Great to be here Again!

By Dinesh Wagle

It feels so great to return to this site after a long long long week. For the first time in my life, I realised the importance of this site, a place to express myself, ourself…A great forum to share ideas.

As you might have already known, dear friends, Nepal is going through a very very difficult time in its history. We, the people are facing an unprecedented situation…

Last week, on Feb 1 to be specific, the King of Nepal, Gyanendra, sacked Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba-led government and took charge of the country himself as the executive head of state. Because my basic human rights, like right to express, speak and writing, are suspended and I am in no position to express my feeling or opinion regarding the royal takeover. Here in Nepal, press freedom is being curtailed and, according to the government, our website can’t report on political issues…

All kinds of communication means were suspended, and some of them are still suspended. Like, the internet connection resumed for the first time since Feb 1 and I am writing my first blog after the royal takeover. Mobile and wireless telephone is still not working. Hundreds of newspapers haven’t resumed their publications…





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