Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?

Provoking the Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of the royalist strategy to derail the peace process. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go for retaliation and revenge. That must not happen.

Activists of the Young Communist League (YCL), youth wing of the CPN Maoist, who were injured in the clash with MPRF activists in Gaur, Rhautahat, undergoing treatment at the Medical College in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Pics by Binod Tripathi (another pic inside)

At least 25 people have been killed in a clash between CPN Maoist and Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum (MPRF) cadres today in Gaur, headquarter of Rhautahat district. This is the single largest case of killing since Maoists announced cease fire last year. This is disturbing and alarming because Maoists were not armed and they came under attack from the suspicious group named MPRF or Madhesi Janadhikar Forum. Plus, this was not a fight between government security forces and agitating group but was between two different non-government groups. This makes us ask this chilling question: has the civil war started in Nepal? (Whatever happened during the decade-long Maoist insurgency that saw the deaths of more than 14 thousand people wasn’t civil war for sure.)

It’s an open secret that regressive forces who want to see the king or monarchy in power desperately want to derail the ongoing peace process between the government of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists. The success of the peace process means the happening of the election of Constituent Assembly that will decide the fate of monarchy (read it as abolishing) by a simple majority. It is widely believed in the democratic circle that MJF was created by regressive force to bring about instability in Terai region so that the election plans could be derailed. The sole intention of MJF seems to fulfill that aim. Provoking Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of that strategy. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go for retaliation and revenge. That must not happen. Maoists must not give the regressive force a chance to do further damage to the fragile peace process. If Maoists react violently and escalate the tension, that will help no one but the royalist regressive forces.

The MPRF rally before the clash. MPRF cadres were armed with lathis. Pic by Shiva Puri

We didn’t think from the beginning that the transition to complete democracy and republicanism would be completely peaceful. It will be painful but the pain has come in such a devastating manner. If this killing spreads and turns into the ethnic clash, we might see genocide in Nepal. A senior journalist who recently visited Nepalgunj told us that the western town was on the verge of plunging into a full fledged ethnic fighting. The situation is fluid and all forces, especially the Maoists, must show restrain and behave responsibly. We understand their pain and we express sorrow over the brutal killings of their cadres in Gaur but for the shake of lasting peace they must show restrain and behave responsibly.

Gaur Killing: At least 25 Maoists were killed in crossfire between the activists of the Maoist affiliated Madheshi Mukti Morcha and the agitating Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) today afternoon in Rautahat headquarters Gaur. District Police Office Rautahat confirmed that the people were killed in the exchange of fire while a dozen more were injured at Rice Mills area in the district at around 2:30 this afternoon. “The clashes between the two parties ensued after they met at the same venue to stage their mass gatherings,” Superintendent of Police Ram Kumar Khanal told ekantipur over the phone. According to Khanal, 13 died at the scene of the clash while a further 12 bodies were found at Hajmonia and Mudbalawa VDCs in the district this evening. He said that some two dozen people were injured in the incident and that a dozen critically injured have been taken to a hospital in Birgunj. None of the deceased has yet been identified, the official said.

Police officials said they were trying to confirm the identity of those killed in the incident. Both the Maoist-affiliated Madhesi Mukti Morcha and the MJF had planned their mass meetings in the area at the same time. Maoist lawmaker Prabhu Shah and MJF chairman Upendra Yadav were to address their respective mass meetings. The local administration has announced curfew from 2:45 pm today till 4 am Thursday in Gaur after the violence.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) has condemned the violence between supporters of the MFJ and the Maoists in Gaur. OHCHR-Nepal also confirmed the death of 12 persons in the clash. The UN rights body said quoting sources at the Gaur Hospital that some victims died as a result of head injuries caused by beatings with bamboo batons. Some of those admitted at the hospital are with serious head injuries. OHCHR said its human rights officers were in Gaur to investigate the incidents, including the causes of death.






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  1. Captain Crash Avatar

    “Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?”

    it is not civil war but it is…. wake up!!!

    stop blaming to royalist or any other…….. the root of the problem is not 250 years ruled by Shah dynasty but the maoist policy to rule people by fear….

    one open minded president once said “our biggest fear is to live in fear” maoist promise democracy,


  2. bridohi Avatar

    Mr Wagle:

    You are adding fuel to fire by labelling the Gaur incident as a royalist ploy & making a mockery out of the Madhesi people of Nepal. Does it ever occur to you that the Madhesi people actully have a legitimate mandate–they are held as second class citizens in their country–and suffer rampant discrimination? Your yellow brand of journalism is dispicable & frankly lacks any logic. You are merely a mouth piece for Maoist propoganda. Where is your evidence that the Gaur killings had links to the royalists? Until you provide us with evidence, please do not insult our intelligence.

    Your argument for that the Gaur incendent was fuelled by royalists is baseless. If MPRF had been advertising for the last 15 days that they were going to have a mass meeting at the Gaur Rice Mill, then, why did the Maoists aligned MRMM also want to have a mass meeting at the same time & same place which only publicised in the last 3 days.

    It seems to me that this is pure provacation & intolerance in part of the Maoists. It takes two tango Wagle. Lets remember that.

  3. Haisanlu Avatar

    Just a feeling of pain at this provocation and anguish for the Young Communist League comrades

  4. Shaman Avatar

    What a sham! This is height of the Maoists’ pathetic attitude….

    “In his first reaction to Wednesday’s bloody clashes, Maoist chairman Prachanda accused the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) of being funded by ‘foreign and regressive forces’ with an aim to disrupt elections in mid-June to choose a constitution-drafting assembly.

    ‘We call on the government to outlaw the group that is being supported by element from across the border,’ Prachanda said, speaking in the western town of Nepalgunj.”

    Paste the link in your browser and read the news:

  5. JAY NEPAL Avatar

    The Rautahat killing is codemnable
    It could have been avoided if STUPID Sitaula was not HM.


  6. Aryan Avatar

    Yes, It should happen. Our Great Nepal is going through Transitional Moment. When china had it’s same moment it had to loose about 2 coror people. A great future for nepali and nepal.

  7. pawan Avatar

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  8. manan Avatar

    Its strange to imagine Maoists playing victim, but that’s what they are doing now.

    “We did not provoke the violence. Armed activists from the Forum attacked our peaceful rally and killed our supporters,” Mahara said.

    Really, Mr Mahara?

  9. NPRF Avatar

    If Madheshi Janatantric Forum has shown the true face of its violent motives – perhaps it need thorough investigation on fact that the organization has been accused of royalists infilteration and in politically correct tone “THE ROYALISTS INVOLVEMENT” to down play with the democracy and disrupt the CA elections.

    Royalists do not mean the palace but the establishment of that govenance system in which many previleged Madheshi upper class peole have shared the power and want to continue with the status quo. Therefore, this movement can be regressive and anti-democratic in the name of big slogan “federal governance sytem with autonomous and self-governing authority.”

    These are most vulnerable elements that the regressive force can demand to devide the nation. If that is the motive then MJF OR MPRF is purely and solely run by the Madhesi royalists. The current history tells us that there were many privileged royalists during the Panchayet system – Mahendra and GYane used lot of Madhesi people to control the Tarai. Because Shah and Rana still have lots of land in Tarai.

    There are many Madhesi Mandales and Tarai is the foundation of Madales and Exterimists Royalist.

    It would be nice if the leaderships of MPRF are arrested and the organization is band on the basis of their killing and vandalization of public property and plus hiring Bihari Gundas to kill Nepali people – Maoists or orginary + letting Biharis loot and rub the Pahadi people’s houses and family.

    This is not a civil war but Madheshi Royalists Mandales political trick to down play with the Democracy and distrupt the CA election for the power in the royal system.

  10. guyfromktm Avatar

    what is wagle and the gang trying to achieve by blaming the royalists for everything under the sun? Why can’t they cover the news to inform the people how the government was a moot spectator when all of this was happening? What is Situala paid for? Why are we birning our scarce resources to pay for these good-for-nothing people? And why is the blog ignoring the fact that this was the same means that the Moaists had adopted to get tp the point of having the photo opportunity for the peace deal and now, on a daily basis are passing threatening statements to the government and the people of Nepal. It is the Maoists and the corrupt thugs that are hellbent on trying to postpone this election so that they can rule the country forever without having to face the ballots. What’s happening in Terai is a payback of the Terai people for the oppression they faced for the past so many days including the years that we knew as democratic years and one year of the so-called loktatntra. True, that the means that are being adopted is not correct but having seen the Maoists use the same means to get to where they are today, what method do you expect the others to follow?

  11. bridohi Avatar


    You are in a state of denial. Any act of civil disobedience or political protest in the Terai is automatically labelled regressive, reactionary & royalist. Why cannot you see that there may be actual grievances faced by the Madhesi people. The age old discrimination, the “sukumbasi” settlements of the pahadis in the terai & very little representation.

    It is Maoists who opened the pandora’s box with their short sightedness by aligning themselves with a loose ethnic based federations. Now the MJM & other Madhesi groups have stolen their agenda right under their nose, they cannot seem to deal with it. Maoists have lost their foothold in the Terai & are probably unlikely to garner any support in the CA elections from this very important area.

    No wonder PK Dahal wants to ban the MPRF… A banned party cannot contest elections. Here is the real answer.

  12. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    NPRF: You are an idiot. Please just keep yourself to watching American/Indian Idol and stop making idiotic comments about politics.

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    bridohi: well said!

  14. guyfromktm Avatar

    budhai… you could serve us all well by refraining from being the ultimate judge on this site about who is an idiot and who is not..

  15. manan Avatar

    Listen to Prach go off again. This guy is fast becoming the joker of Nepali politics. Now its Hindu extremists who were responsible for killing the Maoists, helped, of course, by the royalists and ‘expansionists’.

    It is evident the guy is some kind of delusional nut. He simply can’t seem to accept reality. How can one go on and one making these idiotic statements for which he can provide absolutely no evidence?

  16. TheWho Avatar

    I back all those logical arguments put forward by highly intelligent people. I am however, disheartened to see the fourth estate of this Nation to be corrupt and lacking intellectual capacity to distinghuish facts from fiction.

  17. proud2bnepali Avatar

    Seems like the age of reason has been lost in this blog and age of intense hatred and emotions has engulfed everyone indcluding Mr. Bhudai Pundit..About the incident, it was obivious when in the rally supposedly called by MJF, a policeman was killed in such a cruel way. Government did nothing after that against this “peaceful” agitation. They destroyed as much government buildings and political party buildings as they could. They harrassed all the political party acitivists they found and yet and still the government did nothing.

    And still people called it a great revolution.There is two reasons for people calling this a great revoution.The so called pahadis were just too reluctant to call it an overflow of emotions in the fear of being termed a anti-madhesi and the so called madhesis were just too excited by the immense overflow of emotions and anger over the centralised rule of 240 years. Yes it was a mass agitation but it was more true that the agitation was without any leader and most of the agitators didnot knew or understood what they were demanding. They were all but a crow in the fog. And they were and are still being used well by all sides. Mr. Gyanendra Shah or his son may not be directing things to get worst there but the royalist are certainly doing it.

    The maoist have also acted irresponsibly at many places but at least they didnot let things go all out of their hand. No one here cares to acknowledge that the workers of that party waged a 12 years of wars and it takes time to change the attitude of simple worker who was the master a few times ago with his gun.It takes time to change his pyscology and during these times some acts of crime happens and this must be controlled by the government.The maoist like other parties will always love to be strong over everything and everyone including the government and want their upperhand but that doesnt mean they have to give them the upperhand. If they become strong, the maoist will themself be controlled.

    So it was obivous that this kind of incident was to happen in sooner or latter time.If you talk about the MJF being popular, you can see how they had to backtrack from their so called indefinite strike in just less then a week.The people were and are getting freaked out with all this status quo and show of strength.Their main demands were fulfilled and they could have waited till the CA if the parties did as per their rightful demand. But they couldnt for their latter demands are vogue and has really no true ground and at times too much communalism in it and they thought that this is the right time to hit the government as it seems the weakest central authority since the foundation of this nation. And now that all has happened, someone or some group whom everyone trust must investigate and really punish the culprit.

    And punish mean really punish.This has all happened because of lawlessness and a very weak government afraid of using its authority over its people.Government must use force at times otherwise there would be no need of it.If a father fulfills all the right and wrong demands of his child, he is spoiling his child and so is the case with the country. This is the time when everyone should act responsibly but this blog seems to have lost its vigority and quality as it had during the 2nd uprising and it shocks me to see that the only guy whom I thought was really someone I thought free after Kirat, Mr Bhudai Pundit seems happy that the maoist were killed by saying they are getting their same medicine while showing a superficial regret by saying that its bad to see Nepalis dying.

    Maybe I am getting you wrong but that certainly wasnt what I expected from you. Seems like you also dont care to know the reality on the ground nowadays. And for other who write things like … ko choro, its just useless to comment.

  18. Paribartan Avatar

    Federation based on cultural specialities is different from ethnic division of nation. Words are carrier of thoughts and notions. So, certain casteists and Mandales always use this word “ethnic” to berate federal model based on certain specialities.

    There are different models of Federalism and one of them is to recognize cultural/lingustic speacialities. If Maoists cashed on these issues, then we need to credit them. But, it is true that Maoists only do not talk about these models. There are many other politicians who have held forth on this model.

    Representing people’s voice and choice can never be shortsighted. Today, Maoists have organizations everywhere so reactionists and Mandales are really jealous of them. And to sabotage Maoists prospects, they are hitting Indigenous Nepalis as well as Original inhabitants of Nepal by launching their diatribes against federalism.

    What MPRF did in Gour can not be condoned. MPRF is still not a formalised political party. It has become powerful overnight becasue the Madhesis came out in its support. And main reason for Madhesis supporting MPRF right now is espousal of Madheshi cause. Tomorrow, if MPRF is proved to be hand in glove with Royalists, and forces of Hindutva (Bahunbad of India), then MPRFs days are over. But, we can not say the same thing about Madheshi cause. My principal worry is that present bloodbath is discrediting Madhesi cause and that of Federalism in Nepal.

    Politicians in SPA, barring few of them, still need trainings to understand nuances of Federalism. If this, like in Gaur, continues, many of them will shun it citing practical reasons. So,Gaur killing is not only reveaing racial cleavage but also providing an opportunity to all those who do not like to tread on unfamiliar paths.

  19. Deva Avatar

    You people all seem to be speaking as if there still is a future for Nepal and the Nepalis; you can all now kiss this hope a goodbye.

    Fight, all of you will fight for a few crumbs of bread. That is the future and that will hold sway for quite a few years.


  20. comrade Bhayankar Avatar
    comrade Bhayankar

    NPRF, I haven’t read your post carefully, but you sound like one of us so we support you. Go ahead and post without hesitation. I am dreaming of the day when we will open our party office in Narayanhiti. Fear none of these feudalists. Comrade Bhayankar, the communist superhero is here…

  21. Nhorning Avatar

    This whole thing is incoherent Madness:

    “The Maoists are violent thugs who don’t obey the rule of law: we need to shoot them in the head!”

    “The MJF is using violence and indimidation. No political party can do that! we need to ban them.”

    “We just just ended a conflict between two uniformed armies over territory within one country. But now we are on the verge of civil war!”

    Aaaaaaaaaaghhh. Stop being self contradictory! Wagle, Royalists, Prachanda, Everybody!

  22. Nhorning Avatar

    Bhayankar is probably not actually a Maoist.

  23. Comment Avatar

    These sorts of incidents, like that of Rautahat in which political groups get involved in armed conflict with the maoists, are going to help none but the Maoists to get their grip tighter in the present turmoil.
    Rautahat case has given us a new perspective that Maoists is not the only political group with hidden arms. Besides, it also questions MPRF’s intent behind its movement. Now, it doesn’t matter whether or not the MPRF’s madhesi demands are genuine; but the opinions that will surface in days ahead will place MPRF proximate to the palace in political analysis.
    Maoists have seen their cadres killed in the past also, so although they lose their cadres, this incident for them would not be as seriously as we think –especially when they can take more from it. I think life for MPRF will be more and more difficult in days ahead. It is very much likely that they will face a counter action from the government.

    And above, someone said Durbar is dead. Well, my friend, NO –a big one! It is half dead –or half alive at that — the time when it can be the most lethal thing.

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Guy: I don’t understand what the hell your problem is. If I think someone is an idiot (like NPRF) I will go ahead and say so. Nepal is still a democracy the last time I checked. The Maoists have taken over yet. So if I feel the need to critisize someone making an idiotic comment I shouldn’t feel any pressure. Deal with it!

    comrade Bhayankar:
    I understand you have been brain washed by Prachanda and Baburam. I do feel sorry for you however. I mean you are a Maoist so I can’t really use logic and reasoning to explain things but let’s see. If Nepal were to have free and fair elections you would get your asses beaten. You squandered all your support in the Terai region (that’s about 45% of the electoral constituancy), no sensible person in the KTM valley will vote for you excpet a few misgiuded, frustrated youths that you have brain washed and coercied. That leaves the Pahad regions. With all the death, displacement and destruction you guys have caused I am skeptical that you will have much support there as well. Maybe a little. My guess is that you will maybe win about 10%-15% of the votes. What an embaressing situation that would be. Then what is your plan? You think Prachanda and Baburam will still look out for you? Hahah. Wait till they get a taste of the Pajero… their communist ideology will fly out the window. That will leave people like you – who have didicated your lives to this violent, pointless, misguided stuggle that has only caused suffering and destruction(probably more than the 200 years of Shah opression). What you going to do then?

  25. Comment Avatar

    I went through Dr. Brain Metter’s article (whoever he is). I think he’s a jOkEr!! Perhaps, a jester in Gyanendra’s court.

  26. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I can’t speak for Kirat but I gave these Maoist thugs a chance after the second uprising. I was naive in thinking they would change and integrate themslves into Nepali society. Nope that’s not been the case. They have proven time and time again for the last year that they are incapable of abiding by agreements and behaving like responsible citizens. Their excesses continue to go on. The beating of this businessman was the last straw. Takes time you say? Tell me why the lower level Maoist cadres (youths in their 20s) who have been brain washed with Maoist propoganda would want to integrate themslves into society and act like hard working citizens? Why would they want to give up an easy life of intimidation where they would walk into any resturant and get free food, go to anyone’s house and get free lodging etc. and want to work hard and obey the law? Why proud? You are day dreaming if you think the Maoists will change. Look at their behavior with how they have attached other political activists – you think these jungalis can really function under a democratic system?

  27. replytoall Avatar

    I am very very happy that 28-29 maoists were killed, i wish there were more. say wahtever you want but i am happy. I might cry if a sparrow or a lizard dies but wont feel a little bit of sympathy when a maoist dies ……………. too many lives have been taken by this monster organization of thugs and now they are getting it back.My personal opinions have changed so much that not only i do not feel any sympathy of maoist lives , i rather become happy.

  28. Avaya Avatar


    I am wondering how much idiot you are! You are happy when you hear the killing of other Nepali because nobody of your family is killed…what a narrow-minded person you are! Those people who were killed were “Nepali” first and they may be Maobadi, Forum supporter, or UML supporter, Congress supporter…this comes later. Don’t be happy when another Nepali dies. We know it was their mistake to take same stage where Forum people were using…but it does not mean that they should be killed brutally! Think about Human right. I am sure you blame me of being a Maoist supporter…and I have seen that this is the only way to save your face when you are running out of logic.

  29. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    If you live by the sword you die by the sword. While the death of INNOCENT Nepalis in this incident is indeed a sad event you cannot deny that the Maoists have bought this upon themslves. Who started this culture of killing and violence? Nepal was one of the most peaceful countries in the world with the lowest crime rates. Thanks to these Maoist thugs we are moving towards the other end of the spectrum on both those indicators.

  30. gaunle Avatar

    Enough is enough.

    Prachande needs to be hanged first. He is the root of all devils.

  31. guyfromktm Avatar

    okay budhai. that explains it all.. if you think calling someone an iodiot is exercising your democratic rights, then I have no more problems with you.

  32. Bhunte Avatar

    It looks like some forces are determined to chase away maoists from the terai. Prachanda made a mistake by starting his revolution from Rolpa. Now, it looks like he has no hold in terai. What is his future:
    Go back to Rolpa. This is what happens when you use violence to achieve your political objective.
    Just think about what happened to Pol pot and the tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. They all have become the victim of violence. That is why the politics of violence is not long lasting. What would happen if somehow captured your son Prakash?
    Tha is why, Prachanda, be careful before you launch any revolution.

  33. Kirat Avatar

    I think what’s happening in the Terai is a law and order problem…the govt. has already promised to address the issues raised by the Madeshi’s…sure the Madeshi people should continue to put pressure on the govt. to ensure that the govt. does this sincerely but really should they be shutting half the country for months now and protesting violently with rods, lathis, swords and guns? It’s not justified.

    What happened in Gaur could have easily been avoided if the govt. made law and order a priority…it is a priority in all countries as without law and order nothing can function properly…but this govt. cares for nought. In a way they are promoting another palace backed coup.

  34. TPS Avatar

    UWB: comment deleted

  35. Gante Avatar

    He Mora Seven parties (SPA),

    If you try to disturb other parties’s rally like what stupid maoists did in Rautahat, you will have to face the same fate that maoist thugs met. So, do not be as stupid as maoist thugs. There is a saying: Avagi parchha, Bhaggamani chetchha. Look at these two maoist cadres (YCL) in the bharatpur hospital bed. They look like poor Nauri musa.

  36. jungey Avatar

    This is certainly a chapter that has opened the doors to more communal violences in the days to come, if the matter is not address immediately by both the government and the maoists. What we have seen here however is not just a communial impunity but a game over power that the MP #*ers are putting up out of guilt.

    I fully agree that the madhesi’s have been ill treated and that they own as much and should get as much out of nepal as I or u as a pahadi does. Nepal without the terai is non-existent and hence we donot want to see any of these nonsence craps going on. But we also donot want to see any of our brothers or sisters being discriminated only because they look a bit like our indian brothers.

    I also agree over the point that the MPRF has been formed to vigilate the constitutional assembly elections, and with the list of violent acts they have been putting up for the past months it is quite sure that even if they are a bunch of ex-cadres form the maoists they are quite radical and violent than the mainstream dudes.

    GIRIJA UNCLE u r too old so dont take this whole mess any longer, just launch the interim givernment and let others take ouer the job of establishing the peaceful republic NEPAL.

  37. pradeshi Avatar

    I think comment should not promote negative things. It will be good if the blogger blocks those comments which enhance the fuel on fire. I found the following news :

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  38. replytoall Avatar

    Avaya :

    oh yes i am happy 28 were killed. and please for gods sake dont use the word HUMAN RIGHTS for something that is not human and some organization that is not humane.

    i would love it if all the maoists were killed by the local people everywhere………… only madhesis have shown the balls. pahadey should join in the action soon.

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    Politics (40 hrs) • Biography of Prachanda
    • Beginning of the People’s War
    • General introduction to human social development: the primitive stage, slave society, feudal society, capitalist society.
    • The constitution of village level People’s Government, its rights and duties
    • The life of Mao Tse-Tung
    • Biography of 4 ‘people’s war’ warriors
    • The Spartacus Revolt
    • the organization, rules and regulation, rights and duties of district people’s councils

    History (30 hrs) • The history of the Communist movement in Nepal (foundation of Nepal Communist Party, its founders and beginning of the People’s War.)
    • Biography of Dil Bahadur Ramtel
    • The Dang attack
    • History of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) (From General Assembly of Unity to beginning of People’s War)
    • Biography of Mitramani Acharya
    • The Achham action

    Economics (30 hrs) • Definition of labour and wages
    • Introduction to types and importance of cooperatives
    • What is production and consumption?
    • Exchange and barter of goods
    • Introduction to value, distribution, capital
    • What are the means of labour?
    • What are the weapons of labour?
    • Private and social ownership
    • Introduction to cooperatives
    • Types of cooperatives and production

    Culture (20 hrs) • The song ‘I will keep my country in my “eyes”’
    • Poetry about Maoist martyrs
    • Children’s stories
    • General introduction to traditional festivals and people’s festivals
    • The song ‘Dear Jaljala’
    • Biography and poetry by national and local poets
    • Short stories, science stories and children’s stories
    • Types of culture: feudalism, imperialism, capitalism, Communism and socialism

    Military science (20 hrs) • Exercise and marching
    • What is roll call?
    • Information, counting soldiers, reporting about their conditions
    • Introduction to being a sentry
    • Introduction to homemade guns
    • Communication in the battlefield
    • Introduction to explosives and exchange of information
    • Introduction to war
    • Important tips for sentries
    • Rules for route finding
    • Exercises and marching
    • How to make and use guns
    • General introduction to explosives, grenades and booby-traps
    • Student’s role in military information and communication
    • How to guide soldiers. Roll call.
    • Types of war — justified and unjustified

  40. Maoist plans Avatar
    Maoist plans

    Fuuukk ya, maoist plan!

  41. replytoall Avatar

    “??????? ?????????? ?????? ????????? ??? ????? ????? ???????? ???????? ?????, ?????? ???? ????? ????-???? ????? ??? ???????, ?????? ????????? ?????? ?? ????? ?????????? ?????? ???????????????? ?????? ????”

    i watched a cd published by maoist about a month ago and there was a scene of a “bhidanta” where an injured soilder was asking for water………the maoist shot him from about 1foot distance.

    one should not even think about human rights when it comes to maoist. nouught nil zero.

  42. Suntali ko Pooe Avatar
    Suntali ko Pooe

    Maoist are not human! They are all beast of burden. So when there comes issue about maoist: there obviously and absolutely should not comes HUMAN RIGHTS!

  43. Diwaker Jha Avatar
    Diwaker Jha

    Well, I was highly determined, Well can be said, an obsessive Science student. and I was sure I would uplift the condition of nepal in the field of Science and Technology. well, I too had alot of inventions and practical strategies that would help the my Land “nepal” ofcourse, considering its economical state.

    I am a madhesi, and I have seen the ups and downs. Republic and Democracy is all what we wanted. Well, I once participated in a protest in Germany against changing educations policies here, i saw police walking parallel to protestors, they are not even allowed to touch any of them, if a police does so well he is in a greater problem than a criminal can be, ‘ i loved the respect to human rights, well but armies against protestors, ethical demolization, giving it a bad name (royalist s involvment), and much more others, whats this ?.
    Well these are pushing the country to civil war with ethnical flavor. Hey grow up dont be political blinds, just think if even royalists are involved, they are protesting with Madhesi’s agenda. the are not asking to bring back king, as the issue is well addressed these royalist will themself disappear or will get thrown out as we have never and wont ever support an autocratic rule. Well we have much examples on this earth, as Afghanistan, Iraq(siya sunni), Shrilanka(LTTE)……….. ‘these might have specially diffrent conditions but with not much diffrent to base.

    “Injustice anywhere is threat to everywhere”, and now i dont want to a terrorist ( u may call later). no one is weak. a country or a place, where there is respect tio everyone flourishes. rescue me i dont want to be a terrorit.

  44. madhesi4u Avatar

    Diwakar, hum Maobadi ko maar kar chodenge…saale ko pahad bhej denge haarami saale…kutte ke maut mar gaye aba aur bhi marenge. Hamko bahut dukh diya saloon le, baap ko pita, bhai ko le gaye..ab saala nahin chup rahenge. Sar phoda harami ke…accha ke paas koi dam nahin hai…namard sale hijre hain kathmandu ke log..yahan aake baat karte hain.
    Jai madhesi…

  45. Diwaker Jha Avatar
    Diwaker Jha

    madhesi for u

    bhai, please cool down, and please mind the language u use. Its a Poltical war. we are against goverment. and the great creations are not resulted of impulse. I can understand ur boil of blood. I too breath in fire every moment these days, but that does not mean we become aggressive enough and forget how purely and peacefully we are civillized.
    well I just think and plan and create strategies, interact with who are in political frontline, ask them to represent us with greater and selfless responsibility. though i never unlook the aftermath condition, i mean may be after all they would try to underestimate this revolution.
    we are trying hard to get this thing over peacefully, we have seen the peaceful process being defeated, may be it needs any furthure peaceful efforts. mahatma gandhi said, ” first they will ignore u then they will laugh at u then they will fight u and then u win”. may be we are fighting against animals (without ethics). though we hold ethic enough to prevent the havock, well lets try till the threshhold of intolerance.

  46. sujit Avatar

    Hi guys,

    Being a Nepali citizen, Gaur incident has given me lots of pain and I am actually astonized to see ourselves going so barbaric and brutal in last 15 years. I still remeber early 90s, when we used to have a pleasant day & a fearless night. Then suddenly Maoists came, they started a culture of killing our own brothers and sisters paving the way for creation of a new Nepal full of hatredness and violence. Now maoists have achieved their target of making Nepal one of the most violent and unstable country in the World.
    I am surprised to see the leaders of Maoists who call themselves patriotic as so far they’ve ignited their cadres to do all those sort of works which has pushed Nepal back by more than 50 years. Now these MPRF, JTMM or whosoever are following exactly the same path which has been shown by self announced patriots The Maoists.I am not supporting these groups’ any violent acts but its obvious that there will always be an equal and opposite reaction for every action, now Gaur killings has come as a reaction to the barbaric acts done by Prachande and groups in past. We have to be ready to face more such incidents in future if we are not applying thought in time to understand humanity. I would like to conclude here saying all these disturbances have been initiated by these stupid maoists and the corrective measures should start from them only if we have to keep intact our national pride and harmony.

  47. Alex Avatar

    Thank You

  48. Danwgv Avatar

    i thinks you made i great web resource

  49. shyam Avatar

    madhasai lai k garnu parcha hami lai sab thaha chha bharatiya bistarbad ko saport garne lai ra bharat ko rajdut huna napayako ma rudai hidne lai

  50. shyam Avatar

    ya prachanda tyo madhesai lai karbahi gara na babu jo india ko bhara ma bacheko chha , lau lau prachanda

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