Maoist PLA Integration: Latest Updates

1. The Party decides to end dual security to its leaders (removing Maoist PLA guerillas from some Maoist leaders’ security details. These leaders will continue to receive security from the government police/army) 2. Party hardliners are not happy with the Party decision. They table note of dissent. 3. The Party convenes a meeting where PLAContinue reading “Maoist PLA Integration: Latest Updates”

Constituent Assembly term extended for three months

By Phanindra Dahal After hectic parleys late into Saturday night and wee hours of Sunday (today), the political parties struck a five-point deal, paving the way for a three-month extension of the Constituent Assembly. According to the pact signed by top three leaders of the three major parties:  1) the Constituent Assembly term will beContinue reading “Constituent Assembly term extended for three months”

Constituent Assembly: The Day the Deadline Expires

As the clock ticks down to the expiry of Constituent Assembly (CA) term, the political parties have intensified internal and cross-party talks from early Saturday. The political parties are holding intense negotiations to forge an agreement for the extension of the CA term. The Legislature-Parliament slated for 8 am in the morning convened at 11:12Continue reading “Constituent Assembly: The Day the Deadline Expires”

Nepal banda: Bus burnt in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: A small group of criminals set a passenger bus on fire at the Manohara bridge early in the morning today (around 4:30 am). The bus was coming out from a garage in Balkot, Bhaktapur, to ply on the Nepal Yatayat route, according to my colleague Makar Shrestha who reached at the stop some 15 minutes afterContinue reading “Nepal banda: Bus burnt in Kathmandu”

Statement of Concern by the Nepal Donor Community

Today: On behalf of the international donor community, the United States Agency for International Development is releasing the following statement: Statement of Concern by the Nepal Donor Community Regarding the Impact of the Continued Political Impasse The international donor community would like to communicate to Nepal’s political leaders our growing concern regarding the negative developmentContinue reading “Statement of Concern by the Nepal Donor Community”

Sushil Koirala at the Helm of Nepali Congres: The Road Ahead

What does the strong showing of Sushil Koirala panel mean for the Nepali Congress and the broader national politics? By Akhilesh Upadhyay The much delayed Nepali Congress General Convention is finally done with. For now, the battle for succession is over. It is another Koirala. Acting President Sushil Koirala, 71, has consolidated his hold onContinue reading “Sushil Koirala at the Helm of Nepali Congres: The Road Ahead”