Nepal Has New People Centric National Anthem: Of Hundreds of Flowers Made Are We One Garland Nepali

Nearly a century after it made a lyric-less national tune, Nepal bring out a brand new national anthem that sings the song of Nepali people and the country, not the rulers. Listen to the anthem and realize how beautiful and great this country and its people are

सयौं थुङ्गा फूलका हामी एउटै माला नेपाली
र्सार्वभौम भई फैलिएका मेची महाकाली…

Almost 15 months after suspending the old national anthem that eulogized the country’s monarch, the government made the official new National Anthem of Nepal public yesterday. Organizing a special function at the Parliament Secretariat, Speaker Subas Nembang formally made public the new National Anthem penned by poet Byakul Mahila and set to music by veteran musician and lyricist Amber Gurung -public. Speaking at the program, Nembang said the newly released national anthem reflects the innermost feelings of Nepalese from all castes, creeds, religions and regions of Nepal. “This is a historic achievement that has ended the old national anthem, which eulogized an individual and autocracy,” he said. Musician Ambar Gurung said he was proud of having fulfill the challenging responsibility of composing music to the national anthem, entrusted to him by the government. “I feel I have become successful in my long musical journey by composing music for the national anthem,” he said. Similarly, poet Mahila expressed great pleasure at being able to serve the nation by penning the new national anthem.

The National Anthem Selection Task Team (NASTT) had selected poet Byakul Mahila’s song — Sayaun Thunga Phoolka Hami Eutai Mala Nepali — as the new National Anthem of Nepal on November 30 last year. A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday had selected the tune composed by veteran musician and lyricist Gurung out of the six compositions presented – three by Gurung, one by Nhyu Bajracharya and one each by the Nepal Police and Nepal Army. The restored House of Representatives in its May 18 House Proclamation had suspended the earlier National Anthem, which eulogized monarchy. The suspended anthem had been in use since 1899 AD (BS 18 Jestha 1982) when Chakrapani Chalise penned it and Bakhatbir Budhapirthi set it to music under the command of Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher. Back then, it was known as “Shree Paanch ko Salami”. Along with it, the two had put together another anthem called “Shree Teen ko Salami”. Both were in use until the Rana regime fell in 1950, after which the second disappeared into oblivion. “Shree Paanch ko Salami” became the national anthem of the country in 1962.

Now it’s time for Janata ko Salami (Salute to the people of Nepal):

Of hundreds of flowers made are we one garland Nepali
Sovereign are we spread from the Mechi to Mahakali
Teeming with tens of millions in heritage natural
Free and unshakable in blood spilled by the brave

Land of knowledge, land of peace, terai, hill and mountain
Indivisible this our motherland this our dear Nepal
Multi-ethnic and vast in religions, cultures, tongues galore
Progressive nation our Nepal, long long live Nepal

(unofficial translation)

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18 responses to “Nepal Has New People Centric National Anthem: Of Hundreds of Flowers Made Are We One Garland Nepali”

  1. Deepak Avatar

    Is there any way that I can download the national anthem as a rington in my phone ? suggest me. Deepak

  2. Tej Thapa Avatar
    Tej Thapa

    Dines sir/

    after publishing ur feture on Kantipur (dated on 11 aug’07
    i able to find national antehm and copy my pot.

    dat’s realy nice anthem.


  3. nirnaya Avatar

    Hello Dinesh Sir,
    I became very excited when I read your artical in kantipur online. I tried many times I couldn’t download the song and even couldn’t listen to the song. I would much appriciate if you could kindly tell me how can I download the song.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Best regards,
    Nirnaya KC
    Baghdad International Airport, Iraq

  4. kailash Avatar

    i am so much interested to put ring tone of our national anthem but unable to find it out in the web. can any body help?

  5. Sutra Avatar


    Look at the top of this page and you will find a link to download the national anthem. I just did that a while ago and I am enjoying the song now.

  6. Amrit Poudel Avatar
    Amrit Poudel

    Hi dinesh ji
    Thank you for sending me your link and bolg station to me
    “sharing is living ”
    Wish you al the best

  7. Balram Marasini Avatar
    Balram Marasini

    Dinesh G !
    at first thanks lot for reply.
    I have difficult to get song by flowup your suggestion.

  8. rajbiraj Avatar

    the only thing I don’t understand is, why was word like BLOOD mentioned on national anthem, all the rest sounds good. world is moving fwd with technology, economy, education, sports, and with unity in all, but seems Nepali anthem still focuses on strength and bloody pride, thanks

  9. Bikram Adhikari Avatar
    Bikram Adhikari

    just lets think for five second from our heart does this national anthem makes our blood warm gives us some energy to shout for our nationality

  10. matribhumi Avatar

    Rajbiraj, you are right, the world is moving forward but we are not. You see, we don’t like to move forward and we enjoy the word “blood” it makes us feel like we did something, makes us feel proud of our heritage and nationalism. We don’t care if India is 100 years ahead of us in all the things u mentioned like tenchology, education, economy, nah we like and stick to the word “blood’ we are still stuck on things like “Flags” and “national anthem” And Mr. Adhikari is right, until this anthem came out, we never really shouted for our nationality, now it will make us shout louder for our nationality. We can shout louder against the indians becasue they are the biggest reason why we are where we are.

  11. Karan Avatar

    Thanks for adding National anthem of Nepal. I was finally able to hear the SONG.

    Jai Nepal

    Keep doing Good. Good wishes!!


  12. bibhu Avatar

    i was very happy to know that our newnationalanthem was released.but from this website i have not been able to download the complete version of new national anthem.i think there is some technical problems. i think the operators must check the technologyonce .it has beeen continious 2 days i am trying for it but i have not been able to do that.


  13. rabin Avatar

    For nepali anthem in ogg format, check out the links, and say thanks to repay.

  14. Widya Avatar

    is this the full national song?? for 1 minute? and thank you, i thought i’m going to spend ages at internet to search for the song of national anthem of nepal for my school project\

    Thank you verymcuh, you helps a lot
    keeps up the good work


  15. suraj sherchan Avatar
    suraj sherchan

    this new national anthem is far better than the from legendary ambar grg is full suited.

  16. sagar rai chamling Avatar
    sagar rai chamling

    I’m very happy to listen to our national song at the time in our country,
    This very comfortable and all public interested this song and thanks for written this national song byakul mahila ,

  17. Shekhar Karki Avatar

    naya national anthem lai salam
    naya nepal shrijana ma yo rastriya geet le naya nepali muharharu lai naya josh paida garna sakos
    mero subhakamana chha

  18. Shree Avatar

    Thanks for the nepali national anthem. At least, it had added the power and we feeing towards all madhesis, ethnic and all people residing here and all over the world nepali

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