Nepal Has A New National Anthem

Update on Aug 3, 2007: Latest on National Anthem.

UWB: Readers of Kantipur have done surgery of the proposed national anthem. (ब्लगमान्डू अग्रगामी राष्ट्र हाम्रो, जय जय नेपाल)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters (of Nepal):

“सयौं थुङ्गा फूलका हामी एउटै माला नेपाली
र्सार्वभौम भई फैलिएका मेची महाकाली…”

Time has come to sing our song. If the Council of Ministers approves the song, the above mentioned lines will be the first and last lines of our new national anthem. As we are preparing ourselves for a new Nepal, it is obvious that we are living bad memories behind. The national anthem that praised the biggest landlord (bhupati) of Nepal, the resident of Narayanhitti palace, has already been declared null and void and just today a new song has been approved by a team that was formed to select new national anthem for new democratic Nepal.

According to a report by Kantipur journalist Ganesh Rai the National Anthem Selection Task Team has finally selected poet Byakul Maila’s song as the new National Anthem of Nepal. The Team coordinator and culture expert Satyamohan Joshi said that the new National Anthem was selected from a total of 1272 different songs submitted to the team from across the country.

“We have completed the job assigned to us by the ministry,” said Joshi. He also said that the new National Anthem was selected without knowing the name of its writer. “As per the guidelines given to the selection team, code numbers were given to all the songs we received and we selected one among them. We came to know the name of the composer only after the anthem was selected,” he said. The Team had held a number of interaction programmes across the country to seek suggestions about the new National Anthem.

The first two lines of the new National Anthem read as follows:

‘Sayaun Thunga Phoolka Hami Eutai Mala Nepali
Sarvabhaum Bhai Phailiyeka Mechi Mahakali…’

(From hundreds of flowers, we are one garland Nepali
Sovereign we are spread across Mechi Mahakali)- Unofficial Translation

The new National Anthem is two stanzas long and each stanza has four lines. There are altogether 47 words in the new National Anthem.

Talking to ekantipur after the selection of the anthem, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Pradeep Gyawali said, “The way the song of an indigenous and remote area’s writer has been selected has added further charm to it.”

Gyawali further said that the anthem selected by the NASTT would be submitted to the Council of Ministers, which would then “finalise” it.

Poet Byakul Maila whose real name is Pradeep Kumar Rai was born in the Hilepani village of Okhaldhunga district 34 years ago. Rai who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s in Public Administration has been serving the Nepali literature for the last one and a half decades. He has written dozens of songs, poems, Haikus and is also the editor of Nepali Geet Sangraha (a collection of Nepali songs) and literary magazines like Barbhanjyang. He had actively participated in the April Movement.

“The song which has been selected (as the new National Anthem) as my song,” an emotional Rai said, “is not my song. It’s an expression of the feelings of the human sea that rose during Jana Andolan II.”

The previous national anthem (Shreeman Gambhira Nepali Prachanda Pratapi Bhupati) music composed by Bakhatbir Budhapirthi and written by Chakrapani Chalise was adopted in 1899. The national anthem had widely been criticized as it was just a melody praising the monarchy.

The restored House of Representatives in its May 18 House Proclamation declared the existing national anthem null and void.

Note: Want to sing the song, and perhaps, compose the music? Visit Blogmandu! 🙂

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54 thoughts on “Nepal Has A New National Anthem

  1. New national anthem

    A new national anthem has been selected today. see here

    No sycophancy and no circumlocution, simple, precise and fine euphemism in it… The simple and singable piece by a poet unheard before seems to be nice.

    May be some critics will quibble over other details. May be there were some other songs that are better than this one.

    Had I written a song, I would submit it for the selection. If I had submitted, I too would be in the run to emboss the Good Name (lol) in the history. In letters of gold. I did not write so the total numbers of the songs was 1242.

    I did not write because I could not. I could not write because I did not try. Very simple. No more bumfuzzling now.

    Congratulations to the poet, nom de plume –Vyaakul Maainlaa.

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  3. This was a needed step. I’m surprised that this didn’t happen immediately in 1990.

  4. When I was in J P High School in Kshetrapati, Kathmnandu in 60’s we used to sing Shri Man Gambhir and Gaaon chha geeta Nepali every day before the class. This new anthem is short and sweet. Hopefully, all of us will remember this anthem word per word and in very short period.

  5. I’m very happy there will be a new national anthem. However, it pissed me off that a board of some people chooses the song. The whole population should choose it. THe board should publicise some selected good ones, then the public should vote on the best one. A national anthem should be a national effort, more valuable.

  6. Great Song that truly speaks about Nepali and Nepal. Finally we have our own anthem that speaks about greatness of Nepal and Nepali people not some person. Hats Off to Byakul Maila.

  7. I thank all of our nepali public where they got new nepal

    by their sacrification. Again nepal will raise in the world god will manifeast in nepal. How buddha born nepal same lord of jesus christ is taking place in nepal. All the power of the nepal reached in one god. Here after there is no any cast and creed. Man and woman no big and no low all are equal for god. (God) Generate Operate and destroy. Till before god was putting fire and destroying old things of nepal. Now he is making new nepal. Here after all nepali got new birth in Nepal. New nepali, new nepal, New technology, new government, New peace, New happiness, New birth, new rules, New man, New woman, New scientist, New computer technology, New industry, New culture, New human right, No low cast No High cast all are equal all are human being.

    At last i thank the heavenly father who are creator of heaven,earth, mankind and all the living things in the earth. This earth is ball for him all the living things he created. Man is his picture. He does not like that man suffering by evils things. He created world for his own will and not to suffer. Now he had taken all the burden from nepal. Where nepali face is smiling. I thank each and every nepali where they lost their life for country. They should not go hell they should be taken by the almighty father and make his own army for the peace of nepal. Here after who ever lost the life for their mother land they are the angle of the country. They are used in this earth and also god will use them by his almighty graces who is king of heaven and earth. He is one. I thank each and every mother from nepali they has given birth for their child to give peace to nepal. This is the sacrification of man for the country they are the great then any other things they are not died they are alive with the almighty father in heaven.

    Thank all of nepali brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers You all are great and Nepal is great.

  8. Today somebody told me that Mr. Rai was a damn royalist….
    And the same person said that one of the conditions of the national anthem writing competition was that the person who would submit songs should not be controversial.

    Will this (his) song rejected then? Or what I heard was only a rumour?

  9. I have no comment on the selection, but I think it’s jumping the gun to select the anthem before the interim parliment is even in session. How can a country decide on it’s national anthem before it even decides on it’s government structure.

  10. Horning,

    You are an enigma. I agree with your comment here, but in another comment you were arguing that the Supreme court has no right to question the parliament who pronounced themselves supreme because the previous constitution is wrong. And here to you they are wrong, and yes they are wrong. Until the CA elections are held they have no authority to decide anything. This is why the Supreme Court is asking them on what grounds whether it be the old constitution or on the grounds of being an interim government or whatsoever grounds can the parliamentarians claim to be supreme, and therefore what they pass in parliament uncontestable?

  11. Oh, hey, you’re right. If the question was indeed challenging the ridiculous and irrelevant proclamations they passed while they were in session. Those completely surpassed the mandate.

    I thought what was being challenged was the constitutionality of them proclaiming their rule over the monarchy.

    It’s a moot point, however, because the judges have no constitutional authority to challenge those provisions. The current government is extra-constitutional. It will be for a future government with a new constitution to decide the constitutionality of resolutions passed by the current parliament. Judges that are them selves extra-constitutional cannot decide the constitutionality of an extra-constitutional government. To be clear, the entire Gyanendra government apparatus was unconstitutional. However, the method in which its power was dissolved was not a constitutional process either. Yes, there is a problem that there is no legal way to challenge the government, but that is an inherent problem in an unconstitutional government. We have to at least wait until the interim constitution is passed before these proclamations can be challenged.

    UWB: This commentator doesn’t seem like the ‘original’ Neil Horning because the email address is different.

  12. got a new national anthem? cool. but where is the nation? up the republican ass or down with the monarch? i see national anthem as no big deal while the nation needs some serious help…author sounds a little overexcited about this. gud luck!

  13. Well Horning (the real one or otherwise),

    I agree every institution here is interim and should not be acting as otherwise. But if the interim parliament starts to behave like they are lord and master over us all then you must agree the people have the right to question them through someone and logically it would be the interim courts. The people are’nt interim are they? We are the only one’s with the right to question each and everything. So if this expired parliament steps over it’s line, we will question, and the logical process is through the Supreme Court. We don’t have to wait to question the current parliament until the new constitution is made, we are the people and we have been aknowledged to have the power by all, so we will question parliaments whether they are expired and illegal, interim or constitutional. That is our right and we ain’t anybody’s interim anything.

  14. Sorry, yes that was actually me. I have another e-mail address based on a video game handle. I must have entered that one.

    Now, on to the peoples right to challenge the government. I would like to start by saying that fundamental rights are a social construction. Rights are not inherent. They are fought for and secured. They minute people stop fighting for their rights they are lost.

    Currently, the people in Nepal have established their right to challenge the government. Yet, the method through which they do that has been primarily though extra-legal processes like burning tires. To a significant extent these methods have been working.

    Yes, if for some reason the interim constitution is not put into effect in a timely manner, the courts are one way to challenge the government. But in doing so, one shouldn’t be under the illusion that these courts have some sort of established authority. These courts aren’t even interim, they are left over from a previously unconstitutional government. Under those circumstances, in may be a better approach to continue burning the tires, because any changes made through courts with no authority could hardly be very permanent.

  15. J hos dhilai vay pani nepalihruko marma bujhana khojiako chha tar yo ta auta suruwat matrai ho, hamile janu parne chunauti ka bato haru dherai lamo chha. Aba vane naya aadhunik nepal ko nirman garnai parchha. Tyo sosak samanta bad pratha, chalan hatauna nai parchha. Aba ko nepal vaneko loktantrik ganatantra ko ho. Tyo nirangkus samanti rajtantra ko hoina. Aba vaneko naya pusta, naya satapdi ko nepal hunu parchha. Mero bchar ma ta rastryia git matra haina, rastriya jhanda, janawar pani paribartan garnuparchha. As barema pani sabai le feri sajag vayer sochnu nai pardchha. Lau ta aba yo naya rastryia git ko pani sangit badd rup ma sunna pauda kati ramro hunchha hola ra vagyasali kabi byakul maila lai pani muri muri dhanyabad ani badhai jasko ek rachana le sabai nepali le gaune git banna pugyo, dhanya chha uha lai asto vagya sabaiko hudaina. Lau ta sathi haru aajlai ati nai suva bida.

  16. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I feel like a fog, but what can I say? I’ve just been letting everything wash over me lately, not that it matters. Shrug.

  17. this national anthem suc ks. the new national anthem must be raato ra chandra surya jangi nisan hamro..

  18. Good effort from Byakul Maila and the others making the list. We needed one and it is probably the right time to look for one.

    How it used to be in those days? every morning during school days we were made to sing national antheme and most of us used to hate it…. it was like singing a morning wake up chorus for the King Birey………

    This new one is short, sweet, simple, demonstrative, not laid back like the early one, accommodate most of us and highly motivating.

    5 star out of 5 from me.

  19. This national anthem submit and cover all Nepalese people of 14 zones and 75 districts.

    This is the great national anthem which must be in Democratic country like nepal.

    it is representing Demoratic way, It is representing Unity, Nationality and Patriotism.

    Only people those people who do not like it, will be Nepali crooks, criminals and with bad mentality.

  20. It’s a ridiculous poem.

    This is not a good national anthem, previous was better than this.

  21. the old national anthem brought a lot more sentiments. old one was better. but if u have to change the national anthem, change it to Raato Ra Chandra Surya………….

  22. well this national song is really sweet and short and also thought ful
    i really like this one

  23. The song is short and sweet from every angle but there must be sweet and suitable music for making this attractive.

  24. i like the new national song and try to download the song but i was not abel to download. but i want to request not to put that word mechi and mahakali because nepal territory is from tista to kangada where now indian goverment in ruling .by the time british goverment leave india who occupied nepal terrtory at that now used by india and we cant tolerate it.

  25. A proportionate, united, nationalistic anthem which I like very nuch. congrats
    Mr. B.Maila for his effort for a new Nepali National anthem. Thanks.

    Pancha R.Bajrachaya

  26. mero bichar ma yo rastriya ghaan lae sabai nepaliharu lai ektabadha gharauna safal huncha. bideshiyaka haami jasta nepaliharulai thaha huncha ki desh ko maya kasto huncha. aafno rastriya ghaan nahunda ko pida kasto huncha hamilai thaha cha.
    Byakul maila dai lae rastriya ghan laekhidinu bhayara rastra lai thulo gun lagaunu bhayako cha sath stahai hami jasta yuva barga lai pani jaha bhaya pani aafno rastra prati sada bafadaar bhayara kehi yagdaan dinu parcha.

    This song increase the sense of belonginess among the nepali living in each and every nooks and corner of not only nepal but whole world. this song develop the nationalism as well as true patriosm among all people whose vein contains the composition of water from sagarmatha,wind of mustang, mud of terai and love from all 14 zones and 75 districts.

    If we are true nepali then we have to put hand on our chest and should question us that isn’t we have any responsibility of us towards our motherland.

  27. hi, very unique national anthem. thank you Byakul dai..
    please update this national anthem in English official version. .. so that all nepali all over the globe can get its real test….

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  30. This new national anthem sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
    Change the people mentality, do something good instead of waisting time on changing the things which people are already used to. Changing the national anthem doesn’t change anything in real.
    Anyways, gudluck to u all who want to change the existing things but dont wanna do anything in real.

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