NEPALI ARMY SERIES-I: Breakdown Of Traditional Loyalty

By Ameet Dhakal News Editor, the Kathmandu Post KATHMANDU, Aug 22 – The Nepali Army (NA) may appear the same old “royal” army from outside but the changes that have taken place within are immense, especially in the way it thinks. Interestingly, what has changed the most is precisely what has been asked about umpteenthContinue reading “NEPALI ARMY SERIES-I: Breakdown Of Traditional Loyalty”

Nepal Army Chief: Find a General With Clean Image

The government should appoint a new general for the top post of Neapal Army to make people feel that it is actually serious in reforming and democratizing the army that is traditionally considered the private force of the king. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle’s Web Log Poet Arjun Parajuli was reciting his creations in MaHa GaijatraContinue reading “Nepal Army Chief: Find a General With Clean Image”

Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club

Papers Burnt: We’ve learnt that some miscreants, suspected supporters and relatives of brat Captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, have burnt copies of Kantipur and Kathmandu Post, newspapers that extensively carry reports about the incident, in Chahabil. This again shows the schooling and mentality of army and their elite family. Gundagardi by army personnel at Durbarmarg OverContinue reading “Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club”

Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

By brazenly violating the government decisions and policy, the army chief has signaled that royal palace still take the shots in Nepali politics Based on today’s editoral in Kantipur The visit of army chief Pyar Jung Thapa along with top army officers to the royal palace on the birthday of king Gyanendra gives the impressionContinue reading “Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)”

Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar

Q & A with a reble commissar By Neil Horning in Myagdi and Pokhara We know what Prachanda and Barburam are saying. What does their military think? This is an interview with commissar of the Basanta Memorial Brigade, 4th Division of the Peoples Liberation Army. The Maoist military has both a military officer and aContinue reading “Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar”

Nepal Army: Transition and Swear Allegiance

Inside: Nepal Army: swearing of allegiance …… Yes, after the Parliament Proclamation, the Royal Nepal Army is now Nepal Army and the king is no longer the Supreme Commander of the military. But only in paper. The transition hasn’t started yet. By Shobhakar Budhathoki Nepal’s military has always played a primary role in dismantling theContinue reading “Nepal Army: Transition and Swear Allegiance”

My Story: A Royal Nepal Army Captain Talks About His Profession

Just imagine guys, a city bred nineteen year old for whom a fight meant a brawl at the disco or at the bar, was leading a contingent of young soldiers in the land of the Maoists, ready to fight for his and his men’s lives. Comment of the Moment By Nepali Chhoro UWB Note: ThisContinue reading “My Story: A Royal Nepal Army Captain Talks About His Profession”