United Nations and India in Nepali Peace Process

Now that the peace process has started (the code of conduct is already out), people are talking about its successful completion. The possible role of the United Nations is being discussed at full length. The Nepal government and the Maoist party have agreed in principle to invite the UN for monitoring the peace process. Also there is the talk of the role of India in the process. The Indian role, unfortunately, comes along with the role of UN. Journalist Tilak Pokharel reports in today’s Kathmandu Post:

The government will “soon” send a formal letter to the United Nations inviting it to play a role in the peace process, following an agreement with the Maoists and India’s green signal on UN involvement in Nepal.

According to a highly placed source, the government, the Maoists and India have agreed on two key areas for UN involvement, but some differences remain in a third area.

The three areas for UN involvement are:

1) Cease-fire monitoring

2) Assisting in decommissioning of Maoist arms and demobilization of the Maoist militia prior to constituent assembly (CA) elections, and

3) “Witnessing” of the ongoing government-Maoist talks through the UN’s physical presence.

Pankaj Saran, senior official at the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, arrived Kathmandu on Sunday to take stock of the peace process. So he will be deciding if the UN should be present in the talks or not! It is indeed very unfortunate and humiliating to see India meddling over the internal issues of Nepal. But then considering the fact that Prachanda himself is in New Delhi and running his operation from there makes this humiliation redundant. After all, many admit, the whole Maoist movement is a spectacular show of Indian Intelligence. It won’t be a remark of exaggeration, therefore, to say that India is running the show of peace process as well. Tilak Pokharel quotes his sources as saying that the government is hopeful that India will agree on the third point as well. “The government is eagerly waiting for India’s green signal on this.” We will know what Pankaj Saran signals before departing to his home country today.

It is a fact that India wants to oversee the whole peace process under the cover of UN and it seems the Maoists are fine with that. But isn’t it amazing that after agreeing on the second point, India is unwilling to give “green signal” for the third? Isn’t the second point supposed to be more sensitive than the third one?

Danish Offer
Nepal needs money at this stage as it is going through the fragile recovery scenario which includes the sensitive process of peace and reconstruction. Plus, the Maoist army needs to be fed which will also need huge sum of money. And there are other friendly nations who are also ready to help in the peace process via various means. One of them is Denmark whose ambassador to Nepal Finn Thilsted said on Monday that his government is ready to financially support the UN for the latter’s role in the peace process.

“I understand the (Nepal) government wants the UN to do the monitoring,” the Post quotes him as saying in a press meet in Kathmandu yesterday. “In that case, UN would need money. We can support them with money.” The ambassador said that his government was ready to provide Rs. 2 billion to Nepal in addition to the regular bilateral assistance of Rs. 1.88 billion.

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43 thoughts on “United Nations and India in Nepali Peace Process

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  2. This is great news. The only reason I can see the Indians not agreeing to the third point is to leave a way out for the Maoists-should Indians require to play this card again. What’s agreed in the talks overseen/observed officially by the UN would be very difficult for both sides to violate. I hope Nepal pushes for the third point too.

    About Indian influence in Nepal-guys you can shout yourself hoarse with anti-Indian slogans but it won’t change a thing. Accepting the reality of Indian influence in Nepali politics is not the same as becoming another Sikkhim. Our sovereignity has already been compromised by the Maoists, SPA and the King. We must avoid such situations in the future by solving our problems within our own framework-none of the major players were willing to do this. The Nepali people must from now on show their immediate displeasure at any party that compromises our sovereignity once again in such a manner-this can be done by press coverage of the guilty parties (naming and shaming), peaceful protests, social boycott and refusing to vote for them during elections.

    In my point of view accepting the inevitability of Indian influence and playing it to our advantage is a much better option. Inorder to do this we must clearly define the issues where Nepal will absolutely refuse a compromise-issues relating to our independence and sovereignity. The rest is open for negotiations with a give and take attitude.

  3. highhhopes, they said the same thing about metal ships floating in the sea and metal aircraft flying through the air.

  4. The success depends on the mutual understanding and trust. UN is not successful all the places and India has fishy game…hope for the best…

  5. I would like to strongly object the news-piece in today’s kantipuronline regarding ‘inviting UN for mediation’. The news emphasizes that India has given a green signal to 1st and 2nd points and efforts are being made for the 3rd one. The main thing in this case is whether it is acceptable to different political forces in Nepal or not, not India. Why Kantipur publishes such an insulting news which lowers our national self-esteem in front of the world? Is Kantipur doing it on purpose or unknowingly? Please do not try to play with our sentiments with such a demeaning news.

    …Furthermore, India is our friendly neighbour not Master. Kantipur is trying to portray India as our Master with this news. Though it is not bad to consult neighbours in such issues but why should we seek green signal, which literally means permission or AADESH from outside?

    …This Kathmandu Post journalist Tilak Pokhrel should learn how to write news before publicizing. Eventhough some facts might be bitterly true, they should not be exposed in such a naked manner. World is watching us and our media should behave responsibly.

  6. B,

    Boy you sound like the press secretary of the Indian Embassy boy. Don’t worry as the fact has been exposed. You don’t even seem to differentiate between the Kathmandu Post and Kantipur and their online version. Indians are always like that. What we Nepalis think is we should solve our problems ourselves not by your bosses in south block. So as we try to do that I suggest you to relax and continue your work for RAW.

  7. I predict this case scenario quiet a long time back. Now,I am fully convinced that Kantipur is part of RAW. How can a sovereign country accept UN or any other third party to intervene in its internal affair. If that was the case then India should be the one to embrace UN to monitor Kashmir conflict- which Pakistan has been requesting. I ask Pokhrel under what resolution ( UN mandated) should this be done and which will call for the motion, China? India?

    The sole aim of Pokrel and his kind is to illustrate to the world that Nepal is a failed state;therefore, direct involvement of foreign forces (be it whomever) is a MUST. I loath this kind of jive at our national pride and capabilities.

    And Kirat, you amazes me with your naiveté and defeatist attitude in regards to India. Your logic is that we must accept India’s hegemony and learn to steal benefit from it, C’mon. You now about Elephant in the room, Read International affairs 101, before you go overboard rejoicing

    Also, I take it Maoist and SPA are not capable to govern Nepal and sort out the issues, the peace talk is just in name (request Finland to act as broker) why go on length to dash people’s hope. If the perception is, Nepali cannot handle Nepal then Pokhrelji what makes you think foreign intervention will build confidence in Maoist,Army and in SPA to reach at amicable solution in the best interest of the nation and peace will prevail. This is a issue of mistrust, lack of confidence and love of a country

    Please do understand this, Nepal is not a “Whiteman Burden.” It may take time but Nepal should be for Nepali, from Nepali, and by Nepali. I found no joy in reading this article in fact I felt hurt & humiliated. Long live Nepal

  8. sansar you dumb idiot – you aare the one that needs to read international relations 101… actually that is a college course …. a fool as yourself should start off by first looking at an atlas!
    Kirat is correct in his analysis … its not a defeatist attitude but rather its a praticle one. I laugh at people like you who give this pseudo-nationalist sentiment on blogs but in reality you are no different then the vast majority of Nepalis who bend over and let Indian culture, movies, food etc. run your life.

  9. I did not know that using foreign products makes one less nationalistic… swadeshi jagaran … hehehehe 😀

  10. There should no decommissioning of the Maoist Militia or Army without major changes in Nepalese Army.

    The other two points are valid and UN supervision of both armies has long been a Maoist demand opposed by previous Nepalese governments.

  11. sansar-when the SPA, King and the Maoists look towards India’s support for their every major move you don’t feel our sovereignity is compromised. But when the possibility of an international body like the UN mediating the peace talks arises you suddenly feel as if you have been violated?

    I know it will be difficult for you but try and read my post #2 again and try and understand what I am saying.

    Your post #9 is just so pointless. What are you trying to say?

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  13. “Nepal should be for Nepali, from Nepali, and by Nepali”.

    I absolutely agree with this statement. I don’t think the UN will agree to involvement in Nepal in any case. They have a very full plate already and are also short on funding.

  14. I can’t believe some of the posters here! There is a possibility of a respected international organization mediating the peace talks in Nepal and you guys are actually getting jingoistic?

    Can’t you see that in almost every conflict having a international, impartial body mediate has had a beneficial impact, even though it might not have solved the problem in it’s entirety? They aren’t there to solve the problem, they are there to mediate. What would have happened in East Timor if the UN had not stepped in when they were in conflict with Indonesia? The mediator does not solve the problem-but they provide a platform/enviroment whereby the possibility of a long term compromise/solution can be reached. Sure East Timor has problems again and the Australians are keeping the peace-but can you imagine the bloodshed that would have been unleashed if Indonesia was allowed to have a free hand when they had their struggle for independence?

  15. It doesn’t matter either UN, Norway, Finland etc comes. Now what we need is strong international force like UN who will keep Govt and Maoists inside the circle of Peace talk and bring positive outcome from it.
    Other wise if we just see news then Maoists just kidnapped two guys and killed them. And on otherside Maoists are saying some group captured their men and killed. This things is like non stop just going on. So, UN is definitely a positive step.

  16. Plan B would be the other countries and organizations that have previously offered to mediate-like the EU for example or maybe another Scandinavian country. But do you think Mr. Tamrat would have stayed here for almost two weeks for nothing?

  17. the royalist and RNA were against UN involvment, The maoist and SPA are in favour, so on what side are you?

  18. I have a very little experience about UN. So only the rebels and the Govt should agree to invite UN. I do not think we have get the approval of India. Who is India in our internal affairs ? It is the SPA chamche leaders they always ask India: Han Kya Karenji ham UN ko Nepal main bula rahen hain apka kya bichaar hai ? Ke Yo bhanna jaroori chha ? Nepal is an independent country and it has got the independent foriegn policy. Even BP Koirala never bow down in front of Nehru. These leaders, they don’t have any guts.

    Other point is that what type of involvlment we want, we should be clear. In my personal opinion, they should come with sme observation Force with Arms and Ammunition. Otherwise I do not see any solution to our problems. may be we need at least 500 to 1000 UN Obervation Force for maintainning ceasefire and for management of weapons till the elections to CA.

  19. Hey! Tripe x, been skinny dipping lately? UN is not a source nor the solution to the problem. India with its 4 decade long conflict in Kashmir does not accept UN but in Nepal’s case it is alright. By the way Kirat, read history about East Timor before commenting on it.

    Intricacies of UN involvement is not fully explored so I will continue to speak against it.

    As for for nationalist feeling, I do not need to justify it to anyone, especially you, puta

  20. UN must be welcomed in Nepal. It is the only institution which carries less controversy and full validity.

  21. Sansar, you idiot. Do you know why India does not want the UN in Kashmir after promising a UN held plebicite there around the time of their independence? Do you know that India was initially dead against UN involvement in Nepal? I guess you don’t mind the constant Indian d*ck up your a$$, but when the UN offers to mediate here you have go all jingoistic.

  22. Our country is being run by RAW, Indian foreign secretary deciding tht things in Nepal. Are we that much in low level??? SPA should potray the facts to safeguard our democracy and the nation. So, UN involvement is far better….


  24. Kirat,

    You must be from other side of the border- you defend India as if you livelihood depended on it, does it?

    Enlighten me with “Why India does not want UN in Kashmir.” And, also the rational for India protesting UN in Nepal but ok now. I really like to know the inside story of India’s reluatance to allow UN in Kashmir and their supposedly change of heart in regards to Nepal. Do this favor

    As for “di.. up your A..” Listen, how about Nepali “dic. up yours”, buddy. I can hit low, too.

  25. sansar you don’t know much do you? India does not want the UN in Kashmir because in the late 1940s when British India was being split up Kashmir, a Hindu kingdom with a Muslim majority, was a major point of contention. The Kashmiri people wanted to either stick with Pakistan or form an independent nation, but the Hindu king stated that he wanted to stay in India. As a compromise India took Kashmir but promised a UN observed plebisite in Kashmir a decade or two later. The plebisite would allow the Kashmiris three options-stay with India, go to Pakistan or form an indpendent Kashmir. But the Indians later reneged on their promise (especially Indira Gandhi). Also India has states in the North-East i.e. Nagaland, Mizoram, Assam etc who all have a large section amongst them who want independence from India. If the UN steps into S. Asia actively then all these, what could be called freedom movements, would come under close scrutiny and the issue of right to self determination could tear India apart. So why India does not want the UN to be actively involved in South Asia is pretty clear-their own lies and deceit would be exposed to the world-especially on Kashmir.

    sansar you idiot, don’t you realise that the UN stepping into Nepal to mediate would greatly diminish India’s influence on Nepal? Get a brain!

  26. Here is my brain for you Kirat,

    Rightly said- freedom movements , right to secession and right to this and right to that will be the norm. I understand the fear India has with UN. In effect, India wants to drown Muslim majority’s voice in order to rule. This is ok. Speak of secularism in Nepal.

    What gives you the impression that UN will decrease India’s presence in Nepal- not so buddy. Unless India agrees, UN cannot even fly into Nepal, let alone supervise or administer in Nepal.

    Lastly, under what resolution will UN intervene in Nepal and at what conditions- all these needs to be explored and discussed rather than just rejoicing that UN ( has mostly failed in all conflict areas) will save the nation. Its quite foolhardy think like that. Also the notion that UN being here will sideline India is misnomer- India will head the team, just wait and see.
    Also, what makes you have full confidence in UN sorting out the problem- do you know the make up of UN, who directs it and on whose interest. You cannot be this simple, c’mon.

  27. It is not neccesarily an Indian will head the UN Mission in Nepal. That’s hypothetical.

    India has once accepted UN in Kashmir in late 50s. Some Nepalese officers were also part of it.

  28. Unless the UN is as dumb as Sansar, no Indian will head the UN mediator team in Nepal.

    Thuldai, India never kept it’s promise on the UN brokered agreement in Kashmir in the 50s. There was supposed to be plebiscite for the Kashmiri people to decide their future but India backed out. The right to self determination is the main reason why India is so paranoid about UN mediation in S. Asia.

  29. It was Nehru who agreed for plebiscite in Kashmir and later he himelf backed down.Actually that was a faux pas of Nehru on foreign relations.India should not block UN to come to Nepal as it is not the Indian territory.

  30. Kirat, talk about being Dumb, man! I do petty you.

    I say, never underestimate geopolitics but for Kirat he only sees rose not the needles. He has long way to go. lets leave it at that.

  31. when all the sides involved in the present conflict plus the civil society of Nepal and most importantly ,we, the common people of Nepal want the UN to monitor the truce to a new constitution and handling of the maoist arms, it is sheer arrogance and hegemony for India and the rest , not to oblige or understand to the pulse of Nepal.

  32. we need the “gorkhe lauro” not only to spank indi-bhaiyaas but anyone trying to botch nepal’s sovereignity

  33. Forgive my critical thoughts about the CPN(M)’s offer to let the UN be a “neutral” observer…

    The United Nations is little more than a tool of the “great powers.” It bends to the will of the crazies running the USA, and does not stand up to the violations of international law by the USA, including admissions of torture, illegal wars of occupation, meddling in the elections of other countries, sponsorship of coups and so on…

    Why did the UN not stop the USA, UK and India from arming the king? It had nothing to say!

    The UN cannot be trusted. It is not a democratic body of the world’s people’s, but a talk shop for the rulers to divide their spoils.

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