Freedom Will Prevail, Autocracy Will Expire

By Dinesh Wagle Updated on 03 AM GMT June 9: Police released all journalists this morning who were arrested from a protest rally in Kathmandu yesterday. Journalists were requested to sign a paper that stated, not exact wordings, “Some people who were arrested today for ignoring the prohibitory orders…have been released..” They didn’t mention specificallyContinue reading “Freedom Will Prevail, Autocracy Will Expire”

Tundikhel Mourns the Forceful Departure of its Guests

By Dinesh Wagle on June 8th, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal No easy breath in Nepal’s famous open air theater: Gauri Kala Upadhaya, 58, from Jumla, West Nepal, lost her belongings in the forceful evacuation. All Pics by Wagle. Tundikhel is mourning now. This open air space in the heart of Kathmandu is mourning theContinue reading “Tundikhel Mourns the Forceful Departure of its Guests”

Sawari Terror and Dui Kinara Enjoyment

Watching a Nepali feature film after a traffic hassle By Dinesh Wagle After two days of delay, my Dui Kinara (two banks/sides), a Nepali movie, plan finally materialized. Devu Babu, as I call him (the witty Devendra Bhattarai), was there with his hunger of Tulsi Ghimire cinema. We enjoyed the movie in Biso Jyoti cinemaContinue reading “Sawari Terror and Dui Kinara Enjoyment”

Government Wants Us to Think that Airport is the World

Travel Ban Continues in Nepal The royal government is not tired of repeating that everyone is free to travel within and outside Nepal. That’s in plain words. It does just opposite. Nepalis willing to travel abroad go to the international airport with all their documents: valid tickets, visas etc. When they are about to boardContinue reading “Government Wants Us to Think that Airport is the World”