Cancelled & Tainted: Everest Expedition & Modi Visa

By Dinesh Wagle on March 19th, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal Going through today’s Hindustan Times was a kind of shocking experience for me. The front page was dominated with the big news of the day that shocked entire India: Gujrat riot cost US visa for Narendra Modi. Well, that wasnâ t new news forContinue reading “Cancelled & Tainted: Everest Expedition & Modi Visa”

Unprecedented Footage in a Nepal TV: Network dropped off the Cable

Nepalese satellite channel surfers went through an extraordinary television experience yesterday (Tuesday, Nov 16) when a New Delhi based Nepali language network aired shocking footage of deadly fighting between Royal Nepalese Army and Maoist guerillas. The video taken by a local journalist depicted armed guerillas, mostly young, in victorious mood after their fierce and four-hourContinue reading “Unprecedented Footage in a Nepal TV: Network dropped off the Cable”