The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III

Monitoring Maoist Activities in Nepal

After the new government removed the red corner notice and terrorist tag from its leaders, the Maoist party has come over the ground. It has been mobilizing masses around the country in support of the issues including the election of constituent assembly. Many people are hoping that Maoists will abandon the violence and will come to the peaceful politics this time around. But there are problems as well. Some incidents of abduction and extortion by the Maoist cadres have been reported in the media and we can see armed Maoists openly roaming around the villages even after the party has declared three-month-long ceasefire. As the party goes on organizing mass meetings filled with long traditional communist speeches and colorful and revolutionary songs and dances, UWB keeps an eye on them. Here is a photoblog.

Arms Show: Maoist guerrillas from Pili Liberation Army (PLA) take rest in an undisclosed location in Bardia. Pic by Kamal Panthi

Post-ceasefire Merrymaking: Two ethnic Magar lasses perform dance in Bhimad, Tanahu. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka

Warning in the Wall: In Hetauda, people organized procession to warn leaders. Pic by Pratap Bista

Worker’s Warning: Pro-Maoist worker union’s central president Salikram Jamarkattel adressing the mass meeet in Hetauda. Pic by Pratap Bista

Dancing all the way to CA: Maoist cadres perform dance that warn leaders not to compromise less than Constituent Assembly. Pic by Pratap Bista

Mass meet organized by Maoists in Tamghas, Gulmi. Pic by Ghanshyam Gautam

Red Alert: Maoist’s Gandak area bureau member Bamdev Chhetri adressing the mass in Tamghas. Pic by Ghanashyam Gautam

Sight to Behold: Students watch armed Maoists in Sankhejung, Ilam. Pic by Benup Bhattarai

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67 thoughts on “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III

  1. Rocky this is sl,

    My reply to you is in UWB moderation.

    However, you’re argument is so illogical that I suggest that your master maobadis send a more capable blogger to partake in discussions here. I suggest Baburam Bhattarai himself. Or maybe he is not used to getting strong arguments rerouted at him, only used to making sweeping statements.
    Anyway the point being Rocky, that you are’nt lecturing helpless villagers at gunpoint in this forum.

  2. It is a simple issue here – one feudal mindset (that the bloggers wish to abolish} will be replaced by set of neo-feudals. Maoists have always silenced their critics labeling them as ‘class enemy’ and killing them. Political parties have done the same either by side-lining or instituting disciplinary action against those who raise voices. So what makes them better than the King? All these three actors are the same… only label on the outset differs

  3. eating no gettin leather cap puttin……first see urselves in the mirror…..if u find urself honest, sincere, hard-working, dedicated, responsible and fair..then go ahead with the talking….otherwise go outside and play high jump!

  4. m/s horny rhino,

    Yes I do. Now do I have your permission to go ahead with my “talking”.

  5. I am a firm believer in leadership and we need it today. Leaders should not be following the so called popular will of the people. People are not properly informed most of the time. Leaders have to introduce ideas that are beneficial to the nation and that are correct and not necassarily popular. It is for the leader to convince the people (without the use of violence, threats and coercion) that new ideas which may not be popular are beneficial for the nation.

    Taxes are’nt popular but we do need them. Nobody wants to stand in line for a service, but we know we have to as it is the right thing to do. Taking your medicine may not be a “popular” thing to do, but we know we have to to become healthy.

    Unfortunately, it is time for the medicines we don’t want to take. Maoists have to lay down their arms, this is their medicine. It may not be popular among their cadres but it is the correct thing to do. The parties have to push the maoists to do this, and this will not only be the popular result amongst law abiding citizens but also the correct one on their behalf. Tough times call for tough negotiations. Just wanting something the easy way may be popular for the moment, but it will be incorrect and albeit unpopular in the future.

  6. Hi sl,
    Bit strainge while reading your words!

    If you believe in leadership, then just follow the son of nation “PRACHANDA”!

    As you mentioned, your so called leaders “KILLER KING, KAMALE, were trying to introduce the ideas that are beneficial to nation and not necessarily popular!!

    Again, pls be aware of bitter reality that people’s guns will be laid down till “your second lot of so called leaders – GIRIja, etc from parties” will not handed power to the people.

    What i said above is not popular but it is correct thing though.

  7. Rocky,

    Leadership only exists if you can convince people without violence, guns, force, coercion and execution and murder. If these “tools” are used to force one’s view it is called a despotic dictatorship NOT leadership.

    Please get your head examined. You have been brain washed by your fellow leaders. Do it quickly before you end up a psychotic murderer.

  8. Hi sl,

    Tools are sometimes very useful & effective for one like you.

    Who used the tools when Babu ram put the 40-point agenda infornt of your leaders?

    It seems you have already got your mind washed that got no memories of events that occured last 13-14 yrs ago.

    Hence, you better get your head exminined sos that those historical events can be re-filled and then you are ok to talk to me..

  9. I agree with sl…though I am not as optimist as he is. Very well said.

  10. I would like to see people in the streets calling for the govt and the Maoists to invite the UN to monitor the ceasefire. As they presently stand I do not trust the RNA or the PLA to properly observe the ceasefire. A strong UN presence would act as a strong deterrent to both these armies from using their guns.

  11. I fully support Kirat on this matter. But the leaders have other important agendas like how to share the Ministries and different posts of the Govt. among their cadres.

  12. So-called important agendas of power sharing are exactly the issues that people are disenchanted with. Why cannot they do something concrete? The SPA never learns its lessons….so sad to even think about when other important considerations like peace and rebuilding of nation are sidelined….

  13. Rocky,

    Like I had mentioned before, please tell your leaders to send a suitable candidate to write in this blog so that arguments can be made with at least a semblance of grey matter at best. Baburam Bhattarai for instance.
    I have nothing more to say to you, and I am glad that you mentioned “Tools (violence, guns, force, coercion and execution and murder) are sometimes very useful & effective for one like you.” I am glad because it only proves my point regarding people (if one can call you that) like you.

    I shall end my views on your views as I had begun it – “Bullcrap!”

  14. I’m quite surprised to note that the discussions are not heading toward the point of destination and actual benefits. Let’s say the reign of 237 years whoever the players are considered as useless, but what the people are getting in future that has to be considered.

    What direct benefit people will get in future should be considered not like the saying of the politicians like GP and MKN only. We got lots of assurances in 2046 but at the end that became useless and brought civil war. So, this time we should be very aware with this clever politicians and compel them to bring some fruitful results otherwise they should be punished like the past government. Even maoist are talking that they are fighting for the equal rights but why they are accepting the present rulers (not considered according to caste and geographical locations) shows their all slowgans of equal rights seems deem to us. Their equal rights in terms of caste, geographical locations, income, sex etc. are very guinune at present context. But morning is showing all these are propganda only. Even in the discussion pannel government should consider the all sectors othewise blaming 237 years of reign will become futile. New Nepal should mean that economically strong, equal rights to all even not only politicians and their acitivists, equal rights for all castes, equal rights for all geographical locations, sex etc.

    Let’s see how the real demand of the people will be fulfilled….of equal rights…right to talk, write and criticise openly…rights to surive..right to get medical treatment and education…right to share the pie of the national fund…

    Saying should be doing not only saying like previous regimes….

  15. The maoist are saying they are backing people’s home and proporty to them can they back their’s son’s , daughters, father, mothere? bank’s robery money ? can ? don’t be a smart we (people) know about you but we afraid about fource(gun)

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