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Nepal Has A New National Anthem

Update on Aug 3, 2007: Latest on National Anthem.

UWB: Readers of Kantipur have done surgery of the proposed national anthem. (ब्लगमान्डू अग्रगामी राष्ट्र हाम्रो, जय जय नेपाल)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sisters and Brothers, Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters (of Nepal):

“सयौं थुङ्गा फूलका हामी एउटै माला नेपाली
र्सार्वभौम भई फैलिएका मेची महाकाली…”

Time has come to sing our song. If the Council of Ministers approves the song, the above mentioned lines will be the first and last lines of our new national anthem. As we are preparing ourselves for a new Nepal, it is obvious that we are living bad memories behind. The national anthem that praised the biggest landlord (bhupati) of Nepal, the resident of Narayanhitti palace, has already been declared null and void and just today a new song has been approved by a team that was formed to select new national anthem for new democratic Nepal. Continue reading Nepal Has A New National Anthem

Oh Baby When U Dance Like That, U Make A Boy Go Mad!!!

Thamel Peace Project Concert

Le do le le le le: Can’t you see, She’s at her feet!?! Pic by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

Saturday Blog: Life out of politics. Well into a different one!

Thamel is the one place in Nepal where West meets East in a style. This style makes it distinct compared to other precincts of Kathmandu. What’s not there in Thamel? “I was offered everything available under the sun,” told one of my Californian friends who was staying in Thamel couple of years ago. Just imagine a scene: disparate Tiger Balm vendors trying to sell the “magical product” budget travelers with backpacks full of aspirations to go around Nepal in the cheapest package available. Those scenes will be rare as the tourist season is nearing an end. In its best times, Thamel is always full of goras from all parts of the world representing varieties of cultures. Foods taste cosmopolitan in Thamel. So if you don’t frequent to Thamel, you will definitely miss something. And if you were not in Thamel today, boy, let me tell you, you missed so many things. Continue reading Oh Baby When U Dance Like That, U Make A Boy Go Mad!!!