Make Love, Not War (Against the King) ?

By Dinesh Wagle on February 14th, 2005 in Wagle Street Journal

Thirteen days after experiencing a dramatic political change in their country, Nepali people, mostly youth and in the city area are in a mood of celebration today. Know why? Valentine fever has caught them like a fire in an African jungle. Yes there are “huge huge” demonstrations (with not more than 100 people participating) and rallies (with around 30 people biking) that are strongly FOR Royal Takeover. I saw one of the rally a day back and by chance, captured that in my camera. Yes, I will post that here.
With many democratic political leaders (well, most of them are corrupt and damn corrupt, I am sorry I have to write the truth) still either under house arrest or behind bar, there is no immediate possibility of Pro-democratic rallies taking place on the streets. Some human rights activists were arrested for trying to protest the Royal move. Yes, freedom is the ultimate goal of Nepali people. I think, right now, people too don’t want to go to the streets shouting WE WANT DEMOCRACY under the leadership of same old and corrupted leaders as they did in 1990.

They want to give a chance to the King. They are thinking: “Well, after all, he did what he shouldn’t have done. But why not give him a chance? Lets see what he has on the card.” So, people in Nepal are waiting for King to deliver as per their expectation. I am sure, that delivery will demand a hard ‘labour’ from the King. I am wondering how many months, if not year, King will take for that delivery. Till then, nobody seems to be mourning the imprisonment of political leaders.

Yes, let’s come to the Valentine fever. Devendra, my pal at Kantipur who is full of tons of sense of humour has just arrived from a theater where he saw the latest Sanjay Leela Bhansali epic Black. He was in melodramatic mood. The film made him serious. I cried thrice while watching the same movie. He couldn’t hold tears at least once.

He told me that the city has been covered with Valentine love. He is single and, I pity him, went to cinema alone in the mid day. Good that he saw so many lovebirds. He seemed to be satisfied just by seeing those pairs. At once, some weeks back, I still remember, he told me that he wasn’t going to marry…not at all, never. Today, I think, he will change his mind..

“Oh..pal,” he came saying, “I think the valentines day has become a sort of National festival. I feel like that today. Every where people are talking about Valentines Day.” Though the Valentine culture is relatively new in Nepalese society, it hasn’t taken much time to grab the influence. Several gift- and flower-shops are doing terribly good business and one of them told a reporter yesterday that the way people express their love has changed dramatically. “They have become more frank,” she told. Well, when it comes to politics, they are not trying to be very much frank, really.

Well, nobody’s talking about the political change. Nobody wants to be politically incorrect. So, everybody wants to talk about LOVE, not war with power seizing MONARCHY. Nobody is talking about the ongoing Bloody People’s War that has taken several thousand lives in the last 10 years. Why would they talk? They have, in city, a gift to present to their Romeo or Juliet. They have money to buy that gift. And, the most important thing is they are in city and are not dying indiscriminately either by the Maoist Guerillas or Security forces. City is in the mood to make love. Not in war…not with King, at least.

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1. pathak Says:
February 14th, 2005 at 6:49 pm

I agree with Dinesh that there is no immediate possibility of Pro-democratic rallies taking place on the streets. but freedom is the ultimate goal of Nepali people. SOthat Nepali people will revolt from their own homeland which may be sustainable .People will shout WE WANT DEMOCRACY under the new leadership because critical time born the new leader.

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