Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club

Papers Burnt:

We’ve learnt that some miscreants, suspected supporters and relatives of brat Captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, have burnt copies of Kantipur and Kathmandu Post, newspapers that extensively carry reports about the incident, in Chahabil. This again shows the schooling and mentality of army and their elite family.

Gundagardi by army personnel at Durbarmarg

Over 3 dozen soldiers capture police office, torture officers

BY Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, July 29- In brazen display of indiscipline, some three dozen armed soldiers from the Nepal Army’s Bhairabnath Battalion seized the Durbarmmarg Ward Police Post at gun-point in the wee hours of Saturday and forcibly took away three police personnel to ‘punish’ them for ‘asking’ an army captain to follow traffic rules.
The soldiers then subjected Police Inspector Ram Bahadur KC, Assistant Sub Inspector Dharmendra Roy and Constable Dilli Ram Tamang to severe torture for two hours at the battalion barracks at Maharajgunj before releasing them.

Incident blow-by-blow

At 1 a.m. Saturday, army captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, who was in civvies came out of Go Go Bar at Thamel with his friend Bikendra Singh Bista after heavy drinking, according to Gorakh Bahadur Thapa, a security guard at Himalayan Bank. While emerging from the bar, they got into a quarrel with the bar bouncers. They thrashed one bouncer and got into Rana’s red Gypsy.

continue reading the article in the Kathmandu Post

This incident is yet another example of how our army has become violent and blood thirsty over the years. Army officers and soldiers are increasingly becoming killing machine and torturing equipment. Impunity is at its peak and insane soldiers like Captain Rana think that they can do whatever they want to do. Nepal Army needs serious reform to prevent it from turning into a club of mad people where no one is predictable and anyone will act indiscriminately for no good reason. There must be some problem with the schooling. The impression, which is quite true, is that soldiers are trained in such a way that they never think of good about democracy and human rights. [Captain Rana blamed democracy for traffic action against him when his vehicle was disturbing the flow on the road.) It seems that they are trained to behave against human dignity.

This is not an entirely new incident of army men beating policemen. Even before the army was mobilized against the Maoists, I used to hear numerous incidents in which soldiers would secretely come out of the barracks and beat ‘danthes’ (the one with lathis) and go back to the barracks escaping any action against them. And senior officers in the barracks would save their brat soldiers saying that they were inside the barracks in that particular time of the day (or night) to save themselves from embarrassment.

As reported in the newspapers, this particular incident has raised serious concerns about the effectieness of the chain of command in Nepal Army. Has that been collapsed completely? If not, how could an drunken officer who was on leave go back to the barrack and come out with three dozens of armed soldiers along with two vehicles and go on rampage in a police office? How can the army leadership assure us, the Nepali people, that no frustrated officer would revolt against the command and sabotage the peace process? This is not the first incident of serious failure in army chain of command by the way. We have already seen the worst consequence of failure in chain of command in the form of Nagarkot a few months ago.


Pyar Jung Thapa Ignores Commission

Just as the army gundagardi came to the knowledge of the public, Pyar Jung Thapa, the chief of Nepal Army, has blatantly ignored a summon by High Level Investigation Commission that is looking into the suppression of Jana Andolan II. Thapa was to appear to day in the judicial commission but he went to Pokhara today sending a letter to the commission on the last minute in which he has said that he is going to Pokhara in a pre-scheduled program.

Hell with that pre-scheduled program. This is an open challenge by the army chief, who was recommended to be suspended by the commission but the government didn’t, to the commission constituted by the government formed after the Peoples’ Movement. People of Nepal have gone through enough humiliation when they saw parliament, instead of suspending Thapa, administering oath to him. Now is the time the government should decide something concrete on Thapa. If Thapa has gut, he should go for a coup (and Nepali people will do whatever is needed to do) or obey the orders of the peoples’ government. The status quo can’t continue.


More on atrocities committed inside Bhairabnath Battalion, captain Rans’s battalion:

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173 responses to “Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club”

  1. rosan Avatar

    hye dinesh wagle ji,

    are you in the propandanda department of those janglee barbarians?
    Why do you always attack the army as a whole?

    Then how about calling all journalists are [icd]. (The reason some of you took brives from the government during the royal government.)

    UWB: Rosan…we hope you will reread what you write here in future. A clarification: Those journalists who received money from the autocratic Gyanendra regime were working as propaganda machinary on behalf of the royal government. Democratic governments don’t pay journalists (at least we didn’t see that in democracy in Nepal) for favorable coverage and democratic journalists never accept money from governments for favorable coverage.

  2. Culture Avatar

    Maoists vandalize, padlock noodles factory in Banepa

    Kantipur Report

    KATHMANDU, Aug 3 – The Maoists vandalized and locked the Himalayan Snacks and Noodles Private Ltd. at Banepa on Thursday morning.

    Maoist cadres also manhandled the factory’s production manager Gokul Dahal after forcing the workers to evacuate the factory. The Maoists then chased the workers two kilometres away.

    According to our correspondent, about 60 Maoists reached the factory at around 10:30 am, two hours after the factory opened today and started smashing the windows.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the trade union affiliated to the Maoists had called for the closure of the factory to meet their demands. But the factory management decided not to close.

    The factory, running for five years now, has been producing 10 different brands of noodles.

  3. Culture Avatar

    I say we send in the SPA goons there to open up the plant and show that the SPA is not going to let the Maoists run them down everywhere. Oh wait I forgot they just alienated the army and the police is redundants. uh oh i guess the people’s republic of nepal is well in its way, they wanted to get into KTM and they are in now.

  4. Culture Avatar


    Hey I bashed you abour that right wing millitia of yours previously but I might be willing to alteast financially and logistically support you. With the SPA cracking down on the army and the PLA cracking down on the SPA. I fear Prachanda Path is paving its way into Singha Durbar permanently. If things go like this, I have 4 30-6, two 6 round remington 12 guages, one .22 LR revolvers and one .22 LR rifle, and the couple of other extra stuff I can donate to your millitia. I might even be able to dish out about 15K USD after summer of 2007. That is if things seem like a Maoist republic is imminent in Nepal.

  5. Kirat Avatar

    Reading the posts of some of the idiots on this board, maybe we do need a proper civil war to get things straight once and for all!

  6. khambuwan Avatar

    i am ready to fight u sick american imperialist culture, my bharuwa n sirupate khukuri r effective enough, jai khambuwan, ‘kirat autonomous region’

  7. Kirat Avatar

    culture, I like the way you twist things around. The SPA has alienated the Army? Man you could teach Goebbels a lesson in propoganda! Look with a blog name like culture nobody can ever find your true identity (why would anybody bother in the first place?)so why don’t you come out with your true position as a true blue royalist? Are you scared?

  8. proud2bnepali Avatar

    Ahh…Well First of all my heartful kudos to bloggers to bolgers like kirat and Bhudai Pundit and alll other bolgers who are keeping up the fight. As far as I can say about this incident is that the fight for freedom is yet to be finished and we can’t rest by saying that the mission is accomplished prematurely like George Bush did once after the war with Iraq. This was to happen and will again happen as time and again it has been proved so often. Until and unless there is a proper new and poweful system with a powerful government that has all the people’s backing is in the place, this won’t stop. This government have the backing of the people but people are already fraustrated by the way and pace of the work. The house has become a joke and a tyrant in iteself. The leaders like KP Oli are in power. The country can’t go on like this forever. If there is a virus in your computer, it will cause you a damage although it might not seem to be doing any harm and sometimes it can pretend that it is being useful. So all we can do is make ourself as vocal as we can but not by disrupting traffic to show our revolutinary character. But if this government also shows the same kind of ruler psycology and stops respecting the people which it has already started, then there is no way but another ‘andolan’. We all can be cautiously optimistic as it will definitely help. Thank you.

  9. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Short circuited my brain? Well it apprears from your recent comment that you do not even have a brain to begin with.
    Operation Kilo Sierra was a sad day and I agree that it definetly was a big factor in spuring the Maoist insurgency. But how many innoocent people died in Kilo Sierra? 500. Compare that to 13,000 plus since then. Out of this I would argue about 60% were innocents. Furthermore, Kilo Sierra was authorized by a democratic government. You could argue that the government had the mandate of the people. I sure as hell don’t remember any public protest.
    alimbu I am not going to even begin to get into post 2001 situation! And I suggest you drop it before you make a fool out of yourself.

  10. jutin Avatar

    This Girija Koirala is a curse on our country. I hope that vulture dies asap.
    Condemming a one’s act as a leader of a state can be justified but wishing for his death cannot be justified at all!!
    You moron know it all..think before you shoot your mouth!!!

  11. Kirat Avatar

    justin, that was my frustration with ole Girija speaking. Sure wishing for his death might not be justified but I believe it will be best for the country. I guess leopards truly don’t change their spots. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but that was in vain. By the way you aren’t justin koirala are you?

  12. Kirat Avatar

    oops jutin, not justin.

  13. alimbu Avatar


    It takes the initial flame to light a forest fire. The manner in which kilo sera was handled was the flame which caused the forest fire. The fact that a “democratic govt.” approved this operation makes it even worse you baffoon not better.
    And you super duper baffoon- public protests are a thing of today, not a norm in kilo sera days. The only protests we got in those days were those bloody bandhs from parties themselves. The -arties who claimed to represent the people democratically. The general public was fed up to the back teeth with protests and bandhs, we can see the repurcussions today.

  14. alimbu Avatar

    Further pundit,

    What do you mean let’s not go into the pre 2001 (not post you idiot) situation? If you are going to look at the maoists insurgency how can you not talk of kilo sera where you admit yourself ” Operation Kilo Sierra was a sad day and I agree that it definetly was a big factor in spuring the Maoist insurgency.” This is why I mean by your brain is short circuited and probably fried as well!!!

  15. fanta Avatar

    Yes Kilo sera was the most worst part for igniting the fire of killings and civil war in Nepal. That is 100% true….

  16. Culture Avatar

    No, i rather get rid of the current king, he is not my king. Birendra sarkar died and so did the monarchy. I rather let a referendum decide if the king stays or not. As for maoists I have nothing against them but if they arent in for democracy then need to be pushed into it a little bit, i mean they can vote for communism, if they win they win. But it has to be voted not plotted.

  17. khambuwan Avatar

    kilo serra 1 n 2, also romeo operation, where womens were raped, people were shot just beacuse they were communist, children were used as mules to carry police weapons, whole village were burnt down n rolpa n rukum reacted so did whole nation……

  18. dt Avatar

    What do you mean higher priority? Your assessment of morality and accountability is based who one is rather the act of violence. Crime is a crime regardless who commit it.

    Pundit Jee,

    You are half right that no one takes police seriously than that army. But the on the street level, day-to-day life, police reign supreme. Try visiting Hanuman Dhoka, and try getting arrested once in your lifetime and speak to detainees in police cells and you will know what I am talking about.

    It does not surprise me a bit that police provoked the army personals. This incident would not have escalated to this proportion if the police have refrained from attacking the army personals. Army personal were leaving the place, they were already in the their vehicle. All the police had to do was take some verbal abuse and let the leave not attack. How hard would it be to resolve minor traffic violations? The police took matters on to their own hands and attacked the army personal and police got what they deserve. Believe what you may…but propagator is as much guilty as the provoke.

  19. Culture Avatar


    it is people like you that make abortion legal.

  20. dt Avatar

    Not related to subject but since you asked abortion is a personal choice and personal responsibility.

    Guys use protection and girls don’t get pregnant, and insist men to use protection. If we do this we don’t need to debate the issue of abortion. On the case of rape and it should be legalized.

  21. Culture Avatar

    hahaha no man what i mean is that it is people like you why abortion should be legal

  22. dt Avatar

    got it culture guy… son of a nameless father…

  23. anup bir bikram rana Avatar
    anup bir bikram rana

    we cannot blame all the army ppl a rascal by a single incident…..No one is perfect…even some of the police personals are very rude the way they talk..this type of incident happened to me also..wen I was returning in bike with my lady fren from college.they asked me “ka bata aako Rey, ghumera aako duijan,bla bla….” at DAT time I stayed calm and answer very politely …..even Ki one of the police personal(the one with holding stick) sayed OE ROK vaneko bujdenas….at DAT time I cud have argued with him because I also belong to army family with high post..instead I reactd calmly… it depends upon how the ppl provoke others and how much point they can tolerate…..m not being baised ….its a human nature.

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