Nepal’s Peace Process: Possible Threats

By Utshab Pokhrel
Guest blogger

Background: The peace process of Nepal has gained unique and extraordinary success in a very short period as comparison to the other countries. Although, there seems misunderstanding in some cases between the government and the Maoists as well as within Seven Party Alliance, they all are committed towards sustainable peace in Nepal and all are doing the best by their sides.

The great achievement of our peace process is the Comprehensive Peace Agreement made between the government and the Maoists that announcement of the end of the decade long violent conflict. It is one step forward than the Ceasefire Agreement. Now, there has already been agreement in the Interim Constitution and has cleared that in recent future Maoists are also going to be a part of the government. They have already started to keep their combatants into the cantonment and also the government has started the process of keeping the weapons of similar numbers of Nepal Army under the supervision of United Nations. This is a very precious and historic chance to Nepal government to transform the violent conflict into inclusive state, stable democracy and sustainable peace.

Although the peace process of Nepal is going very positively and optimistically, here are lots of challenges to make it success. We have to be sincere in every step from the possible negative impacts from certain decisions and the viruses of the peace process.

Possible threats to the Nepal’s Peace Process

The major threat to the peace process of Nepal is from the Royal Palace and from the Nepal Army. The palace always tries to keep some power in its hand and most of the top post officials of Nepal Army are royalists. They can’t be trusted properly. What they are saying and showing in the public now is that they are committed towards democracy. There is always a chance that they can support the Palace and try to put the people under their power. Palace is not going to leave so easily its power.

Possible polarization and misunderstanding between the SPA and the Maoists and within the SPA is another threat towards the peace process. If there seems weakness between their relationships then the enemies of peace process can get the place to play their game.

Possible fight of communal state is also another threat towards the sustainable peace in Nepal. Some elements can make it their strategy. Janatantrik Mukti Morcha and Limbuwan have already started their activities towards making fractions between Nepali and dividing Nepal into separate communal states which is definitely more harmful than the conflict started by the Maoists. The conflict guided by religion, castes or race is always more destructive than the conflict guided by the ideology and political theories.

The Constituent Assembly Election and the process of Restructuring of the State is another threat towards the sustainable peace in Nepal. The process of CA Election is very complicated and if the results of CA Elections can not represent the all classes, communities and the all sectors of the people than there is chance of another Bidhroha. Like wise, the process of restructuring the state is another complicated subject matter.

Conclusion The peace process of Nepal is going through lots of positive hopes and the every agreements and understanding have reflected the commitment of the SPA, government and the Maoists towards transforming the violent conflict into stable and inclusive state. There are some threats but those threats can be solved and can be thrown out if we all are united, integrated and make solidarity towards the sustainable peace in Nepal. Hence, there are chances of playing games by Royal Palace, Nepal Army and by some other elements, it can not do any harm to the peace process until the SPA and the Maoists are united and committed towards the peace process and people are with them.

Similarly, the issues of Janatantrik Mukti Morcha and Limbuwan as well as similar communal issues are also to be solved in this peace process to have sustainable peace and stable state. And, there needs many more discussions and interactions within all levels of the People as well as there needs to be a greater awareness programs from top to grass root level on the subject matter of CA Election and Restructuring of the State. Everybody should be cleared about the CA Election, its process, its importance, electoral system and be assured of the participation and representation. To have a sustainable peace in Nepal, the participatory approach should be followed by the government in every decision making, policy making and in every events which impacts directly in the fate of Nepali People.

Hope, it is not so far to come the day which kick out the old fashioned and the major enemy of the democracy, the monarch from this country and make we people supreme ruler of this country.

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83 thoughts on “Nepal’s Peace Process: Possible Threats

  1. Pokharel Jee,

    I agree with you that there is a threat from the royalists and the army. However, the army will have to be trusted by the government. If the government does not trust any one, it has (now) the authority to fire him or her.

    Now, what about betrayal from the maoists side? Why are you so sure that the maoists would not decieve the government and the people? why are you so assured? If Mr. Katuwal says he will now serve the people and democracy and not the king, you dont believe him but if prachanda says the same thing after killing thousands of nepali citizens you believe him, why? Is it because you are an idiot?

    Again, what about betrayal from the SPA? Why are you so sure that the SPA will not decieve the maoists? after all, GPK has decieved and cheated anything he has seen and everything that moved around him. What are the assurances that the SPA will not decieve the people again? After all, the leaders have yet to prove that they have changed their old ways.

  2. Pretty much honest analysis. The communal activities are dangerous and they need to be discarded seriously. The mindset of Nepali generals must be changed for good so that they will not support the royalist forces against democracy.

    The CA must be representative and we can ensure fair representation in the body by allocating quota system for underprivileged groups or sections. The unity among SPA and Maoists is critical to make this peace process a success. We, the democracy loving people of Nepal, must work together to pressurize eight parties to be united.

  3. Pretty much a very biased anti-crown/army pretense of an analysis. The king is past history and no longer a factor. The army has stayed in the barracks in accord with the peace agreement while the Maoists continue their blatant violations. This “analysis” is pure propaganda.

  4. Well, you can’t just have an excuse like king is past history. We must be careful in making such statements. Maoists are continuing violations of accords but don’t shot your eyes on king and army folks. Army as an institution will not go against democracy but there is always a possibility that some generals taking side of feudal monarchy in crucial times because of their relationship with Shahs and Ranas.

  5. Clearly a biased analysis which reveals once again that in Nepal its fashionable to be pro-Maoist and anti-Palace/Army.

    The Maoists are all people who at least until recently were hard-line Communists. Their own history as well as the history of leaders they glorify (Lenin for instance) have a habit of declaring “higher democracy” and “higher justice” when normal democratic processes do not turn out in their favour. Communists have also had a hard time of deciding whether bourgeoisie multi-party democracy is fundamentally anti-people and must be overthrown or whether it can be a valid means of moving towards communism. If they do poorly in the election, it is possible they will feel the system is fundamentally flawed and they must go back to the jungles for a more thorough revolution. In any case, this is an important point to at least consider.

    And the leadership of the army in Nepal has a history of being non-ideological. It is motivated by neither ideology nor loyalty but mostly by personal opportunistic interests. It is doubtful the leadership will take enormous personal risks to help the king.

  6. those incapable of progressing always points their fingers at others, only the braves say it is their fault. but brave we are not, we always look for the scapegoats who cannot defend themselves.

  7. So long the monarchy is there, the generals can hardly change their loyalty. So long the Maoists do not discard their doctrine of ‘proletariate dictatorship’ and ‘power by guns’ and their guns from hands, they hardly can be believed. If minor issues such as recommendation of ambassadors can bring the Maoist armed cadres out of the cantonment, will their arms remain in containets in time of election political agitations? If you believe, you are either a daydreamer or a Maoist sympathiser.


  9. Standardized analysis and known conclusion. How can change in mindset be brought is necessity of an hour.

  10. Utshab Pokhrel or should I call you Maoist mouthpiece? What a one-sided shallow analysis.
    “The major threat to the peace process of Nepal is from the Royal Palace and from the Nepal Army.”

    Since the peace process started tell me, moron, what has the Palalce and the Army done to jeporedize the peace process?
    You mention nothing about the Maoists continuing violations of the agreements, their continued exthortions and other abuses. You don’t mention anything about the fact that lower level Maoist cadras are begining to drift away from the leadership, you mention nothing about the complications of the arms management, election monitoring, the issue of institution of monarchy etc.

    You need to awake up and do your homework boy before writing stupid carp like this. You remind me of that blogger Raj you has such a narrow viewpoint it is almost as if he is looking up from a well.

  11. While I do agree that the royal palace is one of the threats, I want to label maoists as another major threat to the sustainable peace in Nepal. They are a bunch of psychos who know nothing about the poverty issue. They think if they get the power, they can turn Nepal into a developed nation outright.
    They lack the tools and knowledge to further the development in Nepal. There is more to development and peace than raising weapons.

    Fighting for rights doesn’t warrant the ability to move ahead during peace process. I was just browsing the news and I read about the maoist aligned workers calling for a closure of hotels and restaurants in Pokhara. They don’t know the loss we have to bear with such closures. They are freaks. Nepal loses millions everyday because of their activities.

    People pick on Gyanendra for misusing funds, but forget how much we are losing because of all these bandhs organized by these parties. We have to be fair in our analysis. None of these forces has played a positive role, at least not a proactive positive role. So, I would like to take this time to invite everyone to analyze things from all perspectives.

  12. it is simple:
    1) the forces – feudal, bahudal, communists are still existent.
    2) lets put heads and hands together: not try to ” sit on the limited “power chairs”.
    3) let’s vow to work hard for the betterment of the country
    4) stop thinking in terms of religion, race, sex, castes
    5) stop pointing fingers at sb you think you should always have as a scapegoat

  13. Dear writer,
    As far as facts are concerned there is only one jeoperdizing the peace process and that is Maoists and their autocratic type attitude that is pervasive now all across Nepalese society. It is sad to see the country go from the hands of the Richest to the hands of the muderers and plunderers. Maoists have the might of the uneducated and illiterate for this reason I suggest you use the article above as a speech to be given at Tundhikhel to your comrades rather than in a forum where educated people can also express their views.

  14. Dear Friends, neither i am a Moists Sympathier nor a blind supporter of SPA. I appreciate your comments and try to be more fair in my future articles. But, i still think that we have threats from the NA and the Royal Palace more than the Moists and the SPA. The palace will not be silent for long time and it is not silent in the present also. It has been planning and playing games behind the scene. How can it be silent while there is destroying all the things which has continued from more than 200 years? How can it be silent while there it has to leave all the powers and positions which it has been owning from so many years? And, the structure of NA is always loyal towards the Palace. All the top most officials are either belongs to the royal family or belongs to the Rana family and can never be silent while their god father is kicking out from this country.

    We have no options of not believing to the SPA and the maoists because whatever their characteristics are, they are from our family, they belongs to our family and they have to responsible towards us. We can guide them and we have to be sincere alwyas in every steps. Yes, there is also chances of decieving us by the maoists side but they have also no any options. I do not think that they will start voilence again. If they do so then it will cost very badly to them. We should not forget that our country has shown a great example to the world by signing in comprehensive peace agreement and making a clear vision of roadmap of peace process in such a little time. And, it has made success in the initiative of seven parties and the maoists in the support of the nepali people.

    What i meant to explain is that we have to be careful always from the royal palace and from the nepal army. And, i do not mean that we should damm care on the activities of SPA and the Moists, we have to keep on poiting and keep on watching their every steps very closely.

    And, at last i would like to say about me is that i never believe in any particual ‘bad’ or theories. What i believe is only in manav bad.

  15. Utshab Boy:
    “neither i am a Moists Sympathier nor a blind supporter of SPA. ”

    That’s right you are none of those. But I will say that after reading your post above you are a naive moron who has as much clue about Nepal as Neil Horning. At least Neil is an foreginer but what is your excuse?

    Again tell me what the hell has the ‘Palace’ done so far to jepordize the peace process thus far? You are just wrapped in this ‘Palace’ conspiracy mindset which just makes you look like an IDIOT.

    “But, i still think that we have threats from the NA and the Royal Palace more than the Moists and the SPA. ”

    Think? I don’t think you should think. The last thing Nepal needs is uppa buzruk pesudo journalists like yourself writing all sorts of crap everywhere.
    If you think the Palace and the NA are a more graver threat then the Maoists in the success of the peace talks tell me why… just saying they will not keep quiet is not an argument.

    I don’t want to come across as being a pro-Royalist but I also cannot stand people like you who are so obvilous to the reality.

  16. Agree with Bhudai-if this writer has no affiliations with Maoists and SPA -then he is a confirmed idiot. Sure the Palace remains a danger but the biggest danger to the ‘peace’ process is the anti-people, anti-country activity of the Maoists (e.g shutting down all restaurants and hotels in Pokhara with some rather silly demands) and the incompetent, greedy bast@rds that are the SPA. The Palace/NA nexus at present comes a distant third.

  17. Pokhrel Ji,

    I am 100% with you on ” threats from the NA and the Royal Palace more than the Moists and the SPA”. As long as RNA (aka NA) is controlled by Rana/Shaha they never want to see poor Nepali’s on from Karnali controlling them.

  18. My voice from outside: Take me as a Royalist too. It’s much better to be in the Right side of the Law then to be on the side of the terrorists.

    Definition of Royalist: A person who believes in law of land, democracy and peace.
    Definition of SPAM: Terrorism

  19. Budhai,

    The election of CA is going to be held soon which is going to decide the fate of monarchy. Can you keep quite when there is going to be decided by others whether to keep you in your home or to kick out you from there, from that home where you used to be a supremo and where all the remaining people were compelled to respect you and compelled to accept your every decision and now those people are going to decide your fate? I think that you can not be quite and you definitely try to be there at any cost. For this purpose, you will do whatever you can and how it could be possible to remain in that home and also have some power in your hand. Actually, I could not. What I have written is my perspective and my analysis for future possible threats. I am not pointing out about what is going on in present. It is also true in some extent that the future is the impact of present behavior but not it is the total reason.

    As I have already explain that I am not the Maoists sympathizer and the blind supporter of the SPA, I am only trying to explain that all the leaders and cadres of the SPA and the Maoists are from the family of we general people and they are responsible towards us. We people are the guardians of them and it is our responsibility to direct them and to guide them. It is not fare that you have given birth a child and you didn’t care him properly. Now, it has gone out of control then there is not only the fault of the child, there is your fault more than the child. If you will not believe the political parties then to whom you believe and what you have thought that who will run this country? This is our responsibility to guide them properly.

    The main problem of our country is that only 2 to 3 percent of elites are utilizing the total power and remaining population are compelled to live in scarcity always in their whole lives. The root cause of conflict is that. All the people were not gone to fight only by the lectures of Prachanda and Baburam. There are lots of causes behind it which have compelled them to choose that bloody way. The exceptions always exist anywhere. Before saying something or blaming others we have to enter to the deep reality. It is very much easy to comment others staying in surface. By saying this I am not supporting their activities. I always hate the strategy of getting something, hurting others. As you know that the politics is the game of power, there has been always playing game by every party to come in power and to be seemed the great. I also do not like such way of politicians of protests which is going on in our country now a days. What the main thing is that our whole system is bad and should be restructured. Only thinking negative is not the solutions.

    Finally, I would like to say to all of you intelligent friends, please do not think that the palace has slept and it has become ready to accept easily what we people are deciding about its fate. As well as, keep on watching and pointing to the activities of SPA and the Maoists. They need our guidance and directions. If they are not going on the way which we are trying to take them then protest against them and make them compelled. It is our rights to choose them. They have also fear from we people. The election is coming soon and that is the examination of their fate also. I am not understanding that whether I am not being able to convince you or you are not trying to realize the reality. And once again, it’s not only my clarification but also it is reality that I am not the blind supporter of any particular party and particular theory. I do not accept any kind of extremism whether of pure rightists and or of pure leftists. I love democracy, peace and prosperity that’s it.

  20. Damn this guys sounds like my last minute term paper written after a week of binging. There is nothing original about it. It is very biased and one toned. There is no agenda but to be published. Peer edit is frowned upon.

    Seriously shouldn’t there be some screening to the material that is posted here. I mean as biased as Wagle was he was at least consistent to the most part. This guys writes as a politburo mouth piece yet rejects any sympathy or association to them.

    “Can you keep quite when there is going to be decided by others whether to keep you in your home or to kick out you from there, from that home where you used to be a supremo and where all the remaining people were compelled to respect you and compelled to accept your every decision and now those people are going to decide your fate?” —- Well what I am worried about that is wont be the Constitutional Assembly but the Communist Army kicking the royalists out and conveniently taking over.

    “I always hate the strategy of getting something, hurting others. As you know that the politics is the game of power, there has been always playing game by every party to come in power and to be seemed the great. I also do not like such way of politicians of protests which is going on in our country now a days. What the main thing is that our whole system is bad and should be restructured. Only thinking negative is not the solutions.” — Let me rephrase that — “I love peace and harmony and the people wish is the ultimate wish. Politics is a dirty game of the corrupt and seeded capitalists and feudalists, they are always playing a game to trick the people of their independence. The whole system and everybody involved in it is dad and utterly corrupt. These street protest and demonstration are all a ploy in the name of democracy by capitalistic and feudalistic pigs to confuse the people and exploit their labor. Thinking too much is not the solution, especially negative things about the politburo.”

  21. Noname: please don’t get into this discussion and ruin it with your extream Royalist horse sh*t. Gyanendra is the biggest MURKH in the history of Nepal’s existence. It is because of him and only him that the Maoists today have so much legitimacy. I don’t even want to get into that now!

    Utshab, basically you make NO SENSE. You are like one of those kavis (poets) who walk around looking up at the sky and thinking these abstract useless ideas. You don’t answer my question. Is the palace responsible for the continuing autrocities by the Maoists. Did the palace cause the protests and bhands bacause of ambassadorial positions? Did the palace cause the bhand in pokorah that has caused hundreds of hotels to be shut down?
    Moron! Of I guess you think it’s all some dark mysterious figure from the palace orchasterting all these events.

    Utshab either back up your claims or risk being a fool. You are just speculating – write a novel but don’t come here and try to pass this article as fact.,

  22. Guys, did you read today’s Kantipur? In one of the news articles, it has been printed that, the Maoists supreme Prachanda said, “You (donors) don’t need to fear of us… We are rightist communists.”

    What the heck does it mean?

    Rightist communist? Though I have read a lot of communist literature, I could not understand the meaning of “rightist communist.” What I think is the terminologies in communist literature are more complicated than the French way of pronouncing words. Particularly, the communist literature in Nepali (and, of course, the literature of Nepali communists) are but a verbose write-up. I believe even the ones who have coined the terms or translated from English do not know what the words really mean.

    Rightist communist sounds funny. Goosey, in fact. How can communists be rightist? But Prachanda, the founding father of so-called Prachanda-Path, has admitted he and his comrades are rightist.

    Did he entail the Maoists are a liberal communist party? And used “rightist” as a synonym of “liberal”?

    May be, he tried to play with the words. But he sounded like a boor; he forgot the meaning of the political right apparently. He, the founder of the Prachanda-Path!

    His poor English can be an excuse. However, if what he said is true, the Maoists too are opportunists. Jackdaw in peacock’s feathers. Not different from the rightists with Panchayati background who could show their existence in the Nepali politics.

    Only talking big—about revolution and communism—doesn’t make you communist, Comrade Prachanda! If you still stick to what you believe, you are only a kam-red (less red) not comrade.

    If you are trying to be liberal, it’s most welcome. But if you are thinking of switching to (or have switched) to political right, this will be catastrophe to the Nepali political movement.

    A donkey is a donkey though it may carry the Sultan’s treasure. Hope you understand the meaning of this Arabic proverb.

    [My earnest request to you all is: I am not a student of Political Science. If you have read something about “rightist communism”, please share your knowledge with me.

    Moreover, you Prachanda-Pathists won’t impose a decision of physical punishment to me, for writing this.heheh]

  23. hi brother
    nice analysis about peace process,
    i like ur article, its help to learn all eight parties how to solve parmanently the big problem of nepal.
    hoping u also write useful article like this in future.
    best of luck.

  24. Vashek, i agree with you. This is turning out to be a circus. There is no such things as a rightist communist. They are only fooling us nepalis

  25. Mr. Stupid Author,

    Well if the palace is sure to react negatively (as you put it) to the ca election, what about the maoists though? Are they going to keep quiet if they sense that they are going to lose specially after waging a war against the state that cost thousands of lives? Are you an idiot? Do you think uml is going to stay quiet if they sense that the moaists are going to take their place in Nepal politics now? are the congressis going to stay quiet if they sens that the communist forces are going to rule the political arena in nepal now? I just wish you would think before you write or at least pretend to have thought over things.

  26. This analysis is totally propoganda and one sided to maoist. Media is more concerned about the royal property (katipur had publised the issue more than 100 times) whereas India already took more than 50,000 ropanis of border currently (forget about the past). People of Nepal are crying for their land and there is no coverage in Kantipur (although it is in Nepal Samachar patra). Wagleji wake-up otherwise one day your table will be occupied by Indians. That time you might remember about the past and our history.

  27. Mr. Pokharel,

    The spa and the maoists are from our family? What does that mean? maybe from your family but certainly not mine. They have responsibility towards us, this i agree with. But could not have cared less about this responsibiltiy before and they are not doing any better now. They will go and live in india if this country is burnt and destroyed.

    Then, you say the maoists will not start violence again. If the maoists do start the war again the monarchy can not be active again. That is the fact. It was only under the pretence of maoist violence could the king take over nepal as he did in the past. If people like you do not open your eyes and write and feed extremism to the society this country will surely fall apart. The madhesis have already started obstructing the pahadis or descriminating against the pahadis and this could spiral out of control. The need of the hour is to unite as nepalis and not talk about your family or mine, idiot.

  28. Then, you say the maoists will not start violence again. If the maoists don’t start the war again the monarchy can not be active again. please mind the above correction.

  29. Due to the lack of experiences in open politics, they might have been nervous facing the intellegent peoples and hearing the critics everywhere. What they have known is, how to make others in their support, showing guns. They did not have the strengh of accepting the critics but now they have to listen. Now, it has proved that they have no any concrete idea about anything and they are also weak in their ideology. Anyway, take it postive that they have left the extremism of leftist. But, it should be proved by their activities rather than limited in words. And, it is really a joke “rightist communist”. I also agree with you, Vashek.

  30. Mr. Utshab,

    We already know how intelligent mr. prachanda is after he claimed Mr.GPK to be one of the greatest leaders of Nepal. If GPK is that big, we know how small prachanda is. They have also proven to be totally ignorant about what politics is. You accept that they used guns to garner support but yet you trust them to be loyal to the country?

  31. Comrad Pokheral:
    “Due to the lack of experiences in open politics, they might have been nervous facing the intellegent peoples and hearing the critics everywhere.”

    The Maoists cannot hear or tolorate any critism. We have already seen how to reacted to and treated journalists who had written harsly about them.
    I see very little prospect of them becoming a democratic party even with our ‘guidance’.

  32. If maoist not win the CA election or just get the minority of 10-15 votes then they will start to show their strenght of gun again just by telling that in their abscence the country cannot move forward. Nothing except Mr. Prachanda’s ideology is “hook or crook”. People have the feeling that neither they are concerned with the country nor with the democracy. Democracy might be the means to reach their destiny. If he finds comfortable with China and non-hindrances with India, he will immediately leave the ideology of “rightist communist” or “democratic communist”. He is just using all the mechanism and ideology of previous UML for the popularity, nothing more than that. How much land he can distribute and to how many people? If he re-distributes the land at present then what he will do to our future growing population, who might again become landless in future. Then again new Prachanda will come in front in the name of communism and equal rights. Since 50 years, even in panchayat era, we have been talking and re-distributing the land but still the problem is at the same point.

  33. “You (donors) don’t need to fear of us… We are rightist communists.”

    Alow me to translate for the Great Helmsman: “We are peaceful terrorists and only kill and blow up things when we don’t get what we want.”

  34. B,

    I am not the supporter of the Maoists. I have already mentioned it so many times and i have written this article for the future possibilities of threats from my perspective.

    ……….yes you trust them to be loyal to the country?

    I have also fears from them, too. But, is it right to send them jungle again by not trusting them anymore and not giving them any chances? What do you think that who are the political parties, who are the leaders and the cadres and who are the Maoists? Yes, you can again say that if Maoists can be trusted then why not palace? Palace can not be trusted any more because it has been already clear that they have done nothing for the sake of the people of Nepal in those more than 200 years of time and will do nothing in future also. What they have done is always betrayed the people and try to make us their ‘raiti’ always. Study the history of palace, it is full of bloodshed. I have raised my voice on the against of monarch because we, nepali people can not feed the dangerous gang of white elephants anymore by keeping our stomach empty.

    For Budhai and You both,

    Republican is not only the agenda of Moists. It does not mean that to be the against of Monarch is not prove the favor of maoists. Get rid of banking approach of study. While analyzing something from the perspective of someone, we have to keep ourselves on the place of that person and have to think from his side also.

    How can you be so sure that palace will not play any role in against of peace process and democracy in Nepal? Are you belongs to the royal family? These are the patterns of your questions.

  35. Mr. Pokharel,

    Please read the first comment (by me) and then may be you will understand where i stand. Look country can not run on mistrust on all sides. But if you think it is wise to trust the maoists more than our na soldiers you can go to hell.

    You think i am a member of the royal family and so what if i am? You think i can not blog here or write against the political parties if i am a member of the royal family? broaden up your mind man.

    You claim that the institution of monarchy has done nothing for nepal and you even asked me look up history. But what do the history of political parties say about what they have done for the country. You claim that the institution of monarchy has done nothing for the country in the past 200 odd years but what have the SPA or Maoists done for the country? What have they built except for the mushrooming of private schools and medical institutions which contributed very much to the funds of private political parties of GPK and Makune.

    How do you know Prachanda and baburam bhattarai are not Indian Agents? What is the logic behind having ex gurkhas in the monitoring team? Can they claim to be neutral when their paymasters are UK and India? Why not have ex policemen from our own country in the monitoring sector? at least they have devoted their whole life to serve this nation instead of seeking residence in foreign countries to earn a bit more money. How can we trust them to be neutral when they could abandon their own country for money? Is this (arms management) not suppose to be neutral?

    Now why do we need the CA election now? Why not just kick the king out through political decision and get on with it?

    You are will to accept the sincerity of GPK and think we should trust him, why? Nepali people have shown that it is a lot easier to bring a king down to his knees than an autocratic dictatorial leader like GPK? What guarantees are there that GPK won’t betray the country or the people? Has he not done this before?

  36. Mr. Pokharel,

    if the maoists do not choose violence as their primary career, KING will have no excuse to interfer or will have nothing to gain by interfeering. on what pretext do you think the king will interfere now?

  37. This Pokharel is beyond explainations.
    Ok I will just give into him now. Yes Pokkharel the Maoist are just awesome. The palace is responsible for everything. Let’s forget about everything and keep talking about the 200 years of misrule and opression. Why move forward when we can keep looking back?
    The palace is secretly organizing all these bhands and other disruptions. In fact what am I saying? The palace created the Maoists in the first place so that they could become more influential. Now they are sitting around and conspiring ways of taking over in a coup.
    Let’s forget about the Maoists etc. it doesn’t matter! Let’s focus on what’s really important. We need more ‘bidhwan’/ great minds like Utshab and Wagle to lead the way.

  38. Cut the crap boys! (Why no girl here are stupid?)

    Neither Utshav is Maoist nor is Pundit jee.

    By the way, I too laughed at prachanda’s saying”We are rightist communist.”

    Maobadi dakshinpanthi kamnist ho re. Nisthaa kam bhayo ni ta maobaadi haru ko Maobaad, leninbaad ani marksbaad maa. tesaile ta “prachandapath.”

    Mera prachandapathay dazubhai haru, prachanda ta aba raaja hunchha re ni! naya rajaa, naya samanti.

  39. You sure got that right Bilogist! I ain’t no Mao. Can’t say the same about Utshab boy.
    And I take offence at you calling our posts ‘crap.’

  40. Yes let’s all get offended at one another while the Maoists continue to consolidate their control throughout the country. Let’s intellectualize and pontificate and accuse each other of being Royalists, racists, Indian agents, CIA etc. while The Maoists kidnap, extort, impress children into their army and kill anyone that gets in their way without hindrance from anyone or anywhere. Good God we are so stupid.

  41. realx bedeshi – its a blog. what else are we suppose to do here? if there was some way to defeat the maoists from UWB that would be great.

  42. B &Budhai,

    Ok, let’s no trust to anyone. What do you think that who will lead the country and how the country will move forward? Please read my article and my comments once again seriously then you may understand what I am trying to explain. I am not lobbying here on the side of SPA-M but I am trying to say that they are our representatives and we are their guardians. We are also responsible on whatever the conditions our country is facing today. Please be prejudice and down to the solutions friends. Only exploring problems and suspecting to all are not the way out. We have to think about the solutions, too. And, dialogue is the better way than the debates to find out the best solutions. SPA, M and Palace is here in the main politics of our country. What do you think that who is better and who should lead the country and how?

    “You claim that the institution of monarchy has done nothing for the country in the past 200 odd years but what have the SPA or Maoists done for the country?”

    104 years long Cruel Rana Oligarchy has thrown out by the revolt of political parties especially NC has lead the movement against Rana Regime. After then, ran away King was invited to Nepal and with full respect he has given his monarchy back. In Return, what he did is betrayed the people and backed from his promise of giving the opportunity to make the constitution by the people for the people through CA Election. And, after some times, the king grabbed the democracy and started to rule directly on the name of Panchyat System. Again, in the initiation of political parties, democracy is back defeating the Panchyat System and only in the recent past The Great Janaandolan-2 is also succeed in the initiation of political parties and in the support of People. In these 15-16 years of democracy, we can see lots of developments and progresses as comparison to the remaining years. By saying this, I am not going to defend the faults of political parties and its leaders. There are some corrupt leaders in all parties because of them the whole parties are facing the crisis of trust. What we have to do is rather than blaming the whole parties, we have to point out those leaders and reject them publicly. After all there needs political parties to run the nation.

    Ok, let’s have healthy dialogue. If you have better options than please share me, I might have wrong conception.

  43. Pokhrel,

    Lets not play blame game. King Mahendra came into power because democrats could not agree amongst themselves and there was constant infighting leading to political vaccuum. Whether the result of that move was good or bad is another issue. It resembled the Bolsheviks’ October revolution in Russia and Lenin took power.

    Even now, the situation is no different in Nepal. Vast portion of Nepal is like lawless jungle. Everyone does anything they wish without any restraint. The present government and the Maoist has to take blame for anarchic situation because they came to power to improve worse situation. And blaming socalled royalists day-in and day-out for everything will not help. Without presenting any evidence of your conspiracy theory, it simply does not sound credible.

    As for development and progress, do not make offhand remark like lots of development occurred. What is your parameter or economic variables? There are many ways to interpret this. Please research well before making wild statements.

  44. Utshav,

    If you compare the past development with the present then you can find even in the panchayat era there were lots of developments and some of them were “Mahendra Rajmarg” and “Land Reform and irrigation”, “establishment of many public enterprises” etc. etc. compared to 2007-2017 democracy. But it failed why? The answer is the development had not reached upto poor and rural people. Same was the case of 14 years of democracy. If you look at the present we are seeing more dangerous situation of communual feelings and country is running just in HACHUWA KO BHARMA. It took 4 years to pass the act like consumer protection which is directly linked with day to day basis of general people. Whereas as the critical issue like citizenship was passed within a day. Why present parliament and even maoist are not raising voice against the land captured by the India as against the king. Who is playing the card in Nepal is very well known to the people, they are silent just because they don’t want to be tagged as royalist for raising the issues. But how long???

  45. The parties are to be blamed because it is the obligation of the party to be committed to the development and prosperity of the nation and her citizens. Some corrupt leaders? what does that mean? Does it mean that most of them are honest?

    Look, my point has always been that, even if the leaders have good intentions, they will fail this country because of their incompetence. Nepali people have given up on being able to get GPK out of power. NOw, if you talk to people they would just say may be he will die soon. This is the kind of democracy we have. Them being our representative HOW, mr. pokharel?

    This country will not prosper until we have a system where the pm is elected by the entire nation not just one district. If you ask GPK or Deuba about their contributions they will say that their districts have seen great developments. There should also be fixed terms for them like two or three. If they loose an election for the premiership they should not be allowed to run again. That would solve a lot of problems. We have 60 yrs old Deuba as a youth leader. I wonder what we should call gagan thapa?

    look, i am not saying that royal families have shown great sincerity towards nepali people. But comparitavely i would they are lesser evils among the three political forces of this nation. The bottom line still is, the SPA need to be more compitent. Do you understand Mr. Pokharel? If they are sincere (to the extent that they think in the interest of the nation), honest and competent royal family would not be able to (or even dare) interfere in Nepali politics. However, if they are going to remain the same incompetent, corrupt and murderous fools then even if you remove the king, the foreigners would interfere. If india is forced (by the foolishness of the SPA) to intervene in Nepal with their national security as an excuse (like US did in Iraq), can you imagine how bloody it is going to be?

    So, Mr. Pokharel there are always someone conspiring against the government but the leaders too have the responsibility of defending the nation against these ill designs. Look, seven parties are no children and democracy is not a lolipoop to be snatched away by another. If the SPA are incapable of protecting democracy against the conspiracies of the palace, how will it defend the nation against the conspiracies of the international community.

  46. Ok this discussion is now shifting away. Previous Pokharel sounded like a real idiot with his palace conspiracy horsesh*t. And no Pokharel, I will not read your article again – it was bad enough the first time around.

    But irrespective of your article I do agree with some points you have mentioned in your most recent post. I don’t have a huge problem with the SPA. Sure they are incompetant, greedy, worthless beings. But within a democratic framework they can be changed. I also agree that in the post 1990 era there were alot of positive developments. Shaman, look at the UN Human Development Indicators and compare 1990 – 1996 (before the Maoist movement got into full swing) and compare that with the indicators in the 80s. You will actually find that Nepal was doing fairly well in a number of areas such as female literacy, infant mortality etc. Plus we a very viberant media sector emerged and the VDC system was taking hold. Things were chaotic and bad but these problems are part of a new democracy. You can’t expect things to run smoothly just like that. Unfornunetly when the Maoist came everything came to a halt and the entire political landscape changed.

    What I don’t like is people who use the failures of the post 1990 to somehow justify Gyanendra’s take over. That is just a load of BS.

  47. Bhudai Pundit

    You are intellectually bankrupt animal. When you find something against king, you just can not take it. Pathetic loser. Survive on “Handi” from your master dude

  48. Haba:
    Please don’t say that. I cannot stand this King. I just don’t like people like Utshab who keep dewlling in the past and refuse to move forward. People need to understand that the Maoist present a graver threat to Nepal. Despite all that is going on I find it annoying when people still keep talking about the King. That doesn’t mean I like the King or I am a Royalist to use the term.

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