Kalanki Killings Through Lens

The royal regime has again shown its gruesome face. In an extreme case of brutality, the state killed three protesters in Kalanki. Kalanki was the scene of a grotesque massacre today.

Photos By Shaligram Tiwari

The Horror! The Horror! A camera, bloodbath and confiscated flag

A Dead Protester

Face to Face: Royal Rage in Full Swing

Rescue mission

Protesters Showing Bullets

A Pistol Weilding Police Officer

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77 thoughts on “Kalanki Killings Through Lens

  1. Hey Michael, What’s up? Well thank God UML does not practice the type of Communism you preach (radical type). UML are democrats too.

  2. Liberal communism is a requirement of this country otherwise country may see another bloodshed in future. take care communist. constitutional assembly may address this issues, middle class of nepal is a big economic, intellectual force of Nepal.

    Note: ‘Rawan’ was also a King. thou should not kill this king thou should tourture him. LOL

  3. Capitalism with a socialist flavour is what we need. Nepal because of it’s geo-political realities would never prosper under communism-liberal or otherwise. We are a poor country we need to prosper (while taking care of our poorer brethen).

  4. Oh no….I’m afraid that this discussion is now diverting towards pros/cons of communism. No more on this issue plz.

  5. Actually, something like the pseudo-social Canadian government would work nicely. In a nutshell: rich get taxed higher, poor get taxed lower, and the money goes toward a universal health care and providing a university education to those who can’t afford it.

  6. Yeah, Melissa, that sounds fine but Nepal being such a poor country I believe we need to catch up as fast as we can. We must let our entrepreners have the freedom they need to set up the appropriate industries. We must tax them but not to much (like in Canada0 otherwise it will stifle their initiatives. We really have to attract foreign investment as well.

  7. Well I was not ‘confused’ yesterday ;maybe i had somewhat prejudicial inclination and I rummaged thru the net and read about 10 essays on capitalism vs. communism. And, what i feel now is that both ideologies have their own advantages/disadvantages so I think a hybrid sort of government system-‘communo-capitalism’ can be experimented here and I’m sure it will be the better option.

  8. I am now not confused, all the participant in this blog is comunist.
    They do not want to talk about attrocities by Maoist. Rememebr out of 13000 kille by the maoist in last 10 years, 8000 are teachers and local workers of the SPA’s. They have forgotten that Th real problem of Nepal right now is Maoist and not the King G or SPA. It all beause of some mission patrakarita of some media that the killings of moist have been mae white and shootings by police made black. Untill and unless we Nepalese do not fogt the past very easilyy, this blood sucking Maoist, King an the SPA will continue thier wrath on the poor nepalese people and amass billions of Rupees outside the country. Remember sujata going to India with 3.5 billion Rs. when KIng G declared emergency.

    Remember UML, builiding its office worth 3.5 crores just after 9 months of its rule. From ehere a party of peasants and farmers got so much of funding.

    Remember daughter of prachanda and Baburam studying in London paid by their fathers.

    Rememebr King G spending 24 crores on visit of African countries on African Safari.

    This is the time, we have to wake up ad create a fourth force, which is not a part of SPA, Maoist or the King. But, if anybody comes forward with the idea, all these three powers will yell that the group is associated with the other one. If i recall attrocities of Maoist, i will be listed as pro-king, if i say that the present situation is because of the inability and greediness of SPA leaders, i will be labelled as pro-monarchy, if i say that the king must go, i will be labelled as Maoist. So who am I? Can’t i be ony a Nepali? I have seen this labeling in this blog discussion also. So please do not label others from their freedom of Mind. Nepalese need to be identified first by being a nepali and then maoist, congress communist or mandale.

    If you support the ideas, lets share it in big way.so that the hard core non-nepali first cannot sway away the discussion to out of blues thoughts….

  9. Couple of things first Nepal ko chhoro. No all of the participants of this blogs are not communists. Most of the people neither want King nor are fond of Maoists. But ofcourse from time to time you will stumble upon the likes of Vandeveer, I have learned to ignore his comment, do so , you will find this blog not so biased then.

    I am also not fond of Maoist. I also don’t trust them. Maybe it is too premature, but thinking of living under the rule of hardliners gives me goose bumps. But you also need to understand one thing, during past couple of weeks, they have kept their promises. They are letting SPA to lead the revolution. Well time will tell us about their intention but one thing I know, there is no place for Monarchy in Nepal and I am not a Maoist when I say that.

  10. Nepal ko choro,

    Are you a liar or an idiot? Do you know that of the 13,000 people killed, more have been killed by the army than by the Maoists?

  11. Maoist are also responsible for the rape of thousands of Nepali women by dacoits and sending millions of Nepali to India as beggers. .

  12. Sarki ko choro,

    Oh, I forgot. You are that perennial idiot. Sorry to disturb you. Go back to being an idiot.

  13. After everything is over and after people government is form eventually. WE should not forget and forgive all the henchemen and the cronies of the current regime. People like kama thapa and company and the chief of all the armed forces should be brought to the court of justice to answer their crimes.
    These ppl should not ever hold or be elected for any public service instead they should be behind bars for rest of thier unfortunate life.
    We let them go softly the last time, the same mandalys came back with a political party and entered again the political arena to suck the life out of nepalese like a parasites that prey on human bodies. These time this parasites should be terminated along with it eggs.

  14. hello mr. Shaligram ji,

    thankx for the photos, it really shows the inhumanity of the govt towards the nepalese ppl. really the security personnel in the fields r not to b blamed but the ppl in the top level of giving orders (mr gyan dai/maila dai) are to be blamed. they should b put to justice.

    Shaligram ji, i have to say this plz do not put the heading as “dead protestor” but rather a “saheed” would be an appropriate word. don’t u agreed, because the person died for a cause.

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  18. Interesting the first time I saw these pictures I was outraged.
    Now I am used to it.
    Normally we choose the level of violence to show or not. I think if you want the army to withdraw you show how they bug clean and normal people going to the job, police too, who stop taxi drivers and so on.
    And vice versa going to work people blocked by so called progressive forces for future.

  19. that is like my village I lived 10 years in kuleswor.

    Apart from rage and helplessness how people can do these things to each other that is the question.

    Police and army must seriously question the orders they followed and the heart and brain they had when these protesters were killed.

    I think it takes 50 years to memorize like the jews that were taken from life, the Tian men square dead students, the tibetans, and always right now is forgotten not perceived….
    who are the new jews of course those are Palestinians, muslims. People are always right AFTER the war.

    Now is interesting in Nepal. There will be a time of apparent normality yet all communicators understand that all dead people have relatives and friends. Not just keyboard in hand. Maybe truth comission is too high mourn the dead.
    That is what was always said about Germany the impossibility to mourn. And later on they became better in the sense that they took more immigrants than other european countries out of sense of guilt ….yet we all still hate germans.

    indians, chinese….

    Majorities minorities change. Same time this is samsara you hang on to old sadness you forget to live, now the world according to me should focus on Mother Earth not where your aunty was created.

    Ecological thinking pro immigrant thinking social and equality thinking.

    The protestors are right the police and army are wrong.

    And because they felt they were right and they were right this makes the entire country wrong.


    Hard to bear at what cost and price your flourishing economy.
    So a united effort was made to put Baburams temporarily on lead but not really not too much.
    Even it takes a generation or 7 loosers have a memory.

    This country needs a mental doctor. Not history lesson.

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