Aerial Assault: Survivors' Images

Images from Nepal’s Arghakhachi District where civilians were injured in an army aerial attack against Maoist “terrorists”.

By Deepandra Baduwal

Arghakhachi aerial attack.ask Jeevan Gautam of Khidim VDC-8, Arghakhachi whose family members were injured
Surviving an Arial Assault: If you want to know how it feels to be the innocent victim of the ongoing conflict in the country, just ask Jeevan Gautam of Khidim VDC-8, Arghakhachi district. In an aerial attack launched by the army targeting the Maoists rebels down on the Earth, Jeevan’s second son died. No, no, no, he was not a Maoist. Jeevan’s other two sons, a daughter, a grandson and a granddaughter were injured in the incident. Now, after knowing all this, do you even need to ask him that question? Thank God, he has not been branded terrorist yet!

Arghakhachi aerial attack.81-year-old Bir Bahadur BK

Okay, he is 81-year-old Bir Bahadur BK, a local resident who was injured in the same aerial assault.

Arghakhachi aerial attack. Injured is 9-year-old child.

And she is 9-year-old child. Yes, look at her cheek. Injured in the same army action against the ‘terrorists’.

Arghakhachi aerial attack.Fortunately, this 85-year-old wasn't injured.

Fortunately, this 85-year-old wasn’t injured. She is pointing to that part of he house was got ‘injured’ by the bullets fired from above.

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80 thoughts on “Aerial Assault: Survivors' Images

  1. Simple,
    KG is no longer part of the solution !
    KG and his Mafia-Associates now huddle in Pokhara to plan to take as much wealth with them as possible.
    They plans include those unmarked shippments on RNA which leave Nepal each day.
    Idols, gold, or whatever these crimminals can steal-from-the-Nepalese-People..

  2. thats it. might sound ridiculous to many but what is true is ‘we do not need an army in nepal’. what is it for? to defend the autrocities of an unpopular monarchy?

    the role of an army is usually to take part in cross border security or defend the country from foreign intervention or attack. but which foreign country is attacking nepal? if there is any, then what is our army capable of doing? nothing. it has always been used, misused and over used by the vested and selfish interests of our unpopular monarchy.

    about taking care of internal security of the country, we have a police force which is capable of doing the duty. well, may be not perfect but it can always be improved and made more efficient since it is accountable to the public instead of a screwed up king.

    scrap up the king’s army and disslove it into the police force. we do not need it.

  3. Sleek,

    There is no point in trying to convince you of anything as your mind is made up due to personal reasons and subjective views it seems, rather than objective thinking.
    So let’s just leave it at that.

  4. Michael,
    You may feel that way, but if you see my earlier comments I have mentioned either a ceromonial monarch or a democratic republic, and no matter what we go for it is not possible without making the King understand through tough pressure and negotiations, these are the ground realities, we cant just wish him away. Besides, I am not so sure that strong influences like India also want him off the throne, maybe they want him as a lesser power, but not off the throne altogether. As for Nepalis deciding for ourselves without outside influence, well that’s also another one of those fantasies. After all Micheal, even your blog, no matter how limited it’s access is, can also be termed an outside influence don’t you think?

  5. Please do put up more such photo-stories that bring to viewers reports that do not find themselves in routine press reports from Nepal or outside.

    Helicopters are counted as “non-lethal” aid.

    What irony.

    Now how about some photos from Ilam. There was aerial bombing there too.

  6. Simple is using my words again and again; still he is debating against the very argument he is putting. No consistency, no logic, just arguing for the sake of winning the debate on the basis of his non-ending, round-about opinion. This is typical feudal mentality. You are telling Michael simply wishing will not help….. and You are refusing to accept the same fact when I put it into your mouth. Silly !

  7. Simple,
    As to “outside infulence” one need only look to the Indian Maharaja’s who have ruled Nepal since 1768(King Pithvi Narayan Shah), or the US who has trained and armed the RNA, or India who controls most goods coming or leaving Nepal or China who delivered truck loads of weapons to see NEPAL IS NOT AN ISLAND.

    Your point well taken, Thank you.

  8. KG is still a part of the solution. you will see how the Maoists will accept the monarchy, very soon. And the rest who are supporting for a republic without knowing Maoists real intention will be left amazed.
    Maoists are like house-pets for the Indians(cadres excluded). They will follow the indian line. India will soon change its line on Nepal, this i predict and you will see it soon.
    KG will agree on constitutional monarchy, finally he will be the loser in terms of loosening grip over the Nepali politics but he will be there.
    for all the stupid republicans here i declare that If there are some people who want a republic there are also many who want to keep it.

  9. Dear Michael,

    I agree with most of your points re: outside influence. However, I dont know who has been telling you that King Prithvi Narayan Shah is an “Indian Maharaja”!!!!! – He’s most definitely a home grown product from Gorkha a descendent of Drabya Shah. If anyone, it is the Brahmins who have come from the sub-continent and influenced us over the past three centuries. You can see the majority of the political parties, judiciary etc. are headed by Brahmins (Poudyal, Koirala, Bhattarai, Dahal, Nepal, Upadhyay, Wagle, Oli, Pandey, Lohani, Subedi, Pant, Mainali, Ojha, Gyawali – to name a few) and they have definitely been a dividing force amongst the people of Nepal with their views on cast and creed, unfortunately manupilated to their needs and adopted by the royal court. Hence, all these archaic ideas that the King is an incarnation of Vishnu blah blah, an idea no doubt imposed by the royal priests in the days gone by.
    So yes, the Kings were always influenced by outside forces, which could have been a good thing, but with these Brahmin imports and their fatalistic ideas, the influences were not good for us at all.

  10. Coke,

    You sure are a Palmist! Jite Raho…Long live COKE and his prophecy. But the sad part of the story is your travel to Jawalakhel last week. SIMPLE and COKE; COKE and SIMPLE, Two sides of the same coin.

  11. It is most unfortunate when the RNA make mistakes like this. However, the media has a large hand to play in making the RNA so disliked by the forum here. Do any of the media report atrocities against RNA and their family with such regularity? I dont see any photo reports on that. Many RNA families live in fear everyday from the threat of the Maoists hunting them down as their husbands and now daughters and wives are in the army. Do we get to see indiscriminate torture of the police and army by the Maoists in any of these headline news? Do we get reports of the life of fear that army personell’s family are living through? The army has a great responsibility and have to function within many rigid rules, the Maoists can and have broken all of them every time, there are no rules of war for them.
    Mistakes do happen, and the RNA should make sure that they are not repeated, but an insurgency of this type is not a straight forward process – guns and war are ugly by nature.
    Would the people in this forum have the RNA go back to their barracks and not fire a shot and let the Moaists take over? Believe me, none of us on this panel would be spared by these murderers.

  12. simple,

    Don’t you think that you said up is right and wrong ? Nepal has itself a giant problem since Nepal was attacted /captured by alien outsiders. you said up there are few cunning cast (Poudyal, Koirala, Bhattarai, Dahal, Nepal, Upadhyay, Wagle, Oli, Pandey, Lohani, Subedi, Pant, Mainali, Ojha, Gyawali ) …they are not only most corrupted but also around the world whenever they used to live as Nepalese government officer, i saw myself one of so-called Gyawali,Mainali…[icd] and became a [icd] among the Nepalese society in the Bangkok Nepalese Embassy….millions of embassy budget has been stolen and nowadays get him out but by the nepalese society in bangkok and also presure of thai government, they are now fled away nor in nepal nor in Bangkok, might be western countries….I think they are all must be back to Nepal to confiscate their all robber money of Nepalese embassy budget of bangkok….I do not agree with you if you said they are original Nepalese…they themselves said to me when i went to renewal my passport at embassy. “we are indian tribal “

  13. All Republicans,

    Please let me know who you would vote for as President.

    First of all there will only be the usual suspects competing for the post (Girija, Madhav, Deuba, Kamal Thapa, Surya Bahadur), these guys will never allow the new generation to stand.

    Second, what sort of Presidency will it be a two man race, a 100 man race or a one man race? Is it an Indian sort of Presidency or a U.S. type of Presidency? If it is a Indian type, we will still have the same old Prime Ministers running the show, because the party decides who is PM not the people. The people vote for the party, but even if someone votes for a certain party they may not like the choice of the PM by the party, if you know what I mean.

    Third, if we chose the U.S. type of republic, I guess independents will also be allowed to stand for elections, this would mean anyone with the resources including the present King.

    Why does’nt the UWB team write an article on this topic? You can call it – Our Style of Republic – Indian Style or American Style or Bannana.

  14. I AM SERIOUS! No joking this time.

    1. Have you guys ever called home and asked your mother/father how is politics back home.

    2. I called my mom one day and asked her how is politics goin, n she said i don’t care.

    3.When i asked her about Ram Bahadur Bomjan, she said now i’ll try to find out what really is the case. I was stunned.

    3. I asked her what about the rally in Baneshwor(close to my home), she replied i don’t care.

    4. But she said she had problems only when she has to walk one and half hour when there is a BAND coming back from her office.

    5. She was a Congress cadre when she was youung and also won an election in her school days. She participated in 2046 Jan Aandolan, she was also working then.

    6. May be its the same with all of us who grew up in ktm with the same family background.

    7. I am confused

    Hey guys don label me as a royal horse, it hurts!

  15. Has anyone heard anything on the Maoists planned attack on the valley? I hear many of them have already positioned themselves just over the hills of Kathmandu. Hence the lack of their cadres in places like Rukum and Rolpa.

  16. royal horse, ha..ha
    the king is half Indian?
    paras wife is indian
    his grand mom is indian
    all your kings marryed in india except one or two
    the ranas or kunwars are from india
    indian royal horse, go to real campus, study and learn history

  17. Along with the Kings the Brahmins and others also entered from India .
    before that we all came for persia and before that from Africa.
    So i am an african horse.
    I am studying in Tanzinian National Universoty at the moment.

  18. The only King to marry Indians was Tribhuvan. Ranas are not decendents from India although that is their claim. They are Kunwars from the hills of and around Gorkha. Brahmins are originally Indian and probably gave the Shahs and Ranas the idea of being linked to Indian royals etc. This sort of thinking imposed by the royal priests really divided the country with the caste system and such.

  19. #kunwars are from kumau ghadwal in india
    #junga bahadur’s grand father is from there, not from gorkha.
    #Drabya Shah is third generation indian.
    #say goobye to bahun and chetri and send them back to hindu kush mountain, afghanistan pass (coke is from there)
    #chankhe2 is kirat from mongolia or newar from burma since newars are indo-burmese? go back home and write shah history

    #no people left, nepal will be peaceful without your kuheko dimag

  20. Indian coke,

    Where do you get all this rubbish history from. Jung Bahadur’s father and ancestors came from Kaski, and Drabya Shah decended from the King’s of Nuwakot. Very much in the hills of Nepal. You have fallen for the same made up history that the royal priests have chalkedup to show that the Shahs and Ranas are decendents of Rajputs.

    Indian Coke! You go back into your original Thumbs Up bottle. Do it in a hurry my dear Hari from Bihar or is it Jharkhand now?

  21. News said:”Has anyone heard anything on the Maoists planned attack on the valley? I hear many of them have already positioned themselves just over the hills of Kathmandu. Hence the lack of their cadres in places like Rukum and Rolpa.”

    Let us give this question to our blogging buddy Comrade “Maoist for people”. Tell us what the progress report is on this bit of news?

  22. at the moment i don have time to go there coz my prof is really pissing me a lot. thanks for your advice.

  23. Chankhe2,
    my birth town is Rimik, Sikkim, which borders with Terahthum, District, Nepal. This 100% nepali town but in india.

  24. Coke,

    Did Mr. Shah drop you off in Tanzania while he was making his African trip?

  25. i find my friend in manan
    to clean off MBs n G ko guuz from beautiful nepal

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