonderful bahun leaders running the country!

  30. bahunista Avatar

    As can be seen from the present moves made by Koirala, the good culture of bahuns is alive and kicking!

  31. Bahun Culture is bad-change it Avatar
    Bahun Culture is bad-change it

    It’ ruining Nepal!

  32. ro Avatar

    is it a sin to know better ? isi it a crime to have better ability ? evseryone is free to prove one’s aptitude and take the rein of anythig he or she wants. Giri girlishly counts the bahun chettri names even in Australia, sitting in the backyard. He could have come infront and organise himself ?At least he should have expressed his gratitute to them . Do yourself Giri! don’t lament for your inaptitaue blaming and cursing others.

  33. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    Kathmandu Valley was doing fine until that Jealous King from Gurkha took the authority. Since then K. valley has been ruined, there is no sign of refurbishment of our old buildings which were made for its people.

    After the democracy, all the leaders came with pre-occupied full of India’s favors (each and every leader has a story how Indian helped them and now they think its their duty/obligation to make India Happy by leaving all Nepalese unhappy)

    So far, we have already seen what this Bramin/chhetri regime can do. By analyzing their capability, it proves that they don’t have enough brain to lead the country. In few years Nepal will be like India, unless, there is a federal system.

    So we need a new face, not bramin/chhettri but a Mangolian categories such as Newar, Limbu, Gurung etc etc….

  34. Guest Avatar

    I think it would be really good if politics and the government bureaucracy became more inclusive. Look at all the big political parties-most of the bigwigs are all from the Brahmin community. It’s not because they are smarter but because of the culture of only giving opportunities to one’s own- like Girija has done with Sujata. Looking at the state of the Bahun run country only an idiot racist would claim that Bahun’s are superior to other communities.

    The bureaucracy is even worse. It is filled 90% with Bahun’s and it is 90% corrupt. The Bahun dominated bureaucracy is corrupt, inept and uncaring about serving the country-who can deny this? Don’t we need a change or do you think all is good and fine?

  35. kanchha Avatar

    I am with you guys! I am not Newar, I am Limbu but I still think these Bramin/chhetri ruined Kathmandu. When i was in Nepal before 1991, I could breathe…when you breathe you could feel fresh air in the Valley but now the city has become worst…a dead! its charm has been destroyed by these pro-indian-nepalese politicians.

    I feel sorry for Newari from Valley. I think, they should claim their identity back so that they can protect its history, newari language and newari culture!

    just today, all the (except 1 or 2) Bramin/Chhetri were sworn in Singha Durbar for all the designated position.

    Sujata is foreign minister but she doesn’t care about the people who are in the boarder living in hell. She doesn’t even approve / believe that encroachment ever happen. If she really care about nepal why doesn’t she visit that place.

    She thinks that being a foreign minister means only shaking hands to foreign countries ? I doubted if she knows her responsibilities as a foreign minister?

  36. joti - scot Avatar
    joti – scot

    I think, its time for pay back! all the Bramin/Chetri working in every office and every jobs, that tells something…they are sucker! they want to have it all!

    Even in abroad, their population has overtook us. They have no shame, most of them came from Arab countries, later marry old men/women for residency. After getting that they have no shame to leave them and go nepal and marry in Nepal and bring them over and talk big in front of them who have no residency!

    Shame on you Bramin …. stop making us fool!

  37. joti - scot Avatar
    joti – scot

    As far as Sujata is concern, she is not there to do her job but to suck the nation!

    In every country, before they have been given a job like this, always check their background whether or not they are suitable for the job. But in Nepal that never happens…untill we get rid of them pro-indian nepalese politicians.

    Why don’t they go India if they care less about Nepal and more about India? what happened to the mayor’s Election?

    Why don’t we accept the proposal of Khagendra Thapa ~ keeping GPS Technology in the Boarder???

    We should make our ministers someone like “Khagendra Thapa” who cares that much about our Land!!!

  38. 1.618 Avatar

    Pendulum goes back and forth to sustain identity,
    But, Who plays the Gravity?
    Unknown still, more better it is,
    Land, No Land, War, No War, Please!
    Who segregates and gets what?

    Pain Pleasure Pride, Prestige Problem
    Cowards Cast Caste, Courage Crisis
    For What? Mummies again dead
    Stop! Stop! Stop! Crying in vain

  39. joti - scot Avatar
    joti – scot

    Only Bramin/Chhetri can understand your out dated poems!

  40. Diehard Avatar

    Lets disagree to agree to cut up this nation and feed it to Indians piece by piece. The nitwits of mother of all Loktrantra wanna see that- Monarchy played a part in not letting the nation fragment by the seams but likes of Girja, Nepal and Murderer Prachanda never saw like BP did and kow towed to their master and their henchemen who are soiling our sisters in this side of Dang

  41. joti - Scotland Avatar
    joti – Scotland

    if you, bramin/chhetri leave Nepal then our Kathmandu made of Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Newar and Magar etc etc will live a peaceful life for sure!

    drama, ….drama in politics by the same Bramin ruined our country especially in Kathmandu.

    Bramin only know how to move their two lips (talk), they have know idea how to live!

    Go india…leave country alone!

  42. Guest Avatar

    It’s a question of meritocracy versus nepotism. A level playing field versus one that is totally skewered to favour one community against the interests of the entire country. It’s about equal opportunity. Does our socio-political system encourage meritocracy, provide a level playing field and equal opportunity for all? It’s skewered to favour only the Bahun, that is why you are seeing only Bahun’s dominating the political and the administrative areas in the government. Since they are there not because of merit, or having come through fair competition and a process of equal opportunity but through nepotism, unfair advantages, little true competition it is obvious that the system has produced a very corrupt, incompetent and dishonest lot. The result of such a Bahun favouring system? Well look at how our politicians and political parties function, look at how little they have moved our country forward or are interested in doing so. Look at the government entities dominated by these Bahuns who have benefited from this terrible system, the Judiciary, the Executive administrative units such as the CDO, Land Revenue Office, the Customs Dept., the Tax Dept., etc are all peopled by corrupt, inefficient and dishonest persons all working against the interests of the community, society and the country as a whole.

    The whole Bahun dominated culture and systems existing right now needs to be dismantled and a new culture and system that encourages meritocracy, equal opportunity and a level playing field for all established. Only then will we get better politicians interested in furthering the interests of the people and the nation and a bureaucracy that is substantially more efficient, honest and working in the interests of the people and the country.

    The old Bahun systems and culture have to go!

  43. joti - scot Avatar
    joti – scot

    …awarding people with merits? that’s impossible as long as these pro-indians are in power with the adopted culture where only source and force works and counts.
    when one Bramin/chhetri are in power (is a leader or minister), their first responsibility becomes to employ someone who are from his relatives such as their own nieces, cousins. They don’t care about other people.

    Enough is enough, we can’t tolerate anymore. When people are unhappy then they should talk and share about their grievances. my voice is about the most conspicuous discrimination which have been practicing in Nepal by these bramin/chhetri against us.

    It sounds stupid if I say that Nepali language was made National language by King Prithiv by suppressing Newari language which is a Native language of Newari community but why Sanskrit language was made compulsory in School?

    why, a Indian priest was made in Pasupathi Nath temple (where he was paid more then 100,000 pound yearly) by sacking a Newari priest by Bramin King?
    making an indian richer and us poorer?

    every time when i see these leaders smiling with indians leaders, I get sick, still..not improved, still not understood what we Nepalese want! then they are responsible for their loss (likely to be one).

    Now these leaders are talking about making a Capital of NEPAL somewhere else? ha, who cares? why don’t they make capital city in Indian Border?

  44. joti - scot Avatar
    joti – scot

    Guest, you are talking like a British/American now…double standard that’s what it called. I think, our kings learned that from British, being diplomatic!

    In 1998, I went to Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand for a Training Courses for Functional managers, where I met a group of 8 People who came from the Government department in Nepal. In the first day, it shocked me when most of them were so hesitant to introduce themselves in front of all those people. they hardly attended a class but they seemed to spend more time going for shopping and touring the city.

    I doubted they even had completed their diploma which was required for the job they were doing! (perhaps they have Indian certificates!) that is something fishy, isn’t it?

    this is just a general view, when i see these Bramin journalists, can anyone tell me what they are writing at the time when someone is speaking? I mean are they taking a note which we do in College, word by word from our lecturers? All the journalists seem busy noting rather than putting forward an important question to them. don’t they have a little bit of brain to remember those words?

    So, Every Bramin are politicians, journalists or intellectual by birth, huh?

    And whoever talks about these issues (discrimination, humiliation and our rights) then we become uneducated, communists or maoist, huh?

  45. Guest as well Avatar
    Guest as well

    Are the Maobadis the Taliban of Nepal?!!

  46. yakthumba Avatar

    that is why all indegeneeous nationalisties of nepal should return back to our own native land n stay put so that we all can contribute n flow resources in empowering our community n developing nation as a whole. awareness r increasing rapidly n tides r turning. n the same people who brought the culture of impunity, castism, nepotism, classes when threatend due to all these uprisings doesnt hesitate to to level such movements as seperatists, racists n anti national, wat a sick joke. these people hav stampd a value in many resources mainly rivers n lands of nepal n guiltlessly sold them to india, hav committed national level crimes by huge corruption, the money that should b benifiting poor nepalese population yet they claim themselkves to b so nationalist n others not, f##k them all. we r native of these land, we r more connected to land, soil, river, mountains etc where our civilization thrived. it is high time we act now.

    hail ningmafungaa

  47. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Nepal ka sacchha aadibasi, Ne muni ka santan, Nepal yekikaran karta KHAS (BAHUN, CHETTRI, THAKURI, SANYASI) harule ahile Nepal ma dekhiyeko KHAS ra Nepal birodhi bikhandankari haru sanga mukabala garna pani Khas haruko baliyo sangathan banaunu aawasek cha. Afno sangathan kholera Chettri harule yekdam ramro gare. Aba Bahun, Thakuri, ra sanyasi le pani aa-aafno sangathan kholnuparcha, ra ani sabai milera Khas haru ko maha sangathan kholunparcha. Hajarau barsa dekhi Nepal ka raithane, aadibasi KHAS ko birodh ma Bhot, Burma/Thailand ra India bata chireka aaprabasi haru ko Nepal tukryune udeshye safal huna nadina ra Nepal lai bachauna pani Khas haru ko yekta hunu jaruri cha.

    Jaya Nepal

  48. Dinesh Chettri Avatar
    Dinesh Chettri

    Ke ho, sampadak jyu, Khas le aba yeuta comment pani lekhna napaune ho?? maile lekheko comment kina hatayeko??????

    Nepal ka sacchha aadibasi, Ne muni ka santan, Nepal yekikaran karta KHAS (BAHUN, CHETTRI, THAKURI, SANYASI) harule ahile Nepal ma dekhiyeko KHAS ra Nepal birodhi bikhandankari haru sanga mukabala garna pani Khas haruko baliyo sangathan banaunu aawasek cha. Afno sangathan kholera Chettri harule yekdam ramro gare. Aba Bahun, Thakuri, ra sanyasi le pani aa-aafno sangathan kholnuparcha, ra ani sabai milera Khas haru ko maha sangathan kholunparcha. Hajarau barsa dekhi Nepal ka raithane, aadibasi KHAS ko birodh ma Bhot, Burma/Thailand ra India bata chireka aaprabasi haru ko Nepal tukryune udeshye safal huna nadina ra Nepal lai bachauna pani Khas haru ko yekta hunu jaruri cha.

    Jaya Nepal

  49. JAYA kHAS Avatar

    Actually you so-called indegeneous nationalisities are only migrant who came here from Mongolia, Bhot, Thailand, Burma and India.
    The only indegeneous people of Nepal are NE-MUNI ka santan KHAS (BAHUN, CHETTRI, THAKURI , SANYASI).

  50. yakthumba Avatar

    another hypocrite with same scent of hegemonial mentality. even the worst distorted history written by bahuns also cite about the kirati civilization along the foothills of himalayas way before the arrival of aryans. the hindu epic mahabharat can b more than an evidence to prove the theory. yes, khas of karnali regions r indegenous n natives. n they dont want to get incorporated with bahun chettri hierarchy that of india. thakuri itself is in contradiction as a title or distinct race. census qualifies it as seperate race but they r still argueing about its validity given the historical reasons of aristocrat title which were given to magars too. and nepal just before 200 years meant only ktm valley so broaden up bro just dont claim everything as urs n make an explicit pretext to b saviour meanwhile hiding inner motive to screw our nation more, we all know the truth who has been the elites n ruling class n wat has been the consequences. about mongolia n stuff, theres no any evidence that supports such but yes the languages r of tibeto burmese family n were nomads in early days with no fixed regions which happend to b modern china, burma, tibets. so, if that makes us immigrant ur bunches social norms attributes everything as similar to dhotis from south. the calenders, lnaguages, religions, scripts, customs, so, bro think again who seems more immigrant in nature. we have folklore, rituals, religious praying decipting the same mountains, rocks, hills, rivers within nepal but u guys name ganga, kashi, banaras places over the border. well, peace bro, hate things can go more.

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