The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III

Monitoring Maoist Activities in Nepal

After the new government removed the red corner notice and terrorist tag from its leaders, the Maoist party has come over the ground. It has been mobilizing masses around the country in support of the issues including the election of constituent assembly. Many people are hoping that Maoists will abandon the violence and will come to the peaceful politics this time around. But there are problems as well. Some incidents of abduction and extortion by the Maoist cadres have been reported in the media and we can see armed Maoists openly roaming around the villages even after the party has declared three-month-long ceasefire. As the party goes on organizing mass meetings filled with long traditional communist speeches and colorful and revolutionary songs and dances, UWB keeps an eye on them. Here is a photoblog.

Arms Show: Maoist guerrillas from Pili Liberation Army (PLA) take rest in an undisclosed location in Bardia. Pic by Kamal Panthi

Post-ceasefire Merrymaking: Two ethnic Magar lasses perform dance in Bhimad, Tanahu. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka

Warning in the Wall: In Hetauda, people organized procession to warn leaders. Pic by Pratap Bista

Worker’s Warning: Pro-Maoist worker union’s central president Salikram Jamarkattel adressing the mass meeet in Hetauda. Pic by Pratap Bista

Dancing all the way to CA: Maoist cadres perform dance that warn leaders not to compromise less than Constituent Assembly. Pic by Pratap Bista

Mass meet organized by Maoists in Tamghas, Gulmi. Pic by Ghanshyam Gautam

Red Alert: Maoist’s Gandak area bureau member Bamdev Chhetri adressing the mass in Tamghas. Pic by Ghanashyam Gautam

Sight to Behold: Students watch armed Maoists in Sankhejung, Ilam. Pic by Benup Bhattarai

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67 thoughts on “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III

  1. Even after both sides have declared ceasefires and government have removed terrorist tag from maoist but even though maoist cadres can be seen moving freely carrying weapons. This can really make situation serious. Moiost have to disarm before they are brought into mainstream politics. To come equal to seven political parties Maoist have to drop there guns. Political Maoist wing cannot be accepted with a military wing. Maoist must disarm.

  2. Give A Damn!
    Maosts no diff to the RNA, sucking blood of low ranking cadres!







  3. Political parties should take step very cautiously, otherwise situation can go out of hand. SPA should not only do according to the orders dictated by the Maoists.

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  5. This article is just another example of UWB’s poor journalistic abilities. They post a half-assed article without any analysis distorting reality.
    The article mentions that Maoist cadres are seen roaming around with guns despite the ceasefire. However, it fails to mention that the RNA recently conducted an indiscriminate air raid on a peaceful Maoist gathering where hundreds of civilians were present irrespective of the ceasefire!

    I don’t condone Maoist atrocities but people here have to realize that the Maoists represent grivances of a significant demographic and they are going to be an integral part of Nepal political future. Let’s not forget that the Maoists are the ones who made the Royal regimes municiple elections unsuccessful. Lets not forget that the Maoist were a major factor in making hundreds of people come out to the streets to protest against the King.

    Yes they have to lay down their arms! By all indication they have shown that serious about finding a political solution and they must be given a chance… So I suggest people here(Bideshi et. al) stop bitching and moaning about the Maoists and deal with the fact they have become a sginigicant political force in Nepal socio-political structure!

  6. Mr. pandit,
    Yes, but they must renounce violence. If they roam around with guns what will happen nobody knows. If RNA have guns, it does not mean that these Maoists
    should be allowed to roam around like that.If they are allowed to take over or capture the power by the barrel of the guns, then there is no need to have elections of CA. We must never forget that how they killed our journalists friends in broad daylight slitting the throat in front of the wife and children. Pandit, don’t try to show off your PANDITAIN.

  7. Pundit
    which air raid you are talking about ???? Recently ?

    One hand washes another, you just can’t act being a liberal here while your maoists buddies haven’t done anything but the exibition of their goons and their weapons after the restoration of the parliament. Is that how you want our political future to be ? Based on guns and weapons ? People are ready to accept rebels as one of the political parties, but these goons also need to show some respect on the people’s wishes. ‘Mero goru ko barhai takka’ doesn’t work here.

    Everybody wants to take the credit of the victory. If you are advocating that Maoists’re the biggest factor in the demonstration, then yes Kamal Thapa was right.

    Everybody wants peace Pundit, but at what cost ? You can’t just give, give and give all the time. Sometime you wish to be on the receiving end. SPA is giving too much to Mao goons now. They can atleast ban on the demonstration of the weapons, but no, we all are singing the song praising Maoists. Ofcourse they’re the one who brought Gyane to his knees.

  8. hold hold hold!!!

    If the maoists are seriously coming into the mainstream, we must welcome them but if they have other designs, then we must be cautious.
    One line of thinking would be be join peacefully based on peoples expectations.

    Another line would be to use force and threat the SPA into yielding all of their demands. If not they could try to win militarily after makuney and all are confused whether to name Nepal or Royal army. This will lead to demoralization of the army and could weaken it. Therefore everybody should be cautious to warn King, SPA and maoists that they dont conspire with each other. May REASON prevail !!

  9. OboutBlank, layman etc.

    No the Maoist weren’t completly responsible for the outcome of the protest but they played a major part! What the hell – the SPA was totally unsuccessful in getting people to come to the streets.

    Yes there was a air raid recently – it was all over the news Layman. You talk about the Maoist killing people – lets not even get into how the RNA (an agent of the state) has killed and abused thousands of people. Out of the 14000 dead figure who do you think has killed more uh? the maoist or the RNA??? might want to read up on this one!

    aboutBlank don’t call them my Maoist buddies! I don’t like the Maoist autrocities but they aren’t going away! Its easy to sit in Kathmandu or a foregin country and bitch and moan but Nepal’s reality is something completly different! The point now is that the Maoists need to lay down their arms and come to the negotiating table and as long as they do that we need to welcome them… Let’s not forget also that our political leaders f**ked up the last negotiations! Back then when baburam and prachanda were making a public appearence they could have captured/assinated them but they didn’t and now the movement as advanced so much that even without Baburam/Prachanda it can still continue.

    Coke – you are an idiot of an human being. WHy don’t you come here and say something so a change instead of our senseless idiotic one liners.

  10. It is not just a question of the maoist party. They call themselves the new regime. The fact that they have established their own system in significant part of the country cannot be undermined. They have their own taxation, governance and juidicial system!! It is a regime of its kind. There is another Kathmandu centered regime. It is called old regime. We must accept that we have two rules in Nepal, hence two armies. Our heads are in fact sandwitched between two guns.

    We don’t want that. We are looking out for a way so that these two regimes meet and work a way out. Peace cannot prevail until they exist. Most participants of Jana Andolan II realized that fact, hence the first revolution of twenty first century could take place.

    Let us not debate on which rulers the people like. A free and fair elections will show that. Those who believe in ballots should not feel uncomfortable with that. I think only the mandaleys are worried this time coz they will be wiped out from the politics.

    This movement is to remove all the “kings” – the king of Narayanhiti, king of Balkhu, king of Baneshwor, king of Nepali Congress, king of new regime etc etc.. We have had enough kings, and are fed up with it.

  11. yup we are all fed up of ‘old’ kings.

    Let us bring king of jungles and try our luck with him. I am sick of the experiments we keep on doing with our democracy. Everyone is trying to take an advantage of the situation. Talking about which, look at this poor soul Hari Sharma. He claims to go against UWB but at the same time advertise his blog here and then keep his sorry ass happy by the hits he gets there. That is the situation of our country guys. Pathetic !

  12. “Who is Richard Boucher?” Maoist supremo asks

    The top leader of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has alleged that a serious conspiracy is being hatched against Nepal internationally.

    In an exclusive telephonic interview with Nepal magazine published on Sunday, the Maoist supremo called upon all patriotic Nepalis “to become aware towards such conspiracies.” “We are of the view that Nepalese should not kneel down on anybody’s pressure and that no body should intervene or meddle on issues related to Nepal’s sovereignty. You write it in clear words, the kind of warning (US Assistant Secretary for South Asia) Richard Boucher is giving right now…tell me who is he and on what basis is he saying that this or that should happen in Nepal. Nepalese people should rise against all such tendencies,” he added.

    During his brief visit to Kathmandu last month, Boucher had advised the Nepal government not to include Maoists in the interim government unless they give up arms. He had also expressed doubts over their intention to return to peaceful competitive politics.

    The Maoist chairman, who is popularly known as Prachanda, said that his party wanted to usher Nepal into a new era through peaceful competitive politics. “However, if the way the US is warning, the royal army commanders indulge into conspiracies against us then we are ready to fight till the last. We are not in for kneeling down in front of American pressure and intimidation,” he declared.

    In response to a query by Bhoj Raj Bhat of Nepal magazine if he was likely to lead the Maoist negotiation team as chairman Mao did during the Chinese revolution in 1945 with the then ruler Chiang Kai-shek, Prachanda said it was not like that. ‘We are 21st century communists. We haven’t carried the extra weight of predetermined opinions. We don’t have any kind of dogma or fundamentalism. In order to make the Nepalese people sovereign and also make the Nepalese revolution successful we are ready to take any path,” he said.

    The Maoist leader made it clear that his party had reservations the way the seven party alliance decided to call off the ‘people’s movement’ as soon as King Gyanendra agreed to reinstate the dissolve parliament. “However, now that we have agreed to hold talks, we should annul the ‘old’ constitution and (dissolve) the present government. A new interim constitution and interim government must be formed,” he said.

    On the question of managing arms possessed by the Maoist guerrillas, Prachanda said the essence of the 12-point understanding (with the seven party alliance) was that the activities of both the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Royal Army should be put under the supervision of the United Nations or any other credible international organization. “There is no question of management. Whatever the constituent assembly election decides, the management (of arms) should be done according to that,” he said, adding, “What (the 12-point MoU says) in fact is keeping both the army under the supervision of reliable international organization, hold elections to constituent assembly and based on the outcome – move on to form a restructured new national army.”

    When asked about any formal or informal contacts between his party and the government of India, the Maoist chairman said, We haven’t had any direct talks. Yes, talks are certainly going on with the leaders of various Indian political parties. We are also holding talks with those political parties that are in the ruling coalition but there hasn’t been any official talks with the (Indian) government,” he said.

    Prachanda also refuted reports that India had a predominant role behind the latest developments in Nepal. “No, I don’t think so. In fact, the royal proclamation that was made in the aftermath of the visit of the special India envoy Karan Singh reflected the Indian way of thinking. In our statement dated May 4, we cautioned that nothing should be done against democracy, peace and progress in Nepal,” he added.

    Prachanda further said (as the people’s movement reached to the climax) Nepali people wanted to go directly to the political conference, formation of an interim government and then (holding elections to the) constituent assembly. “And through it — the establishment of democratic republic. But, here some political parties had put forward the proposal of reinstatement of the parliament. That was not what the Nepali people wanted,” he added.

  13. The Govt. should call the Maoists bluff and call the UN in to monitor the ceasefire. No more dithering. Both the RNA and the PLA should then be confined to their ‘barracks’. A sucessful peace talks must mean a surrender of weapons by the PLA. Meanwhile a simultaneous move to sever all ties between the RNA and the Palace must also be executed.

  14. Maoists are always a big Mouth. Nepali Journalists has helped them to become one as their photograph and interviews are published in such a sensational way that they can sell their newspaper and earn a lots of money.

    Maoists are mostly just Talk to Talk. They generally doesn’t fulfill the things they have said. Unless they drop their weapons they shouldn’t be brought into the government. There will be two different Army in one government for two different cause/reason, which will bring more conflict among armed force.

    If maoists come to peacetalks like previous ones just to make fool of government we Nepalese should gather(like in Andolan) and all go to Jungle to search and capture maoists leaders and punish them for not listening to the public voice.

  15. It doesn’t make any difference whether RNA is re-named as Nepal Army (as demanded by UML leader Madhav Nepal) or Koirala Army. The main thing is whether any political leader has courage to DISARM ROYAL NEPAL ARMY which is hatching conspiracy in regular way from very beginning to serve AUTOCRATIC RULERS OF NEPAL. It would be very brilliant idea SPA leaders and present parliament take decision to form NEW NATIONAL ARMY with clear rules and regulations to serve Nepal and Nepalese people. NATIONAL ARMY accommodates 50-50 percent lower level army personnel from both existing RNA and PLA (Maoists army).
    If SPA leaders do not think about disarming Royal Nepal Army, this democracy will not survive more than 5 years. I can guarantee it looking at its past.
    It will determine whether our leaders are only for high ranking posts, corruption, or really for Nepal and Nepalese.

  16. Let me introduce myself first. I am a Nepali from Biratnagar and I was supporting Monarchy till King Birendra. When his family was wiped out from the history, and looking at Prince Paras’s activities and King Gyanendra’s past, I’m not in position to support MONARCHY ANYMORE. I do not trust SPA leaders looking at their past actitivities. They are corrupted, they looted the country and made millions of Rupee in their pockets. I’m not sure what the Maoist will do.
    I support the idea of KIRAN KARMACHARYA that Royal Nepal Army should be rooted out to prevent from any future conspiracies.

    Pradeep Sharma

  17. Kiran Kamracharya
    ya lets disarm RNA and keep our mouth shut about Maoists fighters.

    Pundit, what is Nepal’s reality ? Maoists have got us by our balls. And the irony is we have no choice left but to put that phony smile and act liberal. We don’t want to hurt their feelings, we don’t want them to go back to the jungle, we want to be in their good books forever. That is the reality. If you truly believe that Maoists are sincere political party then, you have won Pundit and I don’t see any point in discussion. You can clearly see they are using this period for their propaganda. They actually think that they can use the anti-king sentiments and the impotence of SPA. And noway we can trust them. We need international mediation right away and need to deal with Maoists and RNA. Giving both of them enough time is going to lead us either to Army rule or the communist republic.

  18. I am wondering why there has been so much publicity about Maoists these days. The Maoists are very shrewd and are using the media (using the benefit of doubt as the autocrat did) to further their aims. Look at the statement of Baburam, who claims that the protests was violent. And, the leaders of the organization are giving open speeches and channeling videos, until revealed “secret”, to not only newspapers but also blogs and TVs. In the present confusing situation they want to inculcate the people that their armed rebellion was and is furitful. Be aware of these moves!
    I find Prachanda’s statements quite absurd and not fitting with the present polity of Nepal. If we follow his preaching then Nepal would be worse from Bad. He needs some awakening. He needs some inputs of the real world and the international politics dynamics. In his path, we would be no better than North Korea, a pariah state due to dogmatic leadership. Everyone needs to change to realize the dream of CA successfully.

  19. about_blank:
    The question isn’t about what I or you think. I am personally appalled by the Maoist arocities. But getting stuck up on this leads to nowhere. If you bring this argument up you have to question the atrocities of the RNA. Even the political parties can be held accountable because they authorized the infamous operation Kilo Serra which killed hundreds of innocent people and perpetrated this Maoist movement…
    It all depends on the CA. So lets work towards the CA elections and see what the people decied. If the people want the Maoist to come to power are you not going to accept that?

  20. Why do we even need an army? specially now, when we seem to have two!, I say, call a time and have them disarm at the same time. We have had enough death and blood for too long to call Nepal our peaceful country. This way we can focus on developmental, educational, economical and other nation building aspects and not be too intmidated by guns and bombs.

  21. In ilam, that’s gr8 they are walking free, but ilam is not the place where everyone is suppressed……………. yes some places are suppresses ………………………some JAMINDAR’S LIKE……………..
    (not all of of above………some are good )
    and many more

    they are the the the people to be wiped out of the socieity…………..

    they give you 500 Rs or Inifinity.

    after a interval of time

    question by jamindar…….
    I want my money back

    Ok u can’t give…………

    you have a cow!!!!


    Give me your cow, adding your dhan+++++bhayaj++++++swyajjjj —+++++=====COW

    he takes his cow and walks away…………..

    this is the normal situaltion in Nepal now, yesterday and today……….





    above all……………

    if u don’t believe me just see the employment database high officers and ……………. are all these people…………….






  22. And Bhattarai too

    and Pandit too

    Pandit jee is angry

    First ask the maoists on their offical views on Bhutanese Refugee Crisis and the Nepalese land encroached by India in more than 70 places.

    Any maoists here would like to give me details on your party’s position in these issues?

    Disarm the RNA and handover our internal and external security to the Indian army.

  23. “Disarm the RNA and handover our internal and external security to the Indian army.” is a bad idea.. why don’t you hand over the power back to Kamal Thapa. he was handling millions of people.. he is the man Isn’t it?

    Mandale harooho.. timiharoole jati natak gare pani kehi hallina aba.. decision will not be palace based and decision will be people’s based.

    I simply don’t understand why making army responsible towards the parliament demoralises it. why a national army of nepal would be more demoral than the private army of lovely paras shah. why changing the army theme of protecting king (even when whole royal family is murdered within minutes) to protecting people demoralises.

    in my understanding the ground soldiers are buddhu tesaile ta ti bir chhan.. do you still remember how bhupi mentions in his poem.

    hami buddhu chhaun
    ra hami bir chhau
    hami bir chhau
    ra ta hami buddhu chhau

    there is nothing else. they will fallow whoever it is. they went to army because they needed job. they couldnot do anything else. ask them all — they had enough of being army.

    I simply don’t understand why these brain washed mandale ever try to convince others saying the same thing over and over again. Now the fight is pretty clear. let us go to the constitution assembly and fight for it. if you wanna have your king then go there and tell people you should have king. I want the parliamentary federal republic of nepal. I will advocate it. there is nothing else to advocate for.

    Fuck all mandale’s

  24. Coke:
    Believe me I would not get angry with a sexually confused, immature idiot like yourself…I thin I mentioned in a former post that you should consider changing your name from a fattening American drink. With all the pseudo-nationlist comments you make your name doesn’t do you justice.

  25. Dear Bloggers please read the news in The Himalayan Times: Maoists Leave Passengers in Lurch; THT Online, Taplejung, May 9

    It sounds MBs are worse than Gaun Phark Panches and Mandaleys.

    MBs Principle: If you can not make them follow you then force them to follow you.

  26. Why is it that the country is still looking for brahmins to rescue considering that they were n are the blood suckers of the poor?

  27. Hey people
    how about arguments and debates instead of one lines that aren’t funny?

  28. Maoists and peace cannot go hand-in-hand. Their ‘social-justice and perceived equality’ adventures have already cost a country a lot. Just like Lenin grabbed power in 1918 in Russia, they are waiting for their turn in Nepal.

    I sincerely hope that SPA do not spread themselves too thin in the power-struggle as they had done before. And I hope that they do not promise moon when they cannot deliver it. I am not sure whether negotiations and refusal to disarm would go together. Maoists have put forward too many conditionalities – refusal to disarm, interim constitution, etc. The government must also put forward a single condition – that is disarm before negotiations.

  29. The Maoists must be defeated at all cost. There will be no compromise as long as they have guns. They will continue their military aims because they see a divided Nepal. Put aside your differences and unite with the RNA to defeat the Maoists. THEN draft a new Constitution. Survival first!

  30. Bedeshi:
    I have to say that you are just plain myopic/ignornat! There is no military solution! The RNA was fighting the Maoist for the last 8 years and they were able to accomplish nothing. Instead hundreds of innocent lives have been lost, thousands have been tortured and God knows how many dissapeared! So please Bedeshi don’t ask us to perpetuate this cycle of violence… where in the world have you seen a insurgency controlled militarily?
    Please think before you speak… we don’t need another Coke on this website.

  31. Bedeshi:

    military solution to maoists problem??
    haven’t your country got lesson from Vietnam war?
    Why let our land be some ‘military laboratory’ of u bloodsuckers??

    Maoists war is not only war of power and prosperity but also of dreams and idealogies.
    This is a complex war (if u can/care to understand)

    We people ,our government are working to solve this.

    U, an ignorant fool,a western manipulator better shut up and listen to others.

  32. Regarding Jungle there is an old saying you can become a friend of a Tiger if you agreed to be his dinner. Let us hope SPA does not become Dinner of MBs.

  33. Peoples aspiration has been neglected even in the new appointments..

    Prime minister
    Deputy prime minister
    Home minister
    All major party leaders
    All secretaries of government- chief secretary, minstry of finance, ministry of home etc..etc..
    supreme court, legals etc.
    Almost all the head of the government post
    Civil society, human right organizations, presses etc..etc..

    are lead by the brahmins….how they will keep places for another caste needs be seen seriously in future consitutional assembly…it is not the comminuel feelings but it is reality of Nepal…for which many more mass movement may need to be done in this country even after the establishment of the new constitution….many people might have to be sacrificed for their equal rights…which needs to be seriously judged immediately and action needs to be taken according to caste system and geographical locations….

  34. I am a Taiwanese. Want to publish to the maoists opinion.

    In my opinion, maoists is may not the ether trust?
    maoists method too violence?
    When I from the news knew they kill the police and to put the bomb to injure the common people?
    I extremely feel sad?
    Dies the person too was innocent?
    If maoists loathe your king?
    Why doesn’t use a more peaceful way?
    Who can guarantee they are the sincerity strive for the democracy for the people?
    If they have the power?
    Perhaps they will eliminate the democracy just Like Communist Party of China?
    If this supposition real occurrence?
    How will Nepal’s future turn?

    My English is very poor?
    If this article is not good please contains?

  35. Mr guest,

    If maoist violence is toward common people then why SPA and they join hands? Why people support maoist road-map? Why Prachanda will become hero of the mass movement? You should have to understand it is the aspiration of the people to bring maoist in main stream and let them rule the country. You can see maoists are openly coming to the people with respect whereas the parliament members are running behind the back door and not making guts to face the people. I think you might be clear about everything.

  36. [icd] man! Why the hell are these bloody Maoists being glorified? It is as if they were the ones who made this April Revolution a success.

    Let’s put this straight. It was the power of the (unarmed) millions that won the day for Nepali Democracy. We Nepalese did in 19 days what the Maoists had failed to do in a decade of bloodbath. And now that the battle have been won, it’s them, the bloody Maoists who are claiming victory. Make no mistake, we didn’t fight for the Maoists, we fought so that the we could disarm them and bring peace back to Nepal. They can’t just go about roaming freely with their weapons now.

    We people have to make one thing clear to the Maoists. This peaceful revolution was not only aimed at defeating the King, it was also aimed at defeating the theory of violence that they (the Maoists) have been following. Your guns have been defeated guys. Disarm yourselves and join in the peace process. Now that you have seen the people power, you wouldn’t want that to turn against you, would you?

  37. It is amusing that Taaya imagines me to be an American because I am against the Maoists. Tienmian Square in 1989 is an example of people power against guns. The people lost. Your demonstrations worked right into the Maoist plans for takeover. When they win you have only yourselves and your blindness to blame.

    Comrade Taaya, Does one have to be a Maoist to be a Nepali?

  38. taaya,

    [icd] you seem to be indoctrinated in an orwellian manner… your posts are funny by the way… funny and daft.

  39. Hi?Fanta

    Probably because I live in Taiwan?
    I do not trust the communist party very much?

    But I want to say?
    Each communist party revolutionary in the initial period all said they are for the
    The people because the loathing present situation supports them?
    But often brings not the ideal result?
    For example? China?North Korea?Vietnam?
    East Germany?

    Maoists in revolutionary period has the up to ten thousand people to die?
    Nepal’s economy also because of chaotic stagnates?
    The Nepalese people lose the thing too were many?

    I really am unable to maoists to have any confidence?
    You such trust them?
    I do not have the any comment?
    Hoped your opinion is right?

    After all?
    I also hoped the Nepal people can equally enjoy the democracy and the freedom like
    the Taiwan people?
    When Nepal stabilizes?
    I will go to Nepal with happy mind?

  40. as long as people have stomach and something beneath it….it will continue to create chaos for power and money. Democracy and communism and republics are just fantasies that never see the daylight.

  41. Hi all,
    Just a simple reason, why not a son of farmer “Prachanda” could lead a nation to overthrow “the bloody old regime lead by Royal dynasty” for almost 300yrs that only represents and work for less than 10% of people!!
    Do you know that we are the poorest country in the world??
    Who is responsible??

    Ruler, ruler & ruler – again royal dynasty!!

  42. Hi all,
    Just a simple reason, why not a son of farmer “Prachanda” could lead a nation to overthrow “the bloody old regime lead by Royal dynasty” for almost 300yrs that only represents and work for less than 10% of people!!
    Do you know that we are the poorest country in the world??
    Who is responsible??

    Ruler, ruler & ruler – again royal dynasty!!

  43. Maoists have Brahmins as their leaders, but I dont see one brahmin face amongsts the combatants and lower rakn and file.

  44. Hi Sl,

    So you do not believe that we are at the bottom of hell in term of economy, properious etc..??
    Hope you are not the one among the people that represents 10% of whole nepalese people.
    Otherwise, why you are barking here without making sounds??

    Can you save the bloddy king now?

    Are you still able to preserve the rights of 10% people that lead by killer king??

    Even, parties can not do now..

    Country is already on people hand.

  45. as long as people have “paapi peit and”…….it will continue to create chaos for power and money. Democracy and communism and republics are just fantasies that never see the daylight. This talk about kings, clowns, new regime leaders, and people power is full of crap.

  46. Rocky,

    Did you take these figures out of your ass, or do you have a habit of bullshitting?

    No I don’t believe “we are at the bottom of hell”, infact I believe we have’nt even gotten started. We have a lot of potential in hydropower, tourism, off shore banking, herbs and trade etc. that we have’nt even begun to tap in to due to outdated policies of governments and over reliance on aid. And of course the MAOISTS and their bloody violence, which you don’t even whisper in your comments and so coily overlook.
    Our problems are economic, the King, the parties and especially the Maoists have not given this country the time of day for our economics to take off.

    By the way, Rocky our economy is still growing (by 2-2.5%) even after no foreign aid last year and the bloody maoists.

    So this is why say say “Bullcrap” to you.

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