Nepali Maoist: Ignorant or Arrogant?

Armed Maoist guerillas in a marketplace in Gaighat yesterday. Displaying arms in public like this is against the peace agreement they signed. Plus, the vehicle they were using didn’t have license plate. Pic by Rameshchandra Adhikari

Sometime these Maoists really make me wonder about them. It feels like they are a confused lot or ignorant about the area they are trying to venture into. Of course, there are many good things about them. They are the driving force behind the change Nepal is currently experiencing albeit the chaotic situation. The other day a Maoist “lawmaker”, who carried weapons in the parliament, challenged the speaker to take action against him. The next day, his boss in the party, apologized to the House for his brat cadre MPs remarks and behavior. They are trying to learn thing but at the same time doing foolish mistakes. Another example of their ignorance (or probably arrogance) comes from Udayapur on the front page of today’s Kantipur daily. The title of the news is: “Guerillas With Arms In Marketplace”. The photo, posted along with this article, shows guerillas on a pick up van without a license plate roaming around Udayapur Bazaar, Ghaighat district. -UWB

A report by Rameshchandra Adhikari:

Residents became fearful when a group of armed Maoist guerillas of the Bishalkumar Memorial Brigade under the second division of the Maoist Party came to the market area of Udayapur on Thursday (1 March). The guerillas, who came at around 8 AM, carried weapons like AK 47, SLR Insas and AMG, all registered to the UN according to a source. The guerillas went towards a place called Murkuchi in the evening. A district level leader, Deputy In-charge Deepak, said that the guerilla were there to provide security to the Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal). But Badal had gone to Sunsari a day before. “We brought the weapons with permission from the UN for the security of comrade Badal,” he said. “Don’t take it otherwise.” Political parties and the administration have criticized the Maoists for displaying the arms in public even after signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that bars them from doing so.

Badal the Cloud

Meanwhile Badal, who reached the headquarter of Gaighat on Tuesday evening, warned media persons not to publish the photos of armed guerillas. When I tried to take a photo of the armed guerilla, Badal came forward, blocked the camera and warned me not to publish the photo. The weapons had the UN sticker and the guerilla who was carrying the weapon had agreed to pose for a photo. But Badal (a Nepali word for cloud) hurriedly came in between, tried to cover the weapon with his hand. And he said: “Don’t do mediabazi (publicize) with this photo. That might be challenging to you as well.”

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  1. Comrades,
    When will the nation building in war-footing begun? So far, we have only seen terror and lip service.

  2. prakash II (15:41:43) :,

    I guess you meant, “When will the war began?”

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Yes India sold us down the drain with the help of thugs and murderers of our country

  4. Bahunists and Bahunism – A mini-Dissertation on the Caretakers of Nepal’s Feudal Tradition

    (Courtesy: Sano Baje)

    For those of us who have lived with this phenomenon all our lives, what is described below is no big revelation. However, for the benefit of those who think Nepali politics boils down to a struggle between Royalists and Maoists, or democrats and autocrats, or centrists and extremists, they are only partially correct. There is one other critical grouping that serves as chief sponsor of the political turmoil in Nepal – the Bahunists.

    Who are the Bahunists?

    So who (what) exactly are the Bahunists? Well, those who believe in Maoism are Maoists; those who believe in the Royal tradition are Royalists. Similarly, those who believe in the “Bahun-baad” tradition, are the Bahunists.

    What is the “Bahun-baad” tradition and who precisely are the Bahunists? Ask any Janajati, Dalit, Newar, Madhesi (or non-Brahmin individual) – he or she will provide you a dissertation on what “Bahun-baad” is and exactly how much damage the Bahunists have done to the idea of liberal democracy in Nepal.

    Ask the Chhetris, the Thakuris, the Ranas, the Thapas, the Mallas, the Shresthas, the Tamrakars, the Kayasthas (etc.) the same question, and it is likely they will give you a different answer. Members of these groups are sure to know who the Bahunists are, but they probably don’t understand the phenomenon that well.

    Why? Because for centuries, Bahunists have successfully performed as the mechanism that enables (and amplifies) Nepal’s feudal traditions; at the same time, the Bahunists have been successful in portraying the non-Bahunists as either the face, or the victims of feudalism.

    Why are the Bahunists so Angry and Dangerous?

    It is important to note that not all Brahmins are Bahunists. Just like not all Chhetris are Royalists and not all Janajatis are Maoists. This being said, all Bahunists (like other minority extremists), are bad news. Just like the hard-core Royalists give the Chhetris a bad name, the hard-core Bahunists give the Brahmins a bad name.

    At least when Royalists have disagreements with other Royalists, all they do is publish trashy articles about each other in the media. When Maoists argue with other Maoists, the one with the bigger balls puts the other one in detention and then India steps in and sorts things out.

    When Bahunists have arguments with other Bahunists, all hell breaks loose – look at what happened when the Bahunists in the Nepali Congress and the Bahunists in the Maoists disagreed – the whole country suffered for 12 years!! This is one of many reasons why Bahunists are bad for Nepal, just like their extremist friends from other camps.

    To put it plainly, the Bahunists have functioned for ages as priests and “purohits” (mostly in the houses of high-caste Chhetris, Hindu temples, etc.) during times of unrest and war. During times of peace, they have operated in the shadows, for example, by completely Sanskritizing the exam to enter the Nepali Foreign Service, by excluding members of other ethnic groups and castes from politics, by monopolizing the state’s political beaurecracy, by inserting key Bahunists in the Nepali Police, etc.

    The Bahunists’ fathers and forefathers accomplished the process of monopolizing state power (from within government), but some Bahunist off-spring are still angry. Why are Bahunist off-spring so violently against the idea of Monarchy? Because they are now accomplished in their own fields and find shame in the fact that their ancestors were preists in the Palace.

    It’s all very simple. Bahunist off-spring feel entitled to respect because of their accomplishments, but are unable to let go of their ancestral pasts and earn the respect just like everyone else. Shame is a powerful driver of hatred, as anti-Americanism flourishing the Arab world has shown. But Bahunists are embarrassed and angry for the all the wrong reasons.

    If Bahunists (who have enjoyed privileged existences their whole lives) are angry, how should the Janajati and Madhesi and other minority groups feel at being repressed by the Bahunists all their lives? Remember, it may be a stupid individual like Gyanendra who sits at the wheel of the “ship,” but read history – it has always been Bahunists that have guided and assisted idiots like Gyanendra, navigate the “ship.”

    What do Bahunists, Illiberal Democrats and the Ku Klux Klan, have in common?

    In Nepal, Nepotism, sycophancy and exclusion all have one thing in common – the Bahunists. With the exception of a few “token” members from other caste groups, Nepal’s politics, Nepal’s education system, Nepal’s public sector, Nepali media, are all completely dominated by Bahunists and their circle of semi-slaves.

    When examined according to the dimensions of elite-ness and exclusivity, the Bahunists in Nepal behave much like the Ku Klux Klan (at their height), in the United States of America. The Bahunists look down on other castes, they feel superior to other classes and they advocate Bahunist supremacy, non-stop.

    The “beauty” of how the Bahunists operate is that they do so under the idea of democracy, inclusion, equality and social harmony. They project the image that they are for the rights of minorities, that they are for the weak and downtrodden, that they are the most democratic of all groups.

    But truly, nothing could be further from the truth. Bahunists act in favour of other Bahunists. They elevate the status of only Bahunists. They represent the very core of what is rotten in Nepal’s democracy. The “Bahun-baad” phenomenon (as propagated by the Bahunists) is the single biggest threat to social harmony, to liberal democracy, to equality, and peace in Nepal.

    What do you think Dor Bahadur Bista was talking about when he wrote “Fatalism and Development in Nepal?” Who do you think the International Crisis Group is referring to when they issue statements like: “Control over the peace process has not increased confidence; that all decisions were made behind closed doors by a handful of Brahman men leaves sceptics wondering if ten years of conflict has done anything to change underlying structures.”

    Here’s another (more recent) quote from ICG: “So far the (peace) process has concentrated on building elite consensus at the expense of intense political debate or extensive public consultations.”

    If you guessed the Bahunists (in response to all three references above), you’re absolutely right.

    Who are some of the more prominent anti-Bahunists and why is their struggle not providing results?

    What makes the Bahunists particularly destructive is that they are found at the top layers of every political entity in Nepal. They are at the top of the UML, they are at the top of the the Maoists, they are entrenched in the judiciary. In fact, the very core leadership of the Nepali Congress right now, are all Bahunists.

    If you ever wondered about why people like Gagan Thapa, or Rabindra Shrestha (or even the JTMM) are so very annoyed with their mother organizations, it’s because they resent being subdued by the Bahunists.

    If you’re still wondering why the Madhesi community’s spontaneous uprising has been so full of passion, it’s simple. It’s because the Madhesis resent all decisions of political importance being made by a congregation of Bahunists. It’s because they are sick and tired of Bahunists playing games with the future of Madhesis.

    Like the Janajatis, the Madhesis know from experience who runs the mechanics of Nepal’s feudal structure. There might be an idiot at the top of the pyramid of feudalism, but the entire base of this pyramid is full of Bahunists and their sympathizers. Thank goodness Jana Aandolan-II has clarified this beyond any credible doubt.

    How do Bahunists react when they face a common threat?

    When Bahunists face a threat to their powerbase, they come up with conspiracies. And not just small conspiracies, but elaborate theories that span many years and multiple dimensions. To the Bahunists, any threat to their undemocratic, exclusive, power-base is explained by a sophisticated conspiracy.

    Fortunately, over the past few months, Bahunist conspiracies have gotten them into more trouble than they would care to admit.

    For example, when the Bahunists came up with conspiracy theories about the Madhesi uprising being part of an elaborate Royalist design, this added anger and fuel to the Madhesi uprising.

    When the Maoist Bahunists (yes, the Bahunists are at the top of the pecking order within the Maoists as well) and the Bahunists in the Nepali Congress schemed to discredit the Madhesi movement, the Madhesi movement gathered even more momentum.

    When the Bahunists refused to ask one of their own to resign (in order to start negotiations with the Madhesis), naturally, the Madhesis understood exactly how much “respect” the Bahunists have for the Madhesi population.

    It is hilarious when Bahunists make statement about how much they have given to the Madhesi community by “allowing” them citizenship rights. This is the Bahunists’ attempt at gaining sympathy from the Madhesi community. Even more hilarious is when the Bahunists claim stake to being members of the Madhesi community (for electoral reasons).

    Everyone knows that the biggest threat to continued Bahunist domination comes from movements that demand ethnic assertion, equality and proportional representation – you know, movements like the Madhesi movement and the Janajati movement.

    There are thousands of examples of Royalist conspiracies that are outlined by the Bahunists (from within the Maoists and other political groups). In fact, anything that even remotely threatens the Bahunists’ hold on power, is framed as a conspiracy against democracy.

    Here are some excellent examples of Bahunists in action:
    Janajati Nepal Banda: Royalists in Charge (and Other Headlines)
    and “Surya Bahadur Thapa Interview: Hidden Messages?

    How do Bahunists react when they are under public scrutiny?

    In the old days, if attacked, Bahunists would run back to their priestly duties and seek protection from Hinduism – “respect your priest, do not harm your guru, feed him well, clothe him well, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit.”

    In recent times, Bahunists tend to throw money at whatever problems they are having. But when half the country’s population is rising against the Bahunists, they are finding that spending money alone, isn’t getting them relief. This is making the Bahunists extremely nervous.

    Another technique Bahunists use is that they immediately mobilize their global Bahunist network, Bahunists in the media, and Bahunists across the political spectrum, to spread misinformation, to sensitize issues and to manipulate (detract) the Nepali public’s mood. As technology has grown and access to information along with it, the Bahunists have mastered the means to amplify their Bahunist cause.

    What Royalists failed to understand is the distinction between love for the institution and hatred for the individual; What the Maoists understand (but intentionally ignore) is that one does not have to be a Royalist to oppose Maoist tyranny; What the Bahunists fail to understand is that whether the Maoists come to power or not, whether Nepal becomes a republic or not, the Bahunists are exposed once and for all!!

    Forecasting the Future of “Bahun-baad” and the Bahunists

    Of course, all “good” things come to an end. With people across Nepal awakening from the Maoist nightmare, ethnic assertion and demands for equality are at the very top of every agenda. People are demanding their rights in the most democratic way possible and such demands have caught the Bahunists off balance.

    Being caught by surprise is what is bringing the Bahunists in the Nepali Congress and the Bahunists in the CPN-M together. The merger of the Bahunists from different political leanings is what is fuelling the ethnic movements across the country.

    Slowly but surely, the games, the politics, the conspiracies and the machinations that underpin the “Bahun-baad” philosophy and elevate the Bahunists in Nepal, will come to an abrupt end. The days of the Bahunist democracy and Bahunist candidates representing regions that are home to other ethnic groups, are numbered. Just wait till the Constituent Assembly elections roll around.

    How will the Bahunists react to this writing?

    When the Bahunists read this posting (and they will most certainly read it), I am sure they will come up with one conspiracy theory after another to discredit the ideas embodied in the writing. In reading Bahunist responses, look out in particular for the following themes:

    * This is a Royalist conspiracy to bring about ethnic disharmony in Nepal – Right, everything that challenges Bahunist domination is a conspiracy of some sort.
    * The writing is completely flawed – it is the Chhetris, the Ranas and the Shahs who are the root of feudalism in Nepal – “238 years of the Shah dynasty, etc. Sure, that is, minus 238 years of Priests and Gurus forecasting the future of the Shah dynasty.
    * The ideas captured in this article are designed specifically to derail the Constituent Assembly elections – Why in the world would we want to do that? The CA elections are guaranteed to destroy Bahunism once and for all. If anyone, it is the Bahunists who are eager to sabotage CA elections. Loss of power for the Bahunists, is a certainty.

    Watch out particularly for the non-Brahmin authors who comment on the ideas articulated in the writing above. Those will be the most Bahunist responses of all.

  5. These Maoists are taking the UN for a ride while Ian Martin sits around holding his dick. Like Micheal Bolton said if a few floors of the UN were to collapse it would make no difference to the world. Hell I would even argue that it would make it better. What a pathetic useless organization.
    The NA needs to be released and the Maoists need to go back to the Jungles since they are incapable of doing anything else. I perfer the days when these goons would run and hide from NA helicopters. After the NA is released, UWB should be shut down and Wagle needs to be detained for supporting terrorism.

    What is up with this statement:
    “Of course, there are many good things about them. They are the driving force behind the change Nepal is currently experiencing albeit the chaotic situation.”

  6. Prachanda further mentioned that his party wanted the state to punish the Maoist cadres who have been carrying out unruly activities.

    This guy is talking junk, and as per his words, the state (if powerful enough) should shoot at sight these armed people.

    Were the hell is the UN siren that is suppose to sound when the guns are removed. Maoist must not be trusted at any cost.

  7. well, the question posed is redundant.. they are neither ignorant nor arrogant- they are TERRORISTS!! And they will remain so and they have been taught “arulai satayerao afno bato banauney”-path by teacher Pushpa Kamal and ceremonial leader Baburam.

  8. and UNMIN stands for United Mission and Maoists in Nepal…. both of them are a big joke!! UN shouldn’t have so blindedly legitimized the weapons of the terrorists.. now they have to also ensure that these registered weapons remain inside the containers and not be flashed to threaten the people who are struggling to make two ends meet.

  9. Speaking of the UN and taking the UN for a ride… here’s some relevant material…

    scroll down on the page… there’s some pretty detailed, analytical information on this site. Not sure why Ian Martin’s team didn’t disclose this information to the Nepali public….

  10. I am wondering… what is the meaning of weapons registration? Also wondering is there one who can shot prachande?? Is there anyone?? Come front yar! He had to die! SHOT him in his head when you see him! Do it! Just do it!

  11. Just shot Prachande! He had to die! KUTTE KE MAUT!!!!!!! gO FOR IT!!

  12. The Article posted by Dinesh Koirala on this page is Enlightening and Important. (6th response from the top).
    Everyone PLEASE READ IT.
    Jai Nepal.

  13. Err I beg to differ. They are all ignorant and 99% are arrogant as well.
    Enough is enough. They jungalis need to get back to the jungle!

  14. Nepal is now hostage of maoist. Yet all the media is supporting them. They really should be scrutinized for their activity of intimidation of people. Maoist wants to rule people but putting fear in people’s mind. Is this true democracy they are promising to Nepali? We don’t want this type of democracy. I believe it is more autocracy then democracy…

  15. I agree with the article posted by Dinesh Koirala or sano baje or whoever. It is indeed enlightening and important. But it tries to pre-empt any accusation by saying “watch out for themes like – this is a Royalist conspiracy” … hmm I dont really know wht to say. I am a Janjati and I believe a royalist too would have a very strong motivation to post such an article wouldnt he??. Well anyways, even if the article is indeed written by a royalist it only stresses what we already know. So the bottomline is I think most of us Janjatis do realise there is still possibilities for all of us to co-exist, just that we’re more careful this time not to play into the hands of any Bahunists or Roaylist or Maoists or any fucking opportunists. We’re watching our steps dont worry.

  16. now only way ahead is to put an economic sanction on Nepal as guys on madhesh dot com says:

    Why should there be an economic sanction on Nepal?

    * Because the parliament has been (and the government is being) handed over to a terrorist group of yesteryear, who does not seem to stop its terrorism at all. Funding such a government is equivalent to funding Taliban or Al Qaeda or Khmer Rouge regime, and thus nurturing terrorists in Nepal.

    * Because the government is not acting democratically or respecting democratic values, but rather leading towards a dictatorship. Funding such an undemocratic government will be equivalent of nourishing the dictators that will turn fatal and may lead to the cases of genocides.

    * Because if the donor agencies continue to fund such a government which is not showing any respect for human-rights, the funding is likely to produce more human-rights violation by such government, including state-sponsored arbitrary arrests, detentions, disappearances, abductions, tortures and killings.

    * Because the government is not paying attention to the requests from international bodies for investigation into human-rights violations (both during decade long conflict and recent Madhesh Revolution)

    * Because there is high level of corruption and lack of accountability, and the government is showing no sign of improving accountability and checking the corruption.

    * Because the government has been failing to use the grants and loans properly for the purpose they are given.

    * Because the government’s mechanism has been failing to use the grants for the intended targets they are originally allocated for, and administrators/ministers have been using them for their own sake.

    * Because the government is not taking sufficient actions to investigate into a number of corruption cases and punish the criminals. (many are in cabinet and parliament)

    * Because other diplomatic solutions are not working and are on the verge of failing. Despite Maoists had signed the comprehensive peace deals, they have already breached the tripartite agreement done along with UN, by leaving camps in thousands, still possessing illegal weapons, not submitting all weapons and still continuing terrorism without showing any sign of slowing down.

    Under such conditions, when other methods do not seem to work with the Nepalese government, economic sanction can be an effective strategy for stopping further violations of human-rights, improving accountability, ending culture of impunity and promoting democratic values.

  17. Well Said !!. Patriot. Nobody’s going to be Fooled this time around.

  18. Neither! The Maoists are the greatest thing that happened to Nepal since the birth of Buddha. More violence and bloodshed means more paint to color their red flags. You have to afford the righteous comrades this fundamental right, even if it means sacrificing your own right to free speech.

    Well done! Love Nepal

  19. From a fellow brother:

    Madhesh Vs Maoist: Sitaula is using PLA to protect his Job?

    Dear All,
    I am ethnically not considered as Madhesi until now but I belong from Madhesh and proud to be a Madhesi. As we know that, our country has crossed the limitation of crisis. Maoist have forcedly changed the previously declared peaceful movement of Madhesi, Indigenous people and others’ into brutal violence due to their guerrilla attack on peaceful demonstrations e.g. in Lahan, Butwal, Dang, Nepalgunj, Bardia etc.

    Many normal Nepalese are still unknown about the fact that why PLA is attacking continuously on such peaceful demonstrations? Why Maoist is allowed to carry weapons and arms illegally against the peace agreement? Why Sitaula still provides continuous protection to the illegal weapons, arms and terrorist activities of the Maoist cadres e.g. Udaypur, Koupondole, Chisapani, and Singh Durbar Gate etc?

    As many guerillas of Madhesi allied Maoist are saying, there is no specific reason that they need to attack on their own family, brothers and relative who are allied in the ongoing Madhesi movement. They says, the existing demand of Madhesi , Indigenous people and others are legitimate and they express their moral support too but they say taht they are forced by central command to do such brutal attack on peaceful demonstrations in the name of regressive forces otherwise they would have to face internal punishment.

    The basic policy of Sitaula and Prachanda concerning the ongoing movement is to apply “divide and rule” Sitaula has realized that he could not continue his job without using the Madhesi against Madhesi and the Maoist have been also realized that they are loosing their grip from Madhesh.

    Finally, Sitaula did an agreement with Prachanda and Co. According to the agreement, Sitaula committed to provide such terrible protection and special privilege against the Laws to the Maoist. The Maoist leaders also believed that the bilateral agreement would help Maoist to hold continuous dictator power which would be helpful in forthcoming elections.

    In another hand, The Maoist command committed with Sitaula to mobilize their Madhesi Guerrilla against the ongoing Madhesi demonstrators to suppress the booming movement of Madhesi. They believe that the counter attack on Madhesi against Madhesi will be able to suppress the demand and need of ongoing movement, which can protect Sitaula’s job and Madhesi Movementers will be afraid from the damage and they will leave the demand of Sitaula’s resignation and others too. Hence, Maoist can easily rule the Madhesh as hilly mountainous rural areas and Sitaula will be in power forever.

    Sitaula trust that the mobilization and utilization of Madhesi Maoist guerrilla against the ongoing movement are more effective and efficient in comparison to the mobilization of police and militaries. Maoist also committed that they will save his job in exiting cabinet and in interim cabinet too and they will advocate in favor of Sitaula in case of any crisis and will work as lifeguard.

    Except the agreement, I also did not see any specific reason that Maoist should act against Madhesi because it is most dangerous for Maoist’s healths and it could decrease the life expectancy of Maoist and will push the existence of Maoist into crisis. Thank you.

  20. I would really like to see this Sitaula fellow resign-not because the MJF have demanded it, but because this guy is thoroughly incompetent as Home Minister. But he hangs on to the post as if for his dear life-typical of our ‘leaders’!

  21. Its time this Sitaula resigned, even if the peace process derails or not. He is nothing but a front for the maoists. With him as the home minister, there will be more clashes between the Forum & YCL and more people will die.

  22. I have heard that Shitula and Prachanda are related. Therefore I see no chance of him resgining.

  23. Thanks Girja for telling the maoist to wait till the CA elections, before deciding to make Nepal a republic.
    Sitaula had agreed to this maoist demand, and it is people like sitaula who pamper the maoists and that is the reason they are arrogant. These guys are not ignorant, their front man sitaula is doing everything for them. This guy must resign

  24. There are many things about Girija that I absolutely abhor but I really salute his guts. I realize now that amongst all the SPA ‘leaders’ we have today only this guy has guts. Sitaula is truly a Maoist stooge. Girija should get rid of him. And the SPA should never ever give the Maoist the Home Ministry. That would be suicide.

  25. Hey Dinesh Wagle,

    Uplinking this news, and proposing all propaganda and yellow journalism i.e. news that SB Thapa was in delhi, twisting his views of Fireside etc and now when the maoist is totally violating the CPA, you must be happily wagging you lutte tails to the maoist and licking their ssa. all the best.

    Maila Chaudry

  26. On the topic of the ineffectiveness of the Home Minister, below is a couple of articles that came out a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very strong case for why Sitoula should resign.


    “Shitoula should resign for the number of beatings that Policemen have
    been subjected to at the hands of Maoists, all over Nepal, simply for
    carrying out this government’s orders. He should resign on principle
    for first negotiating (as the government’s Chief Negotiator) and then
    ignoring the implementation (as the Home Minister) of numerous law-and-
    order related articles listed in the Comprehensive Peace

    “Does Nepal have a functioning state apparatus and a functional legal
    system or not? If it does, then the buck stops at the top of the
    pecking order and in this case, whether the allegation be a breach of
    the Comprehensive Peace Agreement or dereliction of duty as the
    nation’s Home Minister, the idiot is one in the same – Krishna
    Shitoula. If for no other reason, Shitoula should have resigned on
    grounds of morality or even conscience….”

    “The bottom line is this: Much like the Maoists have laid out
    preconditions to their talks, time and again, the MJF has also laid
    out a single precondition to their talks. This is that Krishna
    Shitoula take responsibility for 24 deaths and resign gracefully to
    pave the path for negotiations. Why has Shitoula always bent over
    backwards to accommodate preconditions laid out by the Maoists but
    refuses to honor a single, legitimate, noble demand, put forth on
    behalf of 49% of Nepal’s population? Is it because Shitoula doesn’t
    recognize the vast Madhesi population because they don’t carry arms
    and are fighting for their rights the democratic way?…”

    “Krishna Shitoula’s resignation will not be a “silver bullet” for
    Nepal’s problems. It will however, be a humongous step in the right
    direction (in favor of the sovereign power of the people), because his
    resignation will signal the end to feudal, caste-dominated politics –
    how else can one describe the servitude-like sycophancy Shitoula
    displays to his grand master, Girija?…”


    RELATED LINKS: one, two three

  27. Kirat: I agree compartively Girija has guts but I am very dissapointed with him as well. He is 89 about the Kick the bucket, he should at the very least do something good to Nepal. He needs to warn Prachanda STRENLY about the way the Maoists are behaving. He also needs to improve the law and order situation in the country.

  28. Budhai Pandit – I completely agree with you. There is this mythical fixation on Girija like he is the end all be all, that without him, the peace process will go to hell.

    Truth is, how much can an 89 year old man, with Hepatitis-E, do when he needs oxygen about 6 hours a day? Girija is doing the country a great dis-service by not allowing for succession planning.

    When he dies, we will be left with a divided Nepali Congress – Shekhar/Sitoula faction, Sujata faction and non-bahun faction. With the leftist onslaught around the corner, when will these people ever get their act together?

    Girija did so much to harm the fragile democracy in Nepal when it was taking hold. His legacy is already defined – history will portray him as a man who fought for democracy till he finally came to power and when he did, he behaved like an autocrat and focused one thing – building his own dynasty.

    This guy disgusts me. And to think that at one time, people were proposing that he be considered a candidiate for the Nobel Peace Prize!!

  29. The JTMM has announced that the will resume their revolt by violent means.
    Nepal is turining into a hell hole thanks to SPAM. I believe in democracy but now I know for a fact that Nepal will disintegrate because of this BullS*it loktantra movement. People want rights but no one wants any responsibility. The biggest problem is that Nepalese people have simply not had to fight for democracy. We threfore just don’t value the true meaning of democracy. The April Revolution was a sham. That wasn’t a democratic movement! It was a movement mainly by angry misguided student activists and a few more people that the Maoists coericed into coming out to the streets. Look at the people who were out in the steets – all unemployed frustrated young men. Let’s call a spade a spade. After Feb 1st move most people were celebrating! Taxi drivers, shop keepers were thrilled at the fact that there was stability and no more stupid bhands or other student zuluses. When the SPA initially started to protest there was no one out on the streets. It was pathetic. More importantly it was an indication of how little difference ‘domocracy’ had made to the lives of the average Nepali.
    I agree it takes time for a system to function. And perhaps if the Maoists insurgency didn’t crop up things would have been relatively fine but that’s not what happened. And now Nepal is becoming like some bad Western movie.

  30. ignorant or arrogant?….haha neither…rather it would be a precise definition if u call them “PIGHEADED BASTERDS”

  31. the man leading JTMM is a MANDALAY….and wat is it i am hearing…NEPALI TIGERS??!! fighting for seperate TERAI STATE… where r we going actually ppl? it’s all maoists to blame…they started it and now every tom dick and harry are rebels and for such lame reasons…it’s going to be doom’s day for Neapl very very soon…we’re all going to die ….this country is already in ruins and now a black hole awaits…

  32. Angelica,

    That is what meant by “New Nepal”.

    Now this SPA is trying to use their unions to revolt the madhesi which is a real suicide for this government. The country is definately going to the civil war. I agree with Bhundai Pandit, the SPA needs only power without caring vision and responsibility. And their blame game is not going to work furhter.

  33. Bahunists and Bahunism – A mini-Dissertation on the Caretakers of Nepal’s Feudal Tradition” – by Sano Bajie really caught me off guard but is in essence its a true FACT. I guess sometimes what you create in zeal really backfires and devours. They given a platform to people who were marginalized and now they will not stop and it will all at the expense of Bhauns. I’m not a person to sterotype but the way Bhaun led parties, oprganization and media house have gone overboard in their quest to distablize Nepal- I will forever hold them accountable and they should pay the price.

  34. Who actually benefits from a civil WAR IN NEPAL. Our southern neighbour will be delighted with 20-30 new countries that may be formed after the civil war. It makes their task of sikkiminazation of nepal much easier. At the present rate of “war” in every part of the country our neighbour is bound to interfere before it spills into his country. Once they interefer, then Nepal is history. I think we are seeing the last days of independent Nepal, all courtesy the maoists.

  35. the maoists are working for their main aim, the establishment of a red state from nepal all the way to andhra pradesh. In meeting this aim, the first step is to make nepal a part of india.
    Almost 99% of the economy of nepal is controlled by india either directly or indirectly. Now with the madesh uprising, it becomes much easier for india to interfere saying they are intefering to save the NRI’s industries.
    Once in madesh., it will be a matter of time before the whole country is taken over. If nepal is to become history and 30 new countries are going to be born, then it is in India interest to come to madesh.
    Majority of the madesh people (pahade+madeshi) will side with India, because a lot of economic benefit will be given by india.

  36. And that is why Sonam, SPA are the main culprits. They have brought this situation. SPA are warlords and destroyers, nothing else. They do not care about Nepal. They care about their own power and greed.

  37. Let madhes go to India rather then have a bloody civily war. People are more important then borders. Let’s face it, it will really not make much of a difference with the state this country is in anyway. We import most of everything from India, so say if India comes up to Chitwan, that will save us transportation cost for goods and services, and India will obviously spend a hell of a lot building up the Terai, which means we don’t need to. We should then rather make a deal with the Indians and say if you want Terai take it but in exchange we need this this this this and this. We still have the water resources, and now even a larger market and shorter distance for us with India paying. Our population will go down by half and the donor money will be put to use to the other half. Our people are anyway allowed to go freely into India for work. Is all this really worth more people dying? My analysis may sound a bit naive, but what can be more naive than to take the lives of other human beings for a piece of dirt.

  38. if Nepal is only Kathmandu, then madeshi will defenitely want to side with india.
    Even during the rana time, people of madesh (pahade + madeshi) needed a visa to enter kathmandu. If this discrimination against madesh continues, then madesh will defenitely have an agenda to side with india.

  39. noname:
    Girja: has and still has the guts to stand up to M.
    Makuna is history. there is no point in talking about him.
    Deuba: is he in this country or outside.
    Others: don’t matter much.
    Maoists : must be isolated and must be warned to either shape up or get the hell out of this country.
    The Congress must get back to the BP Koirala’s theory that the king’s and the congress neck are joined. For this to materialize the King must also cooperate, with this power hungry king, it may not be possible.
    If the Congress and the King dont come together, the communists will send both of them packing from nepal, and nepal will become a red dictator like china.
    So it is in the interest of democracy, the King & the Congress get their act right otherwise both of them are history.

  40. the congress party is the biggest failure in Nepal’s political history. Girija is 89. And what is scary is what is coming after him. Just imagine a Sujata Koirala as PM.

  41. I don’t know what this so called United Maoists Mission In Nepal(UNMIN?) is doing here. They are greatest joker on the face of this Earth. Yeah, John Bolton should have wiped these lame docks.

  42. i don’t support sujata as PM, but in the present scenario i beleive both Congress should unite. Without the congress, Makuna and company don’t have enough standing, domestically and internationally to take on the Maoists. Yes the Congress did make mistakes in the past but I still beleive they are capable of keeping nepal united.
    As for the next PM, why not Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, or Chitra lekha Yadav. By the way i an not a madeshi.
    Sitaula should be sacked and Dr. Ram Baran Yadav should me made the home minister.

  43. Four hurt in ‘Maoist’ firing

    Himalayan News Service
    Rajbiraj, March 4:

    Four persons were injured when two alleged Maoist cadres opened fire
    at them at Piprapaschim VDC in Saptari last night.
    The alleged Maoists opened fire following a dispute over extending the
    tenure of a temporary teacher Urbasa Timalsina, wife of Tara
    Timalsina, the former chairman of the Maoist Intellectual
    Organisation, Saptari branch.
    The duo, Bhumi and Raj Kumar, shot at Kamal Kafle, Dhane Pariyar, Sane
    Pariyar and another person with the surname Khadka of Piprapaschim-2.
    The dispute arose after the ‘Maoists’ forced the school management to
    extend Urbasa’s term at a secondary school at Nainadabar of
    Piprapaschim, chairperson of the Human Rights Association, Prakash
    Khatiwada, said, adding, “The Maoists forced the school management to
    extend Urbasa’s tenure without calling a villagers’ gathering.”
    The Saptari District Police Office said Kamal and Dhane are undergoing
    treatment in the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (Dharan) and
    Sane and the fourth person are undergoing treatment in a hospital in
    Lahan. Saptari Maoist secretary Amar claimed that those involved in
    the incident were Maoist defectors.

    People’s Court back in Kavre

    Himalayan News Service
    Kavre, March 4:

    Maoists’ People’s Court today staged a comeback in Banepa when it
    heard a land dispute case.
    One Subba Lama of Daraunepokhari VDC-3 had appealed to the Maoists’
    district committee on January 30 to have his land, which was sold 31
    years ago, back. The Maoists today ordered the owner of the land,
    Purna Man Tamang, to return the land to Subba. Purna Man said the
    Maoists threatened him and asked him to return the land.
    However, when local media persons and leaders of political parties
    arrived when the ‘court proceedings’ were on, Maoists said they were
    having an all-party meeting. “Let us call this an all-party meet,”
    Maoists told the scribes.
    Maoists’ Banepa in-charge Shishir said his party would deal with
    serious cases only.
    The Bagmati zonal court and Kavre district court in 1980 had ruled
    that Purna Man was the owner of the land.
    Purna Man had bought two plots of land from Subba’s mother Kanchhi in
    1976 and paid Rs 5,535 for them.

  44. I’m no fan of the Koiralas, but I do think that Sujata could take up the PM ship. There is nothing morally upright about her but then that is probably the sort of person we need to counter opponents like Prachanda another immoral character. Like father like daughter. This is more in the lines of crisis management and not necessarily good and honest leadership. If we reach a stable situation then we can opt for the Man Mohan Singh sort of character, but right now dire situations need dire solutions. Personally though I feel it will be Deuba again, let’s face it the man is still popular with his base in the West, the Indians and the Americans like him. I believe that is enough qualifications for the post for now.

  45. UML is making a fool of itself: When the IC does not give any place to the King, then there is no question of impeachment of the King.
    I think the UML have not read the IC.

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