Why They Were Not Invited

Madam Rocca is looking for Democracy in Nepal

By Dinesh Wagle

Isn’t she Mr [American] ambassador [James F.] Moriarty? I think Mr. [Prakash Chandra] Lohani should know about her quest. Pic by Wagle.

While attending a talk program on “Nepal-US Relations Today” organized jointly by the Institute of Foreign Affairs and the American Center this afternoon, I found the ‘better half’ of the theme of the program terribly missing. Visiting assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca was the chief guest (not specifically mentioned so) of the program and problem Nepal is experiencing currently was main theme of the talks. That is to say the Maoist problem, Feb 1 derailment of democracy, detention of political activists. Plus, US assistance to Nepal for development and for curbing insurgency. Rocca spoke in detail about US presence in Nepal.

Another speaker on the program was Prakash Chandra Lohani, former foreign minister and co-chairman of newly formed Surya Bahadur Thapa political group, Nepal Janasakti Party. I was not amazed that this royalist supported the Feb 1 royal takeover by stating in his written speech that “His Majesty has repeatedly expressed… his ‘unflinching commitment to multiparty democracy.’ There is no need to doubt its sincerity.” I am not going to explain Dr Lohani why there is an urgent need to doubt the royal intention but want to talk about the program itself. The better half thing.

Both speakers (Rocca and Lohani), as I have already mentioned, talked about current turmoil in Nepal. Lohani used the term derailment of democratic process somewhere in his speech but that disappeared deep inside his lecture. I had to look through his speech as many as three times to find those terminologies. Here is what I found prominently mentined. “It is not my intention here to blame anyone individual or any political parties for this failure [of not being able to have coordination] and “consistency in the views among constitutional forces regarding the strategy of dealing with Maoist terror.” His real intention, I felt, was to criticize political forces and support the royal takeover.

Pro-democratic political parties, who are the major stakeholders, were not represented in the program. They are the ‘better half’ of the current situation in Nepal. Without them, no problem can be solved in this country. Why political parties were ignored and not invited in the program?

I am trying to break the code. Look at one of the organizers. Institute of Foreign Affairs (IAF) that is headed by Nischal Nath Pandey. N N Pandey? Yes, son of Ramesh Nath Pandey, the foreign minister of royal government. Crystal clear? The only consoling thin is that Madam Rocca is personally visiting political leaders and holding talks with them.



Comment by Bir Ghale — 5/10/2005 @ 8:29 pm

What’s wrong in NN Pandey organizing the seminar? He is a well known writer himself. He doesn’t need to be blamed for being some minister’s son. Why don’t the political parties organize similar talk programs so that Rocca could participate?

Comment by Ram — 5/10/2005 @ 8:42 pm

yes, if Mr. NN Pandey was airegaire ko choro he would be made head of an institute so early? There are hundreds of writers like NN Pandey. Do they get wow posts like him? He is the son of that RN Pandey so that’s why he is there at the top. Prakash Chandra Lohani, another [icd].

Comment by maya — 5/10/2005 @ 10:46 pm

NN pandey is the son of RN pandey that’s why he was able to get that post. common there are hundreds of writers out there like NN Pandey whoa re struggling day and night for bread and butter.

Comment by hari — 5/10/2005 @ 10:49 pm

“Pro-democratic political parties, who are the major stakeholders, were not represented in the program. They are the ‘better half’ of the current situation in Nepal. Without them, no problem can be solved in this country. Why political parties were ignored and not invited in the program?”

Please come again. Unless you’re a party karyakarta yourself, it is surprising to hear such remark from a aspiring fair minded blogger. Can you give us a single thing the parties have to offer to the table right now? What would it take for you to see that majority of current crisis has their root in indecisive, incompetent action of one party leader or the other?

Comment by rik — 5/11/2005 @ 6:09 am

well i think prakash chandra lohani and the pple from his party are about to come to power!thas why he spoke in favour of the aid being given by the u.s ti nepal!

Comment by tarkasur — 5/11/2005 @ 7:28 am

I am not understanding. This program was not only organized by the Institute of NN Pandey but also by the American Center of the U.S Embassy. Isn’t it? Then why are we crying foul that the party leaders were not invited?

Comment by Aparna Rawat — 5/11/2005 @ 9:57 am

America has a long history of supporting undemocratic leaders!

As long as they allow them to use their territory for American geostrategical purposes, America pardons dictators regularly. These leaders are then brought into dependency and the countries become in fact some kind of American colonies.

So it is easy to understand, that the majority of americanized Nepali prefers to be sold to America instead of being sold to India.

Have a look at other countries, who have been ‘helped’ by America,except Germany to whom America has truely helped, all other countries are still completely undemocratic now after years of American help and friendship.

May the Nepali find confidence in their own power and overcome their collective inferiority complex, King Kong

Comment by King Kong — 5/13/2005 @ 7:42 pm

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