Tired of Arrogance, People Rise Up Against Maoists

In their bid to prove the presence of their ‘government’ Maoists are doing everything that they can do in the time of peace: from ‘arresting’ gundas and hooligans in the capital city to stopping people from playing cards in villages. We all know they are in the process of bargaining in the peace talks and they need to continue demonstrating their power and influences. But it seems people do not like all of their activities, especially those in which Maoists seem to be intervening personal rights of the citizens. The recent arrests of ‘criminals’ in the valley was widely appreciated but the in Sarlahi and Jhapa when the comrades intervened in Deusi and other activities, they faced stiff resistance from locals. Enough is enough, people decided to act against the comrades.

Here are reports that were published in today’s editions of Kantipur (in Nepali) and in the Kathmandu Post:

Irate locals burn Maoist check post

By Aman Koirala in SARLAHI & Lila Baral in JHAPA

KATHMANDU, Oct 25 – Protesting against Maoist interference and manhandling of Tihar revelers, locals burnt a Maoist check post and blocked the East-West Highway in Sarlahi. Similarly, in two different places in Jhapa district, locals beat up Maoists after the latter seized money from gamblers. And in Dhankuta, locals closed down the market to protest the manhandling of Deusi revelers by Maoists.

Villagers burn Maoist check post, block highway

In Raniganj, Sarlahi, villagers blocked the highway for three hours Wednesday protesting against the manhandling by Maoists of locals playing Deusi. The incensed locals also trashed a Maoist check post and a roadblock installed by Maoists. A unit of Maoist fighters had been patrolling the highway at night to prevent looting and had been charging fees to vehicles for the last three months.

Some 20 locals had gone to the check post Tuesday evening to play Deusi. After Maoists asked them not to create noise in the area, the locals were returning repudiating the “autocratic ways” of Maoists when the latter mercilessly beat up Bijaya Shrestha, a local, for an hour, leaving him severely injured.

In retaliation, locals set the Maoist check post on fire Wednesday morning and blocked traffic along the highway. They have been demanding that Maoists leave their village. Maoist district in-charge Prabhat has termed the incident as an “accident”. An all-party meeting of Maoists and seven parties discussed the issue at Parwanipur, some five kilometers north of the village. Bidur Pyakurel, district representative of Insec, said this is a stark evidence of Maoist atrocity and high-handedness.

Locals beat Maoists for seizing money

In Arjundhara 2, Jhapa, locals retaliated against six Maoist cadres after they seized cash from people playing cards in the house of one Gopal Dawadi Tuesday evening. Among those beaten up were Maoist cadres Sunny, Bikram, Bhikham and Ratna. The locals kept three of the cadres in their custody throughout Tuesday night and handed them over to Area Police Office, Sanischare, Wednesday morning. Later, Maoist cadres Dipendra and Nishana, who had arrived to settle the dispute, had to be taken in custody by police for their security after infuriated locals tried to attack them as well, according to sub-Inspector Durga Khanal.

Locals gheraoed the police office Wednesday morning and closed Sanishchare market throughout the day. Maoist commander Nishana accepted that Maoist cadres had made a mistake. An all-party meeting, including representatives from the seven parties, are trying to sort out the issue.

Similarly, in Kunwarkhod in southern Jhapa, locals captured three Maoists who had seized Rs 4,000 from locals playing dice Tuesday morning. The Maoist cadres were captured Tuesday evening when they returned to play Deusi. Eleven Maoists managed to escape. Locals, including Sante, Bharat and Mukhmel Rajbanshi were injured in the scuffle.

On Wednesday morning, the locals and Maoists again came to blows during a meeting organized to settle the issue. Maoist cadres Nishan, Sushil, Rakesh and Nirmal were injured, while five others fled. After the incident, a large group of Maoists have taken control of the market inspiring fear among locals.

Maoists beat locals for gambling

In Dhankuta, locals closed Sindhuwa bazaar throughout Wednesday in protest of the beating by Maoist of locals who were playing cards. On Tuesday afternoon, armed Maoists had beaten up six locals who were playing cards after celebrating Bhai Tika. The closure of the bazaar brought traffic from Myanglung of Tehrathum to Tamaphok of Sankhuwasabha, to a complete halt.

Maoists disrupt road traffic in capital

By Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, OCT 25- Maoists blocked traffic movement for over two hours Wednesday morning, burnt tires along city roads, and chanted slogans in protest of police action against their cadres Tuesday evening.

Rebel cadres disrupted public transportation in various parts of the city including Koteshwor, Koushaltar, Gongabu, Balaju, Kalimati, Bouddha, New Baneshwor, Pulchowk, Satdobato, Durbar Marg and Chakrapath. Venting their fury, protesting Maoist cadres chanted strong slogans against police authority and obstructed vehicles from plying the city roads beginning 8 am.

The Maoists had taken to the street protesting police action against their cadres. Police had forcefully released an Armed Police Force personnel from Maoist captivity Tuesday evening after rebels refused to hand him over to them.

Maoist cadres had ‘arrested’ Armed Police Force personnel Tek Bahadur Tamang and a civilian Suresh Magar from Jorpati at about 2 pm for beating up locals and brought them to Maoist troops’ temporary camp at Jadibuti at about 5 pm.

Sources said police personnel had later reached Jadibuti to release them from Maoist control and to hand them over to Kathmandu District Police Office for legal action.

Representatives of Armed Police and civil police held a dialogue with PLA deputy commander Barsha Man Pun a.k.a. Ananta and other district level Maoist leaders until late evening. As the Maoists remained adamant in their demand that they should be given authority to punish the arrested cop and the local, police used force and took them away at about 8 in the evening.

Dhak Bahadur Karki, chief of Kathmandu District Police Office (KDPO), said both Tamang and Magar are currently detained at KDPO for prosecuting action under Public Offence Act.

According to Bouddha Ward Police Office, Tamang and Magar, had in a drunken state, beaten up Bhim Prasai and his spouse Saraswati Prasai at Jorpati-2 Naya Basti Tuesday afternoon. One Chandra Guragain, who had reached there to receive Bhaitika from his sister Saraswati, was also beaten up by the inebriated duo. The Prasai couple was manhandled after they requested the drunk cop not to make loud noise in front of their shop, police said.

Shanti Raj Koirala, chief of the Police Office, said the enraged duo beat up the Prasai couple including Guragain and vandalized a showcase at their shop and a few window screens of the same house. Saraswati has a wound on her forehead while her brother Guragain has received serious injury on his elbow. Both of them are currently undergoing treatment at B and B Hospital, Gwarko.

Talking to the Post, Hisila Yami, Maoist in-charge of Valley Special Bureau, said the Chakkajam was organized in protest of police manhandling of their cadres. “Police forcibly interfered though the criminals were handed over to us by people at Jadibuti. The Chakkajam was organized to protest police arrests and baton charge that left a few colleagues injured,” she said over telephone.

Yami said that locals had handed over the duo involved in hooliganism at Chabahil to them. She claimed that police had abruptly resorted to baton charge and taken away the ‘arrested’ duo when they were still holding dialogue.

Meanwhile, issuing a press statement, Human Rights Organization-Nepal (HURON) has asked Maoists not to organize protest programs that affect normal life.

And here an AFP report on Maoist’s ‘effort’ to control crime in Kathmandu Valley:

Nepal Maoists launch security patrols in capital to halt rising crime

KATHMANDU (AFP): Nepal’s Maoist rebels – accusing police of ineptitude – have begun patrolling capital Kathmandu in a bid to halt rising crime, angering the multi-party government who say the move is “totally illegal”.

“We have arrested 190 people, of whom 180 were freed after investigations,” said Sagar, the Maoist commander of what the rebels call operation crime control, which began earlier this month.

The rebel commander said the party had deployed 200 People’s Liberation Army soldiers in the Kathmandu Valley.

“We want to make Kathmandu a crime-free zone in the next couple of months,” said Sagar, who goes by only one name.

The rebels claim that police have ignored rising crime in the valley, including kidnapping and theft.

“The state and the police administration failed to fulfill its duty in maintaining security in the valley so we took the initiative to start our own operation. Also, requests were made by people to control the growing incidents of criminal activities,” Sagar told AFP.

The rebels do not intend to jail suspected criminals but plan to “investigate and keep them under our surveillance”, Sagar said.

The government has protested against the patrols.

“What the rebels are doing in the name of maintaining security in the valley is totally illegal. They must stop such activities immediately,” Baman Prasad Neupane, Nepal’s home ministry spokesman told AFP.

The police declined to comment on the rebels’ vigilante activities in Kathmandu.

The rebels and a multi-party government have observed a ceasefire in a decade-old conflict for almost six months, but human-rights activists have criticized the Maoists of continued violence, extortion and intimidation.

The rebels, who control large swathes of the countryside, moved to the capital after three weeks of pro-democracy protests in concert with the political parties forced King Gyanendra to end 14 months of direct rule in April.

In June, the government agreed to let the rebels join an interim government, but differences over arms management and the role of the monarchy have delayed the power-sharing deal to end fighting, which has claimed more than 12,500 lives since 1996.

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22 thoughts on “Tired of Arrogance, People Rise Up Against Maoists

  1. what i have found out in these bygone years is that the people from Terai are the only bunk of Nepali with balls. they are pretty much the only ones who have fought against the extremism of the maoists.
    Madhesis from Siraha, Sarlahi, kapilbastu etc have shown balls that rest of the nepal lacks when it comes to maoists.

    shout against the king he cant do sh%t and pretty much didnt do anything, shout against the SPA they cant do sh&t as well…. so thats what the people of Nepal have done,shout agaisnt them.. but shout against the maoist and yours balls get chopped off; so the brave Nepal chooses to stay quiet about them…

    i am not even a little bit impressed on the fact that the goons of KTM were arrested…. yeah they should had been dealt with for sure but not by the maoist… man bottom line it is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG. a AFP was arrested by the maoist and that was/is wrong. who gave them the power? the people, fak yeah right.

    and also i read the news, i hear people talk, i see in the blogs that say ” oh its time for the people justice…. if not this then the people will rise…. people this people that” now can anybody define what does thi s”people” mean… and who does that term refer to…. what people…..
    a girija says this and that speaks for the NC sect…. a Prachanda says that and that speaks for the Maoist bunch.. and so on with all the rest…. so whose ideas wants thoughts are gonna be implemented and talked about….. you and me yeah fak right……. no, its them the handfull of leaders.

    fak people.well why even say that when i dont know who the people is properly.

    NEpal ta lamo jasto bhayo yaaaaaaaaaar.. everybody trying to flee the country for an american dream… dare i say that if a normal nepali ever even goes to any foreign country be it SUDAN he/she is gonna apply for the refugee status or stay there illegally.

    so called fak”ing patriotism….. if a hundred free visa for USA,korea, Uk or anyother nation is thrown in the middle of KTM there will be khukuri dance to get those visa…

    Nepal is going down so for real….and dont look like its gonna come up in the near future…..

  2. Maoist want to rule people with the fear and they should be aware that “Fear is not the natural state of civilized people.- Aung San Suu Kyi” They have ruined one whole generation since last 11 years war making them uneducated and carry gun to indulge their personal benefits in the name of people’s aspiration. They shouldn’t cross the limit. They talk about the “aspiration of people” but they forget all that people want is “To live without any fear”. They have been pointing to the government for following autocratic ruler but they forget that “when you point other with one finger (index finger), the other three finger (middle, ring, and small finger)are pointing at you. If they really want to serve the people they should give up their arms and join the government.

  3. If the government does not immediately reinforce the country with proper policing, then it spells only one thing – Civil War. People do not want the maoists, they want peace and a return to daily life. All the over the top promises of the maoists and the other parties can be determined realistically after elections. But for now, peace is the order of the day with no political activites. The people are fed up of political activities inciting problems. Let the SPAM decide on a date for elections, then let all the political activities rest until a month before the elections, we are filled upto the brim with politics and the dictates of parties. The SPAM should concentrate on disarmament and a return to peace, the elections can determine who decides the political structure of this country.

  4. “Nepal is going down so for real….and dont look like its gonna come up in the near future…..” Nepal is right on the brink of an age of prosperity if we can get these anachronistic antique communists out of the way. Nepal’s future prosperity rests upon being the land route between India and China. We can ALL prosper from our giant neighbor’s emergence as world economic super powers. IF the Maoists go away.

  5. We all, which survived communism fall, are witnesses that communists are/were kriminals and murderers. People in Nepal have right to live peceful life in free and democratic country.

  6. The Maoists themselves have sown the seeds of their own downfall. Now if only the SPA govt.could draw a little more courage and try to establish law and order in this country people would gain more confidence in tackling the excesses of the Maoists. I am not talking about attacking the Maoists but at least ensuring that they do not take the law into their own hands by policing the country properly. Even the Maoists, though this is a sensitive time, must be made to understand that certain rules and regulations must be followed. Unfortunately properly policing of the country by the state is at it’s worst in the last ten years.

  7. I want all the Maoists be chased to the walls.Regarding Balls, really the people in Tarai had shown that they had balls. I request all to target number one and two and rest of polit buro first. In the communist system, target is from the top.Then it is easier to solve our all the grief and sorrow of the Nepalese people.
    I am always giving the example of Peru and President Fujimori. He had great courage. We have cowards like Girija and Sitaula who was body guard to Prachanda.These people don’t have any balls. They will linger these problems for a decade now. They have been talking about TALKS for six months now. It is only a deception. People must rise against the Maoists.These people must get their dues. They don’t have any people’s base. They are only under the intoxication of guns. That’s all.

  8. well there is always a thin line of difference between life and death innit bideshi. just a thin line…

  9. A lttle information on Prof Pyre Lall hero Fujimori and what the people of Peru think of him

    On September 5, Peruvian Attorney General Nelly Calderón formally accused former president Alberto K. Fujimori of murder, causing grave injuries, and “disappearances.” The criminal charges against Fujimori were filed in the wake of the unanimous August 27 decision of the Peruvian Congress to lift his immunity as former head of state. On September 13, Supreme Court Justice José Luis Lecaros issued an international warrant to Interpol for the arrest of Fujimori, who is now residing in Japan.

    Fujimori is accused of responsibility in the extrajudicial execution in 1991 of fifteen people, including a child, at a fund-raising party in a poor tenement in Lima’s Barrios Altos district, and the “disappearance” in 1992 of nine students and a professor from La Cantuta University. Members of the Colina Group, a paramilitary death squad, were directly responsible for both crimes, acting in the Cantuta case with the support of regular army units. The Colina Group answered to Vladimiro Montesinos, presidential advisor and de facto head of the National Intelligence Service (SIN), who is currently detained and facing trial on corruption and human rights charges. Montesinos was Fujimori’s closest confidante throughout his government.

    Enforced disappearance has been a crime in Peru since 1991. Law No. 26926 of February 21, 1998 incorporated it into the Criminal Code as a crime against humanity. The criminal code’s definition of crime against humanity differs, however, from the international law definition of crimes against humanity.

  10. Mr. Haisanlu,
    Don’t give bullshit about Fujimori. He was involved in corruption and his men were accuse of corruption. But I was praising his courage and determination to fight terrorism of your so called chairman gonzalo at that time as President of Peru in 1992. I repeat at that in 1992. I also know about the international law. Don’t try to bend it as per your “democratic prnciple”. I know when you say “democracy”, what does it exactly mean ?

    You are talking of nine people. What about 70, 000 people Shining path killed ? I have myself visited Peru and talked with the people in Lima.

    People of Peru are happy that they could sentence your chairman for life imprisonment which we should also think in the near future in Nepal.


  12. What do, so-called Human Rights Ppl, have to say about this??

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    Yet Another…
    ?????? ???????? ??????????? ?????? ????? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ???????? ??????? ?? . ? ?? ????????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ????? ???? ???? ??????? ?????????? ? ????????? ?????? ????? ? ?????? ????? ???????????????? ?????? ??? ?
    ?????? ?????????? ??-?????? ????? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ??????? ????????????? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????? ????

    ???? ???????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ????? ???? ????? ???????? ????? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ???? ??? ??-?????????? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ????????? ??? ???? ????? ?? ?????? ??????? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ???? ????? ?????? ???????? ??????????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ?????? ????

  13. In another world people are talking about high standard living and economic development. But we Nepali are gone too much down to hell that we are praying for only peace at the moment. How all the political players are showing their faces infront of people is becoming quite amazed. Peopl of Nepal are dying for the food, hardly clothes to wear, hardly houses to live, in addition no education and no basic health securities.

    I feel like crying seeing the poor people of the villages who only desire peace instead of food to eat, clothes to wear and cottage to sleep. Let’s forget about their education and health although which are their rights to gain from the government of Nepal. Sometimes I feel like laughing hearing and seeing the hue cry of the so- called leaders and civil societies about the nation and the people. And I satisfy myself that they are nothing just hungry for power, so expecting with them like useless thinking….

  14. Facts for the Professor of Bullshit about deaths in Peru

    Deception with Numbers – The Peruvian Commission on Truth and Reconciliation Source – Revolutionary Worker #1217, October 26, 2003

    The Commission report features an underhanded juggling of statistics about deaths since the People’s War started in 1980. Virtually all the mainstream press immediately reported that the Commission findings showed that the majority of those killed during the People’s War–54%–have been killed by the revolutionaries. In fact, the Commission report doesn’t show this at all.

    The Commission attributes to the PCP responsibility for 54% of the deaths about which they collected testimony or gathered direct evidence . They themselves admit that they were only able to account for less than 25,000 of the estimated 69,280 people who have actually been killed.

    Of those estimated 69,280 people killed, more than 60% (over 45,000) have still not been identified. Who is in the 2,000 mass graves that have not been opened? It’s clear that they contain remains of peasants and revolutionaries who were disappeared by the police, military, and paramilitaries.

    According to the Commission’s analysis, 46% of the estimated 69,280 deaths should be attributed to the PCP, 30% to “agents of the state,” and 24% to “other agents or circumstances” (“peasant rondas,” “self-defense committees,” “paramilitary groups,” and “unidentified agents”). They also admit that non-governmental human rights groups have attributed a much smaller percentage of deaths to the PCP–from 5% to 16%.

    Even if one accepts the data collected by the Commission (which is suspect, given the Commission’s bias), the deceptive method they use is rather blatant. How can the killings by rondas and other government-led paramilitary forces NOT be considered killings by “agents of the state”? These paramilitary forces have been organized by the successive Peruvian regimes as a key part of the counter- insurgency. They have been recruited, paid, armed, and led by the military and police.

    Even more outrageously, the Commission includes in the “other agents or circumstances” category all the people killed by secret government death squads –like the Rodrigo Franco death squad under Alan Garcia or the Colina death squad organized by Fujimori and Mon- tesinos. This is a crude attempt to promote the fiction that these death squads had nothing to do with the government.

    When the two categories–“agents of the state” and “other agents or circumstances”–are added up, they account for 54% of the deaths. In other words, the Commission’s own data shows that killings by government-led forces have accounted for at least 54% of the deaths.

    However, even these figures are very much open to question when one considers that people in the rural areas–where the majority of deaths and disappearances took place–were still living under military rule (“state of emergency”) at the very same time that the Commission was soliciting their testimonies. Under these conditions, how could peasants living in these areas speak freely? It’s not hard to figure out what would have happened to someone who came forward to express solidarity or even sympathy with the People’s War–to someone who testified that the People’s War has unleashed people against their oppressors and offered hope for a different future. If a peasant in the Andean highlands of Ayacucho came forward with such testimony, how long would it be before he or she ended up among the tens of thousands who have been tortured and disappeared?

    Under laws that were instituted during the Fujimori regime, anyone expressing support for the revolution can still be charged with “apology for terrorism” and imprisoned for 8 to 18 years. And many people still have outstanding warrants issued during the Fujimori regime when thousands were detained, imprisoned and tried by secret military judges.

    When the tens of thousands of “unidentified” victims of government and paramilitary terror are considered, it becomes clear that the great majority of deaths in the Peruvian war have been at the hands of the official military and police as well as government-backed paramilitary and other reactionary forces.

  15. Whatever you have written above is all communist propoganda, Mr. Haisanlu. Please save us from your blah blah blah blah.You may say that all 13000 killed in Nepal is by the ARMY only. Maoists are daily giving “sacrifice” of the poor people like BOKA in Nepal right now.

  16. I do not write for you Mr Pyare Lall but for those people who struggle to find the truth.

    In todays world it cannot be hidden as much as people like you would like it to be.

  17. hey pyare ur godfather fujimori is living exiled life in japan, he has arrest warrent in so many latin countries, no fking communist propogonda…..

  18. and pyare another thing13,000 dead is wrong figure, there are between 15,000 and 20,000 deaths. many POW has not been accounted for but shot cold blooded from both sides especially from then RNA which are never in records. pray ur godfather fujimori…

  19. Anyway, you Maoists are killers, rapists,looters and antisocial elements. You must be set aside by only military means. No way out.Or you will fade out by the passage of time. You bunch of looters !!!!

  20. An email from a friend in Lima said that Shining Path leader Gonzalo has been put to jail for life and ther are only 40 gorrillas that remain in the Andes mountains, who call themselves Shining Path. What a good news ? When that will happen in Nepal ? Only 40 Maoists in Rolpa Mountains ? For the people who are like “little knowledge is dangerous thing” like Kolp, Fujimori is in Santiago de Chile not in Japan. Thanks.

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