Maoist Activities: More Violation Of Code Of Conduct Than Helping Peace Process

Maoist naming and shaming

Daily tourist routine was interrupted in Lake Side, the tourist hub in Pokhara, with the spectacle of a Maoist public shaming. Pic by Neil Horning

By Neil Horning in Pokhara
(And other media reports about recent Maoist activities)

Nov 2: Today the daily tourist routine was interrupted with the spectacle of a Maoist public shaming. A crowd of jeering Nepalis filled the Camp Chowk intersection and surrounding roofs in Lake Side, Pokhara, Nepal’s prime tourist destination. Maoists positioned on the steps of the “S-mart” corner store held up a man in a tattered business suit and smeared his face with black while the large crowd cheered on. It was a supercharged atmosphere. Tourists gathered around the edges of the crowd argued with locals about the rule of law, while all of the Nepali spectators seemed to be calling for blood.

dabale lama

CRY FREEDOM: Dabale Lama, who was rescued from illegal Maoist detention at a factory in Thimi, where he was brutally tortured, breaks into tears while being presented before the press by the National Monitoring Committee on Code of Conduct for Ceasefire on Wednesday. He was rescued with the help of human rights workers.

From the rumors flying around the crowd it was possible to piece together a facsimile of the situation. The accused was a famous Nepali singer, and he owned a dance bar named “Namaste” on lakeside. It had been locally believed that he was forcing his girls into prostitution for years, but he would bribe the authorities to avoid punishment. The latest accusation was that he cut off an employees hand after a disagreement, and afterward offered Rs. 1 lakh to keep quiet. He paid some of the hush-money, but later sent the employee running from the shop when he demanded the rest. The rumor was the Maoists were to string old shoes around his neck hand him over to either human rights workers or police.

Afterward, a young local woman who had just a few weeks earlier ranted about how bad the Maoists were, said with an ear to ear grin that she liked the Maoists now and that she felt proud to be a Nepali.

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Other Reports of recent Maoist activities:

Maoists take ten army vehicles under control for 5 hrs

maoists stop army vehicles

Nov 2: Maoists took ten Nepali Army (NA) vehicles on the Mahendra Highway in Sarlahi district (above) for nearly five hours Thursday on suspicion that the vehicles might be carrying weapons. The rebels stopped the army vehicles – four heavy trucks, five jeeps and one armoured vehicle – which were en route to Itahari, Sunsari district, from Kathmandu at Paurahi area on the Mahendra Highway at around 8:00 a.m., state-owned Radio Nepal said. The Maoists released the vehicles after five hours as no weapons were found inside them. The NA said the vehicles were carrying utensils and cloths for the army men in Itahari. The Maoists released the vehicles in the presence of local media persons and human rights activists. (source)

OHCHR calls on Maoists to stop ‘law enforcement’ activities

Nov 1: The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) has called on the Maoists to stop their “law enforcement” activities around the country. In a statement issued Wednesday, the UN rights body said, “The OHCHR-Nepal calls on CPN-Maoist to stop its “law enforcement” activities which have intensified recently especially in the Kathmandu Valley, and which have resulted in serious abuses of human rights.” “OHCHR-Nepal considers these parallel “law enforcement” activities to be illegal, as well as in violation of international human rights standards to which CPN-Maoist has made repeated commitments,” the statement further said, reminding that these commitments included the directives issued as a result of the Maoist Central Committee meeting on 2 September, which explicitly stated that party cadres shall not conduct abductions, torture and ill-treatment. The meeting had decided that those responsible for such actions would be held accountable.

The rights watchdog mentioned that in its letter sent to the Maoist leadership on Tuesday, it had confirmed the abductions of 39 individuals in the districts of Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu in October alone. The CPN-Maoist itself publicly declared on 21 October that more than 80 individuals had been taken into captivity, whom they accused of being linked to criminal activities.
According to the OHCHR-Nepal, Maoist cadres have held individuals incommunicado in hidden locations – thus increasing their vulnerability to human rights abuses. In September and October, OHCHR-Nepal made visits to eight places where the CPN-Maoist held individuals in captivity in the Kathmandu Valley. These places included several factory buildings occupied by the rebel party, and the offices of Maoist sister organisations, including the All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF) and the All Nepal Transport Workers Union (ANTWU). The OHCHR-Nepal said it has received reports of at least seven other locations in Kathmandu Valley used by the Maoists for the interrogation of individuals.

“OHCHR-Nepal has investigated a number of reports of ill-treatment and torture, including severe beatings. OHCHR-Nepal staff have witnessed serious injuries among those held captive by CPN-Maoist, consistent with claims of ill-treatment and torture,” the release said. The OHCHR-Nepal also complained that Maoists had at times obstructed the officials from gaining immediate access to those in captivity. “OHCHR-Nepal calls again on the CPN-Maoist leadership to stop all parallel ‘law enforcement’ activities, and especially incidents of torture and ill-treatment. State authorities have sole responsibility to arrest and detain criminal suspects, and it is essential for the re-establishment of the rule of law that all parties respect this,” the statement quoted Sandra Beidas, the Officer-in-Charge of OHCHR-Nepal, as saying. (source)

Maoist cleaning drive

Maoist cadres with dokos (baskets) and brooms giving Thamel a facelift on Tuesday. Maoists have been launching such clean-up. Pic by Prakash Mathema

NC cadres protest rebel bullying

Nov 1 – About 40 district presidents of the Nepali Congress (NC) party have urged Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to forcefully raise the issue of continuous intimidation, abductions and extortion by Maoists at the district level during the next summit talks.
Speaking at a consultation meeting held by the prime minister at his official residence at Baluwatar Wednesday, the heads of the party’s district units said the situation has not improved at all at the local level despite agreements one-after-another signed by the Maoists at the center.

Most of the district party chiefs suggested that the prime minister ensure the Maoists implement the agreements and pacts immediately. They claimed that the Maoists were still demonstrating arms and keeping their so-called courts active in the districts.
They gave the example of Maoist action against party district-level leaders in Kalikot a couple of days ago. In response, Koirala said he would take up the issue with the Maoist leaders immediately, according to Tara Man Gurung, Sankhuwasabha district president of the party.(source)

NC condemns Maoist excesses

KATHMANDU, Oct 31 – Breaching the ceasefire agreement, the Maoists have not yet released Nepali Congress (NC) activist Kriti Bahadur Thapa of Dasera-3 in Jajarkot district, who was abducted some two months ago. The NC has strongly condemned the Maoists’ activities of abduction, extortion and intimidation, and demanded the unconditional and early release of Thapa. The party has also urged the government and human rights activists to make initiatives for Thapa’s safe and prompt release. A group of Maoists had abducted Thapa from Jajarkot on September 12. NC has also urged the Maoists not to violate the past pacts and understanding by intensifying abduction and intimidation of political activists and civilians and tearing flags and pamphlets of other political parities.

On Saturday, Maoists had attacked NC district level activists and abducted six of them from Kalikot, while the latter were holding a village reconciliation campaign. Meanwhile, Maoists have been forcefully integrating CPN-UML activists in their sister organizations in Nawalparasi district. According to Tilak Mahat, UML district office secretary, Maoists have been gathering UML cadres from Benimanipur, Shiva Mandir and Kawasoti VDCs for forced participation in Maoists programs, warning them not to speak against Maoists.

On Sunday, Maoists had captured Narayan Timsina, immediate past chairman of Kawasoti VDC, for two hours.
Mahat has urged the Maoists to adopt open and competitive democratic politics by stopping such apolitical activities.
Several locals ‘missing’ after Maoist action

INARUWA- Maoists have not yet opened the house of Gauri Shrestha of Bharaul-3, Sunsari, which they had padlocked on October 23, after they clashed with a group of locals who were allegedly gambling. Also, the whereabouts of local Naveen Rai and Jeewan Shrestha, whom the rebels abducted following the incident, and seven others who were declared “culprits” by the Maoists, is unknown. The rebels then stated they would “take action” against the seven men within 15 days, locals said. Shrestha and his family have been staying at their neighbor’s house since. “They (Maoists) have made us homeless. Our children have not been able to go to school, as all their books and uniforms are locked inside the house,” said Shrestha’s wife Kavita. On the night of October 23, a group of locals, who were reportedly gambling during Tihar, had attacked Maoist cadres at Bangebazar in Bharula-3 leaving a rebel cadre “critically injured”. In retaliation, the rebels had abducted the duo and padlocked Shrestha’s house the same night, claiming that the house was used by gamblers. (source)

Rebels allow VDC office to open, impose diktats

PARBAT, Oct 31 – Pressing government officials to work as per “policies of the peoples’ government”, Maoists have issued a diktat that VDC office at Pipaltari — closed under rebels’ pressure five years ago — be opened immediately. The rebels have also ordered that the office must use letterheads of the Tamuban Mukti Morcha, a Maoist allied organization, and stamps with rebels’ emblem for all official work. Most VDC offices in the district remained closed in the last five years because of Maoist pressure. Of the 55 VDCs in the district, only around a dozen were functional during the period. Lately, the rebels have started to force VDC officials to open the offices and work under orders of the “peoples’ government”.

“The rebels have ordered me to open the office immediately. They have also said that all paperwork of the office must be done on the letterhead of the Tamuban Mukti Morcha and that the office must use a stamp of the Maoists,” said Pipaltari VDC secretary Mukunda Lamichanne. “The rebels have also said that they will gradually open other VDC offices in the days to come,” he added.
Earlier, the Local Development Minister Rajendra Pandey had instructed all VDC chairmen to open their respective offices. However, no offices could be opened at that time.

Currently, the staff at the Pipaltari VDC are a confused lot, uncertain whether to open the office and work as instructed by the rebels. “We do not know how the district authorities will respond to our using Maoists’ letter pads and stamps,” said Lamichanne.
Meanwhile, officials at the District Administration Office too are in a similar dilemma. “We do not know what we should do, if suppose we receive a letter from the VDC on a Maoists’ letter pad tomorrow. There are no policies made regarding such issues,” said an official at the DAO.

Maoists thrash NC-D worker

KATHMANDU, Oct 31 – In yet another blatant violation of the ceasefire code of conduct, Maoists brutally thrashed a Nepali Congress – (Democratic) activist in the capital. On Sunday evening, Maoists abducted Prabin Khadka of Bishnu Budhanilkantha VDC-4 from Chu Fan Restaurant, Maharajgunj, and released him on Tuesday evening after beating him mercilessly. Khadka was admitted to Medicare Hospital, Chabahil, in the evening, with deep bruises on his soles, thigh and back.

Maoists handed over Khadka to his relatives at Brighter Tooth Paste Factory in Thimi. “After abducting me, they hit me with sticks on different parts of the body,” Khadka, 30, said. He claimed that the Maoist tortured him and added that they had beaten him over a hundred times on the temple, charging him with being involved with gangsters Chakremilan and Tejendra.
The victim’s brother Shyam Khadka said that before abducting his brother, the Maoists had threatened him (Shyam) over telephone and demanded he surrender to Maoists. Binod Bhattarai, NC-D chairman of Kathmandu Constituency number 3, informed that Khadka was released when party president Sher Bahadur Dueba and minister of state Ramesh Lekhak took initiative in the matter. (source)

Maoists attack, abduct NC cadres

KATHMANDU, Oct 30 – In yet another instance of outright violation of the ceasefire code of conduct, Maoists last Saturday attacked Nepali Congress workers in Kalikot district and abducted six of them. An NC statement said the Maoists attacked NC workers, including district-level leaders, while the latter were holding a “Village Reconciliation Campaign” at Nelmudi VDC. The Maoists beat up the NC cadres, broke the mikes used by them and also tore NC party flags before abducting them. The abductees include NC Mahasamiti member Durga Bahadur Shahi, District Working Committee treasurer Brish Bahadur Bam, members Surya Bam and Karna Dhwoj Bam, Nepal Farmers’ Organization District President Purna Bahadur Shahi and NC cadre Jaya Ram Bam. Another cadre Surya Bahadur Bam managed to escape. Similarly, Maoists in Rautahat district abducted NC cadres Naresh Raut Kurmi, Jawahir Raut Kurmi and Krishna Nandan Yadav on Monday. The NC has condemned the abduction and demanded unconditional release of the abducted.

Meanwhile, Maoists in Udayapur district detained transport employee Pusparaj Raigain, 45, from Gaighat on Monday. Maoists claim Raigain has been sheltering his brothers, Ganesh and Madan, who were accused by the rebels of murder. (source)

Maoist convention disrupts hotel services

KATHMANDU, Oct 30 – Services in most hotels and restaurants in the capital suffered after the Maoist-affiliated All Nepal Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union (ANHRWU), on Monday, forced staff and personnel to participate in their third general convention.The convention that kicked off at Basantapur in the capital in the afternoon also paralyzed vehicular movement for some hours in the New Road and Ratna Park areas. “The union ordered us to send a maximum number of employees to the convention,” said a senior-executive of a leading five-star hotel, who refused to be quoted, fearing possible threats. “Around 150 workers- one third of the employees – joined the union’s convention.” A senior member of the Hotel Association of Nepal said that as workers went to take part in the convention, executive-level-employees in some hotels had to perform basic duties in place of junior workers. “Though the forcible participation of workers did not severely affect the day-to-day operation, it certainly created some difficulty,” he said.

Asked why he chose to join the convention, an employee of Hotel Yak and Yeti said it was due to fear. “I am not interested in the Maoists politics, but I participated in the program as was under pressure to do so,” he said. Sharing his painful experience, he stated, “I felt really bad. If the participation was for protecting workers’ interest, it would be ok. But, only slogans in favor of the Maoists were shouted. It became just a Maoist political event.” On the eve of convention, the union had ordered main hotels and casinos in the capital to erect a well-decorated gate around the hotels, hanging a banner on the convention.

The impact on restaurants is still severe. “As they took away almost all my workers, I was forced to down shutter for a couple of hours,’ said a restaurant owner, elaborating his upsetting story. “ I could not offer lunch to my regular customers.” Talking to the Post, Yogendra Shakya, former president of Hotel Association of Nepal said politicization in hotels should be halted, as the politics done in the name of unions has badly hit the hospitality sector. “Obviously, employees should be allowed to form unions at hotels. But, the unions should not be permitted to affiliate with the political parities,” he said. “Unions are carrying on the agenda of political parties of their affiliation.” (source)

Maoists occupy public utilities

INARUWA, Nov 1 – In blatant violation of various accords, including the ceasefire code of conduct reached between the government and Maoist leadership, rebels have captured several public utilities even as they continue with abductions. The rebels have turned the Saptakoshi Ashram, an elderly home of Barahachhetra VDC-1, into a “barrack”. Following the rebels’ occupation, half-a-dozen elderly people residing at the premises have been displaced, according to the victims. A group of some 100 Maoists, part of the rebel’s cultural unit is staying there, according to locals. “They have promised to quit the Ashram soon,” said Ganesh Birai, chairman of the Ashram. Likewise, Maoists have been occupying the Regional Soil Laboratory at Tarahara. The rebels have set up a “military camp of People’s Liberation Army (PLA)” inside the laboratory.

Similarly, the Sai Baba petrol pump along the Jhumka section of the Mahendra highway has been taken over by the rebels for the last one month. They have set up two check posts inside the premises, posted sentries around the premises while other cadres continue their activities inside. Meanwhile, the rebels have placed Nabin Rai and Jeevan Rai of Bharaul-3, Bangebazaar, in their “labor camp” on charges of being involved in gambling during Tihar. (source)


45 responses to “Maoist Activities: More Violation Of Code Of Conduct Than Helping Peace Process”

  1. Neil Horning Avatar

    I now understand why the Maoists don’t trust journalists.

  2. Supriya Avatar

    What a terrible way of punishing a ‘criminal’ man. This reminds me of publicly ‘stoning to death’ punishments in some of the Muslim societies. I think Talibans were known to this kind of brutality and lawlessness. Maoists are becoming true followers of Taliban taking laws into their hands and promoting anarchism in society which worries me a lot. When will this highhandedness of the Maoists end?

  3. raj Avatar

    At present, Maoists can be divided in two categories – the politically indoctrinated cadres and the riff-raffs. Maoists had started their fight for one-party prolitariat dictatership of Maoist Pary which is quite bleak by every point of view at present. As Maoist leaders are trying to squeez as much as possible from this unstable political situation and can not give proper directions to their indoctrinated cadres, the riff-raff part of their party is in rampage. They are trying to frighten the opponents in particular and the people in whole. Maoists leaders neither can disclaim their actions nor can support. If such tactic succeeds, they may call it their strategy and if it fails, they claim them their discarded cadres.

  4. ME Avatar

    Thanks for this article Mr Horning. Mr. wagle doesn’t have any guts to write anything against Maoist atrocitiesin in this blog. He just knows how to give lesson to Nepal army and king. He thinks only culprit in this country is King and Nepal army. No doubt, King tried to impose dictatorship. Now another big dictator (prachanda) coming in this country.

  5. Raj basnet Avatar

    They never do what they says. they haven’t got control over their own army, hope things will change better in future.

  6. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am really getting sick and tired of reading about these damn Maoists and their deplorable behavior. No one wants to see more Nepalis die and we all had hoped that the peace process would bring an end to the autrocities and the chaos! It seems to have made things worse!

    What the hell do the Maoists want? I was frustrated at the SPA for not making a break through on the talks. But now I am convinced that the Maoists are not serious about becoming a legetimate political party and obeying the rule of law. The peace process is just a sham… the Moaists have no regard for the code of conduct or other agreements. These goons just want to roam around Nepal and impose their will. Damit, Girija needs to STOP BENDING OVER SO MUCH for Prachanda! If need be we should go back and resort to the use of force, but we cannot continue to tolorate this!

  7. Neil Horning Avatar

    Thanks, but I only wrote the begining of this article. For the rest of the article you can thank Mr. Wagle and the original authors.

    You can also thank Mr. Wagle for the title.

  8. hem, Paris Avatar
    hem, Paris

    Now you came to a point when you are frustrated and take the guns yourself. Thanks Bhudai for your views.

  9. maobadi Avatar

    We’re just making you guys fool. We’ll reach you bugger or bloggers whatever you call of yourself, but let us first capture the state. then we’ll show you what the attrocities mean. This is nothing, this for us like playing dandi-biyo.

  10. AHIMSA Avatar

    Violent “people’s” law as illegal as the “king’s” direct rule!

    From all Maoist aims, their campaign against alcohol and gambling seems to be the best. But their way of handling such noble aim in a mob-rule style, sadly shows their fascist methods.

    The rebels are similar to their enemy, they see the simple, politically immature, uneducated mass of people as a tool and abuse them by manipulating them instead of convincing them with their respective ideas.

    That the Maoists as well as the Royalists need pressure to force the people to do their will, clearly shows their true weakness and fragile rooting in the society.

    If the ‘king’ of Nepal still wants to make history, he should abdicate on his own decision before finally being forced to do so.

    Mr. Shah could then, after the drafting of a new constitution, open a political party and by intelligently utilizing his rest of authority prevent frustrated royalists from following the seemingly successful Maoist example by starting the next, this time right wing guerilla war.

    Nepal should fastly take a deep lesson in nonviolent conflict solution. From the very personal family level to the companies and offices to the management and government, Nepal is a fully violence infested country.

    A friend once explained to me, that in Nepali families every elder child has the moral obligation to punish the next younger ones. In a village primary school, while i worked as a volunteer teacher, an eight year old girl asked me kindly to punish them physically as all the Nepali teachers did.

    Only nonviolent progress is lasting. Every pressure finds release somehow. Nepal has a great future, but a few decisive steps should be taken.

    Demilitarize completely now!

    Declare Nepal a zone of peace, nature conservation and religion!

    A federal system can give a fair chance to restructure Nepal and makes it possible for ethnical groups to realize a great amount of selfrule, without risking national integrity.

    AHIMSA thinks: Nepal needs a unique, nonviolent solution to truely heal the society!

    -> Switzerland has a long history of people’s participation. It is worth to study their structure of state and draw the right conclusions for forming a modern Nepal!

  11. Physco Avatar

    I totally agree with the thing u said.Nepal needs to take different initiatives to break through the current situation which is what u mention in ur comment nonviolence, nature conservation, respect and give equal chance to all ethnic groups and reduce the gap of gender inequality.
    Nepal is the country where Gautam Buddha was born n we all know that he is the ambassador of peace n nonviolence in the world.At least to make him proud of his homeland we need to implement nonvoilence and peaceful way to deal with the problems.

  12. nepalbhakta Avatar

    hey maobadi,
    Dont think only you can resort to torture and intimidation. This is your time. it will end and after that people will rip you thrice and strip you twice and parade you naked around nepal. dont provoke the sleeping tiger.

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Are you guys being serious? Look do you think the people ‘want’ to see violence and bloodshed? We all want a peaceful solution. But while the government is negotiating the Maoists are continuing their autrocities. For heavens sake, the government has even offered to feed the Maoist army. But nothing seems to be good enough for the Maoists!
    This isn’t a Royalist vs. Maoist situation.
    This is a Nepali trying to live his/her life with peace and security vs Maoist goons who are roaming around and imposing their wanton rule causing chaos.
    Even today if the Maoist act like they are serious about peace then people will forget the past and work with all to make Nepal a better place. But if the Maoists are unwilling to abide by this, then there there is no other option but to go back to fighting.
    So please, I implore you to be realistic and don’t treat everyone here like blood thristy morons. Even Shri Krishna encouraged the Pandavas to fight when all the options were exhausted.

  14. Neil Horning Avatar

    You all seem to be operating under the assumption that Nepal has at some time experienced “rule of law.” In never has. The closest it has come to is “rule by law.” That is, the traditional elites maintained their power by passing laws.

    In the country side women are still shunned or killed for being witches for crying out loud. That is something the Maoists actually put a stop too when the can. What the Maoists did in Lakeside, and what they have been doing around the country is not “rule of law.” However, when the authorities are either too corrupt or too inept to do their job, this is the result. I have not yet met someone (besides tourists) along lakeside who was displeased with he Maoist actions. The man in question is lucky the Maoists were there to shame him instead of a lynch mob there to hang him.

  15. Forget Avatar

    Neil, you self-proclaimed ‘expert’ on Maoists in Nepal,

    Instead of promoting lawlessness and Talebanism in Nepal in the name of gaining expertise in the conflict, you should deserve being, as John Kerry said, “stuck up” in Iraq. When Iraqi insurgents capture you, torture you and kill you, you will realize in hell what it means to support and promote talebanism in Nepal.

  16. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Girija did a foolish act by signing 12 Point agreement with MB but he was compelled by the actions of the King. Now do you relly think that the Maoists are a political party ? if you think so, you are totally wrong. SPA is also realising this thing. Because they have not changed their behaviour. If they don’t change their behaviour and killing nad abductions, they will fade out from the scene too soon.If they are really going to lay down the arms shortly, people may grogive them. Otherwise, there are other type of people in each village and town waiting to catch them and kill in broad day light. That is for sure.Because they are very angry with MB for their atrocities and they have a heavy weight of vendetta in their hearts and mind. One day that will happen.

  17. Flower Avatar

    you are absolutely right … I did read the blog about the businessman with black face in Pokhara. I was in Pokhara last year, and the story of the businessman really shocked me, public dishonnour by locals/rebels it goes in my eyes back to the Middle Ages, i also see similarities with Afghanistan and Iraq, Guatemala … Where there is/was “lawlessnes”, lack of control, corruption “ordinary” people take/took rights in own hands. Taking rights in own hands can never be justified. I come from an european country, where taking rights in own hands is always been punished. Where you put lots of energy in your children to not be agressive, although adults loose much more quickly their temper here then in the past because of increasing stress. Its true that violence can easily become a part of your daily life, your culture, that you learn to live with it, it becomes normal. That in combination with few control and taking rights in own hand is very dangerous. Everyone should be aware of that. A lot of inspiraton could personally be found in the rich religions of Nepal. Zero tolerance for discrimination and violence, clear laws, good control .. I wish Nepal that with all my heart. The road may be long, but with determination it will be found. A lot of inspiraton could be found in the rich religions of Nepal, wisdom that lives strong in your culture and that been considered as a big richdom in the West.

  18. noname Avatar

    Hello Friends,

    In my view we must blame the SPA for giving the Maoists the right to commit terrorism. SPA has done so much damage to the country now. If the law encourages and supports crime, all of us will commit crime, isn’t it? That is why I think the Maoists are not wrong; the SPA is more wrong and unjustified. Now it is our duty to bunk the SPA and interact directly with the Maoists for peace. We can take help of the King, the Army or international people.

    Anyway, like always, will the terrorists be killed? Will the corrupt politicians be punished? I don’t know what is happening in Nepal. I want to see peace and prosperity.

    Jaya Nepal! Jaya Sri Paanch! May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all.

  19. scoop Avatar

    It seems from this guy Neil Horning’s comments that he actually supports the way the maoists are going on about their way of taking the law into their own hands. I think Wagle you have used Horning in a way he did not want to be used for this article. He is very much a maoist sympathiser and what he has written here shows that he is all for the maoist action. May I at this point remind Horning, that while he galavants around following his maoist friends teaching crooks a lesson in tourist hubs, their pals elsewhere are killing and extorting normal citizens and are providing forced army training to children between the ages of 12 and 15. Why don’t you get out to these places and do some real reporting instead of having a joy ride with your close comrade pals in Pokhara?

  20. pb Avatar

    Only morons support thugs taking the law into their own hands as a justification for law and order or a substitute for it. It may sound all well and good, until these thugs will be passing sentences (which has already happened) on anyone that they dislike or speaks up against their fascist ways as well. There is too much wrong with the ways moaists are going on these days, the most serious of which are murder, extortion, kidnappings and forced recruitement of children. There is so much many of these foreign journalists have no idea about. Police even refuse to release most of the atrocities committed by maoists which have been reported to them, to the media or human rights groups albeit cortesy of the incompetent baffoon Home Minister Sitaula.

  21. ck Avatar

    I can’t agree more. I wonder how this guy would feel if he was caught in Iraq by one of these fundamentalists group who gave him punishment according to their laws for crimes against Islam. I’m sure they would be labelled terrorists ASAP, while maoists doing similar things to their own citizens is alright. Talk about being hypocritical. I wonder if these foreigners would be so carefree with the lives of their own citizens if the maoists caught one of them breaking a law in Nepal and they paraded him in public like so, after giving him a thrashing all night long and both his kidneys failed due to the beatings? Would that be alright? Because this is what is happening as we write.

  22. Neil Horning Avatar

    I do not “support” the Maoist actions on lakeside. However, most of the Nepali’s that live there do. That is a reality you all are going to have to live with.

    These kinds of actions are what gained the Maoists enough support in the countryside to become as relevant as they are. To “support” the Maoists I would have to agree with the human rights violations that are obviously going on. I don’t.

    My intent is to provide an accurate reflection of the ground reality in this country. Not to support the Maoists. If all the Maoist did was gallivant around torturing people the movement would have died 10 years ago. Stating that human rights abuses are a tiny fraction of their interaction with the public and that they have not historically exceeded those of the government is not inaccurate, and it does not constitute “support.”

  23. HAISANLU Avatar

    These are recidivists Neil they will never reform or accept the truth as you see it or as the majority of Nepalese see it.

    They are doomed to live their lies over and over again as they cannot accept anything new and cyberspace is their ever lasting dwelling place.

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Neil Horning:
    Please don’t be a moron! There might have been incidents of people lynching witches, but there was not militias blowing up insfrastuture, kiddnpping hundreds of children and torturing and killing thousands more. What kind of an idiotic comment was that?
    Look no one said Nepal was perfect before the Maoists came around. Don’t just say “oh the autorities are currupt” and write off and justify the Maoists actions! And no I don’t agree that they have popular support in the countryside! Most of the people are intimidated and coericed into supporting the Maoists!

  25. cut the crap Avatar
    cut the crap

    well said comrade these site campers are all shit

  26. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    “Stating that human rights abuses are a tiny fraction of their interaction with the public and that they have not historically exceeded those of the government is not inaccurate, and it does not constitute “support.””

    Horning writing these sentences and Maoists killer haisanlu supportig his writing is no wonder for me.

    One fine morning, Maoists must be punished internationally. Tying an innocent man at the pole and executing him in broad day light where his wife and children are watching, was a horror which they did with one journalist. That is why these Kuire journalist are killed in Lebenon and Iraq. Actually they do not work as journalists but as spies who want to aggravate the internal situation in the developing poor countries. They always write about the negative things about our country. Catch them and punish them so that they can not write such stories again supporting Maoists.

  27. cut the crap Avatar
    cut the crap

    You must be the recidivist that haisanlu was talking about continually advocating murder on this site and covering yourself with democratic words.

  28. ck Avatar


    “Most of the Nepalis that live there (support) the action” you say but maybe you are having tunnel vision and basing maoist activities on one case that you conveniently chose to highlight. Do you know what else these thugs are up to? Many here have given you an outline on the many maoist activities going on and you chose to concentrate on one, where you must have chosen the biggest and widely known crook in Lakeside to highlight the maoist action. But the example you give is a drop in the ocean. The numerous cases of torture, threats, extortion, child recruitement seems to escape you and (according to you) your Lakeside residents completely. I wonder how the residents there feel about that? One little action against a crook does not make general maoist behaviour right. Or does it in your books?
    I’m afraid knowingly or unknowingly you have fallen for the maoist propoganda trap, and I’m afraid accurate is hardly how one would describe your view of maoist activities today. You may have described a perfect nose of a body that is rotting away.
    And please do not lecture us on realities which you are probably carefully kept far from by your comrade buddies. I’m afraid your argument claiming that you are’nt a sympathiser just fails to convince.
    As for your claims that this is the sort of thing that makes maoists popular, I wonder if you care to factor in “little” things like arms they carry and intimidation that are the real factors to their fast climb to prominence? Not so long a go the swift justice put in action by Hitler against the “exploiting” jews seemed very popular as well amongst the citizens there, but we all know where that ended up!

  29. ck Avatar

    Horning one more thing,

    You write “Stating that human rights abuses are a tiny fraction of their interaction with the public and that they have not historically exceeded those of the government is not inaccurate, and it does not constitute “support.”

    First, human rights abuses are not a tiny fraction of their interaction as you claim, it is of major concern to all citizens here, unless your calculations of abuses are different from ours. Human rights organisations have clearly stated that there is gross violations happening by maoists today.
    Second, it is quite pathetic to try and compare abuses with some other entity like the government in this case, – are you justifying that as being alright because “they” do it as well?
    Please do not fault the rest of us who clearly see where your “heart” seems to lie, hopefully you get out of this romanticising honeymoon phase with your comrade friends and wake up to smell the propoganda.

  30. diehard Avatar

    I recall calling Neil Romantic but I take that back now. He is a gringo, disillusioned to boot, trying his best to convince himself that Maoist are heaven sent.

    He speaks of rule of law and defends by saying ‘does not constitute Support”- guess what he has even learn to speak like Maoist. Take a hike buddy- shove it up yours. If you do care of people- go back and speak for the red Indians scatter around reservations in good old USA . Just leave us alone. We do not need your insights, pathetic support nor the tunnel vision reports which only aggravates the situation.

    What would you do if right-wing group raise up arms and feel justified in carrying out punishment or retribution as they see fit just because there is “corruption and inept system” in place. I guess time will answer back as things take turn for the worse.

  31. Sagarmatha Avatar

    Neil Horning,

    During Ranas’ era people use to think everyone supporting Rana rule and the change was not expected. Similarly during panchayat era all Nepali seems to be panchas. Same case right now, once the maoist leave the arms and threat then only maoist will understand how much support they have? This is just whim like flood for very short period if they don’t change their current attitudes and activities, try to understand it.

  32. Neil Horning Avatar

    If you guys want to spew hatred and vitriol you can do that on my personal blog as well.

    I don’t support the Maoist Human rights abuses. I know that they exist, because they take up a good section of the morning paper everyday.

    The fact that the Government human rights abuses historically equal or exceed those of the Maoists does not excuse the Maoist actions. There is no principle of reciprocity in human rights. However, This is a situation in which Nepalis are being asked to pick between two sides.

    How horrifying can it be to someone when the Maoists arrest a suspected criminal and beat a confession out, when they have been witnessing the police do the same thing their whole life?

    I saw two stories in the Kathmandu post today.

    1. Miltiary beats up locals

    2. Man tortures his wife to stop her from leaving him.

    In the second one was permitted and facilitated by the police. The wife was “returned” to her husband after the police found her. The community is also making sure she stays with her first husband instead of he second because the can’t fathom permitting her to marry a man of another caste.

    If you guys are looking for a “Taliban of Nepal” That’s it right there.

    I don’t support torture, I don’t support summery punishment, and I don’t support slavery for that matter. However, these things were not brought to Nepal by the Maoists, no matter how much some of you wish they were.

  33. ck Avatar


    I’m afraid your attempts at justifying your poorly veiled support for the maoists has made me even more certain of your intentions with your “howevers” and “buts”. I’m afraid the majority of the people are for the side of a multi party democracy and they will change their preference when voting as per the performance of the past governments. Your theory on asking to pick sides escapes me, if you mean forced participation that is one thing but I very much doubt people are required to pick sides if they do not want to unless totalitarian groups force the issue. “Pick” is the wrong word selection.
    It also stuns me to see that out of the numerous headlines you pick two which are very rare to see in the pages of newspapers these days. If you pulled a headline or a dozen headlines out of a hat, you would most likely get something on the lines of – maoists extorting, beating, recruitiung children forcibly (not by choosing to pick sides) etc. etc. I mean when was the last time we saw a headline that said – “miltary beats up locals” or “man beats up his wife to stop her leaving him”???? Yet, you picked it out and this is what I mean by your “tunnel vision”. Then you say that these examples are in the lines of the “Taliban of Nepal” – Don’t some of your folks in your country beat up your wives or even murder these days, and are your military devoid of beating locals – I remember a case where American military raped a teenager in Japan, it was well publicised.
    Many ideas were not brought to Nepal by the maoists but you don’t see the majority of the population here practicing imported ideas of extortion, murder, child slavery or even the items you mentioned leave alone failed communist ideologies. Yes, much has to be improved re our laws and their execution, but your maoist friends have made sure that violence is something “normal” for Nepalis these days. Their methods have made Nepal a lot more violent both physically and mentally. If it is justice you seek from the maoists Horning, you will get it swiftly based on their prejudices and backed up by the devil’s advocate (their guns) . I rather we tread the long hard road via peaceful means to attain a just society and not the quick fix ways of the maoists where you are guilty even before you have been tried let alone proven to be.

  34. Neil Horning Avatar

    I find it more likely that “man tortures wife” is in the paper less often because it is considered less newsworthy.

    “Don’t some of your folks in your country beat up your wives or even murder these days, and are your military devoid of beating locals – I remember a case where American military raped a teenager in Japan, it was well publicized.”

    As I said, there is no principle of reciprocity in human rights. The fact that the U.S. military tortures people does not justify the NA or the Maoist army torturing people. Nor does the fact that Al-Qaeda tortures people justify the U.S. torturing people. You may want to think about that one for a second.

    “Many ideas were not brought to Nepal by the Maoists but you don’t see the majority of the population here practicing imported ideas of extortion, murder, child slavery or even the items you mentioned leave alone failed communist ideologies.”

    Actually, Slavery it’s self was only made illegal here about 4 years ago, and the ban has yet to be implemented in practice. Many ex-slaves have been forced to go back to their masters land. Child slavery, in the form of parents selling or sending their children to work in cities is endemic. Child trafficking is also extremely widespread. As for murder, I guess you haven’t noticed the rash of bus drivers backing over car accident victims lately.

    Besides all of this, I just learned that in order to get married here a woman must get permission from 6 members of her community over the age of 50. That law in and of it’s self is a human rights abuse, and a blatant attempt to reinforce caste prejudices. This is probably one of the least egregious examples.

    Also, if you put the Maoists, the UML, and all the others together as a block, I would say the majority of the country is practicing failed communist ideology.

    Not that any of this justifies Maoist human rights abuses. It’s just important that one realize that you are wrong on almost every point.

  35. cut the crap Avatar
    cut the crap


    Prachanda, told reporters that an informal agreement has been reached with the government on arms management.

    “We are going to hold peace talks in the next couple of days and make the announcement,” Prachanda said.

    He said both sides have agreed in principle that weapons held by the rebels and government soldiers would be locked up separately and left under U.N. supervision.

  36. Nhorning Avatar

    Finally the SPA blinks.

  37. yala Avatar

    well said niel, thats very true, those all craps living abroad claims to know everyting

  38. ck Avatar


    It maybe less news worthy but you brought up the subject of “news headlines” and still chose to pick the “less” news worthy items out of your hat when you could have picked one on maoist atrocities.

    “As I said, there is no principle of reciprocity in human rights. The fact that the U.S. military tortures people does not justify the NA or the Maoist army torturing people. Nor does the fact that Al-Qaeda tortures people justify the U.S. torturing people. You may want to think about that one for a second.”

    And yet you are the one who brought about comparisons in the first place when you mentioned maoists being at par with the government for human rights violations. Please think about that for a second or two.

    You are correct about slavery laws in Nepal being made illegal about 4 years ago. In this case it is the “kamaiya” laws, other forms of slavery were made illegal many more years earlier, and yet your comrade buddies still practice it with child recruitment. And you just reinforce my argument when you give examples of more and more violence in any form, which has been the norm since the maoists made it “normal” daily life.

    There are many ridiculous laws in our nation, and I am sure democratic processes will adress it. Maybe the marriage plight of women over 50 is not in the top of the agenda for lawmakers right now. But such injustice cannot be made right by use of guns and threats.

    Yes, none of this justifies maoist human rights violations but you still give these examples (some as rare as the unicorn) in an attempt it seems to justify the maoist methods. Why can’t you just say what you recorded in Pokhara done by the maoists to that fellow whether he be the bottom feeding scum of the earth is plain wrong, instead of starting off with “I now understand why the Maoists don’t trust journalists”.

  39. Backdraft Avatar

    Sure the harbinger of state of shock is on its way in the form of Foced settlement. SPA did not blink, it just kept its eyes wide shut. The crux is this and soon the hammer will follow. Get the drift.

  40. scoop Avatar

    It’s all cosmetics. Although a start, but arms have to be detroyed before CA elections, just keeping them under lock and key with the key in Prachandas pocket means to me that if things don’t go the maoist way come elections, Prachanda will hand back the keys to his cadres again, then what will the UN do with their cameras and sensors? – Cry wolf, is that all?!?!?!? Also, even if these arms are destroyed, where is the commitment to give up arms altogether come elections? Maoists have plenty of money, they can buy more arms as they have done in the past courtesy their Indian comrades.

  41. pb Avatar

    Mr. Horning,

    Let me give you a test. Since I take it you believe by saying, “Not that any of this justifies Maoist human rights abuse”, that you don’t support the Maoist Human rights abuses, why don’t you write an article on these abuses that you agree are being carried out by the maoists, with the same gusto as you attempt to talk down the bloggers here, then see what the reaction is from your comrades? See if they then “trust” you as a journalist as well?

  42. pb_ko_ba Avatar


    stop giving those half a** tests to other people, why don’t youself scribble a few well thought words and have your article/column posted here at UWB or anywhere?

    easiest thing to do is critique away, and we will show you how prolific we are at it, when you have your article posted.

    until then stop acting like half a** a**!!!

  43. pb Avatar

    pb ko ba,

    I’m not a journalist, Horning is. It is their profession to write and if they can help it without as much bias as possible. And journalists know that they have to be open to criticism. So why is that bothering your A$$?

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