Nepal's Peace Process: Possible Threats

By Utshab Pokhrel
Guest blogger

Background: The peace process of Nepal has gained unique and extraordinary success in a very short period as comparison to the other countries. Although, there seems misunderstanding in some cases between the government and the Maoists as well as within Seven Party Alliance, they all are committed towards sustainable peace in Nepal and all are doing the best by their sides.

The great achievement of our peace process is the Comprehensive Peace Agreement made between the government and the Maoists that announcement of the end of the decade long violent conflict. It is one step forward than the Ceasefire Agreement. Now, there has already been agreement in the Interim Constitution and has cleared that in recent future Maoists are also going to be a part of the government. They have already started to keep their combatants into the cantonment and also the government has started the process of keeping the weapons of similar numbers of Nepal Army under the supervision of United Nations. This is a very precious and historic chance to Nepal government to transform the violent conflict into inclusive state, stable democracy and sustainable peace.

Although the peace process of Nepal is going very positively and optimistically, here are lots of challenges to make it success. We have to be sincere in every step from the possible negative impacts from certain decisions and the viruses of the peace process.

Possible threats to the Nepal’s Peace Process

The major threat to the peace process of Nepal is from the Royal Palace and from the Nepal Army. The palace always tries to keep some power in its hand and most of the top post officials of Nepal Army are royalists. They can’t be trusted properly. What they are saying and showing in the public now is that they are committed towards democracy. There is always a chance that they can support the Palace and try to put the people under their power. Palace is not going to leave so easily its power.

Possible polarization and misunderstanding between the SPA and the Maoists and within the SPA is another threat towards the peace process. If there seems weakness between their relationships then the enemies of peace process can get the place to play their game.

Possible fight of communal state is also another threat towards the sustainable peace in Nepal. Some elements can make it their strategy. Janatantrik Mukti Morcha and Limbuwan have already started their activities towards making fractions between Nepali and dividing Nepal into separate communal states which is definitely more harmful than the conflict started by the Maoists. The conflict guided by religion, castes or race is always more destructive than the conflict guided by the ideology and political theories.

The Constituent Assembly Election and the process of Restructuring of the State is another threat towards the sustainable peace in Nepal. The process of CA Election is very complicated and if the results of CA Elections can not represent the all classes, communities and the all sectors of the people than there is chance of another Bidhroha. Like wise, the process of restructuring the state is another complicated subject matter.

Conclusion The peace process of Nepal is going through lots of positive hopes and the every agreements and understanding have reflected the commitment of the SPA, government and the Maoists towards transforming the violent conflict into stable and inclusive state. There are some threats but those threats can be solved and can be thrown out if we all are united, integrated and make solidarity towards the sustainable peace in Nepal. Hence, there are chances of playing games by Royal Palace, Nepal Army and by some other elements, it can not do any harm to the peace process until the SPA and the Maoists are united and committed towards the peace process and people are with them.

Similarly, the issues of Janatantrik Mukti Morcha and Limbuwan as well as similar communal issues are also to be solved in this peace process to have sustainable peace and stable state. And, there needs many more discussions and interactions within all levels of the People as well as there needs to be a greater awareness programs from top to grass root level on the subject matter of CA Election and Restructuring of the State. Everybody should be cleared about the CA Election, its process, its importance, electoral system and be assured of the participation and representation. To have a sustainable peace in Nepal, the participatory approach should be followed by the government in every decision making, policy making and in every events which impacts directly in the fate of Nepali People.

Hope, it is not so far to come the day which kick out the old fashioned and the major enemy of the democracy, the monarch from this country and make we people supreme ruler of this country.







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  1. B Avatar

    this discussion is getting worthless and is getting nowhere. I think we have done enough of royalist versus terrorists versus corruptionists discussions before and this is now getting stale.

  2. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Yes, Maoists are also one of the major threats to the democracy in Nepal. I am not ignoring this reality. But, at present, maoists are committed to the peace and democracy and they have signed in comprehensive peace agreement and agreed in interim constitution. Only criticising them is not the solution. The ultimate solution is to transform them into democratic way. Is it right or is it the solution to ignore them and again send them to the jungle by not giving chance to transform? It takes time to have adjustment with the open environment and to change their attitudes of ‘jungli pan’. I am also in the against of their such destructive activities.

    But, what i like to say is ,this is a transitional period and in this period we have to guide the political parties and we have to support them as well as we have to point out their mistakes instead of ignoring them, hating them and thinking them negatively only. This is the time of uniting, integrating and making solidarity towards sustainable peace and democracy in the country. If the parties became week and if the peace process can not move properly than the benifit goes to the enemy of democracy.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Utshab what you say is fine but look at the reality of the situation. How will the Maoists change their ways? Why will they do it?
    Yes they have sgined all these agreements but it has not meant a thing. Look at their reactio to the ambassadoral nominees, look at how they are causing all the bhands in Pokorah etc. I agree they should be given a chance. In fact we are giving them a chance right now but what I have seen doesn’t make me optimistic.

  4. dialogue Avatar

    India sponsors killing of nepali maoists because in their own country they already have muslim hindu not merry christmas.
    brown foreigner, white foreigner.

  5. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Yes, because of the Maoists, our country had to face lots of problems and should be backward in economic development, faced political instability and impressed badly in the international community. Still, they are showing cruel and jungali behavior. But, what i think is that this will not be the solutions if we ignore them totally, we can apeal to the top leaders and suggest them about the right way of politics. We should try to transform them. And, we can protest wisely against such behavior. I am not supporting the maoists but i am thinking and feeling about the future of those thousands of innocent peoples who have misguided.

  6. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    The major cause behind all these is lack of complete faith and assurance among the political forces and in the case of maoists is also same. What we have to do is, pressurize them to be united and keep on striking them in their mistakes. As i have already mentioned that there is only three major political forces in Nepal. Among them, it is cleared that palace is always a enemy of democracy and there remains political parties and maoists. We have no options rather than bringing them in right track.

  7. B Avatar

    Mr. Pokharel you said,

    “The major cause behind all these is lack of complete faith and assurance among the political forces and in the case of maoists is also same.”

    I do not know what you are trying to say here. The maoists did sign the agreement with the governement but that does not prove their sincerity. The King was among the first to congratulate the govenrment of the signing of the agreement. From the above line inbetween the quotes, you seem to be saying the SPAM themselves are a threat to the peace agreement now or the lack of complete faith as you put it. King is the enemy of democracy, how? The activities of the SPAM prove that they are the enemy of the nation and her citizens not just democracy.

  8. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Everything is not as right as it seems in front. King is the enemy of democracy because in Nepalese history how much times democracy is grabbed, all times by the king. Even it will try again if the monarch is continued. In underdeveloped and poor countries as like our country, here is so easy to play game with in game and is so easy to fulfill own interest by a powerful and wealthy organization.

    “From the above line inbetween the quotes, you seem to be saying the SPAM themselves are a threat to the peace agreement now or the lack of complete faith as you put it”

    I have already stated in my article that the polarization and misunderstanding between the SPA and the Moists or within the SPA is one of the threats to the sustainable peace in Nepal. And, what i think is that we have to pressurize them to be united, integrated and make solidarity towards sustainable peace in Nepal. I only mean to say that SPAM is better than the palace to have a sustainable democracy in Nepal. We also have some responsibilities to make them sincere and guide them properly. There are also some bad elements, i agree with that. Those bad elements should be identified and ignored publicly.

    How can you be so confident that palace may not harm the democracy in Nepal?

  9. monk Avatar

    Mr. Utsab’s suspicion towards monarchy is just a reflection of ‘Inferiority Complex’ commonly found in so called intellectuals of our country. Either you fools don’t want to see the reality or you are pretending to be asleep. Please stop the blame-game and spreading of hatred! Try to B+ ve.

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Utshab: here is where you are wrong. The Moaists, as I see it have really no incentive to behave. Right now they have all the attention, power and influence. If something doesn’t go they way they want they have the option of resorting to violence or they have the option of causing some mayhem. Basically they are holding the SPA by the balls and doing whatever pleases them. Why will they give up this power and behave like you say? What’s in it for them?

    I agree with your assessment that the King (especially this one) is definetly not a well-wisher of democracy. But right now I don’t think the King has any influence and I really don’t see the palace becoming ambitious enough to interfer in the magnitude of Feb 1st. I think after getting his faced slapped Gyanendra is well aware what another such move could do. So basically, you need to get over the ‘King’ ‘Palace’ mind set and focus on bigger and important issues.

    No one is saying the Maoists should be ignored. Where did you infer that from? But the Maoists need to show they are interested in a peaceful settlement. The Nepali people have given them a chance and this is the time to show it. However, despite Prachanda’s talks the Maoists have not abided by the agreements and accords. Just think about the fact that the government is funding them and still they are acting up. I want a peaceful settlement but I am not overly optimistic to the point that I am becoming oblivious to the reality… which Utshab might be falling victim to.

  11. B Avatar

    Mr. pokharel,

    This is the last time i am going to say something to you on this topic. Even if the king is trying to conspire against democracy, it is the jop of the political leaders to act against it and stop it. Because, even if the the king is not there, there might be army chief conspiring, then you get rid of the army chief and then you have india conspiring against nepal. People like you POKHAREL, need to realize that the government of any democratic system needs to be competent for the system to work. The government can not work by wishing others will not conspire against it. This is all i have to say to you.

  12. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    My views are not as different as yours. And, its really nice conversation with you all guys. Actually, how more times do we discuss in one topic than the results and outcomes will be that much times better and we can find more ideas. To have a clear view in something we have to discuss in all the merits and demirits, so we can have a clear conception above that matter. Thanks for your nice comments.

  13. viewtech Avatar

    mere abscence of war is not peace… John F. Kennedy

  14. jesus Avatar

    Recents research show that a man of Girijas age are feeble or not right in the head…I dont want to rest my country in the hands of an old crippled futureless futile cooze.

  15. shantikumar Avatar

    Utshab Pokharel…PLEASE Do NOT THINK We are FOOLs…you got a simple formula of blame..anything messed up just blame the monarchy, history, G, Mahendra, Tribhuan, army etc etc…
    you sure want us to just accept that the likes of you and Prachanda are saints and but for monarchy, G, Mahendra, nepal’s history, Tribhuan etc etc you would make a heaven of nepal and if this does not work your kind are ready to stoop to extreme depths of dishonesty to spread rumours…
    Just note all this will not work any longer – real leaders are required to save Nepal not the likes of Paper-tiger Prachanda…

  16. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar


    I have not said anywhere, what things maoists have done are right and they are saints. They are wrong and their way is wrong. I am not in the support of prachanda and baburam but i feel very much sad and i think about those thousands of poor, illeterate and misguided people. I am worried about their future and their lives. The major problem of our country is 1to 2 percent of elites are enjoying the total power and remaining peoples are compelled to live under the line of total poverty which i have already mentioned. Just keep you on their position and think that whether they should be given chance or not. It is so easy to comment staying on the surface but too hard to enter in the reality.

  17. sagarmatha Avatar

    Every leaders worried with name of poor people because they are the one who send the leaders to the power, post and money. But once they get in the power, they forget all of them. If leaders worried about the people then why not single of them were being killed in the numbers of 13,000? Because all of them were tied up inside for the power. The result, each party of SPAM got the power to share but innocent 13,000 poor people were being killed in the name of New Nepal. Isn’t it Mr. Pokhrel?

  18. B Avatar

    Good one sagarmatha,

    Ask Mr. Pokharel who those 1 to 2 % of the elites are? And how many of them belong to political parties with their ill gotten wealth? Even with this 1 to 2 % of elite this guy needs to be
    clear. So, when is this dying girija P Koirala giving up his ill gotten wealth? When are we nationalizing ill gotten wealth of all koiralas mr. Pokharel/ Or you the kind that says mr.koirala is not a corrupt person? So, my question to you MR. POKHAREL is do you think that people like Mr. Koirala, Prachanda, and Baburam bhattarai should be kept in jail?

  19. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Yes, Mr. Sagarmatha and Mr. B. you people are right that there are many leaders who have benifited by the name of poor people and have owned many more ill gotten wealth and they should be punished. In every political parties, there are elites. But, there are still many right people, too. There needs political parties to run the country. That’s why, i only like to say here is not the whole poliitcs is dirty and not the whole parties are wrong except of some individuals. Now the election is coming. Those bad and corrupt peoples should be rejected and right people should be identified. I think that you guys are not understanding my point. I am not taking the side of GPK, MKN, Prachanda or etc but i am only saying that to run the nation there needs of political parties. What do you think that without political paties or leaders how the nation will move? Or are you trying to say that only king is the right person?

  20. loreofgore Avatar

    Fire has been lit in Nepalgunj-this is just a start so you all get down and dirty for kingdom of hell will dawn upon you, place your bet right otherwise river of blood will drown you in shallow pool built by SPAM’s tunnel and narrow vision.

    You class envy, you show disrespect and you disparage- for you lack the common sense and have complex galore that eats you up like ravenious jackass and feel it is your right to get what is not yours nor it will ever be for you do not have the capacity see beyond your angst and fury. In the end- these very thing will erase you without any help of others.

    Endgame is near for these wayfarerers who believed on nothing so they will get nothing

  21. B Avatar

    Mr. Pokharel, my question to you was should these corrupt leaders be jailed? And you go on about people being able to reject them. You do not seem to realize that corruption is a crime punishable by law. Should they be jailed?

    What is your point Mr. Pokharel, did i or sagarmatha ever mentioned that we did not need democracy? No! But instead we do not need a democracy that is a personal property of eight parties. And parties that are property of Koirala and prachanda. Get to the point. We are all educated and realize that democracy is the right system but it is going about achieving it that we are discussing here.

    And about rejecting leades! We have not been able to get rid of GPK for the last 15 years and now if you talk to the people they will not say they will kick GPK out but instead they just pray for his early death. We have a dictatorial system of democracy here.

  22. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Mr. B,

    Yes, i believe that corruption is a big crime and every corrupt should be punished whether he is GPK or MKN or Prachanda or Gyanendra. This is our bad fortune that such corrupted are the main leaders of our country and we people are also weak that we can not do anything against them instead of making big noise inside the cave. I accept this truth. Here is no any alternative for not accepting these parties and these leaders. This is our condition and this is the reality.

  23. Ramesh Ranjan Avatar




  24. Nepali army Avatar
    Nepali army

    Utsav ji,
    Good analysis ! And better yet that you are exercising your right to press freedom, a sign of vibrant democracy that we are heading towards. I”m a Nepalese Army and a proud one. I believe truely that one of the factors that have brought Maoists into the mainstream is their feeling that they cannot win militarily (Prachanda’s interview, about 6 months back). Nepali army, which is your army (unless you are a citizen of some other country), has been serving for the country and people, as long as the country itseld was established. There have been regime changes, but army has remained loyal under the government. There are always some flaws and errors in any organization, because we’re all human. Even the best armies in the world are not without any flaws. But I had many soldiers and freinds near me blown up to pieces or some without legs, hands or eyes, what for ? Its so that you all could express your freedom like you are doing now. I am not a rana or shah or nor do I have anyone close in higher rank officer, but I love my organization and its not fair for you to criticize like that, as if you know it inside out. Just think, if maoists had ceased the power by defeating the Nepalese army, would you be able to express any words against them ? If you think “yes”, go read more about Cambodia. Otherwise, be grateful to those soldiers who have given their lives to save your freedom and country.

  25. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    Everthing is clear. The maoist are the greatest hell that we could ever imagine! They are no good for us, for Nepal and the world! Few opportunistic who couldnot smell the success through the genuine way is the definition of those hells! I think Mr Babu Ram alias “the BABOON” cheated in the exam and got his so called Doctorate degree. Like those cheaters, it’s not hard to get degree from Indian schools! Mr Babbon and the Prachanda alias “the pig” you have to die to see the peaceful nepal. I am waiting for that day. Please die fast you hells! Nepal is not your playground. Go somewhere, might be Narka through your Prachanda path!

  26. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    Nepali Army,

    Thanks for your comment. Actually, I am not criticizing the overall organization of Nepal Army. Whatever I have told here is I am compelled to think like this way because of seeing the trend. How much times that the King has grabbed the democracy, in all times in the support of Army. But, I respect and support the personnel like you. But, I can not believe the high rank officials of Nepal Army, most of them belongs to the Shah and Rana families.

    And, I have also seen the loyality of Nepali Army towards the Nepali people in this recent Janandolan. I have also studied well about the history of Combodia, Russia, France and the history of Khamer Rooj, Stalin, Lenin and Marx. I also used to think like you. But, now the situation is different and the context is different of the world and the context of our country is totally different than those. I also can not be agreed on the way of Maoists. I only mean that whoever are Armies, Maoists, Political Parties and etc all are first Nepali. So, I like to see here peace & harmony with complete democracy to the people.

    At last, I would like to say to all of you that neither have I belonged to any particular party but I am republican and I think that here is no any need of monarchy. You can blame me whatever you could imagine about me.

  27. Bideshi Avatar

    Mr. Pokhrel, I am surprised that your studies of Cambodia (or Kampuchea) under the Khymer Rouge didn’t give you a better grasp of their proper spelling.

  28. Bideshi Avatar

    “Here is no any alternative for not accepting these parties and these leaders. This is our condition and this is the reality. ”

    Mr. Pokhrel, I don’t wish to be harsh because I believe you are speaking your true feelings, but our “Ke garni?” fatalism is a main factor in Nepal’s arrested development. Things CAN be done and MUST be!

  29. B Avatar

    Mr. Pokharel,

    I have been an ardent GPK, MAKUNE, PRACHANDA, DEUBA, BABURAM hater and i will remain that way. I sicerely believe that as long as even one of these leaders are alive our country will not move forward. And further more, i really dislike you attitude of blaming the people for the leaders being corrupt. I really dislike your attitude of calling all nepalis weak. It is not the people who punish corrupt leader but it is the system and judiciaries. What were the nepali people to do when they knew the leaders are corrupt? go to police? go to supreme court? They are all freakin corrupt a##holes. Or did you mean the nepali people should have got out on the street? But then who would finance the rallies? Or may be you think rallies are spontaneous and people would just get out on the street one day decide today is the day for strike?

    Look, democracy for me means “equal, consistent, impartial and fair justice for all”. Any government that can guarantee this is a democratic country. Do you see this happening with our country soon? do you see any of the leaders of today even interested in this? Ok why dont you define democracy for us, Mr. Pokharel.

  30. NepArmy Avatar

    Democracy=should allow any political view even if it is staunch royalist to exist. I cannot believe that some people here talk about democracy and then calls any political party that has different political view a REGRESSIVE FORCE. Why the hell is it regressive, if you have your views on supporting the Maoists why can there not be one in support of the King ? After all is this not what democracy is all about. And if the Maoist parties can do what they feel like including beating up people so will those that do not support their political views.

    SPA idiots now realize the difficulty of holding elections without police presence in the posts. It is guaranteed that Maosist will win the elections in almost all rural regions at Gunpoint. This will not be a democratic election although the Maoists will insist it is, it is definitely not. When there is no security in the country, including the security of those who oppose the Maoists for example the royalists, then how can their be just and fair election ? SPA leaders will be shut up and kept into darkness while elections are rigged in the rural areas and maoists will come into power. Once this happens do u think u will be allowed to have your political views or expressed. All SPA leaders will be sent to Nakkhu jail.

  31. Aryan Pradhan Avatar

    Yes, The only resort of the future is

    No king and his supporting people like army general, PM Girija and so many other black listed in Rayamajhi Aayog. All should be treated like Saddam Hussain.

    Nepals future is on Neplese youth’s hand. Go Get Ahead.

  32. monte cook Avatar
    monte cook

    this sucked and i hope that you willeventually get a better site than this cause it is attrocious

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