New Darshan Bhet In Town: Prachanda Visits Indian Embassy

Plus: American ambassador returns from New Delhi trip

So the news of the day is pretty much surprising. Not so surprising perhaps. Prachanda, the leader of the Maoist ‘revolution’ in Nepal, went to see the Indian ambassador in Lainchaur. Reactions given to media by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, second in command after Prachanda, are also interesting. According to Dr. Bhattarai, the ambassador told the Maoist leaders: ‘[The peace process] is your internal matter. We have nothing to say except that we are always eager to help” Nepal in its bid to establish peace in society. Ha, ha. It’s actually waste of words to talk about the Indian intervention in Nepali politics. We all know where Prachanda operated his movement against feudal force of Nepal. And here Dr. Bhattarai claims that Indian ambassador feels whatever happening in Npela is ‘it’s interal matter.’

A few months ago Dr. Baburam Bhattarai had met the Indian envoy. Some observers in Kathmandu were a bit surprised about how Prachanda maintained protocol! Yes, that’s not an important issue but it would have been better, same folks believe, if the meeting was held in location other than the Indian embassy itself. We have seen ambassadors, most recently James F Moriarty of America, visiting CPN UML General Secretary in the Balkhu headquarters of UML. Talking about Moriarity, the American envoy returned to Kathmandu today visiting New Delhi and, news reports say, discussing Nepal peace process with Indian leadership. There are no details of this visit but it has already been publicized that both India and the US want Maoists to be ‘disarmed’ before the rebels join an interim government that will hold the election of Constituent Assembly.

Just in case if you have forgotten, Maoists are still ‘terrorists’ for the Indian government and it will be interesting to see how India will react, officially that is, when Prachanda goes New Delhi to address Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in November. Leave that for future. What happened in today’s darshan bhet (audience)? We are not told what the Maoists duo ‘briefed’ the Indian ambassador today but we know about the assurance they got from Shiv Shankar Mukharjee: Maoist leader CP Gajurel ‘Gaurav’, who is in a jail in Chennai, southern India, will be released soon.

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54 thoughts on “New Darshan Bhet In Town: Prachanda Visits Indian Embassy

  1. Like you article pointed out India’s double standards are clear to see. We can’t change that. It is another country and beyond our control. But our leaders are under our control (really they are if we dare exercise our rights) so why do we Nepalis always tolerate these fools who make bigger fools of us?

  2. leardship reflects people, people reflect leadership, we are bunch of idiots, our stupidity reflecting everywhere.

    in truth, i have given up altogether, now, let the hopeful do something.

  3. harkee ko baa, well i hope that circle is broken by the people than some one time fluke ‘good’ leader.

    anyway I know G.B. Shaw said that the people get the govt. (leadership) they deserve but in our case I think we have been a bit unfortunate. We deserve better than the bunch of fools who we seem to choose as our leaders. Most of them seem to be ok when they are not in power but once there, they are transformed into ogres.

    Anyway with all good news that kantipur is coming out with, why so sad?

  4. Forcing people to join their path and forcing their members to stay in the path are the strategies of the Maoists. They have disgraced Nepal’s peace loving culture by showing their false hope of “justice for the poor.”
    The poor remain equally repressed even in their rule today; unless the poor join their path, torture, mutilation, killing and looting are the methods they worship.
    While I was pondering over their activities, and especially their conversion technique, I just came across a Pakistani news that we many nepali people are not familiar with.

    “Pakistan Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam; Horrible conditions for the few remaining Hindus in Pakistan:

    An alarming trend — that of Muslims kidnapping Pakistani Hindu girls and forcing them to convert to Islam — in Pakistan’s Sindh province is forcing the worried resident Hindu community to marry off their daughters as soon as they are of marriageable age or to migrate to India, Canada or other nations. Recently, at least 19 such abduction cases have occurred in Karachi alone, while several others have been reported in the media. Sanao Menghwar, a Hindu resident of Karachi’s Punjab Colony, is a traumatised man; all three of his daughters —Aishwarya, Reena and Reema — have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam.

    Nepali Maoists are no better than Muslim fundamentalists in Pakistan.

  5. You compare them with pakistani fundamentalists. I compare them with the Iraqi al qaida or terroists. How they slain our 12 brothers and recently one person of Nepal.There is no difference in the brutality. But still we have a lot of tolerance. I am surprised to find a very high level tolerance of Nepalese people, who are called brave Gurkhas. For example, why Maoists victims can not get them in close range and “finish them” ?

  6. I happened to read the news above, but surprizingly, I found out it was actually somebody else’s opinion on a current news. I had thought this site was dedicated for unfiltered current news, but unfortunately, its a portal for the blogger’s opinion. Isnt there a place where bloggers/authors give the actual unfiltered fresh news, so that the readers can develop some kinds of opinion of their own about the subject matter??

  7. well dinesh, seems you’ve not kept yourself up to date with the news while you’re becoming yet another khaire-ko-puchchar.

    for your kind information com. is already handed over to the bengali comrade, basu-da.

    to rest bhai baina ho, don’t panic about the darshan-bhets. if you’d known the fact that gyane’s baishakh 11 surrendar speech was the outcome of intl brokerage (read indians and americans), you wouldnt have been panicking.

    ke garne, bhai phute gawar lute bhaneko yehi ta ho.

  8. hey pyare, if some invaders comes n invades our land, we shall naturally bear extremism. and west has already confessed thier mistakes who has created all this shits globally. and wat do u know about Gurkhas envolvemnet in iraq war??? when bush launched land assault against iraq it was QGE(queens gurkha engineer) who were in the frontline, preparing every shits for marching infantry units n logistics. there was 2RGR’s one company stationed in afghanistan, (they could hav been replaced now) where they gave a hell to talibans with 10 meters being the closest encounter, but zero casaulties on gurkhas n heavy casaulties on taliban side. there r few lists of gurkhas to recieve MC n even might earn VC. and gurkhas doesnt function from nepal gov, why would british gov deploy gurkhas to avenge fellow nepalese deaths?? no logic at all, u seems like fake prof, reading all ur comments i think u should join JTMM cause u hate MBs and u love to be extremist in wiping them out, no difference bro.

  9. Nepali Student:
    May I suggest you read to get the ‘objective’ news. This, as you have correctly, pointed out is an opiniated blog. I often don’t agree with the author but still it is his blog and his opinion.

    I agree with the bloggers here sadly. The Maoists are out of control. Either Prachanda is unable to control his men or they just don’t give a damn about anyone.
    Well, Harkee we can’t just give up like that! Even if it means we have to fight the Maoists using force we have to do it!

  10. Bhudai,

    Don’t blame Prachanda or Baburam. It is not their fault. They are innocent.

    Faulty is the ideology which they carry. Marxism and/or Maoism are the dullest and deadliest things human beings have ever produced. This is the single theory which have taken the lives of more than two billion people worldwide. Mao, for instance, killed 5000000 innocent people (mostly writers, teachers, artists, etc) during his infamous ‘cultural revolution’. Prachanda and Baburam are his mere followers. They are drugged by this false ideology. Therefore, they should be considered sick people requiring strong medical treatment.

  11. Don’t disturb us; India

    By Inviting Prachanda as considering one of the top leader of world, India is fooling us nothing more than that and like to enjoy to see unstable Nepal. If they really put Prachanda in that category of Mahathir and Suchi then let Maoist rule the country solely, don’t disturb it. We are in the last option of the human desire; that is peace but India is playing on our last desire. Why India don’t understand it and take one stand toward Nepal? It clearly give the message that India cannot be our good neighbour.

  12. Even many Indians are of the opinion that “India’s policy toward Nepal is being failure.”

  13. After killing 14000 fellow Nepalese – now Prachand(a) goes to kowtow (bow) to their Indian Masters.

    All 14000 Nepalese should be declared Myrtyrs (Shaheed) now. Their lives were brutally taken away by these murderers.

  14. Was the India’s intent on Nepal not obvious to us before, why is this so. It is us who have the double standard. When they orchestrated Andolan by cementing ties of terrorist and SPA in Delhi, we applauded and joined in chorus but now we see India as being too intrusive. C’mon, give it a rest.

    You know what Panwalla says to visiting Nepali in New Delhi, true story- Bhai Nepal toh India honewala he ( Nepal will become India).

    I guess we are programmed to see things only when necessary and its too late. By the way, we should continue with the spirit of Andolan and let India come here in “peace mission.” You can wipe Monarchy off Nepal, you can request SPA (similar to coalition government of many Indian state)to act as Chief Minister of state and state our pride in being Indian- Nepali. Doggone it, its coming soon.

    I guess we all have lost faith in being Nepali and Nepal.

  15. On advise of RAW- moderation is on or someone is really busy cleaning up streets in Thamel.

  16. Hello Friends,

    So why is India supporting the terrorists of Nepal and the corrupt politicians?

    Will the terrorists be killed? Will the corrupt politicians be punished? I don’t know what is happening in Nepal. I want to see peace and prosperity.

    Jaya Nepal! Jaya Sri Paanch! May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all.

  17. Indian involvement in internal Nepalese politics has been consistent ever since 1950. This is nothing new. The only new twist which we are now becoming aware of is that there is now not a single political leader who can face upto the might of India and claim to be a true nationalist.

    Blaming India will not solve our problems or miseries. Nepalese are like ostriches that hide their head under the sand and get a sense of security. Dear ostriches don’t need security!

  18. Sarki Ko Chhoro,

    I condemn violence, but
    Let us be fair how many Nepalese were killed by maoist and how many by security forces lead by then government.
    Do you remember the reasons why maoist took up arms? The way then govenment marginalized them, did not listen to their most of their genuine demands and the were the police and congress members brutalized the villagers. Blame does not squarely go to Maoists. It should be shared by political pariest esp Congress misrule and Palce too.

  19. gehendra: yes for sure congress must share the blame.
    didn’t the darbariya, gyane and all conspired? didn’t maoist had ‘close’ relation with the palace?
    and isn’t it the same bamdev who first introduced the POTA to quell the maoists? it is not the fact that the UML always wanted to quell the maoists, because after all they were and are going to loose most if the maoists come to competitive politics?

  20. 1.If you have to live with a gaint, you have to live without provoking him even if he misbehaves you. This is the law of survival.

    2.It looks funny when people, who either are already migrated to or are ready to migrate there at any pretence, preach nationlism to those poor souls who toil in this country for two times meal a day.

    3.Those who were diehaldly supporting active monarchy in time of Spring Revolution, are now stunch supporters of seremonial king.

  21. Nepal ‘goddess’ inquiry ordered
    By Surendra Phuyal
    BBC News, Kathmandu

    The Supreme Court in Nepal has ordered an inquiry into whether the tradition of worshipping a “living goddess” has led to the exploitation of girls.

    The tradition among a Hindu sect of worshipping the “goddess” – or Kumari – in Kathmandu is centuries-old.

    The landmark order has come in response to a petition seeking an end to the tradition, which campaigners say is a violation of human rights.

    A final ruling is due after the three-month investigation is completed.


    Nearly a year after the petition was first lodged, the court ordered the Ministry of Culture to submit a detailed report within the three-month deadline.

    To that effect, the court suggested the committee should comprise government officials and experts on the culture of the Newaris – the aboriginal ethnic community who live in and around the Kathmandu Valley and worship the Kumari.

    The attorney acting on behalf of the petitioner, Tikaram Bhattarai, told the BBC that the committee would investigate whether or not girl children were being exploited under the tradition of appointing a “living goddess”.

    “This is such a landmark order because it should pave the way for modernisation of the Kumari tradition,” Mr Bhattarai told the BBC.

    A Kumari is typically chosen at the age of five to six years old, and is deemed ineligible after she starts menstruating around the age of 12 or 13.

    ‘Psychological damage’

    The Newari community say they are following time-honoured Hindu traditions in appointing the Kumari.

    Kumaris are installed in the temple of Taleju Bhawani in the heart of Kathmandu.

    Incumbents are cut off from normal life, and have limited contact with their families. They are not allowed to attend regular schools.

    Some human rights activists argue that this can cause long-term psychological damage.

    Once a Kumari starts menstruating, a new “living goddess” is chosen following traditional rules and rituals.

    A researcher on Newari culture, Chunda Bajracharya, told the BBC that the tradition has not affected Kumaris’ individual rights.

    Ms Bajracharya argues that it has elevated their status in society as “someone divine, someone who’s above the rest”.

    “But I think some reform measures need to be put in place to ensure their right to education, sports and all-round social development as a child,” she said.

    Family members of retired Kumaris say they find it difficult to get married because of a misconception among locals that a retired Kumari brings bad luck – which could ultimately lead to the untimely death of her husband.

    Similar “goddesses” are also installed and worshipped in other small Newari towns in the Kathmandu Valley.

    The king of Nepal traditionally worships the goddess during the Indra Jatra festival, which is observed in Kathmandu in early autumn.
    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2006/11/01 16:26:55 GMT

    © BBC MMVI

  22. keeping King Gyne or anybody else as a king, would be very destablising. The king is against democracy, so would be a threat, It would be like making Dracula in charge of the blood kept in hospitals. We need a republic, as any other way would destablise the hopes of a democratic future, which is what those people were campaigning for when the king killed them.

  23. ah! the same old resentment towards our southern neighbors that emanates from the adolescent urge to beat up ‘madhesi vendors’ on cycles on ktm streets largely due to the hurt egos when ourselves treated badly by ‘bhiharis’, ‘upis’ and ‘bengalis’ worst of their kinds when we had to cross the border.

    i see the same sentiments pouring out here– fear and resentment, devoid of any reasonable doubt.

    What is so surprising about bigger power trying to manipulate the smaller one? That’s the law of the politics and power structure. You can expect their foreign policy to change to suit your needs, despite of your whining and sniveling.

    So the question arises, what we can do when it comes to dealing with India and our ‘lachari’ on the bargaining table? First thing is to admit your ‘lachari’ and stop acting like ‘bir gorkhali’.

    What good can come out of it? Possibly nothing, but assessing your troubles correctly would give you a better picture of survival guide. Teaches you to be more cautious, and you will have a better picture of your strength and weaknesses.

    You call it kowtowing, every visit of our political leaders to New Delhi, I call it their pragmatism, like it or not, everybody needs Delhi’s blessing to stay in power in Nepal, may it be King, democratic leaders or Maoists. Why? Because they have a political/economical clout.

    Picture might be very bleak, but our spineless leaders (everyone, King to Maoists) and diplomats have made it even bleaker. Yes, there is not much to bargain for from our side on the negotiating table, but if you go to that table with your tails between your legs, you are going to get a leash. Every god damn leader that runs to Delhi has his/her own agenda.

    Then why vilify India for our own incompetence and inability. India has taken a great bound and leap in global politics, its objectives and agendas have changed; now it is butt heading with big powers in the global arena, and doing so has learnt the game of foreign policies and negotiation.

    And who do we send to the bargaining table against those veterans, utterly incompetent civil servants who just made it to foreign commission because they could write better ‘nepali’ in some archaic stupid ‘lok seva’ exam than anyone else, and our spineless politicians, who do not know how to write at all.

    after all foreign policies do not run on pity and compassion, which we can’t expect from indian side. if that’s the case we need to grow back bone.

  24. kirat and bhudai,

    thanks for the words of encouragement, i guess, i need them.

  25. Lots of bull about being servant to giant, learning to live without provoking it and defeatist attitude of surrendering to northern side as they being Big with tendency of hegemony. What a class act of shameless slave mentality. Is it any wonder then to have Maoist in our scene. They are menace but out of fear and hopelessness in fighting back we glorify their misdeed and give them place in the sun.

    So after all being Big (quote rich), its alright to misbehave, and common man just accept the fate. The reciprocity means on equal terms. Why are we learning to accept us as a small, diminutive, and a demoralized nation that looks and only sees easy options, rather than building from within hell bent on living on a prayer and hand-outs.

    Quite amazed to read such a defeatist attitude among bloggers here. It is an un-denying fact that India is big and probable next super power but that does not mean they have the right to be intrusive or meddling in internal affair of neighboring countries or is it might is right? In that case law of the jungle is quite apt rather than code for survival. Are we willing to forgo our nationhood to survive as debenture to India and Indians, don’t we have self respect anymore?

    I guess we are all on self destruct mode as a nation and some just wish that it was on faster track. God help us all.

  26. The Indians created the Maoists, trained and equipped them and gave them shelter for 10 long years. Now, the Maoists have become another LTTE. Meeting Brindanwale in the Indian Embassy has little meaning because he has out-grown his size and has forgotten all the Indian help. Now, he wants to betray what Delhi has done for him. This is Delhi’s predicament all the time. They create a mischief and then repent on what they have done because the outfit becomes a headache for India’s security just like the LTTE. With arms in the government, the Maoists will be inspirations to the PWG and the MCC who will also form parallel governments in India. Or the Maoists may even go the extent of assasinating somebody big taking cue from the LTTE or the Akali Dal. That is why all this rushing by the Indian Ambassador. Sometimes he goes to meet the Deputy PM Sherchan and sometimes he invites Prachanda for a meeting at his office. But it is unlikely that the Maoists will leave their arms just because their Indian masters have said so.

  27. Okay, here are a few things that the Maoists have done recently:

    1. Cleaned up Thamel– sounds like a great news on the surface, but no waste collection could be made from other places by the regular municipality staff members because the Maoists had captured all the collection trucks and there was none remaining to take to other places.

    2. Rounded up gang members – its nice to hear that the people who had resorted to killing people are now worried about small time thieves. Anyway, the news on this front is that the gangs had stopped paying “hafta” to the Maoists after the April revolution and the Maoists then rounded them up to make sure that their sun ko anda diney khukhura didn’t change its mind.

    3. Manage traffic in Kalanki – according to the officials, the traffic in kalanki was suprisingly better once the Maoists took over– but why did the Maoist not jsut issue a party whip and ordered all its microbus, tempo and taxi drining cadres to start behaving when they drive. They didn’t have to waste 60 of their guerrilla to try and control the traffic. Those 60 could have visited around 300 people to extort money from them during the time they were controlling the traffic.

    4. The student revolutionaries are back– no more private school is their slogan and they will also make public the names of the government officials whose children are studying abroad. Supposedly, both those moves are going to help our education system. Well, it will certainly dry up investments that people are making or are looking to make in the education system. Regarding publishing the names, I hope the revolutionaries, who mean so well for this country, will also tell us where the children of the brahmins like Baburam and Pushpa Kamal are/were studying. I think Bahun Baburam also got his education abroad.

    Even after all of this, we are still hungry for peace at any cost. Good luck to us all!

  28. How the Maoists are going to succeed in going to the Interim Govt? ? I don’t know. But it would be friction between the Minsters in the Cabinet and they can go to the cabinet meeting in their pockets and shoot the Ministers they don’t agree. That is the scenario I can see now.

  29. guyfrmktm,
    I thank you for the details. Have you heard a proverb which says: Satra Chuhe khake billi Haj karne gayee. The cleaning programme and kidnapping the Gundas are like this. We all Nepalese want the Maoists only to stop the violence, abduction and killings. That all. If the killing continues, then there is no other option for the Govt. to declare them again the terrorists and fight aginst them.

  30. Well I don’t know if I agree with Prabhat but either way the Maoists are just out of control and I think very soon we will have to resume fighting! Girija really needs to start threatening Prachanda and ask him to stop this violence or go back into hiding.
    Man it is so annoying to see Prachanda going around meeting political leaders, diplomats etc. while his militias/goons cause havoc! Why the hell are we bending over like this for the Moaists?

  31. Arms management should be complete and credible: Indian envoy

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Nov 2 – Indian Ambassador to Nepal Shiva Shankar Mukherjee has said that arms management, which has been a major sticking point in the ongoing peace talks between the ruling seven-party alliance and the Maoist rebels, should be complete and credible.

    Talking to media persons after his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Amik Sherchan at the latter’s office in Singha Durbar on Thursday, the Indian envoy said, “Our government feels that the question of arms management is of course fundamental and that there must be arms management which is complete and credible.”

    On Sunday, the Maoist supremo Prachanda during his meeting with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala had proposed a “single-lock-up” provision for their arms, which sources said was the maximum flexibility that could be shown by the Maoists. However, the PM was quoted as saying that the Maoist arms should be kept under “double lock-up” and sealed.

    Saying that the separation of Maoist combatants and their arms was just “one requirement” of the arms management issue, Mukherjee added, “It’s not just a question of the separation of arms from the combatants. That is one requirement. But our criterion is that no matter what system is used physically, the end result should be that the people of Nepal, all over Nepal, should feel that they are no longer under the shadow of the gun. They should no longer feel the fear of the gun.”

    Mukherjee also said the Indian government was confident that the ongoing peace process in Nepal would be successful. Stating that the peace process in Nepal was moving forward swiftly, the Indian envoy said the Nepali people and the political parties are able to hold the constituent assembly elections in a fear-free environment.

    During his meeting with DPM Sherchan that started at 11 this morning, Mukherjee reiterated the Indian government’s continuous support to Nepal’s ongoing peace process.

    DPM Sherchan informed that the homework for the next round of SPA-Maoist summit talks was in the final stage. Though all other issues have been agreed upon, an agreement is yet to be reached on the issue of locking the Maoist arms, Sherchan said.

    According to spokesperson at the Embassy of India in Kathmandu, Gopal Bagle, DPM Sherchan and Ambassador Mukharjee also discussed the ways to expand Indian assistance in Nepal’s health sector.

    Two days ago, Ambassador Mukharjee had met with Maoist Chairman Prachanda and senior Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai.

  32. Maoists take ten army vehicles under control for 5 hrs
    Maoists took ten Nepali Army (NA) vehicles on the Mahendra Highway in Sarlahi district for nearly five hours Thursday on suspicion that the vehicles might be carrying weapons.

    The rebels stopped the army vehicles – four heavy trucks, five jeeps and one armoured vehicle – which were en route to Itahari, Sunsari district, from Kathmandu at Paurahi area on the Mahendra Highway at around 8:00 a.m., state-owned Radio Nepal said. The Maoists released the vehicles after five hours as no weapons were found inside them.

    The NA said the vehicles were carrying utensils and cloths for the army men in Itahari.

    The Maoists released the vehicles in the presence of local media persons and human rights activists. nepalnew mk Nov 02 06

  33. Mr. India,
    I was surprized why Viceroy of India went to see this chap called Shaechan at his office. He should have called him also at the Indian Embassy. He should have come happily. Even Girija also will come.
    What’s the matter ? with you Indians ?

  34. mr. diehard,

    yes, indeed, to cower and cringe to indian hegemony is a defeatist attitude, may be shameless as well, but to puff your chest out and beat it as hard as you can to scare them away is a tad hopeful and darn delusional.

    when it comes to dealing with india, it basically boils down to two templates:

    1. template one: general public, infected by ‘bir gorkhali-kuwako vyaguto’ syndrome, far from ground realities and sees india through ‘khali sisi-purano kagaz’ dhoti, just imagine my bruised ego, if i have to bow down to that dhoti.

    2. template two: diplomats and politicians well aware of the ground realities, but act nationalist in home turf and grovel at their master’s feet in Delhi.

    now it doesn’t matter, how much ever you cherish the idea of soverignty, independence doused with bir-gorkhali khukuri weilding attitude. does it? as long as you are a shining example of those templates.

    well, i might be teetering on the line of pragmatism and shameless coward, you are dangerously balancing on being brave and stupid, after all it’s a personal choice.

    suggestion: take a bag pack, travel across Nepal, from Mechi to Mahakhali, board a train from Manipur to Gujrat, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (which i have).

    you would be surprised, how that humbling experience would turn your ‘Gorkhali -BRAVARY’ into ‘WISDOM’.

  35. I am really surprised by the news that Prachanda, a high level killer is participating in the high level meeting in New Delhi where Sonia Gandhi, Man Mohan Singh, Mahathir and others are participating. India is a stupid country. Why this killer is invited ? So it is clear about the India’s involvement in promoting Maoists of Nepal by the Indian Govt.

    So who can stop this ? I am almost crying on hearing this news. Stupid India, you are always behind Nepalese sorrow and grief. Is there any Nationalist in Nepal ? Who can give his life before he can see the naked dance of India in front of us ?

  36. hehe haha hoohoo!!!

    prof. pyare’s comment #38 just proved my thesis in comment#37.

    thank you Pyare, my shining template!!!

  37. Prachanda to attend ‘leadership summit’ in New Delhi

    Amidst confusing reports regarding his participation in an international ‘leadership summit’ to be organised by a leading Indian national daily in New Delhi, Maoist supremo Prachanda has finally decided to visit the Indian capital.
    Maoist supremo Prachanda
    Maoist supremo Prachanda
    (File Photo)

    At a press meeting organised by the Newa National Liberation Front, a Maoist wing, at the Maoist contact office in Kupandole, Kathmandu, on Thursday, Maoist leaders said chairman Prachanda would attend the summit “India: The Next Global Superpower?” slated for November 17-18, which will be hosted by The Hindustan Times daily.

    They said senior Maoist Dr Baburam Bhattarai would accompany Prachanda to New Delhi.

    The Hindustan Times had invited Prachanda as a speaker at the summit which will be attended by 23 prominent international figures including Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Congress (I) president Sonia Gandhi, Afghan president Hamid Karzai, former British foreign secretary Jack Straw, former Malaysian prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohammad, former New York mayor Rudolf Guilliani and a host of personalities representing different fields.

    Over the last few days, media reports in Kathmandu said quoting Maoist leaders that Prachanda would not be attending the conference in New Delhi due to security reasons and the prevailing political situation in Nepal.

    Prachanda had met with Indian ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu on Tuesday and discussed the ongoing peace process in Nepal. At the meeting, Prachanda also urged the Indian envoy to ensure the release of Maoist leaders detained in Indian jails and the latter assured to help secure their release, according to reports.

    Maoist central leaders Mohan Baidya and CP Gajurel and few others have been languishing in various Indian jails for some time now. mk Nov 02 06

  38. btw, why are you bothered?

    my english is poor; but that doesn’t mean my ideas are.

    i’m not a native, i didn’t have a chance to go to ‘elite english boarding school’, i hardly got a chance to ‘learn’ english in school as it didn’t get a english master. somehow i passed slc. and here i’m.

    some of you’re pissed off by my kind of english. be it. it would be better if we could write in our own language.

    sala angreji le khaisakyo…

  39. Bothered,

    ‘When will writers learn to write good English?’

    When will writers learn to write (a) good English?

    your adjective good shoud be preceded by an a

    there you go!

  40. why_bother,

    I’m afraid bothered is correct. Writing, “When will writers learn to write (a) good English?” is grammatically wrong. You do not use an indefinitive article before the word English because it is a collective. Further,you are using the modifier “good” which is the beginning of a sequence of comparatives – good, better and best.

  41. Lets suppose I live in a Mansion and my neighbor lives in small house. We are a neighbor- now tell me Do I have the right to encroach or meddle in this affairs for my personal benefit? Its that simple. India should learn to respect its small neighbors and we being small learn to shore up our strength on the basis of reciprocity. No wonder term Jihad is in everyday use. By the way does India have, for the record, good relationship with its neighbors, no. Even its Nagaland, Kashmir is hotspots which will surely boil over someday unless it learns to deal in equal term with countries like Nepal, first. To carry on with the neo colonist, hangover from being colonized, attitude will bear nothing but doom in the long term.

    But the sad fact is it is us who have failed to realize our own strength and sense of pride in being a nation. There is nothing wrong in being called “Bir Gorkhali,” damn right we are. I guess for some soon being called Nepali will be act of shame.

    I have said this before, please read “Balance of Power” by Henry Kissinger to understand the relationship between small and big neighboring countries. Being small does not mean having to bow down or being a slave or master/ servant relationship.

    Have you read the an article by Dr. Upreti in Kathmandu Post this morning. Please do read it even if you have already concluded that its better to be next Bhutan (may be Sikkim) rather than a sovereign loving true Nepali who believes in Nepal for, by and from Nepali.

  42. if you look at the evolution of different language, then you’d see how things have changed, even more so with the enlgish.

    hundreds of new words have been added every decade, and there is also changes in the meaning of the word, even the syntax/puncutation whatever you call changed. what i learned in my school textbook is no more a ‘correct english’. well even that ‘correct-ness’ is debatable. those ‘old guys’ still sneer at the current usage. but who cares?

    “when jihadis gheraoed the police station, police lathicharged and dispersed the crowd”

    would this sentece have any meaning say a decade ago?

  43. not bothered,

    New words in the English language have been introduced, but the grammer is still the same. Also,to an English speaker the example you gave will make no sense at all. There is still no words called “lathi”, “jihadis” and “gheraoed” in the English language. So it still does not make sense to an English speaker even now. You are mixing different languages and using the English alphabet to transplant foreign words that is all. It still does not qualify as English I’m afraid.

  44. rebuttal to comment#46

    ah! Henry Kissenger the poster boy of US benevolent foreign policies to make the world sunnier. i don’t know what he wrote in ‘Balance of Power’, but certainly he is not fit to climb on the pedestal to preach foreign policies on the ground of balanced reciprocity (i don’t know what it means, but you seem to use it profusely), while the same column he stands has a rickety foundation of his numerous past questionable foreign policies, where ‘reciprocity’ was replaced by ‘coax’.

    For instance:
    • he was one of the architects of the Vietnam War. his policy in Cambodia, gave rise to Khmer Rouge.
    • turned deaf ears over the massacre of Bangladeshi by Pakistan.
    • all his policies favored Israel over Middle East. (which was obvious since he was a Jew)
    • policies to quell a socialist movement in Latin America at any cost.

    the major vice of the Western education system is that you get indoctrinated without your knowledge that you’ve been proselytized, and that is what has happened to you. but, don’t worry that usually happens when you try to see the universe through Kathmandu centric myopic vision that can’t go past ‘Thankot’ check post. By the way even Hitler appears to be reasonable in his book ‘Mein Kampf’.

    Coming back to your analogy of neighbors living in a mansion and a hut, you make it sound as if they exist in isolation with no interaction between them. But the reality is– the mansion covers all the three faces of the hut and at the backyard of the hut is a cliff. Your provision of food has to come across the neighbor’s walls, and most of your family members work at the mansion doing menial jobs to get some food home. Hut has many squabbling factions, always calculating against the other one and running to the mansion for the special favors to gain upper hand at running the hut.

    Once in a while your neighbor raises their walls making it more difficult for the passing the ration over the walls, at other times they even may shift the walls making your courtyard even smaller.

    Should your neighbor at mansion do that? Absolutely not! Is it a reprehensible act to meddle in your internal affair making you feel like a coward? Yes it is! Are we to be brave enough to stand up against it? Yes we ought to, but what good is your bravery that shines out only when you have to beat your children and wife in the hut, but lose your spine when you have to stand up?

    In an absence of your spine, your upper limbs are not free to wield ‘khukuri’ hence no ‘gorkhali’, and your brain is closer to ground worn out by gravity, hence ‘no dimag’. If that’s the case where is the pride in ‘crawling bir gorkhali’?

    P.S: I couldn’t find the book ‘Balance of Power’ authored by Henry Kissenger anywhere, do you mind checking your reference once again.

  45. Harkee ko Ba- stop the ruing about this and that. Be specific and to the point. Are you rambling on just to point out that we would be better off as Indian Nepali or trying hard to illustrate a mind set that is so prevailing in Nepal these days i.e., tall talks without any real substance or that is tangible. Please do not imply that due to circumstances and situation we are in- it is not better to fight off the real threat of India hegemony due to the fact few hard core communist and so-called- democratic forces have hijacked the nation by the cuff and are playing along with the tune of India san the better interest of the nation. You’d better not try to convince me otherwise. You write “Yes it is! Are we to be brave enough to stand up against it? Yes we ought to, but what good is your bravery that shines out only when you have to beat your children and wife in the hut, but lose your spine when you have to stand up? Now, this what we need to break out off- the mindset. Is there a reason where we need to doubt ourselves and even disparage ourselves. Lets not demean rather do the opposite. Why is there self loathing? This I fail to understand.

    And lets not be too global where we fail to find pride in being what we are- to escape ones identity, heritage and culture tantamount to complete surrender and self defeating in all aspect.

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