Tired of Arrogance, People Rise Up Against Maoists

In their bid to prove the presence of their ‘government’ Maoists are doing everything that they can do in the time of peace: from ‘arresting’ gundas and hooligans in the capital city to stopping people from playing cards in villages. We all know they are in the process of bargaining in the peace talks andContinue reading “Tired of Arrogance, People Rise Up Against Maoists”

Update on Peace Process: Today's Political Developments

Update: Thursday, Sept 28: The much-awaited “summit talks” between the top leaders of the ruling seven-party alliance (SPA) and Maoists, earlier said to be held today but postponed for tomorrow (Friday), has been put off until the conclusion of the Dashain festival. (Here is more.) Based on a report by Balaram Baniya and Ujjir MagarContinue reading “Update on Peace Process: Today's Political Developments”

Peace Roadmap: An Appeal To The Leadership Of The Eight Parties

39 Nepalis (see the names below), buying space in Kantipur daily, appeal to leaders of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoist party. This appeal was first published in Nepali in the Sept 21 issue of Kantipur as an advertisement. Sri Girija Prasad Koirala, Sri Madhav Kumar Nepal, Sri Sher Bahadur Deuba, Sri Amik Sherchan, SriContinue reading “Peace Roadmap: An Appeal To The Leadership Of The Eight Parties”

Arms Management: A Part of Nepali Politics

Political Threats: The Seven Party Alliance (SPA)/government of Nepal and the CPN (Maoist) have their own understandings, viewpoints and stances on peace and political threats. UWB: Here we produce a ‘Situation Update-IX’ prepared by Kathmandu based NGO Conflict Study Center with contribution from Dr. Bishnu Pathak and Chitra Niraula. UWB received this analysis from CSContinue reading “Arms Management: A Part of Nepali Politics”

Prachanda Meets Prime Minister: Hope Of Peace Gains Strength

Thank God, finally it happened. The meeting between Maoist supremo Prachanda and Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala happens at a time when people were desperately looking for the second round to high level talks between the government and the rebels. The meeting also happens at a time when Maoists are intensifying their activities like extortionContinue reading “Prachanda Meets Prime Minister: Hope Of Peace Gains Strength”

Terror Continues: What Will Happen To Peace Process?

While they are protesting possible violation of code of conduct by the government, Maoists are intensifying their anti-peace process activities. Here are proofs: Contacting From Captivity: Jodhi Sahakanu of Devapurteta in Bara district. He is in Maoist captivity following a conflict between locals and the rebels a week ago. He is talking to his motherContinue reading “Terror Continues: What Will Happen To Peace Process?”

Moriarty's Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal's Peace Process?

American ambassador is visiting Nepali Army’s sensitive barracks one after another as if he is the defense minister. By Sudheer Sharma [Excerpt of an article in Nepali by the former editor of Nepal Magazine in Friday edition of Kantipur daily. Translated by UWB for the benefit of those who somehow know how to give lectureContinue reading “Moriarty's Barrack Journey: Sabotaging Nepal's Peace Process?”