Nepal Peace Process: Breakthrough On Arms Issue, UML Has New Stands

Update (Nov 5) Maoist Chairman Prachanda today hinted that his party has reached an agreement with the government on the modality of arms management. According to Prachanda, the agreement is that the Maoist arms will be kept and locked in (at a place decided by the Maoists) with a UN seal and keys under Maoist control. Touching the lock would set an alarm bell in the UN office, Lalitpur. Same amount of arms of the government army under the same system. After revealing this info to reporter in Pokhara this afternoon, Prachanda flew to Kathmandu to meet Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in Baluwataar where UN special envoy Ian Martin already inside. Prime Minister Koirala hasn’t confirmed what Prachanda told reporters but a high level meeting is scheduled for 4 PM Monday (Nov. 6). Prachanda also said that the issue of monarchy will be decided in the Constituent Assembly.

Original Post:

Arms Management Formula

1. All of the rebels’ weapons will be stored and locked up in the respective cantonments where the combatants are cantoned before the Maoists join the interim government.

2. The Maoist leadership will keep the keys to the stores.

3. The UN will install fixed cameras to monitor the storage and will have the right to make inspections whenever it desires.

By Ameet Dhakal

KATHMANDU, Oct 31 – The government and the Maoists have made a breakthrough on the issue of arms management. “A breakthrough acceptable to the government, the Maoists and also the international community has been reached,” said a leader involved in the negotiations. According to the understanding, all of the rebels’ weapons will be stored and locked up in the respective cantonments where the combatants are cantoned, before the Maoists join the interim government. The Maoist leadership will keep the keys to the stores. But the UN will install fixed cameras to monitor the storage and will have the right to make inspections whenever it desires.

But Emale playing villain?

Meanwhile, Balaram Baniya and Rajendra Phuyal report in Kantipur newspaper that the CPN UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal has put forward three different stands regarding three most important issues (citizenship, referendum and CA election) in his meeting with Prime Minister Koirala yesterday. Nepali Congress, the newspaper writes, has expressed concerns over latest UML stands alleging the second largest party in the governing alliance of trying to create problem in the peace process. UML’s stands come at a time when all parties have almost reached consensus on major issues. UML stands are following:

1. The voting list of the referendum of 2037 BS should be the basis of distributing citizenship. [A bill with the provision of providing citizenship to all people born before or in 2046 is under consideration in the parliament. Earlier, UML agreed on the bill. When the cabinet passed the bill, no UML ministers raised voice against that.]

2. A referendum must be held to decide the fate of monarchy. [The summit talks on Bhadra 24 had decided that the first meeting of the CA would decide the fate of monarchy: to continue it or not. Nepali Congres is strictly against the referendum arguing that going for voting will give opportunity for the king to play the game. Even Maoists are now against the referendum saying that April Uprising was the biggest referendum in which people expressed their vote against monarchy. The party thinks that to have voting again on the same issue will be ‘regressive’.]

3. The whole country must be taken as one constituency and proportionate voting procedure must be opted. UML thinks that with this procedure, the agendas of parties will get importance than the individual contestants. This will, UML thinks, will strengthen political parties’ representation in CA. [Parties in the last summit had almost agreed on holding elections via mixed voting method. That means 205 (out of 425) members will be elected from current constituencies and parties will nominate other 204 in proportion to the popular vote they get. The Prime Minister will nominate the remaining 16 members.]

The deal also has an element of reciprocity: Equal number of weapons belonging to the Nepali Army will be stored and locked up at the barracks and the UN will inspect these as well. Until the constituent assembly elections takes place, both the Maoist combatants and Nepali Army personnel will be confined within their respective cantonments and barracks.

A cabinet sub-committee, which might potentially evolve into a separate ministry over time, will be formed to take up the issues of restructuring and reform of the Nepali Army, integration of the Maoist combatants into the army and reform of the whole security system. It will also develop a comprehensive plan to “right-size” the army and to rehabilitate the extra combatants from both sides into society.

The breakthrough on arms management came following a similar breakthrough on political issues last week. “Now the top level leaders will review the whole package of agreements and a ‘summit meeting’ will make the agreements public in a day or two,” said the leader.

The leader, however, said the CPN-UML insisted even today that the future of the monarchy should be decided by a national referendum and the cut-off year for settling the citizenship dispute should be 1979. “But we think the UML will give up its stance eventually.”

Commission for state restructuring

The parties and the Maoists have also agreed to form a powerful commission that will study and explore the options and modalities on restructuring the Nepali state to make it more inclusive and progressive.

Political agreements

On the political front the leaders have already agreed to form a 23-member interim government in which the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and the Maoists will get five ministries each. The rest of the ministries will go to the Nepali Congress (Democratic) and fringe parties.

Similarly, the interim legislature will have 300 members with more or less equal representation for the NC, the CPN-UML and the Maoists. The NC, CPN-UML and other parties will nominate all the sitting lawmakers in the House of Representatives and the upper house to the new legislature.

Ameet Dhakal is the news editor of the Kathmandu Post (source)

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44 thoughts on “Nepal Peace Process: Breakthrough On Arms Issue, UML Has New Stands

  1. i was wondering why the UML is so upbeat, easy-going during all these peace process, because if the past is any lesson, UML always finds a ‘bakheda’.
    UML is true ‘aape’.
    it has now shown its true color. it never takes the responsibility of anything. but tries to show that its the most responsible party.
    till now it was easy to put all the blames in kangress’s fold.
    to ditch at the last moment is its habit. i don’t know why it does so. but i’m sure it will further cut-short the size of the UML. like its leader Makune it will be a pigmy. MUSIKO BHAVA.

  2. Communists everywhere are incurable fanatics. Their reasons are unreasonable, and their demands are baseless. CPN-UML is not an exception.

    There can be two important reasons behind this new ‘bakheda’: 1) CPN-UML does not want this peace process to reach success, or 2) The UML wants to tell the Nepalese people that its voice matters in the Nepalese politics. There can be no third reason.

    Holding a referendum to decide on the fate of monarchy is the silliest thing a political party can think of. This strategy was successfully used in Italy in 1948, but that was long ago and the political contexts do not match. Referendum on monarchy is a waste of money. If people’s direct will is important on issues like this, why don’t we declare referendum on whether we need multi-party democracy or the protection of human rights?

    Proportional representation, too, is a complicated and controversial practice which is also not suitable for Nepal given the lack of awareness and experience among the Nepalese people. A mixed or semi-proportional system is best suited for us. As far as I know, the political parties have reached an agreement to follow the mixed voting.

    The demand to distribute citizenship on the basis of 2037 voting list is another silly demand. This will exclude a large number of Madhesis from getting citizenship. A state which cannot even provide basic medication, food and shelter to its citizn does not need to adopt a parochial approach on citizenship distribution.

    The UML has probably been awaken from a bad dream. I wait for their immediate press release for correcting their unrealistic and silly demands.

  3. This is a final good news we got in 2006. Now let’s prepare for the election. Now the political parties should also start to talk about, how will the Nepalese people living overseas to get involved in election process because every vote counts.

  4. News for UWB:

    Media situation has not improved as expected even after democracy: FNJ

    The Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) has said that media situation in Nepal has not improved as expected even after the restoration of democracy six months earlier.

    Releasing its ‘trend analysis’ of the media after the restoration of democracy in April this year, the FNJ today said intimidation of journalists and attempts to curtail media freedom have not come to an end, although positive developments such as formation of a taskforce to implement the Working Journalist Act and scrapping of Media Ordinance and one-door advertisement policy enforced by the erstwhile royal regime have been seen.

    “Despite few significant steps and positive developments media situation has not improved as expected. Violations of media rights continue even after the restoration of democracy,” a FNJ statement said. “Nature of attack has changed but journalists are still facing threats and attacks especially from Maoists, various anti-social groups and also political parties,” it said.

    The FNJ recorded at least 32 cases of violations of media rights and intimidation of journalists by different sides including the army, police, Maoists and local administrations.

    Amongst the victims, a number reporters and photo journalists were physically assaulted, some were threatened while others were mistreated while covering news, according to the federation, which is the umbrella organisation of all journalists in Nepal.

    The FNJ also noted that journalists who reached Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar to cover the summit talks between seven-party alliance and Maoists on 15 October were ill treated by the Maoists present there.

    The incidents of violation of media rights clearly proved that even after the restoration of democracy, journalists have not achieved complete press freedom and the problems of Nepalese press and journalists are still pervasive, the FNJ said.

  5. Meanwhile:

    Maoists disrupt Congress program, abduct party cadres:

    Cadres of Maoists disrupted a public program held by Nepali Congress (NC) in Kalikot district.

    According to NC, the Maoist cadres flouted the ceasefire code of conduct by disrupting their peaceful program. The party was holding “Gaun Milan Program” – a village party campaign – in Nelmudi VDC of the district on Saturday when the Maoists intervened.

    The party said that the Maoist cadres not only disrupted their program but also severely thrashed dozens of district leaders and workers of the party. They tore apart NC’s party flag, vandalized the podium and abducted some leaders.

    Meanwhile, in Budhanilkantha of Kathmandu, the Maoists abducted Prabin Khadka, a worker of NC (Democratic) party on Sunday. The party has condemned Khadka’s abduction. Likewise, the Maoists abducted Congress workers Naresh Raut Kurmi, Jawahir Raut Kurmi and Krishna Nandan Yadav from Rautahat district on Monday. The party has condemned the incident and asked the Maoists to abide by the code of conduct. sd Oct 31 06

  6. Ongoing poll:

    Poll Question
    Is the Maoist activity in Kathmandu a sign that they are:

    22.1% Joining the mainstream
    71.7% Plotting a takeover
    6.2% Don’t know/ can’t say

    Total votes : 3449

  7. Tankey and Sanjeev,

    It is not a new Bakheda, Uml has been insisting on these from the beginning. They have the logic on this and these have been only the proposal for discussion. Moreover these are not the major issues since“But we think the UML will give up its stance eventually.” if all paries agree on common agenda. This will not at all block the peace process.
    Since, UML has been blaming Girija congress for stalling peace process by inclining to the king. It may be the congress stategy to blame Uml instead for stalling the peace process.


    ANNISU (R) Disrupts TU Entrance Exams in Kathmandu

    THT Online
    Kathmandu, October 31

    The ANNISU (R) today disrupted the entrance exam of Bachelor level First Year in various campuses of Kathmandu valley demanding to provide opportunity for all the students to study in upper level as per their academic qualification without compelling to sit for entrance exam.

    The Union has demanded to abrogate all levels’ entrance exams in Tribhuvan University.

    The ANNISU (R) General Secretary, Himal Sharma said those students who have passed-certificates of any lower level should be guaranteed to further study in the upper level in the same subjects they studied in previous level.

    He further said the university can fix certain percentage and mark obtained in the previous level for the engineering and other technical subjects, but students must not be restricted to study in the upper level citing the reason of failure in the entrance examination, and the university should guarantee on it.

    Interrupting the entrance exam of Bachelor level First Year today as per its own organization’s policy, the union has demanded unconditional admission to all students.

  9. gehendra:
    *is it not the same makune who proposed that let the fate be decided in the first meeting if not referendum?
    *is it not the same govt in which the UML is major stake holder that decided to count 2046 as base year?
    *why shouldn’t people get to know beforehand that who their representative will be? whats the problem with that?
    UML knows it wont retain its present position so it is now trying to stall peace process. but this will further downsize uml.

  10. Gehendra,

    I just wanted to know who will benefit from the referendum on monarchy and how.

  11. BAKHEDA is going in Nepal since 2007…among the political parties…still they are not matured…

  12. Whatever UML’s political agenda (3 items) are they may be for political attention of the party to make people that UML care for the people for their citizenship rights.

    However, the understanding of the negotiations are reasonabl and politically practical if all party can agree with it. I think all will have to agree.

    Nepal has optimistic future more than the dark pessimism of bloggers in this thread.

    UML will have to compromise with its stance. It will compromise as the scenario keep developing.

    The only party might not be happy will be the royalists bloggers of this thread.

  13. 1. Why do not Congress want to commit for democratic republic now? What is their commitment for CA election regarding Monarchy? How can you rule out that congress do not align with palace, there is already a strong pressure for two congresses to unite to defeat leftist forces
    2. How do you think decision from CA is better than referendum? Out of 405 members, 16 will be nominated by PM (Girija). It will be easier to manipulate small number of CA represantative in favour of king than referendum, unless all the democratic forces commit already for democratic republic before CA election, in which case there is no need of referendum.

  14. Scoop
    Media situation will get much worst when they get in power. Take an example of baluwatar, how they stopped media people on the name of protection of their leader. One dictator Gone another dictator coming. Everyone prepared for that. You don’t have freedom in anything. Maoist will put so much restriction in our daily life for sure. Coz no one has guts to speak against them and whoever speaks they would labeled them as regressive force. from today traffic of kalanki so much organize when Maoist start managing it. Traffic police together with volunteer of youth club of kalanki fail to control traffic situation but as soon as moaist cadres on the street, everyone suddenly so much disciplined driving and stopping in right lane. People are aware if they make tiny mistake in front of Maoist, result could be very horrific, not because Maoist teach the lesson of discipline in driving. It’s good they have managed the traffic but all the people are afraid of them.there is more chances inncoent peopel get victimized. I felt like I’m living under some kind of martial law. Anyway country like Nepal needs some kind of martial law more than loktantra or any other tantra, either martial law impose by Nepal army or maoist.

  15. I am also surprized about the treatment of media in Baluwatar.Till now we have 50 points of Understanding with the Maoists. Let us not talk abot 25 points of Code of Conduct and 12 points which were agreed in New Delhi. But have you seen till now Prachanda and Girija in one place or together at the time of signing 8 points or later 5 point letter sending to UN. Have you seen Girija and Prachanda together in a photo ?

    So they must come togehter in a publicised ceremony with the media at least to sign and exchanging this Agreement they are going to agree in a an official Summit. It is necessary to do like this to convince the international community and the people of Nepal who are hungry for peace. Girija should not hide himself just pretending that he is sick.He should come forward openly.

    Prachanda and Baburam also should change their behaviour and show it through the behaviour of their cadres. Everyday, these people are kidnapping, killing, rapi,g, intimidation and other crimes and they are saying that they are peace, it is just opposite. Otherwise, how the people can believe them ?

    I think the Maoists must participte in the Govt. because if they do not participate, they might say that the results of the CA elections were influenced by the parties in the Govt. and they do not recognize the Govt. There are reports that Maoists have already hidden so many weapons in the forest in the ditches in empty HILLTAKE water tanks. That should be thoroghly searched.

    If at the end of such rigorous negotiations also, they don’t sign the agreement, they should be immediately declared terrirists and pursued by the armed forces.

  16. I forgot to add one thing:

    Ian Martin of UN went to talk with Indian Govt. officails about Nepal matters in New Delhi. Ambassador Moriarty is now in New Delhi for the same purpose. Have we lost our sovereignty to India ? If not why the Govt. and DPM Oli who is a Foreign Minister too can not even speak and complain ? Declaring them PNG is too far a matter.

    If we can not decide our issues on our soil, I ask Prachanda and Girija to go to New Delhi and sign the agreement in front of their masters so that people of Nepal will have the memory that this agreement was signed in New Delhi.

    Whatever may be the slogan of Maoists against India like Indian expansionism or hegemonism etc. it is now clear that they are fully supported by Indian Intellegence and Indian Govt. authorities. They are not real Maoists but a fake so called Maoists instigated by India.

  17. Blaming the government for the delay in the talks, Bhattarai (Babu Ram) said (today), “The talks have stalled due to the government side, especially the Nepali Congress. But we don’t understand why.”

  18. Prof, you call yourself a Prof. but did not know that this was all Indian politics? Well I’m not surprised. We Nepalis are our own worst enemies most of the times.

    Anyway if the news about the arms agreement is true, this can only be good. UML can f off if they want to indulge in such petty politics at such a critical juncture of this country’s history.

  19. gehendra: its known fact taht a section of congress (including girija) doesn’t wnat republican nepal. they are in favor of ceremonial monarchy. but still there is also a huge chunk which is in favor of republic. so your question is not valid.

    but its not clear with uml. what is uml’s instance? uml says one thing and does other. uml doesnt have confidence in their own leadership, cadre.

    if there would be horse-trading like in the past, do you think we’ll just wait and watch like in the past? i don’t care about what panche parties do or that matter the maos, but if uml and congress and janamorcha do so, kalo moso dalera, gadha ma chadhayera bajar ghumaincha ni, ani rajinama garna lagainch ni ho. teti ta garna sakinchha jasto lagcha.

  20. kirat,
    I don’t think all Nepalese are that smart. Majority of Nepalese still think that Maoists are inspired by the “great leap forward” of Mao and it is a homegrown revolution till now.These Maoists are inspired by the little red book published by Mao’s China available in Nepalese language.

    As you may have heard that Chinese govt. had issued a statement disowning Maoists of Nepal.So it is essential to know who are they ? Who helped them develop them to this stage ? Who sold them the weapons etc. ? It can be a subject of good research for the record in the history of Nepal.

    Recently, I came to know that Casino criminal Tuttle was involved in selling the weapons to Maoists. So in Nepal, if you have connection with the “higher authorities” you can commit all sorts of crime and you can walk scot-free. Even the govt. agencies will provide security for you.

  21. Progress? Please be so kind as to tell me what this Progess you speak of is?

  22. If the Katmandu Post is telling the truth then :

    1. All of the rebels’ weapons will be stored and locked up in the respective cantonments where the combatants are cantoned before the Maoists join the interim government.

    2. The Maoist leadership will keep the keys to the stores.

    3. The UN will install fixed cameras to monitor the storage and will have the right to make inspections whenever it desires.

    If you cannot see this as progress Bhudai Pundit the word has no meaning

  23. Dear all peace loving Nepalese,

    This political is not only playing by the out fashioned communist parties including Maoists. This game has been playing all corrupt politicians who only concentrate on their personal benefits not for her or our mother land- Nepal.

    Regarding the Maoists, it’s very shameful when we see and their behaviour. Because of them more than 13000 our brothers, sisters, other relatives and friends had lost their lives…. still they haven’t changed their political behaviour….still they have been scorting, abducting , killing innocent people … how shame. but, Nepal Government, shamelessly watching all those illegal activities by this party, this government is absulute “Napunksak” so we can’t expect anything from this government.

    Every party wants to hold or control the power hence, all politicians want to get into power.

    The innocent people are real victims of thos dirty politicians.

    As we see now, UML is hurdle for the peace process. This is the obvious, in future other party will stand for any other reasons …. and so on.

    Let’s hope and expect new vision, horizon and wisdom will be blessed by the God Pashupatinath so that we could change our mentality and able to serve our nation truely.

    The only way to get relief from the lologan, “Satile Sarapeko Desh”

    Namaskar to all.


  24. Glueguguloo like to ask what is this title -“Nepal Preace Process: Breakthrough On Arms Issue, UML Has New Stands?”

    Glueguguloo heard this word “Preace” for the first time! What does it mean bloggers?

    If this is a word for Peace as a new word coined for the “Stable Peace and Democracy in Nepal” then just do not start barking on UML.

    I sometimes wonder how many barking bloggers are here! Ha, mostly pessimistic, frustrated I guess young brats of preveleged brats……

    To the barkers of bloggers

    Bark at your own brain,

    Turn your position and see

    How it has been blocked from changes,

    Peace lies in the brain cells,

    As you bark so hard how can there be stability!

    Drink cold water of the glacier and relax

    With patience to see the light shining,

    From your forehead, then you see what it is..!!

    Have heart to see the inevitable,

    If not the whole nation,

    With all big-mounths will go into the black-hole!!

  25. Trueman:
    I appreciate your optimism. However, might I be so bold to call you naive?
    Does it appear to you that the Maoists are serious about democracy and rule of law? You you honestly believe that they will give their arms (even the lower level cadres) and become a democratic party?
    Even with the weapons issue. The Maoists have no inventory of how much arms they have do they?

  26. Gehendra,

    First, let me tell you frankly that I am against ‘communism’ of all sorts and guises. This is not because I love Nepali Congress. This is because I consider communism as a tyranny based on hypocracy. The whole principle of communism is based on a false idea that equality is possible, while it is not. Equality is not only impossible but it is also undesirable.

    Secondly, I hate traditional authority of any form, and monarchy is not an exception. I will be one of those who will be the happiest when monarchy is abolished from Nepal.

    My concern is based on the UML’s strong insistence for holding a referendum for monarchy.

    I think monarchy is a non-issue in today’s Nepal. This institution has failed, absolutely. Monarchy does not lie in the hearts and minds of the Nepalese people. It is a dead cat, which nobody considers significant enough to have a discussion on.

    Therefore, why a referendum?

    I believe in the will of the Nepalese people. They are so strongly against it. Even if Girija or Prachanda wish to preserve the Nepalese monarchy, they will fail. I don’t understand why Girija will consider the need of monarchy when even Rukmangat Katuwal seems to have turned his face away from Gyanendra.

    The potent danger to tomorrow’s Nepal emanates from the Maoists and their guns, not from the monarchy which is sleeping in death bed with no possibility of returning back to normalcy.

  27. “I don’t understand why Girija will consider the need of monarchy when even Rukmangat Katuwal seems to have turned his face away from Gyanendra.”

    Sanjeev, are you sure ? Because, Katuwal is elder brother of Gyanendra.Katuwal is the adopted son of mahendr and he is senior to Gyanenedar by age.He falsefully doctred his age and reduced by four years. He is now already 65.He does not have several of his teeth.

  28. Professor,

    there is no use of talking about king and NA. Just talk about what is going to happen in future? Can SPA run the country with being accountable or give all things to M is the question mark?

  29. Monarchy lovers!

    How can an issue be non-issue when it is there where it was? King G turned himself from constitutional monarch to authoritarian monarch by a single declaration then. Why the same monarch will not use that position again even if it becomes ceremonial? Thai king Bhumibal’s dirty action is a recent example of misuse of power. Wise American ambassator Moriarty should have known, how many times king Bhumibal or king Gyanendra would have thrown out of office to George Bush, if he was executive of Thailand or Nepal?

  30. It seems that all political parties of Nepal including Maoists wait order from New Delhi. Now everybody has realised that. Bijukchhe and Matrika Yadav also are accusing India of keeping the “Key” to success of our Peace talks. Why these two guys kept mum while 12 points were being agreed in India ? Why they could not do it in our soil at that time ?

  31. Raj,

    The autocratic monarchy was quite easily ousted in a little more than a year. This was even after Feb. 1 2005 when the majority of the people had given the King benefit of doubt. Today, there is no benefit of doubt for the King, the majority have seen him in action or inaction and will never again give him the benefit of doubt like in Feb. 1 2005. The wings of the monarchy has been clipped after April 2006, the army is no more behind him like in Feb. 1 2005 and more importantly I repeat the people are not giving him any benefit of doubt. He had his last chance then and now he is done for. So your theory of the King attempting something like 2005 is baseless. Therefore I agreee with the people who say it is a non issue, only maoists still try and use it as an issue to side track from the imminent threat to democracy which is their guns and their militia. This is the main issue placing a roadblock to peace and stability today. And unlike the monarchy, the maoists will not be easy to get rid off if they go on with their arms, extortion, murder etc. They have taken the law into their own hands and even abduct and beat people who make home made guns for their personal safety saying it is “illegal possesion of arms”, now what does this mean – that the maoists possession of arms are legal? I thought Prachanda said that all citizens should be armed as a nationwide militia, so why are they only legal and the people illegal in possesing arms?

  32. Let us not talk about weapons these killers are holding. What about their abductions, torture and killings ? Do they have license to kill ? What about other people’s right to have guns and kill them ?

    So I ask all the victims of the Maoists unite and try to find them in close range and finish them. The Govt. should provide them the necessary weapons.We must have our means of self-defense. In the US every citizen has his right to self defense, so he can have the guns to protect them. If the talks fail this time also, all the citizens who have balls has to unite and find the guns to fight the Maoists with the help of the Military and the Government on their side.

  33. Poem for The Professor

    The Pyare Lall motto is not united we blog for a democratic Nepal but let us hope the peace talks fall.

    Then all those willing can join Pyare Lall in the killing of each,everyone and all.

  34. My poem for Haisanlu:

    Don’t beleive in red book and Maos.
    This has become an obsolete Chaos

    Chinese have already become capitalist
    You leave the guns, don’t kill poor and pacifists.

    If you continue to do this, all Nepalese will rise against you,

    Don’t think we are weak and feeble,
    We can catch you and punish you, Mr. Haisanlu.

  35. pyare lal, why don’t u bring ur hairy arse from US to nepal n fight ur war?? u have been doing nothing than provoking when things r going good but still some hardcore arseholes doesn’t want to accept it. don’t worry prof shit, there were many vigilantees groups funded by gov n trained by army used against maoists who were major human rights violaters n easy prey as well. n ur american shits doesn’t work in nepal. be more creative since ur prof shit, develop new stratgey to fnish ur enemy, those r old crappy strat n be present at the battlefield, ur leadership is essential to lead the troops…

  36. Gyane did wrong by not talking with democratic parties at that time. Gyane was totally wrong because he heed the advice of ultra rightists extremists like Sharad Shah, Sachit, Bharat Keshar and Prajwalla. Gyane was the most stupid in the whole of Shah dynasty. So he is losing his Narayanhity. It is only Girija who can save him but for him also it is an uphill task.

    Still there is a chance of good fight between Maoists and democrats at the end. I tell you, Maoists are going to lose. Why ? Because Indians, Americans and a large number of Nepalese are with democratic forces. Then Maoists are sure to lose in the long run. Then I can finish my enemy by war and even by morally. There is no chance of Maoists in the long run.Democratic forces are sure to win this battle. I don’t know about the future of this stupid man called Gyane and his son.

    So, delta0-bravo 3, write it in your note book my forecast for your future reference.

  37. lick ur presidents arse pyare cause u say the same thing ‘in the name of democracy’. from korean war to vietnam war it was same shit, but wat a shameful withdrawl of worlds superior army. now iraq war, they r loosing again with highest casaulties reported this month. even the war veterans are calling it useless shit. n u r using same shit in nepal. u got fantasy world bro’. america n india has been providing military assistance in full, but who grew stronger?? maoist. who supplied M 16, INSAS, gunship helis,GPMG,LMG,none other than ur democrat boss.including isreali, belgium n german arnaments Galil,FN MInimi, G 36.americans even established nepali ranger battallion of similar american format that could operate in squad basis. see the result now ,so wat kind of fking war u talking about n forign assistance when they already failed. u r some sick fake prof with sick prediction that does nothing than provocation.

  38. how about weeping the streets, without saying your political party?
    If they really store their weapons from both sides that would be too good to be true.

  39. I sincerely hope that recent Prachanda statement about reaching agreement with the government isn’t part of his bargaining strategy. I hope he is true to his words and peace is restored in Nepal.

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