While Talking Peace, Maoists Murder a Man

Maoists murder a man

Their Man Is Murdered: Apsara BK, 22, wife of dalit youth Santa Bahadur BK who was abducted and killed by the Maoists on Wednesday, September 6, mourns. She is holding her two month old child. The old woman is 70-year-old mother of Santa Bahadur. The girl sitting between the two women is four year old daughter of Apsara and Santa Bahadur. The landless resident of Ishaneshwor, Lamjung district was the sole breadwinner for the family. Pics by Ghanashyam Khadka

Maoists murder a man
Maoists murder a man

They Turtured Him Before Killing: Bhupendra Khanal of Pokhara based human rights organization Advocacy Forum inspects the corpse of Santa Bahadur BK before the family and villagers buried the man murdered by Maoists. Rights activists have concluded that Santa Bahadur was inhumanly tortured by the killers before being murdered.

Maoists collect tax
Comrades Collect Tax: Maoist cadres ‘collecting’ tax in a shop in Gorkha district. Rebels have intensified their activities of collecting tax recently. Pic by Damodar Neupane

Maoists Killed By Villagers

Meanwhile, a Maoist activist was killed in a fight with villagers in Debapurteta, Bara district Friday night. The man is identified as Naresh Yadav, 18, who was beaten to death by the villagers. He died on way while being rushed to Birgunj for treatment. Villagers had beaten to death another Maoist man the day before.

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89 thoughts on “While Talking Peace, Maoists Murder a Man

  1. Urbanites should be prepared to join the villagers to chase these thugs out for good. No use just talking. If we love this country, we need to go for this sacrifice. If we do it, within a week they will be out of here.

  2. I think it is time for the silent majority to act. These murderers are everywhere, looting, murdering and threatening. The next time they have a huge rally in Tudhikhel, we should all go and get them. Otherwise we will be letting 0.2 percent of these b!@#$%^& dictating the rest of us who are 99.8%, who want an end to this and peace thereafter. Maybe the maoists are correct in one thing, one huge act of violence may solve our problems, and yes that huge act of violence may have to come from us -the 99.8% – all together, in the cities and in the countryside. We should rally our leaders to organise a massive uprising to finish off these murderers.

  3. We are talking too much about taming the King while Maoists are roaming freely. In very near future we will find out that controlling the King was lot easier than we ever imagined. But controlling Maoists is totally different matter. If SPA fails to dismantle PLA, SPA is dead. Maoists’ PLA is occupying force in Nepal and NA has every obligation to get rid off these goons.

  4. let’s not get entangled in these trivial matters when we have a far important problems to deal with. yeah of course such acts by maoists are condemnable but what’s the use of highlighting the issue and making it some sort of national interest; ‘cmon it’s not the time to be emotional rather we have act rationally. And mr. wagley , i have noticed ur subsequent posts dealing with similar issues(violation of code of conduct, etc.). Are u using your blogsd to spit your abhorrance against maoists? I consider this sort of act quasi-‘yellow-journalism’. whatcha think?

  5. Dear Wagle,

    On my comment your suggestion stands –
    ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’

    How long does it stands for if I just refuse to moderate myself because I think it to be true? Is your above expression a modest way to refuse any comment to publish in your blog? I have no objection even it is so. I do the same thing in my blog but I do it very bluntly explaining the commenter why I can not publish. My mothod may be crude but it is more professional and honest. Don’t other surfers think so?

  6. Shree Shrestha, you are right when you say controlling the King was easier than controlling the Maoists. The King had no grass roots support, he alientated himself from the masses and had no common touch, whereas a significant portion of the masses do support the Maoists (misled I say but the fact is that they do support the Maoists). We Nepalis need to understand why they supported/support the Maoists. Out of desperation for an alternative to the blood sucking politicians and bureaucrats? Or because they are blood thirsty rebels who understand communism very well and want a communist Nepal of their beliefs?

  7. Kirat u are dumb.King was easy to defeat because he followed international laws and did not kill indiscriminately.Maoists on the other hand do not follow any laws.
    Start thinking u idiot.

  8. hira ratna-thanks for the compliment. This is the tragedy of Nepal-educated people who cannot think. What shining hira and ratna you guys are. It is because of shining people like you that Prachanda and Baburam are what they are today.

  9. So,u mean to say everyone who studied in Nepal is dumb.Probably u are a darjalinge and u are saying that but remember my friend with this nepali studies I am doing very well in US,and if u are one GET OFF OUR LAND,we dont need u,u need us.
    U idiot maoist hotline.Tell me what ur brothers are doing in the Villages.Why did they rape that lady who had come out to urinate.Why??? Mr khumbuwan ur brothers are still tourtouring our Nepalis and not following any laws and have left idiots like u to spread lies.

  10. jeez, a ranting idiot. what a waste of an education-if you had one (i am not sure now). I am sure you are doing well washing dishes there in the US. Keep it up! Why do you think I am a darjalinge? Curious.

  11. Shree jee,its not indirect,its direct.Let me name the people who are in Civil Society.

    Mr.Pandey had to resign from the post of a secretery because of his fallout with the palace so of course he will be anti king.

    Shyam shrestha is a maoist journalist,no need to say anything on that.

    Krishna pahadi is a fulltime congressi,dunno how he can say he is just a member of civil society.

    Dr.Dhital is a hardcore communist and of course would have sympathy for maoists.

    Padmaratna tuladhar is liberal face of maoists.I heard one of his speeces in a rotary club in Ktm,he is a big big liar.Supports maoists on everything and blames just the gov.

    Khagendra sangaula,is a hardcore communist but pissed up with UML so naturally he will support maoists.

    Now sir,what do u think these people would say? How can these people say they are just part of the civil society when infact either they are hardcore communists or maoist ally or have some grudge with the palace.Civil society should mean people with no political inclination but here we have poeple with agenda.Its a real pity.

  12. grapes are sour my friend,grapes are sour.Specially if u are a maoist and ur people are on the down turn,grapes become acidic.Keep chanting ur leaders name,go preach ur idiocy.Best of luck on that,do that till u lose ur sanity.

  13. Hey hira, your comments just show how intelligent you are. You have no clue of what I meant to say by my post # 59 do you? You’re sad. Let me not waste anymore time.

  14. so long buddy,cry cry cry,weep,weep,weep.U know what,u are a narsissit.Just read about what kind of personality disorder it is ok and u will get an insight on urself.So long buddy,was not worth talking to you.

  15. For all those who have sympathy for the devil, I would want to hear your silent cries after the day is gone. Its funny to see we, common Nepali, “useful idiots” pretend to act as living and breathing Southerner (economic term) with taste for liberal democracy and values that exceeds the limit to high heavens ( not even in US, you get it!). The jarring will come and knock you all to Reality that is Nepal- hopefully still kingdom Nepal rather than state of Nepal or Neo Maoland of the world.

    Learn to pick shoe that fits or Ghatee harehra Haddi nilno. No walking in air- quite dangerous and fatal.

  16. Gosh,what does this Kirat think of himself.He is the only one with all the knowledge and all the people educated in Nepal are fools.Common man,clear up ur mind,grandiocity of that kind will only make everyone hate u,i guess everyone does that already.

  17. wat a shit ‘bahunbad’ everywhere, whenever a matwalis make a comment its crap, only theres are genuine, kiss my arse. u all r shivering bro, keep on shivering in foreign land, cause we will rule our land now as we were ruling, we had better constitution than this present governements, when we were ruling indipendently. everyone was given equal opportunity, no fuking caste system, no discrimination to gender, now they rule and make all this mess in our country and still bark like blind dogs claims they rthe boss but don’t realize the bad odour coming out of them. wat a shit, wait n see bro, we hav now sons n daughters, fck maoism, fck royal and fuk ‘bahunbad’, this is our own REVOLUTION….

  18. Guys,

    Look at the pictures and try to feel being one of them. Try to feel the agony the old mother, young wife and the kids of the deceased. And then comment on the act the Maoists committed. It is not the single case though. It is a representation of so many of them who are not reported. How can they do that? How do the Maoists and their supporters justify it? This killing of the Maoists is equal to thousand killings, guys. I don’t know how they can claim to be pro-poor! It is sad that they claim to be a pro poor political force!

  19. The scene above in the pictures is deeply heart-rending and extremely painful.

    Prachanda is solely responsible for the loss of the precious life and the agony of the mother, the tears from a 70 year old, and the pain of the wife and the lovely children.

    Prachande is a butcher, just like Gyanendre and Paras.

  20. I think there needs to be some intimidation from the government and army for the maoists to understand that going back to the jungle is not an option unless they want to be remembered as heroes, well atleast to their comrades. The problem right now is that the maoist see themselves as the strongest political and millitary entity in nepal due to the mistrust between the army and politicians. If that void can be dissolves, and it will, then the maoists need to be intimidated a little and if they try to sour out of the agreements then squish some of them untill they become wine and mellow with the overall consensus of the nation. I for one vote to skewer badal and bhattarai’s wife through the kindneys as a quick and effective way to bring the maoists back to the table and if King tries to get funky we have Paras to skewer too.

  21. See the real pics of Maoists and their boss Prachande in the cartoon by Batsyan in Kantipur. There is no doubt about his crocodile’s tear during his interviews.

  22. kirat has now become khumbu,gosh the amazing antics of this fanatic.Well now he is saying such words to his own brothers,the maoists.Well amazing are the ways of the world,specially,the ways of this idiot Kirat and most amazing is the way when he changes name and bullshits and comes back as Kirat to say idiot things which he thinks are just too good.
    Well carry on bro with ur maoist agenda,ur communal caricatures and satisfy ur own hungry mind.No body else cares if ur talking about ur own arse or licking someone else’s.

  23. Kirat and his communal feelings expressed through his communal pseudo names!!
    No use talking to a communal idiot.

  24. you guys are paranoid. You seem to be under the illusion that every janjati sounding blogger is the same person. Hey ‘dude’ I am talking about educated idiots like you, Gyane, Prachanda, Baburam Bhattarai, Makune, Girija and the lot-not the entire Nepali educated community. Get it?

  25. Hira ratna,

    I support you man. I agree with what you are trying to say. People like kirat can not actually fight with logic so they come down on you with profanity. The problem with argueing with idiots is that, first they bring you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

    Well, i do not know how kirat got to the conclusion that the king actually enjoys no support. The fact that there was about 25% turnout in the last municipal election already proves that he has at least 25% of the people behind him. And that turn out was despite physical threats (like kiling of a taxi driver or mr. B. Gautam threatening all voters with death) from the sPaM organization. Maybe Kirat thinks that those voters were brought in my army by truck loads at gun point. I don’t know, how kirat knows so much about how many people supports who? sometimes i think we do not even need an election, we can just let kirat decide who has majority of the public support. That would save us nepali a lot of money would not it?

    Kirat also claims that the maoists have a lot of support but i disagree with it. A party with guns and army, how can we truly evaluate public’s support for the party? Let them drop their weapons go to elections and we will find out whether they enjoy support or will they be chased out of villages by people victimized by them. But hira ratna do not lose patience with the kirat character. He is infact Mr. Wagle in disguise so, he is bound to be anti monarchist, anti-NA and pretend to be anti-maoists (but he actually supports the maoists because maoists are his only chance for a republic nepal).

    People like kirat will say that they actually accept the post 1990 situation was not all rosy but king with the history of 237 years of atrocities should go. They actually accept the incompetency of the SPA post 1990 simply to imply that they are infact neutral but they do not say a thing about punishing the culprits post 1990. They believe all the maoists and SPA leaders should be forgiven for all their corruption, murders and atrocities but the king should be punished for the atrocities of the past 237 years (whatever that may mean). As soon as you dont agree with him, he will question your intelligence as if not agreeing with him would make anyone less intelligent. If you read her past postings you would also realize that she is racist and communal aswell. So do not be disheartened by comments from this intelligent one.

  26. Hey Dinesh, I am supposed to be you now! According to B that is. And B what profanities did I utter? Should not the educated classes in Nepal hang their heads in shame for allowing Nepal to become what it is today? If you don’t accept and learn from your mistakes when will you learn? I hate the Maoists as much as you guys do the difference is that I can analyse the causes of the rise of the Maoists instead of just coming out with summary statements against the Maoists like you do.

  27. People will hang out these civil societies if peace will not occured in Nepal, they think them liar of the 21st century. How long the trust on communism and maoism in this modern era. I am quite surprised to hear the interview of Dr. Dixit of maoim version. I just want to suggest him if you believe in maoism they first of all you nationalised your huge property to poor people given by the Rana. That is the basic moral of maoism or communism. But which is not apply to ordinary people who support democracy. Okay maoist are fighting for their rule but how come in between so-called civil societies (even they called themselves human rights people) with maoism concept?? They should be tagged out civil societies and human rights person of maoist. I found them one of the clever fox which turn the colour according to the situation and opportunities. If anything goes wrong with the peace they should be punished and ignored by the people. People are finding them as one of the dangerous players at the moment.

  28. Kirat,

    There are always logical explanations for all evils. They are always products of other evils. Granted. No problem agreeing to that. Yes, maoism in Nepal did not start all by it self without any provocations and even that i agree. But, you have to understand that there is a right way of making yourself heard and there is a wrong way. Those who pursue wrong ways should be brought to justice.

    Prachanda talks about why he went for an armed revolution even after they took part in the parliament. He talks about the infamous kilo siera mission designed by the greatest leader of South Asia (mr. GPk). But he is willing to forgive him for that. He punishes and forgives people at his own personal will and of course in the name of the people. All wrongs and evil can be justified if you really look for excuses. A murderer has a bad child hood. A rapist might have an abusive parent and so on. The fact is, the culprits should be punished for their wrong doings and their crimes against the society. Even today, our government can not issue a statement saying, that the government will take strong actions against all those who ignores the rule of law. Instead SPA is confined to requesting the maoists not to murder people that the spa themselves claim to represent.

    Of course you would blame the 237 years of monarchial rule for all the maoist problems. That would not surprise me. Today the maoists blame the monarchs for all the problems and once the monarchs are gone, the maoists will start blaming the ranas. Then, it will be the mardwaris and then another group or cast.

    Why do you think we should hang our head in shame? Panchayat system (in 1990) was replaced by another autocratic system called democracy. I dont think people really had a voice post 1990. The judicial system that was to support our rights assured by the constitution was and still is in shambles. They are not efficient nor are they competent. Justice costs a lot money and then you do not get one. When injustice was done to the poor, he/she would either have had to hit the streets (with political support) or swallow his/her pride and accept there is not justice in Nepal. Judicial system in Nepal is not for the poor. Democracy in nepal untill now has been a system where a dictator is replaced by another every five years. or should i say we had 13 dictators in a span of slightly more than a decade.

    We have a system, where we do not even get to choose who leads our country. Pms are choosen by the party not the people or the nation. All he/she has to do is win an election in one of the districts and that would entitle him to the position of PM. That is precisely why we have not been able to lose Mr. gPk.

    Please do not tell me, we need to understand where these maoists are coming from. We all come from somewhere. yes, we might need to learn from the histroy (as in where they came from) but not untill they drop their weapons and not until the culprits are punished. Prachanda’s philosophy at the moment is “WHEN YOU KILL A MAN YOU’R A MURDERER, KILL MANY AND YOU’R A CONQUERER, KILL THEM ALL AND YOU’R A GOD”.

  29. B, good reply! I was about to dismiss you as an idiot before I read this post of yours. I think you misunderstand me when I say that the Thakuri Rana/Shah hegemony over the Army has to end (perhaps it has now ended?). Why do you take this to mean that I define all Rana/Shahs as bad people by nature? Is it not clear that I mean people of the Rana/Shah clan have unfairly had too much of an advantage in the RNA? All I am asking for is a meritocracy in the RNA. If a Rana/Shah proves to be the best in such a meritocracy then so be it. Similarly about the 200 year old monarchy, I never said that was the only reason for our problems. But you’ve got to admit the pattern set during that period has to do with a lot of our present problems.And when have you known me to praise the post 1990 period? My problem with most of our fellow Nepalis is that we are worried/concerned only about our personal/community/class based problems. In the history of our existence when have the elite Nepalis (by elite I mean the ruling elite politically and economincally and not caste wise) in any substantial manner ever worked to help the majority of the less priveleged Nepalis? Never. That’s where the mind set needs to be changed, otherwise we will be forever mired in such miseries as armed Maoists revolts etc.

  30. Kirat, thanks for the compliment. I guess we all get carried away in this war of words. My only concern with your views was, you kept mentioning ranas, chettris and thakuris. Maybe rightly so but it is not in the interest of the nation at the moment. Look not all ranas, thakuris or chettris benifited from the panchayat era or the royal family. There are a lot of ranas and thakuris who would happily side with democracy instead of monarchy even today. But then would it be wrong then to say that the democratic parties have behaved like personal property of the bahuns then? Even the maoist leaders are bahuns are they not?

    However, i am a supporter of constitutional monarchy, please do not get me wrong. Look let us forget the 237 years of monarchial rule as there is nothing that can be done to punish the culprits now. If we go back to history, we will learn how even B.P koirala betrayed our first chance at democracy simply because he wanted it all for himself. How he could not stand his brother being the prime minister and how he kicked him out of the party. He did the same again in 2017. I would not disagree that the king took the opportunity to further his own agendas when the parties crumbled with greed.

    We can not keep blaming the king all the time. If mr. deuba was fooled by the king twice, does he deserve to be our prime minister then? Is it not pm’s responisbility to not be fooled by forces working against the interest of the nation? If he can not protect our nation from our own king, how is going to protect it from bigger players of international community. Look, the leaders are no children and democracy no lolipop to be snatched away by someone. Even now, if they are compitent and efficient i can guarantee that there will never be any threat against our democracy again but if they are not (even without the king)our democracy will not survive another 5 years.

    And you talk about changing mindsets. How are you planning to achieve that? Without proper education you can brainwash them but not change them. Education system in Nepal at the moment is in shambles even in the capital. We have not been able to produce quality engineers, doctors or managers who will eventually take over the responsibility of running the country. In about 20 years time we will need hundreds of engineers and managers who can compete with those from india or china and if we dont we will end up being just the bahadurs serving them at the gates. Eventualy the chinese and the indians will be coming to nepal for investments and if we do not have competent human resources, they will import them from their own countries.

    Look there are just so many things that need to be done. We need to provide, equal access to quality education to all nepalis regardless of their religious or any other background. Make them competent enough to fight for their own rights. And with efficient and impartial judicial system there should be no problems for these guys to fight for their rights if and when they are abused. If you ask me democracy simply means, “EQUAL, CONSISTENT AND IMPARTIAL JUSTICE FOR ALL” and any system that can guarantee this is in fact a completely democratic system.

  31. B, agree with most of what you say there. Only I would like to point out that the relevance of history is that we learn from our past mistakes (I think that’s history’s only relevance). When I talk about education being worthless for many people I do not mean the technical skills being imparted (that’s important too) but how an educated person, like a lot of the bloggers here or most of our corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, businessman, ‘intellectuals’ etc i.e. people in positions of power and privelege seem devoid of any ethics, values, good will towards people etc. I am sure 99% of our civil servants are well educated but they think nothing of indulging in corruption, inefficiency, afno manchhe-ism, bigotism etc. My point is that their so called ‘education’ in this context becomes a big waste. Where are the values of ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’? As a society do we value them? No we don’t. We look upon and fete the rich and powerful despite knowing how ill gotten their wealth and power are. Look the CIAA gave GPK a clean chit on corruption-can you believe that?

  32. By the way my point being we as a society/people, because of our ills, created this monster called the Maoists. All I hope is that we learn from this instead of just slamming the Maoists.

  33. Kirat,

    Most of us humans are not honest by nature. The powerful always exploits the weaker ones. Not that i am saying that it is right. But instead the weaker ones need protection and this protection can only be provided by an effective and impartial judicial system. The burden of upholding the democratic values in any society lies actualy on judiciaries of the nation. The parliament can not actually protect our rights, they simply (if they are honest) can speak our voice and try their best to work in the innterest of the nation. Look, most of the politicians will always be corrupt as long as they can get away with it. So, it comes back again to our judiciaries to hold them accountable. I think it will be minimized to a great extent if a citizen can actually file a case against a leader for corruption and can expect an impartial verdict. Democracy is when people feel they have nothing to fear when they have done nothing wrong and confident about justice when someone does something wrong to them.

    First, we need to know how maoists define their multiparty democracy. Multiparty simply means more than one party and democracy can always have different definitions depending on countries, regimes and so on. Even the cihinese would say their country is democratic, would not they? Only theirs is not an american democracy.

    The other thing is the election for CA. WHy do we need it? If it is to throw the king, we can simply have a refferendum and get it over with. If not then what for? Let us say we have a new constitution thru CA, would the parliament be able to change it with 2/3 majority when the need may come?

    IF YES:

    What guarantees do the maoists have that their constitution will not be changed with vote of majority in the parliament in the distant future? And why not just conduct a refferendum on the king and ammend what ever we do not like about the constitution?

    IF NOT:

    is it democratic then? we live in world where we just learnt a couple of weeks ago that the nine planets we thought existed in our solar system for so many years is not actually true any more. I mean, we need to change with time. The fact and realities of today may not remain so tomorrow and the need to change will be inevitable. We can not expect our future generation to start a revolution everytime they need something changed in the constitution. Or write new constitution every 10 years.

    Look, i just don’t know what the maoists are getting out of all these things? A republic state is possible if all eight parties come to consensus tomorrow. I really do not believe in the crap that the election for CA is actually a provision for the people to write their own constitution and even if it is, i do not think it is going to make a difference.

    The fact that our last affair with democracy failed because the constitution was flawed, this i do not agree with. BUt instead it was the inefficiency of the leaders who took upon the responsibility of building the nation. It all depends on how hard our leaders are willing to work and how effective and competent they are. An honest but incompetent person in a leading role will cost the nation even more than a dishonest but effective and compitent person both in terms of time and money. Because an effective person can actually compesate for his / her dishonesty (and more) with hard work, competance and efficiency. So, i think it all comes down to having effective and competent leaders in top positions. And i believe that if we have a system of the entire nation voting for the PM, it will work a great deal in promoting competent, effective and young leaders to the top positions of all parties. Of course, the other condition should be that they (even the acting PM) will not be allowed to run for the post again should they lose an election for the premiers post. At the moment parties are like personal properties of their presidents.

    Kirat, so many things need to change that it would be hard to see any positive result for at least 20 years even if an honest, hardworking leaders do actually find their way to these important positions. The sad thing is non of the eight parties even talk about improving the standard of education we have today. But instead they are more than happy to use all students as tool to their selfish political gains.

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