A Young Jumlee’s Dream of Teaching

It’s not unusual in this kind of terrain to run over big mountains for a small opportunity of a job. Dreams carry people anywhere. If one desire is not fulfilled, another emerges. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal ब्लगमान्डू : तन्नेरी जुम्लीको पढाउने रहर Lal Bahadur Dangi in the same school in Chautha where heContinue reading “A Young Jumlee’s Dream of Teaching”

Koirala for Ceremonial Monarchy: People Will Decide

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Sketch by Dewen via the Kathmandu Post (Inside: Ameet Dhakal of the Post: The hometown syndrome) “Some leaders are suggesting us to eat poison and jump from steep hill. We don’t want to see army giving guard of honor to the king by disrespecting martyrs.” Krishna Pahadi, human rightsContinue reading “Koirala for Ceremonial Monarchy: People Will Decide”

Palpasa Cafe and Nepali Book Reading Habit

Images and ‘soundbites’ from the book signing program that we saw rarely in Nepali book world. Star of the moment was Narayan Wagle, awardwinning writer of debut novel Palpasa Cafe. By Dinesh Wagle As he reached the stall of Educational Book House in the Book Fair at Bhrikutimandap immediately after landing at Kathmandu airport fromContinue reading “Palpasa Cafe and Nepali Book Reading Habit”

Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective

Mike Bailey, a retired US army colonel addresses a video conference from Washington DC organized by the American Center in Kathmandu. Pic by Sudhir Mahat via US Embassy. By Dinesh Wagle After the historic May 18 Parliamentary Declaration, the process of brining the military under the civilian control has started (though shockingly very slowly). TheContinue reading “Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective”

Meet the Rebels: Maoist Guerilla of Nepal

A personal encounter with Nepal’s Maoist rebels is a ‘show’ of force in more ways than one. By Kevin Sites Pics and captions by Dinesh Wagle Even if you don’t have a gun, act like you have one! That’s what this guerilla girl was doing in a parade organized on the play ground of aContinue reading “Meet the Rebels: Maoist Guerilla of Nepal”

Backpack Journalist: Kevin Sites In Kathmandu

American war correspondent Kevin Sites points his camera toward an armed Maoist guerilla girl in Kailali, far west Nepal, this week. Pic by Wagle By Dinesh Wagle Saturday Blog A soldier heading for the war zone would carry a loaded rifle along with a bandolier of bullets. What about a journalist who is going toContinue reading “Backpack Journalist: Kevin Sites In Kathmandu”

Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street

Walking with Maoist folks who, after being released by authorities, were taking out rally and chanting slogans on the main street of the town. Bijaya Kuwar aka Comrade Sapana, 15, wants to continue her sixth grade study. “But,” she said while chanting slogan in a rally organized immediately after her release from 3-month-loing imprisonment thisContinue reading “Out of Jail, Maoist Comrades Chanted Slogans On The Street”