Happy To Be In Nepal, Will Treat Maoist Like A Party If…

uncle sam

Uncle Sam on Nepal political development: If the Maoists separate from their arms, renounce violence and establish their credentials as a peaceful entity, the United States can remove them from our terrorist list and treat them like any other political party.

Happy news about American Ambassador James F. Moriarty’s recent activism in Nepali politics is that Uncle Sam will not boycott us or impose sanctions or consider a regime change 🙂 even after the Maoist join the interim government next month. This is a very good development, saap pani marne, latthi pani nabhachhine!, for both Nepal and the US. For us, it’s good because the much needed greenback will keep coming and for the US it’s good that their ambassador performed a “good diplomacy” and saved their country from facing an uneasy situation. Many in Kathmandu believe that the activism of Moriarty in the recent months helped create immense pressure on Maoists and strenthen the bargaining power of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala (Look Prachanda ji, just imagine what will happen if Americans leave the country after you join the government with weapons!) Today American Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard A Boucher confirmed that US will continue its support to the government of Nepal and hinted that the terrorist tag will be removed from the forehead of Maoist party if the rebels “separate from their arms, renounce violence and establish their credentials as a peaceful entity.” Here is the complete version of the statement issued by Boucher and made available to UWB by the American Center, Kathmandu:

It is a pleasure to be in Nepal again. I came here to better understand Nepal’s transition to democracy, and it is clear this is an historic time.

A comprehensive peace agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Maoists is anticipated. My government looks forward to this step in hopes that it will place Nepal on the path of lasting peace and democracy. We want to see the peace process work. We pledge our full support. We support an agreement that safeguards the aspirations of the Nepali people.
To reach this goal, however, violence, intimidation, and criminal acts must end. The Nepali people, who have lived in fear for 11 years, deserve a chance to live without fear and to choose their form of government in fair elections. If the Maoists separate from their arms, renounce violence and establish their credentials as a peaceful entity, the United States can remove them from our terrorist list and treat them like any other political party.

We support a robust and effective role for the UN in the peace process. We will also continue to contribute to Nepal’s long-term development. The United States is committed to help Nepal build a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic future for its people.





23 responses to “Happy To Be In Nepal, Will Treat Maoist Like A Party If…”

  1. Kaushik Pant Avatar
    Kaushik Pant

    Even if she is too far away from America and India locked, Nepal can’t afford a bad relation with the United States of America. Why? There are so many reasons and economy (assistance) tops the list. American backpackers in Nepali trekking trails probably come second. Visas granted by the American consulate to Nepali students come to the third position I think. And I read a report that the number has risen by 25 percent last year. So whatever has happened has happened for the betterment for Nepal. Lets hope for the best.

  2. Patriot Avatar

    America’s assessment of Nepal has always been much more correct and visionary than India’s. I live in New Delhi and the Indians here unabashedly claim 100% that they were responsible for breaking deadlock in Nepal. Anycase, we need both America and India, but if they truly want Nepal people’s aspiration to be fulfilled, they must also be wary of some regressive/invisible forces besides the Maoists. The forces I’m talking about are royalists (including Girija).

  3. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    What the US was saying was correct to solve the problem of Nepal.Because the rebels cannot enter into any govt. without laying down the arms. But still we have doubts about the intentions of the Maoists. because the abductions , killing and extortion are going on speed. Recently abducting school students are going on. Govt. is a mute spectator. It can not go anyhting for fear of spoiling the peace deal.But Govt. must protect the citizens. It cannot stay like that for long.

    In another event,Yuchuri is visiting nepal to give some lessons to NC, NC-d, UML and NMKP guys about how to conduct the peace deal. He thinks himself as the King maker in Nepal.Fu&k India.

  4. Kirat Avatar

    I’d say that this is one of the rare instances where American foreign policy has been spot on. I know the Ambassador, he’s a nice modest sort of fellow who is perhaps more in touch with Nepal’s problems than most Nepalis.

  5. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Another Corrupt Politician Mr.Gobindaraj joshi has also got the clean cheat from Special court today.
    As i told you earlier, judges are taking advantage of the fluid political sitaution in the country to free all corrupts. This is the mockery of whole judiciary. The Judges take money easily and make free all corrupts. The question is what maoists had to say about this ? I think we have to eliminate some of the corrput judges. People should rise to the occaision.

  6. Kirat Avatar

    You are right Prof. Judicial reform is very, very necessary if justice is to be delivered to the people. Not only in indicting corrupt politicians but in everyday issues. I know so many incidences where judges have been bribed to make the most outrageous decisions in favour of the people who bribed them. If the judicial system cannot deliver justice within an appropriate time then it does become a big, big problem. Judges are probably more corrupt than politicians. This is the problem with Nepal’s educated elite.

  7. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Khume ra Govinde chhooteko dekhda malai yesto lagyo, kasto mulukma janma liyechha ? Thuikka juni !!!

  8. Kirat Avatar

    Yep, this country needs a lot of heroes-corrupt politicians, judges, bureacrats, brutal Maoists, ill intentioned royals, inefficient security forces-whew, calling Nepali heroes! Lots of them!

  9. Sandesh Avatar

    Dear All,

    You will not suprised the currupts Khume and Govinde will be included in the upcoming interim goverment. What a shame?

  10. Kirat Avatar

    Well Comrade Sandesh, what gives you the right to take that holier than thou attitude? The way you guys conducted your campaign was pretty detestable.

  11. jeewan Avatar

    i am absolutely disgusted by the decision to give clean chit to Govinda Raj Joshi and Khum Bahadur Khadka. Who do we trust now?

    we better look into ourselves folks. this is frustatating. should we still continue to supoort democracy?

  12. noname Avatar

    You don’t have a Democracy. The exact word for what you have is Mobocracy, Maocracy, SPAMocracy, etc. Those are the words. You never had Democracy in your country since April 25th, 2006 onwards.

    You all just the lost way. You were misled and now it’s too late for you all to turn back to the sane world. The drama has just begun for you. You need to go through a four course meal in ABSOLUTE HELL FIRE.

  13. jeewan Avatar

    and Mr noname, i cant defend your allegations. coz. you are right.

    and therefore, i am with the maoists.

  14. Kumar Avatar

    How can Khume and Gobinde get a clean chit? How do we interpret this, that they have never taken any “ghush” or what they took was too little to prosecute?
    So this CIAA is there just to hand out clean chit and make neta’s black money white.
    Just wondering, has any corrupt neta ever been convicted and sentenced?

  15. Guyfromktm Avatar

    The only consolationw e can draw from these decisions to free the very corrupt politicians is that if the likes of Girija, Sujata,Khume and Wagle are not corrupt, then Nepal is the only corruption-free country in the world.

  16. Name Bhandina Avatar
    Name Bhandina

    Yes, Khume and Govinde are Ghushya every can say it stressly. but there are morte time ghushya and Kalanka in Akhitiyar and in government yat so they gave Clean chit to them, Nepal ma Kanoon bhanne kura testai ho sathi ke garne aba ghusya haru lai hanne bela aayeko chha, hanera kura garnu parchha hai.

  17. scoop Avatar

    The news that when the UN inspection team went to one of the cantonement sites supposed to hold 7000 maoist fighters, they were greeted by a couple of hundred. The maoist said that the rest were on “home leave”. 6000 plus of them, when they were aware of the deadline to be in the cantonement.

    Meanwhile reports from all over have come in re the maoist recruitment to fill up these sites. Which leaves us to understand that the majority of these “soldiers” will be fresh recruits. So where are the real PLA? Walking amongst us I guess?

    Another issue is the fact that Prachanda, Baburam and Badal not joining the interim government. Why not? Is it because they have told their cadre that they are still sticking to their “plan” and this peace deal is just a tactical divergence? Or are they serious about the peace deal and they are bluffing their grass roots cadre who have been recruited and are still fighting for their “cause”? Joining forces with people they have been calling dogs and servants in the past, and people who did not listen to them in the beginning and launched bloody battles with them starting with kilo sera will seem like a sell out to the people down there on the ground who have done all the “dirty work”.

    So, either they are with their cadres who have been with them through thick and thin through 11 bloody years, or the rest of us who labelled them terrorists and murderers amongst other things. You take your pick?

  18. Sagarmatha Avatar

    The laughing thing is; these corrupt leaders are challanging the commision for all…They made the commission as a place of joke…then I suggest it is better to remove it so that the expesnes of the commision atleast can be distributed to very poor people….and the maoist what they call themselves fighting for the poor people are quite about these issues…so we can expect the same trend…

    SAB BAKABAS TO GRAB THE POWER and poor people trusting it…

  19. Sagarmatha Avatar

    People should understand it is not CLEAN CHIT
    It is CLEAN CHEAT…

    Where is our civil society??? do they have any feedback regarding this as being civil socieity leaders???specially Devendra Raj Pandey who is also the founder member of Transparancy International….Maybe categorically our country name is going to be in top ten for corruption-free country….

  20. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    There are five members in the Rayamajhi Commission. Rayamajhi, Birahi, Shrestha, Shrestha and Dr.Shrehtha. Why there were three Shresthas in the commission ? Do you have any answer ?

    As per me, eventhough he was a chhetri it was Rayamajhi belonged to Newar group in the Supreme Court when he was a Judge. At that he made many “len den” in favour of Shresthas. Or Shresthas are very good at law. All over Nepal, in a five member commission, why the hell they had three Shrestha after a fruitful Jana Andolan II ? At least other cast would have been represented ? Where is woman ?

    Now among them “Raye bajiyo”. Is it because of Shrestha ?

    Because Rayemajhi wanted to give clearance to big ones and wants to put only the “small fish” in the net. In the Supreme court also, Rayemajhi did the same thing several times with help of money. Actually, Girija’s choice is always wrong or Girija himself is wrong man to be PM for the Fifth time ?

  21. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    Hello Scoop,
    You were writing excately what I try to say so many times. The whole political move of the “gentlemen” is to gain full power and I suspect Pol Pot strategy. It is already begun with the abduction under falls promises, etc.

    If they have really 35.000 soldiers I suspect that they indeed already every where in the country as ordinary militia. Waepons you can hide every where in the jungle and maybe they are buying since months new sophisticated weapons. Who knows?

  22. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    I hope for the sake of the Nepali people that I am wrong in my opinion and I will have more respect for the Maoists as I am wrong.
    They have some good ideas but don’t know how to implant on an honest way.

  23. pontiff Avatar

    Scoop, you have putforth a concern that we all should be aware of. I agree with your assesment. All I can say is, for Maoist the end goal is complete take over otherwise they are no different than SPA and this will not sit well with their militia, COMPOSA or rim.

    God, help Nepal. The answer for Royal commission is Govinda Raj Joshi and Khum Bahadur. Expect more to come

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