Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club

Papers Burnt:

We’ve learnt that some miscreants, suspected supporters and relatives of brat Captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, have burnt copies of Kantipur and Kathmandu Post, newspapers that extensively carry reports about the incident, in Chahabil. This again shows the schooling and mentality of army and their elite family.

Gundagardi by army personnel at Durbarmarg

Over 3 dozen soldiers capture police office, torture officers

BY Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, July 29- In brazen display of indiscipline, some three dozen armed soldiers from the Nepal Army’s Bhairabnath Battalion seized the Durbarmmarg Ward Police Post at gun-point in the wee hours of Saturday and forcibly took away three police personnel to ‘punish’ them for ‘asking’ an army captain to follow traffic rules.
The soldiers then subjected Police Inspector Ram Bahadur KC, Assistant Sub Inspector Dharmendra Roy and Constable Dilli Ram Tamang to severe torture for two hours at the battalion barracks at Maharajgunj before releasing them.

Incident blow-by-blow

At 1 a.m. Saturday, army captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, who was in civvies came out of Go Go Bar at Thamel with his friend Bikendra Singh Bista after heavy drinking, according to Gorakh Bahadur Thapa, a security guard at Himalayan Bank. While emerging from the bar, they got into a quarrel with the bar bouncers. They thrashed one bouncer and got into Rana’s red Gypsy.

continue reading the article in the Kathmandu Post

This incident is yet another example of how our army has become violent and blood thirsty over the years. Army officers and soldiers are increasingly becoming killing machine and torturing equipment. Impunity is at its peak and insane soldiers like Captain Rana think that they can do whatever they want to do. Nepal Army needs serious reform to prevent it from turning into a club of mad people where no one is predictable and anyone will act indiscriminately for no good reason. There must be some problem with the schooling. The impression, which is quite true, is that soldiers are trained in such a way that they never think of good about democracy and human rights. [Captain Rana blamed democracy for traffic action against him when his vehicle was disturbing the flow on the road.) It seems that they are trained to behave against human dignity.

This is not an entirely new incident of army men beating policemen. Even before the army was mobilized against the Maoists, I used to hear numerous incidents in which soldiers would secretely come out of the barracks and beat ‘danthes’ (the one with lathis) and go back to the barracks escaping any action against them. And senior officers in the barracks would save their brat soldiers saying that they were inside the barracks in that particular time of the day (or night) to save themselves from embarrassment.

As reported in the newspapers, this particular incident has raised serious concerns about the effectieness of the chain of command in Nepal Army. Has that been collapsed completely? If not, how could an drunken officer who was on leave go back to the barrack and come out with three dozens of armed soldiers along with two vehicles and go on rampage in a police office? How can the army leadership assure us, the Nepali people, that no frustrated officer would revolt against the command and sabotage the peace process? This is not the first incident of serious failure in army chain of command by the way. We have already seen the worst consequence of failure in chain of command in the form of Nagarkot a few months ago.


Pyar Jung Thapa Ignores Commission

Just as the army gundagardi came to the knowledge of the public, Pyar Jung Thapa, the chief of Nepal Army, has blatantly ignored a summon by High Level Investigation Commission that is looking into the suppression of Jana Andolan II. Thapa was to appear to day in the judicial commission but he went to Pokhara today sending a letter to the commission on the last minute in which he has said that he is going to Pokhara in a pre-scheduled program.

Hell with that pre-scheduled program. This is an open challenge by the army chief, who was recommended to be suspended by the commission but the government didn’t, to the commission constituted by the government formed after the Peoples’ Movement. People of Nepal have gone through enough humiliation when they saw parliament, instead of suspending Thapa, administering oath to him. Now is the time the government should decide something concrete on Thapa. If Thapa has gut, he should go for a coup (and Nepali people will do whatever is needed to do) or obey the orders of the peoples’ government. The status quo can’t continue.


More on atrocities committed inside Bhairabnath Battalion, captain Rans’s battalion:

1. Stories of Horror: From Nepal’s Abu Ghrahib-I

2. Stories of Horror: From Nepal’s Abu Ghrahib-II

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173 thoughts on “Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club

  1. Well we can not expect much from these politicians can we? after all, they have proven to be a complete failure for the past 15 years. And yet, we keep giving them second chances. It is also us who need to learn from their experiences. Well, having MR. koirala as a PM once or twice would have been afordable but instead he is our seld announced father of democracy. These leaders give democracy a bad name.

  2. GM,

    Why do think NA whole institution rotten bunch? I agree with your many points and recent mistakes and even punishment, but what do you think about PLA? Why you are silent about them, worried??? If you think that is good institution then why you worried to suggest about replacing it or mixing it for the peace???

    All papers are wrtining about the mistakes of NA but this Kantipur wants our security force to be very weak, intentionally more focused???the Kantipur is not caring about the killings of the nine people after successful Janaandolan-2. Also, they are just giving very low emphasis about the killings of the 2 peoples in Tatopani (tibetian border) and 24 seriously injured. Similarly just giving small fonts downward about the seriousness of SPA and maoist to settle the things by UN mission. But… but.. only after NA with very very big headlines every day in front page. What “Khichadi” they are planning to cook in our sovereign country…not only me but many of us are quite surprised…maybe PLA is weak due to their some dirty acts and international pressure, and if NA headed by this democratic government become weak then another “khichadi” might be cooked in the country….we need security force anyhow either PLA or NA or mixed of these for our sovereignity so that Indian force will not be made compelled to come to our country….

  3. Maoist have a complete control in villages and in places like Chitwan and Nawalparasi- SPA is does not exist there anymore- just ask anyone who has gone to Terai. All the government works and even police works is being carried out by Maoist. They have infiltrated even to bottom rung of government units as well as are shoving in as trade union with unreasonable demands such as allocation for their comrades in the factories and businesses. The ground reality is quite different. SPA are like a DEADFLOWER- they still think they smell with people’s aspiration given to them way back but are actually dead in the water. As things crumble from within and outside pressure- we will see the dismantling of Nepal But WE ACT AS APOSTLE with sermons. Give me a break.

  4. scoop, I think it is very unrealistic to expect the Maoists just to lay down their arms without providing them some guarantees. Ofcourse on two points the SPA must not budge :-

    1. No joining the interim govt. without laying down arms.

    2. No elections to the CA without laying down of arms.

  5. I agree with fanta. Even a superpower nation like the US and UK are having problems maintaining human rights where their soldiers are involved. Even if you talk about israel attacking lebanon there are gross abuses of human rights there. I am not suggesting that just because US or UK or ISrael do it, we should do it too. However, i am just trying to emphasise the fact that mistakes are going to be made. These super powers have spent millions of dollar on training of their soldiers on issues like Human Rights and so on and yet we have seen abuses unimaginable to even us. I agree there should be reforms. I agree the guilty ones should be punished. However, i am very suspicious about Kantipur and likes claiming that the whole institution is rotten.

    Things are getting out of hand here. It is the responsibility of Home and Defence ministry to enforce law and order in our society. Look if you want to look at NA as an entity under the parliament then, of course the burden of responsibilities should lie within the parliament as well.

    Look it is not only the NA doing whatever they feel like. Even we as public have started disobeying traffic laws and so on. It is a collective psychology. Everything is actually getting out of hand. When the parliament declared the NA to be under them, they should have the strength to show that they are under them. But let us not attack NA as an institution for the incompetence of our politicians.

  6. War always puts civilized behavior on hold. All war is barbaric. Still we must support our imperfect army to defeat the Maoist terrorists. A strong hand must emerge to take control of this anarchy. Depending on who and how we can have either the Singapore of Lee Kwan Yu, the Burma of Ne Win, or the Cambodia of Pol Pot. Which future do you choose for Nepal? Act on it!

  7. I totally agree with bideshi. There can be no solution untill all unite. If the people want a republic Nepal let us go to CA but for the moment there must be a unity among us. But by the look of things, there is not going to be a CA at all

  8. Guys,

    Sorry to say but all of you are teaching/instructing others to improve. Let’s stop it! teach and improve yourself! It is difficult to change others, but easier to oneself!!! So why not start form each of us?
    Do it and see the result. You will be surprised!

  9. Guys,

    Sorry to say but all of you are teaching/instructing others to improve. Let’s stop it! teach and improve yourself! It is difficult to change others, but easier to oneself!!! So why not start form each of us?
    Do it and see the result. You will be surprised!

  10. Kirat,

    That’s what I mean. Don’t you think the SPA is giving them all the guarantees, and also many many other concessions have already been provided. What has the maoists done till now besides a token ceasefire? Who has asked the maoists to lay down arms before the interim government is certain ? But now we are in that point in time where the ball is in the maoist court. They are the ones saying the SPA are slow, but it is the maoists who have to lay down their arms because it is time to form the interim government. They have no basis to argue regarding the speed of SPA at this point in time. However even this seems unlikely, the way most of the maoist leaders keep on with their play of words regarding what arms management means to them etc.

  11. well the topic of arms management can not be easy for the SPA as they have already mentioned it in the 12 point agreement. And the agreement does not demand the maoist to lose their weapons.

  12. We have heard maoist cadres saying that they won’t go back to the jungle, but I have also heard some say that they will not pick up arms again even if the talks fail – what does this mean? Especially as they have not layed it down as yet!!!! Also they make reference to their October revolution? What is this? Can someone enlighten us?

  13. No ones word should be taken seriously in Nepal. No one has enought integrity to stick to what they have said.

  14. Fanta and b,

    Agreed that mistakes are made in a war. I would have no problem if NA took actions to prevent such mistakes again. However, if the mistakes are made on a regular basis, then it shows that NA is not serious about protecting Nepali people. When incidents like these are so common, I as a Nepali citizen do not feel safe from NA. That is a huge problem knowing that NA is paid through our tax money.

    We have criticized Maoists plenty of time and continue to do so. We have spent countless discussion threads on this blog about Maoist atrocities. They are a terrorist organization. The fact that Maoist committed atrocities does not justify NA’s atrocities. And many times, NA is commiting atrocities on innocent people not affiliated with Maoists, which is ridiculous.

    It is not about weakening NA. If NA wants to be strong they need to create positive attitude from the public. The first step to win people’s heart is to apologize for such regular indisciplines. The second step is to punish the perpetrators and compensate the victims.

  15. scoop, SPA guarantees are meaningless. That is why the Maoists have been calling for the UN intervention. Guarantees made under UN auspicies I think will be acceptable to them.

  16. It is kind of sad seeing the whole para and air wing get a bad reputation due to a small number of delta and rangers trained abroad. I remember this being one of the most reputable dals in nepal and at one time i myself wanted to join the army specifivally for this dal. Then we started expanding out or sandhurst training and lookin at the americans, indians, and chinese for Para special unit trainings. The american ones turned out to be the most rotten of the bunch because these were mostly not paras but from other dals that transferred in to seek the american training for enjoyments through political and not royal connections. the royal connections, well not royal but thakuri and chhetris and rais preferred the sandhurst training and to some extent the indian and chinese training is also respectable. teh sandhurst training, the indian training in d.dun+assam, and the chinese training in shidu, were special unit training but also slighltly geared towards officer training. this made sure that for the sake of reputation they maintained a desirable character. plus the huge list of family accomplishments meant adherance to customs and cuture. the american lot were generally hot shots from top class thakuri dropouts to politically connected bums who just wanted to go to america, many not returning cuz i have met some in dc and baltimore. Most of the american secial units trainees were to the most part returned extremely good in combat skill and were extensively trained to follow quick turnaround orders and also schooled heavily on humanrights and conduct. the difference was they were schooled but not to folow, there were no standards put in and since most of them were in the army to get a gun and an easy pay, they had nothing to retrain them. this polics beating is not new there have been other non reported events of bhairavnath deltas and rangers and even some other paras roughing up people and authorities, and this had been happening for some good 6 years also. the only difference is that now the army is more transparent and the victims less restrained. The key here is instill more dignity into the army and remove them from civillian duties. There also has to be high importance on education in the army, because education is the cure to all illnesses, and start a comprehensive millitary academy in nepal with british, chinese and indian support, not american. Yes i did say indian because it is just south of the border like china is north and they share terretorial and curtural intelligence that is highly usefull for the nepalese army.

  17. It’s fuuny. Everyone knows everything about everything.

    Whew!Then Why the kucf is that Nepal is in so pathetic condition?

    City-based and city-bred neo-elite dickheads talking about democracy,equality, justice, reforms, future perspective, atrocity, human rights laced with hefty dose of intellectualism, arrogance and rationality. Sadly, u haunt and scream and shout against ur favorite whipping boys, so-called aristrocracy, ‘coz u have emulated their mannerism in toto and have

    conscience filled with guilt – u have become what u thought u didn’t like. Trying to provide consolation to ur thick skull.

    Some of u can really yap shit all day in any topic, any time!! Does any of the policymakers listen to ur ‘voices’, to ur ‘opinions’, to ur so-called ‘grand visions’? They r not simply interested. Who the kucf cares? All of u here can do is prove to urself and impress others (who r like u) with ur logical reasoning, depth of knowledge but will it make any difference?

    None. All of u sound so damn hollow – filled with dogshit. All of u try to prove virility when u r impotent in ushering any change! Keep on showing ur heroism in this blog because thats all u can do!

    What a ginkucf waste!!!

  18. It seems to be peoples much oriented for politics and making chat with each others. Within 2 days, its 115 comments and most of them are same people. Cannt you keep your words in a, two or three comment?

    Surprising if other people see these comments, they will comment gorkhali as with too much words and without results. I think they will tell you as “kaam nabhayekaa bokaa haru”.

  19. Pepsiji: Please do be so kind as to go get some results! We are all praying for someone to do that!

  20. Bideshi ji,

    Really sorry if my words hurt on someone. I dont mean to hurt to anyone. As i have seen so many comments of same nature and i would not able to stop on commenting.

    As i understand, we nepalese have nature of over political. Each and every people just talking about politics. I dont mean to be its as unpleasent to be aware about politics. But every people just talking only about politics and politics, doing nothing and result = what could we expect ??

    If we go to office every people just talking about politics. I cannot imagine the situation of outside valley. One house is affiliated with congress, other UML and next MB. I think our leader has made us as thier obediend machine and nothing more. Royal regime has made us fool from the begining but whats about others so called clever leaders.

    I am wondering why MB are making nonsense statement like to fight with indian force. Its a very ridiculous to such a comments from a responsible cadre. India and china have been growing in geometrical ratio, why dont our leader has vision to take advantage of such environments. Instead of that they are making fool to people to invade such a powerful country. I think most of communist party including royal regime have flourish anti indian sentiments. Its very difficult to sustain without indian help, why dont they realised such a critical issues.

  21. They are overconfident because of how easy it was to get the people to turn against the government in the demonstrations and how easily they could play the parties against the King. The Nepal Army hasn’t been very effective because of lack of popular support from the people and the chaotic political power struggles in Kathmandu. The Maoists will have no such advantages if they go up against the Indian government. I hope they try it.

  22. I have no sympathies for the Nepalese police force especially those that stationed at SuraKhutte and DurbarMarg.

    The two police stations are den of crooks and swindlers. I have personally dealt with them in few occasions and those memories of barbarism and unprofessional still haunts me. While two wrong does not make it right, I believe it takes two to tango. I am believed police provoked the army especially when you have an inspector involved. Police inspectors are notorious on insulting and exerting weight around in Thamel. It’s about time that police are kept in their place that else could do it if not the army. Our legal system does not work while Shambu Thapa accuses army of sedition, I wonder how many crooked police officer he persecuted and send them to jail for their crime. 00000000

  23. Nepal army should be totally restructured if we are interested to make our country stable and peaceful. With the present structure, they will not be with the people. From the first day they are learning to pray king and his family, on a such environment how they will be loyal to general public?

    In the present structure, there is monopoly of very few people. They will not allow to promote the other people even though they manage to enter there. There is a such environment that if one is from a specific cast or group, he can even dominate for one with higher rank.

    It does not mean to include Peoples Army to include inside the NA structure. Rather it will be fruitful if the MB army to use on the infrastructure building such as road,bridge, dam and border patrolling.

    SPA cannot believe in MB force and afraid over the NA to take necessary action on the counter-action from them. I think it will be better to handle the NA carefully rather than immediate actions. Its PM responsibility to make them loyal to government and not to king. But it will take time. Not all the personnel in army is with king (in fact they are afraid of to come in the front). If we take revolutionary action and sack the higher staff then i dont think SPA can handle on that situation.

  24. dt
    don’t try shift responsibility of Bikram Rana with that pathetic comparison between the police and the army.

  25. Well, accusing police is not about finding excuses for the army. What army did was wrong i agree. However, the point is, when the entire nation is like that, how can you expect the army to be any different. When the entire nation (at least government institutions) is incompetent and inefficient how can you expect army to be any different. After all, they are the same inefficient Nepali people we all are.

    Before, we restructure the army, we need to create a better attitude among ourselves. The government need to realize their responsibilities towards the nation and the society. Then, they should aware the genral people about our responsibilities towards our society and the nation. Then may be we can talk about restructuring this and that. Yes, we would like our army to be more efficient and professional and even maybe more than the US or UK. But there are so many things to be taken into consideration. Like, they were suddenly put into a situation of war which would have been hard to adjust to specially considering the fact that untill then they were simply a ceremonial army. Finance could be another constraint as we do need to provide them with proper trainings and so on. Equipments could be another. However, we can not expect Army to be an efficient and professional bunch while the rest of the society is in an anarchial state. It is not possible to reform only the army when there is no rule of law.

    Well, and what about Mr. Thapa’s trip to Pokhara? Well, may be Mr. Koirala should have explained that he had infact given him the permission earlier. But it also proves that maybe should not be jump to conclusions with what ever Kantipur Prints.



    fu- – U ALL!

  27. The army boys and girls had better keep a low profile (keep their head’s down). The maoists are finding any excuse to blame the army for all sorts of things, as they can then blame the govt. courtesy of the army if they need to end the ceasefire. Otherwise at the moment they have no reason to end the ceasefire. And if they do, they will never be forgiven by the people. Blame it on this that and the other incident of the army, by provoking army officers to act stupidly, then they have their reasons.

    These guys have even resorted to occupying houses of army men to provoke incidence, but the army personnell have been told to not confront them even when the maoists are violating the code of conduct left right and centre.

  28. Budai Pundit, its not shifting blames from Army to police, its not making one a saint and other a villain. The records of both the army and police are very pathetic in Nepal. Haven’t you heard police extortion? Even though, you have never been hassled by police, just read reports that are coming out now, the incidents in Kapan and boudha where police were caught red handed in arm robbery. Police is getting away from murder, robbery and frauds. Didn’t you hear how a crooked police is being protected police chief. Didn’t read that one of bank robber was in fact was a police in Boudha. Abuse of power is more pronounced in the police than army. Police are hostile to business and restaurant goers. They cannot believe how restaurant goers could spend their whole months of salary in one night. Like I have said, it take two to tango and it does not surprise me a bit that police provoked the army.

  29. I think Mr. Thapa has discarded the call from High Level Probe Commission and may be PM thought better to take the opportunity by showing PM attitude towards NA is not negative. I think PM has choosen the right decision. At least we should not go in confrontation with any force now, better be patient for future prosporierity.

  30. Well, and here is one about Makune’s Body gaurd shooting a sportsman of some sorts. There are protesters out on the street and once again the traffic’s interupted. This country is falling apart. There is no law and order. Basically any one can shoot any one and get away with it. that is if you are not in NA. I am sure the MAKUNE’s body guard will get away with it and these protests will die down within a couple of days if not tomorrow. After all, it does not have the backing of the Maoists, Inida or other EU countries. This whole nation is begining to look like a joke. Pretty soon we will not only be ashamed of our army but ourselves as well.

  31. yeh, nasty thing is we r not patient and want to get everything right now immediately. who can make nepal as europe in a day? its politician, showing impossible dream to people. we should be optimistic, it doest not mean to get everything within a day.

    i think some people, party are behind on these mob, want to take advantage of such situation, specially MB and royal regime.

  32. Yes, now MB and royal regime are good excuses for the SPA. They can blame their entire existance to royal conspiracies and Maoist atrocities. So, convinient.

  33. I like wagle’s heading;


    But who are going to be blamed at present scenario where UN is waiting response since 4-5 days….

  34. I think maoist should take responsibility for lingering the common solution. If people are with them, they can get majority and impose their vision in the society. I think they can not win the heart of the people through the ballet, so they are not willing to drop the arms.

    Some of their higher member are telling contradict opinion, it means they want to capture the power by any means. They are trying for anarchism to make the situation in thier favour by involving different groups of people.

  35. If this officer is wrong, he’s wrong and should be kicked out. But just as everyone seems to be given a huge benfeit of doubt, this case has to be investigated thoroughly. I agree cops are the biggest b!@#$%^&. Remember kilo sera – armed cops. Cops should discipline themselves, they should undergo reform ASAP – amongst the govt. orgs. they are the most inept, corrupt organisation in Nepal followed by the beureucracy. But we have to have our radar out on all of them. The maoists are obviously the worst of the lot, but they are not in the governments control. If they disarm, which I doubt they will, they will have done everyone a favour. These people have become nothing more than flippant thugs of the upteenth order. They have got hold of some old outdated books written by Marx and Mao and used it for thuggery. They do not have an original idea in their bones,they don’t even have a borrowed idea that can work. And even if they were genuine to the writing of Marx etc. it would be something, instead they only use it to sound high and mighty, but their actions are of the lowest, gutter level standard. They are leeches of the tiger variety, and they will suck this nation to the bone.

  36. most of the comments writters are liquid products……….. eg coke ,fanta, sprite, pepsi,

    how can u liquid talk about solid things? hahahhahahhaha

  37. Hi all,

    Coke and BK, UK, you have nice comment on our title. I am new comer on this site and found very heathy people on this blog as compare to others. Most of the time on other site i have found people just rushing behind a person and imposing his ideology upon him.

    At the first moment Bideshi has a such a kind reply on my comment (119) and actually i was waiting for threaten and some vulger words on my comment. But i found such a nice persons with pleasent words and nice comments.

    By the way liquir other than mention will make strident and coke, fanta, sprite, pepsi is so cool that it will make all fresh.

    Thanks all.

  38. What about the news in KP ‘Locals punish soldiers trying to rape minor’ in Kotbada. The locals found 3 soldiers red handed trying to rape a 15 year old. 2 were nabbed by the locals however the 3rd managed to escape. The names of the 2 soldiers are also published. Looks like the army chief from the camp got away with the 2 soldiers by just apologizing to the locals.
    How could the locals just forgive with an apology??? If this news is true then it is time that something need to be done with the undeciplined NA otherwise, there is no end to these kind of incidents to occur in near future.

  39. dt:
    the Nepal police is a piece of crap. We all know what. But you cannot even begin to compare the human rights abuses perpetrated by the former RNA to the police. Frankly from what I have seen no one takes the police as seriously as the army. I don’t think the police have as much command and authority as the army in the villages.
    You can rant and rave as much as you want but the the bottom line is that the NA needs severe institutional reforms if it is to become a credible force.

  40. Mr. Pundit,

    When you say “But you cannot even begin to compare the human rights abuses perpetrated by the former RNA to the police”, I think you have short circuited your brain, how can you forget kilo sera operation by the police where immense human rights abuse, innocent killings and rapes occured. Why is’nt anyone bringing this up? Is it because it was an operation endorsed by GP Koirala, and this would dig deep into the heart of not only serious abuses and silence of the government then, but alos why the maoists grew so rapidly as far as recruitment was concerned? Why do we restrict history to when this present King took over in 2001? Same with all the so called irregularities in fund disbursement, why is this only investigated for the past 14 months or so? If we are to be correct, then we should llok at funds disbursed and it’s irregularities from 1990 onwards? I am sure we will be opening a large can of worms.

  41. BK, UK,

    What is your solid thing just give us? You planted guy are mentally sick and see everything solid what your dirt leaders say (we are not talking about the democractic parties but individual). But country is in liquid situation, try to understand before it is too late. We don’t want further killings and if it happened your leaders too will be swept away …and no one will be there for the helping hand…

  42. Regarding Nepal Police and Nepal Army : Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Both institutions are in need of drastic reform. However because it is the Army, the higher priority must be put on the Army.

  43. BK, UK,

    What is your solid thing just give us? But country is in very liquid situation, try to understand before it is too late. We don’t want further killings and if it happened current leaders too will be swept away with the king…and no one will be there for the helping hand…

  44. wen a office-man is slapped by his boss, he goes home and slaps his wife, in turn, the wife slaps her kid, the kid kicks the dog, but the dog is left alone unable to kick anyone…..

    ….most of the frustrated youth out here are like the poor dog…helpless.. so all they can do is breathe fire …cursing others aint gonna help…..kick the wall instead..

  45. fanta,

    cool down, i just make small joke wen i saw most of names of comment writters are from soft drink. i m not suppporting dirty leaders. i oppose them. i m not happy with the work wot they are supposed to do. i am not that much optimistic from the current situation in nepal.

  46. wid our farrest and townn, we geddin ungry….do somrtin mann……

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