How it feels to see the end of the bloody war An emotional blog

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

Less than a minute ago, amidst a grand and historic ceremony, Nepali leaders agreed to end the war that killed more than 13 thousand people in the last 10 years. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda put their respective signatures in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that formally ended the bloodshed in Nepal. The signature ceremony is being telecast live and it has been reported that people have started celebrating the historic achievement. Honestly, my hands are trembling as I am typing these lines. I mean it’s kind of unbelievable. Who would have though about this day when Beni was attacked, when Madi was bombed, when operation Kilo Sera 2 was launched, when Holery incident happened, when Dang barrack was attacked?

Of course, I am being emotional because the continuity of war was certain to derail my personal life, my social life and my future; OUR LIVES AND OUR FUTURE. Like thousands of other families my family has also been displaced by the conflict. Life has become difficult. I am wondering how my mother, like so many other displaced mothers, would react if she goes back to her house in the near future after nearly 6 years. She says that she misses her house very much. She says she doesn’t really like the life in Kathmandu. She says she likes to live in village. In HER village, in HER house.

So who should be blamed for the difficulties my mother and thousands of women and children faced in the past several years? No one. Not Maoists, not Nepal government. I don’t want to blame any side for this as I understand the problem is larger than anything that could be fitted into a family’s case. I still feel the war wasn’t personal though, many a times, people were personally targeted. I am just thankful (to whom I don’t know) that my father wasn’t killed like his fellow Village Development Committee Chairmen and Nepali Congress activists were murdered in various parts of the country; he was just kicked out of his house and his village by the Maoists. I am thankful to God that my aunt wasn’t killed like so many other innocent housewives; she was just beaten up and tortured by the Maoists for three days. I am thankful that Maoists never blasted off my house in Ramechhap, they just came inside, forcefully though, with a few grenades and bombs and took away food. I am just thankful that my house where I was born isn’t totally destroyed, it’s just damaged partly because no one is staying for long period in the mud and stone structure. Though Maoists captured and cultivated the land for about 6 years and deprived us from the grains, I am thankful that our land is still registered in the name of my father and mother.

We, like so many thousands of other families, became what they call the ‘collateral damage’. I mean my family is still the privileged one, still being able to feed and have a place to live in Kathmandu. What about those who are living miserable life, forced to stay out of their homes and take refuge to others’ residents? What about those who were killed? What about some of my childhood friends who died (two of them as “terrorist”)? How are their surviving family members celebrating this day? I am curious to know.

After the celebration is over we must concentrate ourselves in institutionalizing this peace. We have known the price of this peace. Now is the time to talk about reconciliation. I wouldn’t be truthful if I say that I had never thought about taking revenge against those who forced my family to leave their house and village. But I don’t believe in revenge anymore. There is no use of that. Time will change everything. The Maoist cadre who came to my house with a few grenades and a gun one evening to demand ‘donation’ left the Maoist party years ago. He is now a columnist for a newspaper in Kathmandu writing against the party. The man who is primarily responsible in capturing our land and keeping our family out of village telephoned my dad a few days ago in Kathmandu. Time has definitely changed. So this is the time of reconciliation. We must be united at this hour to institutionalize the peace and democracy in this country.

Here we go, lets sing with Lennon. I am doing the same in loud voice:

A very Merry Xmas
And a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear
War is over, if you want it
War is over now

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  1. It is a very big achievement. But let us see the implement from both sides particularly from Maoists. Let us wait and see.

  2. A very good thing for Nepal and whole the Nepalese for the better future of the Nation.
    Love Live Nepal !!

  3. So many times, especially when it comes to wars, what is said and what is done are often two very different things. I agree with Prof., let us wait and see… yet I am very excited for you and all the other Nepalis that have been effected for all of these years. I will be crossing my fingers for the future of Nepal.

  4. Let us all unite to institutionalize democracy in Nepal where all the casts, creeds, ethnic groups, regions feel the sense of ownership of the country and get the equal opportunity. Let us build a mechanism to have a fair election, let us reform judiciary for the fair judgement where power and money does not play a role in decision (Khum Bahadur Khadga and Govinda Raj Joshis case really frustrated me), let us have a powerful CIAA. AND above all,
    Let us try hard to make sure that we do not see the same dictatorial face of Gyanendra, Discriminatory face of Girija and killing instinct of Prachanda again and let us make it a history.

  5. I would like to congratulate all fellow Nepalese, home and abroad, for this significant achievement. Like Wagle, I am too, overwhelmed by this achievement. Thank you Wagle for breaking the news. For me, like thousands of Nepalese outside the country, UWB’s posting is the first medium we got this news from. Keep the good work up! Let’s put our fingers crossed for the honest implementation of the peace accord.

  6. I wish you had posted some photos of the occasion. I am particularly eager to see not the photos of th signing ceremony but the expressions of the people who are gathered in and around Baneswor. I hope you will fulfil our wish.

  7. While there is hope and good feeling, we would do well to remember why the Maoists received so much support from a large section of the Nepali people. Thanks Uncle Bob-

    Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
    And another
    Is finally
    And permanently
    And abandoned –
    Everywhere is war –
    Me say war.

    That until there no longer
    First class and second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a mans skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes –
    Me say war.

    That until the basic human rights
    Are equally guaranteed to all,
    Without regard to race –
    Dis a war.

    That until that day
    The dream of lasting peace,
    World citizenship
    Rule of international morality
    Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
    But never attained –
    Now everywhere is war – war.

  8. Mr Wagle:

    From reading this post it seems that the Maoists have been responsible for your mother not being able to go back to her house. You mention that you are grateful that the Maoists did nothing to your father or your other relatives. Yet you say you don’t blame anyone for this! I don’t know about you but it seems to me that the Maoists are CLEARLY to blame! You maybe personally decide to turn the other cheek. But the reality is that the Maoists have been responsible for the deaths, destruction and other sufferings of the Nepalese people! Period.

    I know there is social and economic inequality and Nepal needs to do alot more in terms of economic development. However, these all 3rd world countries are plagues by these problems. It takes decades for such changes to occur and take effect. We were just only begining to get a taste for democracy. Even in that short period there were so many positive developments.

    Like you mentioned the VDC were begining to work effectively, a viberant media sector was emerging (and it still is) etc. But the Maoists and only the Maoists have stopped all these developments and hurt Nepal and the Nepali developments. I cannot even think of a punishment Prachanda and Baburam deserve! But they will surely face the consequences of their actions – togeather with the wild goons they have spwaned.

  9. Bhudai,
    I agree with you. I think the Maoists must pay their dues in return for the cause of killing 13000 poor Nepalese. I insist poor Nepalese because they never killed a single corrupt politician or person but actually they had started their campaign in the villages for stopping liquor drinking and playing cards as a socail movement. When they started killing people, nobody liked them and everybody hated them.

    As a party to the coalition Government, can they deliver ? It is not easy like raising the hand saying LAAL SALLAM.Or they destroy all existing development infrastuctures and start killing all intellectals.

  10. The Maoists are incapable of being part of a democratic government. People here who have this optimism are the same people who walk around looking at the sky and singing John Lehnon songs. The reality is something different.
    The Maoists cannot tolerate dissent or critique – the first piller of a democractic govt. What needs to happen is that the SPA needs to be more forceful and demand the Maoists start doing things. Unfortunetly the problem is that our SPA don’t present a united front and the Maoists will exploit this. Madav Nepal is already whining that his part hasn’t been given an important portfolio.

  11. Bhudai, sure the Maoists must accept blame for their brutality but hey are you not forgetting the brutality of the security forces? I have people from villages near Kalikot, Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk working for me-they come from mixed communities-and all of them tell me the security forces were much worse than the Maoists. It’s anecdotal but it does explain the rise of the Maoists.

  12. We now move a step forward towards building a new Nepal- A Nepal that we everybody desire to live in with peace and harmony and a developed and a just society.We hope that we don’t lag behind this time when it comes into implementation of all the commitments.
    Its hard to do away with all those pains and sufferings and every hardships of the decade long war.”Don’t worry about what happened but smile that it’s over” i heard it somewhere and may be it is relevant now.
    But yet one thing is for sure that both the state and maoist parties should ask for forgiveness from all the victims of the war.

  13. Kirat. No doubt that the security forces were not perfect. And I have long been advocating for reforms in the army. Better training for lower level soilders, more education on human rights and a system where by these soilders are held accountable for the actions. Fine!
    But PLEASE don’t use this as a justification for the Maoists’ actions!! Before the Maoists came around these men were in their barracks minding their own business! You cannot compare the autrocities. Kirat, if you wish to go down this road consider that the army were not blowing up insfrastucutre, shutting down schools and health clinics, murdering political activists, recruiting children etc. I know the army is an agent of the state and it has to be held to higher standards but I don’t think they were close to the seer brutality of the Maoists!

  14. Pundit ji,

    I accept we have differences over the issue of blaming and crediting. The case of my family is just an insignificant example of Maoist highhandedness compared to the sufferings of many other families in Nepal. That’s what I tell to my great grandfather whenever he complains of not being able to collect grains from his field in Ramechhap.

    Atrocities have been committed by both sides. I can produce at least a dozen non-Maoist people from my village who will testify how the patrolling soldiers mercilessly kicked on their chest. Though my mother doesn’t understand politics very much, my father, a Nepali Congress activist, has decided not to complain about Maoist behavior in the past 6 years if peace is guaranteed and institutionalization of democracy is ensured. And if these two things are not guaranteed, there is no point in complaining. Such is the situation.

    I don’t think my dad will file complain against Maoist and claim the grains that they looted from our field over the past six months because he believes that is not the solution. Even in the most difficult times a few years ago he refused to take Home Ministry money saying that it would not be right to take state benefit in the name of Maoist victim. But we respect other Maoist victims’ right to take Home Ministry money.

    Whatever happened is the past. We must move forward keeping bad memories behind. Personally, I am more interested in moving ahead than engaging myself in getting justice and compensation of grains from the Maoists. I don’t have time and I don’t have energy to do that. I just want to forget everything. Politically speaking, my father will be competing with the Maoists in the upcoming CA elections. This time it will be ideology and arguments that will be powerful.

    Call me the one who is “looking at the sky and singing John Lehnon” but I am utterly hopeful about this whole process. I don’t know why but I feel Maoists, at least the largest chunk, are here to stay and engage themselves into competitive politics. Otherwise why would Prachanda speak against ISI in New Delhi? The whole issue of arms management, I think, is more about the issue of trust between the Maoist and government then anything else. I think we will continue seeing tensions in Nepali politics in the coming days because I don’t believe we will have total peace and harmony overnight (not even in a year). It will take time. And I am ready to give that time to Prachanda. What’s the alternate? Go and fight with the Maoists? What do you want my family (and many others) to do? Go and take revenge against the one who forced them to leave the village? What will happen if all Maoist victims started fighting against Maoist cadres? I don’t know what you think but I believe that would mean invite another chaotic situation, if not another form of civil war.

    Having said all this, I respect other peoples’ right to seek justice if they feel they were the victims of conflict. That is why I personally support the idea of forming Truth and Reconciliation Commission which should probe into the atrocities committed by the both warring sides. I am not sure if we will be successful in doing that but South African case is worth studying.

  15. Bhudai-don’t jump the gun. Who’s justifying the Maoists? You’ll be calling me a Maoists soon. Just remember the brutalities, killings were from both sides. It’s silly to talk about the Army blowing up state infrastructure-tactically it made sense to the Maoists what purpose would it solve the military? About murdering innocents you know the security forces were as bad as the Maoists. Just want you to get a sense of balance and not tip into one of the ravers.

  16. Don’t rest on your laurels, you have to go ahead!

    With the signing of the peace accord by the premier and the rebellion leader, the 11-year-long armed insurgency has formally ended. The Maoists are now on the verge of joining the competitive multiparty democracy. Hopefully, they will transform into a tolerant political party.

    Girija Prasad was very smart today. Though a little bit self-centric, Prachanda too was correct. Yuvaraj Gnawali’s was okay. No complaints with Sitaula’s. But Mahara’s was unarticulated and boring.

    Plethora of young conflict management pundits in one side and an old man of energy and commitment in the other, the octogenarian turned out to be eminent.

    His sense of humour got manifested in the “profound” speech. He feared of being spirit, if his commitment (to establish peace in the country) unaccomplished!

    “We have set up an example to the world”. Well said. Very true.

    But everybody has to realise: It’s not time to rest on our laurels. We have to advance. In the run of economic development, we are far lagged behind compared to our neighbours. Therefore, to provide a conducive milieu for development, we have to end up with a politically stable Nepal.

    Miles to go ahead
    Time not for rest, be honest
    Commitment does count

    You have to advance
    Do not rest on your laurels
    You politicos

    You ruined the country
    Make up the loss inflicted
    We people say this

    Else no more excuse
    Blood of all martyrs you killed!
    You all go to hell

  17. At long last. But one has to see what this translates to in reality.

    It might be a new beginning…..but even if that’s the case, remember that we’ve only just begun……

  18. We surely have a direction and hope now, lets look into the future and talk about more relevant issues like CA election, neutralizing Maoists fear in viallges, checking Maoists behaviour and arms, economic plans, leveraging the success of this revolution to get as much from US/Eur/India as possible – including reviewing 1950 pact, border dispute, dams etc etc. Lets get these SPA and Maoists workin together to restore our country sovereignty constantly under attack from India/Pakistan. Lets bring all loan defaulters to books, lets deal hard with corruption, lets reform our army, police, beauracracy, lets do everything we can do for Nepal now coz this is the opportune time. We have not seen such inclusive and powerful parliament ever in Nepal (Maoists are happy, King is out) so lets make the best of it to change whatever we can right now. Let the effect of revolution take place.

    Blaming the army, the police, the Maoists is passe, its history, no matter how hard we beat, the pipe has been buried. Lets concentrate on forward looking events.

  19. Wagle-

    Wagle, I am not suggesting that your family take revenge on the Maoists. However, I would like to point out that their behavior has been unexcusable and I don’t believe that looking the other way is the solution either. Do you not think that you are being somewhat of an escapist? Peace at what cost?
    Look, I would like nothing better than a peaceful settlement. I really hope the peace process works out but the Maoists and its lower cadres have to be serious. Look at the last several articles posted here… does it look like they are serious? Wagle, how does your grandfather think that the Maoists, who have been looting from your fields will just stop once there is a peace agreement? You mean to tell me that they will stop looting and work and toil in the fields for hours to reap the same harvest?
    “We must move forward keeping bad memories behind.” We all want to do that! But the ball is in the Maoists court and they don’t seem to know the rules of the game.

    Kirat –
    Whatever you may say I am not going to put the army’s autrocities on par with that of the Maoists! That is just plain absurd!

  20. this really really is the landmark agreement!

    i’m very happy. very very happy.

    i hated girija. and i hated prachanda.

    i had forgiven girija when he fought alongside us when gyane gobbled up the democracy that we brought.

    i had partially forgiven prachanda when he signed the 12 pt agreement.

    with today’s agreement i’ve forgiven prachanda. he dared despite all odds to give up the arms.

    it will not bring changes overnight…lots of problems will be there… but if all are sincere… it will not be impossible that we see a peaceful and prosperous nepal…

    pandit and the likes: thanks a lot for your concerns, but
    at least for this evening pls dont make negative comments. pls don’t sound pessimistic.

    if you can, light a candle so that it kindles hope in all of us

    i know i cant sleep once again tonight…
    but thats ok……

  21. I doubt permanent peace will prevail in Nepal unless we execute two terrorists, KG and Prachanda, because these two believe in bullet not ballot to capture power.

  22. Congratulations to everyone who made this peace agreement possible. First, congratulations to the people of Nepal who rose up against the autocratic king and forced the reinstatement of the elected government. Secondly, congratulations to Girija for seizing an opportunity and agreeing to negotiate with Maoists when many, including the American government, apparently counseled against it. And thirdly, congratulations to Prachanda for deciding once the king had been moved aside, that it was time to bring the war and insurrection to an end.

    Will the peace agreement hold? Will the Maoists really give up not only their weapons, but also their tactics of intimidation? Will the leaders of the seven party alliance put aside their personal and political differences to work for a national agenda instead of petty personal agendas? Will the army really become an army of the new government and not of the monarchy? Will the elections for the Consituent Assembly be conducted fairly and transparently? These questions and others will only be answered by deeds, not words.

    If the agreement is carried out and Nepal sets out on a new course it will be fantastic!

    By next year at this time it will be clear whether Girija and Prachanda should be jointly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize or whether these months of negotiations were folly.

    Meanwhile, those of us who are citizens elsewhere but love Nepal very much, are watching and hoping all works out well.

  23. Wagleji,

    I think you boldly portrayed the condition of many Nepalese people who have been displaced and affected by this conflict.

    I hope the situation will get better soon.

    I do have some skepticism about the Peace deal though so I suggest you should keep on blogging to make a difference.

    One suggestion though, I hope that you would promote for unity amongst true democrats in your blog. I am not just specifically pointing on unity between Nepali Congress and Nepali Congress (Democratic) but specifically among unity amongst all the real dedicated democratic leaders even within the parties. I do hope that democrats remain united now, once and for all. Since you father is in Nepali Congress, I am sure you know how factionalised Nepali Congress and Nepali Congress (Democratic) is and how much these democratic parties are being infected by the POWER HUNGRY CORRUPT PEOPLE.

  24. great achievement indeed.

    Painful but true, Maoists are to be thanked. we would have never realised the need to restructure Nepal, had maoists not done what they did.

    I understand Wagle’s position and have full sympathy to what he had to go through as i have experienced all that too.

    just a reminder friends, change does not come easily. we have paid the price. Nepal has never experienced an opportunity of this size in its history. Nepalese peoples’ faith in peace and justice is simply unparallel. lets put our acts together and stop playing the blame game.

  25. 14 August 1789, France…
    21 November 2006, Nepal…


    This is not the only parallel to be made with the French Revolution.

    From that very days starts the path to a bright and peaceful future.

    But in the French case, after a few happy years, 1792 is remebered by all of us as the Regime of Terror… and 1804 as the coronation of Napoleon, the dwarf dictator.

    I honestly feel that this horror will not happen to Nepal, because the parallel ends here. Time and people are very differents, fortunately.

    Dinesh expresses very well the heart of Nepali spirit : yes there is sorrow and bitterness emerging from those dark years ; yes there is anger, yes there is rage… But yes also there is hope, and hope has been denied to you, noble people of Nepal, for so long that it must rise and bloom.

    Because it is reality, for the very first time.

    You can touch it and soon you will enjoy it.
    The text of this Peace Agreement is crystal clear : there is no place for revenge, but for justice. Blood calls blood and people are fed up with blood.

    There is no use to chop any king’s head : make him miserable, that’s enough ; he’s not worth becoming a martyr.

    Besides, war time is mad time. Personal conflicts endorse political combats ; the kindest person can become a butcher for a bunch of rupees or a bag of rice. Chaos prevails and the entire body of a country becomes poisoned.

    Let clear water runs trough it and flush those toxins !

    I remember harsh debates on this blog in last spring : it’s very interesting to read those precious archives, as very few of us could foresee what magistral game this venerable Mr. Koirala was playing at this crucial time.

    Seen from abroad, this great man definitely is a great master in politics. A whole life spent in self-censored combat against ruthless dictators a zillion times stronger than him, that deserves a Nobel Prize !

    OK, he’s not a saint, I know. But the result is there.

    I’m so happy. And I will be soon able to shake Dinesh’s hand -if he’s not too busy- and be amongst you very soon, as I am coming back to Nepal after 12 years, next March.

    Jaï Nepal !

    aka Pascal Dai

  26. some people are still playing blame games when we hav to move forward. atrocities and human rights violation caused by both parties are similar. i got many family member in nepal army, i always hear stories from them, the actual casualties n the one that comes in news. and the way POW are killed. both parties has bombed civilian houses, used school, medical clinics and other public properties. in case of rape, security people has highest number. both has recruited child soldier, army used children as spies in some areas. police used to hide in jugles between dharan n bhdetar road n ask money for rented vans and other public vehicles, my driver was the victim. in most cases it was individually motivated action, especaily for revenge and many many more for which both parties are equally responsible….

  27. Buddha is tickled in the Land of Peace

    The devil is in the details
    Mara has a deviant smile
    Implementation is the key
    its the middle way
    Let’s wait & see
    Swayambu gazes from atop

    No way should the man get nominated
    for Noble Prize
    No way should the other men get away
    with the murders and looting
    No way should the dhurthas
    get a clean sheet
    Peace and reconciliation is no excuse
    to forgive and forget

    Hey vipassana & samata
    guide us on the right path

    Never again
    Never again
    is the lesson

    Come out
    Come out
    to the streets
    to the goretos
    to the ring roads
    to the chautaris

    let the man know
    we will not tolerate

    Ahimsa, Ahimsaa, Ahimsaaa
    are you listening

    Tires may now be used for plying
    the hallow fields
    Bullet riddled schools
    may fill with students willing to learn
    farmers can finally plant
    the seed of peace

    (Buddha is finally attempting a smile.
    May be…)

  28. 1. In the recent HT leadership summit, answering Nalini Singh’s question, Mr PK Dahal did not rule out the need for violence. His still thinks that violence is necessary means to achieve things.

    2. Immediately after the peace accord was agreed Maoists started recruiting child and other soldiers forcefully.

    3. During the ceasefire Maoists murder and extortion did not cease despite their words.

    4. ..(you list your own..)

    What gives anybody hope that these people will behave in a civilized way and abide by what they say is beyond me.

    They have shown that they are habitual liars and they will say and do anything to attain power ..

    Guys .. proof of the pudding is in eating ..don’t get too emotional as yet!

  29. Dear Bridohi,
    He is not a saint, said I…

    Dear Sarki ko choro,

    I make my number 4 :

    Prachanda is getting a bit fat, don’t you find ?
    Soft beds end up to make soft men…

    Eye blink, smiley and so on…
    It’s 3AM in my little french village. I go to bed.

    Have a nice day, fellows.

  30. War is over, that’s great. Now its time to end intimidation, extortion, and abduction. I liked GP Koirala’s optimism and humor, but i don’t trust maoist or any commie. Only time will tell what’s prachanda is upto. Anyway cheers.

  31. Maoists must be saluted. From arm rebelion to main sream multi-party politics, they have shown the world, that they are adoptable. Kudos to Prachanda and his comrades. He is a brave/courageous leader !

  32. I will prais the Nepali people for everything they did for reaching this historical step forward and I am very hopefull that the war now is really over.

    Now the time is coming to make all agreements, words and promises are coming true.

    Let we try to trust the Maoist Party and be hopefull that abduction of children are over now.
    That killings and extortions are over now.
    That surpressing businees man and factories is over now.
    That this Maoist people going to realize that they have to behave temselves as good Nepali citizens without their teroist activities.

    They have to give back all the abducted children of the past weeks to their parents and respect the childrens rights for good education and living in peace without fear so that they have the chance to build up their lives and later to help Nepal with their knowledge.

    If they are really start to doing what I’ve writing above I will have respect for them because they have some good things in their ideology and in combination with a real democratic thinking this country will rise above all countries in Asia.

  33. This article is simply wonderful wagleji , It rocks. You have just dared to bare it all, emotional I agree! And I feeel sooo happy ( am sure all the ppl my age do too) And I am extremely hopeful of brighter days ahead. I dream of a day when ppl my age aren’t unkool in KTm because we’re still here and not in the US, I dream of a day when Government service is in, and dream of a day when everyone feels that its from them change begins..where everyone feels that THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and frustrations rule no more in my generation… so i sing along with you , a different song though 😉

    Free is all we gotta be
    Dream dreams no one else can see
    But ya never know what might be comin for you and me ya
    Its gonna be

    On a day like today…

  34. Let’s not start high-5ing and patting each other’s back as yet.

    Let’s wait and see how things unfold in the next few months. Actions speak louder than words. I think a rift between the SPA and the Maoists is inevitable. UML is already starting to look an inconsequential party as Prachanda’s power and influence grows.

    Big Brother India must be gloating by having all the aces in the hole. I always had this feeling that India was backing Prachanda and Co. all the while planking “terrorist” label on them. Prachanda’s recent supplication to his masters in Delhi validates my suspicion.

    This is no time to rejoice and be complacent but a time to be vocal and vigilant and not let these politicos pull the wool over our eyes!!

  35. Prof. Pyare Lall said:
    Please read the article by Shabhu Shreastha in today’s Drishti.I could not download here because of font problem. It is a very interesting article. Can any one get hold of Rabindra Shreshta who left Maoists recently and interview him ? That would be most interesting because he had already said that Prachanda and baburam are RAW agents. That was crystal clear in New Delhi recently.”

    I will do it you it is

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  36. Let there be on peace on earth and let it begin with Nepal. And in the meantime, we need to find out a way to punish prachanda for his war crimes.

  37. It is time that the nationalism built on anti-Indian or anti-Chinese (or anti-whatever) sentiments come to an end. I am optimistic that we will have a nationalism built on the love for our motherland.

    We know that it was hard for all the parties to come to an agreement of this sort, but thanks to the people. I can think how much they cried behind the curtains, but this time they were forced to come to an agreement. Long live the unity of Nepali people.

    As with most agreements, some might have had a big chunk of meat. But this is not a time of panic because whoever might have had a favorable deal, the country has won. We are finally out of a bloody conflict which nobody would win but our country would loose. This is a historic moment indeed.

    The coming days will decide the fate of all the parties. We will know which party can win the hearts of the general people. But at all critical times, we must show the same unity and not let the country be directed by few “incapable” ones.

    Long live democratic republic of Nepal.

  38. Kishorji,

    Once their bigh chunk of pie is taken away from the election then the true colour picture of the dashing shareholder’s powers will be seen in the street of Kathmandu.

    But we should be glad at the moment that the commitment of peace agreement is signed.

  39. Hey if everyone is so quick to forgive each other for the thousands of people killed then why are we going after the King for his 1 year rule and the loss of 21 lives? Justice seems to be extremely selective and thoroughly one sided to say the least. 14000 vs. 21 , and we forgive the 14000! Where is our senses?

  40. But I am glad that this agreement has destroyed their moral base. They have to go to elections and people have the right not to vote for them. We can even throw rotten eggs at them if they are incompetent. wow! great! and that too without being labelled “reactionaries” or “spies” or “terrorists”.

    If anybody tries to run away from this agreement, they are criminals and MUST be prosecuted.

    And of course we will see a handful of loosing jokers in the streets while a majority of people will be living in peace without giving them a damm.

  41. An Open Letter to Chairman Prachanda,

    My psuedo name is Prof Pyare Lall, like you have your original name Pushpa Kamal Dahal. I have been writing in this blog in different names in different times.I am a responsible citizen of Nepal and studied political development in various countries. Nepal is our beloved country and I am always serious and attentive to the problems of our country. I am in a foreign country and I definitely will come to Nepal at the time of elections to the CA. I am happy that you have signed today with the PM a Comprehensive Peace Agreement which I read in its entirety.

    I have the following suggestions to make:

    1. First, what you did in Nepal during these last eleven years was totally wrong.You have pushed our country’s development to the state of 50 years before with your murder campaign.

    2.You collaborated with the Prince Gyane at the initial phase of your campaign and you were provided with some arms from him.Then you collaborated with RAW and Indian authorities to succeed in Nepal. It is a testomony to the fact that your recent visit to New Delhi and what you said there in Indian soil is insulting to every patriotic Nepalese. You can not go down like that with India. If you become the first President of Nepal, the first agreement you will sign with India will be the sale of Nepal in half price to India.

    3. The important point is that if you do not work from tomorrow for peace and to win the hearts and minds of poor Nepalese people, there will be a civil war against you buggers and the same Nepalese people will kill you one by one. Because you always killed only the poor and downtrodden and you take the money from the rich to kill the poor.You provided secuity to the likes of Khum Bahadur, Govida Raj and Chiranjivi Wagle during these years. Nepali Janata know about it all. Stop immediately the extortion of money, abductions and killings from tomorrow onwards if you want to come to the competitive politics. Handover arms to the cantonments and to the UN. Otherwise the proud people of Nepal will rise against you.

    I hope you will give attention to what I have said above.

    Thanks and hope peace will prevail in Nepal very soon.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Prof. Pyare Lall.

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