Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?

Provoking the Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of the royalist strategy to derail the peace process. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go for retaliation and revenge. That must not happen.

Activists of the Young Communist League (YCL), youth wing of the CPN Maoist, who were injured in the clash with MPRF activists in Gaur, Rhautahat, undergoing treatment at the Medical College in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Pics by Binod Tripathi (another pic inside)

At least 25 people have been killed in a clash between CPN Maoist and Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum (MPRF) cadres today in Gaur, headquarter of Rhautahat district. This is the single largest case of killing since Maoists announced cease fire last year. This is disturbing and alarming because Maoists were not armed and they came under attack from the suspicious group named MPRF or Madhesi Janadhikar Forum. Plus, this was not a fight between government security forces and agitating group but was between two different non-government groups. This makes us ask this chilling question: has the civil war started in Nepal? (Whatever happened during the decade-long Maoist insurgency that saw the deaths of more than 14 thousand people wasn’t civil war for sure.)

It’s an open secret that regressive forces who want to see the king or monarchy in power desperately want to derail the ongoing peace process between the government of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists. The success of the peace process means the happening of the election of Constituent Assembly that will decide the fate of monarchy (read it as abolishing) by a simple majority. It is widely believed in the democratic circle that MJF was created by regressive force to bring about instability in Terai region so that the election plans could be derailed. The sole intention of MJF seems to fulfill that aim. Provoking Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of that strategy. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go for retaliation and revenge. That must not happen. Maoists must not give the regressive force a chance to do further damage to the fragile peace process. If Maoists react violently and escalate the tension, that will help no one but the royalist regressive forces.

The MPRF rally before the clash. MPRF cadres were armed with lathis. Pic by Shiva Puri

We didn’t think from the beginning that the transition to complete democracy and republicanism would be completely peaceful. It will be painful but the pain has come in such a devastating manner. If this killing spreads and turns into the ethnic clash, we might see genocide in Nepal. A senior journalist who recently visited Nepalgunj told us that the western town was on the verge of plunging into a full fledged ethnic fighting. The situation is fluid and all forces, especially the Maoists, must show restrain and behave responsibly. We understand their pain and we express sorrow over the brutal killings of their cadres in Gaur but for the shake of lasting peace they must show restrain and behave responsibly.

Gaur Killing: At least 25 Maoists were killed in crossfire between the activists of the Maoist affiliated Madheshi Mukti Morcha and the agitating Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) today afternoon in Rautahat headquarters Gaur. District Police Office Rautahat confirmed that the people were killed in the exchange of fire while a dozen more were injured at Rice Mills area in the district at around 2:30 this afternoon. “The clashes between the two parties ensued after they met at the same venue to stage their mass gatherings,” Superintendent of Police Ram Kumar Khanal told ekantipur over the phone. According to Khanal, 13 died at the scene of the clash while a further 12 bodies were found at Hajmonia and Mudbalawa VDCs in the district this evening. He said that some two dozen people were injured in the incident and that a dozen critically injured have been taken to a hospital in Birgunj. None of the deceased has yet been identified, the official said.

Police officials said they were trying to confirm the identity of those killed in the incident. Both the Maoist-affiliated Madhesi Mukti Morcha and the MJF had planned their mass meetings in the area at the same time. Maoist lawmaker Prabhu Shah and MJF chairman Upendra Yadav were to address their respective mass meetings. The local administration has announced curfew from 2:45 pm today till 4 am Thursday in Gaur after the violence.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) has condemned the violence between supporters of the MFJ and the Maoists in Gaur. OHCHR-Nepal also confirmed the death of 12 persons in the clash. The UN rights body said quoting sources at the Gaur Hospital that some victims died as a result of head injuries caused by beatings with bamboo batons. Some of those admitted at the hospital are with serious head injuries. OHCHR said its human rights officers were in Gaur to investigate the incidents, including the causes of death.






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  1. Diwaker Jha Avatar
    Diwaker Jha

    Priya Shyam Ji,

    Mero namaskar!! Aehhh Madhesi haru kunai arko desh ko bhar ma bachdai chhan bhane, hajur ni? tyo April andolan ma 90 rupaiye kilo noon khanu bha ko etti chado birsanu bhayo?

    gadhho hola ni tyasai Nepali haru ma Iodine ko kami bhanchha, swastha bibhag le!!!

    sochera jawaf dinu hola?

    Kunai prashna bhaye yaha rakhnu hola. Hami sanga uttar chha!

    Tara khai hamro kamjori,, tyasto asista chhainau tapai lai tapai ko jastai sabda ma Jawaf dine!!!

    Hami sasamman uttar dine chhau!!!


    Jay Nepal, Jay Madhes, Jay Mithila

  2. Diwaker Jha Avatar
    Diwaker Jha

    Hamro ladai sarkartantra sanga ko chha!!! Hami sabai Nepali haun daju bhai sarah sambandha chha, yo sambandha ko aadar pani garchhu ra ma kunai bhed-bhaw pani rakhdina.
    yo sab huda hudai ma feri ke dohoryau chhu bhane, Hamro ladai Sarkaritantra, feudal Manasikta, sang ko ho.

    Kina ra tapai lai shant ra fastaudo nepal herna man lageko chhaina? Mero ta man runchha Nepal ko esto awastha dekhera… khai tai pani tapai ko akha ma anshu ko badla aago dekhchhu!!!!!!!!

    sochnus na euta pariwar ma eutai bauko dui ota chhora le saman byabahaar payena bhane tyo pariwar ko bhawishya kasto hola? khai kina esto samanya kuro kina bujhna saknu bha ko hoina?

  3. shiva Avatar

    sabai sathi haru ko kura padhen,bastaw ma madheshi jana samudaya mathi nepalko samanti rajtantra le daman ra utpidan gareko sacho ho uni haru ko sabai maulik adhikar ko rakshya hunu pardachha.tara swatantra madhaesh ko naam ma desh lai tukryaune aparadhi harulai nepali janata le jana adalat ma mrityu danda dinu parchha.

  4. shiva Avatar

    goeet,jwali singh,ra upendara yadaw lai mrityu danda dinu parchha

  5. Diwaker Jha Avatar
    Diwaker Jha

    Shiva ji, Namaste,

    Ani Hajur le mathi rakhnu bhayeko naam haru ma Prachanda chhuteko jasto lagdaina?

    karan sahit spastha garidinu huna Anurodha chha!!

    Jay Nepal,

  6. not required name Avatar
    not required name

    chor haru , jhuto kura lekhna laj lagdaina, patrakar vandai ma j payo tyahi lekhne. Patrakar nikshpachya kunu parchha ki pardaina. MJF chor haru ko galti khoi lekheko.
    the proof is on ur writting: “MJF ko pani galti huna sakchha”.
    k lekheko yo ha???
    yasto Bhramak kura lekhna laj lagnu parne BUT k garne bani pari sakyo hola yasto lekhdai ma. all the journalist(specially of Kantipur Publication) are feeded by india & Nepali Congress( Marna nasakeko Girija budo) . tyasai le nun ko sojho garnu paryo ni.

    Then what is the exact thing that happen????

    Just go to the place and ask the villagers . they will say who killed the maoist, raped the female cadres & burnt them down.

    News ma Publish vaeko kura ma kehi trueness chhaina.

    Kohi pani Doubt ma nabasnus

  7. not required name Avatar
    not required name

    Either Correct or Stop !!!!!
    news(kantipur ma) ra blog lekhne le khub paisa kamai raheko chhan.
    News:-India & NCongress
    Blog :- Google ads

    therefore they are writting these false writtings

    No-one will believe

  8. Prachanda Avatar

    Mero pyaro nepali daju bhai didi bahiniharu,
    Please try to understand that this the conspiracy of royaists working in madhesh to destry the great willing political power of Maoist in Nepal. They dont want the CA election to be successful.So, please support my ideas and i will help all the nepali to get rid of the blac royal forces in Terai. Maobad Jindabad!!!!

  9. tosief Avatar

    dherai jaso bakbas haru lekhiye ko rahe chha tyas karan bakbas haru nalekhiyeko ramro hunchha ani hurt garne word haru pani use nagare ko ramro

  10. tosief Avatar

    prachand le lekheko kura ek dum bakbas ho mass hatyara le madhesh mathi aula uthaunu bhanda afno astitwa hernu parchha ani ayo kura raja badi ko ta tyo decesion line adhikar janata ko haath ma chha prachande jasta killer ko ishara ma hoina ani maobadi party ko janma kashari ra kin bhayo bhane tathya bata sayad kunai nepali pani anvigya chhaina tyas karan madhes ra madheshi ko bare ma kehi bhanu bhanda pahila afnu aukad heros prachand le . hatyara le desh ko vikash garne hahahahahahahhaha
    prachande le bebkufi ka sabd haru madhes mathi use garne na roke ma purai madhes bata maobadi lai palayan garauna pani pachhi hatdainau hami madheshi haru
    janata lai bebkuf banaune din haru gaye ab khas garera madheshi haru jagisakeka chhan

  11. Roshan kumar jha Avatar

    Hi, chandan
    yo bahut ramro kam bhaiko cha.
    Yo madhes ko pahilo saphalta ho.

    Jay nepal jay madhesh

  12. Roshan kumar jha Avatar

    Dear, Madhesh wasi
    Tapai sabailai mero Namaskar.
    Khas pahade haru ko atychar ko sima naghi sakyo
    tesaile ab hami sabai mili pahade sask barg ko antaya garnu parch.

    Hamrai tax ra tel le e sale haru moto gari chadh chan
    hamili bhane kehi na kehi.

    Rambaran yadav ra Prachanda lai mritua danda dinu parcha
    Jay Madhesh

  13. Peshal Avatar

    Really the people are getting the myopia nd the real anc lear picture of madhesh is not seen through their blocked spectacles.
    Hilly oriented people have tortured the madhesi people a lot, now it is turn for Madhesi to get the repay from them with accrued interesrt and principal both.
    Syabas babban singh and Upendra yadav, Great job u have done.

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