Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?

Provoking the Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of the royalist strategy to derail the peace process. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go for retaliation and revenge. That must not happen.

Activists of the Young Communist League (YCL), youth wing of the CPN Maoist, who were injured in the clash with MPRF activists in Gaur, Rhautahat, undergoing treatment at the Medical College in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Pics by Binod Tripathi (another pic inside)

At least 25 people have been killed in a clash between CPN Maoist and Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum (MPRF) cadres today in Gaur, headquarter of Rhautahat district. This is the single largest case of killing since Maoists announced cease fire last year. This is disturbing and alarming because Maoists were not armed and they came under attack from the suspicious group named MPRF or Madhesi Janadhikar Forum. Plus, this was not a fight between government security forces and agitating group but was between two different non-government groups. This makes us ask this chilling question: has the civil war started in Nepal? (Whatever happened during the decade-long Maoist insurgency that saw the deaths of more than 14 thousand people wasn’t civil war for sure.)

It’s an open secret that regressive forces who want to see the king or monarchy in power desperately want to derail the ongoing peace process between the government of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists. The success of the peace process means the happening of the election of Constituent Assembly that will decide the fate of monarchy (read it as abolishing) by a simple majority. It is widely believed in the democratic circle that MJF was created by regressive force to bring about instability in Terai region so that the election plans could be derailed. The sole intention of MJF seems to fulfill that aim. Provoking Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of that strategy. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go for retaliation and revenge. That must not happen. Maoists must not give the regressive force a chance to do further damage to the fragile peace process. If Maoists react violently and escalate the tension, that will help no one but the royalist regressive forces.

The MPRF rally before the clash. MPRF cadres were armed with lathis. Pic by Shiva Puri

We didn’t think from the beginning that the transition to complete democracy and republicanism would be completely peaceful. It will be painful but the pain has come in such a devastating manner. If this killing spreads and turns into the ethnic clash, we might see genocide in Nepal. A senior journalist who recently visited Nepalgunj told us that the western town was on the verge of plunging into a full fledged ethnic fighting. The situation is fluid and all forces, especially the Maoists, must show restrain and behave responsibly. We understand their pain and we express sorrow over the brutal killings of their cadres in Gaur but for the shake of lasting peace they must show restrain and behave responsibly.

Gaur Killing: At least 25 Maoists were killed in crossfire between the activists of the Maoist affiliated Madheshi Mukti Morcha and the agitating Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) today afternoon in Rautahat headquarters Gaur. District Police Office Rautahat confirmed that the people were killed in the exchange of fire while a dozen more were injured at Rice Mills area in the district at around 2:30 this afternoon. “The clashes between the two parties ensued after they met at the same venue to stage their mass gatherings,” Superintendent of Police Ram Kumar Khanal told ekantipur over the phone. According to Khanal, 13 died at the scene of the clash while a further 12 bodies were found at Hajmonia and Mudbalawa VDCs in the district this evening. He said that some two dozen people were injured in the incident and that a dozen critically injured have been taken to a hospital in Birgunj. None of the deceased has yet been identified, the official said.

Police officials said they were trying to confirm the identity of those killed in the incident. Both the Maoist-affiliated Madhesi Mukti Morcha and the MJF had planned their mass meetings in the area at the same time. Maoist lawmaker Prabhu Shah and MJF chairman Upendra Yadav were to address their respective mass meetings. The local administration has announced curfew from 2:45 pm today till 4 am Thursday in Gaur after the violence.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) has condemned the violence between supporters of the MFJ and the Maoists in Gaur. OHCHR-Nepal also confirmed the death of 12 persons in the clash. The UN rights body said quoting sources at the Gaur Hospital that some victims died as a result of head injuries caused by beatings with bamboo batons. Some of those admitted at the hospital are with serious head injuries. OHCHR said its human rights officers were in Gaur to investigate the incidents, including the causes of death.

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113 thoughts on “Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?

  1. This is not the sign of civil war but a sign that we are going through the painful process of transition. I agree with you folks that this is part of a royalist (or forces that are against progressive change) plan to derail the peace process. As you have rightly pointed out, Maoists must show restrain. They should not fight back. God help Nepal from more suffering.

    The government must outlaw MRPF and take stern action. They can’t derail the election however they try because they don’t have any influence in other parts of Nepal except a few districts in Terai. Government will hold the election in phases and it will hold the eleciton in eastern Terai with all forces. I mean no forces against the election will be successful to disturb the election or the peace process.

  2. Stop blaming the royalists please. Throw away the blindcuffs. Its clear that Maoists have little power in the Terai and groups are merely exploiting that.

    Come to think of it, the only reason the Maoists are in power today is that they have a few guns. If someone else gets guns, then what reason is there for those people to be scared of the Maoists? That’s what’s happening in the Terai.

    The reason the Maoists will not retaliate in the Terai is because they cannot. Its simple power politics. The other side ( Madhesi rights groups ) have the numbers behind them, as well as the arms.

    One thing is for sure. The Maoists are finished in the Terai as a political force. If they retaliate, that will merely force more Madhesis into the Madhesi rights groups and more counter-retaliation. If they don’t retaliate, they appear weak. So whatever they do doesn’t matter now.

  3. Death Toll in Rautahat Clash Reaches 25; Curfew Imposed

    THT Online
    Rautahat, March 21

    At least 25 persons were killed and 35 others injured in a clash between the Maoist cadres and activists of the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) at Gaur of Rautahat district this afternoon.
    Majority of the killed persons were reportedly Maoists. Women were also among the killed.
    The injured persons are undergoing treatment in Gaur Hospital. Condition of six injured is reported to be critical, said the hospital sources.
    “Cross-firing occurred immediately after the clash. All of them died of bullet injuries,” SSP said.
    Meanwhile, the Rautahat District Administration Office has imposed curfew in Gaur and its vicinity from 2.45 pm to 4 am (Thursday) when the situation went out of the control. The clash occurred when the Maoists obstructed a mass gathering that was scheduled to be organised by the MJF in Gaur today, said the MJF sources.
    “Maoist-affiliated Madhesi Rastriya Mukti Morcha had also set-up a dais near the podium prepared by the MJF,” said a local journalist, Bipin Gautam. The MJF had publicised about the programme one week earlier while the Morcha had published about the programme last night. The situation in Gaur is tense after the incident.

  4. Dictionary Meaning Update

    Royalist: Those which can be proved with Royal force.
    Regressive: Those force that are seen, but cann’t be proved associated with Royalist.
    conspiracy: Black ghost for to be blamed, when known force are doing all regression.

  5. Maoists should learn lesson from this incident that when they killed one MPRF cadre the MPRF killed 25 maoists. That means if they fight back to kill 25 MPRF cadres, the MPRF will fight back to kill at least 25 X 25 = 625 maoist cadres. Do not underestimate any side by overestimating yourself.

    Thus, It would be wise on the part of maoists if they understand that violence is not the right way to achieve political goal. If you maoists do not understand this, you maoists will have no grip in terai. That means the maoists will not be able to rule the country.

  6. Uhmmmmm….. Weren’t the Maoist are supposed to live in the cantonment with their weapons locked in the container?? Why they were out and begin gun fighting? What the hell UN is doing? They told that all registration is over and they are observing/ guarding the camp??

    Whatever, maoist will never learn the lesson; afterall they are all thugs. They all needs to be killed to have peace and order in Nepal!

  7. May be we are on the verge of civil war.

    However, this incident gives a lesson that not only armed forces can people!

    I really don’t understand whether it’s only a “Junga ko ladain.”

    Political intolerance never leads to a peaceful society. The Maoists would have learned it by now.

    Why the heck the CPN Maoist and the other forces that have come to the fore with Madhesh (what’s difference between Tarai and Madhesh by the way?) issue in violent form forget the essence of non-violence means of putting up political indifferences?

  8. Correction:

    May be we are on the verge of civil war.

    However, this incident gives a lesson that not only armed forces can kill people!

    I really don’t understand whether it’s only a “Junga ko ladain” in Madesh.

    Political intolerance never leads to a peaceful society. The Maoists would have learned it by now.

    Why the heck the CPN Maoist and the other forces that have come to the fore with Madhesh (what’s difference between Tarai and Madhesh by the way?) issue in violent form forget the essence of non-violence means of putting up political indifferences?

    Were all those we were killed hardcore Maoists? For sure, not . Most of them were commoners, I guess, who were intimidated and brought from countryside to take part in the Maoist programme. Only to show that how big suport they have got.

    Stop politicking over people’s blood. Both the Maoists and the MJF.

    MJF guys, you too will be seeing the fate like that of those who were killed today, if you do not give up your modus operandi.

  9. One more thing I would like to add:

    The Maoists should open their eyes and realise that only blaming over the almost dead Durbar for everything against them is not true.

    What does reactionary mean by the way? Are all who speak and act against the Moaists reactionaries?

    May be the MJF is wrong. But they have some indifferences with the Maoists and the establisment that is why the country is being led to mayhem again.

  10. Fresh round of violence leaves 25 dead in Nepal
    Sudeshna Sarkar

    KATHMANDU: While the top leaders of Nepal’s seven-party ruling alliance and the Maoists began power-sharing talks in the capital on Wednesday, fresh violence erupted in the border town of Gaur in southern Rautahat district, resulting in the death of at least 25 people and dozens sustaining serious injuries.

    Nepal’s official media, quoting the police authorities in stunned Gaur town said at night that at least 25 people were dead with others still in hospital. Many of the dead were yet to be identified.

    The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) that had rushed a team of officers to investigate the violence said hospital sources had attributed some of the deaths to head injuries caused by beatings with bamboo rods.

    The toll could go up with dozens of people being admitted to hospital, some with serious head injuries.

    Indefinite curfew was clamped in the tense town as security forces began searching for more bodies in the market square.

    The violence had been predicted since morning with both the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, a group of plains people who are agitating for an autonomous Madhes state in the Terai plains, and the Madhes Rastriya Mukti Morcha, the plains unit of the Maoists, staking their claim to the same square to hold their separate mass meetings.

    The two sides began attacking with wooden and bamboo rods, leading to a stampede. Subsequently, the Maoist cadres began firing in the melee.

  11. Guys,

    Remember the reason that the Maoists are in power is not because anyone believes they have any great national program that will help the country but because of their thuggery.

    In other words, if you take away ( or neutralize ) their ability to cause chaos, then you significantly reduce their power. I’m not in favor of any ethnic group taking up arms, but remember that they are only following the Maoists’ own formula. Only, they have a much better chance of success because ethnic nationalism is much more culturally ingrained in various sections of Nepali society than the vague ideas that the communists want to impose upon them.

    ( Why do you think communism failed? Its because it significantly underestimated other, more powerful forces that could unite people. ) That’s why, once feelings of ethnic nationalism spread among the Madhesis, they discarded the silly ideas of Prachanda and co. almost immediately.

    And everybody is looking. If Maoism is defeated in the Terai (as it surely will be) , other ethnic groups elsewhere will also want to replicate that success.

    So the Maoists will either be forced to use their guns to preserve themselves, or you’ll see more and more of their cadre desert them and join the other groups. I believe that the latter will happen.

    Prachanda will be the biggest loser in this, of course. He’d better plan on leaving the country soon.

  12. What happened was unfortunate, but lets not make anyone martyrs as someone aptly said – Those who live by the sword die by the sword!

    Theres no point really to ask/expect anyone to practise restraint. We are only seeing a manifestation of a violent culture that was started, one that will remain for a long long time.

  13. around 1030pm locals from thamel and police chased away maoist cadres when they came there to close all the restaurants and all……….now everyone will bash them all……… can people say there is palace involvement in all parts of protests of anti maois………..people grow up

  14. These are the people who love violence, extortion and intimidation. Stop the blame game. It is neither royalist nor madhesi, It is maoist who are problem for NEPAL.

  15. What happened in Gaur doesn’t bode good news. Are we on the verge of civil war now?

    Rather than in the real problem of the Nepali society and political doctrines whatever they reiterate they believe in, even after joining the political mainstream, the Maoists concentrated in cashing on in the communal

    feeling and regional bigotry among people– only to extend their organisation, may be thinking that it would help them win votes in near future.

    Those who rebelled from the CPN (Maoist) are carrying out violent operations in the Tarai region in the name of Madheshi Janatantrik Mukti Morcha. (There are two MJMMs.) To be particular, against the Maoists.

    Probably instigated by the organisation of the Maoists in the Tarai, from nowhere, another organisation– Madheshi Janadhikar Forum– came advocating autonomy of the Madhesh. But Maoists think they are reactionaries–backed up by the Durbar.

    And, there is instability introduced in the country again.

    The Gaur incident in which more than two dozens of people were killed gives a lesson that not only the

    Maoists can kill people!

    More than a political indifferences, what’s going on at present is a sordid power play. Political intolerance

    never leads to a peaceful society. The Maoists and others should learn it by now.

    Were all those we were killed in Gaur hardcore Maoists? For sure, not . Most of them probably were

    commoners, I guess, who were intimidated by Maoists and brought from countryside to take part in their


    The Maoists should open their eyes and realise that only blaming over the almost dead Durbar(Palace) and

    Durbariyas(royalists) for everything against them is not true. And those who criticise them are not necessarily

    royalists or reactionaries. Propaganda has been the prinicipal weapon of the Maoists; they really need to be responsible to introduce stability in the country.

    Today Maoists cadres did not let Pashupati Shumsher Rana to reach his destination in Sindhupalchowk district. Wasn’t this intolerance? Today Maoists workers and sympathizers were killed in Rautahat district meanwhile.

    The Maosists would have understood that “intolerance” is not only their tool to survive! They have taught others to be intolerant and raise arms. What I think is the Maoist party has lost control over its outfits and cadres.

    Meanwhile, the MJF and the MJMMs too should not forget the game of killing is not the way out of the problem. One day you kill cadres of the party you are fighting, next day yours will be killed! How long you want to carry on this game of assasination?

    If these groups are really fighting for people, they should find out the solution of the whatever problems they have through dialogues. If they do not resort to peaceful means, it will be interpreted as they being steered by some anti-Nepal foreign elements, if not the reactionaries within the country including royalists, not to let the peace process succeed.

    Let’s see how the Maoists will react to the killing in Gaur. Will they come out of cantonments and sport their arms again? Will bullets come out of their barrel? I wish the Maoists reacted with wisdom.

  16. Mr Wagle,

    My brother had a diarrhea the other day. Do you think its a royalist conspiracy to derail the peace process too?
    Please stop entertaining this political fiction. The so called regressive forces are nothing else but a figment of Prachanda’s imagination. Noboby knows who they are? How do they look like? Where do they live? May be your savior Prachanda knows.

    By branding the Terai movement a royalist plot, you are insulting the pride and dignity of Madhesis. Terai movement and the recent agitation launched by the business community is far more genuine and spontaneous than the the media propaganda last April . Your relentless support to Maoists is mind-boggling.

    It seems you have lost your moral compass.

    May god restore sanity upon you.

  17. Yes, finally somoene with balls has stood up against the Maoists. YES…YES KILL THESE MAOIST BASTARDS…Kill them all. I am a Royalist….I cannot stand Maoist, please kill them all…
    Finally we are where we need to be to teach these bastards a lesson. I say release the Army once again and slit their throats.

  18. Can we send Nepal Army in civilian clothes to help the MJF kill off these Maoist bastards ? MOre like Geurilla warfare now…just like the Maoists did. I like it….I would hold a gun and shoot those bastards without mercy for what they have done to innocent lives. Kill them all and slit their throats without mercy, like they have killed other innocent lives.

  19. Can someone please mobilize the Army ? Before that assasinate Sitaula, the son of a bitch and randi ko choro needs to be hanged….

  20. I am so glad that these bastards maoists are now being butchered like street dogs. Jwala singh, this is the golden opportunity to overshadow killer prachanda. Then You will become the HERO of Nepal , not thugs leader Prachanda.
    Your future is bright. One day, you will become the prime minister of Nepal.

  21. I agree with Manan on this one. It’s definetly not a healthy thing to condone or allow an ethic group to take up weapons because they are disstisfied. But the Maoists have bought all this upon themslves. Now they will have to taste their own medicines! For people like Wagle, Nepali Rights Forum and others who are still stuck on regressive forces – no one is buying your bullsh*it anymore. If you don’t want to make a fool of yourself (although it might be too late for that) I would suggest you stop thinking like a narrow minded idiot and try to precieve events like a responsible citizen.

  22. Take out your racial-glasses Wagle, before you write anything!

    “Provoking the Maoists”
    huh? It was Maoists who planned to ruin MJF meeting, by deciding to organize meeting on the same venue just LAST NIGHT, whereas MJF had announced it more than a week ago. So who provoked?

    “Maoists were not armed”
    Maoist were armed, are armed and will be armed. Where are you sleeping, when they are openly wielding their guns in public EVERYDAY! And hundreds rounds of bullets were fired by Maoists on the spot, did they come from magic-stick?

    “suspicious group named MPRF”
    typical bahun-badi phrases, regressive, suspicious, royal etc..

    “this was not a fight between government security forces and agitating group” governement’s security was there, but they have taken your job (reporters).

  23. REAL Civil War will Start when Prachanda will Quietly make a secret deal with the Palace instead and I am Sure KING will JUMP on that bandwagon since they are BOTH marginalized currently.

    I would not be surprised at all if that happens. Maoists Blaming the “Royalists” for what is happening to them seems to be more of a “decoy” for anyone who might actually suspect the Palace and Maoists are in fact collaborating against the Seven Parties to derail THEM and take over power.

    All in All, it seems like the only alternative is to now hope that Girija won’t get murdered in the guise of old Age. If Girija Dies before the CA. there will be NO CA, NO PEACE whatsoever.

    The thing to watch for is conspiracies against the good old man’s life right now. I hope he has good and loyal body guards and also his food is tested for poisons.. who knows !

  24. Like old saying, let devils fight among themself and get killed while you can pray and hope for the best. I liked the way what happended in GOUR, but cannot surmise the further possible ramification. This is sintilation indicating the begining of new Nepal. Every one who think they (Like MJF, Dalits, and similar other ratial groups and some groups of political hypocrate) need preference, and authority right now from the government rather than thinking of building good nation first, needs to come to an end. What ever happened in GOUR is a good example of natures wrath.

    Why cant we stop for some time and let the 8 political party decide some good for the country. After the settlement of CA poll and interim government issue we can initiate and catalyse the governement to build a good nation. Once we are on the way of development we can settle all the issue gradually one by one. But before that just …………….just keep all your mouth shut and keep silent so that the metastable political situation of Nepal will come to speed to resolve all the issue that needs attention.

    I strongly urge all the political party and civilians (racial group) to go for hibernation until the interim government and CA polls is over. If you try to hinder this phase of stabilization at Nepal………….you will certainly be a wrath of Mother Nepal.

  25. While in the SPAM meeting, Prachanda farted and every one including Girija (with big nose) hold their breath and asked Prachanda for justification.

    Bit relieved Prachanda (after releasing stomach gas) replied “Jaroor mero khane kura ma darbar le bhatmaas misako hunu parcha”

  26. Guys,

    Don’t express your happiness in this sad incident. This is simply terrible and must be condemned by all sensible Nepali people. Who will get benefit if this violence escalates? Democracy will suffer. Why be happy when Maoists are killed? What if they start killing and we go back to the war? We must be united to condemn this incident and request the Maoists not to retaliate. United We Blog! to Condemn All Kinds of Killings in Nepal.

  27. What D Wagle or UWB and Maosit have in common? Neither of them has any patience (be it in blogging or issuing statements/comments or taking revenge/retaliation and not showing any patience)?

    If UWB stops making unnecessary propaganada (by claming this like “civil war”)
    and analyze the event and hence the blog, it wud be much better.

  28. I don’t understand what’s wrong with Nepali people. You trust the Nepal Army which is slaves to the king instead of your people liberation army. For 11 years we fought for everyone’s freedom and lived an ascetic life in the jungles. Then people wanted peace and we gave up our weapons and chose to tread on the path of politics and this is what we get. We only want to bring justice to the suppressed and pave a way for free Nepal which will be switzerland. Instead of supporting and celebrating us this is what we get. Let me tell you this, in April revolution we brought many people to kathmandu from other parts of Nepal. Our great comrade Prachanda had already announced that we will hit the head by climbing on the back(dhaad ma chadera tauko ma hanne). He commanded the western troops to look eastward and eastern troops to look westward. Our target was kathmandu. And with such tactics and little bit of cooperation from the Govt of India we fought for everyone’s freedom. So it is natural for us to suspect that just as we infiltrated the peaceful protests of the political parties, the royalists could also do the same against us. Now we all want to get rid of the evil king don’t we? So, why don’t you guys support us instead of blaming us all the time. At this point I would also like to thank Wagle bhai for putting up this blog. You are a true comrade!!

  29. Bishanke:
    You are in fact correct. I think people are just glad to see the Maoist get a taste of their own medicine – certainly no one is rejocing the death of more Nepalese. I agree with you that in the long run this kind of event is a bad omen. However, the reaction here is perhaps an indication of just how frustrated people have become with the Maoists.

  30. I still say…the danger for Nepal is not Maobadis…and of course not the Palace (it never was)…the danger for Nepal is SPA…the people who gave birth to terrorism, corruption and multiple problems…the use of the word ‘Democracy’ is one of their way to create instability in Nepal (with Indian support) and continue in their heinous task. Wake up, arise and fight off the SPA!

  31. Oh! Come on you guys, it is not the Maoists who are to blame. Why did the hotel owner of Woodlands refuse to pay ” donations” to the Maoists. He should have paid – then there would have been no trouble. Again why should the Madhesis challenge the Maoists in Gaur – there would not have been any shoot out and nobody would have got killed.

    If the SPA do’nt agree to the creation of a First Deputy PM for the Maoists, don’t blame the Maoists for any consequences. There will be more violence.


  32. Deva either that is a satarical post and I am too sleepy to read between the lines or you are just a psycho nut job like noname. Which one is it?

  33. I get amazed at people seeing royalists everywhere. The madhesi forum seems far from it. Yes, where there are weaknesses all sorts of elements will capitalise on the situation in small scales, but to call the forum a royalist or suspicious group??? This is irresponsible journalism which will cause more provocation. All this would have been easily avoided if Krishna Sitaula resigned several weeks ago. Now we will see the maoist reaction which will show if they have the maturity and responsibilty to govern the nation.

  34. Maybe it is time for the Maoist to go back to the jungle. The irony is that in the meantime Maoists have chopped down many forests and sold the timber; so the jungle has gone. It seems the Maoists leadership has lost control of his hoi polloi.

    We also have heard enough of banal rhetorics by the Maoist leadership. You cannot fool the people by telling to turn Nepal into another Switzerland as I assume that these Maoist leaders have never been in Switzerland. Otherwise they wouldn’t tell such rubbish. Maybe only the uneducated, jobless and scruffy looking Maoist mob are believing this nonsense.

    The “New Nepal” was just another dream of the Maoists.

  35. To Gaunle, Deva and Suntala – Very Funny! hahaha. Keep it Up.
    Everyday, Bahunbadis (that includes UWB) are seeing their share (the whole ‘tapara’) in New Nepal eroding. They are Confused as to Why the rest of the Ethnic Groups won’t just let them have it all. So again, they Blame the Palace. Are we supposed to Run and Stone the palace while you Vultures pick Flesh off Nepal? They Claim that the King is Unpopular. And They also say He is Rallying Different Ethnic Groups. How Can he Be/Do Both???
    Wake Up Bahunists! One Day Everyone’s Hand will be Raised Against You.
    And it’s good to see the Maoists on the Receiving End. Reap What You Sow.

  36. If the King is so apt at rallying tha madhesis, the businesspeople and everyone else who are against the maoists, how come he did not do all this when he needed to do it the most – during his rule? How come these mighty forces are out noe behind the King when he is down? How come? It’s because Prachanda is full of hogwash that’s how come.

    Here’s one for the record:

    Prachanda’s wife: Comrade ma ta pregnent bhayechu.

    Prachanda: Yo kasari bhayeko, hunaisakdaina, yesma pani durbar ko hat cha!

  37. What a smart of you UWB. I must salute to your absolute intelligence.

    First, the royalists were all powerful to burn whole of Terai, then instigated the businessmen to shut down Kathmandu, and now again killings in Gaur (or Terai). If you and your SPA + M friends were so sure of what was happening and the royalists hand, then what the heck were you looking at? Were looking at the bull’s balls?

    Don’t make things complicated when they are not. It is simple … violence breeds violence. If the Maoists insurgency can gain legitimacy (despite having far wider implications and consequences), then the Gaur killing also has legitimacy. After all, your Mao friends showed the glorious path of revolution and violence. As Buddha says, what you do get backs at you. Only difference is that you are on the receiving end this time around.

  38. Sathi Scoop!!!

    Kaha j pae tyahi vaneko, mafi magnus.

    Haath le pani kahile pregnant huncha? pregnant huna lai ta aru nai cheej chahinchha.

    La khurrukka Prachanda le jasto mafi magnus ta. Prachanda le jati choti mafi mage pani hune tapale magna nahune.

    La la chado magnus

  39. “Provoking the Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of the royalist strategy to derail the peace proces”

    OH YA !! Perhaps all the looting, abductions,threats etc. ( to which Prachanda has asked forgiveness for ) are also part of the royal srategy ?

    Also the big crowd that turned up at Basantapur yesterday are all “regressive forces” and Royalists ?

    Go to Kindergarten and learn ABC before commenting on issues that are as obvious as the sun shining in daytime Wagle !!!

  40. Rue is this- there is active 20,000 maoist combatants in Kathmandu and ongoing membership drive crossing 600k- so bet you last dollar that Maoist will not and does not believe in multiparty democratic system- so in the end they want sole power that cannot be challenged or contested. If you ignore this fact and buy into their fight for downtrodden and marginalized. What happened inGaur is just tip of the iceberg, sorry to say but spiral of death and doom which will erase this nation of proud people bestowed to us by King Prithivi and people like Amar Singh Thapa and Bhalbhadra Kuwar. The write up below also should clearly show that Maoist operate not on the basis of communist or democratic idealogy but of neopotism and greed and lust of power and everything that goes with it.

    Dear Dr Bhattrai (I hope Comrade Gadha soon recovers)
    By Dr Brian Metters

    Dear Dr Bhattrai
    I recently wrote to your comrade, Prachanda, but unfortunately have not had any reply from him despite offering him the best of my advice. So, since he seems to be under a lot of pressure at the moment from the Madhesi and the businessmen of Kathmandu, I thought I’d write to you as the self-proclaimed intellectual leader of the Party.

    First of all I write to express my concern for your leader who does seem to be making a lot of mistakes at the moment. He really doesn’t seem to know what to do about the Madhesi people and their demands and this is something he must get used to (people making demands) if he wishes to be a democratic political leader. Also his pronouncements about the weapons count by the UN seems misleading in the extreme, as well as his threats to “mobilise forces for attacks overnight if needed”. Of course his regular statements about “reactionary pro-monarchy” forces being behind the businessmen’s strike and the supposed threats to assassinate US embassy staff are sounding increasingly hysterical. Perhaps this is why many of my Nepali family and friends are beginning to call him a Murkha and a Gadha.

    Second I write to draw your attention to two recent reports of incidents that concern me greatly. The first of these is a report in the Times Of India today about a delegation of Buddhist Lamas making representation to GP Koirala, your prime minister. These 38 Lamas have recently visited and surveyed a number of monasteries around the country and found that they are regularly receiving demands for money, crops and food by Maoists. I quote from the article: “They threatened us that they would take action if we did not listen to them,” an elderly lama said after the meeting. “We are forced to give them paddy and money.”

    Surely Dr Bhattrai this is no way for a political party or it’s members to behave, unless you are following in Mao Tse Tung’s footsteps and his quote “Religion is poison”. Your intellectual and policy comments on this would be most welcome as I’m sure Comrade Gadha thinks these Lamas are reactionary pro-monarchy forces!

    The other report I would appreciate your comments on concerns some recent appointments within your party. But before I quote from another report on these, about a month ago a very close source of mine was at a party in Kathmandu. You attended yourself, but only after your wife had been there for a while to “pave the way for your great presence”. During this time she openly spoke about how she and her sisters etc would get important and powerful jobs in the upcoming government and what she would do/act upon when she had the power. I have no comment on these conversations, yet. However, today I have seen a report which states the following: CPN (Maoist) Valley-in-charge Pawanman Shrestha (Prabhakiran) has been replaced by Hitman Shakya. Similarly, Hisila Yami, wife of Dr Baburam Bhattrai, has been appointed as the Deputy Valley-in-charge.

    Prachanda’s wife Sita Poudel likewise, has been appointed as the Central Advisor in the headquarters. Prabha, wife of Dev Gurung, who was the Incharge of Kaski district, has been appointed as the in-charge of Bhaktapur. Prachanda’s son Prakash similarly has been leading the security department of headquarters. His wife Renu has been appointed in Kathmandu District Committee. All these appointments in CPN (Maoist) have encouraged the culture of nepotism in the party. One of the activists of CPN (Maoist) has said like other political parties even CPN (Maoist) has encouraged nepotism.

    Once again Dr Bhattrai this seems rather hypocritical of a party that proclaims itself to be democratic. By making these appointments you send a clear signal to the Nepali people that corruption and nepotism is the new way forward just as it was the old way and that similar appointments will be made IF you ever get into government. Elections, achievement and ability will count for nought.

    So, I look forward very much to receiving your reply, though I am not holding my breath during my wait.
    Yours in comradeship, and do give my regards to comrade Gadha for a speedy recovery
    Dr BM.

    Dr Brian Metters is a retired psychologist and an active mountaineer. See more of his work at

  41. It is sad news. But the main culprit is maoist in Gaur incident and in addition Mr. Sitaula for not precaution. Why maoist had arranged mass meeting at the same place and time although it was announced 15 days earlier by MJF?? And What Mr. Sitaula is waiting for when they both announced the mass meeting at the same place? Is he waiting that maoist will supress the MJF so that he can relieve from resignation? So blaming game of UWB and maoist are considered as PADE GAPH by the people.

  42. Maoists are responsible for this tragedy. They are delibrately trying to stop all other political forces from holding rallies, mass meetings everywhere.

    However This blog is so in love with maoists it seems. Giving biased view. Was it also royalist conspiracy that maoists delibrately went to have mass meeting at site where MJF was supposed to have?

  43. Whi is right and who is wrong? Who opened the firing first? Who went to undermine the power of a rival group who had informed people about their mass gathering before a week’s time? And who went to organize a program overnight?

    Who beat up the hotelier, businessmen and then showed power in form of workers ultimatum? It’s been two months but why has Madhesi problem sans any solutions? WHo is responsible for the aggravating situation of the country?

    Prachanda and Girija- I only wish if they were in the place of the innocent Nepalis who died during the Madhesi uprising and yesterday in Gaur. Here are few more photigraphs of the incident: Kathmandu Speaks- Are you listening?

  44. Who is right and who is wrong? Who opened the firing first? Who went to undermine the power of a rival group who had informed people about their mass gathering before a week’s time? And who went to organize a program overnight?

    Who beat up the hotelier, businessmen and then showed power in form of workers ultimatum? It’s been two months but why has Madhesi problem sans any solutions? Who is responsible for the aggravating situation of the country?

    Prachanda and Girija- I only wish if they were in the place of the innocent Nepalis who died during the Madhesi uprising and yesterday in Gaur. Here are few more photigraphs of the incident: Kathmandu Speaks- Are you listening?

  45. Yes we can see the madhesis in the picture armed with bamboos. And of course they really look very much like regressive forces not poor farmers young and old while comrade Prachanda is the poor’s saviour with his pot belly, rolex watch and fancy four wheel drives.

  46. We have all seen maoists armed with automatic rifles, I am yet to see a madhesi forum cadre armed with an equivalent fire power. Any pictures Wagle? I ask because when you talk of gun fire which no one knows who instigated, there should also be evidence that both sides have guns, otherwise we know the maoists have guns and therefore will correctly assume the only ones doing the gun firing are maoists which led to heads being crushed with overwhelming force through the use of bamboo sticks.

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