It's Time To Burn Weapons in Nepal

Two photos, one very positive message:

time to burn weapons in nepal

Gun, gun burning bright, in the peace of the day: Weapons belonging to the now dissolved retaliation group that was formed to fight Maoists in southern Nawalparasi were burnt and destroyed on Friday in public. The group, on the initiation of National Human Rights Commission, announced its dissolution Friday saying the since the war was over in Nepal, there was no need to maintain the group. The group was active in Nawalparasi for the past three years. Pics by Chetan Adhikari

time to burn weapons in nepal

A member of the now dissolved retaliation group that was formed to fight Maoists in southern Nawalparasi guards weapons Friday, before destroying them.


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  1. replytoall Avatar

    as far as retaliating the maoist insurgency is concerned, it was proven that the madhesis had the balls. rest of nepal was all but peace talk while the maoist continued their crimes.

    anyaya gareney bhanda sahaney doshi huncha bhanney purano nepali ukhan ho tara tyo bujhni chai khali TERAI ko manchey haru matra rahechan. baki nepal ta peace this and peace that bhandai kando ma kuni ke thapdai basyo.

    i am strong supporter for madhesis as army than any other caste. now peep over here might call me racist. oh well racist me!!!! hell fk yeah.

  2. unveil Avatar

    madeshis were the only pople who fought for freedom, we all paharis were less or more like cowards we even failed to appreciate those people(army and the police) who were fighting for us and now we treating them like our enemy. i just heard the other day some leader saying we have to punish the king for killing 23 people, what about the 13000 people who got killed no one dares to speak about it they know they will be sent to “swarga” to fight against indra’s absolute rule if they do so.

  3. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I agree I also support the Madeshis!

    “we even failed to appreciate those people(army and the police) who were fighting for us and now we treating them like our enemy.”

    Ok don’t get too carried away. The army and the police tortured and abused many people as well. There is a reason they were not liked by the villagers!

  4. Neil Horning Avatar

    about 65% of the 13000 everybody keeps mentioning are Maoists and villagers killed by the state.
    You can punish the king for that too. The old king wasn’t willing to let the conflict get to the point that it did. Now that I mention it, killing his brother is probably high up there on the list of Gyanendra mistakes. Perhaps it’s time to start talking openly about that.

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    how do you know with precise accuracy that it was 65%?? Did you count the bodies yourself? If you don’t know something for a fact admit it when you make your statements!

  6. prism Avatar

    The Maoists still bear moral responsibility for all 13000 deaths, regardless of how many were killed by the state or anti-Maoist vigilantes.

    The Maoists started the path of violence and they have no one to blame for that. Except for Mao himself perhaps.

  7. Anno Avatar

    I treated the police and army as repressors, not the enemy. May be they needed ‘special’ powers in the ‘special’ circumstances. But, the theorem, Power Corrupts is always true and I have no doubt that the Police and Army were a corrupt and repressing bunch.

    Regardless of whether the Maoist were there or not, I have come to hate the Police and Army of Nepal. I am skeptical they provide much security to the ordinary people. I am for disbanding the army and keeping only part of the police at least for the current times when there are no external ‘enemies of the state’ and even if there were the Nepal Army is too primitive to fight them.

    Why not move towards dissolving the ‘army’ institution altogether and reforming the police to be citizen friendly in the future?

  8. Kishor Avatar

    I have not counted either whether it is 13000 or 14000 or whatever. If you want to conclude based on the then government propoganda you might want to say that more than ninety percent were maoist “terrirosts”. Teti khera ko samachar pani testai hunthiyo ni! yeti jana atankari haru mariye (tannai rahechan jasto cha maobadi haru). Ah, I even heard that ktm ko street children haru lai pani army lae barrack ma palthiyo rae so that they cam take them and kill them to increase the corpse count.

    Malai exact ta thaha chaina kos kos lae order garyo manche marna ko lagi. But if you want to bring all the killers to justice, that would be great. Ho ni! girja, bamdev, govindaraj, khumbahadur, deuba sabai lae pani sajai pauchan prachanda and co. sangai. Ho, deuba lai ta bisesh chodnu hunna coz purai democracy durbar ko polta ma halne criminal tehi nai ho.

    maobadi lae gareko bhaneko sahanubhuti ko politics ho, sabailai thaha cha. Sarkar bebkuff haru ko haat ma thiyo, feri sena-police pani ta capable thenan ni. They went to every homes and provoked the people join maoists (romeo, kilo sierra 2). Yes, those people who would otherwise have been on neither sides sympathized the maoists. We know how the security force treated us. Kati chado birseko?

    There are a lot of examples, tons of them. If you have been reading the news regularly you would of course know it. It seems that you just woke up from their cosy bed shouting that prachanda is responsible for those who died! Thats funny dude. Aru sabai criminals haru lai chai clean chit? If that is your religion or you have been paid for that – shut up. We demand that all the killings be investigated and the defaulters brought to justice. Not only prachanda and co but also the so called leaders, royalists and those who were responsible for this bloodshed.

  9. DIVAS Avatar

    Blood-Thirsty Media

    The World media’s insensitivity for not reporting with due importance the historic peace deal between the Nepal Government and the Maoists insurgents under the UN supervision is deplorable. The media’s obsession with violence and deaths shows the pathological mindset of those running and consuming it. While numerous episodes of sensational programs and news-items of the bloody conflict have been covered by all the major news channels and publications, why don’t they let the whole world know when a monumental socio-political velvet revolution of historic importance is taking place through peaceful negotiations in a much experimented country like Nepal?

    C’mon the peace-loving people of the 21st century World Community, this country needs attention, adulations, and coercion more than ever before to fulfill what it’s commited to itself !!

    Divas Sarma
    Republican Way, Kathmandu.

  10. Anno Avatar

    Yes, the international media was a little run-down on the peace deal. At least it make to the headlines of BBC World, CNN international and Google news for at least a couple of hours.

    They could have kept it there a little more, but I guess it is more important that we had the event telecast live in Nepal. The Nepalis made the event come true despite specticism of foreign powers and at this moment it is perhaps important for Nepalis themselves to delve into the situation than to over advertize our fragile situation.

  11. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Now a days world media gives little attention to Nepal. Because,they are confused about the peace deal. Everyday,Maoists and Govt. are signing the agreements. There at least 100 points of agreement, still there is no peace. Still they are negotiating another peace deal among UN, Maoists and the Government. Already seven months have passed, Maoists have not changed their behaviour and the stories of their atrocities are coming in. In these circumstances, how the international media can trust the Nepal’s situation.

  12. Bideshi Avatar

    The only weapons I see being burned are home made muzzle loaders and WW1 era Enfields that are most likely unusable anyway. Where are the AK’s and RPG’s?

  13. Bideshi Avatar

    No comments on this observation?

  14. Aashish Avatar

    Bideshi, There will soon be lockup in rooms, with keys to them with the Maoist. How can you expect Kalishnikov with these poor people?

  15. Chintit Pant Avatar
    Chintit Pant

    Certainly,it’s time to burn all illegal weapons in Nepal which are out of the control by state mechanism through the process of democratic and rule of law.Since last decade thousands of innocent’s lives were perished and millions left homeless,orphanage,disabled,widowed and internally displaced because of wrong used of weapons against the norms of human rights.
    So,not only the weapons with those of so called vigilante groups but all unnecessary and out of the state’s control weapons need to destroy immediately,otherwise,it does not make a sense of being burnt few old guns of few people at their will,how could be people acretain about not having more weapons with parties,groups and individuals.Jai Nepal

  16. Kolt Avatar

    I think that it’s kind of a waste of weapons…but, atleasty it keeps people alive. in America, we’d just confiscate them or something. they’d probably live out the next 15 years in a police locker room, and then be sold in an auction. In America, we don’t waste guns. But, atleast it’s keepin folks alive. eh, whatever. it’s not my business.

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