Kalanki Killings Through Lens

The royal regime has again shown its gruesome face. In an extreme case of brutality, the state killed three protesters in Kalanki. Kalanki was the scene of a grotesque massacre today.

Photos By Shaligram Tiwari

The Horror! The Horror! A camera, bloodbath and confiscated flag

A Dead Protester

Face to Face: Royal Rage in Full Swing

Rescue mission

Protesters Showing Bullets

A Pistol Weilding Police Officer

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77 thoughts on “Kalanki Killings Through Lens

  1. What is this all? I can’t look at those pictures.. I am frustrated ..super frustated with this king and his cronies… remember everybody all of the must be brought to the justice.. even those who claims to follow orders.. all of them.. democracy and human rights must be respected once all of this is over..

    Jay Kranti
    Jay Gantantra Nepal.

  2. Frustration, frustration and yes more frustration. Indians are saying, ball is in Raja G’s court, little do they know this guy has no idea how to play ball. He only knows mude-ball and he tries hard to bring the nation one more step down. What the fck this man is thinking. When will he know that he is living in denial. Granted he doesn’t see the mass in street, but for fcking crying out loud, doesn’t this man even own a television set ? Why isn’t any country offering him the peaceful exile. What an ass of a man .

  3. Once the democracy comes, we should take all these cronies including Kamal Thapa, Sirish Rana, and all the heads of Security forces to Hague to stand trial just like the guilty in Yugoslavia and Rawanda had to.

    So if you know anyone (relatives, friends, neighbors) in army, police, or Government, tell them about the serious consequences they will have to face. Tell them to give up. They will not win by killing Nepali people. The game is up. It is only the matter of time. The earlier they give up the better.

  4. Yeah, I am disgusted by these royalist a-holes. Today’s actions by the security people-those that commanded them, those that ordered the firing right up to the frog king will not be pardoned. Justice must and will be done.

  5. errr.. Hellow, it is not possible to bring the case to the Hauge as Nepal hasn’t ratified the Rome treaty.

  6. all good works of His Majesty the Butcher. now it must be easy to make decision for those who think king has still a roll to play.

    down with shaha kings
    down with rna
    long live locatantra.


  8. One day, G shah and his coterie will face same thing now Saddam is facing. Let’s get rid of this thug of nepal!

  9. What if the Government that comes after this government ratifies the treaty? Can these cronies be charged then.

    I am sure there was no Rome treaty during second world war. But some Nazis who fled to countries in South America and so on had to face trials even after surfacing 20 years later.

    I am wondering if any one is building a case right now, collecting evidences on chain of command that will link the kllings to these cronies. It may not be a bad idea to start a fund raising to bring these people to justice.

    My prayers to families of all the people who lost lives in this conflict. We should make sure that this regime pays for it.

  10. What does this king want from us?Just to play Fagu in Nepali Blood? or something more??

    He should be accountable for his every action against the democrats!!!
    Lets hope Leaders will not betray WE again.

  11. No I don’t think International Criminal Court has ever involved with WWII culprits. To my knowledge only three countries have been reffered to it yet. And they are Uganda, Congo and Sudan. Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda were created by the United Nations Security Council.

  12. And to your first question, yes Nepal can send it’s case no matter when it would ratify the treaty. But there are many reasons it will never happen. Countries ratifying the treaty that created the ICC grant it authority to try their citizens for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. What Raja G is going to be charged against ? Just assuming that Maoists are in the power in Post Monarch Nepal, Maoists can never take this chance. It will be like jumping in the well together with Raja G .

    We live in a very difficult country. Nobody got their hands clean. Everybody have their dirty secrets and ironically the opposition seems to know them.

  13. Forget about hague,we nepali can try him in republic nepal’s court and hang all these killers.

  14. But UN Security Council can always create one Special Tribunal On Nepal.Then all culprits and criminals can be tried.

  15. yeah… as mentioned by Layman, the UN can create a special court for Nepal if they want.

  16. Glade,

    What about using laws of some countries that allow prosecution of international crimes against humanity. I think Belgium’s law allows this. I am just trying to look for options. These people should not go free.

    About your question about what G will be charged with? We can always first try the foot soldiers such as Kamal Thapa, Heads of security forces and even lower ranking ones. May be they will crack down under pressure and point their finger towards G.

    Or it may be possible that there are evidences of chain of command (written or eyewitness) eg. Head of Security forces giving instruction to DSP’s and then DSP’s giving instructions to shoot at crowds. We know for a fact that Kamal Thapa said publicly that Govt would suppress the protest and this could be used as an evidence of higher ups being involved in Saddam Hussein like trial.

    Any idea how we can send these cronies to trial.

  17. Layman, Glade, Sahana,

    Do you know of any organizations collecting evidences eg. pictures, memos, video, etc. of atrocities so that we can use them against them in case of a tribunal. We have pictures of police officers weilding guns in pictures. It is important to save these pictures, identify them so that they can testify against higher ups for a plea.

  18. Public should resist fighting with security forces on field. Security forces should resist order of using excessive forces against public.

    Demorcractic leaders should reach out to security forces and forge a truce deal with them. One day they are going to be under democratic rule of great Republic Nepal and its people.

    We are not in war against police/army we are in war again Gyane and his chamcha’s who want to supress us wiht their autocratic rule

  19. We let go these killers who killed in 2046.. we can’t let them go again…. this time we must take care these killer and they will pay the price…
    I prey for their soul

  20. My brief experience with the UN says that the centre for all human rights isues is UN Office in Geneva.They are going to hold a meeting in June after converting Human Rights Commission to HR Council.The Office is headed by UN HR Comissioner MRS. Luise Arbor, a canadian lawyer. But our nepalese NGOs/INGOs are actively working there.

  21. Sahana, Layman … no. UN can not create any special court anymore since the formal formation of ICC in 2002. Yes before that UN used to held several ad hoc tribunals to try out war criminals, but after the case of Yugoslavia and Rwanda, everything is reffered to ICC.

    About Belgium, it is very interesting. And yes you are right Hellow. Belgium allows anyone to submit a war crime for prosecution in Belgian courts that occurred anywhere in the world which is known as universal jurisdiction or universal competence. Though it sounds promising, but it is very controversial and most of the time doesn’t affect the plaintiff much. It is no surprise that there are cases against George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf, Tommy Franks, Fidel Castro etc etc being filed. Right wingies and Central right parties of Belgium are very keen to get rid of this law and soon it will be history too. Interesting part is in an effort by the United States to pressure Belgium, Donald Rumsfeld threatened to remove the NATO Headquarters from Brussels unless the Law was changed and later that year cases against Bush and his gangs were dropped.

    Yes Raja G can be prosecuted in Belgium, and can be extradited there from the country he would probably exile to. If proven guilty and if Belgian courts are keen to do so.

    In my opinion, though I am not a lawyer, the best way to punish him is to put much effort on finding evidence againast him regarding Raja B’s murder. That will nail him down.

  22. Reliable source in South Block say;

    Karan Singh will talk about abdication as an option although Gyanendra is
    still in denial of his regime coming to an end soon.

    Karan, being an ex-Maharaja himself, of the ex-Kingdom of Kashmir, has lots
    of useful tips to share.

    However there is a problem, unlike Karan Singh’s Kashmir, Nepal’s can’t just
    yet be swallowed by India just like that and that means Gyanendra will not
    be appointed India’s ambassador to U.S. like Karan; sealing any chance of
    his desire to hob-nob with world’s powerful which he couldn’t, being a
    pathetic King of a pathetic Kingdom.

    So Karan might offer him a job as an antique dealer as lots of ex-Maharajas
    are involved in the antiquarian business to finance their post-royal but yet
    very regal life. Or Karan might suggest that since Gyanendra has a very good
    reputation and experience as an astute businessman in the field of trading
    of exotic animals, he immigrate to Kenya or Tanzania and start a Rhino farm
    to finally “legally” sell Rhino horns. This could be the best option for
    both Gyanendra and cash-strapped economies of these countries as both will
    mutually benifit from the trade.

    However a number of problems remain. As Gyanendra always had other people do
    business for him both as Prince and later as King and he has actually had no
    real experience in doing anything in life; the venture’s success might be
    questioned by the said countries’ governments, who will be as eager as
    anybody in making profit from the investment. Besides since Paras’s fallout
    with Siddhartha, Prabhakar Samser might be secretly rooting for Gyanendra’s
    eventual fall anyway. So without Prabhakar’s notorious acumen in getting
    things done for Gyanendra, it will be hard out there for him in jungles of
    tropical Africa. Paras will probably be just good for snorting the “black
    substance” out with the African handlers of the farms and randomly shooting
    the Rhino cubs before they develop the horns, thus actually ruining the

    And he can’t take the whole team with him to do work for him, like Tulsi
    Giri, Kamal Thapa et al. As in Nepal these people are paid by the National
    Treasury to work for Gyanendra and as he is so used to have the country pay
    for his personal employees, he will not like the idea of him having actually
    to pay himself. And most importantly he doesn’t just like to share anything
    with anybody. Otherwise that poor Shruti, who was not even on the line of
    throne, wouldn’t have died, just because she happened to be Birendra’s

    Driven to insanity due to this dilemma and reluctant to leave his current
    easy life he will yell at Karan to “fuck off” with his trademark sullen ugly
    face. He will say, “I die a King”

    In that case, frustrated Karan will blast out; “Are bahanchod, sala, life me
    kuch kam nahi kiya, fir bhi sala Raja bane baitha hai. Kya samaj rakha hai
    hamko. Sala ek din bhi nahi tikega, agar ham abhi wo Maobadi aur ye Saat Dal
    ke samjhaute ko samarthan karke, wo buddhe Girija ko kahende ki ab hamko
    Nepal ko Republic banana manjur hai”

    He will continue; “Sala iis halat me kaha jayega? Tujko, kohi bhi kahi
    rakhne ko tayar nahi hoga. Samaj rakha hai kya? Aare, abhi bhi samaya hai.
    Wo buddhe Girja ko Pradhan Mantri banade aur kuch bargaining kar apne leye.
    Nahito tereko ab ham bhi bacha nai sakte”

    Finally Karan will have enough of it: “Bahanchod, sala, army aur police kabh
    tak tera sath deye jayega. Wo log bhi sochne lagenge ki kabh tak ye pagal ko
    ham tikaye janye. Aare agar wo tera iis Army ka wo UN bala mission khattam
    ho gaya aaur sab taraf se sanction laga diya jaye to, kya ghans khilake
    rakheka kya ye Army auur Police ko? Tu sala itna kanjuush hai, tu to apna
    kuch dene wala nahi.”

    And beore leaving Gyanendra empty face and angree with his eye balls popping
    out and his dauura soaking wet, Karan will say; “Aant me ek bar mere iis bat
    ko kaan kholkar suun, tuu dwo take ka Raja, sala hamse gussa rakhega to ham
    tereko wo Sikkim ka Choogyaal se bhi bhattar halat kardenge, ye nahi bhulna”

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    Rgds / Jinge

  24. TO,
    King G.

    We, the neplese people, request you to leave our country. Please dont kill us. Please stop killing. If you prefer, you can take two or three helicopters with you, we dont mind. Anything more than that would be pretty harsh with us. And yes, please do us a favour. Never come back again.

  25. Before going to sleep and expecting a beautiful LOKTANTRA morning:

    A simple docrine:

    If you do good, you get good.
    If you do bad, you get bad.

    That is what KG has been experiencing.

  26. Glade,

    Thank you for the info. The above picture of the cop weilding pistol is so clear. If we can identify and put cops like him on trial. I am sure he/she will crack under pressure and point their finger higher up.

    I hope UN bodies/NGO’s/INGO’s are working hard on making a strong case against this regime.

  27. I cannot believe that the Nepalese people will stand for this all over again. When my grandfather used to tell me stories of people protesting against the Rana regime, and how they shot his teacher (he was one of the martyrs), I always asked ‘but why did they forgive the Ranas so easily?’

    Why indeed. They raped countless women, confiscated property, tortured people for their sick pleasure etc., and yet the Nepali people did nothing when they overthrew them. Why did they not confiscate the Ranas’ property? Afterall, the Ranas had looted from the people right?

    In the 1990 ‘revolution,’ I was in kindergarten and went to Triyog with the despot’s fat daughter. Once again, the people did nothing. They said ‘oh well, you shot us but we forgive you,’ to the King, and ‘here, take responsibility for us,’ to leery old politicians. At that time, I figured that they didn’t want to take responsibility for themselves. They want to be told what to do, like masochists who like to be beaten till they’re dead–just to be brought back to life to be beaten to death again..and again…and again.

    So if this king, who’s had children killed, says ‘I’ll give you your elections,’ are you going to back down? Go lick your wounds and wait for a decade or so before he gets power hungry again?

    What’s even more sad is that the country has no room for development. Hydroelectricity is a possibility but the terrain hasn’t been assessed yet so we don’t really know if it’s possible.

    Why, oh why do people think India wants to take over? There is no gold in nepal, no oil, only landmines. What could India possibly want with a country full of problems and no capacity to make money? What’s funnier still is how most movie theatres in Nepal play Hindi movies and how popular Indian cable TV is. Is it the insecurity complex brought on by a country that is developing at such a fast rate, into a super power of the world? Nepalese people abroad, like us, definitely don’t have the ‘India wants to take us over’ complex.

    So what are the people going to do this time? let him have his palace, bank account, and cars and cower in the corner like a stray dog that has been kicked too many times? Frankly speaking, he’s just doing this for fun. He knows that he’s probably going to allow some sort of constitutional government in a few days, and he’s just killing a few people now to show his power.

    One last thing, I don’t buy that Maoists are infiltrating the rallies and causing violence. If Maoists were there to cause violence, they would have guns and would shoot back at the police.

  28. Good morning Nepal !
    I hope and pray today will be D Day.
    May this dawn see no more blood
    pouring from people’s wounds.

    They shot bodies, not souls.
    My deepest compassion to the families and relatives of all the victims of this horrible regime.

    You are brave, be wise : the world is already admiring your revolution.

    Good morning Nepal !

  29. What’s the latest? Have our revolutionaries crashed into the palace yet?

    And what about that ‘speech’ that our ‘King’ was supposed to deliver? Anything on that? Was that going to be his farewell speech or what? I mean, how many speeches is he going to give? C’mon man, give up now, the end’s in sight, don’t waste everybody’s time by giving one more speech which makes you look like a joker.

    He’s had it. I think. I mean, I think Moriarity had a point when he mentioned that helicopter escape. I think he’s going to leave now.

  30. seems like gyane has been taking stock of his ill gotton wealth to fly out of nepal in a saigon style abdication.
    he may be writing frentic emails to all head of states in south america, africa or the pacific islands for that matter seeking for a refugee status, albeit via UNHCR.

    dear chairman, ur time is up. the show is over. please leave.

    we cannot tolerate u and ur cronies.

    Jai Nepal.

  31. The World seemed more than ready to arm and train the RNA & Police. They now seem to sit on their hands when those weapons are used against the Pople.
    Gyanendra and his group of Palace-Thugs are the same as Charles Tayler in Liberia and should be removed and brought before the International Court of Justice, charged with Crimes Against Humanity !

  32. I don’t understand why some people hate the current king so much. Political parties and Maoists were responsible for all this mess we are seeing. They deralied the constitutional process by dismissing the parliament and NOT holding the elections. From this point on, everything was unconstitutional, no matter what KG did.

    What is the demand of SPA? Handover power to people? How? What they are saying is that if KG hands over power with unlimited authority to SPA, that would be equivalent to handing over power to the people??? In a democracy, political parties get opportunity to rule for five years if they win the election. That’s it.

    Essentially what is happening in Nepal is that SPA broke the working system badly and general people started to despise them to the core. Now through this “revolution”, they can show them again that they are so “mahan” that they toppled an autocratic despot! Now again, they will have a blank check to rape Nepal again.

    Whole country has been highjacked by leftist activists and the King, who alone is standing by the 1990 constitutiona gets all the blame. Don’t everybody need to follow a process? If SPA wants CA elections, does King have to follow it unquestioned? Is that what the constitution says?

    Its so sad that demonstrators are killed by police in recent demonstrations. We all want peace and we all Nepali are brothers and sisters (remember when we Nepali meet in a foreign land, we immediately become didi, bahini, daju or bhai). Reason and common sense is the need of hour. Let’s not look back and blame who did what. Only way forward is to hold election of the parliament and change the constitution so that referedum can be held on important issues. When peace returns, we will go for referendum (after extensive discussion in a peaceful manner, like Australians did on monarchy) on many burning issues that needs to be addressed. This way, we are following a process.

  33. CURRENT DEVELOPMENT2 Hrs Ago: According to latest news that the King almost not agreed to India formula which was given by Dr. Karan Singh. The formula was:

    1. Interim government, PM appointed by SPA not King and interim government within SPA.
    2. Restore the parliament.
    3. Interim government deal with Maoist and participate them in government.
    4. Finally Constitutional Assembly.

    KING CONCERN: It seems he is not keen to agree that India proposal. Because of he want to form the government with is appointment of PM and no more C.A. Therefore now he plays the HINDU card and invites the Jaswant Singh.

    CONCLUSION: If he accepts the C.A. he will go (later or soon) if he didn’t accept any other option he has to go by the people’s power. There is news also that, US want he will go to exile in Hawaii same place as Marcos of Philippines.

  34. Melissa, time has changed. And I am sure that this time there won’t be any compromise with King. If you look back, both in 2007 and 2046, you will find one similarity. Our leaders were just dumbfounded after the victory. They had no proper planning. They were just fooled by the small piece of pie where Rana and Raja got their handfull. After the revolution in 2007 BP Koirala was more than happy to be a homeminister under Mohan Shamsher JBR. Do you think they had planned about that beforehand ? Same thing happened in 2046. King B called couple of leaders in one evening, asked them to select their leader, they talked for couple of hours and came up with the name KP Bhattarai. They got this habit of being pleased too early.

    I really hope this time they got proper plan. I hope they have already chosen the next prime minister / First president. I can only hope they have proper plans after the exile of Raja G. I hope they are not going to fight each other for the Kurshi. And I do hope that Maoists will keep on their promise and will come to main political stream instead of showing their armed power in the street of Kathmandu.

  35. Enough of it. I don’t think it’s time to ponder on how to bring the ‘mahila sahu’ and his accomplices to ICC, create tribunals/ad-hoc courts and felonies to charge them with. We haven’t achieved the Republic yet. Though it seems it’s all over now but nothing can be said. U never know! there are many possiblilities that may show up surprisingly like twist in a whudunit.
    Our goal is ‘absolute republic’ and once it is reached then we can sit together and decide about other things. We’ll have enough time then. But right now, there is a desperate urgency a dire need of the decisive blow. We need to end this movement as soon as possible. Whole nation is aching as during labor pain and we need to assist in the safe delivery. Lets not involve and indulge in unproductive discussions.
    Now about the punishment and trials, punishment is not a form of revenge. It is appllied simply for 2 reasons- 1)allow the person to reform 2)warn others of severe consequences if similar mistake is repeated. So in our case reason 1) may not be applicable but for reason 2) , I think the leaders(who will assume the authority)
    have already been warned by this movement. Anyways, we will of course give DEVIL his DUES but that’s the later part of story.

  36. The US indited Marcos in 1988 for raqueteering and embezzlement so even if he were allowed to go into exile in Hawaii, he could still be charged and brought to trial in the usa…and if he were to go to hawaii he would not have permission to travel outside to any other parts of the USA. and Hawaii is the furthest land mass from any continent in the world!! Good to stick him on a little island in the middle of the north pacific.let’s just hope that they put him on one of the many tiny outer islands, as far from Oahu and the Big Island, Maui and Kaui, as possible! But even in Hawaii, he would be an outcast, as ferdinand and imelda were…all she had left were her shoes (thousands, all paid for by the phillipino people who were starving)

  37. Ramesh Lama, the current king is giving orders for CHILDREN to be SHOT. I cannot understand how people can like him. I’m watching BBC news and women are being thrown around, children have bloody heads, it’s frightening. I believe he is an evil person, he is a sick psychopath who wants to kill people for ‘fun’ and because it’s in his power. And also, Nepal has an archaic constitution, I believe it’s time to change it.

    And let me be clear that I don’t believe in communism, I’m a capitalist consumer who loves shopping. I will never give up my hand bags, laptop, clothes, expensive chocolate 😛 (you get the idea). I would absolutely hate for Nepal to become the next Cambodia.

    But I don’t believe that in order to avoid communism, Nepal needs the king. I’m apalled at the thought actually. Political parties, some of you might say, will do the same thing. But you know what? You can vote for someone else in the next election. It’s like the people have no idea what personal freedom is and they’re afraid of the responsibility freedom demands.

  38. first of all, the so called king will not agree to any political solution to the problems infornt. He has shed blood of his own kins and relatives in his way to power and he is intent on shedding as much blood as required to stay in power.He doesnt care how many people die or get injured because this man( if he can be called a man) is a DICTATOR and dictators dont have hearts,souls or compassion. Only possible way of making him kneel down in front of the people is intensification of this revolution.Many people seem to think that international pressure might yeild the king in people’s favour.This is not possible simply because the sense of geopolitical situation and world politics in this king is so poor that he seeks support from failed states of Africa,fundamentalist states of middle east and his very own mentor pakistan(musharaff).Hence only our unification and dedication can bring a long lasting,fulfilling democracy in this country.Let all of us work on that direction instead of waiting for forgeiners to throw us a bone.

  39. Sorry to see the dead and wounded. But around a week ago Maoist severed the head of a traffic inspector in Bara, where was the outrage against that?

  40. Good work !! united We blog,keep up this spirit !! congratulations !!
    Remember the Tianamein masacre of China, how the emails informed the world even when China government clamped the media.

  41. Eventhough we are dead against this King, he has refused to budge. He is still ruling the country with iron fist.Only thing is that our political leaders are pretty confused. They have not given any statement yet. What thay intend to do after the restoration of democracy or republic.I do not still think that republic will come to Nepal so easily like American Ambassador’s wishful thinking.Actually Americans are over dramatizing the whole incident so that they want to see Nepal in trouble.Their last intention is to see the neighbourhood of China and Tibet in trouble.

    But having said that, there are so many republican supporters among Nepalese now.It is because of the behaviour of the King to the Nepalese people. He still thinks that the life of a Nepali is like the life of an insect for him. Like KIRA FATYANGRA BHUSUNA.So the republic is a distant wish.At least what we can do right now is that he can remain as only a ceremonial head like the Spanish King. We have to go through the Spanish constitution and keep him like the one after curtailing all his powers including that of Supreme Commander in Chief of the RNA. RNA also must be changed to Nepali National Army.I also want good functioning republic but that only depends on the intensity and grandeur of the present “revolution”, if we can call it one..

  42. Sarki don’t blurt out things without thinking. Most of us don’t trust the Maoists specifically because of their brutality.

  43. People seem to forget that the real problem of Nepal are Maoists and only the Maoists .. rest all can follow the logic and don’t have as big egos as Baburam and Prachanda have. They are just brutal murderers of innocent civilians and journalists.

    How quickly the journalists of Nepal forget Gyanendra Karki whose neck was slitted by Maoists infront of his wife and children.
    Dokendra is another example ..

    Just beware of Maoists ..

  44. Sarki, the King is an equally big problem too. Don’t be blinkered. But I agree with you on the violent culture of the Maoists-I really don’t trust them too.

  45. King can never sweep maoists.
    Maoists can never sweep RNA.

    Plus, they will never negotiate.

    So now is the time to blend them together and we, the people have to do it.

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