On Photos: April Uprising I

The first-day of four-day General Strike saw closures, protests and police clampdowns

Photo Essay By Saroj Raj Adhikari

It was a story of make and break. The only debate was who were trying to make and who were trying to break. Protesters were burning tyres, policemen extinguishing them; protesters were chanting slogans, policemen were chasing them and protesters were putting disturbance, policemen were clearing them.

Activists closed down the road leading to Kirtipur by putting up stones on the road and burning tyres.

Policemen cleared them.

The Kirtipur Municipality office with broken windows after the protesters stoned it.

There were arrests but not before the protesters at Kirtipur kept the policemen out of the city for more than an hour and contined chanting slogans and hurling stones at the advancing policemen.


Protesters burnt a motorbike at Teku in the morning. Although I missed the shot of burning motorbike as I was late, I could capture it after policemen extinguished the fire.

Popular student leader Gagan Thapa made a brief appearance at the protest in Ratopul and addressed a small gathering there asking the citizen to support the program and accusing the Royal Regime of wrong-doings.

Additional Text by Ujjwal

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74 thoughts on “On Photos: April Uprising I

  1. Hear this all! Why are the Maoist’s so powerful? Because they’ve got our janjati foot soldiers backing them. Why is the King feeling so secure? Because his real RNA fighters are our janjati brethen. Why is the SPA such a lame excuse for a ‘national political coalition fighting for democracy’ ? Because like Mr. Pundit they ignore our janjati’s aspirations and don’t bother to make us feel part of national mainstream!

  2. ahile ko sthiti lai eso bichar garda what i feel is that the country is entering into an ‘idiocratic’ stage where major decisions and incidents following them are completely irrational, thoughtless and childish while the decision-makers are morons, nuts, jerks or whatsoever words u use to describe such persons.

    First talk about so-called movement of the 7 parties ‘jaslai khubai thulo revolution ko rupma prachar garidaichha’. Have u ever noticed what is this movement being governed by? ‘MOBS’. This movement is completely mobocratic , governed by masses – a collection of asses. Just look at the majority of the aandolankaris – by a single glimpse u can recognise their type – street urchins, hawkers, khalasis, hooligans who are hired in a very cheap rate to vandalise , hurl stones and cry out disrespectful low-priced slogans. They cover about 50% of the protesters. And then come Party cadres , activists and student leaders which I’m sure more than 70% have the pure intentions for the greed of post. While I do have good regards for the rest 30% who are fighting with real spirit and vive to restore the democracy and a bright future. Although they know the reality of those 70%, they are bound to stay together.

    Next comes the media. The reigning media , kantipur aka the 8th party instead of bringing out the facts and unbiased news is busy spreading propaganda and airing news in such a clever way
    ( appreciable!) that the public who perceive anything in a straight manner( average IQ ) will set their mind against the government. I know that Kantipur is targeting against government and Maoists at the same time in order to prove that the 7- party is the one and only legitimate power at the moment and that other two powers should be ejected or at least stripped of of their dominance. But the real mission of Kantipur is something clandestine and surreptitious which I’m sure will unveil with time (let’s not play the guessing game right now).
    The government media, Nepal TV on the other hand is lame like a dead horse. Mainly because like other governmental offices and projects those who are managing the media are merely working for salary and so is the ‘Sanchar Mantralaya’. The news is so boring , monotonous and totally ‘pracharatmak’ bhajan. If they change the outlook, add interesting features , include sensational coverages , employ more creative people with new ideas then definitely people will slowly start liking it and as the time goes by, become hooked to.

    And then comes the government. This government is no doubt the most coward one I’ve ever seen since the start of my conscience. There is one basic metaphysical theory- ‘Whatever you give more attention to manifests for sure’. Let’s say u have a fear of a disease which has very less probability of showing up . You keep on thinking about it, u take up every preventive measures even though u just think about the fear of getting it then it is definite to show up. Similar is the case right now. Why to fear of the movement and add fuel to it? How many , what percentage of population will show up in the protest? Very few. Then, why invigorate it with
    Unnecessary measures? Just pay no attention to it and see the result. I’m not just making any hypothetical remarks, it’s a fact.

    The fourth one, Maoists. Well I don’t want to make any remarks about them because I can’t say what are they at and what are their intentions. I don’t have anything to say to them except that they have no other alternative than to lay down their arms before it’s too late- for them and for every single person of this nation.

    The fifth one, security forces are getting frustrated at the same time out of control. On one hand their morale is getting low due to the defeats they are facing on the field and on the other hand, some of them are disillusioned with the power thinking they can do anything without a little risk. Lack of punishment is major problem in security forces right now. Similarly, they are completely incapable to deal with the protests and agitations. So the media and protestors are taking the sole benefit from it. The policy makers in the security department should do a good homework before dealing with the protests and advise the policemen to remain totally calm and unflustered and act rationally while dealing such situations.

  3. Kirat, grab the opportunity to prove your worth and join the protest against guns of Maoists and Monarchists.

  4. Mark my words…as long as the aspirations of three quarters of the country’s population is ignored Nepal will not know peace. You think burning a few motorcycles and tyres is fierce?

    Countrymen unite and realise the truth before it is too late. Can’t you see where all this is ultimately leading? There was once a country called Yugoslavia… a people called Hutus and Tutsis…a term called ethnic cleansing.

    Don’t think this is the worst it can get…the way the cards are set and the games the players are playing it looks inevitable that it will get worse.

  5. kirat you got right here. but dont you think that communists bahuns like baburam and prachana duped janajatis.

  6. JJ wants janajatis to fight each other under commands of elite caste. watch out kirat. it is on best interest of janajatis that they stop fighting for baburam and prachanda–the communists bahuns.

  7. let’s not start an ethnic issue . IT’s a senseless thing to discuss in 21st century and that too by an educated class of people like us.

  8. JJ & pawan,

    I want to support the SPA but I’m not sure because I don’t want to be used like the RNA and the Maoist’s use my brethen.

    Some of my best friends are bahuns and chettris and I have no problems with any Nepali because for good or bad (I would like to think good) whether you’re a limbu, bahun,gurung, newar, sherpa, damai etc we have decided to call ourselves Nepalis.

    But in my daily life and from what I see around me we are constantly reminded that we are different, belong to some other group, made to feel like an outsider etc. What’s wrong is wrong and such segregation and discrimination, whether it be subtle or blatant is wrong. I feel I’m a Nepali don’t make me feel like a Rai and not a Newar or a Bahun. Cultural diversity is great but draw a line went it becomes a cultural domination.

    We can argue for years about the King, SPA and Maoists-but all we really want is peace and prosperity, our voices to be heard, to have a say in what happens to our society and country. Each of us should have an equal opportunity to do this and not just a section of the population. Why do we have the Maoist’s? What do you think the King is exploiting? Why are the SPA such a failure? Because regionally, ethnically and culturally our country is not inclusive enough. We are always marginalising. The King favours his own, the SPA, please this is the truth, is Brahminized and the Maoists are just exploiting this with all their false promises to the marginalized.

    What difference can ‘one’ make? Hey don’t forget even a billion starts with one. Only when individuals get together does it become a group. It’s really that simple but it’s not really that easy.

  9. Hey ray_of_hope,

    You can’t pretend to be in the 21st Century when you have unsolved 18th century problems. And ethnic issues don’t need to lead to hatred and violence. There is a better way to solve these problems. Hey and we don’t need to re-invent the wheel-Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela had already done that for us. We just need to reject what is wrong and support with all our heart what is right.

  10. Hatti aayo Hatti aayo fusssa…..

    That is what i felt after first day of bandha. Why everytime in bandha these mobs have to vandalize public (& some private) property.

    Haven’t we seen enough of these now and then in last 12 years, in the name chakkajam & nepalbandha ?
    There was NO LEADERSHIP, all kahlisis, khates were chanting what they were taught morning for 50-100 ruppess. Mobs vandalizing, cats and mouse game.

    aggh…. this is not the way we will be restroing democrarcy(or whatever).

    Unless young generation unite, create big group and protest IN FRONT of Rajdarbar, be ready to shed blood, its useless.

    The loss of 4 days of NEPAL BANDH is NOT WORTH
    for these kind of childish game.

    I am completely DISSAPOINTED.


  11. Nepalisongs, I share your depression! But chin up-try to look for the positives! Even though it might be money luring them even our khalasi’s are getting a political education. Just hope it’s the right kind. Empowerment!

  12. Its so depressing the photographs of burning tyre. At first I thought that is it Iraq, why is blog Nepal is publishing Iraq photographs. Then I realized that oh its Nepal.

    This is what the so called “SAT PARTIES” call their peaceful demonstrations by creating chaos in the people, vandalizing country’s infrastructure.
    Lets ask any one person who has been seen in the photos that what are they doing and why are they doing it. They will just say that I did it for money. Those are the people who has been paid to go for the demonstrations. Otherwise, an average person who has to go to work every day support his family won’t have time to go for some demonstrations for foolish reasons. Think about it people the cheap demonsrations which requires money to be paid to people to gather the mass. Do any think so that this sort of cheap demonstration acheive anything? I don’t think so. Instead this has just become an act of destrying the country’s infrastruture.

  13. Mero desh,
    it is not depressing for your king to suck on our blood?
    is it really depressing for you cuz your support for the feudal king will soon turn futile due to the tyre-burning?
    is it more the worry about losing the palace job that you have? the job that pays you just for supporting the repressive government here on the blog?
    you are a hypocrite, you take money from the king and blame us the true fighters in the street?
    Stop playing Kamal Thapa; you do not have any nation except the palace nation, you are anti-nepal and anti-nepali like your king and his cronies

  14. Mero desh thinks that the average guy is employed and has ‘work’ to go to! Wonder what the rate of unemployment is in Nepal? Why do you think these guys are risking arrest and injury for 50 rupees? Duh!

  15. It is necessary to keep the fire burning. ONe thing I am sure that King cannot sustain long and he has to give in or he will stay till the country will be finshed economically and politically.I think someone from the military like a General should come out for the people’s support.

  16. Dear Mr. Kirat,
    I support you 100% in what you have said.

    UNLESS THAKURIS, BAHUNS OR CHETTRIS stop their partiality against Kirats and Newars, the country’s problem will never be solved no matter what sort of Government comes.

    Bahuns, chettris and thakuris are alienting themeselves from other castes. Look at the current generation of Nepalese people, more people are interested to learn and practice their own culture than they had been before, Newars, Lama, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Rai and Limbu they all want to practice their own culture and remember their own glories now.

    Newars and Kirats helped various government forces since the time of unification of Nepal, however they were used by each and every government formed till date and were deprived of their rightful benefits in the form of representation in government forces.

    Just look at Government staff, Police and Armed force, its full of bahuns and chettris, regardless of the fact that the educated people from other communities, especially Newar community has a very high literacy rate.

    If you look at University graduates, engineers, doctors and other personnels, the percentage of Newars and Kirats combined will be more than 50% but if you look at impportant government posts their representation is less than 5%.

    If you look at culture, Newar and Kirat culture is far deep rooted in Nepal as compared to bahun and chettri culture.


    If the current situation continues continues, it wont be long before Newars and Kirats will rise and ALL THOSE CASTE DISCRIMINATORS may find themselves the victim of their own plot.

    Mr JJ, I dont support violence and we dont need to rise by using violence.





  17. Like I have mentioned I completly agree with Mr. Kirat and the need for a more equitable distribution of power amongst the ethnic groups. It is crucial to stop this
    Bhun-Chettri-Takuri hegemony.
    However, I don’t quiet agree with everything said by Concerned Nepali. Firstly, the Newars have not been as marginalized as the other ethnic groups in Nepal.
    Newars have been a very successful and vibrant business community for a long time. In propotion of their population I also think the Newars have had decent political representation since they are an influential group especially in Kathmandu (where is all matters anyway). The fact that there aren’t Newars in the RNA might be expalined by other reasons besides discrimination (eg. continuation of the family business from one generation to the next etc.)

    Now this issue is a very sensitive issue and it has to be delt with very carefully. A forceful over enthuistic approach should be viewed with caution since the outcome is unpredictable. I don’t know what could be done – perhaps some sort of affermative action? But this has backfired in many countries. I think the first step would be a consituent assembly that reflects sentiment of the current demographic. From there the people could decied.

  18. A concerned nepali, you are totally wrong about newars. Eventhough newars are only 6 percent of the population, they are everywhere such as in the cabinet, bureaucracy and even in the Royal Palce service. Actually they are overrepresented.

    In an average as par my personal experience, they are not the good administrators. For Kirat, I can understand that they were marginalised.

  19. Kirat,
    I agree with you about the Janajati, the indigene, the native.
    I am bahun janajati (do not laugh), but I am anti-bahun, specially when Bahunism or castism devalues and discriminates other castes.
    yes, the indigene has been always exploited by all the social and political sides.
    i am a strong supporter of elimination of caste system in Nepal.
    there must be a law to punish those who discriminate people on the basis of a caste. in any case, discrimination against the indigene must be stopped.
    their rights must be protected.
    also, for sometime, the ones on the margin of the society should be given opportunities to rise to the level where everybody else is.
    the history cannot be reversed, but this is one of the ways to pay back to them for what has been done to them: a sort of affirmative action could be opted for in the the effort to lift the indigene up.
    hopefully, this will solve many ills of the society, and the socially privileged, king and political parties, etc., will no longer be able to use the Janajati as shields to hold on to power against the will of the general people

  20. not enough pyro-acts
    we need a lot more
    so soujourning the ethnic issue aside for now,
    i will soon be heading to attend to my favorite tyre-burning campaign
    the pyro-action must spread like a wild fire,
    must spread everywhere,
    wherever it can force KG to bow to the will of the people,
    i also ask my pyro-friends
    be careful not to destroy any public property
    but the street and the vicinity of the KG and his government centers must be our focus and must make sure they are seen as smouldering with black clouds of smoke

  21. Punditji and Limbuji,
    Please accept my sincerest thanks as you both proved my point that there is still caste and ethnic discrimination in Nepal.

    Mr Limbu, you commentated that Newars are not good administrators. ISNT THIS A RACIST COMMENT?
    I never knew that caste can make someone a better or worst administrator. Your comment is similar to somebody in England where he commented that Africans have less IQ than others, well he had to face a lot of penalties because of such comment but I am sure that in Nepal people like yourself still prevail.

    Do you still believe in stupid thoughts that bahuns have better brains than rest of Nepalese?????

    Punditji, your claim also seems to a bit baseless this time, though I really value all your other comments that you had posted in this blogsite. Well it should not be someone else to tell that NEWARS are not interested in armed forces, this has been the old plot to deprive them from important government jobs.

    Newars, definitely are much advanced when it comes to education and business sector and this should not be called over-representation. Its a choice of any individual in which type of career they want to pursue but when it comes to representation in the government, where jobs are controlled then their representation is still very negligible.

    However, I do agree in Punditji comment that this issue should be dealt carefully, we already are under a civil war, this sort of ethnic division can make it even worst. Thats why we as Nepalese need to rectify ourselves and make ourselves non-discriminating.

    Let us remember that change start from ourselves.

  22. A very concerned Nepali:
    It’s not that anyone is telling Newars that they should not join the armed services. What I was trying to say is that due to their socio-economic background Newars are more likely go into business/education/politics rather then join the armed forces. I agree that what Mr. Limbu said was incorrect. But in every society – from Africa to even India it is not uncommon to find a certain ethnic group specilizing in a certain sector of society. It doesn’t mean that they cannot do something else but because of their family enviroment they are more inclined to follow a certain path. I don’t think this in itself is discrimination or there is anything wrong with it. However, in the RNA’s case certain officers are promoted on the basis of surname and family connection rather then merit. That is discrimination.
    And Newars are not over represented but they have good political and representation like Mr. Limbu pointed out.

  23. I have strong sentiments against the so-called drive for democracy. Democracy does not come with broken glasses,neither does it come with burning tyres and stoned roadways.
    I haven’t seen this sort of movement anywhere other than Nepal and it makes me sick. What is the point of having stones all over the road? One group spends all its energy to get the stones on the road and the other pulls them out. What is the point,democrats?

    People want freedom. They should have the right to do things they want without any interference. I have been writing all along for the poor folks whose life is based on daily earnings. The illusionary “good tomorrow” is never going to come for them. And still, they have to struggle hard to survive today because they cannot work. I know these stupid bunch of people will never realise it but it is the sad truth.

    They have been on the road for more than a year by now obstructing the work of millions for many days. Who is responsible for this? The parties have to take the blame.They should find alternatives to deal with the problem of G. This is not a movement worth the costs.

    hari sharma

  24. i was there in 1990 popular movement hoping that it will end shah kings. but it did not happend. though one can not reverse the history, this time i hope movement will end the shahs kings.

    i dont agree with some poster above regarding my community. like they have aleady decided upon what we can do and what we cannot or what service we shall join and what we shall not. what are you talking about. its not you guys to decide upon us. you guys are just good at descreminating other community like bahuns, its not going to help present movement any good.

  25. Back in 1990s, people believed they had to be anti-Indian to be patriotic Nepali. Now it is crystal clear that it was a ploy to continue the authoratarian regime. Shame on all you Royalists, this is 21st century and you still believe on feudal system? I would not like to turn my clock 200 years back, would you? Who ever comes to power is not the point here, the point here is ‘Does this country belong to a handfuls?” Pity we are fighting for democarcy in todays world. This phase should have been ended 60 years back.

  26. Kirat:
    let me start by saying i too am a yakthumba and so i also fall under janajati. and i also completely agree that bahuns are one of prime reason for pushing us backwards..but it was yesterday. now if the modern generation is back then it is definitely not because of bahuns but because of ourself and people like you who only know how to play the blame game and elongate it. bahuns did cause our backwardness but it was yesterday and nobody today has blocked our path to go forward. ever thought why a bahun from the limbuwan goes up while a limbu ends up ploughing the field. and the only valid reason for that is, a bahun works hard to reach somewhere a janajati stays there blaming.
    its not that a person from the janajati cannot go up, there are numerous example of people stepping up and reaching somewhere. dr. harka gurung, bairgi kaila, subash nembang………. numerous people have shown that smartness is not only a bahuns pewa. the gentlemen above worked hard and reached where they are today.
    it is a completely stupid idea to include somebody in someplace because he or she comes from certain gruop. just because a person happens to be a female or from janajati is no enough qualification to run for the Prime Minister. if the person has what it takes, then it is something. and also to include the janajati..what do you mean by that… well even if included, tell me who includes them..some bahuns right. so how respectable is it to take a pity to be precise from bahuns to include the janajati in the power cirlce and not that the people from janajati have forced them into the circle on the basis of their qualification.

    and finally, blaming is not gonna help any body . we all need peaceful nepal and not “peice”ful nepal.

    Jay Nepal.

  27. I support the views of limbu and kirat. I do not agree with A Very Concerned Nepali.Actually we were not concerned about Newars here we were talking about problems of other Janajati.Newars are over represented in every field in proportionate to their population. They are the most communal of all communities. When there are fifty people talking in Nepali language, when two Newars meet, they start talking in Newari language.In bahun communities, I find Kumain Bahuns are most communal.

    But anyway,there is 33 percent of Bahuns and Chhetris in Nepal.Even in Maoists, most of the leaders are from these communities. No body can stop them because they have the majority. Only problem is to bring the other disadvantaged communities into the mainstream.They must not be discriminated in the nation building process.Here we should not also forget about the communities who are living in Tarai.

  28. How was ganesh man singh treated after the 1990 revolution. How was prakash man singh treated… now and then.. it is something that have created vacuum. Newars shall not be used again, not by anyone!!

  29. replytoall

    Your are oversimplifying matters. Sure it is upto the individual to work hard and try to do something with their lives. But the obstacles in achieving that something is made much more difficult if you come from a marginalised community. Just look at official government communiques-the Nepali language used is so sanskritized that even some of my Bahun friends have difficulty reading it. Why don’t they use simple Nepali that all of us can understand? This is a form of segregation no matter how subtle. It excludes people whose mother tongue is not the sanskritized Nepali that Brahmins are familiar with.

    Just go to any big company or organization and see what community the majority of the employees come from. You know why the imbalance? Because 80% of the staff hired have been recommended by a senior government bureaucrat (tax official, customs official, ministry official, etc) or politician.

    It’s so easy to simply say work hard and you will achieve your dreams. Sure one has to work hard to achieve something but why should I have to work twice as hard as my Bahun friend to achieve the same thing?

    All we want is a level playing field and right now as Nepali society stands this does not exist.

    I feel sorry for you replytoall that you seem to sterotype your own people as lazy and incompetent. How sad for you. I guess you wish you were a bahun or a rana. How sad.

  30. i am extremely to write these lines…
    tried of writing in UWB pages…

    right now i am in the computer room of library of Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital,maharajgunj, kathmandu and i can still hear the protest by doctors outside. i am a medical student here. i have just come from the protest going on in the hospital premises since this morning.Yesterday also there was a protest aggregation. and yes it will be there tomorrow as well.It is matter of great sadness to come across this highest degree of political instability in the country and now doctors, health workers and medical students have also started to come out to the street! Indeed it is a very bad thing to see such a scenario.DOCTORS IN THE STREETS!Government has been the cruelest force ever in the history of this counrty, with the cruelest king now! Maoists are continuing their rebellion against this monarch and now political parties have also joined maoists. hope this strong united force changes the shape our future.

  31. Hey Kirat,
    i am very proud to be a Yakthumba, and by the looks of it, i see myself being more proud of my origin than you.the blame game that you are playing shows more so that you wished you were a bahun or a thakuri so that you could had been from one of the so called better commnuity.
    blaming others dont show how proud you are about your origin. i know that i was potraying it in a very simple way cause everything is simple untill you complicate it yourself.yes there are 80% or even more representation of one community in the work force and the power circle. and tell me why not? why should not it be that way? if you were in a telling position, who do you think would you pull if you had a chance; you think i would be pulling a ram sharma or a hari luitel….i bet if you could you would some one of kirat commnunity would you not..and please dont give me crap that you would alwyas play by the books…….and also for what you had to say wether you accept it or not a koirala will always try to pull a koirala up in the ranks…there are a lot of dissatisfied people in the nepali congress cause they see that Gp is only pulling or pushing the koiralas. same applies everywhere.
    now the morale of this whole thing is it might seem to you that i am calling my own community lazy and dumb but the truth is what it is….and that is if a bahun from terathum can come to kathmandu,stay in a shared rooom, study in a college and write a lok sewa exam and then join the work force to ultimately be hihg ranking beaurocrat.. why cant a limbu do that.i know that bahuns nepotism and favouritism has a huge role to play in bahuns being everywhere but please dont tell me that each and every other bahun has done so because he has somebody to back him/her up.
    have you ever seen how many people from our community has written a lok sewa ayog exams….. i saw the data of i think 2052 or 54 dont remember and there was only 2 rai who wrote that exam and not even a single limbu…. now if you dont write a test then how in the hell you expect a somebody limbu to be in the ranks.
    that was for only government jobs…and the same applies to the private sector. if the highest you dream is joining the british army then how in the hell are you gonna be in the place where you have a say.
    it seems that kirat you are the one who is not digging being a kirat or you are too much a pussy to not believe in yourself and hence you leave me an impression of being a big time player of the game that i name Blame Game.

  32. replytoall,

    You seem to be happy with the status quo. Fine you are entitled to your opinion…which is that your limbu people are dumb and lazy! My Tumbahangbae and Angdembae friends would really like to…ahem.. meet you!

  33. hey folks, it is easy to talk sitting safe inside ur room in front of a computer with a cup of coffee and demand this change and that.If we want changes lets go outside. Nobody will fight for us. we have to do that ourselves…

  34. thats what is very amusing. the attitude you have is the core reason for the underdevelopment of we the indegenous people of nepal. and u might wonder what am i talking about and that is ;the lack of accepting positive critisicms and a little bit of self evaluation. blame game dont help nobody. dont want to see nepal being another Rwanda.

  35. hi UWB guys, any reasons why you blocked my posting?

    UWB! doesn’t block any comments unless its racist or using unacceptable words. However to fight with the spam comments we have installed a anti-spam tool which may sometime block the comments which we moderate as soon as possible.

    =Ujjwal for UWB!=

  36. layman,
    bahun-chhettri comprise 33% and yet 90% of the civil servents are from these community and you claim their representation is fair. what the hell man. so check your facts before you write.

    and secondly when you talk to your mother you dont speak in hindi or urdu, do you?

  37. layman
    bahun-chhettris comprise 33% of total population and yet 90% of the civil servents are from these communities. you call it fair representation? what the hell man.

    secondly when you talk to your mother you dont speak in hindi or urdo, do you? or you do, because someone else might accuse you of communal.

  38. This is damn ridiculous really.

    I request everybody to be wise enough to be a human being and not prove themselves worst than wild animals.

    I presume we all are literate and let us show that we have some wisdom as well.

    Somebody commented that newars talk in newari when they talk to each other.
    In fact I am a NEWAR but I am learning tamang language, because I realized that many tamangs find it difficult to communicate in NEPALI. So, it should be an individual choice which language he speaks and MOTHER TONGUE should definitely be the first priority.

    In fact, in the future I think newars should talk more in NEWARI.

    NEWARS ARE most educated community but in terms of the educated ones getting government jobs, they are under-represented. Even in place like Kathmandu Valley, Kirtipur and Banepa, I still dont see any public service, or any government service offering service in Newari language.

    Isnt that underrepresentation?
    In Kirtipur, more than 90% of the population are Newars, still there is a police force and government officers where u dont find a single newari speaking person. So what sort of plan of government is that, forcing people to speak other language that their own.

    Its a well known fact that government staff in a particular community should be representative of the population. I live in a ward in Kathmandu where 90% of the population are Newar and I find the ward office is a bahun. How on earth is he going to communicate with many newars who dont understand newari properly? Well all I am saying is that in places where newars are there government and all public offices should at the very least offer services in newari language.
    In fact government should have locals to represent local people. That is send people to their own are from where they come from. So a bahun from Gorkha should be sent to Gorkha and a chettri from Mechi should be sent back there, back to his place where he feels comfortable.

    You can send all the bahuns and chettris to where they belong. If they are representing their own popluation then let them go their own jilla where majority of speakers are bahuns and chettris.
    Its really ridiculous to have a bahaun or chettrri who dont understand any thing about newari culture and language to be serving a office where 90% of target population are newars.

    I am sure that I am being 100% rational. We dont want a bahun or chettri representing us in election or in government offices. Isnt that what democracy is all about, local representation.

    So you see, its a well designed plan to deprive Newars from practicing their own culture and speaking their own language.

    Most of the government offices in Kathmandu, dotn even have people who can give service in Newari language.

    Nepali language is made compulsory in SLC. In the past many schools used to offer Newari language, however the Panchayati regime prevented newars from studying their own language in SLC.

    Despite the fact that high percentage of Newars giving LOK SEWA only handful end up in government jobs. Isnt that a discrimination?

    I think this is no different than how Kurds were treated in IRAQ.

    Revolution of 1990s got succesful due to the contribution of countless newars many of whom suffereed years in Prison. Where do you find them now??

    The Janaandolan itself have tens of thousands of Newars on the streets which significantly contributed to democracy.
    Its a well known fact that unless you have strong support of local newars no movement is going to be succesful.
    So, its high time all people should start honouring other ethnic backgrounds such as NEWARS and TAMANG in more humanly manner.

    I think NEWARS of KIRTIPUR AND PATAN should instead of demonstrating for bahun leaders of SPA form their own alliance and fight for better representation.

  39. Err..the idea guys and gals is to not discriminate. Celebrate the richness of our diverse cultures but don’t put others down, don’t discriminate, give everyone an equal opportunity. Yeah let’s change this Bahunization/Thakurization of Nepal into a more equitable society but not by hatred and violence.

  40. Quotes By Concerned Nepali on the subject of racisim and ethnic discrimination:


    “You can send all the bahuns and chettris to where they belong”

    “We dont want a bahun or chettri representing us in election or in government offices”


    “I am sure that I am being 100% rational.”

  41. Punditji,
    Thanks for your prompt comment.

    I did not mean to offend any bahun or chettri. I just suggested newars representing and working in Newar location and likewise bahuns/chettris working in bahun/chettri location. At least in government level these things are mandatory I think.

    Is there any problem with that?

    Of course where there is a central government, one needs to have combined representation of TAMANGS, KIRATS, MADHESIS, THARUS, NEWARS as well as BAHUNS AND CHETTRIS, but not just bahuns and chettris, please…….

  42. A very concerned Nepalese,

    Why should there be combined representation of ethnics in central governemnt? Why so much halla khalla here about ethnicity? ONLY THOSE SHOULD BE IN GOVERNMENT who are competant and can Manage. Understanding the sentiments of all Janajatis be it Tamangs Kirats madhesis is one good virtue in feudal Nepal. Yes each and every person might be proud of his her ethnicity. But do you think all of us nepalese are fortunate enough to boast of our culture like you?

  43. bravo, people of kirtipur and patan. you guys done well. lets start removing shah kings and its 250 years of atrocities.this time we will not listen to any scraps of leaders. this time we do something good for ourself. lets declare kirtipur,patan,bhaktapur, kathmandu a ‘shah king independent area.’

  44. hi UWB,
    you guys did block my last couple of postings.

    i assume it was because i was suggesting the political parties to go back to the people in villages instead of taking to the streets with no public support, which actually was being counter productive to them. i suppose you dont like people saying anything against the parties, is it?

    you claim to censor/block the racist remarks, but in this posting here you have this whole bunch of people being nothing but racist. whats the deal?

  45. yes indeed! the kirtipurites deserve a ‘bravo!’
    for their bravery, right? To chase away the policemen and declare the area ‘police-restricted’ is really a valiant achievement. But, can they declare the same area ‘army-restricted’ or ‘government-free’? Who are those policemen? Pathetic government officers posted 24 hours to combat the thousands of protesters with mere bamboo-baton on their hand. On one hand they are burdened with the duty to suppress demonstration in any means and on the other hand take care that the VIP leaders don’t get hurt and no one has to suffer fatal injury. Their morale is 50% less than the protesters beforehand. Moreover, they also have the fear about the future when the current protesters will take the authority and they will be obliged to pay salute to the same.
    Most of us visualize policemen as ruthless, insensitive and ‘robotic’but when u just analyze the psychology of an ordinary policeman during protests like these, u will know .
    These policemen are simply government employees with guns and batons on their hand. The real representative of the king are the RNA who are loyal to the king no matter who will be in the government. So, I would give a ‘syabashi’ from my heart if they can chase armies in the same way they did with those pathetic policemen.

  46. Ram lall and A very concerned nepali,
    You should understand the points. There are only 6 percent Newars in whole of Nepal.In Kathmandu valley also, Newars are surrounded by all other communities like bahuns, chhetris, Tamangs,Magars, Rai Limbus etc.If there would be real ethnic rioting, Newars are in minority in the valley. Be careful to blowing up your communities rights. There are so many other important things than pushing Newars up in Nepal.They are already enjoying whatever they desrve.Do not expect that in Kathmandu or other adjoining areas the officers speaking Newari will come but try to learn Nepali and try to assimilate in the Nepali cummunity than to segragate yourself if you have to stay in Kathmandu Valley.”Do not have enemity with crocodile if you want to stay in the water.”

  47. layman,
    so you admit we have been segregated. and you admit that we are segregated because we speak newari.
    in valley we have been segregated, marginalized since prithvi narayan and you are telling us there is more on the card in form of ethnic roit. you one hell of recist, this is too much. rigth now ethnic roit is not my priority, as royalists want to see it right now. my concern is to liberate kathmandu valley from grep of shah kings.

    as for speaking in newari, let me tell you again, you dont speak to your mother in hindi or urdu, do you? if you understand the meaning of the question then you will understand the meaning of mother tongue.

    tamang, limbu, rai has their own communities so does bahun and chhetries. so what do you mean by nepali community. do you khas community?

    and lastly if you really insist on ethnic roit, we will see it but not now, later when … well you know when.

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